Koopalings' Mansion

By Fred the Mole

Chapter 2:  The Shadow Showdown

Larry and Morton pass through the main first floor doors and stop in a large hallway.

Morton:  Wow, this place is creepy!

Larry:  You’ll get used to it after a while.  So, um, let’s find an open door.

They use their telekinetic powers to find the only unlocked room, a room that provides enough eeriness to send shivers down your back.

Shivers:  Hey!

Sorry.  But the room is so creepy that even portrait ghosts avoid it.  It is,

(Lightning strikes.)

Larry: …

Morton:  This room is classified as creepy?  I think not!

Suddenly a grabbing ghost appears.

Larry:  Aww!  I think all he wants is a hug!

The grabbing ghost almost strangles Larry.

Morton:  Um, so, how do you suck up the ghosts?

Larry:  You need a vacuum.  Sorry, E. Gadd doesn’t have a spare, he told me.

Morton:  WHAT?!  How am I supposed to defend myself?!

Larry:  I’ll protect you!

Morton:  Yeah, like THAT’S encouraging.

Larry sucks up the grabbing ghost that is strangling him.

Larry:  Just trust me.

Larry sucks up another grabbing ghost and the lights come on.

Larry:  What?  No key?

Morton:  Why don’t we search the room?

Larry:  (HACK!) (HACK!) (HACK!)

Morton:  What’s wrong?

Larry:  The dust in the mansion is (ACHOO!) making my allergies act up. (sniff).

Morton:  Let’s see if there’s anything in the medicine cabinet to help you.

Morton opens the medicine cabinet, and the key hits him in the eye.

Morton:  Ow… Larry!  I found the key!  And some allergy medicine.

Larry:  Really?!  That’s great!  I need that medicine.

Morton gives Larry the medicine and he stops coughing.

Larry:  Now let’s see where this key leads.  Here, Morton, since you don’t have a vacuum, you should be in charge of the Gameboy.

Morton:  Ok!

Larry explains how the GB works.

Morton:  Thanks.  It says that there is an open door on the left of the center hallway, so let’s go there now!

Morton and Larry reach the ballroom and go inside.  There they see 3 pairs of Shy Ghosts dancing.

Larry:  This room makes me feel eerie for some reason.

Morton:  This… Music… Makes… Me… Want… To… DANCE!

Morton starts dancing across the room, during which he knocks off all of the Shy Ghosts’ masks.

Morton:  Oops.  Will you find it in your hearts to forgive me?

The Shy Ghosts all point pitchforks at Morton.

Morton:  Ok, guess not.

Larry realizes that all of the ghosts’ hearts appeared, so he sucks them all up.

Morton:  Thanks for that.

Larry:  No problem.  Say, why didn’t the lights turn on?

Morton:  Déjà vous.

Suddenly two large circles on the floor start spinning around.

Larry:  Oh, no!  I get motion sickness easily!

Then the Floating Whirlindas appear.

Whirlindas:  Dancing is fun!

Morton:  I know!

Larry:  Wait, how are we supposed to vacuum them up?

Whirlindas:  You can’t.  Yah!

At that moment the Boy Whirlinda’s heart appears.

Whirlindas:  Yah!

Larry sucks up the Whirlindas and the lights turn on.  Morton grabs the key and they head into the Storage room, which is directly connected to the Ballroom.

Larry:  Wow, that was convenient.

Suddenly a purple puncher appears.

Morton:  Quick!  Suck him up!

Larry sucks up the purple puncher.  He then proceeds to suck up a gold ghosts, 2 grabbing ghosts, and another purple puncher.

Larry:  Hmm, well, no more ghosts are appearing, but the lights didn’t turn on.

Morton:  Wow, third time something like that happened.

Larry:  Wait. I see a button.  It says, “Do not press”.

Larry thinks about it for a while.

Larry:  Hmmm, it says “Do not press”, but if you factor the “do” and make it equivalent to the “not” you can cancel them out and it only says “press”.

Larry presses the button and one of the walls extends out farther.

Morton:  COOL!

Larry:  HEY LOOK!  A POSTER!  It will fit my collection perfectly.

Larry takes the poster off the wall and reveals a button, which Morton presses.  Suddenly a hole opens up in the ground and a bunch of Boos pour out.

Boo:  Hey look!  Larry, the one we missed!  And… HEY! I thought we gave the other Koopa over to Chauncey!  Oh, you guys will pay…


The Boos fly in every direction.

