Snifit X Season 4: Booster & Snifit Super Snifitdum Saga

By Red Shy Guy

Chapter 13: Koopaling Battles

Snifit 1: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ! I GOT IT!

Grate Guy: Really? How do we get there?

30 minutes later…


Snifit 2: Shut up! Light it, Peasley.

Peasley: Um, okay.

Grate Guy: Peasley, no!

The ship catches fire and actually flies into the air.

Peasley: 0_0

The ship reaches the castle but the castle breathes fire, hitting the ship and causing it to explode, but the Snifit gang make it inside.

Fawful: Cackletta, the Snifits who we hate have arrived.

Punchiletta: Hmmmmmmm. Send out our slaves, Midbus.


The Koopalings come out except they look brainwashed though they still have their personalities.

Punchiletta: Go and destroy these intruders.

Koopalings: Yes, Cackletta.

Punchiletta: Oh, and send the other guy too.

Midbus: Yes. COME OUT!

Somebody comes out.

Back with the Snifits…

Snifit 1: OW! Well that went well.

Grate Guy: Come on, we have to move on.

Knife Guy: Yeah, let’s go.

They see Fawfulized Gunner Guys, Magigoofas (BIS), Jailgoons (BIS), and other enemies. They continue but see that the road is blocked by a huge flame wall.

Snifit 2: Let’s go into that room.

They go and continue for awhile and see…

Iggy: Hello, Snifits.

Snifit 3: Get out of the way, Iggy Koopa!

Iggy: I can’t let that happen or I’ll be put in the Iron Maiden. Besides, you’re trespassing in my room.

Booster: Then let’s fight.

Iggy: But six against one is unfair, so…

Iggy spins around them. Grate Guy and Knife Guy close their eyes while the other four get dizzy and can barely move or attack.

Iggy: DRAT! Well, I’m ready for you.

Grate Guy 76/76
Knife Guy 74/74
Iggy 100/100

Iggy throws geometric shapes but Grate Guy kicks his ball and destroys them. Knife Guy uses Knife Rain. Iggy withdraws into his shell and takes little damage. Grate Guy uses psychic on Iggy and slams him into the ground. Iggy gets back up and uses a shrink spell on Grate Guy. Knife Guy uses Ice Slash but Iggy jumps up and lands on Knife Guy. Iggy throws a fireball but Knife Guy puts his knife up in defense and absorbs the fire and uses Fire Slash. Iggy gets hit and gets in his shell and starts bouncing off the walls of his room. Knife Guy dodges him by jumping but Grate Guy is getting hit because of his small size. Iggy stops and performs a magic spell.


Iggy is now 10 feet tall. Grate Guy uses Meteor Blast and Iggy gets hit and slams into the wall and shrinks back down. Suddenly a green paint bucket falls on Iggy.

Iggy: Ugh. Huh?

Iggy sees his hair looks like from NSMB Wii.


Knife Guy: He’s insane-er!

Iggy gets out a Chain Chomp and ties it to a basket. Suddenly a Fawfulized Kamek appears. He has the swirly glasses, green robes, and a Fawful smile. He puts magic on the Chomp and its now 10 feet taller.

Knife Guy: Oh dear.

Grate Guy 70/76
Knife Guy 70/74
Iggy 55/100

The Chain Chomp starts to chase the jester bros. but they roll out of the way. Iggy shoots a fireball and hits Knife Guy. Grate Guy uses Psychic on Iggy but the Chomp quickly bites Grate Guy, messing up his attack. Knife Guy throws a knife at Iggy but he puts his wand up in defense. Iggy throws two fireballs at Knife Guy but he absorbs them and uses Fire Slash but the Chomp spits out Grate Guy and takes the hit. The Chomp headbutts Knife Guy into a wall. Grate Guy uses Meteor Blast, and Iggy and the Chomp take damage. The Chomp turns red in anger. Grate Guy uses confuse ray on the Chomp but it doesn’t work. Knife Guy goes to ice slash Iggy but the Chomp bites his knife and eats it.


Knife Guy uses Knives Tornado and knocks Iggy out of the basket and he gets slashed by the knives in the tornado. The Chomp uses Fire Fang on Knife Guy and Knife Guy loses his concentration. Grate Guy uses PK Freeze Y on Iggy but the Chomp takes the hit. The Chomp uses Giga Impact and Knife Guy jumps on Grate Guy’s head and jumps and lands on Iggy, and the Chomp hits Grate Guy, knocking him into the wall. Iggy takes major damage. The Chomp uses Ice Fang on Knife Guy, who puts his knife in the way. Knife Guy uses Ice Rock. A huge ice block flies through the arena and lands on Iggy, crushing him. Iggy destroys the ice rock and shoots out a huge Fire Spell that hits Knife Guy, and the Chomp uses Fire Fang again. Knife Guy falls down, defeated.

Iggy: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wasn’t there another guy?

Grate Guy: PK STARSTORM!!!

Iggy prepares a spell but the stars come crashing down, pelting Iggy and the Chomp.

Iggy: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo!!!

Iggy screams in pain and falls as the Chomp also gets knocked out.

Battle Over. +450 EXP.

A portal opens and the Snifit Co. go in and the flame wall disappears. They move on and see spikes blocking the way. They see another big door and go in. They get past a few enemies and see…

Snifit 1: Morton Koopa Jr?

Morton: I can’t let you go any further, Snifits!

Snifit 1: Try us!

Morton does a ground pound. Snifit 1 and 2 jump it while the others aren’t so lucky.


Snifit 1 66/66
Snifit 2 64/64
Morton 120/120

Morton jumps in the air and makes a shockwave, but Snifit 1 jumps it and lands on Morton. Morton retreats into his shell and Giga Impacts Snifit 1 into the wall. Snifit 2 uses Gunk Cannon on the floor to make it slippery. Morton throws geometric shapes at Snifit 2 but Snifit 1 uses bolt and destroys them. Morton jumps up and stomps the ground, but when he lands he slips and gets flipped over. The shockwave gets bigger and the Snifits get hit. Snifit 1 quickly jumps on Morton. Morton retreats into his shell and uses Giga Impact, but since the gunk is there he goes out of control and crashes into a wall and gets dizzy. Snifit 2 does a ground pound on him and Morton collapses.

