The Amazing Race MK II

By Giga Bowser NS

Episode 10
Title: You can eat food, right?

Phil: Previously on, The Amazing Race MK! Teams departed from the confusing Forest of Illusion, and made their way to Chocolate Island. Teams spent nearly the entire leg wearing Cape Feathers, much to the delight of some… and the annoyance of others. After a harrowing experience in Skydive… teams found a difficult challenge that grouped them all together. One by one, teams managed to overcome the behemoth and move on to the Pit Stop… underwater. Booster & Snifit, falling to last place yet again, were vying with Kooper & Koops for fourth place, and a fierce battle erupted. In the end, Kooper & Koops lost the battle. However, this was the second non-elimination leg, and they were spared elimination. However, they are now Marked for Elimination. 5 teams remain… Who will be eliminated… next?

The opening plays with no new Red “X”s.

Phil: This… is Chocolate Island. A mound of deep brown volcanic material, it adorns the map with its delicious name. It’s covered in rocks and wildlife, but its most spectacular tourist attraction sits behind me… the Sunken Ghost Ship. This was the eighth Pit Stop… in a race around the MK. Teams arrived there for a mandatory rest period, but are now resting within Wendy O’s castle. They can now eat, sleep, and mingle with the other teams. Will Kooper & Koops manage to get out of last place and survive being Marked for Elimination? And will the seemingly unstoppable reign of Kat & Ana and Dixie & Tiny come to an end? Kat & Ana… who were the first to arrive at 12:59 PM… will depart… at 12:59a AM.


Kat: Fly to Yoshi’s Island…

Phil: Teams must now take a ferry to Dinosaur Land’s Yoshi’s Island, and then fly nearly 3,000 miles to its namesake. The home of all the Yoshis, this beautiful tropical island sits in the middle of the vast Mushroom Ocean. When they land, they must find the house of the most famous Yoshi… Yoshi. Once they find him, they will receive their next clue.

Kat: Wow! You know, I’ve always wanted to go there.

Ana: I simply adore Yoshis! This should be fun!

***Kat: We’re at the front of the pack, and things couldn’t be better.

***Ana: It’s like we have no competition. We just ride the first-place wind while weaker teams are slowly knocked off.

Kat: Should be a fun one. Hi! Two tickets on the next ferry, please!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters - 1:03 AM
Dixie: Yoshi’s Island!

Tiny: Yoshi’s Island!

Dixie: Yaaaaayyyy!!!

Tiny: Wheeee!!!

Both: *laughing*

***Dixie: We’re having fun, and we’re enjoying ourselves on this race. If you don’t have fun, then the race is miserable… and we don’t want that.

Dixie: There’s the ferry terminal…

Tiny: The girls are waiting.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Unfortunately, there’s no ferries until morning.

Dixie: Morning?!

Tiny: Oy…

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners - 1:15 AM

Paratroopa: Fly to Yoshi’s Island!

Koopa: Ah! Boy, that was long ago!

Paratroopa: Hm?

Koopa: When Bowser attacked that island. I was only 2!

Paratroopa: Hahaha!

Koopa: Let’s go!


Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Booster: Maaaawwwnnnaaaaahhhh!!

Snifit: Booster, you know it’s not required that you rip open the clues with your mouth…

Booster: YESH IT ISH! Dun’t break the rules… or eat them…

Snifit: *sigh* Fly to Yo-

Booster: Oh, cheezburgers!!! We get to go on plane!! Yaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!

Snifit: …

They wander off.

*Camera shot of the sun rising over the water in fast motion*
*Shots of the teams paying for ferry tickets and riding the ferry*
*Cut to a shot of their flight path (with the Amazing Yellow Line)*

Phil: All teams are now on the same flight to Yoshi’s Island

Tense music plays…

Many shots of the Yoshis enjoying their daily life are shown. They’re running around, eating fruit, laughing, swimming, exploring.

The plane lands.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas

Kat: Come on! This way!
Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters

Dixie: Taxi!!!

***Tiny: Well, we all ended up on the same flight, so we all got equalized.

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Run! I mean… fly!

***Paratroopa: It kinda cheesed us off that we all had to be bottlenecked, but there was really nothing we could do…

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Let’s go!

***Koops: Well, I was happy… It let us catch up!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Konichiwa! We need to get to Yoshi’s house!

Rouge: Yoshi as in Yoshi Yoshi?

Kat: Uh… yeah… Mario’s friend.

