Snifit X Season 5: Super Paper Snifit

By Red Shy Guy


Merlon: Oh, you’re back.

Snifit 1: Yeah, it was tough getting the Pure Heart.

Tippi: !  Merlon, I know you, right? I know Merlee. I… I… I-

Tippi suddenly falls down.

Snifit 2: 0_0  What just happened?

At Merlon’s house…

Merlon: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. She seems to be trying to regain her human form.

Snifit 3: HUMAN FORM?! What’s all this about?

Merlon: When I found Tippi I saw she was hurt and I transformed her into a Pixl. She lost her memory again. I don’t know who causeed this but I have a hunch. You must place-

Snifit 1: Let me stop you right there, Gramps, we already know everything.

Merlon: GRAMPS?! Did you know the next Heart Pillar is in Flopside?

Snifit 2: No.

Merlon: Well there. Now go.

The Snifits continue and see the place where you needed Fleep.


Snifit 2: Now what?

Snifit 1: We do what we do best: we cheat.

Snifit 2: How?

Snifit 3: We’ve done plenty of stupid things to get where we need to.


Snifit 2: Oh yeah!!! Let’s go!

10 minutes later…

Merlon: Are you sure you want to do this?

Snifit 3: We brought pillows.

Merlon: What are those for?

Snifit 1: They act like air bags!

Merlon: -_- Fire.



Nolrem: OOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! YOU @#$% @#$%!!!

Snifit 1: ! Merlon, you must have bad aim if you made us land on you.

Nolrem: I AM NOT MERLON!!! My name is Nolrem. What is your-

Nolrem sees they’re already gone.

Nolrem: Weird.

The Snifits put in the Pure Heart, then use the Return Pipe.

Merlon: Tippi wants to come along.

Snifit 1: Okay, sure.

The group goes in.

Chapter 5-1: If he makes me say please one more time…!

Snifit 1: What a view.

Snifit 2: Maybe we can find the Pure Heart up here.

Snifit 3: Yup, up here. Where is up here?


Tippi: Oh dear. Well, at least they can’t blame me this time.

Cragnon: We doom, crag.

Cragnon: Maybe Big Rock who watches will help us. Huh? What that, brah?

The Snifits fall on them.

Snifit 1: Wow, another soft landing!

Snifit 2: Well, let’s go and find the Pure Heart.

Tippi: You guys realize you squished some people.

Snifit 3: Who cares- WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THOSE?!

Tippi: Huh?

Tippi looks where Snifit 3 is pointing and sees Floro Sapiens.

Floro Sapien: REVENGE!!!

Snifit 1: We did nothing wrong!!!

The Snifits run away but get cornered.

Snifit 3: Quick, lets use our Wii Remotes.

The Snifits press 1&2 and get weapons and start killing the Floro Sapiens.


Snifit 1: ! Let’s go!

The Snifits start to chase the Floro Sapiens, but they stop and see something.

Snifits: Why is this water dirty? I thought those guys stopped polluting.

They shrug and continue, but on the way they see three blocks which they hit in the right order. They get in the pipe that appears and start walking, but Tippi stops them.

Tippi: Be careful. There are Muths around here.

Snifits: MUTHS!!!


Tippi: Now you’ve done it.


The Snifits get Repel Gel that they rub on themselves to and become invisible, and the Muths pass them.

Snifit 2: I though we were gonna die!

Snifit 3: Let’s move.

The Snifits move and see a dead end and some blocks. They hit them but nothing happens.

Snifit 3: DRAT!

Tippi: Looks like we’re gonna need to talk to the people.


Cragnon: Why should I help you?

Snifit 1: The worlds are gonna end, man!

Cragnon: You squish my friends.

Snifit 2: Please.

Cragnon: Again.

Snifit 3: Please.

Cragnon: Again.

Snifit 1: Please.

Cragnon: 30 more times.

Snifits: PleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePleasePlease
PleasePlease. GASP!

Cragnon: Well…

Snifits: If he asks us to say please one more time…!

Cragnon: Say please again.


They turn into Mega Snifit and blast him. They see a crater where he once stood.

Tippi: Look what you did!

Snifit 1: It was annoying!

Tippi: Now what?

Snifit 2: We always have Plan B.


Tippi: Are you sure that’ll work?

Snifit 3: It worked for Mario. Now do it!

Snifit 1 uses the Drill from SMG2 to drill a hole in the wall, and makes it to the other side. Snifit 1 and 2 use the hole to get to the other side too. They move on.