Battle Ove-

Suddenly Kamek appears and sprays his magic on Morton and the arena. Morton gets back up and sand covers him and the arena.

Morton: Beat me now!

Snifit 1 36/66
Snifit 2 54/54
Morton 60/120

Snifit 1: WOW! I didn’t even know jumps had a big effect on Koop- OW!

Morton uses a sand punch and Snifit 1 hits a wall. Snifit 2 uses Lightning Orb but to no effect. Morton uses Sandstorm and Snifit 1 and 2 get hurt. Snifit 2 uses Bullet Rain and Morton gets pelted by bullets. Morton uses earthquake and the ground shakes so violently it hurts the Snifits. Snifit 2 uses Bullet Tornado. A tornado of bullets appears  and picks up the sand, and Morton gets hurt. Morton starts to get covered in sand but Snifit 1 uses Bullet Punch before he is completely covered. Morton gets a mike and screams into it, stunning and hurting the Snifits. Morton turns into a sand monster that looks like Perfect Chaos (Sonic enemy). He slams his hand into Snifit 1. Snifit 2 uses Bullet Punch but cannot hit Morton. Morton uses Rock Wrecker. POW! The Snifits are sent flying and hit the wall.

Snifit 1: How will we defeat him?

Snifit 2: We may need superpowers.

Snifit 1: You don’t mean…?

Snifit 2: I do.

Snifits 1, 2, and 3 (out of nowhere 3 comes): MEGA SNIFIT!!!

They glow white and combine into Mega Snifit. They use King Bill.

Morton: 0_0  HOLY!!!


Battle Over. +450 EXP.

The Snifits go back and see the path is now clear, but the next path is blocked by ice that is too cold to touch. They see another door and go in it, and see the place is icy. Booster, with Grate Guy and Ice Guy, rides his train, which has transformed into a snowmobile.

Grate Guy: Where did he get this train?

DON’T INTERUPT ME! Anyway, the Snifits ride across on the bullets they shoot out. Soon they see…

Snifit 3: LEMMY KOOPA?!

Lemmy: Hello there, Snifits. Huh? Hi Mom! I’m on TV!

Booster: More like on a computer screen.

Lemmy: Now where was I? Oh, right. CHILL!

Lemmy pulls out his Freeze Gun and shoots. Booster and Snifit 3 duck but Snifit 1, 2, Grate Guy, and Knife Guy get frozen in a block of ice.

Lemmy: You’re not going to, um, what’s that word I’m looking for? Oh yeah, Win!

Snifit 3 64/64
Booster 80/80
Lemmy 80/80



Lemmy: Why you!

Lemmy throws a ball but Booster punches it back and Lemmy falls off his ball. (Yes. he’s riding his ball and in M&L SS he doesn’t but this is my parody!) Booster does a ground pound on Lemmy. Lemmy takes his Freeze Gun and freezes Booster and kicks him at Snifit 3, who dodges by jumping. Lemmy starts throwing more balls but Snifit 3 jumps on them. Lemmy takes out his Freeze Gun but Snifit 3 retaliates with Mega Drain, destroying the freeze beam and falling on Lemmy. Lemmy takes out his Freeze Gun but Snifit 3 shoots his hand and Lemmy drops it. He quickly retaliates by pulling back into his shell and grabbing the weapon. Booster breaks free and shakes the ground by slamming it with his fist. Lemmy falls off his ball and Booster jumps on him.

Battle Ove-

Kamek appears again and spreads magic on Lemmy, his ball, and the room. The floor turns into ice, the ball grows 5 feet. taller, and Lemmy gets cool ice armor.

Lemmy: Ahahahaha. Freeze!

Snifit 3 64/64
Booster 72/80
Lemmy 40/80

Lermmy throws an iceball and hits Snifit 3. Booster jumps but can’t reach Lemmy. Lemmy just laughs and throws an Ice Beam that freezes Snifit 3. Booster uses Double Edge but slips on the ice. Lemmy uses Diamond Saw and Booster gets hit and takes major damage. Snifit 3 breaks free and uses Drain on Lemmy, +11 HP.

Lemmy: Hey, that’s ummmmmmm…. CHEATING!!!

Lemmy uses Solidify and Snifit 3 gets frozen again. Booster uses Fire Belch but it can’t reach Lemmy.

Lemmy: I grow bored of this.

Lemmy’s ball grows spikes and rolls toward Booster, but he fire farts and flies into the air.

Lemmy: What the?!

WHAM! Booster punches Lemmy and he falls off the ball and Booster Flare Blitzes Lemmy into a wall. Booster grabs him and chucks him into another wall. Lemmy gets an idea.

Lemmy: One more step and this story is Deleted!

Snifit 3 breaks out pf the oce.

Snifit 3: Wait, how can you even say that? And how could you delete it if you’re in this story right now?

Lemmy: Well there’s... no... well… mummy.  AHHHHHHHHHH!!! THIS HURTS MY BRAIN!!!

Booster: Fire Punch!


Lemmy: Ugh.

Battle Over. +490 EXP.

They go back and see the ice wall has melted. They continue but see a metal wall and another door. They walk for awhile, dodging Bullet Bills and Mecha Koopas but find a lab and see…

Ludwig Von Koopa: Vhat the? Snifits?!

Snifit 1: You don’t scare me!

Ludwig: Really? Well…

Ludwig takes out a cannon

Ludwig: Be scared of this!

Snifit Group: Meep.

Ludwig fires but his shot goes to the left.

Ludwig: Always goes to the left. Huh?

A bookcase falls on Booster, Grate Guy, Knife Guy, and Snifit 3.

Ludwig: Well that works.

Snifit 1: Prepare to die!

Snifit 1 66/66
Snifit 2 64/64
Ludwig 150/150

Ludwig shoots a fireball and flutter jumps in the air.

