The Basilisx Chronicles, Chapter 1: Basilisx the Koopatrol

By Blade Guy

February 20, 2010

It is a dark day in Dark Land. By dark day, I mean it is a good day. We see Bowser's Keep, and inside that Keep is the evil Koopa King, Bowser Koopa, father to eight children, Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, Ludwig, and Bowser Jr. It is the usual day at Bowser's Keep: Larry spying on his siblings, Morton practicing his speech, Wendy gazing at herself in the mirror, Roy in his gym, Iggy, Lemmy, and Bowser Jr. playing a videogame, and Ludwig working on a new invention (hopefully something that doesn't blow up).

But in one room, we find a Goomba wearing what looks like pajamas and a night cape, a red-shelled and green-shoed Paratroopa with a red bucket on his head that has a slot in front of his eyes, a green Shy Guy with a sack around him that holds a silver pipe and a Magikoopa wand, and a Magikoopa on his broom wearing blue. These are Bowser's best minions... Private Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk, Sergeant Guy, and Kamek the Magikoopa. This is their story.

Like I said before, the usual is going on at Bowser's Keep. But today is when everything is going to go from bad to worse. Outside, a couple feet away from the Keep, a Koopatrol stands. This Koopatrol is different form all other Koopatrols. This Koopatrol has a black shell with gray spikes, a black helmet, a light black stomach, and light black shoes. He has gray skin and red eyes. He stares at Bowser's Keep. "Hehehehehe. Today's the day I finally fulfill my dream!"

He starts walking toward the Keep. The Koopatrol guards see him and approach. "Hey, no one is allowed to see King Bowser!" says the first one.

The red-eyed Koopatrol speaks to them in a very calm voice. "Please, I mean no harm," he says, "All I want to do is see if King Bowser will let me join his army."

The other two look at each other. "All right," one says.

"You have our permission. Just don't try anything funny while we escort you to Bowser!"

"You have my word."

The Koopatrol guards take him inside and escort him to Bowser's throne. They approach a big door. One Koopatrol guard knocks. "ENTER!" bellows a loud voice. The Koopatrols enter the room, and sitting on a throne is King Bowser Koopa. "This better be important!"

One guard approaches him. "Sir, this..." He turns and looks at the Koopatrol they escorted, "oddly colored Koopatrol wishes to join your army."

Bowser sits and observes him. After a while, he finally asks, "What's your name?"

"It's Jerry, sir," says the guard.


The Koopatrol speaks. "I go by Basilisx."

"Hmmmm, interesting name. Okay, what can you do?" asks Bowser.

"Do you have a training facility?" Basilisx asks.


"I shall show you there."

Bowser gets up and looks at the guards. "Iíve got it from here, boys."

The Koopatrol guards salute and head back to their posts. Bowser then guides Basilisx to the training facility. When they arrive, four of Bowser's minions are training. A Goomba in pajamas and a nightcap is seen headbutting a punching bag with all his might. A Paratroopa wearing a bucket is seen flying through rings of fire and avoiding projectiles. A green Shy Guy is seen holding a Magikoopa wand and firing geometric shapes effects at wooden Marios. A Magikoopa riding on a broom is seen doing the same thing as the Paratroopa, but firing geometric shapes at the projectiles. Bowser then stops them.

"Minions, I would like to introduce you to Basilisx the Koopatrol. Once we find out what he can do, he will be a part of our army. Basilisx, thatís Private Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk, Sergeant Guy, and Kamek the Magikoopa," lists off Bowser.
The minions approach Basilisx and try to be friendly to him. "Hello." "Nice to meet you." "Glad to have a new member."

However, Kamek approaches Bowser. "Sire, are you sure we should let him join? He just doesn't look like a normal Koopatrol."

"What do you know? Okay Basilisx, show us what you got!"

Basilisx nods and goes to the center of the room. He spins and three sharp needles come out of each hand. He charges toward a wooden Mario and slashes it to pieces.

"Not bad, Kamek, poof up a metal Mario!" commands Bowser. Kamek does as commanded, and in front of Basilisx appears a metal Mario. Basilisx gives a little chuckle and slashes it. He is suddenly standing behind it, and approaches it. He taps the top half of the metal Mario, and it falls off.

