Paper Mario: The Shadow Shrine

By JJ Bandit

Chapter 5: Gem Marks the Spot

Mario and Lucy arrive on a very small island.

Lucy: Thanks, Sam!

Sam: I’ll be waiting here when you’re ready to come back to Ladow Town! Oh, here you go, by the way!

Sam gives Mario back his 20 coins.

Sam: Good luck!

Mario: Okey dokey!

Lucy: Wow! I never expected this island to be so small! Merlon said there’s a princess here. I don’t see anyone around, though. Let’s go!

Mario: Mmhmm!

Mario and Lucy start looking around the island. They then see a giant pipe that is leaking. By that pipe are Toronto and a female Blooper. The Blooper is in a panic.

Lucy: Toronto!

Toronto: Ahh, Mario! Your timing is perfect! I’ve found out there’s a Shadow Star here! There seems to be a bit of a snafu, though. If you didn’t know, I’m here searching for Blooper Gem Key’s treasures. And also if you didn’t know, this island is not Blooper Gem Key. Blooper Gem Key is an underwater kingdom. There seems to be a bit of a drainage problem, though. The Bloopers’ main pipe system seems to have a leak. Miss Bloobetta over there doesn’t seem too happy.

Bloobetta: That’s PRINCESS Bloobetta. I will only be referred to as such by a peasant like yourself. Who’s this mustachioed man?

Toronto: Why, this is Mario!

Lucy: Why Bloobetta, Mario’s a hero searching for the Shadow Star. Do you know about it?

Bloobetta: I don’t have time for this! My whole kingdom is going to be beached! If one of you is a plumber, FIX MY KINGDOM!!!

Lucy: Mario, you’re a plumber! I’m sure you can fix it!

Mario: Ok!

Mario walks over to the pipe. He hammers it a few times. The hole closes.

Bloobetta: Oh, thank goodness! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hmmmm, he’s a hero as well! A pretty good-looking one, too! Maybe he can help me with my other two dilemmas! I appreciate your service to the royal family, Mario! You have saved my kingdom from drainage! However, there are a few more problems I need you to fix. You see, there have been devastating problems going on. The jewel of my Water Scepter has been stolen. This is my scepter.

Bloobetta takes out the scepter.

Lucy: It’s lovely!

Bloobetta: Not without the jewel it isn’t! Come, I’ll explain everything at my palace!

Lucy: Underwater? Oh, I don’t think so! We Lakitu clouds don’t do well under water.

Bloobetta: Well, that’s a pity. How about you wait up on the surface?

Lucy: Forget it!

Bloobetta: Fine then! I’ll assist you, Mario! But listen, this is NOT a permanent thing, no matter how much you enjoy my company. Tee hee!

Bloobetta temporarily joins Mario’s party! Lucy goes to the place where Porty, Bobby, Shurry, Koopo, and Goomaya are.

Bloobetta: I’ll travel with you under the water. It seems that none of your other companions can. When you get inside my palace, I’m sure they can come back out though. All right, no dilly-dallying. C’mon, Toronto!

Toronto: All right!

Mario, Bloobetta, and Toronto venture underwater. Bloobetta helps Mario swim. They arrive in front of a huge palace surrounded by Gooper Bloopers.

Blooper 1: Princess, are you all right? Please tell me the status of our drainage.

Bloobetta: Oh, calm yourself. The problem has been fixed thanks to Sir Mario over here.

Blooper 2: Thanks, dude! I mean, sir! Like, Bloobetta dudette, that’s totally righteous!!! I mean, uhhhhhh…

Bloobetta: Please just shush! Come along, dear Mario. This is my wonderful home. Oh, you too, Toronto Toad.

The two Blooper gatekeepers open the doors. Mario, Bloobetta, and Toronto enter Bloobetta’s palace.

Toronto: Wow!!! Ancient paintings as far as the eye can see! Do you think I could maybe take one?! Please?!

Bloobetta: Hmm… NO! These paintings show my ancestors and my ancestors’ ancestors! No, you may not have one!

Toronto: Ah kumquats…

Bloobetta: Anyway, so Mario, the gem from my Water Scepter has been stolen. I have no idea where it is! The life of a princess is so hard! We have so many enemies right under our noses.

Toronto: Well, Princess Bloobetta, perhaps we can compromise.

Bloobetta: Toronto, you’re not getting a painting.

Toronto: No! It’s not about the painting. I know you’re a princess, but you’re still assisting Mario, who’s assisting me. While Mario is looking for the Shadow Star, I’ll be looking for artifacts. Maybe the gem will come up. It’s a win-win-win, don’t you think?

