Super Paper Mario: Birth of a Chaos Heart

By Doopletta

Chapter 6 Act 1: Birth of a Chaos Heart

“It is time… to call forth the void… to end all worlds… It is time… for the beginning of the end… All worlds will feel the pain and sorrow slumbering in the ice cold heart of Count Bleck,” muttered Count Bleck to himself as he stood in a large wedding chapel he had created. White wedding ribbon and carpet was everywhere. A large alter sat in the center, on each side a large stairway where thousands would gather to watch the union of the “Princess of Pure Heart” and the “King of Evil”.

O’Chunks and Mimi were working together to hang a large banner on one of the walls; as Nastasia was surveying the work they were doing. Dimentio was on an assignment, and Count Bleck merely looked out the large stained glass window looking out over his world.

Timpani… If only you could be here… If only we could be together… Just think, we could be married… happy… together… forever…

Nastasia yelled at O’Chunks when he fell off the ladder and knocked a large banner, next to the one they just hung, down onto the ground. Count Bleck flinched, but remained looking out the window. “Nastasia… peace, please… ” Count Bleck said in a tone that Nastasia had only heard once, when he spoke about “The girl”.

Nastasia nodded. “Yes, Count… ”

O’Chunks and Mimi hurried off as Nastasia fixed the banner, then Dimentio ported into the room. “The deed is done, my Count, soon the Princess and the King will be together in the room, and they will be ours!” Dimentio said in a happy, proud voice.

Count Bleck smirked. … Timpani… if only… you were still alive… I know… you must be dead… It is the only… logical explanation as to why I couldn’t find you… But… I love you, Timpani…

Tippi screamed as she woke with a start. Merlon jumped from his chair and spun around with a concerned look. “Tippi! What’s wrong?”

Tippi looked around her. … I’m not dead… That dream… it was so vivid… I guess that’s just what it was, a dream… But… that name… I must find his name! “… Merlon… It’s nothing. I just had a bad dream, that’s all.”

Merlon nodded. “… All right… Good night, Tippi.”

Tippi sighed. “Good night… Merlon… ”

The man… What is his name?!

A woman in a pink dress with long, blonde hair stood in a large, round room of pure black. Across from her stood a turtle-like creature with a green shell and red hair. “… Well? The letter said that I was to meet you here for something. What is it you want, Bowser?” the girl asked.

“WHAT? No! The letter told me to meet you here! So what do you want, Peach?”

Both looked confused, until suddenly they became engulfed in a strange energy. They felt as though they were flying as they were flipped away.

A few moments later the girl awoke to a sound. “Princess… Princess… Awaken, Princess… ” said a voice, a gentle voice.

Princess Peach slowly opened her eyes to see a man in a large cloak with a top hat, monocle, cane in hand, and gloves on both hands smiling at her. “Ugh! Where am I?”

Peach slowly stood and was astonished to see she was wearing a wedding dress, and across from her was… BOWSER! “BOWSER! WHERE ARE WE?! WHAT’S GOING ON?!”

Bowser smiled and turned toward a crowd of Koopa Troopas, his army. “Why, is it not obvious, my dear? This is your wedding,” said the man in the white cloak.

“Wedding?! WHAT?! TO BOWSER! NO!”

Bowser laughed. “Hey, no objections on this side of the alter! Now don’t worry, Peach, I’ll be a great husband! We’ll be really happy together!”

Peach grew angry and yelled, stomping her white shoes onto the white tile. “NO! I AM NOT MARRYING BOWSER! AND THIS DRESS IS AWFUL! I WANT TO GO HOME NOW!”

A woman who looked like a secretary stood next to the man in white and shook her head. “Now now, Princess, don’t be rude. Count Bleck has worked really hard to do this for you, there’s no need to insult him by making a mockery of your wedding.”

Count Bleck, the man in white, cleared his throat. “Now, may we begin? Bowser, King of the evil Koopas, do you take Peach, Princess Pure of Heart, to be your wife ‘til your games be over?”