Larry:  Well that was slightly odd…

Morton:  Oh well.  But wait… oh no!

Larry:  What is it?

Morton:  One of the Boos had a key, and the Gameboy says it’s the key to the next room!

Suddenly, the Gameboy Horror starts going BEEP BEEP BEEP!

E. Gadd:  Are you two ok?  I realized you just sent out a bunch of Boos.  I’ve made a new version of the Gameboy.  It tells you where a Boo is hiding in a room.  So, here you go, Morton.

E. Gadd’s hand reaches out of the first Gameboy and gives Morton the second Gameboy.  The first Gameboy then explodes and E. Gadd appears on the second one.

E. Gadd:  Now, go capture some Boos!

Larry:  Ok!

The Koopas goes back up to the Parlor and the beeper goes BEEP!

Larry:  Ok, well, let’s find the Boo hiding in this room.

Morton:  All I’ve found is two pencils and a hungry panda.


Larry:  Let me look on this bookshelf.

Larry shakes it and a Boo comes out.

Boo:  I am BamBoo, if you please.


The panda eats BamBoo and spits it into Larry’s vacuum.

Panda:  That was no bamboo!

Larry:  Nope, but, um… thanks for that.

Morton:  All right!   We already caught one Boo!  Let’s go into the Anteroom, now.

The Koopas go into the Anteroom.  Sure enough, the Boo radar on Morton’s Gameboy is going off.

Morton:  Well, there are only 3 places to look, so…

Larry opens a drawer and a Boo Ball comes out.

Larry:  AHH!  A Boo!

Bootha:  That’s a fake Boo, moron.

Morton:  Wait… Who said that?

Bootha:  Oh, wait… Looking for me?  Bootha!

Morton:  AHH!  SUCK HER UP!

Larry sucks up Bootha.

Larry:  They was easy!

The Koopas go into the Wardrobe Room. Larry and Morton search the entire room but cannot find the Boo.

Larry:  I’ll check on the Balcony.

Larry goes onto the Balcony and looks over the edge.

Morton:  LARRY!  I FOUND IT!

Morton runs off of the Balcony and accidentally pushes Larry off too.

Larry’s Ghost:  OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH!  I’M GOING TO HAU- Wait.  This jokes already been used in this story!

Fred the Mole:  Your point?

Larry:  I refuse to have this joke redone!

Fred:  Fine!  I’ll just press the rewind button.

Fred presses the rewind button on an invisible remote.

Larry:  Oh, look.   Another ghosty.


Larry:  …Meany… Doesn’t he know- Wait…  THIS IS TOO FAR!

Fred:  Calm down.

Fred presses the fast forward button.

Larry and the Koopalings walk into the Secret Alter to see that Ian is really-

Fred:  Whoops!  Too far!

Larry:  WAIT!

Fred presses the rewind button again.

Larry:  AWWW!

Larry and Morton go into the Wardrobe Room.

Morton:  Ok, let’s find that Boo!

Larry opens one of the wardrobes and a Boo comes out.

Boo:  Wanna play GameBoo Advance?

Morton:  No, I have a DS.


The Boo disappears in a puff of smoke.

Larry:  I thought you broke your DS.

Morton:  I know, but I don’t like talking to strangers.

Larry:  …

Morton:  Still no key!

Larry:  Let’s go into the other hallway.

Larry and Morton go into the Study. Morton looks at the hat rack.

Morton:  I DO need a new hat.

Morton picks up one of the hats and a Boo comes out.

Boo:  Speak not of my name: Taboo!

Larry:  What?  Did you say your name was Taboo?


Morton:  Actually, Taboo, you said ‘Speak not of my name: Taboo”.


Larry:  What, Taboo?

Taboo:  YES!

Morton:  So, Taboo, you don’t want us to say Taboo?

Taboo:  Exactly!  DO NOT SAY TABOO!

Larry:  Fine!  We won’t say Taboo, all right Taboo?


Taboo implodes.

Morton:  Ok… No key here.

Morton and Larry walk into the Master Bedroom.

Morton:  I STILL need a new hat.

Morton opens the dresser drawer and a Boo comes out.

Boo:  I am the yummy Boolicious!

Larry:  If you say so!  Vacuum!  Dinnertime!

Vacuum:  Oh boy!

The vacuum eats Boolicious.

