Paper Mario: The Shadow Shrine

By JJ Bandit

Chapter 8: The Hopes and Dreams of Darkness

Goomaya: Here we go again! At the beginniní of our journey we were goiní to Bowserís Castle to see if he took Princess Peach. Now he actually has her! Itís crazy how things work out!

Mario: Mmhmm!

Goomaya: Well, we donít have much time to chat. Weíve got ourselves a world to save!

Mario and Goomaya head down the path to Bowserís Castle. They encounter enemies like Koopas, Goombas, and Bullet Bills. Mario uses his hammer to get past them, Goomaya uses her headbonk attack. As they continue down the road they collect items like Mushrooms and Fire Flowers. They come to the bridge that leads into Bowserís Castle, however itís lifted up.

Goomaya: Ah, shoot! Howíre we gonna get passed this? HmmÖLet me think... I got it! Letís look for some type of switch! Thatíll do it! Right? Címon!

Mario: Yeah!

Mario and Goomaya search for a switch thatíll bring the bridge down. They search through bushes and fight a few enemies to see if one is carrying the switch. Mario rummages through one bush and finds a blue switch. Goomaya does a cute little flip and headbonks the switch. The bridge lowers.

Goomaya: All right! Now weíre cookiní! Weíd just better make sure that Bowser fella ainít the one cookiní us, though! Letís go!

Mario and Goomaya enter the castle.

Goomaya: Bowser probably set up some more traps. I donít think itís gonna be that easy this time.

Two Magikoopas enter.

Magikoopas: We donít either!

(CANĒT FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Mario and Goomaya get in a battle with the Magikoopas. The 1st Magikoopa, a red one, uses a blast of magic on Goomaya. She gets hit. The 2nd Magikoopa, a white one, uses magic on the red Magikoopa. His attack power rises. Mario uses his hammer on the red Magikoopa. Goomaya uses tattle on the white Magikoopa.

Goomaya: Ok, so according to my enemy guide, this guy has 12 HP. His max attack is 5. Oh! Hereís a neat fact, he likes usiní magic on his buddies. He can up the attack, defense, and he can even refill their HP. Not good. I think itíd be a good strategy to take him out first.

The battle continues. The red Magikoopa uses a blast of magic on Mario. It hurts him more than it usually would. The white Magikoopa blasts magic on Goomaya. Mario uses his hammer on the white Magikoopa. Goomaya uses headbonk on the white Magikoopa. The red Magikoopaís attack goes back to normal. He blasts Mario with a magic attack. The white Magikoopa raises the red Magikoopaís defense. Mario uses his hammer on the white Magikoopa. The white Magikoopa is down. Goomaya uses her multibonk attack on the red Magikoopa. The red Magikoopa blasts fire out of his wand. Mario is hurt. Mario jumps on the red Magikoopa. Goomaya uses her headbonk. The red Magikoopa is defeated. Mario and Goomaya win.

Magikoopas: FLEE! We must tell Lord Bowser!!!

The two Magikoopas run away.

Goomaya: Ha ha! Whoo-whee! That sure was fun! Iím glad Iím helpiní ya, Mario! I guess Koopo should be helpiní ya right about now, though. That battle was pretty exhaustiní! Besides, Koopo knows the castle a lot better than I do!

Koopo comes out.

Koopo: What do you say, Mario? How about I whup Bowserís butt with you again? Itíll be fun!

Mario: Yeah!

Goomaya: Good luck, Koopo!

Koopo: Many thanks, my good friend Goomaya! Ha! Letís go! We have a damsel in distress to save! Itís time for the return of B.U.B.!

Goomaya returns to the partner place.

Koopo: Bowserís probably got a lot of new traps setup, just for us! Something tells me youíre going to need my assistance. Well, Iím not called the guardian of helpfulness for nothing! Come on!

Mario: Ok!

Mario and Koopo continue into Bowser Castle and go into the next room. The door to the next one is locked.

Koopo: HmmÖ Well I guess weíre in a little predicament. Well look! There are some ledges up there. Maybe thatís where the key is. Letís go look!


Bowser: WHAT?! What do you mean Mario beat you?!

Red Magikoopa: Well yíseeÖ

Bowser: GRAGH! Enough! GO AWAY!

Kamek: Beat it, losers!

White Magikoopa: It takes one to know some, huh Kamek?!

Kamek: GrrrrrrrrrrÖ

Kammy: SHUT UP, YOU IDIOTS! Sire, that good for nothing Koopatrol is helping him right now. What do you suggest?

Bowser: UmmÖ Send in anyone! Koopatrols, Bullet Bills, I donít care! JUST DO SOMETHING!

Kammy: *gulp!* Yes sir. KAMEK! SEND IN THE KOOPATROLS!

Kamek: Ugh! Bowser tells her to do it, she puts the order on meÖ So ANNOYING!

Kammy smacks Kamek.

Kammy: I may be old, but my hearing is as sharp as ever!


Koopatrols: Yes sir!

New captain of the Koopatrols: FOR BOWSER!

They run out the door.

Bowser: HA! What do you think Peach? Are you totally impressed with my skills?

Peach: Mario will stop you, Bowser! He always does! Then heíll save the world! I just hope that heís okayÖ I hope Flickís okay tooÖ

Kammy: Hmph, just hoping wonít do anything!

Peach: Youíre wrong! You donít understand what hope can do for someone! I know Mario can save me if I hope enough!

Kamek: HA HA HA!!! Yeah, ok Princess! Weíll just see what this hope can do!

Peach: Mario, pleaseÖ I know you can do it!

Back to Mario and KoopoÖ they have finished climbing up the first ledge.

Koopo: Great! Ok Mario, I see the key. Unfortunately, we canít jump to it even with Portyís help. I could probably reach it, though!

Mario kicks Koopoís spiky shell across. He picks the key up and brings it back to Mario.

Koopo: Here you go! Letís keep moving!

Mario: Yeah!

Mario and Koopo continue into the next room.

Koopo: Awesome! Címon, Mario!

The Koopatrols run in.

New captain of the Koopatrols: Oh look, boys, itís Mario and our old, traitorous captain!

Koopo: Long time no see, Jeff.

Jeff: ! Ö Thatís Captain Jeff! Youíre not even fit to wear that armor anymore! Iím the new captain!

Koopo: K, whatever Jeff. We really donít have the time to fight you guys. So if you donít mind, weíre just going to pass through.

(Captain) Jeff: ! Ö WHAT?! NO! Youíll have to go through me, and my men.

Koopo does a super charge shell attack on all of the Koopatrols except Jeff. They all go flying off.

Koopo: What men? Youíre the only Koopatrol here.

(Captain) Jeff: Ö UmmÖ

Mario hits his hammer on the ground. Jeff jumps.


Jeff runs away.

Koopo: Later, Jeff! Well that was easy, huh? It looks like the next roomís already unlocked. UmmmÖ If I recall, Bowserís throne room is in three more roomsÖ Oh duh! You know that already! Sorry about that! Man, am I a total astronaut or what?! Get it, because Iím ďspacing outĒ! Ha! Oh my goodness, that was terribleÖ Just disregard what I just said. Yíknow what, never mind. Letís go, Mario!

Mario: *nods* Okay!

Mario and Koopo continue on and enter the next room.

Koopo: All right, letís see what the old Koopa King has in store for us here. Well we have some stairs. And some lanternsÖ The door looks unlockedÖ ummmmÖ It looks like the doorís unlockedÖ Letís go!

Mario and Koopo walk through the door, only to find that they are back in the same room.

Koopo: ! What? Weíre back in the same roomÖ Maybe Bowser just has two of the same room. Letís go!

Mario: Ok!

Mario and Koopo go through the door and end up in the same room

Koopo: ! Ok, now I know somethingís up! I canít figure this out at all. Goomayaís smart, letís let her take care of this.

Koopo returns to the ďpartner placeĒ. Goomaya comes back out

Goomaya: So letís see... uhhhÖ wellÖ OH HEY LOOK!

Mario jumps

Goomaya: If ya look at the torches, yaíll will see that only some of the torches are lit! We have to go upstairs and through the upstairs door if a higher torch is lit. If a lower torch is lit we go through the downstairs door. There are five torches, so weíll have to go through here five times! Letís try it!

Mario: Ok!

Mario and Goomaya see that the first torch thatís lit is higher than the others. They go upstairs and through the door. The next torch is lower. They go through the downstairs door. The next one is also lit lower. They go through the downstairs door. The next torch is higher. They go through the upstairs door. The last torch is also lit higher. They go through the upstairs door. They arrive in the next room.

Goomaya: YEAH! We did it! We really did it! All right, Koopo should be ready to come back out!

Koopo comes out. Goomaya returns to the ďpartner placeĒ.

Koopo: Man, I wouldíve never gotten that. Ok, letís go!

Mario: Okey dokey!

Mario and Koopo continue to the next rooms. They fight some Koopatrols and Koopas. They finally reach the entrance to Bowserís throne room.

Koopo: Here we go! Bowserís going down!

Mario: Mmhmm!

Mario and Koopo go inside

Peach: MARIO!

Bowser, Kammy, and Kamek: !


Koopo: It was actually pretty easy. Now let the princess go!!!

Kammy: Over our dead bodies!

Kamek: Our?

Kammy: Címon, you imbecile!

Bowser: Thereís no way weíre losing this time!

(CANíT FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Mario and Koopo get ready for a fight against Bowser, Kammy, and Kamek. Bowser gets the first move. He breathes fire onto Mario and Koopo. Both get hit. Mario jumps on Kamek.

Kamek: Of course! Itís always me!

Kammy: Hush!!!