Snifit 1: 0_o  IS THAT EVEN LEGAL?! OW!

Snifit 1 gets hit by the homing fireball. Ludwig lands and shoots another fireball but before he can jump again Snifit 2 jumps on him. Ludwig takes out a Super Scope and shoots Snifit 2. Snifit 1 jumps toward Ludwig but Ludwig spits out a fireball. Ludwig throws another fireball and flutter jumps into the air. Snifit 2 uses bolt on Ludwig and he falls down and Snifit 2 jumps on him. Ludwig takes out a B. Bill Blaster and shoots the Snifit Bros, then throws the cannon at them and it explodes. Ludwig throws four fireballs but Snifit 2 throws Snifit 1 into the air and Snifit 1 ground pounds Ludwig.

Battle O-

Kamek spreads his magic on Ludwig’s machines and the floor. Suddenly 10 platforms come from the floor and rise up and the machines turn into a robot.

Ludwig: You shall pay with your lives!

Snifit 1 45/66
Snifit 2 40/64
Koopa Bot 75/75

The Koopa Bot is the shape of, well, a Koopa except it has Ludwig’s hair. It also has his sharp tooth but has Fawful’s glasses. The Koopa Bot breathes out fire but Snifit 1 jumps to another platform and uses Storm on the Koopa Bot. The Koopa Bot grabs Snifit 1 and uses Crush Grip. Snifit 2 uses Elec Bullet Rain. The Koopa Bot lets go of Snifit 1. Snifit 1 uses Drain Beam, +15 HP. The Koopa Bot uses Hyper Beam. Snifit 1 and 2 get hit and 5 of the platforms get destroyed. Snifit 1 uses POW Bill but the Koopa Bot inhales it and launches a Fawful missile. BOOOOOM!!! Snifit 1 gets sent flying but lands on a platform. Snifit 2 uses Bullet Tornado but the Koopa Bot spins in the opposite direction and launches all the bullets back. Snifit 1 uses Bullet Punch but it does no damage. The Koopa Bot inhales him and spits him far away, but Snifit 1 hangs onto a platform. Snifit 2 uses PK Thunder omega. Four lightning bolts strike the machine. The Koopa Bot shoots another Hyper Beam, Snifit 2 dodges it but 2 platforms get destroyed including the one Snifit 1 has been hanging from. Snifit 1 falls down and gets KO’d. Snifit 2 uses Drain Beam, +15HP. The Koopa Bot uses Self Destruct. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Ludwig comes out and is a bit hurt.

Snifit 2 5/64
Ludwig 20/150

Ludwig takes out a Super Scope and stars shooting Snifit 2, but he jumps to the middle platform. Ludwig flutter jumps to the middle one and does a ground pound, but Snifit 1 used Thunder and Ludwig gets zapped. Snifit 2 then jumps on him. Ludwig takes out a jetpack and takes out a ray gun and hits Snifit 2. Snifit 2 uses PK Thunder Omega and one blat connects with Ludwig’s jetpack while the others miss entirely. Ludwig throws the jetpack at Snifit 2 but he jumps over it and onto Ludwig’s head.

Ludwig: OW! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo!!!

Ludwig falls off the platform. Battle Over. +500 EXP. Level Up.

The group go back and see the wall is gone. They continue and see a dead end and another big door. They go in there and dodge Boom Booms and Chargin’ Chucks, and at the end of the place they see…

Roy: It’s those Snifits! I’d better scram.

Roy disappears in a portal.

Booster: Wuss.

The gang go into the portal but see they’re in…

Snifit Group: ROY’S SPORT HALL?!

Roy: Now only two of youse can go in the arena.

Booster and Snifit 3 go in.

Roy: Now where’s my announcer?


Roy: Right. Kamek’s not announcing for some weird reason. Well, um, you.

Blue Shy Guy: Me?

Roy: Yeah, go announce. Oh, and Pokey is also not here. I heard he didn’t want to be Fawfulized or something like that, so you.

Green Shy Guy: Me?


Larry: Roy.

Roy: Excellent… WELL?!

GSG: Oh yeah. Um, fight.

Snifit 3 66/66
Booster 85/85
Roy 150/150

BSG: Roy just jumped in the air and did a ground pound. Booster got hit but Snifit 3 jumped over it and landed on Roy. Wait, now Roy just got into his shell and is starting to bounce off the rope in the ring to hit the group. OUCH! That has to hurt. What’s this? Booster just caught Roy while he was in his shell, but wait! Roy just punched Booster in the stomach and did the Roy Special on Booster. OUCH! Huh? It seems that Snifit 3 jumped on Roy again since he just withdrew into his shell again. Snifit 3 just sprayed gunk everywhere and I’m not cleaning that mess up. Wait, Roy’s spinning out of control and just got flipped over by Booster. Booster is going for a ground pound. Ouch. Roy just got flattened by Booster. Um, Green Shy Guy?

GSG: Huh? Oh yeah. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8-

BSG: Huh? Woah! Kamek just flew in and spread his magic on Roy and the roof? Roy is back up and there are pipes on the roof!

Roy: Okay, Round 2!

Snifit 3 60/66
Booster 55/85
Roy 75/150

BSG: Roy just jumped into a pipe. He came out- no faked, no, yes, no, yes, n-


BSG: Snifit 3 just got flattened by Roy. But wait, Booster just jumped on Roy.

Roy: ROY UP!

BSG: WOAH! Roy just got stronger. Roy just used Roy Special Booster.

Snifit 3: Static Suit E!

BSG: Woah, it looks like Snifit 3 improved his static suit. I can feel the electricity from here. Roy just jumped into the pipe. Huh? Is that the Zap Tap badge? Snifit 3 just put it on. Woah! Sparks are flying. Roy just stomped the ground but Snifit 3 jumped into the air.

Roy: That ain’t gonna save you, freak face.

BSG: Roy just slammed the ground and got a chunk of ground and flung it at Snifit 3. A direct hit!

Snifit 3: Lock-on.

