Dimentio's Revenge

By Changling

Episode 3: Koopas, Robots, and Beans! Oh my!

Last time on Dimentio's Revenge, Mario woke up in Hooktail Castle, and met a young ninja toad named Ninja T. They decided to ask Prof. Frankly what to do, but on the way out of Hooktail Castle they were attacked by three Koopas. Mario and Ninja KOed two, and kicked the third out a window.

Then they discovered that the pipe to Rogueport was out. They went to ask Koops, the new mayor of Petalburg to help them get to Rogueport. On the way to Petalburg, the Koopa they kicked out of Hooktail Castle attacked them again with a few Goombas. They KOed the Goombas and nearly got the Koopa too, but he ran off in the direction of Rogueport. They got to Petalburg and saw that it was burning down. They quickly found the source: Dimentio and his minion. The two were there because Koops had grabbed the Dark Prognosticus before being teleported off by Dimentio. Mario and Ninja came up to defend Koops, and got beaten half to death by the minion, called Blagon, while Dimentio searched the house. Dimentio came out with the book right before Blagon killed Ninja, and left with Blagon. Mario and Ninja fainted, and when they awoke, they went to see Koops and try to get to Rogueport. Koops told them to take the Cheep Cheep Blimp that would arrive soon. They took the blimp to Glitz Pit, and then Rogueport.

Meanwhile, we found out that the Crystal Stars and Star Spirit cards had been accidentally scattered by Blagon, and Dimentio sent in a seemingly gothic Koopa, Koopark, to retrieve the items. With Mario, he and Frankly figured out that Blagon lost the stuff, and Mario went to get a Crystal Star on Zess T's roof. Up there, he saw Junior Troopa and the previously mentioned Koopa, named Koopster, about to grab the Star.

Will Mario and Ninja beat Junior Troopa and Koopster or get the stuffing beaten out of them for the third time? What happened to Koopark? What is the new phase (mentioned in the last episode) of Dimentio's plan? Well, you won't find out in this episode, because this episode is not about Mario!

Bowser looks around at the tall trees with their leafy green foliage. Everywhere he goes, all he sees are these stupid trees. He and his army could've been in that cursed forest wandering around for any amount of time, he'd lost track. Every way they went it has been just trees, trees, and then after that, even more trees. Well, looking back, they could have been worse off. I mean, his kids and guards had all hidden behind him when Dimentio had appeared, and had grabbed onto his shell, so when they were teleported, Bowser and his cowardly kids and army at least went to the same place. Bowser had been mad at them at first, but after being lost for who knows how long in the Forest Maze, he had begun seeing it as a good thing.

Bowser leads his army forward, hoping to get free of the trees that are trapping him and his army in this leafy world. He looks around in the four directions he and his army have the choice to go, and decides they will go left. He and his army reach the area where Bowyer was, which marks the end of the forest. At the end of the double row of stumps, he sees the Eldstar Card.

"Bwahahahahaha! I told you chumps not to doubt me! And look what I got us! I got us out of this stupid forest, and I got us a prize as well!" laughs Bowser, walking forward to claim his prize. His army shouts things about how awesome Bowser is, as he gets closer to the Star Spirit Card.

He's about ten feet away when he hears, "Oh my gosh! It's a rare Eldstar Catch Card! I didn't know they were in stock! My friends on digibutter.nerr are going to be soooo jealous! Well, if I can get back to my dimension after that party thing…" A strange chameleon with glasses materializes out of thin air, and grabs the Card with his long tongue.

"Francis?! What are you doing here?!" shouts Bowser.

Francis looks at Bowser and mutters, "Oh, great, you again. And this time I don't have a fortress to run to. I guess I'll just have to fight you. Face the wrath of me, furious like the wrath of Grodus in Grodus Chronicles episode 127! Oh wait, I've already used that battle-starting phrase before. Hm…'

As Francis tries to find the right words, Bowser rolls his eyes and blasts the lizard with flame breath. "Ouch! It's on!" Francis turns invisible.

