Siren Sunny Part 2: The Frog King

By Queen Sunny

The Beginning
Grass Land, Song Mansion Gardens, Aug. 12, 2003

Sunny (sitting in a patch of clovers, singing): Hmmmmm… laaaaaa la la… dee deeeeeee…

Onyx floats down with a sandwich bag full of Star Candy.

Onyx: I’ve got leftovers!

Sunny: *stops singing* Ah. Mom makes the best candy ever.

Onyx: And how. :)

Sunny: Tee-hee! Yeah. So, I’m planning on visiting Mouser in Sub-con today. Wanna come?

Moira (pulling carrots behind Sunny): NO!!! Dearest Sunbeam, you can’t!!!

Sunny (turning around): O.o  No need to wig out, Mom. What’s bad about Sub-con?

Moira: (sweating like crazy) Just last week I heard around Toad Town that Wart plans on taking revenge for what Mario and the others did back in 1988. If he finds you there, he’s likely to use you as a hostage for his plans. And now that you’re a Fairy, he might use what magic you have to further any other plans.

Sunny: Oh, my… I won’t go then. Onyx, let’s go to Koopa Village instead. I heard that Koopa Leaves are perfect this time of year.

An orange and yellow Phanto watches from a random bush.

Veganto: *under his breath* Hee hee… You’re going to Sub-con, all right. After the other fairies left, he definitely needs some serious magic for his plans.

Veganto takes pictures with a digital camera and leaves for Wart’s castle.

Act 1: Traitor

Veganto arrives in the throne room after getting the photos printed at the local copy shop.

Veganto: Boss! Hey Boss! I’ve got good pictures this time!

Wart (sitting on the throne): GAAAAH!!! I told you! NO MORE DBZ PHOTOS!!! I HATE THAT STUPID ANIME AND THAT’S FINAL!!!

Veganto: Geez, no need to wig out on me, man. I’m disappointed to say that I have no DBZ photos this time. X(

Wart: o.o  You don’t? What do you have then?

Veganto: I have photos of a fairylike girl talking to what looks like a mage-like woman and a black-winged Yoshi.rt (looking at the photos):  :/ You sure have a lot of photos… Where’s the ones with the…

Just then he flips to the photos of Sunny.

Wart: |3  Um, where exactly did you find this girl?

Veganto: In Grass Land. But before you do anything, you might want to know that the mage lady was telling about what you were planning to do to Mario and his friends. You’ll have to find a way to bring the fairy here of her own will.

???: *cackles* Perhaps I can be of service?

Wart: Daisy?! Where’d you come from?!

Daisy: That’s not important. I’m here to settle a score with a certain Siren girl. I know her weaknesses. I will tell you the tools you must use to retrieve the girl for your own.

Wart: TELL ME NOW!!!

Daisy: *cackles* Very well. The girl’s name is Sunny, and she is quite adept in the fields of Fair and Siren magic. With her skills, you can takeover the Mushroom Kingdom. The only way to bring her here of her own free will is to nab Lady Moira the Green Mage, Sunny‘s servant the winged Yoshi Onyx, and Mario himself.

Wart: Why Mario? He’s too quick!

Daisy: Sunny has very strong feelings for him. You can easily snatch Mario in his sleep.

Wart: Whaaaat?! (Grrr… No one takes my prize. NO ONE!!! I’ll put this plan in action tonight.)

Act 2: Dream Girl
A random place in the world, Aug. 13, 3:00 AM

Sunny wakes up in a world of clouds.

Sunny: Huh? Where am I?

A large, shaded female Koopa approaches.

???: You are in the land of dreams, little one. I am here with a message for you.

Sunny: ??  What kind of message?

???: I am here to warn you you’re in great danger. Wart’s taken your mother, Onyx, and Mario captive. He plans on using them to take you for his scheme.

Sunny: HE DID WHAT?! How can he do something like this to them?! I have to save them!

She turns to leave but is stopped by the shaded figure.

SF: I know you care for them, even more so with Mario in mind, but you can’t beat Wart alone.

Sunny: How did you know about…?

SF: I’ve watched you for a long time, dear. You may have seen me around Dark Land.

Sunny: Okay…

SF: I have something that will help you.

A small, Koopa shell-shaped diamond brooch appears.

SF: This is a very special magical brooch I have crafted. To activate it’s power, say “Dream Warrior Transform”. The weapons you receive in your new form will help you defeat Wart. This is all I can do for now.

SF starts walking away. As she departs, she finally becomes visible to Sunny.

Sunny: O.O  Clawdia?...

Sunny wakes up to see the sun rising above the horizon.

Sunny: Woah. It was all a dream... *rubs her back* Man, my back's sore... What under my mattress?

Sunny kneels on the floor and feels around in her mattress with her hand, finding the same brooch that was given to her.

Sunny: O.O  Maybe that wasn't a dream after all...

Act 3, Part 1: Mission Begin
Sunny’s room, Aug 13, 7:30 AM

Sunny: How am I going to get them back? It’s hopeless. *beastly tone* No. I can do this. The frog king must be punished at once!!! He’s taken the only man I loved!!! *normal* Hold on, everyone, I’ll be there…

Sunny takes out her new weapon and thinks hard about the battle to come.