Chapter 5-2: Tablets, chunky people, Pixls, and stupidity

Tippi: Look! The Floro Sapiens!

Snifits: !

They see the Floro Sapiens enter the door. The Snifits follow them but when they get to the next part they see the Floro Sapiens go into a warp pipe that is then blocked.

Snifit 3: DANG!

Tippi: Now what?

Snifit 2: Let’s split up!

Snifit 1: Good idea. There’s bound to be something here that’ll break it or another way in. Let’s go.

The following scenes can go in any order as they happen at the same time. So read them in any order you want.

Snifit 1

Snifit 1 decides to go back to check for anything, but he misses the platform and falls down and goes through the water and falls onto a chest.

Snifit 1: ACK! HELP!

Tippi: What is it?


Tippi: -_- Okay, one, Paris is not in the Mushroom Kingdom; and two, you swam in the Tile Pool.



Snifit 1: Huh?

Snifit 1 looks and sees he’s on a chest.

Snifit 1: Well um... Tada?

Tippi: -_- Ugh. Just let’s go.

Snifit 1 swims back up and sees an explosion in the air.

Snifit 1: ?

Snifit 2

Snifit 2 decides to explore and sees a Clubba and a switch. Snifit 2 decides to tiptoe to the switch and hits it. He sees he can get to the door now.


Clubba: ! )=<


Snifit 2 quickly goes in the door and keeps running fast and crashes into a Rawbus. The Rawbus gets mad at Snifit 2 and tries to bite him, but Snifit 2 jumps over it and uses his Wiimote to smash its tail and destroy it. Snifit 2 continues and sees a dead end. Suddenly a Megabite comes out and starts attacking Snifit 2. Snifit 2 gets the drill and drills the monster, and Snifit 2 goes through the door and sees a rock.

Snifit 2: Hey! Maybe this rock can break the block. Now, how do I get out? …!

Snifit 2 ties himself to a rocket.

Snifit 2: It may be wooden, but it will do.

Snifit 2 lights it up and flies up the hole, but Snifit 2 forgets that rockets explode and the rocket explodes in the air and Snifit 2 falls down.


Snifit 3

Snifit 3 is surrounded by angry Clubbas, ‘cause a certain Snifit woke them up. Snifit 3 starts dodging them but gets surrounded. Snifit 3 looks in his bag and sees something.

Snifit 3: TAKE THIS!!!

Snifit 3 throws a tear bomb.


The Clubbas faint, then explode. Snifit 3 continues down the road and sees a door. He enters and crosses the gap. He walks ahead and-


Snifit 3: That sounds like something I would say. But I didn’t say it, which means...! Booster, where are you?


Snifit 3 looks around and sees O’Chunks.

O’Chunks: It be time to get my revenge. I will ‘av the get even more chunky on yeh.

Snifit 3: What?

O’Chunck: Don’t be playing dumb on me. You may ‘av beating me last time but this time O’Chunks will win.

????: O’Chunks, it won’t be that easy.

Snifit 3 and O’Chunks: !

Dimentio appears.

Snifit 3: YOU!

Dimentio: And again we meet, like two burly dinosaurs with terrible indigestion.


Dimentio: O’Chunks, I just came here to do something. Then I saw you here and I thought maybe I should help. Here, something to assist you.

Dimentio teleports them to Dimension D.

Dimentio: Now, fight like the warrior you are. Ciao.

O’Chunks: I will not fail. Prepare te fight!

Snifit 3 35/35
O’Chunks 50/50

O’Chunks throws a Double Edge but Snifit 3 jumps it and lands on him. O’Chunks sees he’s close so he grabs him and flings him around the dimension. Snifit 3 gets back up but O’Chunks grabs him again and flings him around. O’Chunks goes to grab him but Snifit 3 uses his Wiimote and uses his hammer and smashes O’Chunks, and O’Chunks gets dizzy. Snifit 3 hits O’Chunks with a lightning orb. O’Chunks snaps out of it and gets a big block of the dimension and flings it at Snifit 3, who smashes it with his hammer, but O’Chunks expected that and uses Falcon Punch and Snifit 3 is sent flying into the wall. O’Chunks grabs him again and flings him around. O’Chunks comes to grab him but Snifit 3 pushes B on his remote and a boxing glove on a spring comes out of the remote and punches O’Chunks in the face, making him dizzy again.

Snifit 3: Man, this remote has everything. YIPE!