Koopo uses his power shell on Bowser. Bowser jumps on Mario, making him lose his ability to use his hammer for a while. Kammy raises Bowserís attack. Kamek shoots a blast of magic at Koopo. Koopo defends himself but still takes some damage. Mario does an Ultra Jump on Kammy. Koopo uses his spike shell jump on Kamek. Bowser swipes Koopo with his claw. Koopo is poisoned. Kammy creates a big yellow block that flies over and hits Mario. Kamek ups his own defense. Mario gets his hammer skill back and hammers Bowser. Koopo uses a Dried Shroom to cure his poison. Bowser breathes fire again. Kammy uses her yellow block attack on Koopo. Kamek blasts Mario with magic. Mario uses the special move Extra Help. Koopo (since heís the guardian who assists Mario with that move) restores 10 HP to Mario and gets on his shoulders. Mario throws him at Bowser, Kammy, and Kamek. They all get hurt. Kamek falls off his broom. Koopo uses his super shell attack on Kamek and Bowser, since theyíre both on the ground. Kamek is down and out.

Kammy: Oh, that useless good for nothing Magikoopa!!!

Bowser jumps on Mario. He canít use his special moves canít be used for a while now. Kammy restores 20 HP to Bowser. Mario jumps on Kammy, causing her to fall off her broom. Koopo uses his super shell move on Bowser and Kammy. Kammy is down.

Bowser: Looks like itís just you and me now, Mario! Time to end this!!!

Bowser charges up for a super powerful attack. Mario swaps Koopo out for Lucy. Lucy uses her elude move on Mario. Mario jumps on her back, and she flies up. Bowser uses the fire attack, but it misses, thanks to Lucy. Mario jumps down and uses his hammer on Bowser. Lucy switches out and Koopo comes in. Bowser uses his poison claw swipe on Mario. Mario defends, so he doesnít get poisoned. Mario uses his Ultra Hammer on Bowser. Koopo uses his spike shell jump. Bowser jumps on Mario. Now Mario canít jump, but luckily he regained the ability to use special moves again. Mario uses his hammer on Bowser. Koopo uses his power shell attack. Bowserís finished! Mario and Koopo win!


Kamek: What?!

Kammy: You heard Lord Bowser!!!

Kamek: ARGH!!!

Koopo: HA HA! All right, we win! Princess Peach, consider yourself saved!

Peach: Oh Mario, thank you! You too, Koopo!

Koopo: Hey, Iím just the partner, no big deal! It was an honor. B.U.B couldnít feel more pleasure!

Peach: Thank you. I really hoped that you would be able to save me! I never doubted you! Oh, is Flick all right?! Iím so worried!

Mario explains.

Peach: Oh good! Well, I guess we should go back to Ladow Town and see Merlon! Misstress must be stopped.


Koopo: *sighÖ* Maybe next time, Bowser! Weíve got to go!

Kammy: OH!!!


Kamek: YES!!!

Kammy smacks Kamek.

Kamek: OhÖ

Mario, Koopo, and Peach exit the castle. Shurry pops out.

Shurry: Ok, Koopo, you and Goomaya had your turn. Itís my time to shine!

Koopo: All right then, Shurry!

Koopo returns to the ďpartner placeĒ. Mario, Shurry, and Peach make it back to Ladow Town.

Merlon: Mario! Youíve returned! And you must be the Maiden of Hopes and Dreams. It is an honor to meet you.

Peach: The honorís mine, Mr. Merlon. Iíll do anything I can to help.

Toronto: MARIO! Youíre back!

Toadiekins: We knew you could do it!

Luigi and Toad: PEACH!!!

Peach: Luigi! Toad! Youíre okay!

Luigi: Of course! Weíre heroes after all!

Peach: ... Right...

Toad: PRINCESS! Iím sooooooooooooooooooooo sorry!!! If it wasnít for the inconvenience of my birthday, you wouldnít have been in this mess!

Peach: Oh Toad! Itís not your fault! It wouldíve happened either way. Iím just so glad to see you both made it out okay!

Peach gives Toad a hug

Peach: Donít worry about me so much!

Toad: I know... I know! Jeez!

Luigi: Uhh, hi! Iím still here!

Peach: Teehee! Oh! Whereís Flick? Is he okay? Did he find you? Is he even here?

Toronto: Flickís fine! Heís in Merlonís house. Iíll go get him for you.

Peach: Thanks!

Toronto goes inside Merlonís house. He and Flick come out.

Flick: ! PRINCESS!!! Youíre okay!!!

Peach: Flick!!!

Flick: Mario... thank you.

Shurry: I didnít know you had a soft spot, Flick!

Flick: Oh címon, even a little ball of light can feel worried sometimes. And Iím a ball of light, Ďmember?

Merlon: Itís wonderful that weíve had this reunion. With the Maiden here, we are ready to defeat Misstress once and for all. The time has come.

Toronto: For what exactly?

Flick: The time has come to venture into the dark world of the Shadow Shrine.

Mario and Shurry: !

Shurry: What do you mean? We have to go inside the Shadow Shrine?

Merlon: As darkness pours out of it, our world is slowly turning into a land of shadows. Mario, if you go to the Shadow Shrine, you will see a dark portal. It will take you to the Shadow Lands.

Flick: Thatís where Misstressí Lair is.

Peach: I know what it looks like. Itís a labyrinth of dark halls. Itís not going to be easy to get through. Youíll have to keep yourself hidden pretty well, too; there are minions everywhere!

Flick: Peachís right. Misstress has probably created tons of Shadow Creatures like Phantomias since she has all seven Shadow Stars and the Shadow Scepter, and the Shrine is open, Ďmember?

Shurry: Right!

Toadiekins: Well, itís not like we can sit and chat forever! Mario, you have to go. Youíll save us! I know you can. Go and travel to the Shadow Lands. Youíll return to us safely. Weíll be here for the final fight. Now go get Misstress out of her sanctum and lure her here! You can do it!!!

Toronto: ! Toadiekins, Iíve never seen you so confident! Youíre always so worried! You really think Mario should go?

Toadiekins: He wonít be alone. Donít you see that thatís why I worry about you so much?! Youíre always by yourself!!!

Toronto: ! I-I just think that I work better solo-


Peach: You can do it.

Flick: Good luck, Mario! Oh yeah! I almost forgot!

Flick flies around Mario and Shurry; they level up

Mario: Wahoo!

Toad: I believe in you!

Luigi: You got this, Bro!

Toronto: Venture into the fiendís trap! ... YOUíRE AWESOME!

Toadiekins: Return back safely!

Merlon: The fate of the world depends on you. Go now.

Shurry: What do you say, Mario?

Mario: Letís-a go!

Mario and Shurry go to the outskirts of Ladow Town. There, Boogly is waiting for them.

Shurry: ! BOOGLY!

Boogly: Hello Mario. So you think you can beat Misstress? Well I donít.

Shurry: You donít scare us at all, Boogly! Youíre the wimpiest wimp ever!

Boogly: Hmph! You want to bet? It just so happens Iíve gotten to use the Shadow Shrineís power now, too. Look at all the darkness spilling out. Once the doors completely open, we will be unstoppable.

Shurry: Boogly, I just want you to know that youíre about to lose a bet! Letís get him, Mario!

Boogly: THIS IS IT!!!

(CANíT FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Itís the final fight with Boogly!


Mario gets the first move. He uses his Super Hammer on Boogly. Shurry uses his ninja star attack. Boogly uses a blast of dark magic on Mario. Mario uses an Ultra Jump. Shurry uses his numusu (steal) attack. He takes 10 HP away from Boogly and adds it to his own. Boogly uses another big blast of dark magic that hits Mario and Shurry pretty badly. Mario uses a Mushroom to restore some of his health. Shurry uses his ninja star attack on Boogly again. Boogly headbutts Mario. Mario pounds Boogly with his hammer. Shurry uses a Mushroom on himself to restore some health.

Boogly: Iíll show you true power!

Boogly casts a dark spell on himself and grows bigger, raising his attack. Mario uses a super jump on Big Boogly. Shurry uses his numusu attack again. Boogly headbutts Shurry, who takes more damage than usual. Mario uses the special move Courage Blast with Bobby assisting him. Bobby charges up and does a huge explosion. It hurts Boogly badly. Shurry uses his swift ninja star move, hitting Boogly twice. Boogly uses a dark magic blast on Mario. Mario uses his super hammer on Boogly. Itís all over.

Boogly: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! HOW COULD I LOSE TO YOU AGAIN?! My mission was to destroy that ball of light... and I failed. YOU IRRITATE ME SO MUCH, MARIO!!! EVERYTIME I SEE YOU, I JUST WANT TO FIGHT YOU!!!

Shurry: Hey, I like fighting too, Boogly. In fact, I love it! Thatís what Iím good at. But you donít have to fight us for bad reasons. Maybe itís time you stopped hanging with Misstress.

Boogly: How dare you?! I swore my loyalty to her! Do you think Iím just going to betray her?! It may seem like Iím just her henchman, but Misstress is my friend!!!

Boogly runs off into the dark portal.

Shurry: Wow. That guy has some serious issues to work out. Heh. All right Mario, letís go!

Bobby comes out

Bobby: H-hey Shurry... I want to be the first to see Misstressí Lair... Iím not a coward... I-I can do it!

Shurry: Now thatís what I like to hear, Bobby!!! Go for it! Hey Mario, if you need any help from the guy who isnít a Noble Guardian, you know where Iíll be!

Shurry returns to the ďpartner placeĒ.

Bobby: We can do this. I know we can. I-Iím the guardian of courage! We have to defeat Misstress!!!

Mario: Yeah!

