Dimentio's Revenge

By Changling

Episode 11: Voyage in a Volcano
Last time on Dimentio’s Revenge, we finished up the epic battle of Isle Soshi. Chef Torte, Whomp, Embert, and Changling, were beat up by Blagon, Soshi destroyed Roy’s doomship, the Grand Glum Reaper impeded the Axem Rangers’ progress, and Genius Guy and Lucy barely did anything to our heroes. It was the Mario crew that eventually got the Kalmar Card, giving them another Pure Stard. But Blagon is following them out to sea. What will happen to our heroes? Will Blagon discover the secret of the Pure Stards? Find out in this, the next thrilling episode of Dimentio’s Revenge!

Mario, Ninja, O’Chunks, and Fuzz E. (still with his collar on) paddle slowly, relaxed on their way back to shore. Mario has a dreamy expression on his small, round face, and he gazes up into the sky, thinking of Peach. Ninja is looking in the water as she paddles, wondering if her shuriken could penetrate the water efficiently enough to slice up a few fish for a snack. O’Chunks, on the other hand, has dropped his paddles altogether and is in the process of hurling his breakfast over the side of the boat. Fuzz E., the final member of this group, doesn’t have arms so isn’t paddling, but is instead trying to think of ways he could get his collar off his neck and attack Mario.
None of them heard the soft, delicate sound of the flapping of wings behind them.  A small splashing noise behind them made them all turn, but there was nothing there, just a few ripples of water spreading out. A small wave laps over that area, leaving the water undisturbed. Well, as undisturbed as an ocean can possibly be. The four turn around and continue whatever they had been doing before. As Ninja looks down at the fish, she thinks she can afford to lose at least one shuriken. She takes one out of her pocket, spots a nice large fish, and flings it with a flick of her wrist. At lightning speed, the shuriken leaves her hand and cuts through the water towards the creature. From her angle, it appeared that she hit, but she couldn’t tell for sure. Shrugging, Ninja went back to paddling.
Suddenly the shuriken came whizzing out of the water, slicing a bit of Ninja’s Mushroom hat. “Yowch!” cried Ninja, as the shuriken went whizzing up further in the air, then fell in the water with a plop. A large beam of ice shot up out of the water next to their ship, making a pillar of ice reaching high into the sky.
Mario groaned. “Just our-a luck. I should’ve known it wouldn’t be that easy.”
Out far away from the boat, a swell in the water appeared, rushing toward the boat, getting bigger and bigger.
Fuzz E. shivered. “Wh-wh-what do you mean? What made that happen?”
The swell was quite large now, and was about to come crashing into the boat.
Ninja replied, “Only one person we’ve seen could do something like that.” As she says it, the wave comes within five feet of the boat. As all four heroes turn, two things happen. A giant blast of ice shoots from behind the swell, splitting their boat in two, leaving O’Chunks and Fuzz E. on one side, and Mario and Ninja on the other. As the swell itself crashes down upon the area, something shoots up from the wave, a blue, scaly blur. It flies up into the air, and it’s seen for what it is. A blue dragon, dripping water, wearing shades, and with small pieces of ice clinging to scales in places.
As they watch, the creature’s head shrinks in, becoming smaller and square-shaped. The coat of scales unzips, revealing small rectangles floating above each other, held together by some magical force. The scales flap around, and grow pockets and a zipper. The spaces between the scales disappear, uniting it into the same thing, a blue trench coat. The tail shrinks and retreats into the folds of a pair of blue shorts. The feet lose their claws, and shrink into small rectangles, and voila! A Flipsider is levitating in mid-air.
Blagon’s mouth curls into a smirk. “Missed me? I must say, I have relished the idea of getting yet another chance to give you an icy demise.”
Ninja growls back at him. “Last time was a fluke. This time, we’re ready!”
Blagon cocks an eyebrow. “Are you? You don’t have to be destroyed, you could just help my master Dimentio rule the world.”
Fuzz E. speaks up, “Actually, that doesn’t sound too ba-“ He stops, looking at the angry glares he is receiving.
O’Chunks smashes his fist on the size of the boat, capsizing it. When he comes back up, he shouts, “We’ll never join the likes of you!”
Blagon shrugs. “Pity. All right then. GAME ON!”

