The Legend of The Mario Bros

By SuperLuigi46

Episode 2: Found (Part 1)

Outside of Wartís Castle, a big booming voice is heard.

Wart: WHAT?!

Inside Wartís throne room, the 10 Shy Guys are now bowing nervously as Wart is enraged by what he heard.


Shy Guy #2: W-w-well, you see uh, sir, we were uh flying through the mountains when Mario fell off. ButÖ itís no big deal-

Wart: NO BIG DEAL?! If one of the Mario Brothers is still living, there is still a chance that the prophecy will preceed. I need to destroy those Brothers now, while they are still weak and powerless!

The Shy Guys then shiver as Wart rises from his chair.

Wart: I demand that you go to Yoshiís Island and grab Mario this instant!

Kamek: But sir! Donít you get it? Marioís on Yoshiís Island! Thereís a large possibility heís dead already! Making a search party would be useless.

Wart then ponders.

Wart: I guess youíre right.

Wart then sits back down on his throne.

Wart: You are all free to go.

The Shy Guys quickly get up as Wart then snaps at them.

Wart: But donít make this mistake ever again!

The Shy Guys suddenly leave as Wart just sits there.

Wart: Youíve got to stop defending these swine Kamek. They arenít worth it.

Kamek: I know. But those people just amuse me, the way they beg for mercy.

Wart gets out of his chair and looks at the view of Sub-con from his window. It looks gloomy and depressing, a dark city filled with crashing cars, shootouts, fights, and chases. The land in the east is full of polluted waterfalls with rejected logs from a lumbermill falling out, dried up fields with stale vegetables, and dark hills with broken ladders where some people claim to have disappeared by entering through unknown doors.

Wart: Look at what this city has become.

Kamek: I know. Itís disgusting.

Wart: Look at the Mushroom Kingdom. It has great controllable climate, many seas, a great city, and they have neighbors with great resources such as Ocean Side and the Beanbean Kingdom. Meanwhhile Sub-con has Desert Hill as its neighbor!

Kamek: Oh, I know. (mumbling) Youíve been saying that same monologue for four years.

Wart: What was that?!

Kamek: NOTHING!!!

Wart looks at Kamek suspiciously.

Wart: All right.

Wart suddenly gets a call.

Wart: Hello?

King Toadstool: Wart! Good news! We just got info from an insider that a lunatic named Marcus Tyler was seen in a warehouse! The thing is he was one of the terrorists who bombed our city! Youíve got to come over here quick.

Wart: Ok.

Wart hangs up and looks at Kamek.

Kamek: What happened?

Wart: Marcus was caught.

Kamek: Marcus? You mean the guy who was a part of the Mushroom Kingdom bombing?!

Wart: Yes. The very same!

Kamek: I thought he was in prison.

Wart: He mustíve gotten out.

Kamek: When are you going to go?

Wart: Right now. Youíre sure Mario is dead?

Kamek: Yes. I am.

But, backing up to elsehwreÖ

The Shy Guys try to catch Mario but he falls off instantly. Mario (in a bag, of course) falls and falls until he lands on Yoshiís Island.

Shy Guy #2: Aw SHOOT!

Shy Guy #4: Wart wonít like this.

Shy Guy #5: Letís just pretend it didnít happen, ok? Ok. Letís just go to Sub-con already.

The Albatoss continues to fly towards Sub-con. Meanwhile on Yoshiís Island, Yoshi, a green, gentle dinosaur is seen walking in the middle of a jungle. Then, Yoshi hears a faint scream as BAM; a little bag falls on his head as Yoshi falls to the ground. Yoshi shakes the bag off and the bag slides off Yoshiís head. Yoshi hears faint crying as he picks up the bag with his mouth and heads south. Yoshi brings the bag to the forest, puts the bag down, and yells. He stops as a tall man emerges from the leaves. Heís wearing an undershirt, some untidy shorts, and is holding a newspaper.