Rouge: Okay!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Follow that taxi, please!

Orange: You got it!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Hi! Please hurry, we don’t have much time!

Jeune: Where you goin’?
Paratroopa: To Yoshi’s House! The famous one!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Hey! Taxi!!!


Kooper: Please take us to Yoshi’s House!!!

Vert: You got it!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Booster! Come on! Stop dawdling!\

Booster: I dawdle like a penguin!!!

Snifit: Hurry up!

Booster: I’m a penguin! I can surf! I can march! I can be an espionage agent!


Booster: YAWSHI!!

Bleu: Hm?

Snifit: Uh, Yoshi’s House please.


Bleu: Yooooou got it!


Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Are the girls behind us, Sis?

Ana: Yep… and so are three other cars.

Kat *glances back* It’s a caravan, eh?

Ana: We’re all equal!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Errr!! This is maddening! Can’t we pass them?

Koopa: No… Passing isn’t allowed on these highways…

Paratroopa: …

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: We’re all gonna arrive at Yoshi’s House at the same time…

Tiny: Yup…

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: This is gonna be tiiiiight…

… A roadside cam records the sunrise.

*Zoom* *Zoom* *Zoom* *Zoom* *Zoom*

All 5 cabs pull up.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: This is it!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Where’s the clue?

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: We get it from Yoshi, where is he?

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Koops: There! Yoshi!

Yoshi: Well, lookit this! Everyone’s here!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Hiya, Yosh! Look, Ana! The guy we’re gonna follow in his footsteps!

Ana: Yeah! He won!

Yoshi: Enjoy the race, everyone! Grab a clue! *gestures to a basket*

*Grab* *Grab* *Grab* Grab* *Grab*
*Riiiiiiiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiiiiiip*

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Fast Forward!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: It’s a Fast Forward!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Booster: Rewind!!

Phil: This… is the last of only two Fast Forwards on the entire race. The first team that finds it and completes it… will be able to skip all tasks and go directly to the Pit Stop. However, there is only one Fast Forward on this leg. Once it has been claimed, any other teams pursuing it are just… wasting time. In this Fast Forward, teams must walk about five blocks to this restaurant, where they must eat what is described on their clue as a “light lunch”. However, Yoshis are known for their bottomless stomachs. What is a light lunch to them…

The camera shows a HUGE pile of food.

Phil: …is a feast to us. The first team that can eat their entire platter of food will receive the Fast Forward award.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: I’d love to go for the Fast Forward…

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Koops: Kooper… we have to take it… If we ever hope to stand a chance of surviving this race… we need it…

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: We can do it, right Booster? You can eat a lot.

Booster: Hay! I ate a car once!

Snifit: Mhm… And you did eat Bundt… Okay! Let’s go.

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Lookit that… Three teams are going for it…

Tiny: Wow…

***Dixie: We had already used our Fast Forward, and Koopa & Paratroopa didn’t seem interested… so it was sure to be an all-out brawl…

***Tiny: …of eating…

Dixie: Are you sure you want to go for it?

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: I have a “gut” feeling we’ll win, and even if we don’t it won’t hurt us very much.

She nonchalantly gestures to Kooper & Koops.

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: We’d better get going.

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Ha! They’re all nuts! It’s suicide! C’mon.


Koopa: Roadblock!

Phil: A Roadblock is a task that only one person may perform. In this Roadblock, teams must first travel a few miles by taxi to find this place: The Wildlands. Here, the chosen team member must practice the number one form of self-defence practiced by Yoshis: Egg Throwing. They will stand at this line and must toss eggs at this target 50 feet away. If they can hit the bulls-eye five times, they will receive their next clue.

Koopa: “Who’s on target?”

Paratroopa: It’s my turn!

Koopa: Okay! Ma’am, please take us to the Wildlands!

Jeune: Sure!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Roadblock… Who’s on target?

Tiny: I’ll do it…

Dixie: You sure?

Tiny: Yep, let’s go.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: I guess we’d better get going.

Ana: The Koopas are going that way.

Kat: I see the restaurant. Come on, let’s go.

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Follow them, Booster!

Booster: NOYES!!!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: This’ll be great! Just a light lunch. Come on, Ana! If we get there first, we’ll win for sure!

They dash to the front of the pack.

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends

Kooper: Gah! C’mon, Koops!

Koops: Sorry… they’re really fast…

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: So you’re gonna eat all your food, right?

