The Koopa Bros' Revenge

By BlueKoopaBro

Yoshi and the Koopalings, except Morton, were fighting the Koopa Bros.

Yoshi jumped up in the air, but Yellow jumped after him.  He launched his shell at him, but Yoshi flutter-kicked higher and performed the Yoshi barrage.  Black stopped Yoshi in midair by kicking, then slamming him down to the ground.

Iggy and Larry fired a magical blast at Red; he saw them and dodges it easily.  Once he slammed into them both, they tried spinning in their shells and did the same trick.  Red tried to flip them over by jumping on them, but he stepped on Iggy's spike and jumped in pain while hanging onto his foot.

Lemmy fired his Freeze Gun at Green, but the speed of his shell countered the shot.  He Power-Shelled Lemmy as well as Wendy, who was right behind him.  Green grabbed his Freeze Gun and froze Lemmy right on the spot.  Wendy spun her shell and hit Green in the back.

Roy jumped and shook the ground around Yellow while shooting with his wand.  Since the attack was so slow, Yellow dodged it easily and spun his shell until it was on fire.  He charged Roy at a fast speed, hurting him and lighting him on fire.

Yoshi headbutted Black while still in midair.  Before Black could react, Yoshi threw an egg at him.  While Black was falling, he saw Wendy and Red slamming each other with their shells.  Black dived down and flipped over Wendy, then Red kicked her right at the frozen Lemmy.  The ice broke, but both of them were badly hurt.

As for Ludwig and Junior, they were waiting until the Koopa Bros. were striking simultaneously.  Ludwig used his last Stopwatch to stop the Koopas' attacks.  Bowser Jr. transformed back into Shadow Mario and sprayed the goop at them.  Once the Watch's ability was over, the Koopa Bros. were stuck in their tracks.  Yoshi jumped and used the Yoshi Bomb.  He hit the giant goop mess, sending them into the air.  The Koopalings fired everything they had from their wands Lemmy's balls launched the Koopa Bros. into his brothers' attacks, while Wendy's rings prevented them from escaping.  Once they ran out of juice, the four Ninjakoopas fell to the ground covered in soot.
Black:  This ain't fair.  It's eight against four.
Green:  Dude, we might get our shells kicked for real.
Red:  Not yet, Bros.  Time for our special attack.
The Koopa Bros. surrounded the seven Koopalings and Yoshi.  They spun in a circle so fast that they created that same tornado used against the Mario Bros. and Bowser.  They slammed each and every one of them into each other.  All eight of the heroes were in critical condition.  Instead of letting them fall to the roof, the Koopa Bros. kicked all eight of them down at an incredible speed.  They all smashed right through the roof and into the dungeon.  As for Morton, already unconscious, they just threw him down.
Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser saw Yoshi and the Koopalings fall to the ground so hard that a giant hole was created.
Bowser:  MY KOOPALINGS!!  What have they done?
Peach:  Are they gonna be okay?
Mario:  Don't worry.  I'm a doctor.
Mario's doctor clothes suddenly appeared on him, and he checked their pulse.
Mario:  Morton's gonna be fine.  However, Yoshi and the other Koopa Kids are in need of urgent medical attention.
Luigi:  Those fiends!  They're gonna pay for this.
Bowser:  Nobody hurts my kids.  The Mario Bros. may have hurt them a lot, but not like this.
Peach came closer to the Koopalings and saw Morton's wand.  She shook it to see if it still had magic left in it.
Peach:  The wand!  It still has a lot of juice left.
Bowser:  Give me that wand!  It's about time I showed those Koopa Bros. the meaning of power.
Luigi:  Count me in.  Nobody hurts Yoshi.  *turns to Mario* Mario, you and Peach keep them safe.  Bowser and I are going back up.
Mario:  Okie-dokie.

Bowser shot the wand up into the air, and the magic fell down on him and Luigi.  Light started to shine on their bodies.  Both of them glowed radiantly until their bodies were completely white.  Then the white broke apart.  Luigi transformed into Metal Luigi while Bowser transformed into Metal Bowser.
Bowser:  Holy Paragoombas!  Who knew my Koopalings' wands had such power?
Luigi:  No kidding.  Why didn't they use this power on me and Mario?  We would've lost if-
Mario:  FOCUS!
Luigi:  Oh, right.  Let's-a go!
Bowser and Luigi used their metal strength to destroy the cell bars.  Luckily, the shockwave from the Koopa Bros' attack had weakened the bars.  The two heroes started running upstairs.