Vacuum:  Yummy!


Morton:  Come on, we still have a couple more rooms to check.

Larry and Morton go into the Nursery and the Gameboy beeps again.

Larry:  Um… I’m going to… um… check over by the rocking horse, ok?

Morton:  Okaaay?

Larry goes over to the rocking horse and rocks back and forth.  A Boo comes out of it.

Boo:  I am Turboo, and off I go!

Turboo starts zooming across the room.

Morton:  How are we supposed to catch him?

Turboo:  You can’t!  I’m too fast!  TURBOO MODE!

Turboo goes even faster, but then bumps into a wall and falls unconscious.  Larry sucks him up and a key appears out of nowhere.

Larry:  Finally!

Morton:  The key goes to a room downstairs called the Washroom.

Larry:  Well let’s go!

Morton and Larry do a magical jump to the Washroom and go inside.  They see a Toad crying.

Larry:  What’s wrong, little fellow?

Toad:  *sniff* I dropped something really important in the toilet!

Morton:  Don’t worry about it!

Toad:  You’rE right!

The room lightens up.

Larry:  I wonder what he did drop in the toilet.

Morton opens the toilet and a fist attached to a spring hits him in the face.

Morton:  Ouch!

Toad:  (laughing)  That gets funnier every time!  Here’s your key.

Toad gives them a key.  Morton and Larry leave.

Morton:  Well that was rude!

Larry:  Don’t worry about it; at least we got the key.  By the way, where does it lead?

Morton:  Um… The Fortune Teller’s Room.

Larry:  Let’s go!

Morton and Larry walk down the hallway and are about to go in the Fortune Teller’s Room when they see another door that is boarded shut.

Larry:  What?

Morton:  Let me examine it.

Morton examines the door with his GBH and E. Gadd appears on the screen.

E.  Gadd:  I knew you two would be curious about this door.

Morton:  Yes, yes we are.

E.  Gadd:  This door used to lead to the famous hall of frustration, before it got warped into another dimension.  Some say they can feel its presence in the Ballroom, though.

Larry:  That’s why I felt eerie!

E.  Gadd:  Correct.  Now, I am just going to tell you to give up hope about finding it.  It’s impossible to find.

Morton:  Ok.

The Gameboy shuts off.

Larry:  That was weird.

Morton:  I know, but come on.  We’ll investigate later.

Morton and Larry enter the Fortune Teller’s Room.

Larry:  OOOOOOOOOO!  Mysterious!

Morton:  Whatever.  My Gameboy says that that door on the left is open.

Larry:  Cool, let’s go!

Larry and Morton go through the door and find themselves in the Mirror Room.


Larry:  Why would anyone want a room with only a mirror inside?

Morton:  Wait, what’s that thing behind me in the mirror?

Larry:  It looks like a grabbing ghost.

Morton:  Uh oh!

Morton starts getting strangled.  Larry sucks it up.

Morton:  Thanks.

Larry sucks up two more and the lights go on.  The door locks, however.

Morton:  Well that stinks.

Larry:  Let’s open the treasure chest!

Larry opens the chest and a flamethrower pops out.

Morton:  Wah?

Suddenly the GBA turns on.

E.  Gadd:  You found the Fire Element!

Morton:  Actually, it’s just a flamethrower.

E.  Gadd:  Well, we ran out of elements, so you’re just gonna have to use a flamethrower.  Toodle Pip!

The Gameboy turns off.

Morton:  Ok then.

Larry:  Whatever.  Why don’t we try getting out of here?

Morton:  Ok, let’s use the flamethrower.

Morton grabs the flamethrower and tries to burn down the door.  It doesn’t work.

Larry:  I’ve got another idea.  Let’s light the candles.

Morton:  Quiet, I’m thinking… I know!  Let’s light the candles!

Larry sighs.  Morton lights the candles and the door unlocks.  Also, the Boo radar goes off.

Morton:  Looks like another Boo.

Larry shakes a candlestand and a Boo comes out

Boo:  Feel the wrath of Kung-Boo!  Karate Chop!

Kung-Boo does a Karate chop on a candle.

Kung-Boo:  Oh, I missed!

Larry:  You’re terrible at Karate!


Kung-Boo misses again.


Kung-Boo:  Yes, Mother.

Kung-Boo and his mother float away.

Morton:  Do you know that out of all of the Boos we’ve seen, we’ve only caught 3 of them?

