Dimentio's Revenge

By Changling

Episode 1: The Return

Castle Bleck: a dark fortress, crawling with Koopas, Goombas, Mr. Is, Skellobits, and Muth. Few have braved the castle and lived to tell the tale. Castle Bleck is a catacomb of mazes, puzzles, and monsters, and only those of great bravery, strength, and intellect may go through. In fact, only four have made it through and battled its owner. Their names are Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Princess Peach.  The owner of the castle is the once-twisted and cruel Count Bleck. His goal was to destroy all worlds because his true love, Timpani, was presumed dead. He wielded the fearsome Dark Prognosticus and followed its directions in an attempt to destroy all living creatures. Mario went to Flipside and found the Light Prognosticus, which could counter the dark one and save the world. Helped by the other previously mentioned heroes and a Pixl named Tippi that was actually Timpani, he got eight Pure Hearts, which he would use to battle the dark Chaos Heart wielded by Count Bleck.  Mario and Co. raced through Castle Bleck and defeated the evil count right when the world was about to end. Count Bleck saw Tippi, AKA Timpani, and asked for forgiveness. She forgave him, but one of Bleck's minions, Dimentio, stole the Chaos Heart and attacked. Mario defeated him with the Pure Hearts, Bleck (AKA Blumiere) and Timpani ran off in love once more, and Dimentio was destroyed. The heroes left the castle, and the world was saved.

Our story picks up in Castle Bleck after the climactic battle.

The room is covered in soot from the two battles and the explosion of the Chaos Heart and Dimentio. The exact spot where the explosion happened now bears a deep hole in the ground, and at the bottom is the hat of a jester and a tiny fragment of the Chaos Heart. It gives a tiny, dull glow, but is mostly still. A short figure in a dark cape enters, holding in one hand a black book and in the other, a white book. He reads something from the book, and places both books on the ground, grabbing the Chaos Heart and the jester hat. He stands up straight and speaks some unidentifiable words. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a wand, and shoots a spell at the two evil objects. A blinding flash fills the room, penetrating the thick darkness as laughter is heard.

"And so I return, like a gust of wind at a picnic for kindergartners!" says a crooked, evil voice. The light dissipates from the room, and the first thing noticeable is a giant black heart floating in the middle of the room. The evil jester Dimentio stands on top of the heart, a look of delight on his strange masked face. "Now I shall put my ultimate plot into play! And this one won't fail!" He snaps his fingers and a box appears around him and the newly restored Chaos Heart. He, the Chaos Heart, and the box disappear, leaving the room totally empty...


It's a beautiful day at the Mario house. The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the Mario Bros. are relaxing at the table right after returning from Flipside - exactly like the beginning of three previous adventures. Just like two of those three, Parakarry swoops down, dropping a letter into the Bros' mailbox. "MAIL CALL!" yells the kind-hearted Paratroopa before flying off undoubtedly to deliver more letters. Luigi stands up and goes out to grab the mail and returns. The mustachioed bro known for green searches through the letters while coming back in the house.

"Hmm… Pamphlets, bills… Mario! There's a letter from Peach here!" says Luigi excitedly. Mario runs over and looks at the letter with Luigi. Luigi reads it aloud. "Dear Mario and Luigi. Please come to the castle. I'm having a party over the defeat of the evil Dimentio. I can't wait to see you there! Bring anyone you wish! Princess Toadstool, 'Peach'."

"A-a party! Sounds like fun! Let's-a go!" says Mario excitedly.

"I agree., Bro! Let's get ready for it!" replies Luigi, heading off to wash up.

After the Mario Bros. are ready to go, they head out of their house and go down the pipe to Toad Town. They see a great crowd of people, wizards, Goombas, Toads, Koopas, Penguins, and many other strange things outside Peach's castle.  After they get inside the castle (which takes a few hours), they see even more people! There are people from Koopa Village to Starborn Valley, from Rogueport to Poshley Heights, from Flipside to Flopside. In short, pretty much everyone that Mario had met on his adventures is here. In one corner he even sees Bowser with his kids and his whole castle guard, enjoying themselves but watching for any "funny business" from the Marios. The two plumbers find themselves a table and sit down, and suddenly Mario’s partners from his previous adventures run over.

"Hey Mario! What's up?" asks a small Goomba named Goombario with a blue hat.

"Yeah! We haven't seen you in forever!" says Thoreau, a hand-shaped Pixl, or fairy.