Everyone stares at him with mouths hanging open. Bowser is the first to speak. "Impressive. Anything else?"

"Hehehehe. I can do many other things, and something special," says Basilisx.

"Something special... Welcome to the Koopa Troop!" Bowser puts out his hand. Basilisx withdraws his needles and shakes hands with Bowser. "Now, letís get a good night sleep and I'll introduce you to my kids tomorrow."

As the leave the room, Private Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk, Sergeant Guy, and Kamek all stay where they are.

"I'm not sure about this guy. What about you, Paraplonk?" asks the Private.

"Something just doesn't feel right about him. Sergeant Guy?"

"Men, we have to keep an eye on him."

"I agree with Sergeant Guy," Kamek says. "Tomorrow, we start observing him."

The four minions nod in agreement and head off to their rooms.

Meanwhile, Bowser has told Basilisx to share a room with some of the other Koopatrols until he ranks up enough to get his own room. But Basilisx doesn't fall asleep just yet. He quietly leaves his room and heads for the TV room. He gets out a flashlight and a piece of paper with writing on it. He turns it on and grabs a pencil.

"Phase one complete," he says as he checks off the box next to phase one. ďPhase two begins now! Acquire something to my advantage!"Ē

He turns the flashlight off and folds the paper back up and goes back to the room for a good nightís sleep.


The next day, the Koopalings go down for breakfast in the dining hall. Behind them appear Private Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk, Sergeant Guy, and Kamek. They all sit at the other side of the long table. The Koopa waiters come and serve them what they usually want. Then Basilisx comes in and sits at the end of the table.

"Dad, who is that?" asks Jr.

Bowser almost forgot to introduce Basilisx to the Koopalings. He gets up and yells. "Kids, we have a new member joining the Koopa Troop. I would like to introduce you to Basilisx the Koopatrol!" says Bowser.

They all turn their heads to Basilisx. Basilisx gets up and bows. "Nice to meet you all," he says. He the sits back down.

They all then begin to eat. Once finished, the Koopalings head off to do what they usually do. But the minions, Basilisx, and Bowser stay seated. "Well, shall we head for the training facility?" asks Paraplonk.

"Yup, I have this new combo I've been working on, and I want to master it," says a confident Private Goomp.

"I could use a little more training. How about you, Kamek?" asks Sergeant Guy.

"Eh, why not."

The four of them leave, and Basilisx follows. "Where are you going?" asks Bowser.

"I think I'll go train with the others," says Basilisx.

"All right, just ask Goomp, Paraplonk, Sergeant Guy, or Kamek for help if you need it."

"Oh, that won't be necessary." He walks off and head for the TV room, where he finds Lemmy, Iggy, and Bowser Jr. playing Mario Party 8. They are playing on Bowser's Warped Orbit and it's Jr. turn. He is about to land on a space that will put him in first, and he uses his Slow Go candy just to be safe. He waits for the right moment when...

"Hello Koopalings." The voice of Basilisx startles Jr. and he swings his Wii Remote at the wrong time and lands on a space one away from where he wanted. Lemmy and Iggy start laughing.

"It's all right, Jr. Better luck next time. Hey Basilisx, what are you up to?" asks Lemmy.

"I was just wondering if one of you could give me a tour of the castle. Since I'm new here, I think I should know where to go."

"I'll do it," offers Lemmy. "You guys can start your own party mode."

"All right, see ya later, Lemmy," says Iggy.

Lemmy guides Basilisx through the castle and shows him every room. Soon he reaches the Koopalings' hallway. "Okay, the first room on the left is Larry's. He likes to spy on us, and he loves Piranha Plants. The first one on the right is Morton's room. Don't go inside, he will make you listen to his speech, which is incredibly long. The second on the left is Wendy's, just stay clear of her too. The second on the right is Royís; unless you want to fight him, just don't go inside. The third on the left is mine and Iggy's room. We like it when the others, except Morton, Wendy, and Roy, come in. The third on the right is Ludwigís room. He likes to work on inventions, but they always blow up. And the last on the left is Jr's room. He likes to paint with his magic paintbrush that he stole from E. Gadd. And down at the end of the hall is King Dadís room. Don't ever go in there! He will get mad when you disturb his private time. Thatís about it," says Lemmy.