O’Chunks tries to grab him but misses by five miles so Snifit 3 uses POW Bill on him. O’Chunks goes into rage mode and garbs a huge piece of the floor and throws it at Snifit 3. O’Chunks Double Edges Snifit 3. Snifit 3 eats Honey Candy, +12 HP & 5 MP. O’Chunks slams the ground and creates a shockwave; Snifit 3 dodges it but then O’Chunks ground pounds Snifit 3. Snifit 3 pushes + and 1 and the Wiimote shoots a bolt of lightning that bounces off the room and hits O’Chunks. O’Chunks screams so hard that Snifit 3 goes flying.

Snifit 3 9/35
O’Chunks 17/50

Snifit 3 eats a Fried Shroom. O’Chunks jumps high into the air and does a ground pound that makes a shockwave, but Snifit 3 jumps over it. O’Chunks does another ground pound and makes another shockwave and it nearly hits Snifit 3, then part of the roof falls on Snifit 3. O’Chunks seizes the opportunity and grabs Snifit 3, but Snifit 3 uses Bolt then POW Bill on O’Chunks. O’Chunks screams so loudly that Snifit 3 is blown away. O’Chunks uses Giga Impact but Snifit 3 jumps over it. Then O’Chunks makes a U-turn and hits Snifit 3, who is sent into the wall. O’Chunks gets a huge piece of the floor and throws it in Snifit 3’s direction, and he gets hit. O’Chunks gets another huge piece but Snifit 3 shoots a little bullet at O’Chuncks’s arms and the block falls on him, making him dizzy. Snifit 3 pushes - and B and a whip comes out and grabs O’Chunks, and then Snifit 3 throws him against the wall, knocking him out.

Battle Over. +2000 Points.

O’Chunks: I can’t believe it! I lost te the same Snifit twice!

Snifit 3: Actually-

O’Chunks: Finish me. I shamed my master. I have no regrets. Well, except confessing me love to that sweet lass. Now-

Dimentio: Why O’Chunks, why must you end your game?

O’Chunks: !

Dimentio: Now don’t be that surprised, O’Chunks.

O’Chunks: I failed ye.

Dimentio: Now O’Chunks, I want you to test something out. Do it for me.

O’Chunks: You? … Fine. I’ll be back, Snifit! Master, I will fight for ye ‘til the end.

Dimentio: Now we must be leaving. Ciao.

Dimentio teleports away and O’Chunks leaves by farting.

Snifit 3: Well. Huh?

Snifit 3 sees an explosion in the air but just ignores it. He sees a big stone and decides to get it, but it’s too heavy for him so he blows it up and sees a stone tablet.

Snifit 3: This could work! Must hurry up.


The Snifits reunite and see one is soggy, one is burnt , and the last has bruises.


Tippi: What was your purpose for exploring this place again?

Snifit 1: To find something that’ll break that rock. I found a chest.

Snifit 2: A rock.

Snifit 3: A plate.

The Snifits throw their stuff at the block, but it doesn’t leave a scratch. The chest opens and reveals the water plate, and the rock breaks, revealing the fire plate.

Snifit 1: ? What’s this?

Snifit 3: Looks like what I have.

Snifit 2: ! Has anyone climbed up there?

The Snifits look and sees something up there.


Snifit 2: There is no wood here!

Snifit 3: Well then, um…

Snifit 1: Takes out a rocket and flies with the rest of his brothers. They land on the platform before the rocket can explode. The Snifits put the tablets in, and all of a sudden Cudge appears.

Cudge: Hi. I’m Cudge, who are-

Snifit 1: HAMMER!

Snifit 2 grabs Cudge and jumps off the platform and aims Cudge to hit the block.


Cudge hits the block, cracking his neck, but the block doesn’t break.

Snifit 3: OH @#$%!!!

Snifit 3 swings his Wiimote and pushes 1 and 2, and it turns to a hammer and breaks the block.


Snifit 3: I forgot.

Tippi: -_- Let’s go.

The Snifits enter the pipe and head on.

Chapter 5-3: SHUT THE @#$% UP! Or Minecart Mayhem

Snifit 1: Tippi, you sensing the Pure Heart?

Tippi: Yes, I’m getting a signal. We must be close to the Floro Sapiens.

Snifit 2: Why didn’t you yell at us for killing that Pixl?

Tippi: I’m not gonna bother with that anymore.

Snifit 3: Let’s go.

They walk on and see Flint Cragley yapping something out.

Snifit 1: SHUT THE @#$% UP!!!

Snifit 1 kills him with a blast, and sees a key. Snifit 1 takes it and they continue. They unlock the door ahead and see three separate mine carts. They hop onto the mine carts and suddenly a voice is herd.