BSG: Snifit 3 has Roy targeted but Roy jumped into a pipe.

Snifit 3: ZAP CANNON!

BSG: Snifit 3 just shot an electrifying ball and it went into the pipe. Now we wait for him to come out, fried or not...


BSG: Just as I suspected, Roy falls down out of his pipe electrified. Wait, Roy got back into his feet and used Roy Special Mark 3 and obliterated Snifit 3.

GSG: ! Um. 1, 2, 3, 4-

Roy: HEY!

GSG: *sigh* Fine. Snifit 3 out.

BSG: Come to think of it, I only focused on Snifit 3. What was Booster doing?

Roy: ! Oh no.

Booster: FALCON PUNCH!!!


BSG: Booster just used the infamous Falcon Punch on Roy but he’s still standing, or more like wobbling.

Booster 10/85
Roy 10/150

BSG: Roy just went into his pipe. Booster just slammed the ground and the pipes switched. Roy falls down but far away from Booster. Roy jumps back into the pipe.


BSG: Booster smashed the ground again and Roy let go off the pipe and is now vulnerable.



Roy takes a closer look.

Roy: D’oh! Huh?

BSG: Booster just grabbed Roy and is shaking him really fast. Roy’s losing the money he stole from the audience. Oh, here comes the atomic pile driver, and…


BSG: Yup, he’s dead.

GSG: That’s my job! Anyway, Roy ou-



BSG: 0_o  Roy just smashed Booster to bits.

GSG: B-Booster out, Roy wi-

Booster: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That tickles!

Roy: What?!

Booster: Did you really think I spent my time charging up a Falcon Punch? I ate a ton of green peppers to improve my defense, so your punches were like a teddy bear hitting me…! Looks like it’s done.


Roy pushes the shock button.




GSG: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8- Ah, who am I kidding. Roy destroyed. Winner, Booster and Snifit 3.

Level Up. +550 EXP.

The Snifit gang leave the destroyed Sports Hall and see that another part of the castle is blocked by a pool of water with Sushies, and they see another door. They go in there and swim across another pool with water enemies. After they cross the pool they see three warp pipes. Suddenly a Koopa comes out, and that Koopa is-

Snifit 3: IT’S UGLY!


Knife Guy: You know, for once I agree with Snifit 3. YOU ARE UGLY!

Wendy: I am the most beautiful thing alive.

Booster: Compared to trash.

Wendy: THAT’S IT!

Wendy throws six candy rings. Grate and Knife Guy dodge but the other four get captured.


Grate Guy 80/80
Knife Guy 78/78
Wendy 120/120

Wendy throws two candy rings but Grate Guy dodges by using his springy body and Knife Guy just jumps over them. Grate Guy uses Echo Finder. Wendy can’t throw her rings anymore. Knife Guy jumps on Wendy. She retracts into her shell and bounces off her room. Wendy pops out and eats a refreshing herb. Knife Guy jumps on her. Wendy throws seven candy rings and Knife Guy is getting squeezed. Grate Guy kicks his ball toward Wendy but she throws a candy ring at it, but Grate Guy used that as a distraction and jumps on her.

Battle O-

Kamek comes in and sprays his magic on Wendy and the whole room. The place floods and Wendy can create clones now.

Wendy: Beat me now!

Grate Guy 80/80
Knife Guy 58/78
Wendy 60/120

Wendy creates three clones. She uses Whirlpool and Grate Guy and Knife Guy get sucked in and become dizzy as well as hurt. She uses Hydro Pump and more water hits the bros. Grate Guy uses PK Fire Omega and the clones and Wendy get hurt. Wendy uses Tsunami and a huge wave hit the bros. Knife Guy uses Knife Tornado and a whirlpool of water with knives hits Wendy. Wendy uses Geyser and steaming water hits Grate Guy. Wendy makes four clones appear.

Grate Guy: PK Starstorm!

Stars fall down but the water slows them down and Wendy just dodges it. She makes another whirlpool but Knife Guy uses Knife Tornado to stop it. Wendy uses Hydro Cannon but the bros. dodge it.

Grate Guy: How can we win?

Knife Guy: We freeze!

Grate Guy: WHAT?!

Knife Guy: You can use magic. Now Solidify!

The whole pool freezes. Grate Guy uses PK Fire a and he and Knife Guy break free. Grate Guy uses PK Starstorm again and the stars hit Wendy. Wendy gets furious and waves her wand and more water comes, with enemies in the water this time. A bunch of Sushies start hitting the bros. Wendy uses Hydro Cannon and destroys Knife Guy. Grate Guy uses PK Fire Omega and hits everything, defeating the underwater enemies. Wendy makes a whirlpool but Grate Guy uses Meteor Blast and destroys the whirlpool. Wendy uses Water Pulse but Grate Guy dodges it. He uses Psybeam on Wrndy and she gets hurt and confused. He uses Psychic on her and makes her hit the roof. She drops her wand and Grate Guy goes for it but she kicks it from his hand and grabs it back. She uses Mega Recover, +40 HP. Grate Guy does the same, +40 HP.

Grate Guy 70/80
Wendy 41/80

Grate Guy uses PK Fire but Wendy counters with Hydro Pump. Grate Guy uses PK Thunder a but the electricity shocks them both. Wendy summons more Sushies to help her. Grate Guy uses PK Fire omega and defeats them. Wendy uses Geyser and Grate Guy gets hurt by the steaming water. Grate Guy thinks of Knife Guy’s words and uses PK Freeze omega. The water freezes but Grate Guy uses PK fire a and frees himself. Grate Guy concentrates and uses Star Rain. A huge star falls from the sky and crashes on Wendy.


Her huge screams hurts Grate Guy and sends him flying. Wendy uses Meg-


Wendy’s attack is cancelled by Grate Guy. Wendy makes the water come back. Grate Guy uses PK Fire omega but Wendy uses Hydro Cannon and Grate Guy gets hurt. Wendy uses Geyser again and the steaming water hits Grate Guy again. Grate Guy uses the last of his magic and casts PK Starstorm. The stars crash down but Wendy dodges and uses Tsunami. The water hits Grate Guy and he falls down.

