The Monty Mole

By Badyoyo

Day 21
Castle Koopa

Badyoyo: Grodus, Waluigi, General Guy. Out of the ten, only those 3 were smart enough to make it this far. Captain Syrup, the only female of the group, has been eliminated. She lost her match against Mario, and she also lost her match against the Monty Mole. For the remaining three they must face their toughest test yet. Two more challenges before the final test, then all of the craziness of the past 3 weeks will be answered in one simple moment. Who is the winner? Who is the loser? And who is... The Monty Mole?

Waluigi is running.

General Guy is thinking.

Grodus is being carried to a sandy beach by some X-Nauts.

Badyoyo: This is... the Monty Mole.

Day 19
9:00 AM

The group is in Pipe Land’s "Nopipe City", a town in Pipe Land for people who just don't like pipes. Badyoyo, Wario, and the remaining three are on a beach.

Badyoyo: Good morning, everyone. I hope you're feeling well. The final episode is today, but before we do anything major, let's see how much you guys have made. BRING IN THE POTS!

Two pots come in, one containing Wario's money, the other containing the contestants’ money.

Badyoyo: You all have made... 700,000 coins.

The group cheers.

Badyoyo: While Wario has made... 950,000 coins.

Wario: WOOHOO! Almost a million!

Badyoyo: You REALLY need to catch up if you want to beat Wario. Thankfully, we have a challenge for you. I want you to put on one of these.

Badyoyo tosses the three some orange jumpsuits.

Badyoyo: You must wear nothing else, or you will be disqualified. We'll see you in ten minutes.

10 minutes later...

The three are seen wearing their orange jumpsuits.

Badyoyo: That look is very you. Now back to the challenge. It's for 150,000 coins. You all will be taken to different locations, your job is for all of you to reach the final destination. To find it you'll be using a GPS.

Badyoyo tosses the three their GPS's.

Badyoyo: All the information you need is in here. To reach your destination, you must travel by foot, you cannot use any form of motorized transportation at all, except to get to the starting line. Each one of you will be given a different way of getting to your starting location: one by air, one by sea, and one by road. Please decide now.

Grodus: I will be doing road.

Waluigi: Waluigi will take the sea!

General Guy: SIR! I will be taking air SIR!

Badyoyo: You have two and a half hours. You will get more taped instructions along the way.

The three are taken to their starting locations. Once they're at their locations, they're given a tape recorder.

Taped Badyoyo voice: Your task is to reach your final destination and find a mobile phone we have placed there. You will also need four numbers to use upon arrival, you can't win the challenge without them. Remember them now.

Grodus: 8... 1... 3... 7 downloaded to memory.

General Guy: 4... 10... 7... 58 SIR!

Waluigi: Waluigi can remember 42... 3... 8... 68.

Badyoyo: This recording will self-destruct in five seconds.

The tape recording blows up in everyone's face.

Badyoyo: The contestants must remember their numbers, because they all have part of the code for the final destination. At the final destination is a safe, the code for the safe is 1-4-10. The contestants know the safe's combination does not have repeated numbers and does not go above 40. The rest they have to figure out on their own. The safe has been specially positioned according to the tide.  After two and a half hours, the tide will take it away... then Wario's ship will collect it, bust it open, and pour the contents into Wario' pot.

Waluigi runs up some stairs and consults his GPS. Grodus is then seen being carried by X-Nauts across a muddy beach since he can't get through on wheels. By selecting the car, Grodus has chosen the furthest point from the destination.

General Guy is by a street corner trying to figure out his GPS.

General Guy: SIR! What is with his GPS?! It's pointing in all directions SIR!

Waluigi is now walking through a parking lot; he seems to understand his GPS.

Waluigi: Waluigi has to get to the first checkpoint, which is... 2 miles away.

Waluigi starts picking up the pace.

General Guy is still at the street corner, trying to figure out his GPS.

General Guy: SIR! This GPS keeps leading me backwards SIR!

The camera cuts to Grodus, who abandons his X-Nauts to start rolling along with some cars.

Grodus: So long, suckers... Ha... ha... ha.