Bowser smiled. “YES!”

The Count chuckled and turned to Peach. “Princess Peach, pure of heart, do you take Bowser, King of the evil Koopas, to be your husband ‘til your games be over?”

Peach slammed her foot down and threw down the bouquet she now realized she was carrying. “NO I DO NOT!” she yelled.

Count Bleck frowned. “… Princess… Please… Let us try again. Do you take Bowser to be your husband ‘til your games be over?” the Count asked, more venom in his voice than before.

“NO!” Peach yelled.

The secretary sighed and adjusted her glasses. “That is enough! Now listen! The Count worked hard to do this! So, I’m going to need you to say, Yes, K?”

Peach stomped her foot again. “N-O! THAT MEANS NO WAY!”

Count Bleck gave the secretary a grave look and muttered to her. “… Chaos Heart… It grows near… Make her say it… Nastasia… make her say yes!”

Nastasia adjusted her glasses and snapped her fingers; a beam of yellow energy slammed into Peach, knocking her to the ground. “Now listen! I’m going to need you to say yes!” Nastasia yelled.

Peach squirmed and tried to fight the overwhelming power. “… N… N… O… N-O… ”

Nastasia stomped her foot and the beam struck again. “SAY IT!”

“… … … Yes… … ”

Suddenly the room started to shake, and light of black and white bounced around the room. The pedestal in the center of the room began to shine a crimson red, and a strange figure began to rise from it. It was black as night, with streaks of white in it.

“YES! BLEHHEHEHEHEHE BLECK! THE CHAOS HEART! IT LIVES!” bellowed Count Bleck. Nastasia clapped her hands as she saw the happy grin on Count Bleck’s face.

… I’m so glad the count is happy… but at the cost of all their lives?

Suddenly a figure in green jumped up to the pedestal. “STOP!” shouted the man.

Bowser and Peach paid him no mind, nor did the Count, but Nastasia yelled at him. “NO! STOP! IF YOU INTERRUPT THE… ”

It was too late… The man in green jumped and struck the Heart, sending a loud shattering noise around the room. Everyone screamed as a blinding light and a powerful explosion struck them all. Count Bleck grabbed Nastasia just in time and pulled his cloak over her to shield her.

The light faded and Nastasia and Count Bleck stood before a black heart. “… Nastasia… Do you know what this is?” asked the Count in a voice of a child at Christmas.

“… The Chaos Heart… ” said Nastasia in disbelief.

“… It is mine… All mine… The Void… All worlds will fall… We’ve done it, Nastasia… The End of All Worlds is at hand!”

Count Bleck opened his cloak and the Heart floated toward him. Held it before him with the Dark Prognosticus open to a page. “Darkness sleeping in the heart of Chaos! As written in the Dark Prognosticus, I am Count Bleck! Your master and servant! Arise, darkness! Open your mouth, and drown all worlds in the Void of your suffering heart! SHOW THEM MY PAIN!”

The Chaos Heart and the Dark Prognosticus shined a deep purple and Count Bleck laughed a laugh that sent a shiver down Nastasia’s spine. … Count… Is this truly who you are? Were you always this kind of man?


In every world, all over all the lands and dimensions, a large purple and black void appeared. Slowly it grew… slowly it destroyed all… The only thing left unscathed was Castle Bleck, the home of Count Bleck and his minions, and the towns of Flipside and Flopside… All worlds would die… all people would die… It was the end… the End of All Worlds…

But four heroes would rise up.

Red hero, forgotten green, powerful king, and peaceful princess, together with a team of Pixls and a rainbow butterfly, the worlds would be saved… But how much time do we have… when the future isn’t even known to the gods…?

Count Bleck looked out on all worlds with his monocled gaze.

… Goodbye, Timpani… I love thee…


“… Timpani… Marry me, and I’ll take you away to a place we can be together… I promise.”

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