Man: What?!

The man then looks at the bag.

Man: What the-

The Man then opens the bag and sees Mario inside. Mario appears to be sleeping with tears coming from his eyes. The Man looks astonished.

Man: Whereíd you find this?

Yoshi tries to show how everything happens, though he messes up a lot. The Man still understands, and wraps up the bag and takes it into the forest. The forest turns out to be this Manís home. There are several newspapers on the grass floor, with some cigarette butts, soda cans, VHS tapes, and lots of chairs. Thereís a roaring fireplace made up of bricks, a wooden desk with a bent chair, a mini TV is on the desk, and beside the desk is an untidy bed. A mini CD player is on the desk. The Man puts the bag on his bed and opens it. Mario then wakes up and sees the Man.

Man: Uh, hi.

Mario just looks at the Man.

Man: Can you speak? *puts his hand on his head* No, he canít speak English, Miyamoto you dummy!

Miyamoto looks at Mario again. This time Mario smiles.

Miyamoto: *chuckles* I bet that got you laughing.

Miyamoto then notices something on Marioís forehead. There on the right side is a little star. Miyamoto touches it.

Miyamoto: Howíd that get there?

Miyamoto sighs as he then grabs Mario and puts him on the other side of the bed. Miyamoto then puts 4 chairs on that side as well. He puts another 4 chairs on the other sides. Miyamoto decides to sleep on the floor as he turns the TV off.

Meanwhile, at the Mushroom Kingdom Police Station, Wart walks towards a dark, metal chamber door. King Toadstool walks up to Wart.

Wart: Well, is this it?

King Toadstool: Yes. The guyís right in there.

Then Chief Toadsworth enters with a key.

Toadsworth: Hereís the key.

Wart: Thanks.

Wart unlocks the chamber door and enters alone into a damp room with a beam of light over a man strapped to a chair. Wart walks to the man.

Wart: Hello, Marcus.

Marcus looks up and starts sweating.

Marcus: W-W-W-Wart! G-g-g-good to see you! Y-you donít believe in this madness, do you? I-I-I-I-I would never do such a thing!

Wart: Then why are you here? And why arenít you in your uniform?

Marcus: I-I-I-I-I-I was walking along when they caught me and saw the mark! Then they arrested me and forced me to talk! They knew who I was and what I was a part of!

Wart: Liar! They didnít know you, what you were a part of, or see the mark! I know perfectly well, youíve always wanted to sell me out! You never enjoyed being a part of Cobrat, have you? You wanted out and to be done with it, didnít you?

Marcus: N-n-n-n-n-n-never!

Wart: LIAR! You wanted to quit! And look right here.

Wart sees Marcusís right arm.

Wart: I see your right arm, but not the red Cobra. Were you embarrassed of the mark? Or did it magically come off?!

Marcus: It-it-it-it-it-it-it-it-it itís not what you think! Itís disguised with makeup-

Wart: LIAR! You were never on my side, donít you deny that fact! You wanted to sell me out because of your guilt! They didnít force information out of you! You gladly got yourself arrested and told them you could give them info! Oh, and listen here, MarcusÖ

Wart then walks around.

Wart: Donít think that the king or anyone else will hear this conversation. These walls around this room are 100 percent soundproof, no one can hear outside anything outside these walls! So they wonít know anything. And I think it would also be better if you didnít remember a thing or too as well.

Wart comes toward Marcus again as Marcus whimpers. Wart takes something out of his pocket. It is a wand with a green jewel on it.

Wart: A little memory alteration might do you some good, actually!

Wart aims his wand at Marcus.

Wart: But I donít know what to use. A memory charm would definitely be quick and easy. But the ďSaneís BaneĒ curse, while taking longer, would be more satisfying and interesting to watch as a normal man gets lost into the realm of insanity. Or, I can just kill you simple as that, and then say that you grabbed a knife you secretly had and violently killed yourself. But that would take hours to perform correctly. And even then, thereís a small chance they wouldnít believe me. Oh, what to use, what to use.