However, his suit begins getting tighter as the wind clinches it.

Grodus: Suit tightness... increased by 27%... New assignment, slightly change.

Grodus removes the top part of the jumpsuit, revealing he had his original body under it.

Waluigi is then seen sprinting uncontrollably down a hill. He crashes into some bikes.

Waluigi: Ow... What the?

Waluigi's jumpsuit gets caught in a bike chain. He starts pulling and pulling until his jumpsuit tears, revealing Waluigi wearing his normal purple shirt under the jumpsuit.

Meanwhile, General Guy is still at the same street corner.

General Guy: SIR! I can't find my pointer SIR! I'm absolutely lost SIR!

General Guy has pretty much ruined the game for everyone with him not knowing how to operate a standard GPS.

Meanwhile with Grodus, being a super computer, he's mastered his.

Grodus: Head east through parking lot to reach first checkpoint.

Grodus starts rolling quickly through another parking lot next to a sandy beach.

Waluigi's doing well as well.

Waluigi: Let's see, Waluigi has to turn at the pipe maze, then go to a black Chevy.

Grodus, however is beginning to tire, and starts taking out some sports oil. He plays the Popeye Spinach song as he drinks it. He gets energized and starts rolling like mad.

General Guy is given a new GPS. He's now on a stone bridge, next to a church.

General Guy: SIR! This GPS is better SIR! The pointer makes sense SIR!

General Guy runs past the church and is on a roll again... until…

General Guy: SIR! The pointer has disappeared again SIR!

Meanwhile Grodus is seen rolling through a neighborhood.

Grodus: Predicting progress... Halfway...

General Guy is wandering aimlessly down a road, hoping DAD will give him luck and he'll just stumble upon the safe.

It's been 30 minutes so far. Grodus is beginning to tire; while sports oil does give you that much needed energy boost, it has very harmful side effects.

Grodus: I should've brought my X-Nauts with me instead of leaving them in quicksand.

With the X-Nauts:

X-Nauts: HELP!

With Grodus:

Grodus is still rolling through the neighborhood, only a little slower.

General Guy has found something.

General Guy: SIR! I have good news! I just learned I went in a complete circle SIR!

How is that good news?

General Guy: SIR! I know which way to go now!

General Guy runs off in the right direction for once.

Waluigi is seen running next to a hill.

Waluigi: The GPS says Waluigi needs to get over that hill, but it also says Waluigi needs to go around it or it will screw up! Why can't Waluigi cheat?

With Grodus, he's rolling faster again but a little more erratically.

Grodus: Side effects of sports oil, slowness... then the loosening of your wheels so you can go faster again... Other side effects... to be announced.

Meanwhile General Guy is doing surprisingly well

General Guy: SIR! I feel this is the correct way SIR!

General Guy is right as he continues to go down a path. Soon the camera cuts to Waluigi going down an alley.

Waluigi: This is a very strange way to get to the money!

Meanwhile something strange is happening to Grodus.

Grodus: Third side effect, Genius Idea. Delete all your useless stuff and get better speed... I made a funny... Ha... ha... ha.

Grodus starts deleting files from his system.

Grodus: Badyoyo's favorite pizza recipes, delete.

Grodus trips over a rock, shaking up his hard drive, and he accidentally deletes his understanding of GPS's.

Grodus: No.

Grodus doesn't understand his GPS and starts asking locals.

Grodus: Best possible place to find information... Tourist Booth.

Grodus enters a tourist shop.

Grodus: Excuse me, have you seen a film crew around anywhere?

Booth Owner: Yeah, behind you.

Grodus: ...

Booth Owner: What?

Grodus: He's with me.

The cameraman turns the camera around to show himself, it's the same camera guy from "Wario's Apprentice".

 Camera Man: Hi.

Grodus: Stop filming yourself and follow me.

Meanwhile General Guy is seen walking down a sidewalk, STILL going the wrong way.

General Guy: SIR! I'm not that stupid SIR!

Whatever, let's look at Waluigi.

Waluigi is seen inspecting a street sign.

Waluigi: Hmm... Waluigi has to go to some sort of beach.