Bloobetta: Perhaps… Wait! I know! Toronto, you’re a genius! Mario, I hereby make you my very own personal bodyguard! You’re welcome!

Mario: Oh!

Bloobetta: All right! Let’s go! As long as Mario is going, I’m going! Time to find my gem!

Mario, Toronto, and Bloobetta exit the palace.

Blooper 1: Princess, where are you going? Prince Bloop is wait-

Bloobetta: Hush up! I’m going out. Mario is now my personal bodyguard. He is taking me to find the water gem.

Blooper 2: But like, that’s dangerous!

Bloobetta: I’ll be fine! Trust me! I won’t let this kingdom fall! Oh, Mario dearie, could you hold on to this for me?

Bloobetta gives Mario the Water Scepter.

Bloobetta: It’ll be safer in your hands. Now, if we’re looking for ancient Blooper artifacts, those will be in the Jewel Ruins. The ruins are a sunken ship. Let us venture forward!

Toronto: You took the words right out of my mouth!

Mario, Bloobetta, and Toronto start to swim away from the kingdom of Blooper Gem Key. They encounter enemies like Cheep Cheeps, Jelectros, and rogue Bloopers. They then pass an odd-looking stone. They venture onward to the Jewel Ruins and find the ship.

Bloobetta: Well, here it is.

Toronto: I’ll go see what’s in there! Oh boy!!!

Toronto goes into the ship, but soon comes back out a little disheartened.

Bloobetta: Well?

Toronto: It was all sunken pirate treasure. There were no real Blooper artifacts… Are there any more ruins?

Bloobetta: Not that I know of… Well, we still have to find my gem!

Toronto: And the Shadow Star!

Bloobetta: Yes, and the sha- SHADOW STAR?!

Mario: Mmhmm!

Toronto: What is it?

Bloobetta: It’s just that… does someone have the Shadow Scepter?

Toronto: You’ve heard of this?

Bloobetta: Heard of it?! My Water Scepter was made by the same man who made the Shadow Scepter!

Toronto: What?!

Bloobetta: A man named… SOLUN! That was his name, Master Solun. The hero of the Noble Stars!

Toronto: Hero?!

Bloobetta: Yes. Now I remember! The Stone Guardian, he lies asleep in the great ruins! There’s a secret passageway… the hero once defeated him. My ancestor was the prince. He of course did not really assist the hero on his quest, but you see, the water gem was stolen from him. An evil man awoke the Guardian. Solun came and got our gem back. That was so long ago. The gem and Shadow Star must be there!!!

Toronto: Solun… like the sun and moon! Light and dark… OH MY GREAT KUMQUATS!!! The stone we passed! Come! We must go back to it!

Bloobetta: Why, you’re right!!! Let’s go!

Mario, Bloobetta, and Toronto head back to the odd stone.

Toronto: Look, it says: “Light conquers dark, Dark conquers light, Awaken my slumber, And I shall fight.”

Bloobetta: The legend of the Stone Guardian…!

The Water Scepter glows and the rock moves. A passage to the ruins appears.

Bloobetta: Time to get my stone!

Toronto: And the Shadow Star!

Mario: Yeah!

Mario, Bloobetta, and Toronto walk through the passageway and enter the ruins. Inside, it’s dry. A giant stone man is waiting there. In his head there is a bright blue stone. The Shadow Star is above his head.

Toronto: The Shadow Star!

Bloobetta: The water gem! You give me that now!!!

Stone Guardian: RAHHHHHH!!!

Bloobetta: Mario, as my bodyguard, I order you to save me.

Toronto: No way, Bloobetta! You’re fighting too!

Bloobetta: Oh, very well. THAT IS MY GEM!!!

(CAN’T FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Mario and Bloobetta fight the Stone Guardian. He uses his pound attack a few times. Mario jumps right on the Water Gem.

Bloobetta: Now don’t break it! I think that is the weak spot, though!

Bloobetta uses her ink attack. Mario keeps aiming for the gem. The Stone Guardian stomps on Mario. He is able to defend a little, though. Mario and Bloobetta both hit the gem. The Stone Guardian falls over. The water gem bounces back into the Scepter. Mario and Bloobetta win.

Toronto: Great job!

Bloobetta: Oh, my precious stone! My kingdom trusts me with it! I will avenge them!

Bloobetta uses the Water Scepter. Everything has been purified. The water level is back to normal.

Toronto: Guys!

