The Mushboo Kingdom

By Blade Guy

It was a dark night at the edge of Boo Woods. There is a mansion seen sitting atop a small hill. Inside, the mansion is filled with Boos, Goomghosts, Koopghosts, Boo Guys, Ghoul Guys, Spear Guy Ghosts, Dry Bones, and Fishin' Lakitu Ghosts. But down, deep within the mansion, there is a room known as the Secret Alter. Inside is a Boo somewhat bigger than average. This Boo has red eyes, a blue tongue, and an emerald crown. This is King Boo, leader of a Boo army.

He is seen floating in anger, remembering his past with the Mario Bros: Mario beating him at Hotel Delfino, Luigi defeating him high atop the mansion, Luigi yet again beating him after he had been revived (Don't know what I'm talking about? Read my King Boo Strikes Back story to find out.), and Mario once again during the Star Portal fiasco (Read my Mario and Kirby story). All of these episodes ended in failure.

King Boo: Why is it that every time I try to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, I get beat by Mario and Luigi?!

Then a large Boo with yellow eyes floats in.

Large Boo: Umm, sir?

King Boo: What is it, Boolossus? Can't you see I'm ranting in anger here?!

Boolossus: I just wanted to inform you that our Boo scientists have invented a very useful item.

King Boo: Very well.

Boolossus and King Boo head upstairs and into a lab. A Boo with glasses (don't ask me how he wears them) comes up to them.

Boo with glasses: Ah, King Boo, I am glad you're here. I must show you something.

King Boo: This better be important, Prof. Boo.

Prof. Boo: Oh, it is, sir. Come.

He takes them to a glass dome. Inside, King Boo sees a necklace shaped like a rupee, only white.

King Boo: What is it?

Prof. Boo: This is what I like to call the Boo Pendent. When someone is wearing it, it will turn them into a Boo.

King Boo: What's the point? Won't the wearer still have their own mind.

Prof. Boo: Oh no, sir. This will also give give them the thought to only obey you.

King Boo floats, staring at the pendent. After a few seconds, he gets an evil grin on his face.

Boolossus: What are you thinking?

King Boo: I'm thinking that I am going to be King of the Mushroom Kingdom, alongside my princess.

Boolossus and Prof. Boo look at each other.

Boolossus: Umm, sir, we don't have a Boo princess.

King Boo: I know. I am talking about... Princess Peach!

Boolossus: But she isn't a Boo.

King Boo: ... Boy, being made of fifteen Boos made me think you had a large brain. Apparently I was wrong! By giving her the pendent and making her wear it, I can rule the Kingdom alongside her!

Boolossus: But how are you going to make her wear it?

King Boo: Oh, leave that to me. Oh boys!

On cue, two Boos appear. These Boos aren't white but one is green and the other is red.

King Boo: You two are coming to the Mushroom Kingdom with me. Tomorrow, we are going to conquer it! Bwahahahahahahahaha!


It is morning in Toad Town, and everyone is having a good day. But someone is seen in a leather coat and hat walking to Peach's Castle. He reaches the front gate and is stopped by two Toad guards.

Toad Guard 1: Halt, who dares come to Peach's Castle?

??????: Please, I am here to give a present to the princess.

Toad Guard 2: Very well, you may pass.

The guards open the gate and let him go, but just as they are about to close the gate, one guard notices the visitor has no feet. So he throws his spear at the bottom tip of the visitorís jacket. The jacket is caught and slips off the person. The guards can't believe what they see. It's King Boo!

Toad Guards: GET HIM!

They rush toward him, but before they are able to get him, the guards are stopped and lifted into the air.

King Boo: Hehehe, it was unwise to try to attack. Booario. Booigi- show yourselves.

Then two Boos appear holding the Toad guards. One is red, the other is green. I think you can guess which is which.

King Boo: Send them flying.

The Boos nod and start swinging the guards. They then throw them into the sky, sending them off to who knows where. King Boo grabs his jacket, Booario and Booigi turn themselves invisible again, and the three of them head inside. They eventually find the throne room, where Peach is seen sitting on her throne alongside with Mario and Luigi. King Boo hadn't suspected them to be at the Castle, but he goes on. Peach  notices King Boo, but doesn't know it's him.

Peach: Um, may I help you?

King Boo: Yes, someone has sent me to give this to you.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small case. He opens it and inside is a white pendent. Peach looks at it and is amazed at how shiny it is.

King Boo: It was sent anonymously.

Peach: It's so beautiful!

King Boo: Try it on.

King Boo hands her the pendent and she puts it around her neck and shows it off to Mario and Luigi.

Peach: How's it look?

Mario: It looks-a nice, Peach.

Luigi: Yeah, you look... Wait, I never noticed how pale you were.

Peach: What do you mean?

Luigi: Well, you seem to be very pale.

