The Return of the Koopalings, and New Super Retarded Mario Bros. Wii

By Travix Man

Chapter 2: Meeting with Yoshi and preparing for war.
Mario and his friends have made it past worlds 1-1 and 1-2. (The reason I did not post 1-2 is because I have a pattern for this: World #-1, an important thing, World #-Tower, World #-Enemy Boss Battle, World #-Castle. Anyways, they happen to find someone very important.
Mario: Yoshi?
Yoshi: Mario?
They run towards each other like in movies, but hit each other's faces.
Both: Sorry about that.
Mario: What happened, Yoshi?
Yoshi: Well, Bowser Jr. and his siblings have kidnapped all the Yoshis and stuffed us in ? Blocks.
Mario: That's crazy!
Yoshi: Yea, and what's worse, I just stepped in mud!
Mario: That is not as bad as what you said before.
Yoshi: Yeah, and you have to go save them, and... Mama Luigi? Is that really you?
Luigi: Yep, it's me. Hehehehe.....
Mario: Can we have your assistance?
Yoshi: Sure!
Mario: Okie dokie!
Meanwhile with Larry and his minions…
Larry: Where are the Mario Bros. and the Toads now?
Dry Bones: Sir, they are at World 1-3.
Larry: What? How?!
Dry Bones: They must've used an item to skip the level, called The Warp Cloud.
Larry: Who would make that up?
Narrator: I would...
Larry: Why? You don't own NSMBW!
Narrator: I own the copy, I didn't make the game.
Larry: Exactly!
Narrator: But I did make this adaptation of it.
Larry: What?! What is your name?
Narrator: Why do you need to know? If you want, I could throw a rock at you for all I care.
Larry: Why would you do that?
Narrator: Because I did it to your baby brother earlier.
Larry: Not Bowser Jr!!!
Narrator: Why should he be the commander of you guys, when Ludwig should be?
Larry: Hmm... You’re right! I gotta tell my brothers and sister about what you said! Thanks!
Narrator: Oh, and throw this rock at Bowser Jr.
Larry: Ok!
Now that Larry Koopa is out of the way, let's get back with Mario and Co, shall we?
After finding Yoshi, they move further on, to where they find some Hammer Bros. throwing hammers at them.
Luigi: Hammer Brothers!
Yellow Yoshi then eats the hammer and spits it at the Hammer Bro.
Luigi: Thank you, Yoshi...
Yellow Yoshi: You're welcome!
Then they find the secret exit, but grab a Star Coin first.
Mario: Look Luigi, a secret exit!
Luigi: Let's go there!
Mario: Ok!
They then find out the exit leads to a cannon that will let them skip past 4 worlds.

Luigi: I don't want to go in the cannon!
Mario: Ok, Luigi...
Then they go all the way back with their Yoshis.

Mario: Hey, this is not the beginning! This is where we found the secret exit!
Yellow Toad: Then we’d better get to the exit, ‘cause time is running out!
The timer has restarted back at what it was when they found the secret exit.
Blue Toad: Oh no!
So they run as fast as their little feet can carry them, and then they leap to the big flagpole.
Everyone: Yay!!!!
Larry: No!!! I thought they were dead!
Dry Bones: Apparently they are not.
Larry: Then I'll defeat them myself!
Dry Bones: But it's too dangerous!
Larry: I don't care! Position the tower!
Dry Bones: Yes sir...
As Mario and his friends head to Larry's Tower, Larry has some big news... Will they beat Larry Koopa? And who is the narrator? And what is his purpose?
Larry: Stay tuned, Mwahahaha!!!

Chapter 3: World 1-Tower: Boss Battle 1. Larry Koopa

Mario and his friends then get past all the levels before the tower. However, let's go to where Larry has a tantrum, shall we?

Larry Koopa: It's not fair! I've tried everything to kill those pesky plumbers and those little Mushroom brats! I have tried Koopas, Goombas, Piranha Plants, and even fireballs! I will kill them if it's the last thing I do!