Blagon: Round 1
Blagon transforms back into a dragon and flies around, searching for a target. As he looks down, he notices Fuzz E., spluttering after coming up from the water. Perfect target. He swoops down, bringing out his claws. “Look out!” O’Chunks shouts, but it’s too late. Blagon snags Fuzz E. by his collar, and carries him up into the sky. A ripping sound is heard, and the collar rips. Fuzz E. drops toward Earth, flailing his, er, his, um… I’ll get back to you. Blagon swoops down to get him, but Fuzz E. jerks to the side, and Blagon misses. His tail, on the other hand, doesn’t. Poor Fuzz E. gets smacked with Blagon’s tail, and without the collar to restrain him, Fuzz E. goes flying off into the distance.
“AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!” screams Fuzz E., getting fainter and fainter.
Blagon cackles, “Ha! Field Goal! One down, three to go.”
The dragon dives down into the water. O’Chunks takes the opportunity to swim over to Mario and Ninja’s half of the boat. The three gulp, and O’Chunks says, “Weel, now whatta we do now?”
Ninja, who was peering over the side of the boat, screams, “JUMP!”

The three protagonists dive off the side of the boat, barely dodging another pillar of ice that goes blasting into the sky. Mario comes up spluttering, and looks around to see O’Chunks and Ninja emerge from below waters. They begin to swim towards him, but Mario shakes his head, “No! We’ll-a make too big of-a a target!”
They both stop, and O’Chunks looks down into the water for Blagon. His eyes widen, “Ah noe.” He is dragged under with a large splash.

Blagon shoots out of the water, O’Chunks clamped firmly in his mouth, then grabs him with one claw. “Ha-ha! Let’s make this number two!”