The mine carts move and Snifit 1 goes left, Snifit 2 goes straight forward, and Snifit 3 goes left.

Again the following events take place at the same time. Read in whatever order.

Snifit 1

Snifit 1 sees a mine with Floro Cragnons that are digging. Some notice him and try to attack, but Snifit 1 jumps and dodges the pickax attacks. Snifit 1 sees some coins and gets them. Snifit 1 decides to go slowly to spot any coins but all of a sudden a TNT on a mine cart hits him and he loses 3 coins. Snifit 1 decides to accelerate and sees some switches. He reaches out and pushes a lever, then he goes right and sees a trail of coins and gets them. Snifit 1 sees a TNT X-ing and sees other mine roads where TNT barrels are crossing, so Snifit 1 decides to jump, but a TNT barrel comes out of nowhere and smacks him. Snifit 1 sees another lever switch but decides not to hit it, and gets led to the coin road and gathers a bunch to replace the ones he lost as well as gain some more. He continues going fast but all of thea sudden a Floro Cragnon on a mine cart comes out of nowhere and hits Snifit 1, making him lose coins. Snifit 1 still sees coins and starts collecting them. Snifit 1 continues but sees some Floro Cragnons are starting to push TNT barrels down, but Snifit 1 manages to speed up enough to dodge them. Then another pair of Floro Cragnons push a TNT barrel and it falls on Snifit 1. He goes forward and sees some dinosaur-like head opening and closing its jaw, so Snifit 1 decides to go slow. He looks behind him and sees the TNT barrel and a Mushroom. He grabs the Mushroom and speeds up so he outruns the dynamite and goes into the mouth of the dinosaur-like head. He sees a check point and notes that he has collected 20 coins.

Snifit 1: YEAH!

All of a sudden he hears this:

Snifit 1: ?

Snifit 2

Snifit 2 sees his mine is a little like a dungeon. He decides to continue and sees a gate with spikes, and panics, but then he sees a bell on the ceiling so he jumps and hits the bell and the gate opens. He moves along and gets some more coins and sees a Floro Cragnon, and the Cragnon hits him but Snifit 2 sees a lever and touches it and some rocks fall on the Cragnon, killing it. Snifit 2 sees some dynamite behind him and moves on, starting to collect a lot of coins, but he sees the gates again and slows down a little. Snifit 2 touches a red bell and a gate comes down and then Snifit 2 gets hit by the dynamite. Snifit 2 continues but sees the road is out, but when he gets there the mine cart jumps and he continues down another road. He sees another lever and pushes it and gets more coins. He continues and goes down a road and sees a mine road with falling rocks and moving TNT barrels, and Snifit 2 gets hit by a falling rock but shakes it off and decides to continue. As he moves on he gets out of the mine place and sees a small grassy area, but all of a sudden a log falls down but he manages to jump over it. All of a sudden he sees a demented tree that is opening and closing its mouth, so he decides to time it. A TNT barrel hits him but he still makes it in. Suddenly he sees two levers on the road and pushes the left one and sees the road he’s heading for has fire coming out of it. Snifit 2 carefully times it but before he can do anything he gets hit by TNT and then the fire, but he still sees a few more coins and gets them, and sees the end of the road. He sees he made it to the goal. Then he hears this:

Snifit 2: ? What the?

Snifit 3

Snifit 3 sees his mine has a horror theme, with skulls on the pathway. He continues and sees two roads. Suddenly a Big Boo appears in front of him. The Big Boo slams its stub on the left road, where he is, but Snifit 3 jumps onto the right road and starts collecting the coins. The Big Boo slams his stub but Snifit 3 again jumps in the other direction. The Big Boo leaves and Snifit 3 sees a hallway, when all of a sudden gravestones appear featuring the names of those the Snifits have killed. Thoerou, Boomer, Slim, Barry, and Mack appear on the gravestones, and Snifit 3 gets hit by the Mack gravestone, making him lose 3 coins. He manages to dodge the other graves by jumping through the two lanes. Snifit 3 leaves the hallway and sees the Big Boo again, but this time the road splits into three and Big Blue shoots out ghostly fireballs. Snifit 3 sees them coming from behind but only successfully dodges five out of the eight. The Big Boo leaves again and Snifit 3 sees another hallway and more graves appear, featuring Thudly, Fleep, Cudge, Bowyer, Yaridovich, and the Axem Rangers. Snifit 3 gets hit by the Fleep and Cudge graves. Snifit 3 sees the road merges back into one and that the road is going up and up, but soon the mine cart goes down in another direction. He goes into another hallway and the final graves appear, featuring Smithy, the Shadow King, Cackletta, Fracktail, and Midbus. Snifit 3 dodges all of them but then he exits the hallway and sees Big Boo. Big Boo slams his stub and hits Snifit 3. Snifit 3 gets a Mushroom and zooms past him, and enters a hallway with a single road and he sees he got 20 coins. And like the others he hears this:

Snifit 3: Ugh. That was horrible.