Wendy: Any last words? Huh?

The water starts to drain.


Grate Guy: My stars have cracked the ground as did the geysers, and now there’s a hole and the water drained.



Wendy: -oooooooooooo!!!

Battle over. +550 EXP.

The Snifit group continue and see the next path blocked by vines. They go through the big door and go through a jungle-like place and see…

Larry: You may have defeated my siblings, but you’re not getting through me.

Snifit 1: Let’s get this over with.

Snifit 1 68/68
Snifit 2 66/66
Larry 70/100


Snifit 1 jumps on Larry and he retracts into his shell. Larry pops out and throws three magic blasts. Snifit 2 uses Bolt and destroys the magic blasts. Larry summons a Piranha Plant but Snifit 1 uses Gunk Cannon on the floor and the Piranha starts to suffer. Larry throws another magic blast but Snifit 1 jumps on him again. Larry screams in pain and falls down, KO’d.


Kamek flies over the room and the whole place gets covered in vines and so does Larry.

Larry: Let’s finish this!

Snifit 1 68/68
Snifit 2 66/66
Larry 40/100

Larry slams a vine on Snifit 1. Snifit 2 uses Bolt but the vines protect Larry. Larry makes Piranha Plants come out and bite the Snifits. Snifit 1 shoots out a lightning orb but Larry hits it back with his tennis racket and Snifit 1 gets hit. Snifit 2 shoots another one but Larry hits it back but so does Snifit 1. They get into a death volleyball match but Snifit 2 comes out and hits it hard and Larry gets hit. The vines let go off Larry. The Snifits start pelting him with bullets. Larry gets covered in vines again. He throws some powder at the Snifits and they get poisoned. Larry uses Power Whip and Snifit 2 gets smashed into the ground. Snifit 1 shoots a lightning orb but a vine hits it back quickly and Snifit 3 gets hurt. Snifit 2 uses PK Thunder omega but the vines just launch it back at Snifit 2. Larry uses Power Whip again but misses. Snifit 1 and 2 shoot out Lightning orbs but the vines hit them back. The Snifits hit them and the orb sail through the air. The vines slam the orbs down and the Snifits quickly hit them and Larry gets hit before he can react. The Snifits start jumping on him. Larry uses Frenzy Plant and a lot of vines come out and smash the Snifits. Snifit 2 falls down, defeated. Snifit 1 uses Static Suit E. Larry throws some spores but Snifit 1 dodges them. Snifit 1 uses Lock-on. Larry uses Frenzy Plant again but Snifit 1 was prepared and dodges the vine and uses Zap Cannon. Larry hits it back but it goes back toward him. The vines hit it back but Snifit 1 hits it back with Static E. The Zap Cannon gets bigger but the vines still hit it back. Snifit 3 uses PK Thunder omega and the vines hit it back but into the Zap Cannon. The Zap Cannon destroys the vines but Larry hits it back with his tennis racket. Snifit 1 hits it back quickly but Larry does a power shot and hits with extreme force. Snifit 1 all of a sudden gets a spear and a shield and does some dance, then lightning strikes him and Snifit 1 hits it back but it sails high over Larry.

Larry: MISSED!

Snifit 1: NOT!

The Lock-on is still in effect and it hits Larry from the back, zapping him harshly. Larry falls down defeated.

Battle Over. +600 EXP. Level Up.

The Snifit group continue and see there is a huge gap in front another door but they don’t see another path.

Snifit 1: How do we get across?

Suddenly Kamek comes out of nowhere and sprays the room, which starts to move.

Grate Guy 84/84
Knife Guy 82/82
Kamek 80/80

Kamek throws a magic blast at Knife Guy. He dodges it but the magic blast hits the wall and a Whomp comes out and flattens Knife Guy. Grate Guy uses Meteor Blast on Kamek but a shield appears. Kamek throws geometric shapes but Grate Guy jumps over it and onto Kamek. Knife Guy finally gets out from under the Whomp and goes to help his brother, but Kmaek throws another magic blast at the roof and a Thwomp falls down on Knife Guy, crashing through the floor and taking Knife Guy with him. Grate Guy kicks his ball at Kamek and the Magikoopa puts his wand up in defense but Grate Guy jumps on him. Kamek reappears on his broom and starts throwing magic blasts on the floor so it will disappear, but Grate Guy kicks his ball really hard and it bounces off and hits Kamek and he falls off. One of his magic blasts has destroyed the floor below him and he falls to his doom.

Battle Over. +400 EXP.


Knife Guy comes out.

Knife Guy: Yeah, I’m alive.

Booster: Look.

The gap is no longer there and they can cross now. They continue and see a huge room. The walls are covered in spikes and there’s some lava around, and at the far end of the room is a huge door with a sign that reads “Do not Enter”.

Snifit 2: Definitely where Punchiletta is waiting.

The group continue towards the door but before then can even reach it…

????: STOP!

They see Fawful and Midbus.

Fawful: We cannot let you through.

Midbus: We never expect you make it far. But journey ends here.

Booster: We beat you last time. You don’t scare us.

Fawful: Fawful has fury! I do not have a dome but I have headgear and fury! Your death will be like squishing the annoying roaches who want to eat our victory sandwich.

Midbus: We clobber annoying bugs! We squish we win! We not lose to bugs like you!

Snifit 3: Bring it on!