Mario and Bobby enter the dark portal.

Bobby: Thi-this is the scariest place Iíve ever seen... Itís so dark and dreary. These are the Shadow Lands. Oh, look!

Bobby shows Mario a huge black place across the horizon.

Bobby: That must be Misstressí Lair! We have a ways to go... *gulp*across the Shadow Lands.

Mario comforts Bobby

Bobby: Y-Youíre right! We can do this!!! Letís... go!

Mario and Bobby start to travel across the Shadow Lands. They encounter enemies like shadow creatures, Skull Goonies, Dark Boos, Boos, Swoopers, and Swoopulas. Mario finds a few items like Mushrooms, Shooting Stars, and Fire Flowers. They come across a wall with a huge crack on it.

Bobby: Iíll handle this...

Mario takes Bobbyís hat off. Bobby walks over to the crack and explodes. The wall shatters. Mario puts Bobbyís hat back on him, covering his fuse.

Bobby: Easy as pie... I think...

Mario nods.

Bobby: Heh. Thanks... Letís keep moving!

Mario and Bobby continue through the Shadow Lands. They fight several enemies. A few more cracks show up again, Bobby bombs all of them. They find some hidden items. They then find a black pipe.

Bobby: What do you say, Mario, should we go? ... Itís kind of scary... We can do it!!!

Mario: Yeah!

Mario and Bobby go down the pipe. They enter some weird shop.

Chet Rippo: Hello there, hero! It is I, Chet Rippo! You can level up your stats any way you want for a small price!

Bobby: How small?

Chet Rippo: VERY SMALL! So how about it? Do you want to level up your stats?

Bobby: ... Nah! Our friend just leveled us up! Thanks for the offer, though!

Chet Rippo: ! Your loss.

Mario and Bobby leave.

Bobby: That was kinda pointless. Letís keep going.

Mario and Bobby continue to travel, only to find a white pipe.

Bobby: Here we go again!

They go down the pipe.

Rip Cheato: Hey guy! Iím Rip Cheato! Would you like to buy todayís mystery item? Itís only 184 coins!

Bobby: Whatís the item?

Rip Cheato: Itís a mystery! Youíll know when you buy it!

Bobby: ... I donít really feel like getting ripped off today, do you, Mario?

Mario shakes his head.

Rip Cheato: If you change your mind, Iíll be around!

Mario and Bobby leave.

Bobby: Why would anyone go here to sell things? Anyway, it looks like weíre almost at the palace... Whew... Itís sure big... and dark...

Two Shadow Creatures run over.

Shadow Creature: We mussssst protect Missstresssss... You have gotten too clossssssssse for comfort!!!

Bobby: Uh oh!

Shadow Creature: Prepare to fight!!!

(CANíT FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Mario and Bobby prepare for a fight against the two shadow creatures. The first shadow creature uses a weird ghost attack on Mario, where it flies off and drains some of Marioís health. The second one hits Bobby with a blast of dark magic. Mario uses his hammer on the first one. Bobby uses his Super Bomb attack, which hits both of the shadow creatures. The first shadow creature hits Mario with dark magic. The second uses the strange, ghost-like move on Bobby. Mario uses a shooting star. Both shadow creatures lose some health. Bobby uses his Super Bomb again. The first shadow creature hits Bobby with a dark magic attack. The second one does the same thing. Mario uses his hammer on the first one. It falls. Bobby uses his Bomb attack on the second one. It falls too. Mario and Bobby win!

Shadow Creatures: NOOOOO!!! We mussssst warn Misssstresssss!!!

The shadow creatures run away.

Bobby: ... I guess theyíre going to tell Misstress that weíre on our way... not good... Ok Mario, letís keep moving!

Mario: *jumps* Okey dokey

Mario and Bobby travel on. Mario fights some more enemies and Bobby uses his bomb attack on things that block their way. They then come to a large chasm.


Porty comes out

Porty: Ha! Itís about time I came out again! I really need to stretch my wings. What do you say, Mario? Just like our times on Cloud Avenue. Letís go!

Bobby: ... Good luck, Porty!

Bobby returns to the partner place.

Porty: Woo! That chasm looks pretty big! But we can clear it!

Mario: Yeah!

Mario jumps on Portyís back. Porty flies over the chasm with Mario, just clearing it.

Porty: All right! We rock!

Mario and Porty continue down the shadowy wasteland. They get in a few more small fights with the same kind of enemies. Porty helps Mario get over some more chasms. They travel on, fighting Swoopers and Skull Goonies. They finally arrive at the front of Misstressí Lair.

Porty: *gulp* This is it... Iím a little nervous, to be honest. This place is huge. Weíd better prepare for a fight when we open those doors. Iím sure there are hundreds... maybe even thousands of those creepy shadow creatures guarding her. Plus, I feel a lot of dark presence in there. Itís so overwhelming... but I know that friendship can light our way!!!... Then again... pride can too... Maybe Lucy should take care of this.../

Mario asks Porty whatís up

Porty: *jumps* Oh, sorry! I was just talking to myself... thatís all! We should probably go... *gulp!*

They go over, but the doorís locked!

Porty: Oh no! The doorís locked! Well, I guess weíll have to find a key! Letís go!

Mario and Porty look around Misstressí Lair. They notice a black bush. Mario pushes it out of the way, revealing a pipe behind it.

Porty: Here we go! Címon, Mario!

Mario: Letís-a go!

Mario and Porty go down the pipe. They arrive in a dark, underground tunnel.

Porty: Boy, is it creepy down here or what?! We canít back out now, though. The fate of the world depends on us!

Mario and Porty continue to travel down the tunnel. There are many Swoopers and Swoopulas, but Mario and Porty beat them to a pulp. Mario and Porty continue on. There are several jumps that Mario cannot make, so Porty carries him across. They enter a room where they find Phantomias with a shadow creature.

Phantomias: We musssssssst not let the heroesssssss get the key. Misssstresssss will have our headssss if that happensssss. Iím ssstill bothered about what Doop and Miragio sssssaid, though. You donít think Missstresssss will betray ussss... do you?

Shadow Creature: !

Phantomias: ? What issssss it?

Phantomias turns around.

Phantomias: ! Oh no! The heroesssssss!!! You idiot! Why didnít you tell me ssssooner?! Leave! Iíll handle them mysssself!!!

The shadow creature returns to the shadows.

Phantomias: Remember me?

Porty: Who could forget you, Phantomias?!

Phantomias: How kind of you!

Porty: Itís not a good thing.

Phantomias: Hmph! Good or bad, Iím not letting you get thisssss key!

(CANíT FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Mario and Porty get ready for a fight against Phantomias. Phantomiasís red eyes flash and Mario gets hit with a bolt of red lightning. Mario uses his Super Jump on Phantomias. Porty uses his Bomb Drop attack and drops a bomb right onto Phantomias. Phantomias blasts Porty with his extra powerful Dark Magic. Mario uses an Ultra Jump. Porty uses Bomb Drop again. Phantomias turns the entire stage black. Mario tries an Ultra Jump, but he misses because he canít see Phantomias. Porty uses his Dive Bomb attack, where he lifts Mario up and Mario throws a bomb, but that misses too.

Phantomias: I guessss itísssss hard to ssssee without light!

Phantomias lights the stage back up, but swoops over to Porty and uses an incredible amount of dark magic on Porty. Its damage is critical and Porty is down. Mario switches Porty out and Lucy comes in. Lucy uses her Spiny toss, where she flies off stage, grabs a Spiny, and throws it at Phantomias. Phantomias flashes his red eyes and hits Lucy with the red lightning attack. Mario uses his Ultra Hammer.

Phantomias: ACK! Iím not done yet!

Lucy: Oh, but you are!

Lucy uses her ice wind attack, where she blows a cold gust of wind at Phantomias. He takes a lot of damage and falls. Mario and Lucy win.

Phantomias: No! I canít believe Iíve failed again... Oh, Misssstresssss will have my head! Darn you, Mario!!!

Phantomias flies away.

Porty: We did it!!!

Lucy: You sure look tired out, Porty! You should take a break! Iíll handle things from here!

Porty: Okay! ... Thank goodness! That lair gives me the creeps!

Porty returns to the ďpartner placeĒ. Mario opens the chest that Phantomias was guarding and gets the key to Misstressí Lair.

Lucy: Hooray! All right, Mario, letís go!

Mario: Yeah!

Mario and Lucy run back through the underground tunnel. They go back up the pipe.

Lucy: Here we go...

Mario unlocks the door and goes inside.

Lucy: Hello? Well, here we are, Mario. Misstressí Lair. It looks super confusing! We can do this! I know we can!!! Címon!

Mario and Lucy go to the next rooms of Misstressí Lair. Itís just like how Peach described it. Itís like a maze of dark halls.

Lucy: Wow! There sure are a lot of doors! Which one should we take? Oh yeah! Weíd better keep our guard up, too! Misstressí minions are probably everywhere in here. Donít forget to use my power. I can hide you from them. Okay, choose any door you please. This is going to be hard...

Mario and Lucy go through the first door. Thereís a huge shadow creature.

Lucy: EEEK!!! Quick, Mario, hide!!!

Lucy hides Mario. The shadow creature stays put. It doesnít even seem alive. Mario comes down.

Lucy: ? It doesnít even see us, and weíre not even in hiding mode. Letís check it out!

Mario and Lucy go over to the giant shadow creature. It disappears.

Lucy: It was just an illusion!!! No... it was a mirage! This must me the work of Miragio! Weíd better keep our guard up! Miragio could be anywhere in here!

Mario: Mmhmm!

Mario and Lucy exit the room and continue on. They travel down the hallway and enter another room. The floor is covered with spikes. They pop up and down.