Booster: Not if it’s ICKY!

Snifit: If you don’t eat it all, you won’t get that special edition train set for Christmas.


Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Right there!

Ana: “Bottomless Pit”? Haha! Sounds like a Yoshi restaurant all right.

Kat: Let’s enter!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: There they go. That’s the place, right?

Koops: Quickly!

The music abruptly ends.

All 4: 0.0

Three piles of food greet them. They’re HUGE.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Oh…

Ana: My…

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Gosh…

Koops: That is a lot of food…

Kat: How are we gonna eat all this?

Ana: This is a LIGHT lunch?

Kat: For Yoshis I guess…

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: What’s up in here- Oh, my gosh!!!

All three teams stare at the impending task.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Do you still want to do this?

Ana: … Well… we get to share the food with each other… I think we can do it.

Kat: Well, I am hungry…

Ana: Okay! Let’s go! It looks delicious anyway!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Koops: They’re going. You wanna do this?

Kooper: I think we’d better… You can eat food, right?

Koops: Yeah… but look at it all.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Mmm… This is good…

Koops: Let’s do it. I’m starving.

Kooper: All right…

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Booster? Eat?

Booster: *vacuum sound effect*

The three teams begin eating. Competitive music begins/

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Mph… You’s all goin’ down!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Don’t count on it!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Well, at least it tastes delicious!

*scene shift*
Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Are these the wildlands?

Paratroopa: Looks like a barren plateau…

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: This must be it, right?

Paratroopa: *pays* Come on! Let’s jet!

Tiny: Okay! Let’s throw some eggs!

Dixie: *hefts an egg* This shouldn’t be a problem.

She hands it to Tiny, who throws. The egg falls short

Dixie: Oh… That wasn’t very good…

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Giv’er a good launch!

Paratroopa: Yaaaa!!!

Koopa: Ooh… A miss…

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: This could take a while…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: Well, this could take forever.

Kat: Mnn! Jss Ettt thhh fddd!!!

Ana: *gulp* I’m already staring to get full…

Kat: Well, we’re doing fine right now…

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Come on, Booster! Don’t you want any melons? How about an apple? A peach?

Booster: Noooooo!!! Dey’s poysunous!

Snifit: (munching) But I’m eating them all.

Booster: NAW!!!

Snifit: *groan* I hope this was a good idea…

Munching sound effects can be heard from everyone.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Mmfff… So much food… This really is a light lunch, eh?

Ana: Well… *gulp* Yoshis eat a lot.

Kat: No kiddin’…

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Tiny: I got one!

Dixie: Good shot!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: C’mon, Para.

Paratroopa: Yeah… Just like throwin’ shells… in Mario Kart! Hiyah!

*Egg Smash sound… Sorry, I can’t give it an onomatopoeia >.<*

Paratroopa: Yeah!

Koopa: Bulls-eye!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Tiny: Here! Let me try again! *throws* Yeahh! Another one.

Dixie: No, you need a bulls-eye.

Tiny: Oh, I do? Aw…

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Gotta concentrate…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: Ughh… I’m full, Sis. Sorry, but I’ll puke if I eat any more.

Kat: There’s still quite a bit here…

Both: …

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Koops: Thank god I’m so starving… You’re eating like a machine, Kooper!

Kooper: It’s delicious! I love tropical food!

Koops: Did you try the pineapple? Simply divine.

Kooper: I’m stuck on these watermelons!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
***Snifit: Well, I figured out Booster was playing some “game” with me.

Snifit: *silence*

Booster: Munchauufffawwnnnnnsss!! YAAAWWWMMM!

Snifit: Booster, are you eating?

Booster: *gasp* (mouth full) Noo… *gulp* I hates it!

***Snifit: He only ate when I wasn’t looking…

Snifit: Oh, well… I’ll just look over here…

Booster: *loud munching*

***Snifit: I didn’t get it…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Both: …

Kat: Wanna go?

Ana: Let’s get outta here.

Kat: We’re leaving, you guys. Good luck.

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: A’ight! See you!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Good luck!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
***Kat: It wasn’t the best decision to stay there, so we left. Someone else was going to win.

Kat: Come on, we’d better get going. Taxi!

Ana: Roadblock…

Kat: This one’s mine. Hi! To the Wildlands, please!

Ana: Tsukareta…  (I’m tired…)

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Tiny: Aww… I got another one on the edge…

Dixie: You’ve got more points than five bulls-eyes are worth!