Blagon flings O’Chunks high up into the air, and centers his mouth below to gobble up the Irish… person-thing. Acting swiftly, Ninja pulls out three shuriken, and Mario readies a fireball. As Ninja throws her shuriken, Mario hits them with fire. The three blazing metal stars puncture Blagon. One of them digs into his right hind-leg, another tears a hole through his wing, and the third slices into his eye. Blagon flaps his wings in vain, but the force flips him over. He lets out a bloodcurdling screech as O’Chunks lands on his underbelly.
Sensing that he’s going down, Blagon dives into a barrel roll, sending O’Chunks spinning off onto the top of an ice pillar. Not daring to make the jump down, O’Chunks gazes down, watching the battle below. Blagon comes out of the water, making a few attempts at flying, but fails. Soon after going under yet again, he comes back out and glides over the water freezing it into ice. After making a fair-sized arena, he lands in the center.
Gazing at Ninja with his one good eye, he growls, “Get up here, you brat, you will pay for what you have done to my eye!”
Ninja flips deftly out of the water, unsheathing her samurai sword. “Bring it on, dragon!”
Blagon roars, unleashing a stream of ice in the air. He charges forward, bringing out his claws, which Ninja smacks aside with a swipe of her sword.
Meanwhile, Mario is trying to climb up to O’Chunks and help him get down. The ice is uneven and ragged, making this possible in some places, but most often Mario is led into a dead end. “Can’t you-a just dive down?” Mario asks exasperatedly.
O’Chunks, however, is too far away to hear, and stays firmly in the center of the pillar.
Ninja brings her sword down atop Blagon’s head, but Blagon blocks it with both pairs of claws, and readies a blast of ice. Ninja leaps in the air, just barely avoiding hitting the ice, and flips over Blagon’s head, landing behind him. She immediately spins around, bringing her sword in an arc, but Blagon spins swiftly and blocks the blow with his claws.
Blagon prepares another blast of ice, and Ninja rolls out of the way, smashing into the pillar of ice that Mario is not climbing. While she is dazed for a second, Blagon takes his opportunity, and grabs her with one claw. He brings his other claws above his head to strike.
Meanwhile, Mario is about halfway up the ice pillar. He brings his hand up and puts it into another crevice in the ice. The cold bites into his hand, and he slowly takes it away and breathes hot air on it. Feeling the cold recede from his hand, he brings it back to put it in the crevice. While doing so, he looks down to see how Ninja is faring. Before he gets a chance to actually see, his hand misses the crevice and grapples in vain on the strange stalagmite. His balance put off, his other hand detaches from its icy hold, and Mario falls backward from the pillar of ice, toppling head over heels.
“Any last words, fungus?” Blagon asks, cackling madly, a fearsome sight with only one good eye.
Ninja gulps, and stays firm. Blagon brings his claw forward, when, “AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH-A!!!”
Mario smashed into Blagon’s head, and they both decimate the ice, sending Mario, Ninja, and Blagon into the water once more. Blagon then goes berserk, speeding back and forth through the water, shooting ice with reckless abandon. He smashes through an ice pillar, sending the whole thing toppling. O’Chunks slips off the falling pillar of ice, and falls head over heels toward the water. He lands with a humongous splash, sending a huge wave of water over the camera’s surface.
Blagon continues going berserk, and with no warning, Mario and Ninja are frozen in a blast of ice. Blagon stops, panting heavily, and glares at O’Chunks. “You are the last of these mongrels. Prepare to die.”
O’Chunks, with barely enough energy to move, gulps back a lump in his throat. There was nothing he could do. Suddenly, a light shone from Mario, still encased in a block of ice. The two Pure Stards left him, one traveling toward Blagon and the other to O’Chunks. The Pure Stards fly in circles around the two and O’Chunks feels energy seep into his battered body. He also feels a strong connection to animals. He whistles once, and many Cheep Cheeps, Rip Van Fish, Bloopers, and Goonies come to him, creating a shield of animals.
But the Pure Stards weren’t only aiding O’Chunks. Blagon too was getting special treatment. The wound in his leg healed up, he felt new leathery skin covering the hole in his wing, and when he opened his eye, (he had been keeping it shut this whole time) it was whole once more! Red streaks also appeared, all over Blagon’s sleek body. He snorted, and out of one nostril came a small puff ice, and the other belched smoke. He gasped, and roared to the heaven, breathing out a stream of ice and fire intertwined.
Blagon turned to O’Chunks. “HA! Now you have no chance! This is your last chance to join Dimentio’s crew. What say you?”
O’Chunks grinned, “Ah say nevah! Attack!” The Goonies all fly quickly towards Blagon, beaks stretched before them, while the fish leap, opening their jaws to clamp onto Blagon’s meaty legs. The Bloopers float up into the air and let loose blasts of ink. Blagon easily dodges all these attacks, and burns to crisp or freezes all of O’Chunks’ army. He turns to O’Chunks.
“Now, it is your turn,” Blagon says maliciously. O’Chunks closes his eyes and concentrates, begging a very large creature to come to his aid. Blagon cackles his evil little cackle as he prepares a very large blast. As he is about to release it, there is a huge rumbling noise.
Blagon grumbles, “What is it this time?!”
A voice comes from below, “BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!” The giant Blooper from Episode 4 emerges from the water, glaring at Blagon. Blagon lets out a very girly scream and attempts to fly away, but the Blooper is quicker. He launches an egg and a shell at Blagon, sending him flying off with the two objects. It then reaches into the water and picks up O’Chunks and the still frozen Mario and Ninja. “Bloo-bl-bloo-bloop? (Want a lift?)
O’Chunks grins, “Teh Toad Town!”
The Blooper swam off with Mario, O’Chunks, and Ninja.

Meanwhile, on a sandy beach, a black Boo with a helmet and a pitch-black sword floated, waiting for something. “Hmm… Master said that they’d be arriving soon.” He checks his watch, and his eyebrows raise slightly. “Ah, they should be arriving in 3…2…1…”
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuugggggghhhhhh!” Three creatures careened from the sky, smacking into the sand and losing consciousness.