Lucy: Hmmm... Hey! I got it! Use my power to avoid the spikes. All right, letís time this just right!

Mario: Mmmhmm!

When the spikes go down into the floor, Mario and Lucy start to run over the floor; before they pop back up, Lucy uses her power on Mario and they evade the spikes. They repeat this until they get to the end of the path. A small chest is there.

Lucy: I wonder what this is.

Mario opens the chest. A lair key is whatís inside.

Lucy: Awesome! Now we have a key. Letís keep moving!

They travel back across the room and return to the hallway. They continue on, looking for the next door to open. Thereís one at the end of the hallway. Mario and Lucy enter it. They come into a room with a lot of stairs and Bullet Bills.

Lucy: EEK! Look out!

Lucy lifts up Mario to the best of her ability, and they avoid a Bullet Bill coming towards them at top speed.

Lucy: Whew! That was a close one! All right, letís keep going!

Mario and Lucy travel through the room. Any time a Bullet Bill comes towards them, Lucy uses her ability on Mario. They then come up to two Bullet Bill Blasters. They get into a fight with them. With Marioís hammer, they defeat the cannons and continue up the stairs. More Bullet Bills come and Lucy helps Mario dodge them, however, they get into some small fights with a few. They take out those cannons too. Finally, they reach the gold Bullet Bill Blasters, and destroy them too. They reach the door that leads out. Itís locked. So they use the key they found in the spike room. They open the door.

Lucy: Weíre doing great! I know weíll find Misstress soon! I can feel it!

Mario: Yeah!

Lucy: So letís see whatís going on in this room...

The room is just a straight hallway, leading to a locked door.

Lucy: Hmm... This seems easy! Ok! Letís go!

Mario: Ok!

Mario and Lucy start to walk (or in Lucyís case, float) across the room. All of a sudden the floor disappears.

Lucy: OH NO! Another mirage!!! Mario!

Mario falls down into a jail cell. Lucy floats down after him.

Lucy: If I was just the regular size of a Lakitu cloud, I couldíve prevented this! ARGH! Mario, Iím sorry...

Mario comforts Lucy.

Lucy: ... Thanks! Youíre right! Being the guardian of pride, I should be proud of my size, but you have to admit, it probably wouldíve helped if I was bigger at that point.

Mario nods.

Lucy: *sigh* Well, now what?! Weíre trapped!

Miragio and Doop come over.

Doop: Wook Miwagio, it worked! Your miwages still can come in handy, I guess!

Miragio: What do you mean ďstillĒ? They always come in handy!

Doop: Hmph! Whatever you say! So hewoes, what do you think of our wittle twap?!

Lucy: Doop! Well to be honest, it stinks, just like you two!

Miragio: Thatís really the best you could come up with? What a cute little cloud you are!

Lucy: Shut up!

Doop: You seem small, but you sure have a big temper! Hee hee!

Lucy glares at them.

Lucy: Let us out!

Miragio: Whereís the fun in that? Originally, we were supposed to find you and defeat you before Misstress opened the shrine.

Doop: But after big, bad Bowser weft with the pwincess, we just decided weíd hang out here until you showed up! Weíre having a bwast!

Miragio: How about we test your skills? If you two can get out of our prison cell, weíll take you straight to Misstress. Deal?

Lucy: How can we trust you?

Miragio: ! You probably canít, but you still have a world to save!

Miragio warps away.

Doop: Twust is something thatís very hard to get, Miss Guardian of Pwide. You donít have ours, we donít have yours... thatís a weally good thing at this moment in time! Anyway, good wuck, hewoes!

Doop leaves.

Lucy: Doop sure is a weird person... Címon, Mario! We gotta figure out how to get out of here!

Mario: Letís-a-go!

Mario and Lucy begin to look for a crack in the wall for Bobby to break or some sort of opening that they can get out through.

Lucy: We could also try to find an invisible switch!

Mario and Lucy begin to jump around. Mario hammers around the cell a few times. Nothing happens.

Lucy: ... Wait! Miragio said that this is their prison cell, not Misstressí! That means they made it! Itís another mirage! Letís try to run through the wall!

Mario: Okey dokey!

Mario and Lucy run straight through a wall. The cell disappears.

Lucy: Yay! We did it! All right Mario, letís figure out how to get back up to that room. Porty can handle that gap! Letís go!

Mario and Lucy travel through a dark hallway. They battle some shadow creatures along the way. One of the shadow creatures drops a key. They travel up some stairs and reach the room with the gap in the floor.

Lucy: Looks like this castle is full of secret passageways. Well, here we are!

Mario switches Porty out.

Porty: Wow! This castle IS really creepy... Here we go!

Porty helps Mario cross the gap. Mario switches Lucy back in.

Lucy: Good! Letís go!

Mario opens the locked door.

Lucy: ! Mario, look!!!

The room is a long, dark hallway. Misstress is at the end of it in front of the door.

Lucy: MISSTRESS! Címon, Mario! We have to stop her!

They run to the end of the hallway.

Misstress: So you were able to escape, were you? I shouldíve known Doop couldnít handle it!

Lucy: Hmph! Whatever! Weíre going to defeat you here and now, Misstress!

Misstress: Do you think itís that easy to defeat me? Hmph! How dense! Just see if you can!

Misstress runs into the next room.

Lucy: Hurry!

Mario and Lucy open the door and find themselves in a small, dark room with a chair.

Lucy: This must be Misstressí room...

Miragio appears.

Miragio: Thatís right! You two are very smart!

Lucy: Miragio! Whereís Misstress?

Misstress: Hee hee hee! Wight here!

Mario and Lucy: !

ĒMisstressĒ turns into Doop.

Doop: Did you weally think that sheíd just fight you here? Misstwess weft for Wadow Town as soon as you entered the castle. She told us to handle it.

Lucy: Misstress isnít here?

Miragio: Iím afraid not. But we are.

Doop: That means, youíll have to fight us! Here and now. Pwepare to meet your doom, hewoes. I donít pway nice anymore!

Miragio: And I break all the toys that Misstress gives me!

(CANíT FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Mario and Lucy get ready for a HUGE fight against Doop and Miragio. Miragio begins to charge up his power. Doop uses his Duplighost jump on Mario. Mario hammers Doop. Lucy uses her Ice Wind attack on Miragio. Doop then uses his headbutt attack on Lucy. Miragio blasts Lucy with some dark magic. Mario super jumps on Miragio. Lucy uses her Spiny spit attack. Miragio continues to charge up. Doop transforms into Lucy, now he can use all her attacks. Mario jumps on Miragio. Lucy uses her Spiny spit attack again on Doop (disguised as Lucy). Doop uses a Spiny spit attack on Mario. Miragioís face becomes completely dark and he gets ready to release his most powerful attack. Lucy uses elude on Mario so they can get out of the way. Doop uses Lucyís icy wind attack, but it misses. Miragio release his super dark mirage attack, but thanks to Lucy, it doesnít hit them. Lucy takes Mario down.

Miragio: Hmph! Very impressive!

Doop: Stay on your toes!

Mario jumps on Miragio. Lucy Spiny spits Doop. Miragio blasts Lucy with dark magic. Doop uses Lucyís icy wind attack on Lucy. Lucy falls. Mario switches Lucy out and Bloobetta comes in to fight. Bloobetta uses her ink attack on Miragio. Doop transforms into Bloobetta. Miragio splits himself into two; one is the real Miragio, the other is a mirage.

Both Miragios: Ha ha! Which one is real? Which one is fake? Can you figure it out?

Doop: Someoneís having a wittle too much fun, eh Miwagio?

Both Miragios: Hmph! Just watch and learn!

Bloobetta: Letís defeat these brutes, Mario!

Mario and Bloobetta switch spots. Bloobetta uses her water scepter move, where she summons a wave of water to hit the opponent, and hits Doop. Mario jumps on one of the Miragios. Itís the real one! The mirage Miragio disappears. Miragio blasts Mario with dark magic. Doop uses Bloobettaís ink attack on Mario. Mario uses the special move Trust Fall, with Bloobetta assisting him. Bloobetta uses her ink attack on Miragio.

Miragio: I canít take much more!

Doop: Thatís not good! We wouldnít want to fail Misstwess, would we? Hee hee hee!

Miragio hits Bloobetta with a strong blast of dark magic. Doop uses Bloobettaís Water Scepter attack on Mario. Mario uses an Ultra Jump on Miragio.


Miragio is down!

Doop: Impwessive. Do you think Iíll be easy to defeat too?

Bloobetta: Yes! We do!

Doop: Weíll see!

Doop uses Bloobettaís ink attack on Bloobetta. Mario Ultra Hammers Doop. Bloobetta uses her Water Scepter attack on Doop. Doop turns back into his regular form.

Doop: This isnít wooking too good for me!

Mario hammers Doop again. Bloobetta uses her ink attack.

Doop: EEP! Alwight! I give up! You win!

Doop falls. Mario and Bloobetta win!

Miragio: No!

Doop: Welax. Everythingís going perfectly. You are very strong, Mawio. Thatís good.

Bloobetta: What do you mean? Itís a good thing that we royally kicked your butts?!

Doop: Yes. You can defeat Misstwess. All the wight will be restored. Youíre doing Solun great justice.

Bloobetta: ? Why do you care about this?! Youíre evil, Doop!

Doop: You weally think that?

Miragio: You all donít understand who Doop really is. Heís-

Doop: Itís better if I tell them.


Doop: No. I am.

Mario and Bloobetta: !

Doop: Well, I was. 800 years ago, I was the Guardian of Twust. I fought by Solunís side and helped defeat Masster.

