Snifit X Season 5: Super Paper Snifit

By Red Shy Guy

We see Red Shy Guy on a comfy chair, with a fancy robe and next to the fireplace. We also see he holds a mysterious book.

Red Shy Guy: Hello there. Today I shall read you the story of the Snifit gang’s fifth adventure. But before that I will read you
something that happened during the first Snifit X adventure.

Red Shy Guy opens the book, which is the Dark Prognosticus.

Red Shy Guy: It was a dark time in Castle Bleck…

We can see Count Bleck and Timpani. Timpani tells Count Bleck she’s going for a walk. Timpani is enjoying her walk but stops as
she feels a presence behind her. She looks but doesn’t see anything. But then…

????: AHAHAHAHA!!! I return from the dead!

Timpani: Huh? What the? No. It’s not possible!

????: Now time for my master plan to begin!

A box appears over Timpani.

Timpani: NO!

Dimentio: AHAHAHA!!! CIAO!

Timpani: You’re not getting away with this, Dimentio!


Dimentio: I already have!

At his castle, Bleck is waiting for Timpani’s return but sees a message on the floor. He reads it, then drops the paper.

Count Bleck: No. It- It can’t be! I-I can’t think like that. I must search for Timpani. They couldn’t have done that.

Count Bleck leaves and the paper is visible. It says, “Timpani is wandering through dimensions. If you are wondering who wrote
this it is me, the Tribe of Darkness’ leader. YOUR FATHER! Let this be a lesson, Blumiere. It is hopeless. This time she won’t live.
This is for the best. Don’t think of using the Dark Prognosticus to end all worlds.”

So Count Bleck searched for Timpani ‘til Season 4 ended. Now Count Bleck is in his castle, depressed.

Count Bleck: I’ve searched everywhere, every dimension, asked every person, but I can’t find her. My life is meaningless without
her. The world lacks meaning without her. What do I do? Huh?

Count Bleck sees the dark book next to him. He grabs it and looks at it for awhile. He then drops it.

Count Bleck: What am I thinking? Timpani would be ashamed of me if I tried to destroy all worlds. But I must. I shouldn’t. I ugh no.

Dimentio Well guess what, Blumiere? You’re opening that book and you’ll like it!

Count Bleck: Huh? No! You’re dead. It’s not possible. I-I destroyed you wa- Hey! What- NOOOOOOO!!!


Dimentio: Now for the next steps. I’d figured that note would make Count Bleck get the book, but having a brainwashed slave is
good enough!

Dimentio takes out a Floro Sprout...

Somewhere in Flopside, we see Nastasia sipping some tea and wondering about Count Bleck, when suddenly…

????: Hello there. You’re goanna be needed!

Nastasia: ! It’s you! Dimentio>! Get away! Uh, hypnotism!

Dimentio FOOL! No attack like that will hurt me. But that will be needed. SO EAT THIS!!!

The figure throws a powerball at Nastasia, knocking her out.

Dimentio Now to do this.

Dimentio takes out a Floro Sprout...

Later at Merlee’s Mansion, we see Mimi sleeping, but the doors open and Mimi sees Nastasia.

Mimi: Nastasia? You know you could’ve told me you were coming. Huh? What are you doing? Wha- What’s wrong with you?

Nastasia activates her glasses and Mimi gets hypnotized.

Later in Flipside…

O’Chunks: I wonder what I’m goanna do now…! Ey, is that you, Nastasia? What in blazing bog rats are you doing? Ey no, don’t

Nastasia hypnotizes O’Chunks.

Later the three head to Castle Bleck and find Count Bleck.

Count Bleck: I see my helper found you. Now let’s get to work. We have worlds to destroy. BLEH HEH HEH BLECK!

So now begins our tale. This adventure begins four months later after the Snifits defeated Cackletta. It is a tale of love, and
revenge, and some stupidity. This is the tale of Snifit X Season 5: Super Paper Snifit.

Prologue: What is happening to everything?

We see the Mario Bros. sipping tea and eating pasta.

Luigi: It sure is good to be back. I never expected that Booster’s Snifits could become heroes.

Mario: Yeah, but we shouldn’t take advantage of them. We are the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Luigi: Yeah. Hey, wanna visit the princess?