Larry:  Whatever.  Let’s leave.

Morton and Larry leave the Mirror Room and go back into the Fortune Teller’s room.

Larry:  That orb looks expensive.  MINE!

Larry snatches the orb.

Madame Clairvoya:  Hey!  That’s mine!

Morton:  Hello, what are you doing here?

Clairvoya:   I am a fortune teller for lost items.  Find some and I’ll tell you their past.

Larry:  O…k?

Morton:  What do we do now?

Clairvoya:  Use that nifty flamethrower of yours.

Morton:  Ok.

Morton lights Clairvoya’s desk on fire.

Clairvoya:  WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!

Morton:  You told me to light something on fire.



Morton lights the candles.  A key falls on his head.

Morton:  Ouch!

Larry:  At least we have the key!  Where does it lead?

Morton:  The laundry room.

Larry:  Ok.

Larry and Morton leave the Fortune Teller’s Room and see something down the hall: a floating candelabra

Larry:  That also looks expensive.  MINE!

Shivers:  Hey!  That’s mine!

Morton:  Wah?

Shivers:  Um… I mean… um… YOU NEVER SAW ME!

Larry:  I don’t like this guy.  Light him on fire.

Morton:  Will do.

Morton lights Shivers on fire.


Shiver floats down the hall and into the laundry room.


Morton and Larry follow him into the laundry room, which is already lit.  Shivers continues through another door, and Larry and Morton follow him.

Shivers:  WATER!

Shivers pours water on him and the fire goes out.

Shivers:  PHEW!

Shivers then accidentally sits on a candle and catches on fire again.


Shivers heart appears.  Larry sucks him up.  The room lights up and a treasure chest appears.

Larry:  That was too easy.

Morton grabs the key from the treasure chest.

Morton:  The key leads to the conservatory.  Oh, and by the way, there’s a Boo in this room.

Larry:  Let’s find it!

Morton shakes the toilet paper stack and a Boo comes out.

Boo:  You found me, PeekaBoo!

Larry:  You wanna play peekaboo?

PeekaBoo:  Not really.

Larry:  Peekaboo!


PeekaBoo faints and Larry sucks him up.  Larry and Morton go back into the laundry room.

Morton:  Oh, and there’s a Boo in here too.

Larry:  I bet it’s in the washing machine.

Larry opens the washing machine and a bow comes out.

Morton:  What?

Larry:  Hey, isn’t this… Wendy’s bow?

Morton:  I believe it is…

Larry:  Should we take it to that creepy fortune teller?

Morton:  Sure.

Larry and Morton open the door to leave.

Boogie:  HEY!  WHAT ABOUT ME?!

Morton:  What?

Boogie:  I mean… Yow!  Get down!  I’m Boogie!

Larry sucks Boogie up.

Larry:  That’s why I didn’t bother.

Morton and Larry go back to the fortune teller’s room.

Clairvoya:  I see you returned.

Morton:  We found an object.

Clairvoya:  Great, great!  Let me see it!

Morton hands Madame Clairvoya the bow.

Clairvoya:  Interesting indeed.  Let me look into the spirit world!

Clairvoya stares interestedly into the crystal ball.

Clairvoya:  Yes.  This belongs to Wendy Ocean Koopa.  She is trapped in this mansion somewhere.

Larry:  Yes, we got that far.

Clairvoya:  Yes, she is lost in another world, a world made of the darkest substances.  I see her now, screaming fiercely to be freed but making no progress.  She is trapped by a swampy shadow creature.  Ah, but that is all I see.  Bring me some more objects, as I shall tell you their fates.

Larry:  Thanks, lady.

Morton and Larry leave and go to the Conservatory.  The room holds a saxophone, bass, xylophone, piano, and 3 drums.

Larry:  Leave this to me!  I used to play the triangle!

Larry tips and knocks down all the instruments, which just happened to play Beethoven’s 7th Symphony.

Morton:  Woooooooow.

Melody Pianissima:  How brilliant!  I have never heard anything better!

Larry:  Well, I HAVE been practicing.

Melody:  Would you care to take a music quiz?

Larry:  I didn’t know there would be a test!

Melody:  It’s really easy, all you have to-


Melody:  Just answer my question!  So… what… is the capital of Turkey?

Larry:  Easy, it’s Ankara.

Melody:  How did you know?!  Music Sheets… ATTACK!