While Waluigi goes in the direction of Gonzales Beach, where the safe is, Grodus is getting mixed up.

Grodus: ... I don't see where I'm supposed to go now.

Grodus starts rolling backwards down a hill.

Grodus: Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Meanwhile General Guy is seen... at Waluigi's starting spot... Yep, he's an idiot.

After that pointless scene, Grodus hits a stone wall, shutting him down.

Meanwhile Waluigi is on a sandy beach, not the right one however. There's an entire ocean between him and Gonzales Beach. He must run around the coast, all 3 miles of it.

In a desperate attempt to cover ground, Grodus takes out more sports oil and gushes it all into his speed booster, hoping to go so fast he'll pass the camera crew and find the safe.

Grodus: Well... here goes...

Grodus opens up a small hole in his compartments and pours the sports oil in. Electric bolts start flying out of him, then he dashes off. However…

Grodus: Bad idea... bad idea.

The oil got into his circuits, slowing his speed a few miles short of the Gonzales Beach. A passerby on a bike comes over.

Grodus: Sir, can you help me find Gonzales Beach?

Passerby: Sure thing, robot dude!

Meanwhile Waluigi is seen running up a hill around the coast.

Waluigi: Waluigi hates hills!

Grodus: ... Uh... oh... Another side effect.

While Grodus is following the passerby, his wheels blow up. He falls facedown on the concrete, and the glass on his head cracks.

Grodus: Chances of me getting to Gonzales Beach... low.

Waluigi needs Grodus and General Guy to get into the safe, General Guy is nowhere near the sea, and Grodus is laying down on the job... literally.

Grodus: ... Help.

Speaking of Waluigi, he's just gotten to Gonzales Beach.

Waluigi: Waluigi made it!

Badyoyo: Yes, but your friends have not. There's the safe, you can try to open it if you want. But you need the others.

Waluigi walks up to the safe.

Waluigi: Let's see, the numbers only go up to 40?! Half of Waluigi's number are over that!

Waluigi gets an idea.

Waluigi: Hmmm. What's with these rocks?

Some rocks have been placed to signify a sentence saying "Keep moving forward" - meaning the safe's combination is always going forward.

Waluigi: Keep going forward, eh?.. Let's give it a try!

Waluigi crouches down.

Waluigi: 3... 8... 68-42 =. .. 26!

Waluigi's tries to open the safe but can't. None of his numbers were right.

Waluigi: Well... Waluigi tried.

General Guy is seen running AWAY from the shore and into some woods.

General Guy: SIR! There must be something in these woods SIR!

Meanwhile Grodus is seen crawling down the street.

General Guy runs into a Hammer Bro.

Hammer Bro: Time’s up!

General Guy: Darn SIR!

Meanwhile some cameramen pick up Grodus and carry him to Gonzales Beach. Waluigi watches the tide carry the safe away, however Wario's boat intercepts the safe. The safe is busted open and all the coins are poured into Wario's pot.

Wario: WOOHOO! One million, one-hundred thousand coins!

Grodus: This may very well be the most painful challenge yet.

The camera cuts to Wario shaking his pot of coins, enjoying the sound of over a million, while the contestants are sitting in chairs.

Badyoyo: Well you guys lost AGAIN. General Guy, what went wrong?

General Guy: SIR! My GPS is useless SIR!

Badyoyo: And Grodus?

Grodus: Reasons for failing task... too much sports oil and lost the ability to remember GPS signals.

Badyoyo: Well Waluigi was the only one who made it, and without your numbers, he couldn't figure out the safe's combination. By the way, the combination was 1-4-10. But whose fault is it really? What's truth and what's treason? One of you is the Monty Mole; today, the Monty Mole has won. Tomorrow, who knows?

Private Diaries:
Grodus: Currently in repair mode, talk to me later.

Waluigi: Waluigi was mad his teammates couldn't make it!

General Guy: SIR! This was an impossible challenge SIR!

Waluigi: Using the GPS was easy! It's strange General Guy couldn't figure out his.

General Guy: SIR! I have no idea how the GPS screwed up SIR!

