Dimentio's Revenge

By Changling

Episode 5: Struggles at Sirena

Last time on Dimentio's Revenge, we had a scra with some punk baby and a loser koopa. After a long and hard fight over the Crystal Star, the fighters were all on the docks except Jr. Troopa, who had the Crystal Star. A giant Blooper emerged from the water right when Jr. ran into the docks, Crystal Star in hand. The Blooper immediately started going for Jr. Troopa, who did all he could to evade it. Eventually he used the Star's power, Supernova, and severely hurt the blooper. A black Koopa jumped down from the Blooper and tried to get it to retrieve the Star via a previously setup shock collar, but the calamari was too badly injured. The Koopa was about to attack Jr. Troopa for the Card, but the Blooper knocked him over the head into the water. However, the Blooper didn't see him fall in and thought Koopster was the strange Koopa, and knocked him into Mario and Ninja, who fell in the water unconscious.

Meanwhile, when Koopark returned to Dimentio after his failure, we were shown another fragment of Dimentio's plan. Then we moved over to Bowser, who was sending all the Koopalings plus "haggy" and "ancient relic" out to different places to look for the star Spirit Cards (he didn't know about the Crystal Stars yet).

Who will find all these power items first? Mario? Bowser? Dimentio? Cackletta? Smithy? Find out in this episode of Dimentio's Revenge!

Cackletta, Fawful and Popple are seen flying across an ocean on their way to the Mushroom Kingdom aboard the Cackletta Blimp. About halfway there, the steady puttering sound of the engines stops. The blimp goes slower and slower, and then starts slowly falling. Inside, Cackletta, Popple, Fawful, and a few minions they brought with them are running all across the control room pushing buttons, pulling levers, switching switches, etc. After a while, Fawful sits down, panting. "It is not of the use, we are doomed."

Cackletta notices Fawful sitting down and shouts, "FAWFUL! Get your lazy bean-hind over here and help us stay in the air!"

Popple messes around with the controls a bit more, and then sits down too. He quickly says, "Cackletta! It seems that we're out of gas, see, but luckily I've managed to steer the blimp so that when it crashes it will land in a tropical resort called Isle Delfino." He looks up out the window. "In fact, it seems that we'll be stopping by the hotel shortly, see."

Cackletta screams, "WHAT?!" before rushing to the window and looking out to see a huge hotel with the name Hotel Delfino painted neatly on it. She quickly turns toward Popple. "We can't crash into that! We'll be killed!"

Popple replies, "No we won't!" He turns toward a ghostly blue figure hovering in the air that looks strangely like Obi-wan Kenobi.

"Use the force, Popple!" the blue figure says to the bean thief. (Wait, he steals beans?)

Popple holds out his hands, looking very dramatic, and shoves to the side as if willing the blimp to go to the side, and… nothing happens. Popple looks disappointed and mutters to himself, "I knew that buying Obi-Wan Kenobi's spirit on eBay was a ripoff."

Cackletta shouts at Popple, "You’re the master shadow thief and got ripped off on eBay?! What on Plit is wrong with you, you-"


The blimp crashes full force into Hotel Delfino, and everyone flies out the windshield, landing in the casino. A few panicked Piantas run out of the casino, fearing for their lives. Cackletta catches one and pins it against the wall.

"Are there any weird cards that have been sighted here?" Cackletta asks, staring right into the frightened Pianta's eyes.

"Y-y-y-y-y-y-yes! O-o-o-one was f-found in the c-casino and they p-put it in that p-p-pipe over there to k-k-k-keep it s-safe!" the frightened Pianta stutters out.

"Good!" Cackletta says. “Fawful! Send your minion in to investigate, then we'll hide and wait for the Card." Cackletta lets the poor Pianta go and he runs out, grateful to be alive.

Fawful answers, "I say to you yes! Midbus!"

A large, overweight pig with a hook and chain staggers up. "Yes, sir Fawful?"

"I have a mission of importanceness for you…"

Meanwhile, at Koopa Castle…

Bowser, Bowser Jr, and Larry are the only ones who haven't left. They have everything they need, but Bowser is giving special instructions to Jr. and Larry.

"All right, now for you two. I want you guys to go from Star Card location to Star Card location together, trying to find Mario. When you find him, Jr, go for his Star Card, and Larry, find someplace to hide and watch Mario from a distance. It is of the utmost importance that you aren't spotted, Larry. Oh, yeah, if he finds any of your
siblings, help them out from the shadows, but don't get caught! Got it? All right, go!" Bowser says, not even waiting for a response.

The two youngest Koopalings trip over each other trying to get out the door and away from Bowser. At the docking bay, Larry and Bowser Jr. get into a doomship and lift up off the ground.

