The Mushboo Kingdom

By Blade Guy

BOSS BATTLE: Booster (in release form)

Yang jumps up and throws a bomb shuriken at Booster. Yang thinks since Booster is now a giant dragon, it might be easier to hit him. Unfortunately, he is wrong. Booster twists his body to easily avoid the shuriken. He then opens his mouth and forms a giant fireball. He sends it at Yang, but Yang puts up the force field he had up before. Yang then puts his hands together.

Yang: Ninja skill 31...  BLAST FROM THE PAST!

A portal opens up and the same fireball that Booster shot from before heads for him. He gets hit, but isn't thrown back.

Booster: Ah, you remember your ninja skills. Well, they won't be enough to hurt ME!

Booster charges toward Yang and wraps himself around Yang. He starts squeezing him. Yang then disappears.

Booster: WHAT?!

Yang appears above Booster's head, floating in midair. He then throws an icy shuriken at him. He makes contact and Booster's head is engulfed in ice. But he's not finished yet. Booster shoots a fireball and melts the ice. He then tail bashes Yang into the wall. Yang endures the pain and uses another ninja skill.

Yang: Ninja skill 85... MIND BLAST!

Yang closes his eyes and from his forehead, a powerful blast is sent. He hits Booster, who is still as strong as ever. Booster shakes off the hit and fires more fireballs. Yang easily dodges them.

Yang: Is that all you can do? Fireballs? Come on, show me something else!

Booster: I'll give you something else!

Booster opens his mouth and forms a giant energy ball and fires it at Yang, who dodges it. But what Yang doesn't realize is that the energy ball hits the wall and opens a portal.

Yang: Huh?

Then a Dry Bones, a Shy Guy, and a Hammer Bro appear. They all look like ninjas.

Booster: Hehehehehe. Now you have to take me on alongside my three lackeys!

Yang: How did you do that?

Booster: That energy ball is actually a portal opener. If I had hit you, you would've gone to the place my lackeys came from. But you dodged it, so the next best thing happened. GET 'EM BOYS!

Three Lackeys: HEYA!

The lackeys and Booster charge toward Yang, who can't do a thing to fend off all four of them. Then, a stream of fire flies in, making Booster and the lackeys stop. They look everywhere until they see a very weak Booser barely floating.

Booster: I thought I finished you!

Booser: You can't keep me down. Hey Yang, could you help me out?

Yang nods and knows exactly what he means. Yang waves his arm and a light shines around Booser. When the light disappears, Booser is fully healed.

Yang: I got the big, ugly dragon.

Booser: And I'll take care of those lackeys.

They both nod and charge toward the enemies they are going to take on. Booser charges toward the Dry Bones and gets a grin on his face.

Booser: Every Dry Bones hates fire, so how about a little flamethrower!

Booser uses his fire breath and hits the Dry Bones. The Dry Bones suffers from the heat, but manages to throw a bone to stop Booser. He makes contact and Booser stops. The Shy Guy then grabs a shuriken and throws it at Booser, who turns invisible at the last second. He then reappears just to be hit by a hammer from the Hammer Bro. Booser is knocked to the ground.

Booser: These guys are tougher than I thought.

Yang is seen jumping around avoiding Boosters fireballs. Yang then throws a fiery shuriken and burns Booster. Booster gets angry and sends orbs of lightning at him. Yang dodges nearly all of them, except the last one hits him and gives him a bad shock. Yang endures it and quickly recovers. He then throws a rapid barrage of regular shuriken. Booster gets hit by most of them and gets hurt badly. He then wraps around Yang again and tries to squeeze him again. Yang disappears again and does what Booster expected. He appears above his head, but Booster aims up and sends a fireball. He hits Yang and sends him into the ceiling. Yang hits the ceiling and quickly charges down at Booster. He then uses a ninja skill.

Yang: Ninja skill 55... CLONE!

Another Yang appears beside the real Yang. There are two of him now.

Booster: Interesting.

Booser sends fire breath after fire breath at the lackeys to slow them down so he can think of something fast to finish them. Then, he gets an idea. But before he pulls it off, all three lackeys charge at him with bones, shuriken, and hammers ready to be thrown. Booser then sends his tongue out and slurps all three of them. They become paralyzed. Booser then inhales and exhales a stream of fire, but he disappears and reappears in front of the stream and lets it hit him. He becomes engulfed in fire. He then charges toward the three paralyzed lackeys with an added spin and hits them with a powerful slam. The three lackeys are knocked out. Booser then floats above them and cools off.