Bowser looks around, trying to find Francis to blast him when he reappears. Francis shows up again and Bowser gets fire ready in his mouth, but Francis takes out his camera and shoots a picture. The giant flash startles Bowser, and he forgets to release the fire, slightly burning his mouth instead. Francis appears again, camera in hand, but Bowser is quicker this time and shoots out a steady stream of fire, burning up the camera. Francis hops around a bit in pain, then turns invisible. Soon enough, he reappears, this time with a remote. He presses a button and three little kitten-like things fall down from the treetops. Bowser remembers these things and tries to avoid them, but one gets close and explodes on him. He growls, and kicks the other two into nearby trees, which burst on fire from the exploding kittens. Francis takes this opportunity to reappear, with the remote again, but Bowser slashes at the chameleon. Francis hops back in fright, but Bowser got his remote, breaking the thing in half. Francis looks pretty mad now, and disappears. This time, he comes back behind Bowser and sticks out his tongue, swallowing him. Bowser gets pulled into his mouth and Francis starts chomping on him. Bowser cries out in pain and roasts the inside of the chameleon's mouth. Francis hurriedly spits Bowser out, the inside of his mouth covered in burns.

Francis takes out the Eldstar Card and is suddenly healed. He grins maliciously at Bowser and gets out another creation of his. It's a Pixl that looks like Boomer.

Bowser looks at him, and gasps, "How did a chump like you get him?"

"I saw your battle with that red guy while I was invisible. This was the only way to beat you, so I started working on building one for when you got to my fortress. But you came too quickly, and it wasn't finished. But it looks like it'll help me anyway!" says Francis, looking very pleased with himself.

Bowser growls, "You won't be able to beat me with that!"

Bowser lunges at Francis, who turns invisible. Francis reappears behind hi, and throws the bomb at him. It knocks Bowser on his back; he quickly gets back up, but Francis is gone. He puts his back against one of the stumps and notices that all around the clearing is a ring of fire from the Meowbombs. Bowser laughs, and then concentrates on the battle. Francis once again comes back up with "Boomer" and throws him at Bowser. Bowser tries to spin in his shell at Francis to dodge the bomb, but the Pixl clone goes inside his shell and blows him sky high. Bowser staggers back on his feet, critically injured, and stands panting, waiting for Francis. Francis comes back, a grin on his nerdy features, but Bowser immediately shoots at him. SMASH! Francis goes flying into the burning trees, which light Boomer's fuse. BOOM! Francis flies back into the rows of stumps, and falls down, covered from head to toe in burns. He once again takes out the Eldstar Card, but Bowser quickly snatches it out of his hands before he can call on its power.

Bowser holds the Card high above his head and laughs in triumph! His troops and kids rush forward and all cheer for him. Francis staggers out of the small clearing, away from the burning forest and his triumphant enemy.

"All right, troops! Let's leave this stupid forest!" shouts Bowser.

There's a lot of cheering and whooping as they leave the Forest Maze and set out for Bowser's castle, while Bowser starts thinking. If there's one, I'm gonna bet the rest are out there somewhere…

Smithy is seen on the Blade in the middle of the Dry, Dry, Desert with Mack, Bowyer, Yaridovich, the Axem Rangers, and Exor. (They didn't want to go to all the work of building a whole new factory, so they went looking for a good place on Plit.) Smithy stands at the front of the flying weapon, gazing out over the desert.

"Uh, boss, I don't think there's anything here for us to takeover," says Mack, the giant sword. "Nothing here but a few Bandits and Pokeys. Should we move on?"

"Yes, I suppose- Wait! Do you see that?" asks Smithy, looking at something in the desert.

"No, I don't see- Woah! You're right! That would be the perfect hideout! No one would ever come here!" exclaims Mack, looking at the huge ruins rising out of the sand.

"From here, we shall send forth a legion of weapons that will takeover Plit!" shouts Smithy.

They land the Blade next to the ruins, and go inside. It is nice and dark, with lots of puzzles to traverse and many enemies such as Mummy Pokeys, Buzzy Beetles, and Swoopers.