Tiny grumbles.

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Whee-hee! Another one!

Koopa: Way to go, Para! You’re rockin’ this!

Paratroopa: We just need one more!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: They’re getting ahead of us…

Tiny: I wonder how the girls are doing…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: … The island’s nice…

Ana: Yeah…

Kat: … We’ll make it. We’ll be fine.

Ana: Yeah…

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Hahaa! You guys are goin’ DOWN!!!

Koops: Gimme more melons…

Kooper: Sure thing, bud!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Man, those guys are really packin’ it down… and I’m starting to get full…

Booster: HUMPH…

Snifit: Oh, right… *looks away*

Booster: Munch crunch lunch!

Snifit: …

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Tiny: I got another one!

Dixie: You’re so much better at this than I would be…

Tiny: Look!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Aiming… aiming… FIRE!!!


Paratroopa: Whee-heee! That’s excellent!

Koopa: Good job, Para! We’re done!

Paratroopa: That was great! I should tryout for the Yoshi Olympics!


Phil: Teams must now find their way to this place: Monkey Lake. At the lakeside, teams will find their next clue.

Paratroopa: Monkey Lake…

Koopa: Taxi!!!

Paratroopa: We’re in first, bud!

Koopa: Well, except for the Fast Forward.

Paratroopa: Yeah… I wonder if anyone’s won it yet!

Their car pulls up.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Okay! Wish me luck!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Katana! What happened?

Ana: We both got full…

Tiny: Well that stinks-

Kat: Hey! We’re here, aren’t we? And one more team’s gonna fail, so we’ll be just fine! Now come on! Let’s hit this target!

Ana: How many you got?

Dixie: We’ve got four!

Ana: Well, come on! Let’s win this challenge!

Tiny: Good luck!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Both: …

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Both: …

The camera shows the remaining food. Kooper & Koops have 3 melons, 2 bunches of grapes, and an orange to go. Booster & Snifit have 1 melon, 10 peaches, 9 bunches of grapes, and 2 apples left.

Snifit: … We’re losin’ here…

Kooper: Mmmmmmm!!! I could just eat this all day!!! Delish!

Koops: It is good, isn’t it?

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: … Time to pull out the secret weapon… Hey, Booster!

Booster: HUWAAAAHH? I wasn’t eatin’ nothin’!!!

Snifit: Whatever. Did I tell you that these fruits aren’t actually fruits? They’re, um… chocolate.

Booster: *glowy eyes* Really?

Snifit: Sure.

Booster starts inhaling food faster than Kirby could manage.

Snifit: Woo-hoo! Go, buddy!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Wh- Hey! That’s not fair! Shut him off! Grrr… C’mon, Koops! We can’t be beaten!

Koops: All right!

Kooper: Om nom nom nom nom!!!

Food’s flying through the air as both teams ravenously eat their remaining food.

Snifit: *burp*

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Yatta!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: You’re so good at this!

Tiny: You’ve got three now! Good job! I’m gonna try to get my last one…

She launches hers.

Dixie: Ooh, good distance!


Both: Yeaaaahhh!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Excellent job, Tiny! Don’t worry! We’ll be right behind you!

Dixie: Great!


Dixie: Hahaha! Monkey Lake! How fun for us!

Tiny: Bwahahahahaa! We’ll fit right in!

Dixie: Somehow I doubt that…

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Koops: Kooper… I can’t eat another bite… I’m completely stuffed…

Kooper: We’re so close… We have to defeat them!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Booster: SNYfut!!! I’m’s no eat anymore!!!

Snifit: What? Why?! We’ve worked so hard at this!

Booster: But…

Snifit: No buts!

Booster: HA!! You sayd no butts!!

Snifit: EAT!

Booster: Okay!!

He grabs the last two melons and everything else but a strawberry and shoves them all in his mouth.


Other 3: …

Kooper: What the?

Koops: No!!!

Snifit: Uhhh… *munches strawberry* Mm! *gulp* Did we win?!

Noir: Yeah! Congratulations!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Wait… wait! What in the world just happened? We were winning!

Koops: Aww… You can’t be serious!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Yes! Yes! We did it!!! Awesome! Good job, Booster!

Kooper: Son of a…

Noir: Here you are! Well done!


Snifit: Congratulations, you have won the Fast Forward! Make your way to the next Pit Stop…

Phil: Having won the Fast Forward… Booster and Snifit may now skip all tasks and proceed directly to the Pit Stop at the Icy Mountain Range.

