For the Benefit of Who?!

By E. Gadd

It's a normal day in the Mushroom Kingdom, and Mario and Luigi are enjoying a day of peace...

Luigi: It's so nice to relax.

Mario: Yeah Luigi, I think that Goombas have earmuffs.

Luigi: Are you okay... Oh, I forgot he's always like that.

Mail Koopa: MAIL!!!

Luigi: I'll get it! … Mario, it's for you.

Mario: Give me the phone, Luigi!

Luigi: ...

Mario: It's from a guy named, Mr. Kite?

TO: Mario

This is Mr. Kite. I am the old man in Noki Bay who likes to fish. It would be delightful if you and the princess could come over to the Bay for some fish in 4 days. I'll be waiting.


Mario: That's odd how he knows my address.

Luigi: What's even odder is that he knows who I am!

Mario: Let’s inform the Peach!!!

Luigi: ... You mean the princess... not the Peach.

Mario: Yeah.

Luigi: Sure, what else do we have to do?

At the castle…

Peach: Who is Mr. Kite?

Mario: He's an old man who likes to fish.

Peach: Well we haven't been on a vacation in a long time.

Toadsworth: I'll get the Toads. BOYS!!!

Toads: You don't have to shout, old man, we're right next to you!

Luigi: I'll go get the plane!

On the plane…

Red Toad: I haven't been to the Island in a long time.

Luigi: I haven't even been there.

Green Toad: It's really fun!

Luigi: Looks like we're pulling in right now.

At the airstrip…

Pianta1: Are you the Princess Toadstool party?

Luigi: Yes.

Pianta2: Right this way, your private boat awaits.

In Delfino Plaza…

Yellow Toad: WOW, this place is HUGE, a lot bigger than last time!

???: That's  because there the population is bigger than the last time you were here. Ever sine Bowser left, the Island's... been getting bigger.

Luigi: How?

???: The Shine Sprites are using their power to expand the Island. Why they are doing this, I do not know.

Peach: Really? I didn't know population could grow so quickly. Thank
you, sir- AHHHHH, Petey Piranha!

Mario: You’d better not steal Peach or I'll-

Luigi: Guys, calm down, he's our personal escort.

Peach, Mario, the Toads, and Toadsworth: ESCORT?!

Luigi: He knows more about the Island than we do.

Toadsworth: LUIGI, I told you to assign us an escort, NOT AN IDIOT!

Petey: Excuse me, sir, but I HAVE gone back to school, and at least I'm smarter than Mario.

Luigi: That doesn't take much.

Blue Toad: We'll give you one chance. THAT'S ALL!

Petey: Where to?

Mario: Noki Bay.

Petey: I'll go get a boat.

At Noki Bay…

Petey: We're here!

Mr. Kite: It's nice to see you all again. Thank you, Petey.

Petey: You’re welcome, sir!

Mr. Kite: And you must be Luigi? I am Mr. Kite.

Luigi: Pleased to meet you... sir.

Mr. Kite: Come, let me show you my house.

Mr. Kite walks over to the wall and touches a part of it. A rumble is heard and a doorway appears.

Luigi: Woah.

Mr. Kite: To make room for our growing population, we've made our  homes as our ancestors did - in the bedrock of Isle Defino, which   just happens to be exposed in the Bay's cliff.

Petey: Which means you can have thousands of homes around the Island!

Mr. Kite: Exactly. There is also an area of the Bay none of you have seen. If you look on a map of the Island you will see us at the  smaller part of the tail. The bigger area of the tail is also part of the Bay. We don't show it to tourists, but you can see it.

Luigi: This is your home?!

Purple Toad: It's really spacious!

Mario: And nice!

Peach: Is this what all homes are like?

Mr. Kite: Well I do share it with my grandson who can't get a job.

Everyone Else: Oh.

Mr. Kite: Now I'll go show you the other part of the Bay.

A couple minutes later…

Mr. Kite: Here we are.

Luigi: 0_o

Petey: It's at least four times the size of the other Bay!


Luigi: It's even got those weird-looking pillars with shells on top.

Toadsworth: I say, this is quite extravagant.

Blue Toad: ... You just sucked all the excitement out of this Bay. Just go home.

Mr. Kite: Luigi, come with me.

Luigi: Uh oh.

