The Basilisx Chronicles, Chapter 2: Basilisx's Revenge

By Blade Guy

In the last chapter, the minions woke up inside the temple of the great, evil Wizzerd ruler, King Wiz. Kamek had lost his wand, so they went searching. The minions found it inside a treasure room. Unfortunately, they were not welcomed. The minions had run into the spirit of King Wiz. He was not too happy to see them and thought they were in his temple to steal his treasure. The minions had to battle him and were able to defeat him. Then the minions ran into one of Basilisx's buddies, Chaos Guy. Now, we see the minions going into another battle, this time, against Chaos Guy.
BOSS BATTLE # 2: Chaos Guy
The minions rush toward Chaos Guy. Chaos Guy jumps up and starts swinging his hammer. He then comes crashing down, smashing the ground. Shockwaves are sent toward the minions. Kamek, Goomp, and Paraplonk have no problem flying over them. Volkner jumps over them, but Sergeant Guy isn't fast enough and is knocked to the ground. He lands on his back, causing his wand and a small propeller to fall out. Sergeant Guy collects his wand, then notices the propeller. He walks up to it and picks it up. He then gets a grin on his face.
Paraplonk charges toward Chaos Guy and tries to shell slam him. Chaos Guy swings his hammer and smacks Paraplonk away. Paraplonk is sent toward Kamek, who uses a spell to catch him at the last minute. Goomp does a headbonk with an added spin and hits Chaos Guy in the stomach. Chaos Guy is knocked to the ground, but quickly gets back up. He then changes his Mega Hammer into a Fiery Mega Hammer. He starts swinging the hammer around again and manages to hit Goomp. Kamek charges toward him and fires his new ice spell. Sharp ice shards are summoned and he sends them toward Chaos Guy, scraping him.
Chaos Guy gets angry and aims his hammer at them. The mallet opens up and sends out fireballs. The minionsí jaws drop and they run. As they are running, a blast of ice is emitted. The fireballs and ice collide and explode. The minions notice this and look ahead. What they see is Sergeant Guy with a Fly Guy propeller in his head. Sergeant Guy flies toward Chaos Guy, who can't believe what he is seeing. Chaos Guy jumps back into his hovercraft and flies toward Sergeant Guy. Sergeant Guy puts his wand away.
"What's the matter? Giving up?" asks Chaos Guy.
Sergeant Guy then grins. "Oh no. I'm just about to use one of my old weapons."
Chaos Guy is confused. Sergeant Guy reaches into his sack and pulls out what looks like a silver pipe. But that's what it looks like when it is sticking out of the sack. What is really is, is a Bulletzooka, a combination between a bazooka and a bullet). Chaos Guy's jaw drops, as does that of the minions, Basilisx, and Lakimaru.
"What is THAT?!" asks Chaos Guy.
"Oh, it's just something that Ludwig invented. He calls it the Bulletzooka. It fires mini Bullet Bills at high speeds. Like so..."
Sergeant Guy aims and fires ten mini Bullet Bills at once. Chaos Guy doesn't have enough time to get away, and is hit by all of them. Chaos Guy gets angry and starts swinging his Fiery Mega Hammer at Sergeant Guy. Sergeant Guy just keeps flying around him, avoiding the hammer. Chaos Guy actually starts steaming and turns his Fiery Mega Hammer into an Icy Mega Hammer and starts swinging around in anger.
"What is that Shy Guy doing?" asks Lakimaru.
"He's toying with Chaos Guy," says Basilisx. "Chaos Guy is getting so fed up that he is too angry to realize what Sergeant Guy is doing."
"Should we have Chaos Guy give them our message?"
Basilisx is silent. Until, "Not yet. Let's see how this is going to end."
Sergeant Guy fires his Bulletzooka again. Chaos Guy swings his hammer and destroys the bullets. He charges toward Sergeant Guy. Sergeant Guy flies over him, causing Chaos Guy to heads toward the other minions. Kamek fires a magical blast. Paraplonk and Goomp go for a head-on attack. All the attacks hit and Chaos Guy is down. Volkner fires a lightning orb at his hovercraft. He hits it and the hovercraft starts going nuts. It eventually starts falling and hits the ground, giving off static. Chaos Guy is knocked out.

Basilisx and Lakimaru fly down and pick up Chaos Guy and his hovercraft. Basilisx turns to the minions, who get fighting position. "I do not wish to fight... yet. But, I'm here to give you a message."
The minions ease up from their stance and listen to what Basilisx has to say.
"You want to see the Koopa Family again, right?"
They nod.
"Well... come to Joke's End and rescue them. If you're not there within five days... they will be exterminated!"
The minions gasp at the sound of that.
"Ahahahahahahaha! So come if you ever want to see the Koopa Family again!"
He turns to Lakimaru, who opens up a portal to Joke's End. Lakimaru, while carrying Chaos Guy, floats into the portal. Basilisx picks up Chaos Guy's hovercraft and goes through, but gives the minions one last evil grin before the portal closes.
"Basilisx! That evil jerk!" exclaims Kamek.
"Okay, I just met Basilisx, and I have to ask... how do you know him?" asks Volkner.
The minions start telling him the story of how Basilisx joined the Koopa Troop, and, two days later, backstabbed Bowser and turned everyone into stone. They then explain how they defeated him and thought he was dead.
"Wow," Volkner comments. "I had no idea."
"We thought he was evil before, but now he is REALLY showing what he is... PURE evil!" cries Goomp.
The minions nod in agreement, and Sergeant Guy speaks up. "Well, we're not going to save the Koopa Family by standing around. Kamek, what is the nearest location from here?"
Kamek sends out waves of energy to scan the area. He then gets the results. "If we head east of here, there is a quiet little town called Koop Village."
"Okay, letís head there and find out if there is an inn. It's getting late, and those two battles we had tired me out," says Paraplonk.
The minions begin to head toward Koop Village, until Goomp speaks up. "One question. How did you put that propeller on your head, Sergeant Guy?"
"Oh, that. Well, I found it on one of our missions and just took it .And I put it in my head by using my wand. Which reminds me..."
He lands and uses his wand to take it out. He puts it back in his sack. "I think I should use that for emergencies."
The minions head for Koopa Village. They go through a quite forest filled with Ukikis and sleeping Goonies. Eventually, night falls, and the minions just make it to Koop Village. They find an inn and head inside.