The black Boo grinned, “Right on schedule!” One of the creatures changed before his eyes from a blue and red dragon to a blue Flipsider with a red trench coat. Another of the creatures was a Koopa in an eggshell, clutching a wand. The third creature appeared to be a normal Koopa, but Archiblade (the Boo) knew better. This one, with a bit of training, would become an excellent fighter. How could he not be? Considering that he was the descendent of- Wait, one was stirring.
Blagon groaned, and groggily got up. Where was he? A stretch of sand? A beach! He got to his feet and rubbed his head, which ached like the dickens. What had just happened? He looked down and saw his trench coat, now red and blue, and it all came back to him. Blagon shivered. He had failed his master. He would be punished for sure. If only he hadn’t been so easy on them. He would try harder next time.
Archiblade stepped forward, and said in a thick British accent, “M’lord Captain Blagon! I have been sent by Master to join the forces of the Master of Dimentions, Dimentio.”
Blagon blinked, and shook his head, “Wh-Who are you?!”
Archiblade smirked, “Ah, forgive me for being so forward. My name is Archiblade.”
Blagon grunted, still groggy. “Fine, I s’pose y’can join. Let’s leave.”
Archiblade held up a stub. “Wait one second. First we need these two.” He motions toward Jr. Troopa and Koopster.
Blagon cocks an eyebrow. “Who are they?”
Archiblade explains, “They’re coming with me to be a part of Dimentio’s army.”
Blagon yawns. “Why are they unconscious?”
Archiblade grins sheepishly. “That’s not important.”
Blagon shrugs and teleports to the base with Archiblade, Jr. Troopa, and Koopster.


Mario, Ninja, and O’Chunks hop off the Blooper at the dock in Toad Town, and wave goodbye to it as it disappears under the water. Then they walk over to Merlon’s house, and enter. Merlon greets them and gestures towards the seats. The three sit down.
Merlon strokes his beard reflectively after they tell him their tale, and leans back in his chair. “So you’ve lost Fuzz E., eh? Hmm… I sense that nonetheless he will still play his part in the outcome of this.”
Mario objected, “But how-a can that be? He could’ve landed-a anywhere.”
Merlon held up a finger. “Do not doubt the words of the sages. Anyway, I suppose that you are here in search of the next item, correct?”
Ninja nodded. “That’s right.”
“Well, I’m quite a bit ahead of you. I have located the Star Spirit Card Klevar in the deadly Barrel Volcano,” Merlon says, gesturing to his crystal ball, which does indeed show a volcano spewing out molten lava.
Mario leaps up. “Well, what are we waiting for? To Nimbus Land!”


Dimentio sits sprawled out on his throne once more, and, once again, a knock sounds from the door. “Come in, Blagon!”
Blagon walks through the door alone, and bows low before Dimentio. “You may stand. Have you retrieved the Star Spirit Card Klevar from that bumbling chef and his idiotic minions?
“Well, there was a… slight problem… and Mario and his friends made off with it.” Blagon says nervously.
Blagon gulps. “Well, I was test-“
“NO! NO TESTING! I WANT HIM DEAD!” Dimentio shouts, shooting a starburst that knocks Blagon out of the room. “LEAVE ME, NOW!”
Blagon runs off, smashing into Archiblade, who knocks into Jr. Troopa, who falls on top of Koopster, and they all end up on the ground in a tangle of arms and legs.
Koopster mumbles, “Does that mean we’re free to go?”
Blagon stands up and tries to regain his cool, but stutters, “N-n-no, you h-help with the inva- *catches his breath* -sion on Bowser’s castle. You take orders from Koopark. Go.”
Jr. Troopa cocks an eyebrow. “Invasion? Well, how are we supposed to get there?”
Blagon snaps his fingers, and a gateway appears.
Koopster objects, “Wait, I wanna go back home!”
“Quit yer whinin’, let’s get goin’!” Archiblade orders, shoving them through the gateway, and he unsheathes his sword, cackling madly. This will be fun, he thinks, floating through the gate.