Meanwhile, the Koopa Bros. were resting in their lounge again.
Green:  This is awesome.  We beat the Mario Bros. and Bowser's family.
Red:  I know, right?  That special attack of ours works like a charm.
Yellow:  Agreed; nobody can stop the Koopa Kings now.
Suddenly, their doors exploded.  Once the smoke cleared out, Metal Luigi and Metal Bowser were in plain sight.
Yellow:  WOAH!  How'd they get out of the prison?
Bowser:  Shut your mouths, Koopas.  You've hurt my family for the last time, and now you're gonna get it.
Luigi:  Yeah!  Nobody hurts Yoshi like that!
Black:  Aw c'mon, we just had a fight three minutes ago.
Red:  No worries, Black.  If we can defeat the Mario Bros. and Bowser's entire family, then we can surely shellshock two metal idiots.
Bowser:  We'll see who's the idiots.
The final battle began.  The Koopa Bros. had only half of their strength left from the last battle, but Luigi and Bowser were in great shape.  Bowser charged in for them, but they moved away without breaking a sweat.  Green and Yellow tossed themselves at Luigi, but his metal body was so dense their shells just rang like a bell while they shook uncontrollably.  Luigi grabbed Yellow by his legs, swung him at a fast speed, and tossed him at Green.  Red and Black spun their shells enough to be on fire, then charged at Bowser, but Bowser just grabbed them and started smashing their shells together.  He then threw them through the wall.  Luigi started punching Yellow super-hard and super-fast, but then Green remembered that he still had Lemmy's Freeze Gun.  He shot Luigi dead center, making him unable to move.  Green and Yellow slam their shells at him, but Luigi broke free before they could strike.  He jumped up, and they hit Black and Red once they got out of the wall.  Bowser then blew fire through the big hole and fried them.  The Koopa Bros. decided they couldn't handle this battle, so they jumped outside their fortress. Bowser and Luigi ran down there a few minutes later.
Green:  Red!  We can't handle these guys with our normal moves.  We have to use our special attack again.
Black:  You sure we can do it a third time?
Red:  ... Uh, yeah.  Of course we can.  Get ready, Bros.  They'll be coming right about…

Bowser and Luigi made it outside.

Red:  -NOW!
All four Ninjakoopas surrounded them.  They spun and created the tornado again.  The two metal guys got caught up in it, and the Koopa Bros. flung their shells back and forth into them.  While Luigi and Bowser suffered minimal damage, the Koopa Bros. were taking a lot from the impacts.  The stress from hitting their bodies so much caused their shells to break.  All four of them fell to the ground as their tornado was reduced to a calm breeze.
Red:  DUDES!  Our shells broke!
Black:  This is so not cool.
Bowser:  And it's about to get much worse.
Luigi tossed Bowser up into the air, and Bowser used the Bowser Bomb.  He came falling down at a high velocity, while the Koopa Bros. could only lie down and watch with their eyes wide-open.
All 4 Ninjakoopas:  (mumbling) Mommy!

The Koopa Bros. had been defeated.  The Mario Bros, Bowser, and Peach carried Yoshi and the Koopalings to the nearest inn.  Once they were all patched up, the Mushroom Kingdom and the Koopa Klan celebrated their victory.  All twelve heroes were granted their marks on the Mushroom Kingdom Hall of Fame.  Koopa Bros. Fortress became Larry's new castle since it was his plan to rescue them in the first place.  Bowser made a treaty with Mario and Peach stating that he wouldn't kidnap her for an entire month. (Good luck with that.)  After that, all of them had a feast in Bowser's dining room.  As for the Koopa Bros., they were sent to Bowser's largest and strictest dungeon at maximum security.  It was a glorious day for the others as they rested easy and carefree.

Late at night, the Koopa Bros. escaped from Bowser's castle.
Green:  I told ya we could escape again.
Yellow:  Point made.
Red:  Well Bros, we lost big time, but that doesn't mean we can't have a fresh new start.
Black:  But we're still in our boxers, and Bowser took all our money.
Yellow:  Not to mention Bowser took back our fortress from us.
Red:  We'll think of something.  In the meantime, let's find some shells and a new place to live.  We're too cool to stay down in the dumps, at least not this long.  Let's go, Bros.
The Koopa Bros. gave the thumbs up and left Bowser's Kingdom, hopefully never to be found by Bowser nor the Mario Bros.

The End


An alternate, darker ending also was envisioned.

Continue on to the darker ending.

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