Mario: Yeah.

They leave and see Toad outside.

Luigi: TOAD! Get off our property, ya little-

Toad: Princess kidnapped!

Mario: MAMAMIA!!! Come on, Bowser must’ve kidnapped her.

Luigi: Let’s go.

The Bros. leave and Toad looks around.

Toad: It’s always easier when they leave the door open.

Toad takes out a burlap bag and goes inside the Mario Bros’ house.

At Bowser’s Castle…

Bowser: …And that is why I am lowering your paychecks. So any comments or questions?

All the minions hold their hands in the air.

Bowser: -_- What is it?

Hammer Bro: What do we do if the Mario Bros. are here, since our Bullet Bills are being repaired?

Bowser: Fling your hammers! Why?

The enemies move aside and Bowser sees the Mario Bros.

Bowser: WHY YOU!

Bowser jumps toward them as all the enemies run away, but when the place is cleared they see…

Bowser: Who are they?

The Mario Bros. turn around and see the Snifits with bug nets.

Mario: Why are you?

Snifit 1: Shhhhhhhh. You’ll scare it.

The Mario Bros. see a Beetle land on Bowser.

Bowser: Why are they-

Snifit 2: Attack!

The Snifits jump Bowser and hit him with their bug nets. Grate Guy and Knife Guy come in.

Grate Guy: Snifits, why are you doing here?

Snifit 3: We got it!

Snifit 3 has the Beetle in his stub.

Knife Guy: -_- Woohoo.

Luigi: Anyway, Bowser, give us Peach back.

Bowser: I don’t have Peach!

Mario Bros: ! Then who?

????: MARIO!

Mario Bros: !

They see Peach behind a barrier.

Bowser: What the?

????: I have your princess!

A figure comes out and they see...

Mario Bros. and Bowser: COUNT BLECK?!

Snifits: Who?

Count Bleck: The destroyer of worlds is me, Count Bleck. The holder of the Dark Prognosticus is also me, Count Bleck. Count
Bleck has taken your precious princess.

Mario: Why are you doing this?

Luigi: Yeah, you were reunited with Timpani.

Count Bleck: Count Bleck spits at you. The world has turned against me and taken Timpani away from me. So you will all suffer
from Count Bleck.

Bowser: Would she want this?

Count Bleck: Count Bleck spits at you too. You do not know her! Count Bleck has decided what he must do. And Count Bleck will
need you, Bowser.

Mario jumps on him but Count Bleck doesn’t feel anything.

Count Bleck: Did Count Bleck feel a breeze, or was that your attack? Count Bleck says you are useless, so…

Count Bleck throws a void but Snifit 1 pushes Mario out of the way. Unfortunately Bowser remodeled the castle and Mario lands in
a cannon that blasts Mario away, while Snifit 1 gets KO’d by the void.

Snifit 2: Not cool!

Peach: Please, Count Bleck, don’t do this!

Count Bleck: SILENCE! Now where was Count Bleck? Oh, right.

Count Bleck sucks up everyone except Snifit 1 into the void.

Count Bleck: BLEH HE HE HE HE BLECK! All is according to plan.

Count Bleck flips away.

At the wedding…

Nastasia: Everything is ready, Count.

Count Bleck: This pleases Count Bleck.

Bowser: For the last time, no!

Count Bleck: Don’t you want to marry the princess?

Peach: To tell you the truth, I figured you would say yes.

Bowser: Clawdia would kill me if she found out, so no! AND I AM NOT XXL! I AM THIN!

Bowser gets hypnotized.

Nastasia: Yeah, yelling at the Count is a bad thing. So do you take Peach to be your lawfully wedded wife ‘til your game be over?

Bowser: y…yes.

Count Bleck: Peach, d-

Count Bleck sees Peach running away, but O’Chunks comes out of nowhere and throws Peach back to the altar. When she lands
Nastasia hypnotizes her.

Nastasia: Say “I do”, k?

Peach: ooh… I… do.

The ground starts to shake. The Chaos Heart comes out. Suddenly Luigi, Grate Guy, and Knife Guy wake up.

Luigi: Where are we?

Grate Guy: LOOK!