Grodus: Repair mode complete. I looked at General Guy's GPS, it said he was 5 feet away from the safe. That was obviously true, Wario brought in the remains of the safe to rub in our faces.

Badyoyo: Another thing, why did Grodus and Waluigi both wear their clothes under their jumpsuits after we said they couldn't?

Day 20

Badyoyo: Well, how are we feeling today?

Contestants: Very good.

Badyoyo:  Well ... we have one last challenge for you... and it's worth... a whopping 200,000 coins.

Waluigi's and Wario's mouths drops open.

Badyoyo: THIS is Pipe Land Plaza, the biggest market in all of Plit. In a few moments I will give you... a clue!

A blue puppy runs up and places a blue pawprint on the screen.

Badyoyo: Ha ha, I loved that show. But in all serious news, this clue will lead you to another clue that we have hidden in this market. Finding it will lead you to more clues and more rules. You have 45 minutes to complete this challenge, your time begins when the reader finishes reading the clue. Good luck, I'm going to go shopping for new Fun Fiction ideas.

Badyoyo disappears and a piece of paper falls down to the ground. Waluigi picks it up.

Waluigi: In the old part of the mall, you will find the diary of someone we're technically chasing, Read it well, it's the first chapter of a long journey.

Grodus: Time is wasting, let's go!

General Guy: SIR! I'm sure we can find a diary at a bookstore!

Waluigi: Let's ask someone!

Grodus: The diary of someone we're technically chasing... Search files for books written by Monty Moles.

General Guy: SIR! I see a bookstore SIR!

The three go in.

Waluigi: Do you have the diary of a Monty Mole?

Bookstore Owner: Maybe, you'll have to look around, we have a lot of diaries and books.

They don't notice it, but the clue is right in front of their eyes. The clue they’re looking for is "My Struggle to Power" by Major Burrows, where in the first chapter, they'll find the next clue. However, none of them notice it and start looking for a church. Why, you ask?

Waluigi: Because the Book of DAD is filled with diaries!

Grodus stops.

Grodus: Found it... "My Struggle to Power" by Major Burrows. Copies can be bought at the bookstore we just left.

Waluigi: Let's go!

The three charge back to the bookstore. They've already wasted 10 of their 45 minutes. They pick up the book and a map falls out of it.

Waluigi: What's this?

Badyoyo: Congratulations!

Badyoyo pops out of thin air.

Badyoyo: You found the first clue and prize: two of you will be given a cell phone. Another man must follow this map to a phone booth in the plaza. Choose your runner now.

Grodus: I will.

Waluigi and General Guy: WHAT?!

Grodus; I upgraded my lower half.

Grodus presses a button and grows mechanical legs.

Grodus: See ya!

Grodus takes the map from Waluigi and runs as fast as his new legs can. He reaches the phone booth around the 12-minute marker, and picks up the phone.

Grodus: Hello?

Badyoyo: In your phone booth is another clue, you must find it and read it to your friends.

Badyoyo gives the cell phone to Waluigi and General Guy.

Grodus: Scanning... Clue found.

Grodus reaches underneath the phone and pulls out a clue.

Grodus: In a colorful garden can hide a bunch of baddies, root me out and go potty.

Waluigi: Gotcha, see ya!

Grodus hangs up.

General Guy: Let's go find a garden SIR!

Waluigi: Potty... A pot, perhaps?

General Guy: SIR! There are multiple gardens throughout this entire plaza SIR!

Waluigi: ... What's that smell?

Waluigi runs to a red and white flower in a Piranha Plant Garden, and pulls it out. A note is attached to the roots. Waluigi calls Grodus.

25:00 remains…

Grodus: Hello?

Waluigi: Here's the route to point number 2! Leave the phone box, turn right, and go running straight. Continue along the road all the way and you'll find another phone booth. Got that?

Grodus: Downloaded to memory.

Waluigi: Good, we'll hear from you a minute.

Grodus hangs up the phone and charges out of the first phone booth to another one.

23:00 remains…

Grodus: Hello?

Waluigi: Good, you made it. Where's the clue?

Grodus: Scanning... Clue found.

Grodus reaches into a trash can and pulls out the clue.