Larry walks along the corridor out of the dungeons, flanked by two Koopatrol guards. He keeps his eyes straight ahead, careful not look at his siblings and Kamek, who had been thrown in for failing their various missions. Still, he couldn’t understand why King Dad had thrown him in there in the first place. It wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t stop Mario, being strapped to that electric chair and all. If anything, it was Roy’s fault for making that stupid tradition.
Larry sighs. At least King Dad was letting him out. The only downside was that it was probably for another spying mission, and if he failed this one, he’d probably be in the dungeon for the rest of his life. He’d have to figure out some way around that.
Soon enough, he finds himself in front of Bowser. His father glares at him. “Larry, I’m shocked at your failures. Not just once, but twice! Normally you would still be in that dungeon, but in this case, I’m making an exception. You will not come back unless you have helped all your remaining siblings in their missions. If even one of them comes back empty-handed, heads will roll. Understand?”
Larry gulps. Knowing his father, he probably means it. “I understand completely, King Dad.”
“Good. Your ride is in the hangar. Go help your brother Ludwig first. He told me that he thinks that he has found something in Barrel Volcano, and he’s going in, but Mario’s on his way there, too. Do you understand?” Bowser asks, glaring down at Larry.
Larry nods. “You can count on me, King Dad!”
“You’d better hope I can! Go. Now,” Bowser orders.
Larry bows and scurries away to the hangar. He leaps onto his doomship and flies off above the carnage of battle around Bowser’s Castle.
Koopark frowns. This was getting him nowhere. He had to think of a better plan. He paces back and forth, barely looking up at attackers, simply blasting them away as he thinks. Suddenly, an idea strikes him. He races off to gather his brothers together. Once they were all together, he asks Koopightning to make an electric shield around them, and he tells them his plan.
His brethren rub their hands together with glee, then disperse, gathering various minions. Koopark grins to himself. This was going to catch that stupid Koopa King completely off guard. As he turns to go help with gathering minions for his plan, he finds himself face to face with Kamella!
“Mwehehehe! Won’t this be fun? I have one of their leaders all to myself!” Cackling madly, Kamella swirls her wand, preparing a spell.
Koopark cocks an eyebrow. “Do you honestly think that this will be that easy?”
Kamella, shrugs, then shoots three fireballs from her wand at Koopark. Koopark rolls his eyes, leaps in the air, pulls off incredible acrobatic moves, and knocks them all back at Kamella.
“Yowch! Let’s pick up the pace a bit!” Kamella says before shooting fireballs at him. As Koopark prepares to kick them back again, Kamella flings her wand, catching him off guard and smacking him in the face, leaving him to get burned by the fireballs. Kamella snatches up her wand from the ground and laughs.
Koopark groans, wiping blood from his chin where the wand hit him. He gets back on his feet and gazes at Kamella, just oozing hatred. Leaping in the air, he spins around, creating a massive tornado of darkness. Kamella gulps and dives out of the way when he launches it at her, but it follows her and flings her high up into the air. Koopark leaps into the tornado and is flung up as well.
In the air, he grabs Kamella and starts punching her lights out. Kamella shrieks, and about fifty Magikoopas fly up, attacking Koopark. Koopark turns to face them, but Kamella escapes. As he turns back to get her, the Magikoopas freeze him in midair. Kamella comes over to him. “That’s enough! You’ll pay for what you’ve done to my fair façade!”
Kamella leans back, raising her wand up in the air, when an egg smacks her in the face. She tries shaking it off, but a young Koopa peeks out of it, shrieks at the height, and grabs onto her face in terror. Then a Koopa shell flies up and knocks into Kamella’s stomach, and she keels over and falls to the ground fighting for breath. The Magikoopas release Koopark and go for their leader, when a black Boo appears in front of them and slices them up with a pitch-black sword.
As Koopark falls, the Boo floats downward and catches him, gently letting him stand on the ground. The Boo floats before him, and is joined by a Koopa and a baby Troopa.
The Boo comes forward. “Good day, Master Koopark! I am Archiblade, a new soldier, and these are my compatriots Koopster and Jr. Troopa.”
“Well, we can always use more soldiers. Wait… are you to good at digging?” he asks Koopster and Jr. Troopa.
“We’re pretty good,” they reply.
“Excellent! Go find one of my brothers, and he’ll tell you what to do,” Koopark orders, and they run off.
Archiblade asks him, “What should I do, sir?”
Koopark frowns. “I’m not sure. You could be my-“

A rumbling is heard in the air. Koopark looks up to see a doomship flying above. “Go! Chase that doomship! It’s up to no good!”
Archiblade nods, and floats off in pursuit of the doomship.