Knife Guy: Let’s move!

Count Bleck: BLEH HE HE HE HE BLECK! All is going according to the prophecy.

Nastasia: Great Count, that means you get to flip to a new page in the Dark Prognosticus.

Luigi: HALT!

Luigi super jumps toward them, but a rupee hits him. Grate Guy and Knife Guy make it but Knife Guy accidentally hits the Chaos

Knife Guy: Oops.

Grate Guy: You-

The place goes blank for awhile, but Count Bleck and Nastasia suddenly reappear.

Count Bleck: Foolish idiots. These things will only bring you pain.

Nastasia: So yeah, you okay?

Count Bleck: It is time. Chaos Heart, go and consume everything as written in the Dark Prognosticus. BLECK!

Back at Bowser’s Castle…

????: Hello.

Snifit 1 wakes up and sees some butterfly.

Snifit 1: Who are you?

????: My name is Tippi. I am a Pixl, a sort of fairy.

Snifit 1: Why are you here?

Tippi: I am looking for a hero that came here.

Snifit 1: Well I’m a hero.

Tippi: But you don’t match the hero in the Light Prognosticus. Hmm. What to do? Well, come with me. Maybe Merlon can shed light on this situation.

Snifit 1 flips and so does Tippi.

In Flipside…

Merlon: Ohohoho? Who’s this, Tippi? A friend of yours?

Tippi: Um, no. I tried finding the hero of the Light Prognosticus, but all I found was a Snifit standing here.

Merlon: Tippi, I keep telling you this over and over, you know the hero.

Tippi: I do? I don’t-

Merlon: What could have caused this? The Tribe of Drakness is dead. It’s a good thing when I was traveling I found you. Now, um-

Snifit 1: The name’s Snifit 1.

Merlon: Can you help us? (He’s not the hero but we are in a predicament. Besides, beggars can’t be choosers.)

Snifit 1: Help from what?

Merlon: Look up.

Snifit 1 looks up and sees something in the sky.

Merlon: That is known as the void. Somehow someone brought the void for some reason.

Merlon takes out the Pure Heart.

Merlon: This is a Pure Heart. It is needed to destroy the Chaos Heart. Please take it. We need help.

Snifit 1: I don’t know…

Merlon: If you put it in a Heart Pillar you get um... MONEY!

Snifit 1: Really? Cool, give it to me.

You got a Pure Heart.

Merlon: The Heart Pillar is to the left of here at the bottom of this place.

Snifit 1 goes left and jumps off.

Tippi: Can we really depend on him?

Merlon: No. But I need you to watch him and see if he makes it back. Here.

Tippi gets the Return Pipe.

Merlon: We have to wait to see if the heroes come back. I’ve sent word to all the Shaman to see if they can spot the heroes.

Tippi: Okay.

Suddenly the red door appears and Snifit 1 comes back.

Snifit 1: No money came!

Merlon: Listen, you must go on a journey to go save all worlds.

Snifit 1: I didn’t agree to th-

Merlon pushes Snifit 1 and Tippi through the door.

Merlon: What happened, Tippi?

At Castle Bleck…

Count Bleck: Soon the void will devour all, and then a perfect world will emerge.

O’Chunks: Yes, then we can replace these naughty worlds with war and bagpipes.

Mimi: Nah, I see a place with a huge mansion and a pool, oh and-

Count Bleck: Yes, Count Bleck will grant all your wishes. Hey, where’s…

Dimentio: I’m right here, Count.

Nastasia: Oh yeah, apparently the hero has been spotted.

O’Chunks: Ey Count, let me chunk this hero.

O’Chunks leaves.

Dimentio: Well I’ll be leaving, Count.

Count Bleck: Okay, you may go.

Dimentio leaves.

Count Bleck: Just try to stop Count Bleck, hero.

And so another adventure unfolds, and it seems Snifit 1 is alone this time. Can he defeat Count Bleck? Who was this mysterious
character who attacked Count Bleck’s crew and Timpani? And who is Count Bleck’s assistant? How did I get this book? I won’t
reveal that answer, but the other answers will soon be revealed. This is the beginning of Snifit X Season 5: Super Paper Snifit.

Read on!

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