"We heard that you saved the world! Again!" says a purple shadow with a red hat and curly blond hair, Vivian.

"I was told that my pal Gonzales saved all the worlds!" says an excited Yoshi, with (at least in my game) blue skin, a purple Mohawk, and orange pants, called Gonzales Jr.

"So! How's life been for you, Mario?" asks a small, pink Bob-omb named Bombette.

Luigi, Mario, and his partners talk for a while. A few hours later, when everyone has made it into the castle, Princess Peach comes out, to start everything up.

"Thank you all for coming here from wherever you live. I know for some of you, it was quite an effort getting here, and I'm glad that you made it. Now, I'm sure you all know the reason for this party, and before we start, I'd like to bring up the heroes responsible for this. Mario, Luigi, and Bowser? Please come up," says the pink-loving princess.

After Bowser, Mario, and Luigi are next to her, she continues her speech. "These three-"

"Don't forget about yourself, old bean!" yells the Koopa archaeologist, Kolorado, bringing some laughter.

Peach glares at Kolorado, then continues, "These three, and me, braved many dangers to help save this and all other worlds. We were not alone though! We had much help from many Pixls. May all of you come up?"

The Pixls all come up to the front.

"And I'd also like the Lady Timpani and Blumiere to come up."

A figure with a cape, a monocle, a staff, and a top hat comes up alongside a woman in a white dress.

"All of these played an important part in defeating the evil jester, known as Dimentio. Please give them your applause."

The crowd cheers for all of the people who had a part in saving the world. The sounds can be heard all the way to Rogueport. In fact, Zess T, who didn't come to the party, stands outside of her shop listening to the sounds coming from across the water. She sighs, wishing that she was there, when suddenly the applause turns to screams, and she rushes back into her house, suddenly quite glad that she didn't go.

In Peach's castle, amidst the cheers, a black heart appears floating in the air. Around it float the Crystal Stars, and around those float Star Spirit cards. Above this wheel of power floats DImentio. But he is different from normal. His black and white facemask has become totally black, his purple and yellow jester costume is now black and blue, and he has twinkling yellow eyes. In his right hand he holds the Dark Prognosticus and the Light Prognosticus, and in his left hand is the Star Rod.

"You applaud over my death, like silly rabbits rejoicing over a wolf that plays dead. But you have not defeated me, and will not! Not while I have the Chaos Heart, the Star Rod, the Crystal Stars, AND the Star Spirits' powers!" screams the evil jester.

"How did you survive?" questions Peach, horrified.

"Simple. I didn't. The explosion destroyed me and all but a fragment of the Chaos Heart. A very powerful minion of mine performed a very difficult spell that only two people, him and myself, can do. This spell reverses life -, those alive become dead, and those dead come to life. It even brought back the Chaos Heart! Now you have no way to save yourself!" replies Dimentio, before laughing maniacally.

"We-a do have something!" yells Mario, jumping to his feet. He pulls out the eight Pure Hearts.

"You honestly think that those will help you? So be it. I guess I have no choice but to kill you."

Mario jumps toward Dimentio, trying to land on him, but Dimentio zaps him with lightning from the Star Rod. Mario then remembers that even if he does land on Dimentio, it won't matter hurt him of the Chaos Heart. He pushes the Pure Hearts toward Dimentio and they circle the Chaos Heart, trying to halt its energy. Dimentio attacks the Pure Hearts with Art Attack using the Crystal Stars, and draws many circles around them, destroying the pure energy. Mario gasps and shoots many large pyrospheres at Dimentio, but they just bounce off his protective shield.  Intent on harming DImentio in some way, Mario grabs his ultra hammer and jumps up, bashing at Dimentio. Though this onslaught knocks him to the ground, it does nothing to harm him or his shield. Dimentio uses the Star Rod for another zap, and Mario falls on the floor, his skin bubbling under the intense heat. All over the castle, people are screaming and trying to run out, but Dimentio locks the doors with his magic. He turns around and looks at Princess Peach.

"You are coming with me, Princess."

"Not… if… I can… help it…"

Dimentio spins around to see Mario struggling to his feet. Mario jumps high and goes into a ground pound, but Dimentio zaps him with the rod again, and Mario crashes into a table and faints.

"That was slightly irritating. In any case, now I must be off. But first…" Dimentio snaps his fingers and everyone but him and the princess are teleported to different parts of the Mushroom Kingdom or Rogueport. Dimentio grabs the princess and teleports off…

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