Marcus: MASTER! P-P-P-P-P-P-P-P-PLEASE! Donít d-d-d-d-d-do this to me! Just torture me! Stab me! Whatever you do! Please donít kill me or alter my memory or sanity!

Wart: HmmÖ I could give you one more chance and just torture you. Then, everything would be normal againÖ Yes. I guess I could let you off the hook this time.

Marcus then smiles a bit.

Wart: But what if you donít learn anything and try to confess again? How can I trust you if you already proved to me that you would gleefully stab my back and tell the whole world of my plans?

Marcusís smile then vanishes.

Wart: Iím sorry. But, as you know, I canít take the risk.

The wand starts glowing.

Wart: I herby release unto you, SANEíS BANE!

A dark green blast shoots from the wand at Marcus as he yells very loudly. But no one can hear him, as Wart was telling the truth about this room.

Meanwhile, outside the room, Toadsworth is getting impatient.

Toadsworth: Whatís going on in there! He shouldíve been done five minutes ago.

King Toadstool: Be patient, Chief. Wart can handle this. Trust me.

Toadsworth: I trust you, King Toadstool, but not him.

King Toadstool: Why not?

Toadsworth: Heís too mysterious. Always wondering off when being noted, leaving meetings, parties, everywhere. I also never got his home address. No family. No friends. I donít even know any of the schools he went to. I canít even believe you would trust a man with very little background.

King Toadstool: I know. But thereís just something to him. Something that says heís the Mushroom Kingdomís future.

Wart then comes out of the room, from which they all can now hear ear-piercing screams. Wart then closes the door behind him.

King Toadstool: Well?

Wart: Heís a raving lunatic. The minute I asked him something, he went high speed loco on me.

Toadsworth: Impossible. The guy sounded completely sane when I found him.

Wart: He mustíve pretended.

Toadsworth then barges in to see Marcus, now leaning over the chair, vibrating a bit. Toadsworth then comes to Marcus.

Toadsworth: Hello?

Marcus looks at Toadsworth.

Marcus: (breathing heavily) W-w-w-w-w-w-what!

Toadsworth: What do you need to tell us?


Toadsworth: (alarmed) What?!

Marcus: Voices! Voices in head! Voices return. Voices laugh. Laugh at Marcus. AH, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!

Marcusís pitiful, horrifying laugh makes Toadsworth shiver.

Marcus: What does you want to know!

Toadsworth: How did you pretend to act sane?

Marcus: Me was! Ha, ha, ha! ME WAS! Then, then, then, then SNAP! COO, COO! ME mad now! Bonkers! Me lost mind! Me canít find it! Help ME! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP!

Marcus then uncontrollably shakes around in his chair, trying to get out, but Toadsworth runs out of the room and locks the door behind him.

Wart: What did I tell you? Was he nuts? Or raving bonkers?

Toadsworth: Worse! He was totally insane! *looks at Wart* You didnít have anything to do with this, did you?

Wart: WHAT?! Me?! Having anything to do with that man losing his mind! Unthinkable! I would never!

King Toadstool interferes.

King Toadstool: Well, thereís nothing we can do now! Iím sorry, but we must go back to our regular duties.

Wart agrees and walks off. Toadsworth walks towards King Toadstool.

Toadsworth: I swear Wart had something to do with it. That man was completely fine until Wart confronted him!

King Toadstool: Wart?! Please! Donít blame him for the cause of an ill man. No one was at fault. The only one whoís responsible for that manís insanity is that man and that man alone, no one else. Now come with me. I need your help.

King Toadstool exits, leaving Toadsworth all by himself.

Toadsworth: Protect Wart all you want, King Toadstool. But someday youíre going to regret it.

Toadsworth follows King Toadstool as everything is now quiet.

End of episode 2.

To Be Continued...

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