Booster: Wha happen?

Snifit: Something good! Come on!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Grrrr…

Koops: Ugh… We’re so out of it…

Kooper: We’re not out yet! Don’t give up! Come on, we gotta go do the Roadblock. Who’s doing it?

Koops: You’d better do it. We really need success.

Kooper: All right! Let’s jet!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: I can’t believe we won! Taxi!!!

***Snifit: This was the biggest break we could’ve ever gotten! It was just an incredible feeling… well, for me, anyway…

Snifit: We’re on our way!!!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: There it is!

Paratroopa: Coo’!


Both: Detour!

Phil: A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. In this Detour, teams must choose between two common tasks found on Yoshi’s Island. The choice? Fast Feet or Fleet Flutter. In Fast Feet, teams must make their way here to the Yoshi Racetrack, a location made famous by its appearance in Super Mario RPG. Here, teams will race against a group of Yoshis. If either team member can achieve first place, they will receive their next clue. In Fleet Flutter, teams must way their way to this place: Cloudy Fields. This wind-swept area is where young Yoshis practice their flutter jump ability. When teams arrive, they will find the annual Flutter Jump Competition taking place. They must choose one of the competitors and place a bet on him or her. If the selected Yoshi is the winner, teams will receive their next clue.

Koopa: Feet… Flutter…

Paratroopa: Aww! Too bad! I coulda done the flutter jump myself.

Koopa: Yeah, right… Well, I think we should do the race. Whaddaya think?

Paratroopa: I can fly preeeety fast! Let’s give it a try!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: One more…

Ana: Focus! Aim! Fire!

… *splat*

Kat: Beautiful!

Blanche: That was excellent! Here’s your clue!

Kat: Arigatou!


Kat: Monkey Lake… Taxi!!!

Ana: Let’s get going!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends

Kooper: We’re here!

Koops: Well, there’s no one here…

Kooper: Oh well. C’mon! Where’s my eggs?

Koops: Okay, so you just throw it at that target? Oh, that’s not so hard…

Kooper: Yeah, but I need a bulls-eye as well.

Koops: Oh…

Both: …

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: We’re on our way, eh?

Tiny: Heh heh… Look! Is that it?

Dixie: I think I see… Yeah, there’s the clue!

Tiny: Haha! Look at the monkies!

Grinders: *monkey sounds*

Both: Hahaha!!! What funny creatures!


Dixie: Detour… Let’s do the races.

Tiny: A’ight!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends

Koops: Dang, you’re good at this!

Kooper: Yup… That’s two bulls-eyes… Three to go.

Koops: I hope we can survive…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Detour!

Ana: We’ve gotta do the race.

Kat: Yeah… We can’t trust chance.

Ana: Let’s go!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Hahaaa!!! This feels like a dream!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!

Booster: I still no’s get it! Why’s the letter “u” still cheering?

Snifit: Booster, do you remember what a Fast Forward is?

Booster: De… opposite of rewind?

Snifit: No, it’s a task that, if won, lets us go straight to the Pit Stop. We just did that!

Booster: When?

Snifit: At the restaurant.

Booster: We were in a restaurant?

Snifit: … The pile of food? That you just ate?!

Booster: That waz fuud? I thought it was a super-big-super mega… thing…

Snifit: … Oy…

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Are we there yet?

Koopa: No.

Paratroopa: Are we there yet?

Koopa: No.

Paratroopa: Are we there yet?

Koopa: No.

Paratroopa: Are we there yet?

Koopa: No.

Paratroopa: Are we there yet?

Koopa: Yeah.

Paratroopa: Oh… Cool…

We see an overview of the “Yo’ster Island Track”. Yoshis are at the starting line, stretching and getting ready to race. Most are burgundy.

Koopa: Cool! The Yoshi track! I can’t believe we get to be a part of this!

Paratroopa: You ready to race?

Koopa: I’m gonna fail *raspberry*, but hopefully with your swift flying, you’ll win.

Paratroopa: Well, wish me luck!

Koopa: Already done!

Chief Yoshi: Hi! Welcome to the racetracks! Please take your positions and get ready for the first race.

Koopa: Good luck, everyone!

Other Yoshis: …

Koopa: … ’K…

All: …


Paratroopa: Yah!

They both dash off the starting line. It’s a close race, but one red Yoshi is too fast and wins the race.

Koopa: C’mon! C’mon!