Dry Bones: Um, sir, apparently the Mario Brothers are headed your way.

Larry: Excellent... Quickly, surround the tower! Those Mario Brothers will not get out of here alive...

Mario and his friends are in the tower, and now, they must get past all the spikes.

Luigi: Mario?!

Mario: Yes, Luigi?

Luigi: Can you do something, like I don't know, <i>KILL THESE GUYS?!</i>

Yellow Toad: Oh Luigi, wait your turn, we all need help.

Blue Toad: Yeah! The princess needs our help, we need help, and now you need help! Can't you kill them yourself?

Luigi: I thought you joined us just to be brave?

Yellow Toad: Well, we lied to them, and now we are babies!

Luigi: Fine...

Mario: Luigi!

Luigi: Yeah?

Mario: If we all ground pound, something good will happen!

Luigi: Where did you find <i>that</i> out?

Mario: Check out the enclosed instruction book.

Luigi and Toads: Wha?!

They ground pound. They do such a great pound that not only do they kill the goons on the screen, but they kill <i>all</i> the enemies in the tower.

Mario: I didn't read anything about <i>that</i>!

Luigi: Look, we are here.

Mario: Shut up, Mama Luigi.

They enter, and see Larry Koopa enraged.

Larry: What the?! How did you get here that fast?

Luigi: We used a magic balloon.

Mario: No we didn't, we ground pounded, and then we just got up here for no reason!

Larry: Seems like a hack... But you won't get out of here alive!

Mario: Yes we will!

He jumps on Larry 3 times in a row.


Mario: Yeah! Ha Ha Haaaa.....

Larry: You may have won for now, but I will kill you later... Mwahahahaha!!!

The airship picks him up as he speaks.

Mario: You pesky Koopas... I will never forgive you for this...

Luigi: Don't worry, Mario, there is a magic balloon waiting for us after we beat Bowser.

Mario: I hate you...

Chapter 4: World 1- Enemy Boss Battle: King Goomba Returns
Mario and Luigi pass even more levels, but then they bump into a giant Goomba!
Giant Goomba: What are you doing jumping and bumping into us Goombas?
Luigi: Trying to find some beautiful butterflies.
Giant Goomba: Don't you know who I am?!
Yellow Toad: Yeah, I know! A big nerd!
Giant Goomba: I am the Goomba King!
Mario: You again? I will never stop jumping on you. Never!
King Goomba: So, if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get! Guards! It's time to destroy some Mario Brothers...
Blue Toad: Bring it on!
They beat all but the king
King Goomba: That's not all! Watch this!!!
More Goombas come out of nowhere!
Luigi: Mommy, Mommy!!!
King Goomba: Mwahahahaha!!! Give up now?
Mario: We will never give up!
They proceed to wipe out all the Goombas and squash the King Goomba's remote.
King Goomba: Auggh!!! My remote! My beautiful remote, gone! Fine... You win this round, but I'll be back with some more Goombas. In fact, I'll be back with gigantic Goombas. You will all cry... Mwahahahaha!!!
Mario: Well, at least we won...
Luigi: Let's get the money chest!
Mario: You don't even know what it is yet.
Luigi: So what?
Mario: Mama Luigi, you're retarded.
They open the chest to find out that a Tad has been stuffed in it!
Toad: Oh Mario, I have some terrible news!
Mario: What, Toad?
Toad: Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings have stuffed all the Tads in ? Blocks, and Bowser has sent some bosses to kidnap us as well!
Mario: I think King Goombas was one of the minions he sent!
Toad: Exactly! And now they are marching to capture more Toads!
Luigi: That's sad...
Toad: But don't worry! Every time you rescue us, we will give you Mushrooms!
Mario: Thanks, Toad!
Toad: You’re welcome!
After defeating King Goomba, our heroes march to Larry's castle for a rematch. Will they defeat the evil Koopaling for good?
Larry: Stay tuned, Hahahahaha!!!

To Be Continued...

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