When they head inside, they find the place filled with Koopa bellhops. They see the managerís desk and head for it. The Koopa behind it is reading a magazine. Volkner rings the bell and the manager looks up. He then gets scared at the sight of a Goomba with wings and a spiked hat, a Paratroopa, a Shy Guy, a Magikoopa, and a Koopatrol. He hides behind the desk and tells them to leave. The minions look at each other and sigh. They head to the lobby and think of a plan to get a room.
"Okay, all five approaching him isn't good. How about one of us goes?" says Goomp.
"Good idea. But who should go up?" questions Paraplonk.
"I think that Paraplonk should go," says Sergeant Guy. "He's the only one who will not scare the Koopas here."
They all agree and Paraplonk agrees to do it. He approaches the desk and rings the bell. The Koopa from before, still scared, peeks up and sees Paraplonk, and is somewhat relieved.
" can I you, sir?" asks the Koopa, who is calming down.
"Uh, me and my four friends need a room for the night. Do you have any?" asks Paraplonk.
The Koopa goes onto his computer to check. "Ah, we do have one..."
"Buuuut... it'll cost you a good 200 gold coins,"
"Ah come on!"
Paraplonk leaves and approaches his cohorts. "Do any of you by any chance have 200 gold coins?" Paraplonk asks.
"Sorry, dude," says Goomp.
"I have coins, but only 150," says Volkner.
"Gimme that!"
Paraplonk takes the money and approaches the desk and hands him the money. "We are 50 short, but can you let it slide...?"
"I'm sorry, sir, but if I let this slide for you then I'll have to let it slide for everyone."
Paraplonk goes back to the minions. "Give me your Bulletzooka."
Sergeant Guy is confused. "What?"
"Do you want to stay or not?"
Sergeant Guy hands over his Bulletzooka and Paraplonk approaches the desk and points it at the manager. "Listen here, if you don't let it slide, I'll have to blow you to bits!"
The manager takes the coins and give Paraplonk the room key. Paraplonk heads back to the minions and gives Sergeant Guy his Bulletzooka back.

"Uh, quick question. You weren't really going to shoot him were you?" asks Sergeant Guy.
"No way. It was just to threaten him so we could get the room."
They head into the elevator and find the room. When they enter, they find a quiet room with two beds that fit two, plus a pull-out couch. The minions settle in, but while they fall asleep they worry about Bowser and the Koopalings.


Back at Joke's End, Basilisx and Lakimaru are discussing plans to stop the minions from advancing.
"What can we do to stop them from coming any closer to Joke's End?" questions Basilisx.
"Hmm, they have taken on you, they have taken on Chaos Guy, but they haven't seen ME in action yet," says Lakimaru.
"No, no they haven't. I'll give you a chance, Lakimaru. First off, we have to figure out their location." Basilisx takes out his tracking device and checks it. "They appear to be in a place called Koop Village. And the closest place to that is... Sky High Mountain."
"Hmm, I'll be in my element. I'll stop them for sure!"
"Good! Hey, have you seen Chaos Guy?"
"Oh, yeah. After his loss, he has been stuck in his room."
"Hmm, should we check up on him?"
"... Maybe. I think he's taking this pretty hard."
They get up and head for his room. When they approach the door, banging is heard. Basilisx opens the door and they see a giant, metal block. In front of it they see Chaos Guy, back turned.
"Uh, Chaos Guy?"
He slowly turns around. But, he is seen with green orbs around his hands.
"Uh, what's going on in here?" asks Basilisx.
Chaos Guy turns back toward the block and swings his arms up. From below the block, two giant Piranha Plants come out of the ground and send the block into the air. Chaos Guy then claps his hands and the Piranha Plants start crunching on the block, crushing it. Chaos Guy then withdraws the Piranha Plants and turns to Basilisx and Lakimaru.
"NOW you know why my name is Chaos Guy!"
"But how did you..."
"Over here," motions Lakimaru. Basilisx approaches him and Lakimaru shows him a sack with red, green, blue, and yellow pellets.
"What are those?" asks Basilisx.
"They're elemental pellets. Chaos Guy uses these when he needs an advantage. The red ones give him fire abilities, the green ones let him control plants, the blue ones give him icy abilities, and the yellow ones let him use electrical powers," explains Lakimaru.
Basilisx is silent, then gives off an evil grin. "You two get a good nightís rest. But Chaos Guy, I want to talk to you about those pellets of yours tomorrow," says Basilisx with an evil grin.
He and Lakimaru leave Chaos Guy with a confused look on his face.

To Be Continued...

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