"I think I'll go visit Ludwig. I'm kinda curious to see what he has invented," says Basilisx.

"Hmmm, this is when he is just thinking of ideas to invent something. Go on in if you want."

Lemmy rolls away on his ball and leaves Basilisx in front of Ludwig's room. He knocks and can hear Ludwig's voice. "If you're Morton, Wendy, or Roy, go away!" he yells.

"It's me, Basilisx."

Ludwig rushes to the door and opens it. "Ah, come on in."
Basilisx enters and looks at all of the inventions Ludwig has made. He then spots a miniature, human-like robot. "Whatís that?"

"Oh, that's my robot I used to invade the Jewelry Kingdom a while back."

Basilisx keeps looking and spots a spiky wristband next to a controller in a glass case. "What's that wristband in the case?"

Ludwig looks at what he is talking about. "That's my latest invention, The Mind Control Band. You see, you have someone put it on, and you press the big red button on the remote. When you speak to the person, they will do whatever you say. You can also make them speak by talking into the speaker on the remote."

"Interesting... Well, thanks for telling me. Right now, I have to go train."

"All right, stop by whenever you feel like it."

He walks out and takes out the same piece of paper from the night before and checks off phase two. "Time for phase three... get Ludwig von Koopa under my control! And I think I know how..."
He keeps looking at the paper and heads for the training facility, but on his way, he bumps into Roy. "Hey, watch where you're walking!

Basilisx gets up and gives him an angry glare. From around the corner, Private Goomp is seen, keeping an eye on Basilisx. It is his shift, and he has the strangest feeling something bad is going to happen.

"I didn't mean to." He then notices Roy picking up his piece of paper. Basilisx gets a startled look in his eyes.

"Phase one, join the Koopa Troop; phase two, acquire something for my advantage; phase three, get Ludwig under my control... What is this? Somethingís not right with you! I'm telling King Dad."

He drops the paper, but just as he turns Basilisx, grabs his arm. Roy turns back to him. "Hey, let go!"

"You know too much... Now I must do this so no one can find out!" He stares at Roy and the whole place around them turns different colors. Roy is frozen with fear, and is then turned to stone.

Private Goomp saw the whole thing and keeps watching. Basilisx grabs the stone body and stores it in Roy's room. He laughs and heads for the training facility. Private Goomp rushes back as fast as he can to tell his cohorts what he saw Basilisx do to Roy.

"He has the power to turn people into stone? Thatís ridiculous!" says Paraplonk after hearing the tale.

"No, I saw the whole thing, I swear!"

"Men, has Private Goomp ever lied to us?" asks Sergeant Guy.

"Sergeant Guy's right. Private Goomp, can you tell us why he turned Roy into stone?" questions Kamek.

"He bumped into Roy, but then, he picked up a piece of paper Basilisx was holding. It had plans on it, and Basilisx said he knows too much and turned him into stone."

"We have to keep a really good eye on him now, men."

They hear the door open and turn to see Basilisx entering. Basilisx eyes them. "What? I just came here to train. You, Magikoopa! How about you use your magic and make me a giant block of steel!"

Kamek grumbles and does what Basilisx told him. Basilisx approaches the steel and starts slashing it with all his might. Dust starts to appear around the steel. When finished, the dust clears and in place of the steel is a sculpture of Basilisx. The four minions have mouths hanging open in amazement.


It was dinnertime, and all the Koopalings had appeared. The minions followed behind, and Basilisx came in seconds later. Everyone has showed up except for Roy.

"Has anyone seen Roy? I haven't seen him since breakfast," asks Bowser.

Everyone looks at each other, asking themselves that same question Bowser asked. The four minions eye each other, but Basilisx acts very calm. Then Private Goomp speaks up. "We know what happened."

Everyone turns their eyes toward the minions. Basilisx, on the other hand, gets a worried look in his eyes. "Come with us," says Private Goomp.