"Where to?" Larry asks, looking at Bowser Jr, who is holding the tracking device and looking at the screen.

"Ooh! I've been here before! Good times, good times…" Bowser Jr. squeaks in his irritating little voice.

Larry sighs. "Where is it?"

Bowser Jr. giggles. "Not gonna tell ya! It's gonna be a surprise!"

Larry yanks the device out of Jr's hands and looks at it. After studying it for a bit he groans. "Oh no! Not that place!"

Bowser Jr. laughs, "Yup! It'll be just like old times! I've gotta get my mask and brush!" he says before running off.

Larry groans and sets the autopilot towards Delfino Plaza, thinking, Oh well, I can think of a few tricks we can pull to slow down Mario.

Smithy looks around at his minions, who he has just finished telling about the mission. They all think for a minute, and then Mack says, "Uh, Sir Smithy? Should we all bounce different places or go as a group?"

Smithy smiles at Mack. "Glad you brought that up! I've decided that these things won't be in the same place, so I've assigned different places (that we've already passed by while looking for a fortress) to different minions. I have already sent Cloaker, Domino, Factory Chief, Countdown, Clerk, and Manager to their assigned places. Mack, you will go to a place called Isle Delfino. As for the rest of you…”

Smithy announces the remaining assignments.

"…And that is where you are all going. Any questions? Good! Now go!" Smithy orders, not giving them a chance to ask questions. The minions rush off, not wanting to face their leader's angry side. They each board the Blade and fly around to their assigned positions.

Mack is dropped off at Isle Delfino, and spies a pipe on the top of a building that has a sign that says "To Sirena Beach". Mack thinks for a bit, then decides he might as well start looking there. He bounces waaaaaaay up and goes down the pipe. While entering it, he chances a look up and sees a giant… pineapple? The pineapple is being shoved into the pipe by a blue-mohawked figure, blocking the way in and out of the pipe. Mack sits there, confused, and then flies out of the pipe to faceplant in some sand…

Mario and Ninja wake up on a beach. To their right is a lighthouse, to their left is a jail, and in front of them is a giant marketplace filled with Piantas running this way and that, buying food, furniture, and clothing. Ninja stands up, rubbing her head. "Ooh, that smarts! Where are we?"

Mario sits up, shaking his head to clear the dizzy feeling. "Mamamia! That-a Blooper really packs a wallop!"

Ninja frowns, then asks again, "Yeah, but where on Plit are we?"

Mario looks around, "I-a think we're on-a Isle Delfino!"

"Oh, you mean that really extravagant vacation place?" Ninja asks, brightening up considerably.

"That's the-a one!"  Mario declares, thinking about his last disastrous visit to this place. "Let's-a pull out that-a machine Prof. Frankly-a gave us, and see if any of-a the Star Spirit Cards or Crystal Stars are here!"

Ninja pulls out the DS-like device and flips it on. After a bit, she looks up at Mario. "Well, there are 120 things that the machine calls 'Shine Sprites' over there," Ninja states, pointing a finger at the giant gate with 120 miniature, sun-like things floating around it. "But other than those, there's only one thing, which the device calls the 'Mamar Card'. It seems to fit your description of the Star Spirit Cards, and it holds the power to put enemies to sleep. (Sounds like
my dad's lectures…)"

Mario gets up on his feet. "Where is it?"

Ninja looks back at the screen. "Some place called Sirena Beach inside a warp pipe in the casino of a hotel."

Recognition shows clearly on Mario's face. "I-a know exactly where to-a go! Let's-a go!"

Ninja puts the DS in her pocket again and walks with Mario into Delfino Plaza. They soon reach a fountain behind a giant statue of a Pianta. On either sides of the fountain are two stores selling fruit. Behind the fountain is a giant building with a warp pipe on top. Mario jumps on the awning above one of the stores and bounces to the top of the building, while Ninja goes from window to window doing a bunch of cool acrobatic flips and spins. Once they are both at the top of the building, they turn towards the pipe.

"What?!" Ninja yells, staring at the giant pineapple blocking up the pipe. She runs over and starts trying to pull it out, Mario helping, but the pineapple doesn't even budge.

Mario sighs. "This-a is great. Now it'll take a lot longer to get-a in there!"

Ninja looks at him. "Why? Is this the only way there?"

Mario thinks for a bit. "Hmm… Well, the only other way is to-a blast to Pinna Park and swim from there to-a Sirena Beach, but that will take-a too long."

Ninja thinks for a brief moment before answering. "All right, if that's the only way. But isn't there any way to move the pineapple?"