Stone Guardian: Blarg… MISSTRESS!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

The Stone Guardian runs off.

Bloobetta: I don’t understand how he’s still alive…

Noble Star Spirit: You see, Princess Bloobetta, Misstress is using the Shadow Scepter to keep him awake. Now Mario, I must be freed. Please, Noble Guardian Lucy, lend Mario your power.

Lucy: Huh? What? Why? Who? When? Where? How?

Noble Star Spirit: Lucy, are you proud of being small?

Lucy: … Yes

Noble Star Spirit: Do you know who you are? Can others bring you down when it comes to size?

Lucy: I’m proud of who I am.

Noble Star Spirit: Yes, dear child, I know. You have been named the Guardian of Pride. You know that you are small, but you are proud, and even though you got picked on you were still willing to help Mario with the talents you knew you had. Now, please free me/

Lucy: Sure!

Toronto: Hold up! Princess Bloobetta, may I take some of these artifacts to research?

Bloobetta: Be my guest.

Toronto: SCORE!

Lucy: Here you go, Mario.

Lucy sends Mario her power. Lucy returns to the “partner place”. Mario frees the Noble Star Spirit. Mario can now use the special move Pride Triumph. MARIO SAVED A NOBLE STAR!

End of Chapter

The pieces are coming together. Five Noble Stars have been saved. Only two more remain. With the lovely Princess Bloobetta on his side, Mario has a new friend and ally. Now Mario must find out more about Solun, the first hero. The Shadow Scepter may also be key to Misstress’ big plan. Things are going well for Mario, but now is the time to get serious. There has to be more brains than brawns for the upcoming events. Can the heroes handle it?

Peach’s Event

Misstress: WHAT?! You stupid rock! You’ve failed me!!!

Stone Guardian: BUT MISS-

Misstress: I don’t have time for your babbling! Go away!

The Stone Guardian leaves.

Misstress: Boogly, they’re catching on.

Boogly: The heroes, or Doop and the others?

Misstress: Definitely the heroes! I’m not sure about Doop... I THOUGHT YOU SAID THAT PRINCESS ONLY CARED ABOUT HERSELF!!!

Boogly: Misstress-

Misstress: It’s time I start doing the dirty work. Boogly, I’m going to the Shadow Shrine.


Misstress: I know that. I’m not executing phase two yet, I just need to get a little help...

Boogly: How-

Misstress: Boogly, who has the Shadow Scepter? Who can open that shrine whenever her heart desires? That’s right, ME.

Boogly: Keep your voice down.....

Misstress: Go stall those heroes in Ladow Town! I know exactly where they’re going next. They might be gaining the upper hand, but I’m still one step ahead. GO!

Boogly: What about Princess Peach?

Misstress: She’s in the Scepter!

Boogly: All right....

Boogly leaves. Doop comes in.

Doop: Are you done talking to Boogwy?

Misstress: Ha ha. Get out of my sight. I have things to do. Your interference will not be tolerated anymore.

Doop: When was it? I just want to know if I’m the twaitor.

Misstress: Goodbye, Doop.

Doop: Misstwess... I’m not pwaying games anymore. I want to know-

Misstress: GOODBYE, DOOP!

Doop: Ooooh... Testy, aren’t we? Oh well.

Doop leaves.

Misstress: I have no time to lose.

Misstress warps herself to the Shadow Shrine. Meanwhile, Flick returns to the Shadow Scepter.

Peach: Flick, thank goodness! Where are we?

Flick: The Shadow Shrine...

Peach: !

Flick: THE SHADOW SHRINE! ‘Member? The place where everything wrong will occur if Mario fails.

Peach: Oh...

Flick: … I have to give you another dream...

Peach: What about hope?

Flick: This dream is important...

Peach: All right.

Flick: This is going to be a vision from the past. We’re going to observe it. Don’t move.

Flick flies around Peach. She falls asleep. She wakes up in the dream with Flick. In front of them, a man is fighting a figure who looks a lot like Misstress only male. There are seven people with the man. There is one girl and a little ball of light with her.

Peach: Oh! Is that the Maiden of Hopes and Dreams?! And that looks like you, Flick!

Flick: ! … That’s my ancestor...

Solun: You’ll never takeover, Masster!

Masster: Hmph! We’ll see, hero! Try to stop me!

Flick: Just observe the Maiden of Hopes and Dreams, ok?

Maiden of Hopes and Dreams: Those who have hope, lend me your power! Those who have dreams, lend me your power! Combine into light!

Light floods into the Maiden.