Everyone follows them to Roy's room. When they get inside, they see Roy's stone body standing in the middle of his room. Everyone gasps in horror at what they see. "Who... who did this?" asks Wendy. There was a small pause, then, Paraplonk spoke.

"We think... that Basilisx is responsible."

Everyone gasps again. "Wait, Basilisx might look evil," says Iggy, "but that doesn't mean he did this. You don't even have proof!"

"My son's right. DO you have proof?" asks Bowser.

The four minions look at each other. "Well... no."

"I thought so. You minions should be ashamed of yourselves, blaming something on the newcomer. Speaking of which, where is Basilisx? I saw him at the table."

"He might be looking for something that could cure Roy," says Lemmy.

"Come on, letís try to think of something after dinner," says Bowser.

As the Koopalings and Bowser pile out of Roy's room, the minions stay behind. "Men, Bowser is right. We don't have any proof," says Sergeant Guy.

"Come on, letís get back to the dining hall," says Kamek.

Just as they leave, a scream is heard. The minions look at each other and rush toward the source of the scream. They find Ludwig walking out from a dark corridor. "Prince Ludwig, are you all right?" asks Sergeant Guy.

"Yes, I am fine."

"But we heard you scream," says Kamek.

"You were just imagining it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must work on something."

Ludwig walks away toward his room. "That was weird," says Private Goomp.

"Do you think Basilisx had something to do with this?" questions Paraplonk.

"Oh come on. First he can turn people into stone, now he can hypnotize you?" says Kamek.

"He might be able to," Paraplonk says defensively.

They head back for the dining hall, and out of the dark corridor appears Basilisx, holding the remote to Ludwig's Mind Control Band. "Hehehehehehe. Phase three complete, phase four is now in action: have Ludwig build me something that gives me an edge."

Basilisx heads in the direction Ludwig went. He enters his lab, and speaks to him. "Ludwig, since you are under my control, I want you to build me a robot resembling me."

"Your wish is my command, Master Basilisx." Ludwig starts working on the robot. Then a knock is heard. Basilisx quickly hides behind a machine so he can't be seen. "Come in," says Ludwig.

The door opens and Lemmy rolls in. "Ludwig, dinner's on the table, you coming or what?"

"No thanks, I'm not very hungry."

"All right," says Lemmy as he leaves. As he shuts the door, Basilisx comes out from hiding.
For the rest of the night, Ludwig, under the control of Basilisx, builds the robot. By morning, he has finished. Basilisx is seen sleeping on Ludwigís bed. He wakes up and looks at the robot. It looks exactly like Basilisx.

"Perfect," says Basilisx as he brings out his plans. "Phase four is complete. Phase five is now in motion: turn every Koopaling into stone!"

He puts away the paper and pushes a button on the remote that says sleep. Ludwig shuts his eyes and falls asleep. Basilisx carries him to his bed and lays him down. He exits Ludwigís room, and heads for Mortonís. He crashes the door down and Morton turns to him. Before he can say anything, Basilisx uses his stone power and turns Morton into stone. He then heads for Wendy's, then Larry's, then Lemmy and Iggy's, and turns Bowser Jr. to stone last. He then carries all the stoned Koopalings, including Roy, to the training facility. Once there, he hides them all by putting them behind punching bags.

"Phase five complete. Phase six... take down Bowser!"

He heads back to Ludwigís room and pushes the red button on the remote. Ludwig wakes up. He controls him to walk to Bowser's throne and confront Bowser. Once there, he makes Ludwig speak.

"Ah, Ludwig, I haven't seen you since the minions tried to frame Basilisx for turning Roy into stone."

"Yes, it was foolish of them to try to frame Basilisx. King Dad, could you please meet me in the training facility? I must show you something."

"Uh... Okay."

Basilisx rushes back to the training facility. Once there, he quickly pulls out the stoned Koopalings. He then hides behind Roy, since he is the biggest. Then, Bowser and Ludwig appear. When Bowser enters, he gets a startled look on his face. Ludwig turns to him. "Ludwig... what happened to the others?" questions Bowser.

"It's over, Bowser. You can't defeat me. I have turned your children into stone! They can't stop me. Now, I must face you in battle!" exclaims Ludwig.

"Ludwig, you're acting ridiculous! I command you to stop!"

