The Power Shards

By Blade Guy

Chapter 12: Confronting Booshido

The heroes walk slowly down the long hallway. As they walk, torches begin lighting up as they walk past them. This causes Blue and Yoesh to jump. They keep moving, and eventually reach another large door. Yang jumps, and drop-kicks the door. It falls over, and the five heroes enter a large throne room. They look around, and torches begin lighting up around the room. Then a large throne is seen with someone sitting in it. This someone is a large, black Boo with a silver cape, red eyes, and a green tongue. Floating above him are four diamond-shaped gems. The Boo grins. “Ah, welcome heroes! I see you have managed to defeat all my Senshi.”

“Booshido!” cries Yang. Booshido chuckles.

“I’ve been waiting for this day, Yang. I knew the day would come when each of us would have power shards and we battle it out to see which one of us will win them all.” He then turns to Booser. “And look at this... you brought along all your friends. I believe you’re Booser.”

Booser backs up a little. “How... do you know my name?”

“Oh, I’ve done my research. Your means of attack are fireballs, licking, a tennis racket, and you recently learned how to use lightning orbs. How do I know all this? Like I said, I’ve done my research.

“And then we have Yoesh and Blue, two close friends. Blue, you like using moves similar to the Koopa Bros, and you have some fighting capability in you. Yoesh, you’re just like a regular Yoesh with the exception of forming an egg shield.

“And finally, we have...” He gets up from his throne, and disappears. He appears right behind Marceline. “Marceline. You seem to be fond of using your ax base, your fangs, and your powerful vampire strength. You recently hooked up with Booser, and you can easily show off the goods,” he says, showing a smile on his face. Marceline gets completely red in the face and punches Booshido into the wall. Booser approaches Marceline, trying to comfort her. Booshido gets up, okay. “Someone’s a little peeved,” says Booshido.

“You were hitting one me! I already have a boyfriend, you royal-”

Booser quickly jumps up and kisses her to stop what she was going to say. She calms down. Booser turns to Booshido. “Hit on her again, and you’ll be sorry!”

“Right... Anyway, I think it’s about time we get this started.” He extends his stub, and something begins forming. A sword appears with a long, thin, black blade. Booshido points it at the heroes. “Yang. Booser. Marceline. Blue. Yoesh... PREPARE TO DIE!”


Booshido charges at Yang and goes to slash him, but Marceline blocks the hit with her ax base. This gives Yang a chance to fire an exploding shuriken right in Booshido’s face. He stumbles back, and Booser, Blue, and Yoesh charge at him. Blue tucks into his shell, and Booser engulfs him within flames and launches lightning orbs, while Yoesh launches eggs. Booshido is being attacked with a flaming Koopa shell, eggs, and lightning orbs. He slashes the eggs and lightning orbs into nothing, and launches Blue back at them. Booser and Yoesh avoid the shell. Yang pulls out an icy shuriken and throws it at Blue, putting out his flames. He comes out of his shell and turns to Booshido. Marceline summons her loudspeaker and fires powerful soundwaves one after another. Booshido grins, and turns invisible to avoid the soundwaves. He then reappears behind Marceline and raises his sword. Marceline screams in fear. He lowers his sword, but is then hit by what appears to be a fireball and is sent into the wall. Booshido notices that the fireball that hit him was a flaming Booser, who turns to Booshido, and sticks his tongue out at him, taunting him. Booshido growls, and quickly charges at Booser. But an electrical shuriken is fired from below, and shocks Booshido. This gives Booser and Marceline a chance to get away. Booshido looks down and sees Yang holds more shuriken.

Booshido charges down on him, sword extended. Yang stands his ground. Then an egg rolls in front of Yang, and Yoesh pops out. He throws egg after egg at Booshido, but he is fast and avoids the eggs. He slashes Yang and Yoesh into the wall. A cut is seen on Yoesh’s arm, and Yang’s sheet as well. Booshido chuckles, and a soundwave hits him from behind, as does a fireball. He turns around and sees Marceline and Booser grinning. Booshido quickly turns to them and slashes his sword, sending a slash of energy at them. Marceline strums her ax base, and soundwaves destroy the burst of energy. However, that was just a distraction. Booshido is seen rushing at them, and he licks them. They are covered with saliva.