Grodus: You can go around a fountain, but you need to further infield. You'll find it in water, but between bars, Scuttle for an answer.

Waluigi: Thank you.

Grodus: Pointless fun fact... This is written in ink.

Waluigi: Gotcha, see ya.

Grodus hangs up.

General Guy: SIR! There's a fountain right over there!

General Guy points to a fountain filled with Cheep Cheep.

Waluigi: Cut through infield, the clue's not here. Let's go looking for bars, or Octopi.

General Guy: Why Octopus, SIR?!

Waluigi: Ink... It's a clue.

Waluigi and General Guy run across the plaza.

General Guy: Two bars... Do you think it means a café, SIR?!

Waluigi: Hmmm...

Suddenly Waluigi gets a brainwave.

Waluigi: LOOK! A Blooper seller.

They run up to him and start searching the Bloopers. Tey find a clue behind one of them.

Waluigi: Hmmmm.

Waluigi calls Grodus.

Grodus: Hello?

Waluigi: Come back to where we started, then turn left after three buildings, there's the next phone booth.

Grodus: Downloaded to memory... Let's do this.

Grodus hangs up and sprints out of the phone booth. He passes the first phone booth, then passes the market, and finally enters the next phone booth.

15:00 remains…

Grodus: Hello? ... Scanning... Clue found in same location.

Grodus pulls another clue out of the trash.

Grodus: If I knew you were coming, I'd have left my mark. Get stuck in. Got it?

Waluigi: Okay.

Grodus hangs up.

This is the last clue, but time is running out…

General Guy: SIR! It must be in a cafe SIR!

Waluigi: What is it with you and cafes?

General Guy: Get stuck in... The cafe right over there... Come, SIR!

General Guy runs off to "Get Stuck In" with Waluigi following. They enter and see a giant cake with the Monty Mole scratches on it.

Waluigi: ... You're good... Can we have that cake, please?

Cook: Certainly.

The cook gives them the cake.

Waluigi: Now where's the clue?

General Guy: I guess we have to eat it.

The two begin eating the cake likes dogs. They soon pick their heads up to breathe; Waluigi has the clue attached to his mustache.

General Guy: Thank you, SIR!

General Guy takes the clue but it rips off half of Waluigi's mustache.


Meanwhile in the Good Egg Galaxy…

Petey: I finally got Jr. to calm down.

Waluigi's scream is so loud it wakes up Dino Piranha from his nap.

Dino Piranha: WAHH!

Petey: AHH!

Back on Plit:

General Guy calls Grodus.

Grodus: Hello?

General Guy: I am going to give you the route to the finish spot SIR!

Grodus: Go on.

General Guy: Go back past the market, SIR! Then go past the road yiu used to get to the first two phone booths, SIR! Just go straight, SIR! Then go around into a cul-de-sac and find someone with a cell phone, SIR!

Grodus: Downloaded to memory... Let's roll.

5:00 Remains…

Grodus breaks the phone booth and starts running at the fastest speed his legs can go without breaking. He runs past the market down a ramp, gaining a lot of speed on the way down. He moves fast into the cul-de-sac.


Grodus slams himself into a mailbox. He hears the a cell phone ringing, from a bench with a man holding a newspaper. Grodus sits down and answers the phone.

Grodus: Hello? ... Hello?

Man holding newspaper: Ha ha! That Charlie Brown cracks me up.

The man puts down his paper, revealing himself to be Wario.

Wario: You made it, loser, well done.

Grodus: Thank you.

Wario: ... But you’re one minute too late! HA HA! Bring in the last of my cash!

200,000 coins fall out of the sky and land in Wario's pot for the final time. Badyoyo appears, as well as Waluigi and General Guy.

Badyoyo: Well, you guys lost by only 60 seconds.

Waluigi and General Guy are grumbling about their loss.

Badyoyo: But look at the bright side, you guys are still competing for 700,000 coins. Let's get one last hot shower at the hotel, get one last great meal, then get some rest. It's our last day together before the final test. We've made a lot of friends on this show, many have tried their best and have failed. I think we should totally have a montage about those brave souls...