Booser: I knew watching the Luigi and Booigi battle would pay off.

The two Yangs are seen jumping around Booster, confusing him. Booster gets angry and tail bashes both Yangs. He is not able to hit them, though. Booster gets red with anger and starts using magic. He sends magic blasts everywhere. He eventually hits the fake Yang, which disappears. Yang gets cornered and watches as Booster slowly approaches him, ready to finish him. Yang then gets an idea. He uses one last ninja skill.

Yang: Ninja skill 32... BLAST FROM THE FUTURE!

A portal appears and a giant beam of energy that looks like something Booster would fire is sent out. The beam hits Booster square in the face.


Booster begins letting off mini explosions, until he eventually explodes. But when the smoke clears, Booster, in his regular form, is seen on the ground.

Yang: That explosion must've only destroyed his release form, not him.

Booster then slowly gets up.

Booster: Oh, you are right, but you didn't completely destroy it.

Yang: What do you mean?

Booster: You only temporarily destroyed it. It needs time to regenerate.

Yang: So does that mean youíre still going to fight?

Booster: Hehehehehe. No. I'm too tired. I'll be leaving right now.

Booster goes to leave, but then stops.

Booster: You know what, I'm going to help you out. When all this blows over...

He reaches into his jester hat and pulls out a diamond-shaped crystal and tosses it toward the ground in front of Yang.

Booster: -you can start searching for your sister. ĎTil we meet again, Yang.

He leaves, laughing. Yang picks it up and observes it, clutching it in his fist.

Yang: I swear, I'll get him one of these days!

The force field around the five heroes disappears and they approach Booser and Yang.

Mario: Way to go, guys.

Luigi: Yeah, you sure showed Booster.

Mallow: Yeah, he finally got what he deserved.

Geno: We shouldn't be celebrating now. We still have one more.

Jr: King Boo.

Booser: Then letís go!

The seven heroes advance to the next area, which is a hallway that leads to the throne room. When they enter, they find King Boo sitting next to Princess Boo on the throne.

Luigi: At last, we finally made it.

King Boo: Hehehe. Welcome, Mario Bros. and friends. This is where I will finally defeat you once and for all. And I will be ruler of this kingdom!

Mario: Forget it, King Boo! You'll never get away with this!

Booser: Yeah! We'll take you down right here, right now!

King Boo: Hehehe. Who said you were going to fight me?

Geno: What do you mean?

King Boo: What I mean is that you think you took down ALL my minions?

Mallow: Well... yeah.

King Boo: WRONG! There is another, and you wonít defeat her.

Mario: ...! No.

King Boo: Yes.

Luigi: You... you can't be serious!

King Boo: Oh, I am. Go get 'em, Princess Boo!

Princess Boo: Anything for you, King Boo.

All: NO!

King Boo: WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes! You are going to have to fight... PRINCESS BOO! Make sure to throw away the trash once youíre done.

Princess Boo: Of course, sweety.

She turns to the heroes and charges at them.

BOSS BATTLE: Princess Boo

Princess Boo forms a lightning bolt and throws it at the heroes. They all dodge it. They do not have the guts to attack her because she is Peach, so they have to somehow break the spell on her.

Mario: How are we going to do this?

Luigi: I'm not sure.

Booser: Well, all we can do is keep dodging her attacks until we think of something.

Yang: We don't need to dodge. We just need a distraction, and I'm the guy who can do that.

Yang jumps toward her and taunts her. Princess Boo gets angry and starts throwing lightning bolts at him. Yang swiftly dodges all of them. Mario and the others are trying to think of a way to restore Peach.

Mallow: Well, what do we know so far that is keeping Peach a Boo?

Luigi: Well, when we were visiting Peach, King Boo came and gave her a white-jeweled pendent...! The pendent! That's what is keeping her in Boo form.

Geno: Good, we know what is doing this. Now, how are we going to free her?

Jr: I have an idea.

Mario: Shoot.

Jr: Okay, since all eight Crystal Hearts can turn her back to her normal self, maybe the four Crystal Hearts we have will bring her out of King Boo's spell.

Mario: It's worth a shot. Yang! Bring her this way!

Yang: You got it!