“YUCK! This is disgusting!” comments Marceline, trying to wipe the saliva off but becoming paralyzed, as does Booser. Booshido laughs, and forms an orb of energy. He fires it, and it bursts on Booser and Marceline, sending them flying. They hit the wall, but recover from paralysis. They slowly get up as Booshido slowly approaches them. Then Blue slides in from behind and jumps in front of Booshido, karate chopping his face. He is launched into Yang and Yoesh. Yoesh lashes his tongue around him to hold him still. Yang then performs ninja skill #10, superstar. A big star blasts at Booshido, sending him into the air. Yang then jumps into the air and performs the best ninja skill he knows.

“Ninja skill #100... FINAL STRIKE!” Yang begins glowing. Then he lets off a powerful burst of energy and strikes Booshido with everything he’s got. Booshido is launched to the ground, forming a big crater. The other heroes approach as Yang slowly lands, weakened from using the best ninja skill. Booshido is motionless, and the heroes cheer. But they hear a chuckle, that turns into laughter. They look and see Booshido rising out of the crater.

“You thought that you could defeat me so easily? You thought wrong! I’m a powerful ruler! You might have been able to defeat my senshi, but they are nothing compared to me!” He points his stub at them and fires off another orb of energy. It explodes and sends the heroes flying. Booser and Marceline are sent into the air, but stop themselves. Yang is sent to the wall, but bounces off at the right moment and comes out okay, as do Blue and Yoesh. Booshido laughs, and launches powerful bursts of energy from his sword. Marceline counterattacks by sending soundwaves from her ax base. Each attack collides, and explodes. The five heroes then charge through the smoke. Blue emerges first and tucks into his shell. He charges at Booshido, who is not too surprised to see this. He takes his sword and slashes Blue’s shell, sending him back into the smoke. He hits Yoesh, and both go to the ground.

Yang, Booser, and Marceline continue. They jumps out of the smoke, but there is no sign of Booshido. They look around. He then comes down on top of them, sword extended. Yang quickly pulls out a shuriken and blocks the sword. Booshido continues to try to break through, but to no use. Booser and Marceline begin firing soundwaves and fireballs at him. Booshido is launched into the air, but quickly recovers. He fires more bursts of energy at the three of them. Marceline launches more soundwaves to destroy the bursts of energy, but Booshido just grins and points his sword up in the air. He then disappears, and reappears in front of the heroes. However, he is not the only one to appear.

Nine more of him appear around Yang, Booser, and Marceline. The ten Booshidos laugh. “Which one of us is the REAL Booshido? Good luck trying to find out!” They begin launching energy bursts, which hit the three heroes. They go to the ground, very weak. The ten Booshidos laugh again and prepare to finish them off. But a blue shell and egg roll in and start destroying the Booshidos. Eventually the shell and egg - Blue and Yoesh if you haven’t figured it out yet - are left with just two Booshidos. They come from each side, and destroy them both. They pop out, and are confused.

“Wait, where’s the real one?” asks Blue. Then, laughter is heard. Blue and Yoesh quickly look around the room, trying to find the source. Yang, Booser, and Marceline begin getting up. The laughter continues, and Yang goes into a meditative position.

“Yang! This is no time to meditate!” cries Booser. Yang ignores him and lets off a wave of white energy. He then quickly opens his eyes.

“Marceline, swing your ax to your left!” cries Yang. Marceline does so, and a yell is heard. Booshido then reappears, rubbing his face in pain.

“How did you know?” asks Yoesh.

“I am able to locate any invisible enemy when I’m meditating. And that wave of energy I let loose made it so he could be hit by any attack even though he was invisible,” explains Yang.

Booshido then lunges and grabs Yang by the neck. He draws his sword, grinning evilly. Booser quickly launches a lightning orb, shocking Booshido. He drops Yang, who then throws an exploding shuriken at his face. He flies up into the air, a little dazed. He comes out and angrily growls at Yang. He then dives down onto him, sword extended. “I’LL KILL YOU!”