Booster 90/90
Snifit 3 66/66
Fawful 50/50
Midbus 150/150

Booster slams the ground and Midbus gets stunned. Snifit 3 uses Static E. Fawful and Midbus get hit. Fawful throws a bunch of energy balls from his headgear and Booster and Snifit 3 can’t dodge them all, so they get pelted then flattened when Midbus uses Rollout on them. Booster eats a red pepper, raising his attack. Snifit 3 uses Static Suit E. Fawful shoots out a hyper beam and Snifit 3 gets hit. Booster goes to help his buddy but Midbus blocks Booster. Booster uses Flare Blitz and Midbus grabs Booster but Booster proves too powerful. Midbus gets launched and falls off the platform they’re on and lands in the lava. Midbus jumps out of the lava and gets a mace and smashes Booster’s face with it. Snifit 3 locks onto Fawful’s headgear. Fawful’s headgear shoots an energy ball into the sky and it explodes, making a bunch of energy balls fall on his enemy and his ally too, but Snifit 3 shoots his Zap Cannon and hits the thrusters on the headgear and it goes out of control, crashing on the walls, but the headgear gets caught on a spike and Fawful gets shocked a lot and... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Fawful gets sent flying out of the castle.

Fawful: I HAVE FUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuryyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!


Midbus: Avenge Master Fawful!

Midbus jumps up really high and flattens Snifit 3. He smashes him on the platform so hard he goes through and falls into the lava and gets burned to a crisp.

Midbus: Now you and me. Brawn VS Brawn!

Booster 55/90
Midbus 103/150

Booster smashes the ground but Midbus jumps into the air and slams the ground too, but Booster takes out his train and turns it into an airplane. He starts shooting lasers at Midbus.

Midbus: Midbus hate technology. Mace of destruction!

Midbus throws his mace and it destroys a wing and Booster ejects and the plane crashes into Midbus. Midbus doesn’t flinch and grabs Booster and slams him into the ground, then bodyslams him. The floor breaks and both Booster and Midbus fall into the lava. Booster quickly jumps out of the lava before his fat kills him. Midbus jumps out and slams the ground and stuns Booster. Midbus punches Booster and he goes flying and hits a spiked wall. Booster quickly gobbles up a Ultra Mushroom, +50 HP. Midbus takes out a cake but before he can bite it Booster uses Spritz Bomb and hits Midbus and the pastry. Midbus gets mad and smashes Booster’s face. Booster uses Fire Belch. Midbus gets hurt and poisoned from Booster’s bad breath. Booster uses Fire Fart. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Midbus is still standing and uses Reversal. SMASH! CRASH! CRACK! Booster falls down and he can barely stand.

Midbus: It seems I have squished the bug,

Booster: Really? Can you squish 10,100 bugs?

Midbus: Huh?


10,000 Beetles come out and cover Midbus.

Midbus: Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!


Booster fire punches Midbus into the wall, then atomic pile drives him into the floor.


Booster flings Midbus off the platform and Midbus sinks into the lava.


Snifit 1: Let’s move out.

The Snifits open the big door.

Punchiletta: I’d never expected that you’d make it here.

Grate Guy: Show’s how tough we are.

Punchiletta: You did make it here fast, but too bad for you. You know why?

Snifit Group: ?

Punchiletta throws a ton of fireballs.


Punchiletta breathes out fire on our heroes.

Snifit Gang: HERE WE GO!!!

Snifit 1 74/74
Snifit 2 72/72
Snifit 3 72/72
Booster 99/99
Grate Guy 88/88
Knife Guy 86/86
Punchiletta ???/???

Punchiletta breathes out fire but only Booster, Grate Guy and Knife Guy get hurt. The Snifits use PK Thunder omega and Punchiletta gets zapped 12 times. Punchiletta smashes the ground and the Snifits get stunned. Punchiletta Falcon Punches them into the wall. Grate Guy uses Psycho Boost and throws a Psychic Ball that causes major damage. Knife Guy uses Ice Rock but Punchiletta grabs it and flings it at Knife Guy. Booster uses Flare Blitz and Punchiletta hits the wall. Punchiletta turns darker and uses Meteor Swarm but Grate Guy counters with PK Starstorm. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! A huge explosion covers the arena. Suddenly a Zap Cannon hits Punchiletta and stuns her. Knife Guy uses Diamond Saw and slashes Punchiletta. Booster uses Fire Fang and bites Punchiletta’s head, causing the fuse to light. Punchiletta breathes out fire but they dodge it. Punchiletta’s fuse goes off and he falls down.

Punchiletta: Curses. Ugh.

Battle Over! Huh?

Suddenly a King Bomb walks behind the Snifit crew and explodes on them, defeating them.

Punchiletta: FOOLS!!! You think you can beat me? Well I’ll eat you for fun!

Punchiletta inhales all of them and roars.


Snifit 1: Ugh.


The Snifit group stand up and see Cackletta’s Soul.

Booster: We must win this battle.

Snifit 1 1/74
Snifit 2 1/72
Cackletta’s Soul 50/50
Hands 30/30

Snifit 1 takes out Max Nuts, Snifit group +99 HP. The hands grab the Snifits and shock or burn them. Snifit 1 uses drain on the hand that has him and it takes critical damage. Snifit 2 uses Bolt on his and it takes major damage. The head shoots out a giant power ball but the Snifits use POW Bill to deflect it back and destroy the hands. The head freezes time and lasers the Snifits. Snifit 2 shoots out a Lightning Orb but the head swallows it and doesn’t feel pain. Snifit 2 uses Mega Drain and the heads takes critical damage but Snifit 1 doesn’t recover. Snifit 2 uses Bullet Rain and the head takes a lot of damage. The head makes another powerball but before she can unleash it Snifit 1 uses POW Bill on it and it explodes on the head. The Heart reveals itself and brings back the head and arms. Snifit 1 uses Bullet Rain and hits everything. Snifit 2 uses Bullet Tornado on the Heart. The hands quickly grab the Snifits and start slamming them on the floor. Snifit 1 uses Elemental ,Bill which turns into Ice Bill and hits the Heart and the Heart takes critical damage. The hand throws him away and uses Fire Punch on him. Snifit 2 uses Fire Suit and Snifit 2 catches fire and the hand lets him go. Snifit 2 uses Fire B. Bill on the Heart and the Heart takes a lot of damage. The Head uses Blizzard and Snifit 2 takes critical damage. Snifit 1 gets up and uses Bullet Punch on the Heart.  The fire hand grabs him and uses crush grip. The Heart boosts the attack of the head. The head uses Meteor Swarm and the Snifits get pelted by stars.