"All right! Now that we are all comfortable, Axem Rangers! Start building a hangar bay for the Blade. Bowyer, go out into the desert and recruit as many of the enemies out there to join us as you can. As for the ones who don't wish to join, freeze them in place forever. Yaridovich, start setting up the machines to build the living weapons! Mack, go and look for anything in this place that might be useful to us: supplies, monsters, items, etc. I'll be in the room at the middle of the ruins, building weapons! Go!" orders Smithy, and all the minions run off to do their jobs.

With the Axem Rangers…

"Umm… All right, let's get started building this thing! Any of you guys have any experience building hangar bays into ancient ruins that are big enough to fit the Blade?" Red asks, clearly confused about how they can do this.

"Well, first thing is always to get some supplies. We probably want bricks, to make it look like it could be a normal part of the ruins," Green says, clearly thinking hard.

"Where can we find bricks here? We're in the middle of a desert, for crying out loud! And besides! The heat here is already ruining my makeup!" says Pink, annoyed.

"Well, I've got an idea. Usually there are cities either in or around deserts like this. Maybe we can tear down a couple buildings there, and take the bricks! Let's take out the item shop, I'm hungry!" says the obese Yellow.

"Yeah, that's an idea I like! I'll use my bombs, and we'll cause destruction once more! We do this, because we are…" Black says, happy to be able to blow something up again.


They run off and start combing the desert.


Bowyer is in the middle of the desert, surrounded by a bunch of Bandits and Pokeys whose attention he got with a giant megaphone (stolen off some poor, innocent bystander, no doubt). "Listen you up, nya! Servants you now are of Smithy all powerful, nya! Nya! Bow before him you will! If you join Smithy not, exterminated will you be, nya!"

A couple Bandits and Pokeys come forward, as if accepting his offer, when suddenly a loud "NO!" is heard. Everyone moves aside, and a large Bandit comes in. He is about double the size of the other Bandits and has a large sword strapped at his waist. He is wearing a blue robe and his mask is green, not white. He speaks in a low, gravelly tone. "None of us is coming with you to your Smithy fella! I'm da boss around here, and nobody goes wid anyone else widout da say-so of da Masked Bandito!"

Bowyer sighs, and shoots him with an Aero. Instead of getting hurt, the Masked Bandito is paralyzed and can't move. Bowyer threateningly brings another Aero to his bow. The rest of the desert creatures gulp and follow himto the ruins. Bowyer goes inside with his army and reports to Smithy.

"Nya! Giant army I found nya! Good enough is this?" Bowyer asks in his crazy lingo.

Smithy looks at the army and shows his surprise. "Wow. For a strange talking bow, you have done very well! And in such a short time! You may relax for now. Army! Go patrol the deserts, and if anyone is seen in the desert who isn't a weapon, end his game!"

"Not so fast! Like I said befo', I'm da boss in dese pa'ts. None 'o' youse can do anyting he says!" The large Bandit walks into the room and glares at Smithy.

"Who are you? Bowyer! Deal with him, and next time you go out and collect an army, you can't expect to leave someone like this free! Next time, end their leader's game!" Smithy snaps at Bowyer.

"Nya! Will my pleasure be! Nya!" Bowyer screams crazily before fitting an Aero to his bow…

I'd go to Yaridovich, but there isn't really anything exciting about him setting up machines, so cut to Mack!

Mack wanders through the ruins, looking at what he's found: a few Mushrooms for supplies, a couple monsters to guard the ruins themselves, and some tools that could be used to help rebuild some of the other robots if they break down. He continues through the ruins, noticing the monotonous pattern of torch after torch, hallway after hallway, room after room. He wanders around and notices a room he passed a few times but never made note of. It is across a gap at the top of some stairs. He bounces up the stairs and across the gap, entering the room. Inside are two sets of stairs, a red one and a green one. Above the green one is another of the same color, likewise with the red. He goes up the green one, as it is closest. At the top is a green switch. Mack wonders what it will do, and hits it. Both green sets of stairs flip around, so that Mack can get to a higher platform. He goes up there and sees that there are two gaps, then a cage with an open top and a door too small for him to get out. There is something inside the cage, and, being greedy, Mack decides to skip whatever was left of the puzzle and simply bounce across the two gaps and into the cage.