Mario facepalms, "I'm such-a an idiot! The way to move the pineapple is to have Yoshi eat it, but-a I forgot because I haven't been here for a while!"

Ninja looks around. "Then let's find Yoshi!"

Nearby, on the roof with the Yoshi egg, Larry and Bowser Jr. are watching the conversation through a camera Larry planted on the roof. "So they need this egg, huh?" Jr. asks, tossing the egg up in the air.

Larry nods. "Yup! Now remember the plan! They chase you for a bit, then you throw the egg in the water, where it will melt because the water here contains acid that instantly devolves reptiles. Then, while they try to save Yoshi, you make a portal with your paintbrush and close it as soon as you make it to Sirena!"

Bowser Jr. sighs. "Of course I know the plan! I can remember things on my own, thank you very much!"

Larry sighs. "Just get on with the mission!"

Bowser Jr. grins. "Just like old times! But this time he doesn't have Fludd!" He grabs his paintbrush and pulls his mask over his face, transforming into Shadow Mario.

"See you later! Hopefully! *coughnotcough*" Larry says while they both run off to hide, as Mario is coming to the roof.

Mario and Ninja get to the roof where the meeting just took place. Mario looks around the rooftop for the egg, but with no luck. He turns to Ninja and opens his mouth, when he feels some liquid hit his shoulder. "Do you feel rain?" he asks, wiping the liquid off his shirt. He looks at it to see some weird. goopy stuff. He slowly looks up, like in all those movies, to see… Shadow Mario above him, holding the egg! "Quick! After him-a! Get that egg!"

Ninja looks at him and nods before running after Shadow Mario at full speed. Shadow Mario looks back at her, laughs, and flicks some acid paint. He jumps up the Pianta statue and down the other side, running towards the lighthouse that leads to Gelato Beach. He jumps over a building to get there, and runs around the lighthouse only to be met by Mario, who punches him hard in the face. Shadow Mario staggers back a bit, still clutching the egg. He runs back and is met by Ninja, brandishing a Samurai sword. Shadow Mario backs up and Mario and Ninja pen him in against the cliff and the ocean. Behind the mask, Bowser Jr. is worried. He wonders what to do, and then he remembers the plan. He quickly holds up the egg above the water, ready to drop it if Mario came close.

Mario looks at Ninja and shakes his head, indicating not to go nearer to Shadow Mario. Behind the mask, Bowser Jr. smiles inwardly at his small victory. All he has to do now is drop the egg, make a portal, and get to the Star Spirit Card, which he knows is on Sirena Beach. He even hid a Shine Sprite in its location once. Shadow Mario looks at the ninja and the plumber, grins, and drops the egg.

"NO! YOSHI!" Mario shouts, rushing at the egg, which is disintegrating in front of his eyes.

Off on the clifftop, watching, Larry Koopa sees the egg and feels a pang of sorrow for the poor Yoshi, but quickly brushes it away, trying to focus on their victory. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Bowser Jr. taking out his paintbrush to make a portal. Suddenly a strange man, like no one Larry had seen before, rushes at the shady plumber impersonator.

Mario turns from the water, tears glistening in his eyes for the poor Yoshi that never saw the light of day. He looks around for Shadow Mario, and sees him with his paintbrush, painting an M on the wall of the cliff. He's about jump in, and Mario doesn't have time to stop him. Then, before Mario's eyes, a strange, bald man with a red beard and a red and black kilt runs up to Shadow Mario and grabs him, pinning him against the wall.

"How dare yeh do that teh that Yoshi? It w's joost a wee baby! Now ah'll geeve yeh a good chunkin' for me pal Maria!" the strange man (O'Chunks) says before beating the living daylights out of Shadow Mario, infuriated at him for committing such a crime.

Mario blinks, confused, then runs up to O'Chunks. "O'Chunks? What are you-a doing here? I-a thought you were in Flipside with-a Merlon, Mimi, and Nastasia!"

O'Chunks stops pounding Shadow Mario, who falls on the ground, too beat to do anything. "Well, ah was at the party, watching the Count an' 'is lady receive their 'onor, when suddenly 'at traitor Dimentio showed up, and suddenly I was here! Ooh, if I catch up to that double-crossing clown, ah'll give 'im a good chunking'!"

"Hmm, would you like to help us? We're trying to get back at Dimentio too!" Ninja exclaims excitedly to the strange man.

"An' 'oo might you be, me bonny wee lassie?" O'Chunks asks Ninja.

Ninja answers without hesitation, "My name is Ninja T, and I am in the process of aiding Mario on his quest."

O'Chunks replies, "Pleasure to meet ya, I'm sure. And of course ah'll help! Can't let the Count's nemesis go around doin' as 'e pleases!"