Chief: Finish! You’ve placed 2nd and 5th. Please try again.

Paratroopa: Awww!

Koopa: You guys are too fast! Take off the sprint shoes!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Awwww!!! How did I miss that?! Geez!

Koops: We’re movin’ along… We got three…

Kooper: *splatter* Now four!

Koops: Good job!

Kooper: It’s really too bad we couldn’t win that Fast Forward.

Koops: Yeah, and look who ended up winning…

Kooper: They really don’t deserve it…

Koops: …

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Booster: CheEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEezburgers!!

Snifit: Stop yelling out the window.

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: How come they haven’t been eliminated yet?! They’re made of fail! *splat* Unlike me. Le’s go *Riiiiiiiiiiip* To Monkey Lake!

Koops: We’d better hurry!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: *huff, huff* How do you guys stay so fit?!

Koopa: I gotta learn your secret.

An orange Yoshi munches a watermelon in one bite.

Koopa: Maybe we’re not eating enough…

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters

Dixie: Woah! What’s goin’ on here…?

Tiny: Looks like the race is really on!

Chief: FINISH!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Chief: You finished 3rd and 4th. Please try again.

Paratroopa: I’m… getting tired…

Koopa: I guess we should rest…

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Let’s give it a try!

Tiny: I’m faster than Homestar Runner!


They dash off and strain to stay ahead of the pack, huffing.

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Booster: CULDD!

Snifit: Yeah! We’re going way up this mountain!!

Pêche: Yes! Welcome to the Icy Mountain Range! This is a great place for skiing and snow tubing!

Snifit: It looks like a nice vacation spot.

Booster: VABASHUN!

Snifit: Ooh! There he is!

Booster: ARRETE!

Phil’s standing on the snow-covered mat.

Snifit: This is like a dream! Someone pinch me!

Booster: Dat can be arranged!!


Snifit: Owwwww! I said PINCH me, and I wasn’t even speaking literally!!!

Booster: Hay luuk!! Phillys!

Phil: …

Snifit is holding back joy.

Phil: Booster & Snifit? You’re… team number 1!

Snifit: Yeaaaahhh!!!

Booster: Nooo!! I dun’t wanna be eliminated!!

Snifit: Eh, no! We’re first! We won a leg! Yeahh!

Phil: Congratulations, you two. As the winners of this leg of the race, you’re gonna be coming back here to Yoshi’s Island for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation!

Snifit: Wow! Sounds good! He needs a vacation…


Snifit: Well… we made it!! Jump for joy!

They both jump and the frame freezes like a cliché movie ending.

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Yeah! We’re here!!!


Koops: Detour…

Kooper: Hmmm… I’m fairly fast, so… let’s do the race.

Koops: Okay… I’m gonna be counting on you to win the race… This leg is all you.

Kooper: All right! Taxi!!

Koops: Yeah… Let’s go!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Awww!

Tiny: I got second again!

Dixie: This is tough…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: This is it. The tracks…

Ana: Hey girls!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Welcome… These guys are fast.

Racing Yoshis: …

Kat: …

Ana: Kat?

Kat: Let’s get going.

***Ana: Ooh, I could see this look in her eyes. It said “You’re all gonna die”.

Dixie: All right! Let’s give this another try.

Tiny: Well, good luck, girls!

Kat: …


Kat dashes off really quickly.

Ana: Wooo! Go, Sis!!!

Tiny: Dang! She’s quick!

Dixie: She’s in second!!! Go, Kat!!! Beat him!!!

Chief: FINISH!! Dixie: 4th! Tiny: 6th! Ana: 3rd! Kat: 1st! Congratulations, Kat & Ana! You have received your next clue!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: Yeaaaahhh!!! Good job, Sis!

Kat: It’s all in the focus, girls. Just focus on your task and where you want to end up.

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Oh… okay…

Tiny: …

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Both: *slackjawed*

Paratroopa: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaang!

Koopa: Dat girl’s got skillz!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Make your way to the Pit Stop…

Phil: Teams must now make their way here: The Icy Mountain Range. This Range of tall mountains is perpetually covered in snow and can be seen for miles. The Pit Stop is located here, and the last team to check in here… may be eliminated.

Ana: Cool. Let’s go then!

Kat: Hi, ma’am! We now need to go to the Icy Mountain Range.

Rose: That’s quite far… It’ll cost ya!