The music sheets start chasing Larry and Morton.

Morton:  AHHHHHH!!!

All of the music sheets fly out the window.


Melody’s heart appears and Larry sucks her up.

Morton:  But that wasn’t even a music question…

Larry:  Whatever, where does the key lead?

Morton:  First, shouldn’t we do something about the Boo in this room?

Larry:  But he’s right there in the open!

Boo:  Wherefore am I, Boomeo?

Morton:  You’re in this vacuum!

Boomeo:  Really?  Thanks!

Boomeo flies into the vacuum.

Larry:  That was too easy.

Morton:  Right then, to the Dining Room!

Morton and Larry fly to the Dining Room.


Morton:  Work on your eating habits, man!

Mr. Luggs:  BUT ME HUNGRY!

Larry:  Yeah yeah yeah, but have you ever considered your cholesterol?

Luggs:  Um… no?

Morton:  Well it would do you best if we took this plate of… whatever it is away from you.

Morton takes the food away and Mr. Luggs turns red.


Larry:  On second thought, maybe some cholesterol is good.

Mr. Luggs starts spitting fireballs at Morton and Larry.


Mr. Luggs:  Too… tired…

Mr. Luggs faints and his heart appears.  Larry sucks him up.  The room lights up and a treasure chest appears.  Larry opens the chest and a key comes out.

Morton:  To the kitchen!

Morton and Larry walk to the kitchen.

Morton:  All that fighting HAS made me hungry.

Morton opens the fridge and a fish flies at him.

Morton:  What the?

Suddenly a new ghost comes out of the fridge?

Larry:  You look a lot like a purple puncher.

Ghost:  I’m a flash!

Morton takes out his flamethrower and lights the flash on fire.  The light turns on and a treasure chest appears.

Larry:  OH BOY!

Larry opens the chest and a water gun comes out.

Larry:  What the?

Suddenly E. Gadd appears on the Gameboy.

E. Gadd:  Great job!  You found the water element!

Morton:  But it’s just a water gun!

E.  Gadd:  It works the same, really.

Larry:  Whatever.  Thanks, Gadd

The Gameboy shuts off.

Larry:  What do we do with this water gun?

Morton:  Let’s try putting out the fire on that door there.

Larry turns around and sees a giant door that is on fire.

Larry:  I can’t believe I didn’t see that earlier.

Larry takes out the water gun.

Larry:  A lot of buttons on this thing…

Larry presses a button and a large gush of water shoots for the door.  Not only does it put out the fire, but it bursts through the door and knocks Larry off his feet.

Larry:  Gotta learn more about this thing.

Morton and Larry walk through the new hole in the wall and find themselves in the Boneyard.

Larry:  Awwww!  Look at the cute little puppy!

The “puppy” runs up to Larry and bites his leg.


Morton kicks the dog, Spooky, and it turns around and swallows Morton whole.

Larry:  You all right?!

Morton:  It’s dark in here!

Larry:  Get out of there!

Morton:  Hey!  Look!  A bone!  I need one of these!

Morton picks up a random bone.  Spooky than throws Morton up.

Morton:  EWWWWWWW!

Morton drops the bone in disgust.


Spooky starts licking the bone and his heart appears.  Larry sucks him up.

Morton:  Goo,dbye doggie.

Larry:  So, um, what do we do now?

Morton:  Maybe something about that plant. Try watering it.

Larry:  I’m still fuzzy about this water gun, though.

Larry presses a button on the water gun and the gun shoots a giant glob of water up into the air, which comes back down as rain.  The plant gets watered, but Morton and Larry also get soaked.

Morton:  >:(

Larry:  Hehe, sorry.  But at least the plant got watered.

Morton:  But nothing happened except it got a little bigger.

Larry:  …

Morton:  Well, what else is there for us to do?

Larry:  We could explore the doghouse.

Morton:  Then we shall.

Morton enters the doghouse and disappears.

Larry:  Morton?!

Larry follows him in and they find themselves in the Graveyard.

Larry:  Eerie.

Morton:  You could say that again.

Larry:  Anyways, let’s try knocking on these gravestones.

Morton:  Ok.

Morton knocks on a gravestone.

Morton:  Knock knock.

Gravestone:  Who’s there?

Morton:  Morton.

Gravestone:  Morton who?

Morton:  Morton Koopa Junior.

Gravestone:  Really?