Unfortunately for Booshido, Blue jumps in front of Yang and tucks into his shell. He then knocks Booshido’s sword out of his hand. Booshido gasps, then is knocked toward the floor by Blue. Yoesh then lashes his tongue around Booshido and swings him around. He lets him go, and he flies off into the air. Marceline flies in his path and slashes him with her ax base, sending him back toward the ground, where Booser waits to launch a fireball and lightning orb. He does, causing Booshido to get launched toward Yang. Yang then kicks him into the air and jumps up. He pulls out four shuriken and throws them. They hit Booshido and cause a great explosion, sending Booshido toward the ground even faster. He hits it, and creates another large crater. He tries to get up, but then faints.

The heroes cheer, and head toward Booshido’s throne, where Yang obtains Booshido’s four power shards. He then pulls out the ones he collected back in the Mushroom Kingdom. They spin around, and form back into the Power Gem, which looks like a big diamond giving off a rainbow glow.

“The time has finally come,” says Yang. He approaches the Power Gem and lifts it up into the air, and it begins to shake. The Power Gem then gives off a powerful glow, which causes everyone to shield their eyes. The glow dies down and a small orb of light slowly comes out. The orb of light floats down and starts transforming into something like a Duplighost. Once fully transformed the light fades, and a white Duplighost is seen. Yang slowly approaches the Duplighost, and a bow appears on its head. The female Duplighost slowly opens her eyes, and sees Yang.

“... Yang?”

“Ying!” Yang hugs the Duplighost, better known as his sister Ying, and she hugs back.

“I’ve been gone a long time, haven’t I?” asks Ying.

“Yeah. I’ve been searching for you ever since Booster trapped you and I shattered the Power Gem to make sure he didn’t get all that power.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter right now. All that matters is that I’m free, and you were the one who saved me. Thanks, Bro.” She then notices the other four. “So, you wanna introduce me to your friends?”

“Oh, that’s right.” He turns to the others. “Everyone, this is my sister, Ying. Ying, this is Booser, Marceline, Blue, and Yoesh.”

“Any friend of Yang’s is a friend of mine,” says Ying, a smile on her face. She approaches them and shakes their hands. But as Ying gets to knowing Yang’s friends, grunting is heard. They turn around and see Booster, dragging himself.

“Booster?! How did you…?!”

“Yang... I’ve got something to tell you. Booshido isn’t the real enemy. It’s- GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Everyone gasps. From behind, a weapon is sticking into Booster’s body. Booster blacks out and then disappears, along with his jester stick. Then clapping is heard. Everyone looks and sees two figures stepping put of the shadows... a Shy Guy and Koopa.

Chapter 13: The Real Enemy

Yang is taken aback. He sees Senshi Guy and Explosivo, alive.

“No... That’s impossible!” cries Blue. “I killed you!”

“Same goes for you Explosivo!” cries Booser. Senshi Guy chuckles.

“Oh, young heroes... how they think they killed their opponent. Yes, it is true... Explosivo and I live! Booster even somehow managed to live. But, you see, I had to kill him, or he would’ve blabbed about my plan.”

“What plan?” asks Marceline.

“Hehehe! My foolproof plan. You see, Booster was nothing but a puppet. He did everything I said... which wasn’t much. But, he told me something that Booshido wouldn’t have wanted to hear, that he’d given Yang a power shard after their last encounter. I used this to my advantage, and bribed him. If he didn’t follow my orders, I’d go and blab to Booshido about his mistake. So I told him to do the only job I needed him for... to kill Samurghost!”

Yang, Booser, and Marceline remember Samurghost randomly fainting, blood gushing out of him.

“You mean... that Booster was the one who killed Samurghost?” asks Booser.

“Yes. I needed Samurghost gone, or my plan would never have succeeded. You see, Explosivo had been in major punishment for something he regrets doing. Booshido created Samurghost as Explosivo’s replacement. But Explosivo is far more powerful than Samurghost was. With Samurghost dead, Booshido would have to lift Explosivo’s punishment. And the timing couldn’t have been better, because you had obtained a power shard, meaning that we were down by one. That is... until Explosivo came in and was able to get us back on track.”

“Senshi Guy... What is your plan exactly?” asks Yang. Senshi Guy grins.

“Soon, Yang, it will all be revealed. After Explosivo brought us back a power shard, things were looking up. And Booshido had located the next power shard., at Boo Mansion, so I recommended that he send Shroobiorra. But there is a reason behind it... I needed more info on Marceline. That battle she had with Senshi X was not enough. I needed to learn more of her abilities. And Shroobiorra did his duty. After that, everything was perfect. Bloopshi brought you guys all here. This was a good thing because I was able to observe your battle styles more. Oh, and all those battles you had with Bonz, Bloopshi, Senshi X, Senshitu, and Senshioomba? Rigged.”