Maiden of Hopes and Dreams: Now Solun! Use this!

The old Maiden throws a triangular jewel at Solun. He catches it and puts it in a staff he made. It is now the empty Shadow Scepter.

Solun: It won’t take all of him!

Maiden of Hopes and Dreams: Use my ancestor’s shrine! I’ll take the precious hopes and dreams and open the shrine!

Peach wakes up before the fight ends. They are back in Misstress’ lair.

Peach: Flick! I- I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!

Flick: What’s wrong?

Peach: I have to take people’s hopes and dreams to open the shrine?! I can’t take away other people’s desires! That’s awful!

Flick: I know it seems bad, but you have to!

Peach: I don’t want to!

Flick: That’s too bad! Princess, I’m sorry you’re upset about having to save innocent lives!

Peach: I’m taking away the hopes of innocent lives!

Flick: UGH! Cool off! If you won’t help Mario, then I’ll do it myself.

Peach: FLICK!

Flick shoots himself out of the Scepter.

Misstress: That phantom better not fail...

End of Peach’s Event.

Bowser’s Event

Bowser’s theme is playing.


Kammy: Sire, please. We’re sure to find a Shadow Star eventually.

Kamek: Eventually?! Kammy, change that to NEVER! I don’t even know where we are!!!

Kammy smacks Kamek… YAY!!!

Kammy: LOOK! A village! There has to be a Shadow Star there!!!

Bowser: HEY! There’s a wimpy town over there! THIS MAY BE MY LUCKY DAY!!!

Kammy: … Yes, Your Nastiness…

Bowser, Kamek, and Kammy enter the village.


End of Bowser’s Event.


Mario, Bloobetta, and Toronto have returned to Bloobetta’s palace.

Bloobetta: Well Mario, the Bloopers and I really appreciate your service to this kingdom. I guess now is the part where we bid farewell. *sniff* I told you, my service to you was only temporary…

Toronto: Who knows, Princess, maybe we’ll see you again…

Blooper guards enter.

Blooper 1: Your Highness!

Blooper 2: Like, Prince Bloop is here!

Bloobetta: WHAT?! OH, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Well, you two get rid of him!

Toronto: Prince Bloop?

Bloobetta: Ugh! My stick-in-the-mud fiancé. I cannot STAND him! He’s not exciting or handsome at all!!!

Toronto: I see.

Bloobetta: Yea… Oh my goodness. I just got the most wonderful idea!!! I really do enjoy Mario’s company. He’s a LOT more handsome, and he’s exciting. Plus, he saved my entire kingdom AND he’s a hero! I’m pretty sure he trusts me too! I definitely trust him! <3 So, Mario, what would you say if I permanently joined you on your hunt for the Shadow Stars?

Mario: Hmmmm… Yeah!


Bloobetta kisses Mario on the cheek.

Mario: Oh!

Bloobetta joins Mario’s party for good! Sweet!!!

Prince Bloop: Oh Bloobetta!

He rushes in.

Prince Bloop: There you are!

Bloobetta: Oh, why hello Bloop…

Prince Bloop: Who are they?

Bloobetta: Why, this is Toronto, a young archaeologist. And this is Mario, my… my bodyguard! Hee hee!

Prince Bloop: So Bloobetta…

Bloobetta: Oh! I forgot to mention, I’m leaving! I’m going on a journey with these two!

Prince Bloop: But that’s-

Bloobetta: Dangerous? Oh, Bloop, how do I say this… YOU’RE BORING. Please get out of my sight.

Bloop: But-

Bloobetta: Hush! I’m off. There’s nothing you can do about it. You!

Blooper 2: Who, me? *in SpongeBob voice*

Bloobetta: I’m entrusting you to protect my kingdom. Come along, Mario dear! We have a shadow thief to stop!

Mario: Ok!

Bloop: So you’re just-

Bloobetta: BLOOP!

Bloop: …

Toronto: Let us venture onward! Man, I love saying that!

Mario, Bloobetta, and Toronto swim back up to the island. They come back to Sam’s boat.

Toronto: Hey Sam!

Bloobetta: Mr. Samuel, we’re requesting your services back to port. I mean, umm… Hi Sam! Can you please take us to Ladow Town?!

Sam: Sure, hop in! I hope everything went ok, Mario!

Mario: Mmhmm!


Sam transports the three back to Ladow Town.

Sam: Have a good day!

Toronto: Thanks Sa-

Toadiekins: TORONTO!!!

Toronto: Toadiekins!