Sunny: (Well, no turning back now.) (shouting) DREAM WARRIOR TRANSFORM!!!

Reminiscent of Sailor Moon, Sunny turns into an alternate version of herself.

Sunny: Hold on, everyone, especially you, my love…

Act 3, Part 2: A New Ally
Wart’s Castle dungeon, 12:00 noon

Moira (sitting on a brick): (screeching) LET US OOOOOOUT!!!

Onyx floats over to Moira.

Onyx: Moira, calm down! Sunny’ll be here!

Wart enters the cell with Veganto.

Wart: For all three of your sakes, I hope so.

Mario: What is it that this “Sunny” has that put us in this place?

Wart drop-kicks Mario, knocking him unconscious.

Wart: What you did to me 15 years ago should be a hint.

Onyx: :/ But what does he have to do with Sunny?

Wart (turning around): Aaah, that’s where Moira comes in. I need her to give me permission to marry her daughter.

Moira: *gravelly voice* Over my dead body, wretch.

Wart punches Moira and grabs her by the neck with one hand.

Wart: I could arrange that. Perhaps I don’t need any of you after all.

He starts strangling Moira.

Veganto: O.O  Boss?!

Onyx: NOOOO!!! MOIRA!!!

As if on cue, Sunny bursts through the doors. Meanwhile, Mario slowly wakes up and sees Sunny glaring into Wart‘s smirk.

Mario: (Could she be…?)

Sunny: Try anything stupid and I’ll be the last thing you see.

Wart: Come any closer, and your mother might suffer that fate.

Moira: *cough* S-Sunny… *gag* H-hurry…

Sunny: Right!

Sunny jumps up and kicks at Wart, but is grabbed before she makes contact.

Sunny: >-| This is NOT good at all… What am I going to do?!

Veganto is watching in horror.

Veganto: (THAT MAN HAS LOST HIS MIND!!! If this doesn’t stop soon, they’re doomed!)

Clawdia’s voice comes into Veganto’s mind.

Clawdia: (No. You can help them.)

A bow and quiver filled with glowing arrows appears in front of Veganto.

Clawdia: (Have Mario distract Wart so you can give these to Sunny. Now hurry!)

Veganto: (Thank you!) Mario! There’s a Fire Flower right next to you! Grab it!

Mario: *sees the power-up* Thanks!

Mario grabs the power-up to become Fire Mario and shoots fireballs at Wart, forcing him to drop Sunny and Moira.


Wart tries to blast Veganto with Bubble Beam, but the nimble Phanto quickly floats out of the way and gives Sunny the weapons by dropping them in her hands.

Sunny: What the?! Why did you…?


Sunny: OK!!!

Sunny closes her eyes and aims. A slow but strong melody escapes from her lips and she shoots a flaming arrow from the bow, making a direct hit in Wart’s posterior.


By the time he turns around, everyone is already outside and racing towards a warp hole. Wart sees this as an opportunity to attack.

Wart: (Grrr… You won’t get away that easily.) IMMA FIRIN MA LAZORZ!!!1!!11!!!1!

Mario sees Wart’s attack and jumps behind the group, taking the blast. Sunny watches in horror as Mario is nearly charred.

Sunny: O.O  MARIO!!! NO!!!

Mario: I-I f-f-felt I-I h-h-h-had t-t-to h-h-h-help…

Mario passes out. The rest of the group makes it out of Sub-con, leaving Sunny behind to tend to the rapidly deteriorating Mario as she is bemoaning his fate.

Sunny: (sobbing) Please hold on… please…

Act 4: Revival

Wart: You STILL pine over that boy?! Stay with me, and I’ll give you everything you could possibly want! Much more than that overweight plumber!

Sunny shakes her head.

Sunny: Mario has something worth much more than its weight in gold.

Wart advances toward Sunny.

Wart: And what’s that?

Sunny’s eyes turn a fiery red color.

Sunny: A kind heart.

Sunny inhales and releases a blast of flame that chars Wart before he can react. Sunny then returns to Mario and puts her hand on his heart. Sunny’s own heart sinks when she feels no pulse.

Sunny: *sobs* Mario… I’m sorry… so sorry…

Sunny puts her lips to Mario’s and he starts to glow. As soon as Sunny rises from the ground, she is shocked to find Mario alive and completely healed.

Sunny: But… how…?

Mario: ^_^ Thank you, Sunny. You saved me.

Clawdia suddenly appears along with Veganto.

Clawdia: You did well, little one.

Veganto: Yeah! Way to go! I never saw anyone torch like that before!

Sunny: Err… Trust me, I don’t know where that came from myself.

Clawdia: You learned a new skill, dear. Use it well.

She leaves.

Veganto: I’d better go too. After this little mishap, Wart will want my head- err, mask.

He also leaves.

Sunny: Well, now that’s over, we need to go. Everyone’s waiting for us back in the Mushroom Kingdom!

Sunny starts to run, but Mario taps her on the head.

Sunny: Yes, Mario?

Mario: Thanks again.

He kisses her on the cheek.

Sunny: *O.O* Um… shall we?

Mario: ^_^ Let’s-a go!

To Be Continued...

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