Two Nimbus guards stand talking at the entrance to the hot springs. The sun is shining, and birds twitter in the clouds. One bird flies toward the edge of the platform, when a stone tongue sticks out, grabs it, and retreats. The Nimbus guards go forward to investigate, and are hit by rock eggs and knocked out. Dylan flutter-jumps up onto the cloud and walks into the hot springs, then runs and dives into the volcano.
Shortly after, a giant spider-like robot leaps onto the cloud and clomps along, knocking the Nimbus guards off the side before leaping into the volcano. Soon after that, a large clock leaps onto the platform and toddles off to the volcano, tripping and falling inside. Then a crazy bean with weird glasses flies over in headgear, and drops into the volcano. A doomship flies over, letting down a ladder, and a blue-haired Koopa comes out and lays down by the entrance to the volcano, looking down inside. However, a black Boo flies up with a sword and begins attacking him, and they both fall into the volcano. Finally, Mario walks up with Ninja and O’Chunks. They all jump into the volcano.
Inside, Mario and Co. leap across a few platforms, dodge Podoboos, and begin traversing the volcano. Soon they make it to the room where Hinopio’s inn was. Mario hears a muffled noise coming from a closet, and opens the door to reveal Larry, bound and gagged.
“Larry?” Mario asks, confused.
“Mmph mmph mmph mmph!” Larry says, looking angry.
“What?” Mario replies, unable to understand.
Ninja walks forward. “Maybe we should take off the gag before interrogating him.”
She take off the gag, and Larry says, “Let me out! I’ll get that mangy Boo!”
“Boo? What are you talking about?” Ninja asks him.
“LET ME OUT OF THESE ROPES!” Larry shouts.
Mario steps closer. “Where is-a this Boo?”
Larry responds, “Right behind you, why?”
Mario spins around to see Archiblade raising his sword high to bring down on Mario’s head. Mario rolls out of the way, and the sword slices Larry free.
“Well, it’s been fun, but I’m outta here!” Larry says, running back out of the volcano.
Ninja takes out her samurai sword. “Oh, so you think you can use a sword, do you?”
Archiblade grins. “Better than you! Shouldn’t you be at home, playing with your dolls?”
Ninja looks affronted. “Excuse me? What are you saying?”
“Little girls shouldn’t dabble in things bigger than them, or they might just lose their fingers!” Archiblade cackles, bringing his sword down toward the fingers on her sword hand. Ninja quickly moves her hand out of the way, blocking the strike with the sword, and they enter a fierce duel, sending clangs in all directions.

Mario and O’Chunks continue onward in the volcano. Once they’re in the room with jumping Podoboos right before the Czar Dragon, they hear clangs. They continue to the end of the room, where they see Countdown battling with a giant spider-robot with Ludwig in it.
The two brawlers stop and looks at O’Chunks and Mario. Ludwig laughs madly, “Mario! You’re just in time to die! My new invention is invincible!”
Mario blinks. “Aren’t you a little-a busy?”
Ludwig suddenly kicks out with one of the spider legs, sending Countdown into the lava. “Not now that you’ve served as a distraction!”
O’Chunks steps forward. “If ya want ta get ta Maria, yeh’ll have teh get throo’ me first!”
Ludwig cackles. “Gladly! You’ll last all of six seconds!”
O’Chunks grins. “Bring et on!”
Ludwig pounces on O’Chunks with robot, and O’Chunks shouts, “Go on, Maria! I’ve got this un taken care o’!”
Mario continues, and gets to the room where Czar Dragon was. He hears muffled shouts from the next room, and some headgear flies out, which Mario ducks, barely evading. As he peeks into the room he sees Fawful smack into the far wall and fall down unconscious.
He steps into the room, and the wall behind him crumbles, blocking the exit. He looks around, and sees the Klevar Card. Suddenly a gray blur falls down and lands in front of him. Dylan turns to face him. “So, we meet again, murderer.”
Mario sighs. “How many times do-a I have to tell-a you! I’m not a-a murderer!”
Dylan looks at him skeptically. “I’m sure. Anyway, I don’t have time to waste with the likes of you. I have to get this Star Spirit Card back to M’lord Dimentio.” He turns to grab the Card, but Mario tackles him.