Peach takes out a small mirror and sees that she is very pale.

Peach: Thatís odd, but I feel...

She then collapses and begins to moan. Then a flash of light appears from the pendent and engulfs her in it. The light blinds Mario and Luigi. King Boo's eyes are protected by his hat. When the light dims, in Peachís place is an unconscious Boo with Peach's hair, only white, and Peach's crown. Mario then turns to King Boo and rushes up to him and grabs the rim of the jacket, but it slips off when Mario grabs it. Mario looks and sees nothing but a white ball.

Mario: What the...

He looks and sees the hat covering his eyes.

King Boo: Oh Mario, you are so stupid.

King Boo takes the hat off and reveals himself.

Mario: KiÖ Ki...

Luigi: KING BOO!

King Boo: BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thatís right, it's me!

Luigi: What plan do you have this time?

King Boo: The one I always do, conquer the Mushroom Kingdom!

Mario: But why has Peach been turned into a Boo?

King Boo: Hehehehehehe, that's the beauty of it. With Peach a Boo, you won't have the guts to fight her, but she has the power to fight you! Also, I can become ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom with Princess Peach... no... Princess Boo at my side!

Then, Princess Boo starts to wake up.

King Boo: Ah, my princess is finally coming to.

He rushes over and floats by her side. She wakes up and sees King Boo.

Princess Boo: Uh... What happened?

King Boo: It's okay sweety, everything is all right. It's just that those two men over there are trying to kidnap you.

Mario and Luigi: WHAT?!

Princess Boo: ... Could you please do something about it?

King Boo: Of course, my sweety.

Mario: You'll pay for this, King Boo!

They charge at each other and begin a battle. Mario tries punching King Boo, but he disappears and reappears behind him and headbutts him. Luigi sneaks up behind him and tries to lay a kick on him. King Boo whips around and smacks him with his tongue. Luigi is knocked into a wall.

Mario: LUIGI!

Mario charges toward King Boo and lays a punch on him. He is sent toward the wall, but goes through it. Mario approaches Luigi.

Mario: Here, hurry up and touch this.

Mario hands him a Fire Flower. Luigi slowly reaches for it, touches it, and becomes Fiery Luigi. Mario reaches into his pocket and grabs another Fire Flower and turns into Fiery Mario. King Boo comes back through the wall and releases a blue stream of fire. Mario and Luigi counterattack by sending fireballs toward King Boo's stream. They are evenly matched so they both stop shooting, but King Boo disappears and licks Mario and Luigi from behind. Mario is fine, but Luigi loses his fire power and becomes paralyzed.

Mario: What the?

King Boo: Bwhahahahahahahaha! My licks have the ability to paralyze my enemies. Time to wrap this up!

King Boo inhales and then exhales a stream of blue fire. Mario jumps over it and lands behind King Boo. He sends fireballs at him and hits King Boo, who winces in pain but still has energy left to fight. King Boo then forms a ball of magic energy and fires it at Mario, who did not expect an attack like that. The ball of magic hits, and Mario loses his fire power and is left panting heavily.

King Boo: Bwhahahahahahahaha! You didn't think I would come here and fight you with some old attacks, did you? No, I had to catch you off guard. I have learned many new tricks, including... lightning!

King Boo raises his stubs, and electricity starts to form. King Boo sends two blasts of lightning toward each side of the room. Luigi had ended up getting paralyzed on one side of the room, while Mario ended up getting attacked on the opposite side. The two blasts are sent toward each bro and start electrocuting them. The blast ends and the Bros. are on the ground, face down.

King Boo: Bwhahahahahahahaha! I did it! I finally beat the Mario Bros! Time to exterminate them. BOOARIO! BOOIGI!

Just then, Booario and Booigi grab Mario and Luigi and lift them over to King Boo.

King Boo: Finally, the day has come when I takeover the Mushroom Kingdom!

Mario: You'll never get away with this, King Boo!

King Boo: I believe I just did. Now, I would throw you in the dungeon, but you will find a way to get out. Hmmm... Iíve got it! One moment...

He turns to Princess Boo.

King Boo: I'll be right back, dear, I just have to exterminate these fools!

King Boo, Booario, and Booigi, along with Mario and Luigi, teleport away. A moment later, they are seen floating above Barrel Volcano.

King Boo: I'm going to exterminate you by sending you to the depths of Barrel Volcano! Booario! Booigi! On the count of three, drop these fools into the volcano. One...  two three, DROP!

Booario and Booigi let go and watch as Mario and Luigi fall into the depths of Barrel Volcano.

Booario: See ya, suckers!

Booigi: Hope you enjoyed living!


Booario: Congratulations sir.

Booigi: We should head back to the castle and make some new laws, and make you king of the Mushroom Kingdom.

King Boo: No! Not the Mushroom Kingdom. The... Mushboo Kingdom.

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