The heroes are taken back by this. “Rigged?” asks Yoesh.

“You heard me... rigged. Yang, when you went to finish Bonz... I upped the power on your electrical shuriken. I knew that it normally wouldn’t have killed. Booser, I used my power to send you into the eye of the tornado. You would’ve been sucked right into that thing, spinning all around until Senshitu killed you. Marceline, I am fully aware of your reincarnation ability. That doesn’t work here, so I used the power of my scythe to raise the dead for you, as well as Bonz and Senshitu. Blue, those spirits of the Koopa Bros... nothing but my creation to give you the courage to keep fighting. And Yoesh... I saved you from Senshioomba’s cero. You’re welcome.”

“Okay, then how do you explain the Floro sprout on Booster?” asks Yang.

“Ah, that. Booster was trying to stop me, for he had caught onto my plan. But I stopped him from blabbing to Booshido by planting that Floro sprout. And I knew you would easily take him out, Yang. Those last battles were not rigged. Marceline, your battle with Shroobiorra was amazing, and I like how you finished it. Yoesh... well... not really much to say with your battle against Spikeshi. Blue, you were not facing me. That was a clone I created. And Booser, Explosivo is pretty ticked with you for what you did to his face. But, the way you defeated him wasn’t enough. You only destroyed his release form.”

“Okay, but I’m still missing something... Your plan?!”

“Yes, my plan... is to obtain the Power Gem. You see, I needed you to take down Booshido for me so I wouldn’t get my hands dirty. Once you defeated him, you would put together the Power Gem, release Ying, and I would come in and takeover.”

“Sounds a lot like a Dimentio move to me,” says Booser.

“Oh no. Don’t get me wrong, Booshido is a great leader. He’s just too dumb to realize the full potential of the Power Gem! Plus there’s something different with me and Explosivo. We... are greater warriors.”

The heroes take a step back.

“You ever hear of assassins who were led by the Koopatrol of Darkness? Me and Explosivo... are part of that team. And guess what? The team is still around.” He then snaps his fingers. “Show yourselves... assassins!”

Before the heroes can make a move, a Cobrat bounces down and wraps himself around Yang and Ying. Then a Boo in a witch’s hat stops Booser and Marceline, while a black-robed Magikoopa takes care of Blue and Yoesh. Yang and Booser then realize who the Cobrat, Boo, and Magikoopa are.

“You’re the guys who tried to assassinate Mallow!” cries Yang.

“You got that right,” says the Boo. Senshi Guy and Explosivo then approach the Power Gem, but turn back to the heroes.

“Kemak. Taboo. Cobra. Explosivo. Led by Sen- no... Led by their great leader... Assassin Guy! Together... we are the Assassins of the Mushroom Kingdom! Now... the time has finally come.”

He pulls out four vials. “Scales off of Cobra. Saliva from Taboo. Magic dust off of Kemak. Scales off of Explosivo. And last, but not least...” He takes his scythe and cuts off his left arm. Everyone gasps. Assassin Guy turns to Kemak and nods. Kemak understands, and makes three items appear: a hook, a robotic claw, and a plasma ray. Assassin Guy takes the hook and sticks it to where his left arm once was. The other two weapons go inside his robe.

“With these five DNA samples and the Power Gem... I can create the most frightening thing in the universe!”

Assassin Guy stashes his scythe away, and picks up the five objects, and throws them at the Power Gem. They go right through, and merge with it. The Power Gem begins shaking, and explodes. The Power Gem begins getting covered by something. A green, serpentine body begins forming around it, with the tail of the Pokemon Seviper. It also gains robotic arms. Then more things begin forming: a head forms, and a robe forms. Then a Shy Guy mask appears under the hood of the robe. A witch’s hat forms, and lands on top of the head. Then one of the robotic arms forms a scythe, the other a magic wand.

“Yes! We’ve done it! We’ve created the Ultimate Assassin! With this thing in our control, we can easily takeover the world!” cries Assassin Guy. He then turns to the heroes. “And guess who’s his first victims.” Cobra, Taboo, and Kemak release the heroes and throw them in front of the Ultimate Assassin. He roars. Then Booshido is seen slowly getting up. He looks and sees Assassin Guy and Explosivo.