"Hahahahahaha! Foolish Bowser, you don't get it! I am controlling your son with one of his inventions!"

"Then show yourself, coward!"

"As you wish!" Basilisx comes out from behind Roy. Bowser can't believe what he is seeing. Before he can speak, Basilisx crushes the remote, and the Mind Control wristband breaks off of Ludwig. Ludwig wonders what he is doing in the training facility. He turns around and sees Basilisx. Basilisx then does what he did to the others. Ludwig is turned to stone.

Bowser then speaks. "You... You did this?"

"Hehehehehehe. Yes, I did it. I turned Roy into stone in the first place! So that Goomba, Paratroopa, Shy Guy, and Magikoopa were telling the truth!"

"But... why, Basilisx?"

"Because, the Koopa Troop has been trying to takeover the Mushroom Kingdom for years! But they have been failing every time, and that is because Mario and Luigi always stop you. Your minions also went to Fawful's side not too long ago! Face it, Bowser, once I'm done with you, the Koopa Troop will be under a new leader! The age of Bowser will be through! The Mushroom Kingdom will soon be under a new leadership! I am talking about the Age... of... BASILISX! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"... You used my son to your advantage... you turned my children into stone... and you want to destroy me... THIS IS WHERE YOUR GAME ENDS!"

Basilisx spins and three long, sharp needles come out of each hand. "Bring it on, Bowser!"

Bowser goes inside his shell and charges toward Basilisx. Basilisx goes into his shell too and charges at Bowser. Both shells collide and get shot back. They come out and charge at each other. Basilisx uses his nails and Bowser tries to land a hit on him with his claws. They each slash at each other. Bowser then uses his fireballs and sends them at Basilisx. Basilisx slashes the fireballs and his nails catch fire. Basilisx lands a hit on Bowser. Bowser gets up and jumps high. He then uses his Bowser Bomb attack. Basilisx quickly dodges it. He then rushes toward Bowser and slashes him again. Bowser is knocked to the ground.

He slowly gets up. Then, he starts to grow big, until he reaches the ceiling. He has become Giant Bowser! (As seen in Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.) He uses his fire breath and hits Basilisx. Bowser then attempts to smash Basilisx into the ground. He does so, ignoring his spikes. He lifts his foot, and sees Basilisx has been smashed. He picks him up and throws him toward the ground. Bowser returns to normal size and sees Basilisx slowly getting up. He turns and sees the stoned Bowser Jr. He then gets an idea. Bowser goes for the finishing attack. He charges toward Basilisx.

"Hold it, Bowser! You wouldn't hurt your kid would you?" Bowser sees Basilisx holding Jr. in front of him. Bowser stops and Basilisx starts hitting Bowser with Jr. He knocks Bowser away, but he gets up. "Hey, what's the matter?"

Bowser charges toward him again, but Basilisx puts Jr. out in front of him again. Bowser stops and is hit again with Jr. Basilisx then uses Jr. to send Bowser up high. He throws Jr. aside and prepares for his final attack. "Youíre mine!"

Basilisx jumps up and starts jumping off the walls and slashing through Bowser. He then gets above Bowser and ground pounds his stomach, which sends Bowser to the ground. Basilisx lands on him and laughs.

"Bwahahahahahahahaha! I knew you couldn't hurt your son, so I used him against you! But I must say, you almost had me when you turned giant. But it wasn't enough! Now, I must go. A kingdom calls my name. But just so you don't try anything funny..." He turns Bowser into stone.

"All right, letís see how the robot Ludwig made me turns out."

He is then hit square in the chest with a combined magical blast and is launched backwards. He gets up and sees the source of the blast. In the doorway, he sees Private Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk, Sergeant Guy, and Kamek.

"We were on to you the whole time, Basilisx!" says Private Goomp.

"I know. I first knew that when you knew I had turned Roy into stone. But you're too late. I have already beaten Bowser, I have turned him and the Koopalings to stone! There is nothing you can do about it, so out of my way!"