The Snifits reunite and see they all look hurt. The Snifits continue.


Snifit 1: Hmmmmmmmmmm. If this is the lair we need to split up.

Snifit 3: We’ve done that so many times this chapter. We must stick together this time.

Snifit 2: You’re right.

The Snifits continue and see a locked door, but merely blast the lock and sees a Cragnon and Dottie.

Cragnon: Oh no! You’re going to kill this Pixl, aren’t you?


They transform into Mega Snifit and kill him. But Dottie manages to live. The Snifits take Dottie by force.

Tippi: -_- What else is new? Now let’s go.

The Snifits decide to continue, and head into the lab door and they see they need a card to enter. They put in a Mushroom Kingdom card and it is approved.

Snifit 2: Some cheap security system.

Dottie: LET ME GO!

The Snifits continue and hit a switch, releasing the Floro Cragnons.

Snifit 1: Quick! Offer her as a sacrifice!

Dottie: Don’t you-

They throw Dottie into the crowd and the Cragnons actually start devouring her. The Snifits use this time to enter the warp pipe, but they see two familiar people.

Dimentio: Ah ha ha. So! At long last, you’ve come to play, like late-sleeping toddlers.

Snifit 2: YOU AGAIN!

They see O’Chunks isn’t doing or saying anything.

Snifit 1: Why are you here? GET OUT OF OUR WAY!

Tippi: Stop this, Dimentio.

Dimentio: Ahhhhhhhh... Do you not tire of collecting those worn-out, tiresome Pure Hearts? I am not violent by nature, you know. I'd prefer to settle this peacefully, in fact. Say, for instance, you wished to go back to your world. I could do that for you...

Snifit 3: We just want you to get out of our way.

Dimentio: Fine.

Dimentio teleports them to Dimension D.

Tippi: You think these Snifits will lose?

Dimentio: I know. O’Chunks’s moves are so easy to memorize that even a preschool kid could defeat him. That’s why…

O’Chunks gets a Floro Sprout on his head.

O’Chunks: CABBAGE!

Snifit 2: You vegified him!

Dimentio: That’s not all.

Dimentio takes out a hat like his and puts it on O’Chunks’s head, and it fuses with his head.

Dimentio: Say hello to O’Chimentio.


Dimentio: Now remember, kids: eat your vegetables to grow big! Except in this case, a veggie will eat YOU! AHA HA HA HA!!! Ciao.

Snifit 2: I’ll face this big fella.

O’Chimentio: TURNIP!

Snifit 2 35/35
O’Chimentio 60/60

O’Chimentio launches a Starburst at Snifit 2, then he runs quickly towards him and starts flinging him around. O’Chimentio starts dancing like a moron so Snifit 2 uses his Wii Remote and pushes A, B and 1, and all of a sudden the Wii Remote turns into a hand cannon and Snifit 2 shoots out missiles that hit O’Chimentio. O’Chimentio gets a huge piece of the floor and flings it, but Snifit 2 activates his whip mode in his Wii Remote and grabs the block and flings it at him and makes him dizzy. Snifit 2 grabs him and flings him at the wall, damaging his hat. O’Chimentio gets mad and starts making shockwaves using small ground pounds, and Snifit 2 starts getting pelted. Snifit 2 eats Fried Shroom, +15 HP & 5 MP. O’Chimentio makes a dimensional box and Snifit 2 takes massive damage, and before he can eat anything O’Chimentio grabs him again and throws him across the room. He starts dancing like a moron again. Snifit 2 eats another Fried Shroom. Snifit 2 uses his arm cannon mode and shoots at O’Chimentio. O’Chimentio takes out another huge block and throws it, but Snifit 2 uses his whip mode and grabs and throws it, making him dizzy. Snifit 2 grabs him again and throws him at the wall and damages him and the hat again. O’Chimentio makes a huge scream and Snifit 2 gets dizzy from it. Then O’Chimentio uses Falcon Punch on him and Snifit 2 hits the wall. O’Chimentio uses another Falcon Punch but Snifit 2 activates shield mode and he blocks the attack. O’Chimentio starts to charge an attack.