Toadiekins: Toronto, you’re back! I was so worried! I see you found some artifacts. That’s great! Toronto, please stay in Ladow Town for a bit. I’ve missed you so much!

Toronto: Well… I guess so!

Toadiekins: YAY!!!

Bloobetta: How sweet.

Toronto: All right Mario, we’ll meet you at Merlon’s.

Toronto and Toadiekins leave.

Bloobetta: Yes, Mario, let’s go. I have much to discuss with this man.

Mario: Ok!

Mario and Bloobetta arrive at Merlon’s house. Outside are Merlon, Toronto, Toadiekins, Luigi, Toad, and Flick.

Luigi: Hey, Bro!

Toad: Hi, Mario!

Merlon: I’m glad to see you, Mario! And you must be Princess Bloobetta.

Bloobetta: Why yes. You must be Merlon. I have so much to tell you about my scepter.

Merlon: Great! But first, there’s someone here for you, Mario.

Flick: Hi… It’s me, Flick, ‘member? Oh, right! Here!

Flick levels Mario and Bloobetta up.

Merlon: Mario, Flick is fading…

Flick: It’s not that bad… Well, yeah, it sorta is….

Toronto: What happened, Flick?

Flick: Me and the Maiden of- I mean, Princess into an argument. I shot myself out of the Shadow Scepter to find you. Without the princess filling me with hope, though, I’m fading away…

Bloobetta: Why don’t you just return to the scepter?

Flick: I-I don’t know…

Merlon: You feel hurt.

Flick: She doesn’t understand… I tried so hard…

Toad: I don’t get it, Flick.

Flick: It’s nothing… Well actually, it’s something. Without me, Peach can’t take over the Shadow Scepter…

Luigi: Then go back.

Flick: I don’t think I can. Peach calls me back. I don’t think she’s going to now…

Toad: Don’t say that! If anyone knows Princess Peach, it’s me! She’s very forgiving of her friends.


Toadiekins: Why not, Flick?

Flick: Because if we’re friends, it’s only going to hurt her when I have to go-

Merlon: !

Flick: Never mind…

Merlon: Flick, by not believing in the friendship you two have, you’re only making yourself disappear faster….

Toronto: There has to be someway to get him back…

Flick: Only if I’m accepted… She created me…she can destroy me too!

Bloobetta: Oh stop! I can’t stand to hear this whining anymore!

Flick: Ha. You sound like me towards the princess…

Bloobetta: Flick, listen. I’ll give you some of my hope.

Merlon: WHAT AN EXCELLENT IDEA, BLOOBETTA! Hold on! Tell me about your scepter.

Bloobetta: It was made by Solun.

Flick and Merlon: SOLUN?!

Bloobetta: Yes, the same hero who conquered Masster.

Flick: Masster is Misstress’ ancestor!

Merlon: We have to learn more about Solun. More about the Shadow Scepter and the Shadow Shrine!

Luigi: How?!

Flick: There’s a book….

Toadiekins: Hmm?

Flick: A book that tells the tale of Solun. It should be in a village called Magios. That’s where Solun is from.

Merlon: Yes! I’ve heard of that. Mario and Bloobetta, you should go there at once! There’s a sorcerer there named Zero. From what I’ve heard, he’s amazing. His reputation is that he is the wisest man who ever lived. His ancestor Etern assisted Solun. Etern was the Noble Guardian of Wisdom.

Bloobetta: Wonderful!

Flick: What about me?

Merlon: Do you think you could rest in the Water Scepter?

Flick: I think it’s worth a shot.

Mario takes out the Water Scepter. Flick goes inside.

Merlon: That will have to do for now. Go, Mario.

Boogly: NO! I don’t think so!

Everyone: Boogly!

Boogly: It’s over, heroes!

CAN”T FLEE THIS FIGHT! Mario and Bloobetta have a battle with Boogly. Boogly uses a lot of new powerful attacks. Mario uses his hammer as well as some special moves assisted by the Noble Guardians that control them. Boogly uses more attacks on Mario. Bloobetta uses her Blooper attacks. Mario does a spin jump on Boogly, which defeats him. Mario and Bloobetta have defeated Boogly.

Boogly: AGGH! You’ll regret this! Misstress, I’m so sorry!

Boogly leaves.

Bloobetta: So how do we get to Magios?

Toronto: I’ve read about it. There’s a pipe leading to it in the underground passageway.

Merlon: Great!

Bloobetta: Well Mario, let’s go!

Luigi: Hold on, Bro! Don’t you want to hear about my and Toad’s latest adventure!?