Dylan rolls and gets up. “I suppose I have a bit of time after all!”
Dylan launches stone eggs at Mario, which Mario knocks back at him. Dylan uses his tongue to catch them, puts them into his cheeks, and starts shooting them out of his mouth super fast, like a machine gun. Mario gets knocked into a wall, and before he can recover, Dylan grabs him with his tongue and swings around into a circle, smacking Mario into the walls as he spins. Finally he throws Mario up high into the air, and Mario falls down, crashing hard into the stone floor.
Dylan stands over him. “How do you like that?! Now I really must be going, but first, your doom awaits!”
Ninja rolls to the side, dodging a sword slash from Archiblade, and swings her blade at his unprotected back. Fast as lightning he spins, blocking the attack with his blade. He swings low at Ninja’s feet and Ninja leaps in the air, bringing her blade down as she comes down, but he brings up his sword and blocks the blow. Ninja leaps to the other side of a bed and tips it over to hit him, but Archiblade rolls to the side and comes at Ninja. Ninja leaps on top of a closet and lets loose her ninja stars, but Archiblade turns intangible, dodging them.
Ninja leaps up and stabs her sword through the closet, making it fall toward Archiblade, who dodges again. However, her blade keeps going, piercing through the floor. A little rumbling sound begins, and a spurt of lava comes out of the hole. Ninja leaps back from the hole, and a giant stream of lava blasts out. The room slowly begins filling up, but Ninja and Archiblade have already rrn out, trying to escape the lava, which comes out quicker and quicker.
O’Chunks leaps to the side, dodging a leg, and punches a leg out. Ludwig’s robot staggers, but regains its balance. Ludwig pushes a button and missiles shoot out, going for O’Chunks. O’Chunks dodges and they smash into a wall, making cracks appear. O’Chunks calls forth insects to go into Ludwig’s machine and mess up some of the wiring. Ludwig’s machine malfunctions and, after running back and forth while breaking open walls, explodes, flinging Ludwig to where O’Chunks is standing.
Ludwig growls at O’Chunks and flings himself at him. A cartoon cloud appears. Neither of them notices as lava slowly fills the room…
Mario staggers up, dazed, and Dylan laughs scornfully. “You’re pathetic! I’ve never met anything as pathetic as you, you murdering loser! I can’t believe Master Dimentio is worried about-“

Dylan is cut off as the rocks that were blocking the doorway burst away, letting lava flow in. Dylan scrambles up toward the exit, running from the lava. Mario staggers forward, grabbing the Klevar Card, and quickly jumps up after Dylan.
Rocks begin falling, but Mario dodges them. Dylan leaps out, but the portion of the volcano he lands on crumbles because of the pressure. He falls back into the volcano, flailing wildly, and grabs onto a small indent in the rock wall. Mario makes it to the top of the volcano, but he hears a voice. “HELP!” Mario looks down into the volcano and sees Dylan hanging on for his life, lava rising below him.
Mario hesitates, then leaps back into the volcano to save Dylan. He stands on the nearest ledge to Dylan, hangs down by one hand, and reaches out to Dylan with the other. Dylan reaches out and grabs Mario’s hand. Mario pulls him up just before the lava reaches them. The two race to the top of the volcano, but the lava is too fast and catches up to them. Just before they get consumed, the platform they stand on is broken off, and the lava pushes it up. They go flying way up into the sky with the eruption, and the platform splits in half, separating them as they fall to Plit.

Will Mario survive? What happened to O’Chunks? Will Dylan ever trust Mario? All these questions and more will be answered next time on Dimentio’s Revenge, Thursday 8:00 on the Koopa Channel!

To Be Continued...

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