Snifit 2 10/35
O’Chimentio 20/60

O’Chimentio slams the ground with his fist and all of the sudden where Snifit 2 is standing the floor goes up and Snifit 2 hits the ceiling hard. O’Chimentio goes to grab him but Snifit 2 uses Bolt and stops him for awhile and Snifit 2 quickly drinks a Super Shroom Shake, +20 HP. O’Chimentio uses his psychic abilities and a huge psychic hand appears and O’Chimentio punches Snifit 2. O’Chimentio tries to grab him with Psychic Hands but Snifit 2 activates missile mode and hits O’Chimentio, messing him up. O’Chimentio smashes the floor and some of the ceiling starts to fall down on Snifit 2. O’Chimentio flips into 3D and spins around, flinging out Starbursts in different directions and Snifit 2 gets hit by a few. O’Chimentio starts making dimensional boxes. Snifit 2 uses lightning orb on him, but before it hits him O’Chimentio grabs him but messes up his Box attack. O’Chimentio uses Falcon Punch on it and hits back at Snifit 2 with tremendous speed and strength, but since Snifit 2 is smaller than O’Chimentio it misses by 2 miles and it just destroys part of the wall.  O’Chimentio uses Sonic Scream and Snifit 2 gets dizzy. O’Chimentio grabs him and flings him around and then dances like a moron. Snifit 2 jumps on him and O’Chimentio feels insulted and throws a huge block, but Snifit 2 uses his whip mode and grabs it and flings it at him, but O’Chimentio grabs it. Snifit 2 uses Bullet Tornado and O’Chimentio gets dizzy and lets go, making him very dizzy, and Snifit 2 grabs him by the hat and flings him into the wall.

+2900 Pts. Level Up. New moves.

O’Chimentio: BRO-BROCOLI!

They return to the caverns again.

O’Chunks: …

The hat he is wearing falls off but the sprout is still there.

Snifit 3: Now what?

Dimentio: You can’t go on without this.

Dimentio takes away the Floro Sprout.

Dimentio: Hmm. It’s still in great condition. Try getting to King Croacus without this. AHA HA HA HA!!! Ciao.

O’Chunks: Eh, what am I doing here? Unless ye came te challenge me I’m gonna-


O’Chunks: ! Me stomach be growling like a starving dog. Warrior rule # 1: Never fight on an empty stomach! 'Tis madness! I’ll let ye go this time. I can’t be breaking the warrior rules. Until then.

O’Chunks Falcon Punches the roof, then leaves by farting.

Tippi: Look, the hat is still there. Do you dare?

Snifit 1 puts it on and snaps his stub, and he, Snifit 2, 3, and Tippi are teleported.

Dimentio: Hmm. That Snifit is good. Perhaps too good. I’m still not sure about them. Either way, I will conquer the entire universe.

Dimentio teleports away.

The Snifits see that Snifit 1 teleported them to where you see the portraits of Croacus’s ancestors.

Snifit 1: ! I feel no more magic in this hat.

Snifit 2: Well, it got us this far.

Snifit 1: I’m still gonna keep it.

Snifit 3: Why?!

Snifit 1: BECAUSE IT’S COOL!!!

Tippi: The Pure Heart is very close by, but how do we move on?

Snifit 3 gets out a magic marker and draws a green door with leaves on it, and then it becomes visible.

Tippi: I still don’t know how you do that, but I’ve been with you guys so long that I’ve gotten used to it. I still wonder who I am.

Snifit 2: I’m sure you’ll know one day.

Snifit 3: Let’s go.

They enter the door.

????: Ooooooooooooooooweeeeeeeeeeeee!

Snifits: !

King Croacus IV appears.

King Croacus: Why are you trying to do bad stuff, you ugly creatures?!

Snifit 1: UGLY! WELL LADY-

King Croacus: LADY?! I AM A KING!

Snifit 2: 0_o I’m scarred for life.

Snifit 3: 0_o So am I.

King Croacus: You can’t just come in here and insult a king. This world was made for beauty. Here is your proof.

King Croacus pulls out the Pure Heart.

Tippi: King Croacus, don’t do this. For what reason would you want to do this?


Snifits: ? Revenge?


Suddenly a rose-like thing forms on King Croacus’s head, then vines come out of King Croacus and three heads appear out of nowhere. Then the rose thing closes and King Croacus face becomes invisible.

King Croacus: Oooooooooooooooooweeeeeeee. Here I come.