Mr. Kite: Luigi, a very long time ago I was given the task to select five people on Isle Delfino to be protectors of the Shine Sprites. I had to name them after various Italian words. When I chose them I knew I'd have to train them. After that was over, something big happened to the Island.

Luigi: You’re confusing me. Protectors?

Mr. Kite: The protectors of this Island were Gelato, Serena, Bianco, Ricco, and Pinna. That is how the five cities were named.

Luigi: I guess it's starting to make sense.

Mr. Kite: Te big thing that happened to this Island was when HE attacked.

Luigi: Who?

Mr. Kite: Over 700 years ago someone protected this Island. It was Shadow Mario.

Luigi: That's impossible, Mario wasn't born yet.

Mr. Kite: Do you remember when you and Mario traveled through time and saved saving the past Mushroom Kingdom from Shroob attack? The effect of Mario traveling through time created two copies of himself... sort of.

Luigi: What do you mean?

Mr. Kite: They looked sort of like Mario, but different. These two are Cosmic Mario and Shadow Mario. Cosmic Mario can change his shape to make Cosmic Luigi. Shadow Mario has a magic paintbrush that can create goop with different abilities. He can also create portals into an alternate dimension.

Luigi: That makes sense.

Mr. Kite: Do you honestly think someone made the mask Bowser Jr. used to change into Shadow Mario?

Luig: Hmmm.

Mr. Kite: One day Cosmic Mario made a mask that would make him look like Shadow Mario. He invaded Isle Delfino and framed Shadow Mario. As punishment for attacking the Island, the ruler of the Island, Corona, shattered the Paintbrush and imprisoned Shadow Mario to this very day.

Luigi: Why don't they release the real Shadow Mario if you know the culprit was Cosmic Mario?

Mr. Kite: They won't listen to me, they claim that their judgment is right.

Luigi: Ok...

Mr. Kite: After, Cosmic Mario framed Shadow Mario he got rid of the mask by placing it in the Dark Lands. That mask takes on the shape and abilities of Shadow Mario. If it fell into the wrong hands it would be exactly like what happened here... It took them 700 years to find it.

Luigi: What about the paintbrush?

Mr. Kite: It was made from some pieces with mystical powers that Professor Elvin Gadd happened to find on this Island.

Luigi: What?

Mr. Kite: While he was inventing FLUDD he came across those pieces and used technology to bring them back to life. He managed to put back together a weapon feared for centuries.

Luigi: This is confusing.

Mr. Kite: Perhaps so. In any event, Bowser Jr. stole it from E. Gadd. Luckily he didn't steal F.L.U.D.D.

Luigi: Yeah, that was lucky.

Mr. Kite: So to get back to the matter at hand, the location of Shadow Mario's prison -  it's in Mirror Lake, which is the large lake in Bianco Hills that you can't swim in.

Luigi: I haven't been there yet.

Mr. Kite: Well you’re going soon.

Luigi: Why?

Mr. Kite: To release Shadow Mario!

Luigi: How would I do that? Why would I do that?

Mr. Kite: I'll show you when we get there.

And so, back with the others...

Luigi: Hey guys, let's go to Bianco Hills.

Mario: Why?

Luigi: Mr. Kite's got something to show us.

Toadsworth: I suppose we could stop by.

At the entrance to Bianco Hills...

Pianta: Where do you want to go?

Petey: Mirror Lake.

Luigi: Petey, you know about this?

Petey: Don't tell anyone.

At Mirror Lake...

Mr. Kite: Oh, I forgot, we need the Paintbrush! To Gelato Beach!

At Gelato Beach...

Luigi: Why are we here?

Mr. Kite: I got a feeling it's here.

Il Piantissimo (holding Paintbrush): Ah ha, Mario, You have come to challenge me?

Luigi: Give us the Paintbrush!

Il Piantissimo: You'll have to catch me first!

After a long and strange race...

Il Piantissimo: Fine, you have bested me, the Brush is yours!

Peach: Why do we need the Paintbrush? What about our vacation? Why do we have to go to Mirror Lake?
Mr. Kite: Those will be answered soon, VERY SOON, so soon.

Back at Mirror Lake...

Mr. Kite: Luigi, see that island?

Mario: Oh, that's where Petey took a nap.

Petey: Until you shot floating, inflatable pigs at me.

Luigi: Why do I have to go?

Mr. Kite: That's not important!

Luigi: Well, here I go...

To Be Continued...

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