Mack gasps at what he finds inside. It's a red, star-shaped crystal! He immediately grabs it, sensing that it's important, and runs as fast as he can toward the center of the ruins, where Smithy awaits…

With the Axem Rangers…

After wandering fruitlessly around the desert for hours, the robots collapse, dehydrated and sweating like pigs, even though neither pigs nor robots can sweat. Red gasps and looks around the desert, looking for civilization or water or SOMETHING! He sees nothing but a small oasis next to a vill- OASIS NEXT TO A VILLAGE?!

Red jumps to his feet and rushes toward the oasis, desperate to get a drink of water. Black notices him running, and then looks up and sees the oasis. He hops to his feet and scrambles off too. The same thing happens with Green, Yellow, and lastly, Pink. The five evil robots rush into the oasis and dive headfirst into the water. (Smithy's robots are made from a special metal that doesn't rust in water.) After a long period of time in which they dive, eat, and mess around, Red stands up and takes charge once more.

"All right Rangers, though that was a load of fun, I think that we have to go and get that building material."

"Aw c’mon, Boss! Mario ain't gunna arrive anytime soon! He prob'bly doesn't even know that we're out here in the first place! Surely we can take a bit of time and just relax, can't we?" Black says, indignant at the thought of leaving the precious oasis and going back to their life as evil minions of the most feared android around.

Pink stands to the side and brushes a bit of water off her thick, metallic figure. "I hate to say it, but if we don't get back to Smithy soon, he'll get mighty angry! I don't want to get punished like last time after our failure. Brrrrr!" Pink shivers, remembering how Smithy was after the Axems' return from their bout with Mario:  beaten up, without the Blade, and completely covered in soot from the volcano.

Green sighs and gets up, walking toward the town of Dry, Dry Outpost. "Yeah, we'd better go. I'm starting to think that this evil business isn't cut out for me. I mean, I enjoy all the fighting and killing innocents as much as the next evil robot, but I don't like getting beat up by Master Smithy or Mario."

Yellow gets out of the lemon tree, lemon juice staining his armor. "I don't like getting beat up either, but we might as well go. (Even though we don't get much to eat following Smithy.)"

The Axems reluctantly leave the oasis, setting their minds on the task ahead of them. Their plan is simple: go in, blow up the shop (Yellow's idea) with Mack's bombs, and haul the bricks back to the ruins. The attack goes just as planned. The Axems rush in and sprint towards the shop. Black tosses some bombs at it, and it crumbles easily. The townspeople who were milling around scream in terror and run into the warp pipe, heading towards Toad Town and safety. Red, Black, Pink, and Green load a ton of bricks into a giant bag and use their amazing robot strength to haul the bricks back to the ruins, while Yellow pigs out on the food. (The ruins are easy to find because they are really tall.) Yellow notices them hauling the huge sack and runs after them, helping them drag it for the last stretch. The Axems then get to work building a giant hangar bay extension off the side of the ruins. They have to go back to Dry Dry Outpost a couple times to get more bricks a few times, but they eventually complete it.

Cut back to Bowyer…

Bowyer stretches back the bow string, preparing to shoot the Masked Bandito. He fires, and the large Bandit does the Matrix, going under the Aero. Bowyer grabs another Aero, but the Masked Bandito rams into him, knocking out of him, instead of coins, his Aeros. The thief grabs the Aeros, leaving Bowyer unarmed except for his very rare and expensive arrows that he doesn't want to use. Bowyer kicks at the Bandit with one of his leg-like things. The Masked Bandito dodges out of the way and grabs one of the Aeros, which he uses to stab Bowyer in the face.

"OOOWWWWWWWWWWWWCCCCCCCHHH! NYA! Annoying brat you are very! No choice give you me but out pull stops all to! NYA!" Bowyer screams, taking a light arrow out of… I can't figure out where he keeps those arrows… Anyway, Bowyer fits it to his bow. "Where end you this is! Nya!"