Snifit 1 40/40
King Croacus 40/40
Heads 10/10

Snifit 1: Uh oh. YIPES!

One of the heads smashes toward Snifit 1, he jumps out of the way, but the blue head falls on Snifit 1. The orange head comes down too but Snifit 1 uses Drain and hurts the head. The blue head comes to slam again but Snifit 1 activates his light saber mode and slashes at the head, and the head goes back but Snifit 1 hits the pink head. All the heads slam at once but Snifit 1 dodges and uses Static E and hits all of them, knocking them out. The rose opens and King Croacus uses Leaf Storm and a bunch of leaves hit Snifit 1. Snifit 1 uses his light saber technique and slashes King Croacus, and the rose starts to close but Snifit 1 uses POW Bill and hits King Croacus before it can close. The heads get back up and Snifit 1 sees that the heads now look more serious. The heads start to wrap around Snifit 1 but Snifit 1 activates his newest move, Pyro Suit. Snifit 1 throws fire up and then the fire comes down and hits him, catching him on fire. The heads get hurt from touching Snifit 1, but the spikes also hurt Snifit 1. Snifit 1 uses Flame Wall and hits all the heads and knocks them out. King Croacus uses Razor Leaf but Snifit 1 uses Flamethrower and counters the leaves, then Snifit 1 uses Flare Blitz and hits King Croacus. The rose immediately closes and the heads get back up and slam the floor at the same time and cause a shockwave that hits Snifit 1, making him hit the wall.

Snifit 1 14/40
King Croacus 17/40

The heads smash the ground and make holes in the floor, revealing dirt. The heads spit out seeds and suddenly Nippers come out but Snifit 1 simply uses Heat Wave and destroys the Nippers and knocks out the heads. King Croacus sees the dirt and spits a seed in there, but this gives Snifit 1 an opportunity to use Fire Blast and hit King Croacus, and the rose closes once again. A blue Piranha Plant emerges from the ground and spits out electricity, causing major damage to Snifit 1. Snifit 1 eats a Roast Shroom, +30 HP & 6 MP. Snifit 1 uses the 6 MP to utilize Static Suit. Snifit 1 sees the heads have risen back up. Snifit 1 uses the light saber and cuts the Piranha Plant. The heads make a shockwave and Snifit 1 gets hit. Snifit 1 sees some of the floor is left and starts running around. The heads slam in all directions and Snifit 1 gets hit. Snifit 1 decides to flip into 3D, and sees more floor and room. Snifit 1 starts running in circles and jumps to dodge the attacks. Snifit 1 starts attacking the heads with the saber but they learn from that and stay away from it. Snifit 1 points his remote at them and a hand with a 1 on it grabs the blue head and slams it into the other heads, then he does it vice versa and they get knocked out. King Croacus uses Frenzy Plant and grabs him.



Snifit 1 shoots out a huge plasma ball that obliterates King Croacus and some of the roof.

Snifit 1: I DID IT! Huh?

Snifit 1 sees a seed fall on the dirt and the sunlight flashing on the seed. King Croacus reappears, but only as a head.

King Croacus: Not yet you haven’t!

Snifit 1 10/40
King Croacus 10/40

Snifit 1 uses Static E but King Croacus shields himself. King Croacus throws his petals and starts making another rose, but Snifit 1 uses Static E and destroys the petals and hurts King Croacus. The petals fall in the dirt and suddenly turn into Floro Sapiens. Snifit 1 uses Static E but the Floros defend themselves. King Croacus throws more petals and Snifit 1 quickly uses Bolt and defeats King Croacus, but King Croacus gets revitalized by the soil and sunlight and the latest petals turn into more Floro Sapiens.

Snifit 1: YIPES! There’s got to be another way. That’s it. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Snifit 1 starts getting pelted by the Floro Sapiens and faints, but his Life shroom revives him. Snifit 1 eats his last Shroom Roast, +30 HP & 6 MP. Snifit 1 uses Pyro Suit once more and uses Flame Wall and burns all of the Floro Sapiens. King Croacus throws more petals but Snifit 1 flame tackles all off them.

Snifit 1: I’ve taken care of my petal problems, but how do I take down a plant? ! That’s it!

Snifit 1 takes out a GBA and pushes the contact button.

Snifit 1: Hurry! YIPES!

Snifit 1 gets hit by an energy ball. Snifit 1 uses Flamethrower and defeats Croacus, but he just comes back. King Croacus spits out some seeds and electrical Piranhas appear, but Snifit 1 sees this and uses Heat Wave. King Croacus uses another energy ball but Snifit 1 dodges suddenly.