Miragio: Heís telling the truth. Doop taught Solun who can and cannot be trusted in the world.

Doop: I wike pwaying games with people and messing with their heads, but I never turn my back or backstab a fwiend.

Bloobetta: Itís impossible! If you lived 800 years ago, how are you here now?!

Doop: Iíll expwain everything. This storyís long. Itís also compwicated. I betwayed Misstwess because she is a twaitor to the world. Pwease twy to stay awake.

Miragio: Youíll understand everything soon.

Doop: 800 years ago, I helped Solun in the battle against Masster. Some time after that... Misstwess found me and told me her pwan to regain the Shadow Scepter and make the world a wand (land) of darkness. I asked her why she wanted this, and her answer was that she wanted to avenge her deceased welative. I decided Iíd join her for my own benefit. Iíd act as her pawn, be the most loyal partner in the world, and then, Iíd betway her and ruin her pwans! I found that to be a lot of fun! Hee hee! I told her that time would be the key to her success. I said we should twavel to the future, where people will have forgotten about Masster and Solun. She agweed to my scheme. There was a young man that could contwol time with his face and his shadow. We sought to find him and finally found the boy wiving with an ancestor of Merlon. He joined us, and we began to time twavel. We would go 100 years each time we decided to use his magic. When we got 400 years into the future we were twavewing in whatís now Dwy Dwy Desert. We were very thirsty and hungwy. Thatís when we found an oasis; unfortunately it was a miwage. Thatís when we met Miwagio. Misstwess pwomised him power if he helped us out of the desert and helped with her pwans of darkness. He said yes because he was wonewy by himself. We used the young manís time twavel powers again. After we got 700 years into the future, I decided to attack...

Misstress: I donít understand! Everyone still talks about the ďgreat hero SolunĒ even after 700 years!

Miragio: It was a huge event, remember?

Misstress: It wasnít that big of a deal!

Doop: No, it was a huge deal!

Misstress: I still havenít seen one Noble Star! Iíve had this stupid, useless stick for nothing now!

Doop: You shouldnít take the Shadow Scepter so wightwy! Itís a destwuctive staff, or did you forget that alweady?

Misstress: Hush, Doop. Iím not an idiot! Once I find those Noble Stars, Iíll be on top of the world!

Miragio: And us?

Misstress: ! Of course. I wouldnít forget you or Doop and... whatís-his-name!

Miragio: Ahh yes, Mr. Time-Travel. Does he have a name?

Misstress: It doesnít matter! Heís not important!

Doop: Not important? Heís doing all the work! Or did you forget that too?!

Misstress: Hmph! Whatever, good night.

Misstress leaves.

Miragio: Sometimes, I just donít get her.

Miragio leaves.

Doop: So heís not important, hmm? Well wetís see if she feels that way when Iím through with him!

Doop: Then I did something evil. I found the boy sitting outside wooking at the stars. I still donít wegwet this, but it was devastating. I took his time powers away. Iíll expwain how...

Doop: Hewwo! Why are you sitting out here all by yourself? Are you tinking?

???: No. I just like the stars, thatís all.

Doop: I bet you wonít wike them as much when you and Misstwess turn them into bwack holes of darkness.

???: ! I know that this plan might sound bad, but remember, stars can only come out in darkness. I donít mind a world full of it! I could even have my own star!

Doop: You weally tink Misstwess is going to wet you contwol some of her new world! Iím sowwy to say that she wonít.

???: Of course she will! She promised me!

Doop: Well, tonight she told me and Miwagio that you werenít important to her pwans.

???: Thatís preposterous! Iím the one who got us here! Without me, she wouldnít have been able to get this far!

Doop: Isnít it sad when the ones we twust stab us in the back?

???: Youíre lieing, Doop!

Doop: I pwomise you, Iím not. Actuawwy, Misstwess told me to get wid of you!

???: ! What do you mean?

Misstress sees Doop talking to the time-traveling boy.

Misstress: What is he-

Doop smirks

Doop: Wetís pway a fun game! Itís called IíM TAKING YOUR POWERS AWAY!!!

Miragio: ?

Misstress: DOOP, WAIT!!! DONíT-


Lights flash. Doop, Misstress, Miragio, and the boy transport 100 more years into the future. Everything starts to go back to normal.

Misstress: What did you- *gasp!*

The boy turns around. His face is gone! Itís just a black empty space with two little white eyes.

???: AAH! My face! My face is gone!!!

Miragio: Wait, donít you use your face and your shadow to time travel?

???: ... Yes.

Miragio: Then that means... weíre stuck here, 400 years from my time period.

Misstress: 800 years from mine... Doop... DOOP!

Doop: Hee hee! Yes?

Misstress: WHY DID YOU DO THIS?!

Doop: You obviouswy didnít think he was vital to your pwan! Isnít that what you said last night? Oops! I mean 100 years ago!

Misstress: I-

???: What do I do?

Miragio: Here.

Miragio gives him a blanket.

Miragio: Put this over you. People wonít know that you donít have a face.

???: Thank you.

The young man puts the blanket over him. Miragio zaps it so now there are two eyeholes and a mouth hole. The boyís eyes are pitch black.

Miragio: I think I shall go.

Misstress: Go where?

Miragio: Iíll find somewhere. Call me if you need anything.

Miragio warps away.

Misstress: Leave my sight, Doop. Youíve betrayed me.

Doop: Fine! I will! Bye bye, Misstwess!

Misstress: Itís just you and me now.

???: !

Misstress: I dub thee Boogly. You are now my only friend.

Doop: Hmph! So dwamatic!

Doop leaves.

Doop: And thatís how it happened. That boy was, in fact, Boogwy.

Bloobetta: So thatís how you betrayed Misstress... you stole Booglyís face!

Doop: Yeah. I got us twapped here. She still put her pwan into action, though!

Miragio: You have to defeat Misstress. We know you can do it. Weíll be there for the final battle.

Doop: You have to hurry! Thereís a pipe at the back of the wair that weads to Wadow Town! Itís hard to get to, though! I hope youíre good swimmers!

Bloobetta: Donít worry about that! ... Wait. Misstress tells everyone sheís Massterís descendent... but who is she really?

Doop: ... I think you should ask her that yourselves.

Miragio: You can do it, Mario.

Mario: Letís-a go!

Bloobetta: Right!

Miragio warps away. Doop leaves.

Bloobetta: We have to hurry!

Mario and Bloobetta see a door behind Misstressí chair. Mario pushes it out of the way and they run through the door. They enter a room thatís filled with water.

Bloobetta: This will be easy! Címon, Mario, itís time for me to stand up for my people!

Mario: Mmmhmm!

Mario and Bloobetta dive into the water. They fight some Cheep Cheeps and Jellos. They swim through and find a door, which they enter. They enter another room and are both completely underwater. They swim down to the floor of the water room and run on the floor instead of swimming. They find another door, but itís locked.

Bloobetta: Oh shoot! Now what? We need a key, but we donít have one! HmmÖ I got it! Perhaps Bobby can find something to blow up! Oh! But Bobby canít swim! OOH! This is so frustrating! Letís think... Maybe we should go back!

Mario: Ok!

Mario and Bloobetta go back to the room they were in. They swim around, looking for a key. They then swim upwards and jump up to the platform they started at.

Bloobetta: Ok, this is where we started...! Look!

Bloobetta points to a platform on the opposite side of the room with a crack in the wall.

Bloobetta: Letís swim over there!

Mario and Bloobetta swim across the water and jump onto the opposite platform. Mario switches Bobby in.

Bobby: ... This should be easy!

Mario takes Bobbyís hat off. Bobby walks over to the crack in the wall and blows it up. A hole in the wall appears. Mario and Bobby run through. They enter a room with a small chest.

Bobby: Great! This must be it!

Mario opens the chest. Mario finds a blue key!

Bobby: This must open the door underwater. I canít really swim... I just sink! I think Bloobetta should take care of this.

Mario: Okey dokey!

Mario switches Bloobetta back in.

Bloobetta: Great! Letís go, Mario! We have a world to save... together!

Mario nods. He and Bloobetta dive back into the water. They fight some more Cheep Cheeps and go back through the door. Theyíre back in the room filled with water, and swim over to the locked door. The blue key unlocks it and they continue on. The next room is still underwater, however it leads up to a platform.

Bloobetta: Well, it looks like weíre done swimming. All we have to do is get up there. Come along, Mario.

Mario: Okey dokey!

The water begins to rumble

Mario and Bloobetta: !

Bloobetta: Whatís going on?

All of a sudden, a huge shadow hand comes out of the floor of the room. It attacks!

Bloobetta: EEK!

(CANíT FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Mario and Bloobetta get into a fight with the Shadow Hand. Mario Ultra Jumps onto it. Bloobetta uses her ink attack. The Shadow Hand drains some of Marioís energy and adds it to his own. Mario Super Hammers the hand. Bloobetta uses her Water Scepter move on it. The Shadow Hand hits Bloobetta. Mario uses Courage Blast with Bobby assisting him. A huge attack hits the hand. Bloobetta uses her ink attack again. The Shadow Hand shrinks.

Bloobetta: Wonderful! Keep it up, darling!

The Shadow Hand goes into the ground. It pops up under Mario and Bloobetta and hits them both. Mario uses his hammer again. Bloobetta uses her Blooper Torpedo move, where she flies at the enemy with great power. The Shadow Hand takes away some of Bloobettaís energy and adds it to his own. Mario uses an Ultra Jump. The hand shrinks. Bloobetta uses her Water Scepter attack again. The hand hits Mario. Mario uses a Mushroom on himself. Bloobetta uses her ink attack. The Shadow Hand hits Bloobetta. Mario Ultra Jumps onto the hand, delivering the final blow. Mario and Bloobetta win!