The screen starts to change, but goes back to its original form.

Waluigi: Nah! Forget those losers!

General Guy: SIR! They were all idiots, SIR!

Grodus: Use for them... nothing.

Wario: I don't know about you guys, but I’ve got some counting to do.

Badyoyo: Oh no you don't. You still have to stick around for the final test. THEN you get to spend that money.

Wario: Oh come on!

Badyoyo: It was in your contract.

Wario: Grrrrrr.

Badyoyo: Well, let's have fun while it's still here.

The three go back to the hotel. Grodus shuts down, while General Guy and Waluigi have one final pool party. Waluigi and General Guy are seen floating in the pool. Without the others it isn't as fun as it used to be, though.

Waluigi: ...

General Guy: ...

Waluigi: Okay, this is boring!

General Guy: SIR! Let's just get some rest, SIR!

Waluigi: Good idea.

Waluigi and General Guy both have showers, then go to bed.

Day 21.
7:00 AM

Badyoyo wakes up each of the contestants and puts them in a taxi. They take a long drive up to Castle Koopa, the location of the final test.

Badyoyo: You all go into that hallway, I have some monologues to do.

The three leave, while Badyoyo gives every speech he made at the beginning of each episode. Badyoyo goes into the hallway and opens three cell doors. Wario is at a machine.

Badyoyo: You three are going to take the final test, here's how it will go. You will be given questions about the Monty Mole's performances in every episode, and some more of the famous questions. This is also the time when you answer the last question: Who is the Monty Mole? Your computers are in your cells. Go on and take the final test.

The three go into their cells and Wario closes the cell doors.

Badyoyo: It's time to take... the final test.

To keep suspense, the answers will not be revealed this time, only the questions.

1. What was the Monty Mole's role in the Hostage challenge?
2. Did the Monty Mole participate in the Fundraiser challenge?
3. What was the Monty Mole's role in the Car challenge?
4. What was the Monty Mole's role in the Food challenge?
5. What was the Monty Mole's role in the Fishing challenge?
6. In the Bunker challenge, did the Monty Mole's team enter first or second?
7. Has the Monty Mole taken an exemption pass?
8. Did the Monty Mole win its Sport challenge? (Not being there counts as a yes.)
9. Did the Monty Mole complete its personal challenge?
10. What is the Monty Mole's favorite food?
11. Does the Monty Mole like TV?
12. Where was the Monty Mole born?
13. Who is the Monty Mole?

The three finish their tests.

Badyoyo: Please exit your seats and go to the front of your cells.

The three walk up to the front. Badyoyo takes out an iPhone and looks at the results.

Badyoyo: Wario... please open up the door of this man when I give the cue.

Badyoyo shows the results to Wario, who nods.

Badyoyo: Wario, will you please open the door of the winner's cell... now.

The door to one of the cells opens.


Badyoyo: Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you, the first winner of a Mole Fun Fiction.

Wario: ...

Badyoyo: ...

All of the world finally waiting to see someone win this show: ...

The screen turns white, showing a vague outline of the winner. It soon clears to show...

Badyoyo: Congratulations... Waluigi!

Waluigi: YES! Waluigi did it!

Losers: Darn.

Badyoyo: Well done. Waluigi, you won the 700,000 coins, and since you won, you know who the Monty Mole is.

Waluigi: Correct.

Badyoyo: Wario, you know who the Monty Mole is. Open his cell door... now.

Another cell door opens up.

Badyoyo: He did well.

Wario: Totally.

Waluigi: Yep, Waluigi knew all along.

Audience wanting to know who the Monty Mole is: COME ON ALREADY!

Badyoyo: Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you, the first Mole in Lemmy's Land history to actually be revealed...

Wario: ...

Waluigi: ...

The screen turns white again, revealing an outline of another contestant. It soon turns back to normal again, showing...

Loser: *gasp*

Waluigi: It was so obvious.

???: Yes, it was I.

Badyoyo: You did a good job... Grodus.

Grodus: Thank you, Badyoyo.

General Guy: But... how?!

Grodus: I've been sabotaging your tasks every episode. Flashback time.