E. Gadd appears on the Gameboy Screen.

E. Gadd: Oh, hey Snifit 1. Why did you call me?

Snifit 1: Got anything that defeats plants that use soil and water to keep living? YIPES!

E. Gadd: Use my new Acid mixture. When it’s raining, shoot this thing into the sky and acid rain will come and destroy your plant. Here, I’ll send it to you. Oh, but pay me for this one.

Snifit 1 puts money on the screen and the coins go to E. Gadd’s office.

E. Gadd: Okay, here.

E. Gadd gives Snifit 1 the Acid mixture.

E. Gadd: Good luck with all this. Oh, I also sent you this device that makes clouds appear, just in case.

Snifit 1 uses the device and it suddenly starts raining. Snifit 1 then uses the Acid mixture and acid rain falls on King Croacus. King Croacus starts to feel badly. He quickly fixes the roof but sees the soil isn’t rich anymore.

King Croacus: Guess it’s the hard way.

King Croacus heals himself.

Snifit 1 30/40
King Croacus 20/40

Snifit 1 sees his flame is gone but he still fights on. Snifit 1 uses Drain but King Croacus dodges and uses Energy Ball, but Snifit 1 dodges and uses POW Bill and hits King Croacus. King Croacus uses Leaf Storm and Snifit 1 gets hit. Snifit 1 gets back up and uses Bullet Tornado. Croacus dodges it but Snifit 1 uses his missile mode and hits Croacus. Croacus tries to heal himself but Snifit 1 finally has had enough and blasts the roof, but he sees the water now is normal rain.


E. Gadd: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention it was a prototype so it doesn’t last that long. Uh, sorry, but thanks again for expanding my research.

King Croacus: This rain gives me energy. Now what?

Snifit 1: What to do?

Tippi: Snifit 1, this is your chance to turn things around. You can use electrical attacks and what is happening right now…


Snifit 1 uses Static Suit and lightning strikes him, and Snifit 1 uses Bolt and a thunderbolt comes out instead, but Croacus dodges it. Croacus sees the dirt isn’t good enough to heal but is good for attacks. King Croacus uses Leaf Blade and a leaf comes out of the ground and slashes Snifit 1. Snifit 1 uses Lightning Orb and a huge orb comes out of the clouds and hits King Croacus, but he continues to live as he is powered by the rain. King Croacus decides to end this and uses Frenzy Plant and hits Snifit 1. Snifit 1 falls down and King Croacus prepares to finish him off, but Snifit 1 concentrates and uses Storm, or in this case Thunder. A huge bolt strikes King Croacus. King Croacus wilts and falls down defeated.

Battle Over. + 4500 EXP.

King Croacus: Ooh. Beau-beautiful. Even when I’m wilted I am still beautiful.

Floro Sapiens: OUR KING!!! WHAT DID YOU DO?!

Snifit 2: We won!

Floro Sapiens: Hey, shut up! Our king never wanted to harm the Cragnons, but they polluted the water again!

Cragnon: We didn’t pollute, brah.

Floro Sapien: ! You didn’t? But who did?

Cragnon: We cleaned it up, crag. A Whacka reported he saw a clown polluting the land.

Floro Sapien: ! A clown came and told our king he saw you guys polluting. So the clown is responsible. *to Snifits* Hey dudes, who are you?

Snifit 1: We’re the heroes we guess?

Floro Sapien: Well take this. You’ll need it.


So our heroes have found the sixth Pure Heart. What other dangers await our heroes? What is Dimentio going to do? What will become of Grate Guy and Knife Guy? These questions will be found out soon.

Back at Castle Dimentio…



Nastasia: Yeah, I wanted O’Chunks to make up a song, but this isn’t what I expected.

Mimi: Where’s the Count and Master Dimentio?

Nastasia: Yeah, I haven’t seen the Count, and the Master said to stay put.

Mr. L: Hey Nastasia, the new robot looks mighty great. I’ll be going now, and-

Nastasia: We were told to stay put and-

Dimentio: WHERE IS HE?!

Mr. G: Uh, hello Master?

Dimentio: The Count is gone! He must’ve gone to Sammer’s Kingdom.

Mr. K: With all respect, sir, can we go there?

Dimentio: ! Um, sure, all of you except Nastasia and O’Chunks, I give you permission to leave. I must be going too.

Minions: YES SIR!

They all leave except Nastasia and O’Chunks.

Read on!

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