Ana: We don’t care! We’ve just gotta GOOO!!!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Well, spectacular for them… We still need to win.

Tiny: We’ve just gotta focus. Like she said…

Dixie: Yeah… We’ll make it!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Come on! We can’t just keep sitting around like this! Let’s get back in the races!

Koopa: This is tougher than I thought it would be!

Chief: All right! Racers ready? Set?



Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: …

Koops: …

Kooper: We’ll make it… right?

Koops: …

***Kooper: Things weren’t looking good, but I had to keep my spirits up. Koops doesn’t have any spirit, so I had to share mine…

Kooper: I bet those teams are having a lot of trouble with the Detour.

Koops: Well, we’re gonna have to beat them by a half hour…

Kooper: Mm…

***Kooper: But I was losing the spirit myself…

Koops: *sigh*

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners

Tiny: *huff… huff…* That’s… that’s it… We’re… wearing… them… down…

Dixie: …

Tiny: …

Dixie: …

Tiny: Oh, who’m I kidding? These guys are never-ending energy fountains!

Purple Yoshi eats two melons, a pumpkin, and a whole bunch of grapes.

Tiny: They eat so much… It must be great being a Yoshi…

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: C’mon… We gotta do this!

Paratroopa: I keep getting second… That stupid burgundy Yoshi is too fast!

Koopa: Why don’t you do your energy dash at the end? You know, like you do in Tennis?

Paratroopa: Hmm… That might give me the burst I need… but it’s hard to control.

Koopa: Just try.


Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Ughh… I’m so tired…

Tiny: I think we need to rest.

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Go, Para, go! Go, Para, go!

Paratroopa: Yeah… Second… Come on… Come on… HA!

Paratroopa dashes forwards with a purple aura around him, spinning as he goes.

Paratroopa: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Koopa: Yeah!!!

Chief: Congratulations, Koopa & Paratroopa! You have received your next clue!

Paratroopa: *huff, huff* Yeah… I knew we could do it!

Koopa: Yeah, and it was all thanks to me! Heh heh heh! *gets slapped* Okay, I deserved that.


Paratroopa: Pit Stop!

Koopa: Icy Mountain Range! Cool! Let’s jet!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Aw… man… We’re… losing ground here…

Tiny: If only we could’ve been in the flutter jump thing… We can both hover with our hair…

Dixie: Haha! Yeah! You got that right.

Tiny: But we gotta do this… after we rest!

Dixie: Hoo… *falls over*

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Wow! These mountains are high!

Ana: It’s snowing!

Kat: This is nice… This is a very nice-looking island… I like it.

Ana: We’ve gotta come back here some time!

Kat: I see him.

Ana: You see Phil? Okay! Here’s fine!

Kat: Thank you for the lift.

They dash out.

Ana: Phil!!!

Phil: … Kat & Ana? You’re… team number 2!

Kat: That’s great!

Ana: Yeah!! We did well today!

Kat: Too bad we couldn’t take the Fast Forward, though… and now there’s none left.

Ana: We’ll just have to win with our skill alone!

Phil: You two are very good competitors… Do you think you truly have what it takes to win the race?

Kat: Oh, shaddup Phil. We could win with our hands tied behind our backs…

Ana: Hahaha!!!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Oh, snap!

Tiny: What?

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Ughh… Finally!!!

Koops: Why do taxis always get lost?

Kooper: I dunno… Oy… Let’s get racing.

Dixie: Oh, boy… Now it’s really on!

Kooper: Ooh! Lookie lookie! We caught up to someone!

Koops: Wow! Dixie and Tiny! What’re they doin’ way down at the bottom of the pack?

Kooper: Must be a tough race… C’mon! Let’s give it a try!

Koops: K…

Kooper: Come on! Line up!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: *breathes heavily* Come on… We’d better get it going.

Tiny: Ugh… We need a lucky break…

Chief: Everyone ready? GO!!!

All 4: Yaaaaaaa!!!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners

Koopa: *yawn* This was a nice leg, eh?

Paratroopa: Yeah! I liked this island. And second isn’t too bad.

Koopa: Umm… I think we’re in third.

Paratroopa: No, we’re second. Booster & Snifit don’t exist.

Koopa: Heh heh heh…

Cyan: Well, here we are, boys! This is the Icy Mountain Range!

Koopa: Where’s Phil?

Paratroopa: There he is! HAY! PHIL!!!

Phil: …

They dash over.

Koopa: Whew! Hey!