He charges through them and knocks them down. He rushes toward Ludwig's lab and gets in the giant robot Ludwig made for him. He goes to the control center and turns it on. The robot starts to move. He then pushes a button and the robot crashes through the roof and lands outside the castle. He starts walking toward the Mushroom Kingdom.
Back in the training facility, the minions get up and head outside. They see the robot heading toward the Mushroom Kingdom. They then face each other. "Sergeant Guy, please remove my nightcap and pajamas," says Private Goomp.

Sergeant Guy takes off the cap and pajamas. Private Goomp now looks like a normal Goomba, but he then closes his eyes and gains a spiked hat and wings. He is a mix between a Spiky Goomba and a Paragoomba. Kamek grabs his broom, and Sergeant Guy jumps on. The four of them fly off toward the robot to end Basilisx's reign of terror.

Basilisx is seen readying his weapons to attack the Mushroom Kingdom. But then, four small figures appear in front of him. He knows them as Private Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk, Sergeant Guy, and Kamek. Basilisx laughs. "So, you think you can stop me! This is just too rich! I beat Bowser! What makes you think you guys can beat me?" asks Baslisx.

"Because we are a team!" says Private Goomp.

"Teamwork is the key to victory!" says Paraplonk.

"Sir, we have you outnumbered! With our power, we can overcome you!" says Sergeant Guy.

"Okay guys, letís do this!" cries Kamek.

"Bring it on, little fools!"

Private Goomp starts to charge headfirst at Basilisx's robot. The spike hits the body, but doesn't leave a dent. Basilisx controls the robot to swat Goomp away. Paraplonk rushes in and catches him. Kamek and Sergeant Guy rush in, firing spells at the robot. The robot suffers no damage. The robot shoots rockets their way, but they easily avoid them thanks to Kamek's training back in the facility. Paraplonk and Private Goomp charge at the robot. Goomp performs what he did before, and Paraplonk tucks into his shell to perform a shell shot. The attacks hit, but no damage is dealt. The robot shoots lasers at them, and they fall to the ground. Sergeant Guy and Kamek try to find them, but they can't. They get smacked to the ground as well due to not paying attention to Basilisx. They crash, but land safely. They see Goomp and Paraplonk getting up and heading their way.

"Nothing is working!" says Goomp.

"Men, I would like to know how this thing was made!" says Sergeant Guy.

"Well, it looks like was is made with a type of metal Ludwig would use. So I gotta say Ludwig made this for him," explains Kamek.

"Dudes, we have to find a way to hurt this thing and defeat Basilisx once and for all!" cries Paraplonk.

Sergeant Guy turns and studies the robot, then gets an idea. "Kamek, I need you to take me up to the chest region and we must send fireballs at it. Once burnt, we will send a water spell at it to weaken it. Then, I need Paraplonk and Goomp to smash through it. We might not be able to hurt the outside, but we can injure the inside!"

"Letís do this!"

"FOR THE KOOPA TROOP!" they all exclaim.

So they put Sergeant Guy's plan into action. Basilisx fires Bullet Bills at them. Kamek swerves around them, and Sergeant Guy and Kamek start shooting the fire spells at the robotís chest. "What are they up to?" questions Basilisx. "Time to finish them!" He pulls a lever, and from the back of the robot, the spikes fly off and head for the airborne Shy Guy and Magikoopa. They see the spikes and fly away. The spikes are heat-seeking, so they follow their every move. Then Goomp and Paraplonk send themselves into the spikes and cause them to explode. They are unharmed, and take care of the rest while the Shyster and Magikoopa finish what they started. Then they send water spells at the burnt chest, which rusts. They call on Goomp and Paraplonk, who have finished dealing with the spikes. They launch themselves into the rusty chest. Goomp does what he did before, but spins, and Paraplonk spins as well. They end up breaking the chest and fly inside. This surprises Basilisx.