Toad: Please, Luigi, no!

Luigi: Trust me, it was a really great story!

Toronto: They should get going!

Luigi: So anyway…

Semi Toad & Luigi’s Event

Luigi: So after you and Sam left for Blooper Gem Key…


Toad: Whew! Looks like Sam’s going to take Mario after all!

Toadiekins: Yay! Toronto can get home now!

Merlon runs in.

Merlon: Mario, wait!!!

Toadiekins: What is it, Merlon?

Merlon: *wheeze* Well, *huff* Fl-Flick!

Toadiekins: What?

Luigi: Merlon have, no fear! The Green Thunder and Mush Boy are here!

Toad: Umm…Ok, one: stop calling me that, and two: I think this is a job that Mario has to take care of…

Luigi: NONSENSE! I can do anything Mario can!

Toad and Toadiekins: Except use your brain….

Luigi: What’s up, Merlon?

Merlon: All right, Luigi, I’ll tell you. Flick came here on his own, and now he’s fading away!

Toad: What’s a flick?

Merlon: Not a flick, child, FLICK! The one and only.

Luigi: Don’t worry, Merlon! The Green Thunder is on the case!

Toadiekins: NO! DON’T LET HIM!

Merlon: ?

Luigi: Come, Mush Boy!

Toad: ARGH!

Merlon, Luigi, and Toad go back to Merlon’s house.

Merlon: Flick?

Flick: Merlon!

Merlon: Mario’s friends are here to help you!

Flick: I don’t need help!

Luigi: Fear not, citizen, we will help you un-fade!

Toad: WHAT?!

Flick: I just said I don’t need help, ‘member?

Toad: Listen, there has to be something we can do!

Flick: Get me Mario, I have to help him.

Luigi: Mario’s doing hero things….But have no fear, because Ladow Town’s heroes are here! The Green Thunder and Mush-

Toad: Luigi, this is serious….

Luigi: !  I guess so, huh?

Flick: You’re Mario’s brother?

Luigi: Yep! That’s me!

Flick: So that means you know Princess Peach?

Luigi: Yuh-huh!

Flick: You know her too?

Toad: Me and the princess are close friends…It’s my fault she’s trapped…CURSE MY LOUSY BIRTHDAY PLANNING!

Flick: It’s not your fault. So if you guys are heroes, do you save her?

Luigi: Nah… That’s Mario’s job.

Flick: Yeah… I figured that out!

Toad: Thanks.

Flick: I know you’re going to help Mario in his battle, though. I just know….

Luigi: So like, what do you do, Flick?

Flick: I have to train the princess so she can takeover the Shadow Scepter.

Toad: Woah.

Luigi: MAN! I wish me and Toad could do that!

Flick: Sorry, you’re not a girl….

Toad: Oh, what a shame! C’mon, Luigi! I don’t think we should bother Flick anymore.

Flick: Nah, it’s no bother- !

Flick fades a bit

Luigi: OH NO!!!

Flick: I’m ok…

Toad: Maybe this is a job for The Green Thunder and Mush Boy….


Toad: Ugh! Listen, Flick! Is there anything we can do?

Flick: Maybe seeing someone with a lot of hope will help….


Toad: Oh yeah! Come with us, Flick!

Luigi, Toad, and Flick go to the port

Toadiekins: What?

Luigi: HOPE!

Toad: What Luigi means is, is there something you really hope for all the time?

Toadiekins: Hmm, let’s think… ARE YOU STUPID?! Of COURSE there is! All I think and hope for is Toronto’s safety! I just want him to come home…

Flick brightens a bit.

Toad: Cool.

They head back to Merlon’s.

Luigi: WE FIXED-

(Flashback interrupted)

End of Semi Toad & Luigi’s Event

Toad: Ok, that never happened.

Luigi: C’mon, Toad!

Toad: We asked Flick if he needed help, he said no, Luigi got upset, Flick yelled at him. To make a long story short, we really didn’t do anything while you were gone.

Merlon: Mario! Go now! You’ll meet my grandchildren there! They’ll help you! Their names are Merlee, Merluvlee, and Merlow. They live in Magios. Hurry!

Bloobetta: You got it, Merlon!

Mario and Bloobetta go to the underground passageway. After facing many enemies, they find the pipe.

Bloobetta: Ugh! You really expect me to go down something so filthy?

Mario: Mmhmm!

Bloobetta: (blushing) Well if you go, then I’m going too!

Mario and Bloobetta jump down the pipe.

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