3 Mr. Bones appear out of thin air.

Mr. Bones:  Aha!  We win!

Larry:  Not if I can help it!

Larry sucks all of the Mr. Bones up.  The biggest gravestone starts to glow.

Morton:  Pretty lights…

Morton walks like a zombie up to the gravestone.


Larry chases Morton and then lightning strikes the gravestone twice.

Morton:  What?

Bogmire appears out from under the gravestone.


Morton:  Uh oh.

Bogmire:  You will get fate like young Koopa girl who foolishly wondered into shadows!

Larry:  10 sickles it’s Wendy.

Wendy:  HELP!

Another lightning bolt falls from the sky and hits Larry.

Larry:  Ouch…

Larry falls unconscious and then disappears, but fortunately his vacuum appears on Morton’s back.

Morton:  Well that was strange…

Bogmire:  I will not be defeated!

Morton:  I guess I have to face this one on my own

Morton gets transported into a giant arena.

Boss Battle:
Morton: 100 vs. Bogmire: 100

Bogmire:  Feel the wrath of my shadows!

A bunch of shadow versions of Bogmire appear.

Shadows:  What happened to our card game?

Bogmire:  It’s time to help me beat this dumb Koopa.

Morton:  Not if I can help it!  DANCING POWAS!

Morton starts dancing.

Shadows:  No!  It’s too much for us!

All shadows but one disappears.

Shadow:  I can still win it.

Morton latches the shadow to his vacuum.

Shadow:  Ouchy.

Morton fires the shadow at Bogmire.  Bogmire gets trapped in a bubble

Bogmire:  ACK!

Morton starts to suck Bogmire up, but then he accidentally lets go.


A bunch of shadows appear.

Shadows:  We won’t be so easy to get rid of this time!

Morton:  Oh yeah?  SOOPA DANCING POWAS!!!

Morton starts dancing rapidly fast.

Shadows:  NOOO!   NOT AGAIN!

All shadows disappear except the same one as last time.

Shadow:  I’m not so easy to get rid of.

Morton picks up the shadow and throws it at Bogmire.

Bogmire:  RAAAAAAWR!

Morton starts to suck Bogmire up, but then loses him again.


No shadows come.

Bogmire:  What the?

Shadows (from far off in the distance):  His powers are too much for us.


Bogmire’s heart appears. Morton sucks him up.  Morton appears outside the arena, where Larry finally awakes.

Larry:  Did we win?

Morton:  You bet!

Suddenly the Gameboy turns on.

E.  Gadd:  KKKKKKK… ZZZZZZZZZ… Hello?  Morton?  Larry?  Are you all right?  Some spooky mist interrupted my signal.  Anyways, great job defeating Bogmire, Morton!  I remember when I had to catch him, it was not fun.  Why not come down to the lab, where we can turn those ghosts you caught into paintings?  Oh, and bring your shadowy sister, too.  I think she has had a dark night, don’t you think?  HAHA!

The Gameboy shuts off.

Larry:  Corny joke, huh?

Morton:  You betcha

Morton, Larry takes the shadowy Wendy down to E. Gadd’s lair.

E.  Gadd:  Now let’s see d’em ghosts turn into paintings, shall we?

Larry puts the vacuum into the machine.  They come out as paintings with gold frames.

Larry:  I did well, didn’t I?

E.  Gadd:  Yep.  Now, Wendy, step into this machine here that I call the De-shadower.

Wendy steps into the machine and it makes funny noises for about 10 seconds.  Wendy then emerges from the machine completely de-shadowized.

Wendy:  Ya-hoo!  Let’s go kick some ghostly butt!

Larry, Morton, and now Wendy walk back up to the mansion, when Larry remembers something.

Larry:  Wait a second?  How did E. Gadd know your name, Wendy?

Morton:  I certainly didn’t tell him.  Besides, he knew my name too.

Larry:  This is too weird.

Wendy:  Whatever, let’s just go to the mansion.  I can’t wait to see what awaits us next.

What will happen to our three Koopas next?  How does E.  Gadd know everyone’s name?  Has Bowser noticed that the Koopalings are gone?  Does he even care?  Why are shadows afraid of dancing?  Why is Kung-Boo so bad at Karate?  Why does Plankton want to steal the Krabby Patty Formula?  Tune in next week for more, Moopalings Kansion.  Sorry, Koopalings Mansion!

To Be Continued...

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