Snifit 1: Can’t keep up…

Snifit 2: We may need Ultra Powers.

Snifit 3: Right.


They become Super Ultra Mega Snifit and uses POW B. Banzai Bill.

Cackletta’s Soul: HOOOOOOOOOOOOLY-


The entire body gets blown away but the Heart is still there. It revives the other parts and disappears. The head uses Dark Star and destroys Ultra Mega Snifit. Booster and Snifit 3 join the fray.

Booster 99/99
Snifit 3 42/72
Head 50/50
Hands 30/30
Heart  962/1200

Booster: It seems the Heart has bad defense and can suffer stuff like heartburn from fire attacks while our attacks do double damage.

Snifit 3: Yeah, but that Dark Star hurt me and LOOK OUT!

The head throws a giant powerball at Booster but Booster fire punches it into the fire hand and destroys it. The electric hand uses Thunder Punch on Booster. Booster gets stunned for awhile. Snifit 3 uses Elemental Bill Tornado. It becomes Fire Bills. The tornado destroys the hand. The head uses Time Freeze again and puts a powerball under Booster. Time goes back to normal and Booster takes a lot of damage. Booster uses Fire Punch and the head and Snifit 3 uses PK Thunder Y to finish it off. The Heart reveals itself again and brings back the body parts. Booster uses Flare Blitz on the heart and it takes a lot of damage. The fire hand grabs Booster and starts slamming him. Snifit 3 uses Bombshell Bill Rain. The hand lets go of Booster. The Heart adds attack to the head. The head uses Meteor Swarm. Snifit 3 uses B. Elec Bill Rain to counter, but the stars are too powerful. Booster manages to punch one into the Heart but still gets pelted. Snifit 3 uses Fire Suit C and catches fire. The fire hand goes to grab him but Booster grabs it first. Snifit 3 uses Blast Furnace and a huge fireball hits the Heart. The Electric Hand uses Thunder and Snifit 3 gets zapped.

Snifit 3: How ironic. Ugh.

Booster overpowers the hand and eats a bunch of red peppers. The Electric Hand uses Storm but Booster dodges it. The head uses Dark Star and Booster quickly eats three green peppers. The Dark Star hits him but Booster still stands.

Booster: Got to buy some time…! BEETLE ARMY!!!

Suddenly the Beetles swarm the body parts but not the Heart. Booster is now prepared uses Fire Fart Blast. KA-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! A huge smoke cloud appears but suddenly a huge powerball comes out and hits Booster, finishing him off. The head and hands are there but the Heart is hidden. Grate Guy and Knife Guy join the fray.

Grate Guy 88/88
Knife Guy 86/86
Head 50/50
Hands 30/30
Heart 632/1200

Grate Guy uses shield omega and Grate Guy and Knife Guy get shields. Knife Guy uses Diamond Saw and the saws cut the hands off. The head uses Shield Killer and the Dark Star. Grate Guy uses Star Rain to counter it and a huge explosion occurs. Knife Guy uses Ice Rock on the head and destroys it. The Heart reveals itself and brings back the body parts. Knife Guy uses Multi Slash and stabs it five times The Heart takes major damage.

Grate Guy: Of course, just like the Ghost Punchinello battle back in Rogueport in the Creepy Steeple castle. Your knives do critical damage to the heart!

The Heart uses Mega Recover, +150 HP. Knife Guy Ice Slashes and the Heart gets frozen but the fire hand quickly thaws it out. Grate Guy uses PK Starstorm and destroys the body parts. The heart quickly brings them back. Knife Guy uses Butcher Throw and throws a bunch of butcher knives. The head uses PK Thunder omega on Knife Guy. Grate Guy uses PK Fire omega. The right hand is the only thing that doesn’t take damage. It uses Fire Punch on Knife Guy. Grate Guy uses Psycho Cut and a psychic knife slashes it. The Heart increases the attack of the electric hand. It uses Static E and stuns the jesters. The head throws a powerball but ot stops in midair and goes back and hits the Heart, The Heart uses rec-

Knife Guy: NO!

Knife Guy throws a knife and it gets stuck on the Heart. The hands quickly take it out and throw it back. The Heart uses mini heal, +30 HP. Grate Guy uses recover on both of them, +20 HP. The hands uses Crush Grip on them. Grate Guy uses swift and mini stars come and hit the hands. Knife Guy uses Fire Slash on the Heart but the head gets in the way and takes the hit. The Heart quickly shields itself in. Grate Guy uses Special Booster, Sp. Attack Boosted.

Grate Guy 44/88
Knife Guy 18/86
Head 20/50
Hands 10/30, 30/30
Heart 572/1200

Grate Guy uses Mega Recover on Knife Guy, +45 HP. The electric hand grabs Grate Guy and starts zapping him. Knife Guy uses Ice Knife Rain. The hands get destroyed but the head survives and uses Time Freeze and shoots out a hyper beam at Grate Guy. Knife Guy uses crystal and destroys the head. The heart reveals itself and uses Recover, +80 HP. Knife Guy uses Fire Knife Rain. The Heart takes critical damage. The Heart brings back the body parts. Grate Guy uses Psycho Boost and a huge psychic ball hits the Heart. The hands use Crush Grip on them but Grate Guy and Knife Guy uses PK Star and Knife Rain. The entire body gets pelted by stars and knives. The Heart brings back the body parts. Knife Guy uses Fire Slash and Grate Guy uses Psycho Cut. The Heart increases the attack of both hands. Grate Guy uses Mega Recover on himself, +45 HP. Knife Guy uses Diamond Saw and the two saws hit the Heart, causing critical damage. The head uses Hyper Beam on Knife Guy. Grate Guy quickly uses Mega Recover on Knife Guy, +45 HP. The Fire Hand uses Corona and the bros. take massive damage. Grate Guy fights the pain and uses Star Rain. A huge star hits the heart. Knife Guy uses Giant’s Knife. Knife Guy takes out a huge knife and slashes the Heart with incredible force, but the hands and head block it first. Grate Guy and Knife Guy eat Max. Syrup and their magic power rises up high. The Heart brings back the body parts. Knife Guy uses Knife Jab and stabs it. The Heart beats a lot and the soul gets bigger and its attacks are now permanently stronger.