Bloobetta: Take that! That was easy enough! Thank you, Mario.

Bloobetta kisses Mario on the cheek

Mario: Oh!

Bloobetta: Letís continue on.

Mario and Bloobetta swim up to the platform and enter the next room. Itís pitch black, with a white pipe in the center.

Bloobetta: Ladow Town. This is it... Zero has to go down that pipe with you. Itís just like what happened with Solun. He faced Masster with Etern first. You should do the same for Misstress. I donít mind... too much! Teehee!

Mario: Ok!

Mario switches Bloobetta out and Zero comes in

Zero: There it is. The final fight lies ahead... Mario, everything weíve done counts here... counts now. Everyone is waiting: Merlon, Toronto, Luigi, Toad, Toadiekins, Doop, Miragio, Flick... and Princess Peach. We can do it!

All of Marioís partners come out.

Goomaya: Letís teach Misstress a lesson!

Koopo: Weíll show her what light is made of!

Shurry: Weíre here for you!

Bobby: ... WE CAN DO IT!!!

Porty: Itís our time to shine!

Lucy: Youíre the best, Mario!

Bloobetta: I lo- For the fate of the world... we must defeat Misstress!

Zero: Itís time.

Mario: Letís-a go!

Everyone: Yay! Hooray!!! Woohoo! Letís go!!! Etc...

All the partners except Zero return to the ďpartner place.Ē

Zero: Címon, Mario!

Mario and Zero go down the pipe.

Zero: !  Ladow Town... The skyís totally black! Hurry!!!

Mario and Zero run through Ladow Town. They hear a voice.

Peach: MARIO!!!

Zero: Thatís Peach! We have to hurry!!!

Mario and Zero run past Merlonís house and back to the outskirts.

Zero: !  Misstress!

The Shadow Shrine is almost completely opened. Peach, Flick, Toronto, Toadiekins, Luigi, Toad, and Merlon are all in front of the shrine. Boogly is there as well. The Shadow Stars are surrounding Misstress.

Misstress: So youíve finally arrived, hmm? What a shame. You came all the way here to meet your doom!

Boogly: Youíre too late! We will rule all!

Doop runs over

Doop: No! Itís not too wate! Mawio, you can defeat them!!! Evewyone, pwease! Come out!!!

All the partners come out. Miragio, Puffina, Phantomias, and the Stone Guardian come too. Bowser, Kammy, and Kamek arrive as well.

Misstress: Doop! Whatís going on?! Whatís the meaning if this?!

Doop: Weíll defeat you! All of us will wuin your pwan!

Misstress: Why?!

Toronto: We will all defeat you!!

Peach: Yes! I will takeover the scepter just like Iím supposed to!

Misstress: !  You...? HA! This little display was cute and all, but itís boring me so. You really think you can takeover this scepter?

Flick: Sheís the Maiden of Hopes and Dreams, Ďmember?

Misstress: You fools!!! None of you get it!!! Donít you understand? I am the Maiden of Hopes and Dreams!!!

Everyone: !

Peach: What?!

Zero: You liar!

Flick: Thatís... impossible.

Misstress: You donít recognize me, Flick? How sad! I was the old one. I helped Solun 800 years ago. This is my ancestorsí shrine. MY SHRINE!

Bloobetta: So thatís what Doop meant when I asked him who Misstress really is...


Misstress: Your ignorance disgusts me, Flick! Look!

Misstress takes off her white beret, revealing the old Maiden of Hopes and Dreams.

Flick: No... WHY?!

Misstress: See this little hat? It was Solunís. I took it and filled it with some of Massterís dark powers. Originally, I was just going to become Masster himself, but the dark transformation magic still kept me looking female. So I decided Iíd be his vengeful relative instead!

Merlon: But why have you betrayed Solun like this?!

Misstress puts her hat back on, turning herself back into her dark form that looks like the female version of Masster.

Misstress: Solun betrayed me! And so did you, Flick!

Flick: !

Peach: Flick... whatís going on?

Flick: Peach... ímember when I showed you the image of the old Maiden... Misstress, using that light?

Peach: Yes.

Flick: I said it was my ancestor... However, it was me...

Peach: Flick...

Boogly: Enough of this idle chatter!!! Itís time to finish this!!!

Flick: But-

Misstress: GOODBYE, MARIO!!!

(CANíT FLEE THIS FIGHT!!!) Itís the first part of the battle with Misstress! Itís just her with the Shadow Scepter in her hand.


Misstress: Hmph! You think you can beat me! HA!

Misstress takes the Shadow Scepter and hits Mario with a dark lightning bolt. Mario hammers Misstress, but it doesnít work. Zero tries to use her Magikoopa magic, but it doesnít work either.

Misstress: Ha! With the Shadow Scepter and the Shadow Stars, Iím invincible!

Zero: What should we do, Mario?!

While Mario and Zero fight Misstress, the scene changes to Boogly and the others.

Boogly: We cannot be defeated!

Toad: Oh yeah? This looks like a job for... Oh why not? THE GREEN THUNDER AND MUSH BOY!!!

Luigi: Really?

Toad: Letís do it!

Toad and Luigi get into a battle with Boogly. Boogly bodyslams Toad. Luigi super jumps Boogly and Toad Mush-kicks him.

The scene goes to Flick and Peach.

Peach: What do we do? I donít think I can do it!

Flick: Of course you can! Weíve trained, Ďmember! Together, we can stop Misstress!

Peach: Youíre right!

Flick: Right now, you have to help Mario. Send him hope!!!

Peach: Right. Please, Mario... I know you can do it. You have to be able to do it!!! YOU CAN DO IT, MARIO!!!

We return to the battle with Mario and Zero.

Zero: Oh! Mario, do you feel that light? I think itís Princess Peachís hope for you to be able to get past Misstress! Itís so warm! I feel like we can conquer her!  Ö! Woah!

Misstress: Huh?

One of the Shadow Stars turns back into the Noble Star of Wisdom.

Misstress: Impossible!!! Whatís happening?!

Zero: I believe in my powers of wisdom, and I know I can defeat you!!!

Misstress: Weíll see!

The Noble Star goes on Marioís and Zeroís side. Misstress blasts Mario again with her scepter. Mario Ultra Jumps on Misstress, hurting her a little. Zero blasts Misstress with magic, and it also hurts her a tiny bit.

Misstress: NO! Youíre still too weak though!

Meanwhile, in Boogly, Luigi, and Toadís fight...

Toad: We can defeat you, Boogly!

Boogly: Hmph! I doubt it! Once that shrine opens, the whole world will be ours!

Luigi: But what are Misstressí true motives? Does she want to revive Masster... or what?

Boogly: She just wants all his power for herself. Once she has the world, no one can ever turn their back on her again!

Toad: So this is all about revenge?

Boogly: Thereís no changing her mind either!

Luigi: We wouldnít even bother!

Boogly jumps on Luigi. Toad uses a Mush Flip on him. Luigi hits Boogly with his Green Fire.

Boogly: Hmmm... Maybe you do have some strength...

Luigi: Weíre just getting started!!!

Toad: Yeah! Weíll show you!

Boogly hits Toad with some dark magic. Luigi Super Jumps him again. Toad uses a Mushroom on himself. Boogly, Luigi, and Toad continue to battle.


Mario Ultra Hammers Misstress. Zero hits Misstress with a zap of lightning. Misstress hits Mario with a very powerful blast of dark magic. Mario Super Jumps onto Misstress. Sheís still taking very little damage. Zero hits Misstress with a blast of Magikoopa magic. Misstress hits Zero with another big blast of dark magic. Zero falls.

Zero: Mario... at this rate... weíll never beat her...

Misstress: This world is mine.

Peach: Oh no! Flick, look! Mario and Zero arenít doing too well! What should we do?

Doop: Maybe I can help Miss Maiden. Evwyone! Come here!

All of Marioís other partners, Bowser, Kammy and Kamek, Miragio and the other old bosses, and Toronto, Toadiekins and Merlon run over.

Merlon: What is it, Doop?

Doop: Mawio and Zewo canít do this on their own. Pwincess Peach, you have to tell evewyone what to do.

Peach: What?! Me?!

Flick: You can do it. Tell them to dream, to hope for Mario. Use those dreams and turn them into light. Send their strength to Mario.

Toadiekins: You can do it!

Toronto: We all believe in you.

Bloobetta: Just believe in us!

Koopo: We have to help Mario too!

Peach: We can do it!!! Everyone, please! Send your light to Mario and Zero!

Flick: OH! And send a little to Luigi and Toad too!

Shurry: Letís do it!

Phantomias: Yesss, we have to help them!

Peach: Now!

Everyone closes their eyes. They all look deep in thought for Mario!

Peach: Oh!

Peach hears their thoughts!

Goomaya: Címon, Mario! You have to do it! For all the love! Youíre my best friend, Mario! Please!!!

Koopo: Címon, Mario! Donít let this fiend takeover our precious world! I believe in you! And so does everyone else!

Shurry: Mario, I may not be a Noble Guardian, but Iíll send you my power anyway! I believe in you!

Bobby:... Mario... youíve taught me how to be brave! I just canít let Misstress beat you like this! PLEASE, MARIO! You can do it!!!

Porty: Hey Mario, when we first met, I wasnít exactly your best friend. Now I feel that we are! And thanks to you, Iím the Guardian of Friendship! Címon, Mario, you can do it!

Lucy: Mario! Because of you, Iím proud to be small! I may be quick-tempered and a little feisty, but Iím still proud of who I am! So please, Mario... beat Misstress! Beat her and show pride in doing so!!! I know you can do it!!!