Phil: Koopa & Paratroopa?

Both: …

Phil: You’re… team number three!

Paratroopa: (overlaping Phil’s “Three”) Two! Yay! That’s awesome!

Phil: Yes, you two are still in the race. Is the race getting tougher?

Koopa: Oh, every day it gets tougher. It’s getting down to the wire… Pretty soon there’ll only be three teams left!

Paratroopa: We’re most DEFINITELY going to be one of the three.

Phil: You’re quite sure of that, eh?

Paratroopa: Yeah!!!

Koopa: ‘Til the end, baby!!!

The music gets tense.

Chief: *sighs* (quietly) That was pathetic… (normally:) Okay! Are you ready for the next race?!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Ugh… This is hard! I feel like I can only do this one more time…

Tiny: Me too… Well… we’d better make this one last run our best!

Dixie: I’ll pray for you! Get us a win, Sis!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Oh, man… This is nuts.

Koops: We can’t lose… We just can’t… I don’t wanna be eliminated…

Kooper: Don’t worry. I got second last race. We’ll win it this time!

Chief: Okay? All right. On your marks… get set… GO!!!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Goo!!! Go, go, go!!!

Tiny: *huff, huff* Yeaaahhhh!!! Come on!!!

Tiny is currently in second place.

Tiny: You… won’t defeat me again!!! Nyaaaaaaahh!!!

She puts on a burst of speed, but can’t pass the leader.

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Ughh… Cramp…

Koops: Look at Tiny!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Tiny: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

The lead Yoshi trips!

Mahogany: Waaaaaah!

Tiny: Ah!!!

Chief: FINISH!! Kooper: 4th! Koops: 8th! Dixie: 3rd! Tiny: 1st! Congratulations, Dixie & Tiny! You have won your clue!

Dixie: Yess! Yes yes yes!!!

Tiny: Ohmigawd! Give it! Come on! *riiiiiiiiiiip* Pit Stop…

Dixie: We’d better hurry!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: No! I don’t believe it! No!

Koops: Ughh… I… I can’t run anymore, Kooper…

Kooper: We have to run! We just have to!!!

Koops: I think… this is it…

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: (already en route( Hurry! Faster! We’ll tip you if you go very fast!

Tiny: We just have to make it to this Pit Stop!

Dixie: We do not want to be out of this competition!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Just… a little… more!

Chief: Finish! 3rd place for Kooper!

Kooper: Ughh…

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Are these the mountains?

Tiny: Yes! The Pit Stop is up here somewhere!

Dixie: Let’s hurry!

Gris: I am going as fast as I can on these mountain roads!

Dixie: I know! I’m sorry, we’re just really nervous!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Koops: *falls over* I can’t do this any more…

Kooper: …

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: There! The Pit Stop! Go!!!

Tiny: Get out! Run!

Phil: …

Dixie: Ughh…

Tiny: We made it!

Phil: Dixie & Tiny?

Phil: You’re team number 4! Congratulations! You’re still in the race.

Tiny: Oh, boy, what a feelin’…

Dixie: This leg seemed easy, but it was tough!

Tiny: Tough leg… real tough…

Dixie: But we’re still in it… and that’s all that matters, right?

Tiny: Right!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Chief: Are you ready for the next race?

Kooper: No… no, we can’t… run anymore…

Koops: I’m sorry, Kooper…

Kooper: Not your fault, bud… We did our best… but now’s the time to quit. Our race is over…

Fade to them driving up to the Pit Stop.

Kooper: There he is… the Philiminator…

Koops: Yeah…

Kooper: Come on! Let’s go out on a good note!

Koops: …

They walk over.

Phil: Kooper & Koops?

Kooper nods.

Phil: You’re the last team to arrive…

Koops sighs.

Phil: And I’m sorry to tell you you’ve both been eliminated from the race…

Kooper: Well… I suppose it was our time.

Koops: Yeah…

Kooper: We did just fine for a couple of Koopas, eh?

Koops: Yeah…

Kooper: …

***Kooper: It doesn’t feel good losing, man… It really doesn’t. Koops blames himself for everything. He thinks he was always slowing me down, or causing problems…

***Koops: …

***Kooper: Sure, he was a little slower than the other racers, but it didn’t matter. He had a brain, and a will to win. I wouldn’t’ve done this race with anybody else but him… It was a good experience… and I’ll never forget it.

***Koops: *slightly brighter tone than before* Yeah…

The credits roll…

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