"NO! I CAN'T LET THIS HAPPEN! I HAVE COME SO CLOSE! IT'S TIME TO FINISH THIS!" He rushes to the area where the others are. When he enters, he finds them destroying everything that makes the robot work. Basilisx brings out his nails and charges toward Goomp, who spots him and jumps out of the way just in time. Basilisx starts slashing at him, but Goomp keeps dodging. Then Paraplonk comes from behind and performs a shell shot right at Basilisx's stomach. He is launched back, and hits the engine. He gets up and charges toward the Goomba and Paratroopa. Then Sergeant Guy and Kamek fly in and fire magical beams at him. Basilisx is flung back once again. He gets up and tucks into his shell. He charges toward the four of them. Kamek fires spell after spell at him. Basilisx avoids every one and jumps toward Kamek and Sergeant Guy. As Basilisx comes out of his shell, though, he leaves himself open to attack. Sergeant Guy seizes this opportunity and fires a spell. Basilisx is hit and is flung back into the engine again. The engine suffers extreme damage from Basilisx's shell being launched into it, and can't take much more. Then Goomp and Paraplonk fire themselves toward Basilisx, and Sergeant Guy and Kamek fire a magical beam at Basilisx. The four attacks hit Basilisx and launch him back into the engine. The engine then begins to shake wildly. The four minions quickly get out. Basilisx is knocked out from the attacks and is unaware that the engine will blow, causing the robot to blow as well. The minions get as far away from the machine as possible. Eventually, the engine blows up, along with the robot and Basilisx. The minions are far enough to see the explosion. They then look at each other and cheer.

"WAHOOOO! WE DID IT!" exclaims Private Goomp.

"That was GNARLY!" says Paraplonk.

"Men, we have ended Basilisx's reign of terror. I have never been so happy," says Sergeant Guy.

"We have saved the Koopa Troop! Now, there is just one thing to do..." says Kamek.

The other three turn to him and nod. They fly back to Bowser's Keep.

Private Goomp (back in his pajamas), Paraplonk, Sergeant Guy, Kamek, and the stoned Koopalings and Bowser are all seen in Kamek's room. Kamek is seen mixing a blue potion to turn the Koopalings and Bowser back to normal.  "Now, I need the fang of a Chain Chomp, the petal of an Amazy Dayzee, and a piece of a Koopa Troopa's shell. Once I mix them all in, the potion will be ready to cure them."

The Goomba, Paratroopa, and Shyster get all the ingredients Kamek asked for. He starts to mix them all together. Once it turns purple, he stops and fills a vile with some of the potion. He then walks over to Morton and pours a little on him. The stone Morton starts to jiggle, and then it breaks. In the place of the stone Morton is the actual Morton.

"Wow, thanks Kamek. I thought we were doomed when that evil Koopatrol turned us to stone. But you and the others stopped him, and saved us! I must give you my thanks, my blessing, my-"

Before he can finish, Kamek sticks a sock in his mouth. "Now, let me cure the others."

He pours the potion on Wendy, Roy, Larry, Ludwig, Lemmy, Iggy, Bowser Jr, and Bowser. They regain movement and start to ask themselves what happened. Then, Bowser speaks up. "We're free. But how?" He then sees the four minions. Bowser stares at them. "You guys saved us?" he asks. They nod their heads.

Everyone cheers and picks them up. They all walk to Bowser's throne room. "Private Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk, Sergeant Guy, and Kamek... I had no idea you had it in you. You have beat Basilisx, and most of all, saved the Koopa Troop. I am deeply sorry for not believing you when Basilisx turned Roy to stone. Now, since Basilisx is no more, I suggest we celebrate." Everyone cheers and Bowser throws a party for his brave solders: Private Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk, Sergeant Guy, and Kamek, for their bravery and strength in defeating Basilisx.

After the party, the minions go and hang out with the Koopalings. Goomp goes to train with Roy and Morton in Roy's gym. Paraplonk is spying with Larry and Bowser Jr. Sergeant Guy is playing a videogame with Lemmy and Iggy, while Wendy watches. And Kamek and Ludwig spend the day mixing potions and creating new items that will give them at an advantage when they go face to face with Mario.

The day after the party, everything is back to normal. The minions have gone back to training, but the Koopalings and Bowser will never forget what they did. Their minions risked their lives to save them from Basilisx. And that has been their story. But somewhere in Dark Land, a cave is seen, and inside that cave is a Koopatrol.

"One of these days... I will have my revenge. I hope that they are prepared... next time we faceoff!" says Basilisx.

Thus ends Chapter 1 of the Basilisx Chronicles

The End

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