Bloobetta: Mario, Iíve liked you since the minute we met. You mean a lot more to me than a friend. Youíve done more than I couldíve asked for! I wish for you the power to stop Misstress! Please, you wonderful mustachioed man, best her for me!!!

Toronto: MARIO!!! YOU HAVE TO STOP MISSTRESS!!! Iím a better explorer thanks to you... and you helped fix my relationship issues... so donít let me down. VENTURE ONWARD!!!

Merlon: Mario, youíve done the world proud! I canít believe itís already your final fight with her... so please, please beat her!

Toadiekins: Mario, you are truly amazing. I know from the bottom of my heart that you can defeat Misstress. Youíve been the most wonderful friend to me. I canít thank you enough! So please... PLEASE DEFEAT HER!!!


Kammy: Hmph! I donít really like you that much... but I donít like the thought of Misstress taking over our world more! If you can defeat Lord Bowser, Iím sure you can defeat her too.

Kamek: MARIO!!! YOU HAVE TO WIN!!! WEíLL ALL DIE IF YOU DONíT!!! Oh! And ummm... Zero, I know you can beat her.

Miragio: Mario, youíre the real deal. I knew you would defeat Misstress the minute I met you, even if we were enemies back then! So címon!!! BEAT HER!!!

Doop: Mawio, for Solun, your fwiends, the old guardians, me, and most importantwy the world, you have to win! Solun would be pwoud... SHOW MISSTWESS WHOíS BOSS!!! You can do it, Mawio!!!

Puffina: Mario... I barely know Misstress... I know sheís mean and evil though! I apologize for obsessing over beauty! You must defeat her!!! You can defeat her!


Phantomias: I wasss sssomeone- no, sssssomething created out of the Sssshadow Sssshrine. I donít want the world to be full of creaturessss like me. Pleassse, I know you can sssstop my evil creator!


Peach stops hearing everyone.

Peach: Yes. He can do it! Those who have hope, lend me your power! Those who have dreams, lend me your power! Combine into light!!!

Light floods into Princess Peach. Everyone opens their eyes.


Peach: Mario!!! Take this!!! Oh, and send a little to Toad and Luigi too!

Misstress: Wha-?

Zero: Ah! Mario, look!

Mario: OH!

Light surrounds Mario and Zero. All their energy is restored! All of the partners run over!

Every one of the partners: MARIO!!!


All the Shadow Stars turn back into Noble Stars.

Misstress: NO!

The Noble Stars fly around their guardians. The spirits of the old guardians come out of the Noble Stars. Doop runs over.

All the old guardians, including Doop: Heroes, please. Take our power and defeat the darkness!

Mario, Goomaya, Koopo, Shurry, Bobby, Porty, Lucy, Bloobetta, and Zero all level up! The spirits leave, except for Doop.

Doop: The final battle starts now! All of you will help!

Zero: ... I finally got to meet Etern.

Bloobetta: Thank you, Doop.

Doop: NOW FIGHT!!!

Doop runs off.


The final battle begins! Zero sticks with Mario first. Mario Ultra Hammers Misstress, causing a lot of damage. Zero blasts Misstress with Magikoopa Magic. Misstress hits Mario and Zero with black lightning bolts. Mario Ultra Jumps on Misstress. Zero raises Marioís defense. Misstress charges up using the Shadow Scepter. Mario switches Lucy in. Lucy uses her elude attack. Misstress blasts dark magic at Mario and Lucy, but it misses thanks to Lucy! Mario hammers Misstress. Lucy uses her Spiny spit. Misstress raises herself into the air, levitating. Mario switches Porty in. Porty uses his dive bomb attack. Misstress sends dark mist over Mario and Porty. Mario blocks it, but Porty falls asleep. Mario switches Porty out and puts Shurry in. Shurry hits Misstress with his Ninja Star. Misstress zaps Mario with black lightning. Mario super jumps onto Misstress.

Misstress: You are strong... I might not be able to take much more...

Shurry: This canít be it! Not so soon...

We go to Luigi and Toadís battle.

Toad: Woah! What just happened? I feel super powerful!

Luigi: I think Princess Peach just happened! She mustíve helped us!

Toad: Letís get him!

Luigi hammers Boogly. Toad jumps on him. Boogly bodyslams Luigi.

Boogly: *huff... huff...*

Luigi: Something tells me youíre still worn out from the battle with Mario!

Boogly: Grrrrrrrrr...

Toad: Letís end this!

Boogly: With me winning!

Luigi: In your dreams!

Luigi hits Boogly with green fire. Toad jumps on him again. Boogly falls.

Luigi: Yeah!!!

Boogly: Youíve been fooled, idiots. Misstress isnít even close to falling. She has something up her sleeve. I was just supposed to be a diversion. It worked. Not all of Peachís strength went to Mario. She wasted some on you clowns...

Toad: ! Oh no!

The fight with Misstress continues. Misstress hits Shurry with dark magic. Mario Ultra Jumps on Misstress. Shurry switches himself out and Goomaya comes in. Misstress hits Mario with a blast of black lightning again. Mario ground pounds on Misstress. Goomaya uses her multibonk attack on her. Misstress falls? Mario and Goomaya win???

The ground rumbles.

Goomaya: Itís not really over, is it?

Boogly: FAR FROM IT!!!

Everyone: ?


Zero: Whatís going on?!

Doop: Oh no! NOOOOOOO!!!

Misstress: WATCH THIS!!!

Misstress goes in front of the Shadow Shrine and holds the Shadow Scepter high in the air.


Bobby: Whatís happening?

Miragio: Sheís fusing with...

A dark light flashes! Everyone opens their eyes to see that Misstress is gigantic. Her body is now triangular and attached to a huge rod. Her beret has turned into a giant witchís hat with a design of a Shadow Star on it.

Shurry: What in the world?!

Boogly: Itís happened.

Flick: NOOOOOOO!!!

Peach: What is it?!


Everyone: !

Boogly: Thatís right. Now she is unbeatable.

Flick: NO. Everyone, come here.

Everyone rushes over.

Flick: I know how we can stop her. Mario, you have to weaken her. Defeat her in combat. Then, Iíll handle the rest.

Doop: But wonít you-

Flick: Yes.

Peach: Flick, whatís going to happen to you?

Flick: ...

Peach: Flick?

Flick: I have to stop my old ďfriendĒ. Sheís hurt me so much. I know we can beat her. Mario, you can do it!

Mario: Yeah!

Goomaya: Letís get her!!!

Shurry: Iíll start this battle with you, Mario! Letís let everyone charge up!

Mario: Ok!

Zero: Good idea!

All the partners except for Shurry return to the ďpartner placeĒ.

Shadow Scepter Misstress: YOUíRE TOO LATE!!!

Shurry: Weíll see about that!!!

(CANíT FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Itís now truly the final fight against Shadow Scepter Misstress. Her eyes flash and Mario and Shurry both get hit with her dark powers. Mario Ultra Hammers her. Shurry uses his Ninja Kick on Shadow Scepter Misstress. Shadow Scepter Misstress hits Mario with her hat. Mario uses Trust Fall with Bloobetta helping him. (Doop helps a little too!) Now Mario will be protected if he falls in the battle. Shurry uses his Ninja Star on Shadow Scepter Misstress. Shadow Scepter Misstress roars and hits Shurry with a very powerful supersonic wave. Mario switches Bobby in. Bobby uses his Super Bomb attack on Misstress. Shadow Scepter Misstress zaps Bobby with her black lightning. Mario and Bobby use Courage Blast. Bobby then hits Shadow Scepter Misstress with a huge explosion. Shadow Scepter Misstress raises her attack. Sheís now glowing.

Bobby: This is going to be a huge attack! You should get Lucy!!!

Mario nods and switches Lucy in. Lucy uses her elude on Mario. Shadow Scepter Misstress makes the field completely dark. Then the field goes completely white, shooting black lightning bolts at Mario and Lucy. Lucy helps Mario avoid it! Mario uses his hammer. Lucy uses her ice wind attack, however Shadow Scepter Misstress doesnít freeze. Mario switches Koopo in. Koopo uses his Spike Shell Spin and speedily hits Misstress. Shadow Scepter Misstress flashes her eyes and both Mario and Koopo get hit with dark magic. She then roars and sends dark purple mist at them. Mario just gets hurt, but Koopo is now poisoned. Mario Ultra Jumps onto Misstress. Koopo uses his spike jump on her. Shadow Scepter Misstress hits Mario with a blast of dark magic. Koopo gets hurt from the poison. Shadow Scepter Misstress hits Koopo with a super powerful zap of black lightning. Koopo is down! Mario switches Porty in. Porty uses his bomb drop attack on Shadow Scepter Misstress. Shadow Scepter Misstress hits Mario and Porty with dark lightning. Mario Ultra Hammers her. Porty uses his drop attack. He picks Mario up and drops him onto Shadow Scepter Misstress, causing damage.

Shadow Scepter Misstress: NOW YOUíVE DONE IT!!! TAKE THIS!!! THE WORLD WILL BE MINE!!!

Toronto: Look out, Mario!!!

Boogly: That wonít do him any good!!!

Doop: Mawio! Wisten to me! Hold her off a wittle wonger! Iíll help the Noble Stars weach maximum power!

Porty: Letís do it!

Mario: Okey dokey!

Shadow Scepter Misstress hits Mario with another zap of black lightning. Mario is down!!! But thanks to Bloobettaís Trust Fall, heíll remain down recharging his energy for three turns.

Porty: Itís up to me!