Yang begins taunting her again; this time she sends magic blasts everywhere while chasing after him. Yang then dives under Mario's legs. Princess Boo is confused. She then sees Mario holding the four Crystal Hearts they have. They give off a glow and shoot a beam at Princess Boo. She is hit and sent to the ground.

King Boo: WHAT?!

Everyone looks at Princess Boo. She slowly begins to open her eyes.

Princess Boo: ... Ma...Mario?



Mario rushes to her aid. He kneels down beside her.

Princess Boo: What happened?

Mario: It's nothing, Peach. We just need take care of one thing.

Mario turns to King Boo, who just laughs.

King Boo: Hehehehehehe. Losing Princess Boo was just a minor setback. If you wish to challenge me, then follow me!

King Boo tosses the throne out of the way, revealing a secret passage. He goes into it. The seven heroes, along with Princess Boo, follow him. They run down a hallway and reach a spiraling staircase. They climb it, and when they reach the top, King Boo is seen, surrounded by the four Crystal Hearts he has.

King Boo: BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Prepare yourselves, heroes, for THIS is the final battle!

His four Crystal Hearts start spinning around him. They then go inside him and he feels power surging through him. He then lets off a white aura.

King Boo: Hehehehe. Playtime is over, Mario Bros. Today is the day I finally beat you and rule this kingdom without worrying about you interfering!

Mario: No way is that happening, King Boo! You turned Peach into a Boo. You're going to pay for that!

Luigi: Yeah! We took down Prof. Boo, Booario and Booigi, Boolossus, and even Booster!

Jr: When I'm done with you, you'll be sorry for messing with the Koopa Army!

Geno: You had Booario and Booigi invade Star Haven and steal the Crystal Ball to locate the Crystal Hearts. You tricked the Star Spirits, AND me!

Booser: I'm sick of you always trying to take out the Mario Bros. I was sick of it WAY before I quit! Now weíre going to take you out!

Yang: I'm going to have fun beating up the guy who hired Booster!

Mallow: Uh... what everyone else said!

King Boo: Tough words for such puny heroes.

Princess Boo (Peach): What are you talking about? Youíre about the same size as everyone here, maybe a bit bigger, but stillÖ

King Boo: Then watch THIS!

King Boo raises his stubs, and balls of magic appear. They send out beams that hit him. He then grows to the size of Giant Bowser from BIS.



Mario and Luigi reach into their pockets and pull out Fire Flowers. They become Fiery Mario and Fiery Luigi. They both start shooting fireballs at King Boo. But King Boo opens his mouth wide and swallows the fireballs. He then blows a giant blue stream of fire. Everyone is able to dodge the attack. Yang and Booser charge toward King Boo and do a combo. Yang pulls out two icy shuriken and Booser releases his fire breath. Yang throws them at the fire and the shuriken freeze the fire and turn it into a freezing blast. It hits King Boo with an explosion of fire and ice. But King Boo takes control of the free fire and ice and sends it back at them. Both Booser and Yang are sent flying. They hit the ground hard, but get back up.

Mallow and Geno use the Sonic Symbols and Star Gun. King Boo is hit with a barrage of sonic waves and stars. He then raises his stubs and forms a giant lightning bolt. He fires it, but it is matched in power with Geno Blast. An explosion occurs and smoke flies everywhere. King Boo endures the explosion and waits for something to happen. He is then hit by a falling star. He looks up and sees more falling stars. The smoke clears and he notices Mallow performing Star Rain. King Boo puts his stubs up and creates a force field. Geno uses Geno Boost on Mallow, and the stars become bigger and start falling faster. The stars eventually break the shield and hit King Boo. He is hit with many stars and is knocked to the ground. Mallow and Geno wait for a response. Then, King Boo quickly raises up and fires an ice beam. Mallow and Geno are surprised by the fast attack and are too scared to do anything.

Yang: Ninja skill 2... FORCE FIELD!

Yang forms a force field around Mallow and Geno. The ice beam hits the shield, doing no damage to Mallow or Geno. Yang lowers shield and Mallow and Geno thank him.

Jr. then steps in and starts slashing King Boo with his paintbrush. King Boo sticks out his tongue, but Jr. notices this and quickly retreats into his shell. King Boo slaps him away with his tongue and Jr. lands with a thud. He comes out of his shell okay, and is not paralyzed. He then starts spinning and throws paint everywhere, preparing for his paintbrush explosion. King Boo is hit with a barrage of paint. When Jr. finishes, he is seen dizzy. King Boo takes this chance and fires a lightning bolt. He hits Jr, who is sent flying over the edge. The lightning bolt cures his dizziness, and he screams in terror. Then, he is dangling. He looks up and sees Peach holding him by his foot. She brings him back to ground level and puts him on his feet.