Cackletta’s Soul: BEAT ME NOW!!!

Grate Guy: It’s time to use that attack we read.

Knife Guy: We did it once we can do it again.

Cackletta’s soul: Huh?

Grate Guy: NOW!

Suddenly the two glow white and more together. A giant box appears and a ball appears underneath it. Four hands pop out of the box. Two have swords, two can do magic, and finally Grate Guy and Knife Guy’s head pop out.

Grate Guy: This time we’re using this power for good.

Grate Guy and Knife Guy 200/200
Cackletta’s Soul 200/1200

Grate Guy uses Psycho Cut but Cackletta’s hand grabs it and stops it, but Knife Guy uses Fire Slash and hits Cackletta. Cackletta uses PK Freeze Omega and Grate Guy and Knife Guy get hit by a huge freeze attack but Knife Guy absorbs some of it and uses Ice Knife Rain. Cackletta uses Time Freeze and hyper beams the bros. Grate Guy uses PK Starstorm but Cackletta counters with Dark Star. BOOOOOOOOOOM!!! A huge explosion covers the area. Knife Guy uses Knife Tornado but Cackletta counters with Boulder. Cackletta uses Shadow Sneak and the bros. are suddenly hit by Cackletta multiple times. Grate Guy uses Psychic and stops her and then slams her against the floor. Knife Guy uses Solidify but Cackletta dodges it. Cackletta uses Shadow Punch and a ghostly punch hits the bros. Grate Guy waves his hand around and blocks with smiley faces appear and lock onto Cackletta and start shooting projectiles. Cackletta uses Shadow Ball but Knife Guy hits it back at Cackletta. Cackletta suddenly disappears. Grate Guy tries to sense where she is but before he can identify her. POW! WHAM! The bros. are hit by Cackletta with full force. Knife Guy pulls himself together and uses Sword Beam. Knife Guy throws a beam from his knife and it hits Cackletta. Grate Guy uses Meteor Swarm but Cackletta quickly freezes time and dodges the attack. Knife throws his knives but Cackletta dodges it, but she doesn’t dodge Grate Guy’s flaming ball attack. Grate Guy uses Mind Reader and identifies where Cackletta will go. Cackletta disappears again. Knife Guy and Grate Guy prepare for an attack. Cackletta comes out of nowhere and hits the bros. They use Psycho Knife Boost and shoot out a giant powerball with knives circling it and hit Cackletta. Cackletta uses Storm and Corona but the jesters dodge the storm but not the corona. Grate Guy and Knife Guy use Psycho Cut and a huge psychic cut hits Cackletta. Cackletta hides in the shadows and the jesters prepare.

Grate Guy and Knife Guy 5/200
Cackletta’s Soul 10/200

Cackletta’s Soul uses Mega Recover, +40 HP. The jesters use each use recover, +45 HP. Cackletta’s Soul uses Shadow Punch and destroys the boxes and hits the bros. The bros. look at their items and see four small 1-Ups. They get an idea. Cackletta uses Shadow Punch and hits the bros into a wall. She uses it again but Knife Guy uses Diamond Saw and destroys her arm. Suddenly her heart starts beating and her arm comes again and is more powerful. Grate Guy uses PK Starstorm and the stars hit Cackletta, but she fights the pain and grabs the jesters and flings them away. They land next to their knocked out friends. Cackletta comes out of nowhere and slams her hands onto them. Cackletta keeps attacking them but before she can knock them out they quickly give the 1-Ups to their friends. They get revived and shoot Cackletta and get on Grate Guy and Knife Guy.

Snifit Group: LET’S FINISH THIS!!!

The Snifits prepare a hyper beam and Booster prepares a fart blast and the jesters prepare PK Star Knife storm and Cackletta prepares a Shadow Beam. They all unleash their attacks and they collide, but it seems that Cackletta’s is winning. The group combine all their power and the huge attack hits Cackletta’s soul. Cackletta’s soul starts to shake and explodes, sending the group flying.

Punchiletta: Wha- WHAT’S HAPPENING?!

Punchiletta spits out the group and explodes.

Battle Over.

Punchiletta: AHHHHHHHH!!!1 NO! IM-impossible. How could I have lost to some Snifits and a fat man plus some jesters? THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING!!!

Cackletta’s soul comes out of Punchinello’s body and disappears. Punchinello reverts back to normal and is knocked out but alive. Suddenly the castle starts to shake.

Snifit 2: Huh?

Grate Guy: Looks like the place is gonna blow. We may not have much time.

Booster: Then hurry!

The Snifit crew start to run really fast, destroying every wall in sight, but when they reach the end of the castle…

Knife Guy: We have no ship!

10, 9, 8…

Snifit 3: If only we had more wood we could’ve made a second ship.

7, 6, 5…

Grate Guy: What do we do?!

4, 3, 2…

Snifit 1: WE JUMP!

Grate Guy: Jump?!


Snifit Crew: JUMP!

The Snifit crew jump out of Bowser’s castle and start falling down.


Suddenly they stop falling fast. Soon they land and see Dodo has saved them.

Booster: Thanks, Dodo.

Dodo: No prob.

Back at Bowser’s castle…

Punchinello: Huh? I’m alive? ALL RIGHT!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Huh?

Bowser’s castle explodes and sinks to the bottom of the ocean with Punchinello still in it.

At the airport…

Queen Bean: Thanks for helping us.

Snifit Crew: Well that’s our new job, practically.

Peach: Thank you too, Snifits. Well, we’s better go home.

Snifit Crew: RIGHT! YAHOO!!!








Snifit Crew and Red Shy: Thank you so much for reading this story!

Wait for my new season to come out. SNIFIT X SEASON 5: SUPER PAPER SNIFIT! A new paper adventure will unfold soon…

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