Mario looks at both of them, "All right, then let's-a go!" And with that he runs into the portal, disappearing. O'Chunks and Ninja quickly follow.

Meanwhile on the clifftop, Larry growls at Bowser Jr's incompetence and is about to go down to wake him up and get him moving, when out of the portal come a bunch of Piantas screaming about some hotel being destroyed. They run off screaming hysterically, when one calls the rest back to look at Shadow Mario. "Hey! This is that one guy who covered our island in sludge that one time! Let's throw him in jail! I bet he's responsible for Hotel Delfino being destroyed by that blimp, too!"

The other Piantas come up to Shadow Mario and they all agree. Larry watches his brother getting dragged off to jail, and sighs. He pulls out a tracking device with ten dots on it. They represent the tracking devices he had put on his siblings, the Magikoopas, and his dad. He is supposed to go to the nearest one and help them find their target. (Larry didn't know what exactly they would find because Ludwig had programmed the machines to pick up all Star Power items, not just Star Spirit Cards). The nearest Koopa now is Iggy. Larry quickly gets to his doomship (hidden behind the cliff next to the lighthouse) and sets his course.

Mario and Co. come out on Sirena Beach in front of Hotel Delfino… or what used to be Hotel Delfino and is now a pile of flaming wreckage. In the middle of the pile of rubble is a large blimp with a familiar face on it.

"CACKLETTA?!" Mario shouts, astounded.

"Who?" ask Ninja and O'Chunks in unison.

"She's-a an evil witch who got her game ended and her ghost's game ended. How could she have come back-a?"

"Hmm… We'll ask her when we see her," Ninja says.

"You're right. Let's-a go!" Mario says, leaping forward just to trip over a giant knife.

Mack, who had been knocked out by the giant pineapple, groggily gets back up on his feet. "Ooh, my head!" he mumbles to himself. As soon as his sight comes into focus, he sees Mario. "GAHH!" Mack shouts, jumping up. He quickly runs off toward the wrecked hotel, hoping he'll find something there and that he'll be able to get away from Mario.

Mario quickly shouts, "After him! He's-a Smithy's minion so he must be up to something!" He starts running after Mack.

Ninja and O'Chunks give chase as well. Ninja turns to O'Chunks. "Who in the world is Smithy?" The strangem an just shrugs and puts his energy into chasing after Mack.

Mack looks behind him and sees the plumber and his two sidekicks chasing after him, and he runs himself into a corner. He turns around, but sees them closing in. He franticly looks around and spots a nearby pipe through which he dives, headfirst, followed by Mario and Co…

Meanwhile, in the "secret" level concealed in the pipe, Midbus is at the part where you have to dodge the moving cubes to get to the second moving block. He jumps back and forth, trying to dodge the blocks that threaten to squish him, but no matter how hard he tries, he can't seem to get across.

At this time Mack enters the same secret level and jumps to the first moving block. Mario and Co. come right after him, but they miss the block and are forced to catch it when it comes back, by which time Mack has bounced past a confused Midbus, who grabs on as Mack bounces to victory. Mario and Co. are going as fast as they can to get to the Star Spirit Card before Mack, but are no match for his terrific bounces. By the time they have made it halfway across, Mack has just one jump left to get to the Star Spirit Card. He readies the jump and lands securely on the platform. Midbus jumps off and grabs at the Star Spirit Card, when…

"HALT!" a voice says. Midbus's arm lingers a bit away from the Card, but he manages to get his fingers around it. A dark ball comes out of nowhere and blasts him in the face, and Midbus falls down, trying to shake off the darkness that is beginning to cover his face.

"I said halt!" Koopark materializes on the platform. He looks at Mack and gets an evil grin on his face, while Mack just stands there, shocked. Koopark shoots a ball of darkness at Mack, who falls down, black smoke covering his face as well.

Mario and Co. finally make it to the platform with the Star Spirit Card, to see just the Star Spirit Card and nothing else. Ninja looks around and says, "Where did Mack go?"

O'Chunks shrugs. "Ees this 'eroin' job always this easy?" And he grabs for the Card.


A black knife falls from the sky and knocks O'Chunks over the head, KOing him.

A black pig lands next to the knife.

Above both, a black Koopa appears.

And finally, since I love cliffhangers and haven't uploaded in a while, I'm going to end this here!

So, will Mario and Co. be able to defeat Koopark, Dark Mack, and Dark Midbus? Will Bowser Jr. rot in jail? (Hopefully…) And will O'Chunks be useless as soon as he joins the party? Find out in Episode 6 of Dimentio's Revenge, showing Thursdays, 8:00 on the Koopa Channel!

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