Jr: Thanks, Mama Peach.

Peach: You're welcome, and for the last time... I'm not your mama!

Jr: Sorry.

Mario and Luigi, still with fire powers, grab their hammers and start charging toward King Boo. They start whacking him and shooting fireballs. King Boo gets angry and spins to shake them off. He pulls it off and starts shooting blue fireballs. Mario and Luigi dodge each one, but they get hit by the last one and lose their fire powers. King Boo laughs and fires an ice beam. Mario puts his hammer in the air and the hammer takes the hit and freezes. King Boo then decides what he is going to do. He shoots blue flames to melt the ice, but Luigi puts his hammer in the air and his hammer takes the hit, turning it into a flaming hammer. King Boo is fed up and tries to finish them with magic blasts. Mario and Luigi charge toward him, hammers ready, and avoid every magical blast. They jump and bring down their hammers on him. King Boo is hit with icy and fiery hammers.


King Boo is then vacuumed into his emerald crown, and the four Crystal Hearts fall out. Mario approaches the Hearts and grabs them.

Mario: We did it!

Luigi: Yahoo!

Peach: Thank you, Mario, Luigi, everyone, even Jr, for saving this kingdom.

Yang: It wasn't a problem at all.

Booser: Yeah, there was no way we could let you stay a Boo under King Boo's spell.

Mario: That reminds me, we should use all the Crystal Hearts to turn you back to normal.

Mario brings out the four remaining Crystal Hearts and they begin to circle around Peach. But, unknown to everyone, King Boo's crown starts to jiggle and King Boo comes back out, normal-sized. He then flies in and grabs ALL eight Crystal Hearts.

Mario: What the?!

King Boo: BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I needed SOME way to get a hold of all the Crystal Hearts. So, I had my crown vacuum myself into it so you would think I was defeated. Well, I wasn't! And, if I had that much power with just four Crystal Hearts... letís see how much power I can get with ALL the Crystal Hearts.

The Hearts surround King Boo and go inside him once more. King Boo grows once more and lets off a white aura.

King Boo: I can feel a lot more power surging through me! At last! I will finally defeat you pesky plumbers! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Mario: Guys, it's time to end this.

All: Right!

Everyone gets into fighting position, and King Boo is ready as well. Peach sits by the sidelines, cheering Mario and Co. on. They all charge at each other and the final battle begins.

FINAL BOSS BATTLE (really): King Boo

Mario and Luigi whack King Boo in the face, while Mallow and Geno use the Sonic Symbols and Star Gun. Booser and Yang fire shuriken and fire breath at him, and Jr. flings paint with all his might. King Boo then uses a new power. He takes control of everyone and throws them off of him. They get up and charge at him again. King Boo fires a bigger stream of blue fire than last time. Booser jumps in and breathes fire of his own. Geno knows that this isn't going to be nearly as powerful as King Boo's, so he gives Booser a Geno Boost. Booserís fire breath becomes the same size as King Boos's as the two attacks collide. Yang rushes in and performs a ninja skill.

Yang: Ninja skill 10... SUPER STAR!

Yang shoots a giant star at King Boo, who is still shooting fire at Booser. He is hit by the star and sent back. King Boo falls off the edge, but comes back up. He then uses another new power. He forms a ball of water and sends it up. He then shoots his ice beam at it, freezing it. The ball of ice comes down like a comet, and King Boo fires a magical beam at it that causes it to burst into a million pieces. Sharp ice shards fall down on Mario and Co. After a few seconds, Yang uses his reflective shield and sends the ice shards back at the oncoming ice shards, destroying them. Yang then uses ninja skill 31, blast from the past, and a portal opens up, shooting out ice shards at King Boo. King Boo is hit by a million sharp ice shards. After that, he uses one more new power he got. He forms a dark, black orb above him. He then fires it at Mario and Co. Booser jumps in and turns everyone invisible. The orb hits below them, causing an explosion. Booser turns everyone back to normal, but the attack isn't over yet. A giant, dark beam comes from the spot the orb hit. The seven heroes are hit. When the beam ends, they are all wounded.

King Boo: Time to end this!

Peach: Not so fast!