Episode 1
General Guy: Goomba! Search the car!
Goomba: I have no hands! Pull over!
Grodus's head bounces on the brake abruptly before General Guy can pull over, breaking the law and costing them the challenge.

Episode 2
Grodus is putting his head back on after he has completed his task, then he leaves.
Grodus: This should finish them off.
Grodus winds up a Mario doll that goes running off.
Kamek: Turn-
The Mario doll runs across the street.
Bowser: IT'S MARIO!
Bowser turns around.
Bowser starts chasing after Mario and drives straight off the course and off the track. Bowser grabs Mario, and Kamek teleports them back to the starting line.

Episode 3
Grodus is wheeling through the corn maze.
Grodus: (thinking) Sensors show Hammer Bro is nearby; keep going forward, then trip over rock and blame Goomba.
Grodus does the above.

Episode 4
Grodus: MY PULLEY!
Grodus presses a pulley eject button that flies out of his body. It falls right through Gourmet
Guy’s hands.
Gourmet Guy: ROPE BURN!
Grodus, now manually pulling, gets the crab pot in, while Gourmet Guy has his hands in ice cold  water trying to cool them down.
Grodus: Finally...
Grodus has an X-Naut, too short to be seen on camera, eject his arms. Crack!
Grodus: MY ARMS!
Grodus's arms eject and fall in the ocean along with the crab pot.
Grodus: Chances of that happening...  5%... Why me?

Episode 5
Grodus: (thinking) These puzzles are so easy, I'll just give them the answer to the first one, and act like an idiot on the next two.
During the Bunker challenge, that's exactly what Grodus does. After his team leaves, they all split apart to go do something. Grodus made his X-Nauts make a hole big enough to fit him in the trenches. He goes in.
General Guy: Ok, if my memory is right, the basement should be right over there in that black mass.
General Guy runs into the black mass, which secretly is hiding Grodus, who whacks General Guy with his staff. BONK!
General Guy: OW!
Grodus then takes a spare lead pipe out of his repair kit and places it in General Guy's hand before General Guy knows anything.

Episode 6
Real Time Grodus: I didn't really do anything, I just pretended to give up and take pity on General Guy.

Episode 7
Grodus: Scanning cards for personal challenges... Toughest card is... this one.
Grodus picks up the red card on purpose.

*End Flashback*

Real Time Grodus: I knew perfectly well that sports oil can almost destroy your system,  and I deleted my ability to read GPSes on purpose. It was a small price to pay to ruin your game.

Waluigi: Waluigi guessing you also took your oh sweet time to find that file on Major Burrows?

Grodus: You got it... which reminds me.

Grodus smacks his staff on the floor, making the floor of General Guy's cell open up. General Guy grabs the bars to make sure he doesn't fall down the pit. Grodus rolls up to him.

Grodus: The Monty Mole has claimed his final victim.

Grodus jabs his staff in General Guy's stomach and he falls into the cafe with all the losers.  Bowser plays the laugh track to make it sound like a Nelson Laugh.

Grodus: My job here is done.

Grodus rolls out into the sunrise dramatically.

Waluigi: By the way…

Waluigi grabs Badyoyo by the arm.

Waluigi: Let Waluigi introduce you all to the first host to actually complete a Mole
story... Badyoyo!

Badyoyo: Thank you. Thank you.

Badyoyo and Waluigi give bows

Wario: ... Can I go now?

Badyoyo: Huh? Oh sure, whatever.

Wario: Yahoo! I'm-a going to call WarioWare and have a party! ... With Ninjas as caterers!

Wario grabs his pot of gold and runs off.

Badyoyo: Speaking of gold…

Badyoyo pulls a lever and the wall opens up to reveal Waluigi's pot.

Badyoyo: Here is your money, all 700,000 coins that you earned.

Waluigi: Waluigi guesses he can finally say this with pride.

Badyoyo: Mind if I join you?

Waluigi: Of course.

Waluigi clears his throat.

Waluigi: Waluigi-

Badyoyo: And Badyoyo-

They jump up in the air.

Waluigi and Badyoyo at the same time: NUMBER ONE!

The End

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