Porty uses an Ultra Shroom on himself. Shadow Scepter Misstress hits Porty with a blast of dark magic. Porty uses his bomb drop attack, dropping bombs on Shadow Scepter Misstress. Shadow Scepter Misstress charges up again. Porty uses his dive bomb attack on Misstress. Shadow Scepter Misstress sends out her super powerful attack again that Lucy helped Mario avoid before. Porty gets hit with it! He loses a lot of energy. Mario gets up with half of his HP restored. Mario switches Goomaya in. Goomaya gives Mario a Super Shroom. Shadow Scepter Misstress hits Goomaya with dark magic. Mario Ultra Jumps on Misstress. Goomaya uses her multibonk attack on Shadow Scepter Misstress. Shadow Scepter Misstress roars again and hits Goomaya with supersonic waves. Mario uses the special move Love Smash with Goomayaís help. Shadow Scepter Misstress gets shaken and loses some energy. Goomaya uses her headbonk. Shadow Scepter Misstress hits Goomaya again! Goomaya is down. Mario switches Zero in. Zero blasts Misstress with her Magikoopa magic. Shadow Scepter Misstress flashes her eyes. Mario and Zero both get hit.

Miragio: Mario!!!

Zero: What is it?

Toadiekins: Weíve found a way to end this battle! Everyone needs to come out and help. The Noble Stars have charged up!

Merlon: Now, you can use the special move Noble Light. It will end the battle and Peach and Flick will handle the rest.

Zero: All right!

Luigi: Weíll tell you when to use it! Just keep holding her off for now!

Mario: Mmmhmm!

Boogly: Misstress... you canít lose...

Mario Ultra Hammers Misstress again. Zero hits her with a lightning bolt. Shadow Scepter Misstress hits Mario with her supersonic waves. Mario and Zero use Shower of Wisdom on Misstress. She gets hit with falling stars. Zero then blasts Shadow Scepter Misstress with Magikoopa Magic.

Shadow Scepter Misstress: NO! It canít be over!!! Iím not finished yet!

Zero: Weíre almost there!

Shadow Scepter Misstress hits Mario with black lightning. Mario uses a huge Ultra Jump on Misstress.

Doop: ITíS TIME!!!

Everyone: YOU CAN DO IT, MARIO!!!

Zero hits Misstress with one more bolt of lightning. Shadow Scepter Misstress flashes her eyes and hits Mario and Zero. All of Marioís partners come out. Mario uses Noble Light. Everything goes white.

Shurry: Now, guys! Use your powers!

Goomaya: LOVE!




Lucy: PRIDE!

Bloobetta: TRUST!


Mario, Shurry, and the Noble Guardians hit Shadow Scepter Misstress with a huge beam of light.

Shadow Scepter Misstress: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Mario wins!!!

Everyone: !!! Mario!

Boogly: MISSTRESS!!!

Flick: Itís not over! Look!

Misstress is back in her regular form. The Shadow Scepter is broken next to her.

Flick: ... Itís time.

Peach: Flick! Whatís going to happen to you?

Flick: Iím going to take Misstress away. We will seal her dark powers into the shrine. Then weíll close it and destroy it forever! So this can never happen again!

Peach: That doesnít answer my question!

Flick: ... I have to sacrifice myself in order to seal the shrine shut. By destroying it... Iíll be destroyed too.

Everyone: !

Toronto: No, Flick!

Goomaya: You donít Ďave to leave!!!

Doop: ...

Miragio: Doop?

Doop: Boogwy, I need to give you something before this happens.


Doop: I want to give you your face back.

Boogly: !

Doop: That way you and I can be sent back to our own time.


Peach: Youíre going to leave?

Doop: I bewong there. Donít miss me too much!

Porty: It might be hard.

Bloobetta: Yes.

Miragio: Goodbye, Doop... you too, Boogly.


Doop: ... Misstwess has weft you.

Boogly: ! ... All right.

Doop: Here, Boogwy.

Lights flash. Doop smiles. Boogly takes the sheet off of him. He has his face back!

Boogly: I canít believe it!

Doop: Good wuck, Mawio! It was fun pwaying with you! Porty, give evewyone my best in Cwoud Avenue. Pwincess Bwoobetta, thank you. Youíve done me gweat justice.

Porty: Bye, Doop...

Boogly looks at his shadow, closes his eyes, then smiles.

Boogly: Take us home.

Lights flash.

Boogly: Goodbye, Misstress... Iíll miss you.

Boogly and Doop disappear.

Miragio: Doop! Boogly!!!

Puffina: Theyíre gone.

Merlon: No. Theyíre home.

Flick: Come.

Everyone goes over to Misstress.

Misstress: Ungh... Boogly...

Peach: Sheís unconscious.

Flick: Itís the perfect time, then.

Peach: Flick, please donít go... Iíll miss you!

Zero: We all will!

Flick: Thereís nothing I can do. This is the only way. Peach, please... send me the last of your hope. That will make me very happy!

Peach: Flick... You can do it... NOW! NOBLE GUARDIANS, ITíS TIME!

Flick flies over to Misstress and throws her into the Shadow Shrine. Koopo and Shurry close the doors. Flick seals it shut.

All the Noble Guardians and the Noble Stars: NOW!!! DESTROY THE SHRINE!!!

The Nobles Stars shoot the Shadow Shrine with a huge beam of light.

Peach: FLICK!!!

Flcik: Peach... ímember what you said, ďNo matter what happens weíll always be best friends through thick and thin!Ē Thank you, Peach. I am proud that you are the Maiden of Hopes and Dreams. Farewell.

The Shadow Shrine is gone. Everyone is now just standing on the outskirts.

Peach: Goodbye.

Goomaya: Itís over!

Zero: WE DID IT!!!

Toronto: This is great!!!


Merlon: Thank you, hero.

Bowser: YEAH!!!

Kamek: They won!!!

Kammy: Of course they won, you twit!!!

Kamek: ARGH!!!

Kamek smacks Kammy

Kammy: Oh my stars!

Kamek: VICTORY!!!

Koopo: Woohoo!


Miragio: Hmm. Good job.

Bobby and Lucy: Hooray!

Bloobetta: How marvelous!

Shurry: All right!

Luigi: Bro, you did it!!!

Mario: Yeah!!!

End of Chapter

Mario did it! All of his friends helped him, and he was able to defeat Misstress and take away her darkness forever! The Noble Stars have made everything bright! Everything is completely back to normal! Well, maybe some things have changedÖ

Epilogue: A New Light Shines

Everyoneís in front of Merlonís house. Except for Bowser, Kammy, Kamek, Miragio, Puffina, the Stone Guardian, and Phantomias.

Merlon: Well, everythingís all right now. I guess you all must be on your way back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Luigi: Yup!

Toronto: Weíre all really going to miss you!

Toadiekins: Youíre welcome back in Ladow Town anytime!

Peach: Thank you.

Zero: Oh! Happy birthday, Toad!

Toad: Haha! Thanks!

Lucy: Do you guys really have to go?

Peach: Yes...

Porty: Weíll all be so sad!

Mario: Oh!

Bobby: Please donít go!

Goomaya: I canít stand the thought of seeiní yíall leave!

Koopo: You guys are the best!!!

Shurry: Weíll miss you!

Bloobetta: Go.

Mario: ?

Bloobetta: You should go home. Sure, weíll miss you terribly, but we canít keep you here forever, Mario. Get going! Iíll always remember you! <3

Everyone: Goodbye! See you! Have a safe trip home! Weíll miss you! Keep in touch!!!

Everyone went on with their lives:

-Goomaya returned home to the farm and told her mother and father about her travels throughout the world.

-Shurry opened up his own fighting dojo in Ladow Town, training the heroes of tomorrow.

-Koopo returned to Beat Up Baddies and continued to stop threats in his hometown.

-Bobby went back to Bob-Ville, where he was welcomed as a hero. The Bob-ombs that used to make fun of him have become some of his best friends.

-Porty went back to Airway 87, where Goonay was waiting for him... with wings! Now he just has to teach her how to fly!

-Lucy went back to Lakitu Spring. She now is carrying a Lakitu, a baby Lakitu girl!

-Bloobetta went back to Blooper Gem Key, refusing to marry Prince Bloop. Her people were overjoyed to have her back.

-Zero began to write a book, one that tells of Marioís adventure. Sheís already made a pedestal next to Solunís Story. She also started to travel the world.

-Miragio went back to the Mirage Temple. He really treated it like home and protected its treasures.

-Puffina also returned to Lakitu Spring, but she decided to live in the valley. The other Ruff Puffs treat her like royalty.

-The Stone Guardian sleeps at the bottom of the ocean, where he should be.

-Phantomias decided to live in Magios. He helped Merlow find more badges to trade.

-Merlee and Merluvlee kept their businesses going as well!

-Toronto continued to explore the world and find rare artifacts, now with Toadiekins by his side as his assistant and fiancée.

-Merlon kept peace in Ladow Town, telling travelers of Marioís deeds.

-Bowser continued to make plans to kidnap Peach... that ultimately fail...

-Kammy helped Bowser.

-So did Kamek... who also began to send Zero anonymous love notes...

-Princess Peach and Toad returned to the castle. The forcefield around the castle disappeared. Toadsworth greeted them both. He was very flustered and worried, of course!

-And the Mario Bros?

-Mario and Luigi both returned home. Luigi made a fresh pot of coffee, and Mario looked outside, probably thinking about his friends!

So Mario was able to conquer Misstress and help the Noble Stars restore light to the world. How Noble of him!

With new friends, a little hope, and plenty of light, Mario was able to help the dreams of many come true! Darkness can never overcome those who believe in the light!

The End

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