King Boo: Huh?

Peach: I'm still a Boo, which means I still have all the powers I gradually got.

King Boo: So?

Peach: I'm saying that you are not going to like what I'm about to do.

She raises her stubs and a magic beam comes out of each of them and hits Mario and Co.

King Boo: No!

Mario and Co. get up. Peach has just healed them.

Mario: Thanks, Peach.

Peach: Youíre welcome. Now finish him.

They all nod and start charging up for attack. Mario and Luigi grab their hammers and charge toward him. Booser releases his fire breath at him. Yang sends out a rapid barrage of exploding shuriken. Mallow and Geno perform Star Rain and Geno Flash. And Jr. uses his paintbrush explosion one last time. All the attacks hit King Boo.


He begins to let off a glow and explodes. The eight Crystal Hearts fly down and land safely. King Boo, who is now back to normal, is on the ground, weeping.

King Boo: Why? I was SO close! How did this happen?

Mario: We foiled your plans, King Boo. There was nothing you could do about it!

Luigi: And don't you know? Good guys always come out on top.

King Boo: There is no possible way I could've lost. I had the power of the Crystal Hearts by my side. And yet I lost to two plumbers, a puffball, a doll, a traitor, a Duplighost, and a Koopa brat.

Booser: Well, you might as well get over that loss, because you will not be doing bad things for a long time.

King Boo: Why?

Luigi: This is why!

Luigi pulls out the Poltergust 3000. He sucks in King Boo.

Luigi: Now, before I do something with this, letís change Peach back.

Mario takes the Hearts and they begin to surround Peach. Then a light shines off of her and when the light disappears, Peach is seen in place of her Boo form. The pendent she was given by King Boo falls off and breaks when it hits the ground. Mario goes up and hugs her.

Peach: Like I said before, thank you, everyone. Now, I think I have an idea for what we can do with King Boo.



The Poltergust 3000 is seen inside a jail cell in Peach's dungeon. From inside the Poltergust, King Boo is screaming his revenge to the Mario Bros. He is stuck inside the Poltergust 3000 along with Prof. Boo and Booario and Booigi.

E. Gadd: Well, I guess Iíd better get working on a new Poltergust, because that Poltergust is holding King Boo inside.

E. Gadd walks out, then Mallow and Geno chime in.

Mallow: Well, Iíd better get back to Nimbus Land. My parents are probably worried sick about me.

He rushes off to Nimbus Land.

Geno: Iíd better get back to Star Haven and return the Crystal Ball that King Boo took, as well as the Crystal Hearts.

Geno walks off with the very important items. Jr. then pipes up.

Jr: Iíd better get back to the Keep.

Before he leaves, Peach stops him.

Peach: Can you have Kamek do one thing for us?

Jr: Sure.


Three days later, the Mushroom Kingdom is back to normal, thanks to Kamek's magic. All the residents are back in their own houses, and Peach's Castle is back to normal. Inside the throne room, Peach is seen with Mario, Luigi, Booser, and Yang.

Mario: Well, everything is back to normal.

Luigi: Yeah, and we definitely won't have to worry about King Boo any more.

Booser: You said it.

Yang: Yeah. Come on, Booser, letís get back to the mansion.

Booser: All right, Yang. See you guys later.

The two ghostly friends head off for Luigi's Mansion.

Mario: You know what bothers me?

Luigi: What is that?

Mario: What became of Booster?

Luigi: Yeah.

Peach: Oh well, I guess we will never find out.

They all begin laughing. But, what did become of Booster?


Booster is seen floating around a forest far away from Toad Town.

Booster: Well, that's the end of it. King Boo lost, and those heroes won. I guess I have nowhere else to go...! Wait a minute.

He pulls out a cell phone. He then pushes a button and it begins to ring. Then, a voice is heard.

Voice: Hello?

Booster: Shroobiorra?

Shroobiorra: Booster, it's been a while. What's going on?

Booster: Iíve decided to rejoin.

Shroobiorra: Really?

Booster: Yeah. I have nowhere else to go. So, where should I meet you?

Shroobiorra: Meet me on the outskirts of a place called Dry Dry Desert. I'll meet you there.

Booster: Got it.

He hangs up and laughs evilly.

Booster: Hehehehe. I might have lost to a new enemy, but I can always challenge an old enemy. Get ready, Yang. Just wait, you will eventually meet all the Senshi. And when you do...  we will take you out!

The End

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