The Bandito sighs and simply steps to the side, making the Light Arrow crash into the wall, where it splinters into tiny fragments. The Masked Bandito punches Bowyer into a wall, and the bow slumps down, nearly unconscious. The large Bandit stands over him and raises his foot. "Say goodnight!"

The Bandit is about to use the crushing blow, when…


The Bandit turns in surprise to see a giant knife come rushing in, holding a Star seemingly made of rubies. Smithy looks up from the battle and sees Mack as well. The Masked Bandito looks at the Star, thinking, That Star is obviously very powerful. To wield it will grant me even MORE power! The Bandit runs at Mack, tripping him, The Star flies through the air, and lands in the hands of… Bowyer!

"Nya! Defeat taste you now will! Nya!" Bowyer holds the Star above his head, and a bright light shines. A ton of circles are suddenly drawn around the Masked Bandito. He looks around in confusion; suddenly it looks as if someone is repeatedly punching him. He grunts and falls to the floor, KOed.

"Umm, yeah, what I wanted to say was that I found that," Mack stammers, pointing at the Star in Bowyer's hands.

"Hmm… If there's one, there are probably more! Quick, assemble all my minions - you, Bowyer, Yaridovich, and the Axem Rangers - and tell them to search for these things!" Smithy says, his evil features lit up in a brutish grin.

"Uhh, sir yes sir!" says Mack before rushing off, Bowyer in his wake.

They come back with the Axem Rangers and Yaridovich a bit later.

Red steps forward. "Sir, we finished the hangar, and Yaridovich set up the- WOAH! What happened here?!" Red says, looking at the knocked out Bandit on the ground.

"Oh, yeah, Bowyer! Dispose of the body!" Smithy says to Bowyer, who snaps to attention and grabs the Bandit, rushing off. "Anyway, I have a little job for you, minions!"

The screen blacks out and then lights up again, to show a laboratory. Inside, the place is crawling with Laser Snifits, Yo Bros, and other evil monsters. Deep inside it, in the main lab, we see three Beans. One is tall and old, another is short with weird glasses, and the next is short with a bag. The short one holds up the Misstar Card.

"Eeyahahahahaha! Where did you say you got that again, Popple?" says the tall, old one, laughing a creepy laugh.

"Well, see, I found it in Beanbean Castle. I was going there for my daily thievery, see, and I was in the garden. I caught a glimpse of something glittering on the roof, see, and I quickly climbed up the wall, and I found this here, see! A few Beanbean guards came out, see, and attacked me, see! I was doing pretty well, but was overpowered, see, and they almost had my game ended! But I held the Card above my head, see, and I regained my health, and I ended up ending their games, see!" says the thief, Popple, laughing and showing off his loot.

"Eeyahahahahahaha! If there is one of these things, there must be more! There always are! Fawful! Popple! I want you to go out and get these, and then we will have the strength to takeover Beanbean town and retake the Beanstar!" says the old, tall one.

Popple and Fawful quickly rush out, and start to scour the Beanbean Kingdom for these things. They come back after a few days. Fawful gives his report. "Fawful looked and looked over and over again, but Fawful couldn't find any of the Cards of magickyness to bring the mustard of doom on the kingdom of Beans!"

Popple steps up next. "I searched too, Cackletta, see, and I couldn't find anything, see. However, I think that these Cards might be in other countries, see!"

Cackletta sits thoughtfully. "Hmm… If these are in other countries, then this might take a while. However, here it has been quite boring… I've made up my mind! We're going, and we aren't returning until we have all of these cards!"

Cackletta, Fawful, and Popple get on the Cackletta blimp (seen at the beginning of M&L:SS) and fly off for the Mushroom Kingdom, the closest country to the Beanbean kingdom.

Who will win this race? Will Bowser get all the items? Will Smithy? Mario? Cackletta? What happened at Mario's fight with Jr. Troopa? Will Dimentio win? Find out in episode 4 of Dimentio's Revenge, Thursday at 8:00 on the Koopa Channel!

To Be Continued...

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