“What the…? Senshi Guy? Explosivo? You guys are alive?” Assassin Guy snaps his finger and Cobra wraps himself around Booshido. “Senshi Guy? What is the meaning of this?!” Assassin Guy chuckles.

“Oh Booshido, you were a great leader, believe me. But me and Explosivo... we are greater than you’ll ever be, and smarter. I’ve been planning this ever since my first day as Senshi Guy.”

“Since your first day as Senshi Guy? What in the world are you saying?” asks Booshido

“Hehehe. Booshido, I respect you, but you are way too dumb to think of a plan THIS great. So... say bye bye.” He snaps his finger, and Cobra hisses at Booshido. He takes his tail and goes to stab Booshido. But Booshido takes his sword and blocks the tail strike. Cobra hisses and jumps back. Assassin Guy grins. “Not bad, Booshido. I’ve never really seen you in battle before.”

“Well then, try THIS on for size!” Booshido points his stub at Assassin Guy and fires a powerful burst of energy. Assassin Guy slashes the burst of energy to bits with his hook hand. Booshido is a little taken back, and Assassin Guy grins evilly. Taboo then flies in and pulls out a card with a snowflake on it. He absorbs it, and shoots a blast of ice at Booshido, who flies at Taboo and slashes him. Taboo is hit, but quickly recovers and shoots a quick blast at Booshido, freezing him. Booshido falls to the ground, unable to move. Kemak then comes in and levitates him. Cobra then jumps up and stabs his tail through the ice, hitting Booshido. Explosivo then chucks two bombs at him, breaking the ice completely and sending Booshido to the ground in front of Assassin Guy, who looks down on him. Assassin Guy grins. He takes out his scythe and opens a portal to the Underwhere. He then smacks Booshido in with his scythe. Assassin Guy closes the portal.

“Oh Booshido, I could’ve let you live, but you would’ve just got in the way. Now, time for this to end!” He turns to Ultimate Assassin. “Ultimate Assassin... kill these heroes!” The Ultimate Assassin roars, and Yang, Booser, Marceline, Blue, and Yoesh get into fighting positions.

Ying then walks up to Yang. “I’m helping you on this one.”

“Thanks, Sis.” They turn back to Ultimate Assassin, and he roars again.

FINAL BOSS: Ultimate Assassin

Yang jumps at Ultimate Assassin, but he takes his tail and slaps Yang back to the ground. He quickly recovers, and jumps back up at him. Ultimate Assassin goes to hit him again, but Yang uses flash step to avoid the hit. He appears on Ultimate Assassin’s head and uses some ninja techniques, shuriken, even a few ninja skills, but nothing works. Ultimate Assassin throws his wand up into the air and begins controlling it with his mind. He fires a blast at Yang and sends him back to the ground. Ying rushes in to aid him. Yang slowly gets up.

“Nothing works on this thing. How are we supposed to destroy it before IT destroys us?” Ying looks at it and notices that the chest is glowing. Ying then knows what they must do. “Yang, look at his chest!”

Yang looks, and he too sees it glowing. “Is that... the Power Gem?”

“I think so. Remember, those DNA samples that Senshi... Assassin Guy threw in merged with the Power Gem. If we destroy the gem, then that thing should be no more,” explains Ying.

“Yeah. But that thing will just swat us away easily. So far it has Cobra’s body and abilities, Explosivo’s bomb belt, Kemak’s wand, Assassin Guy’s scythe, and Taboo’s hat... although I’m not really sure how that’s threatening. But my point is, we’d need someone the same size as it to weaken it, giving us a chance to aim for the gem.”

Ultimate Assassin roars, and fires more magical blasts at Yang and Ying. They see the oncoming blasts, and avoid them. Booser then flies in and starts shooting fire breath, fireballs, and lightning orbs rapidly at Ultimate Assassin to daze the enemy. Yang and the others charge at Ultimate Assassin and start attacking his chest. However, no dent is being left, and Ultimate Assassin comes out of his dazed state and swats the heroes away with his scythe. This knocks them to the ground and hurts them severely. Ultimate Assassin slithers toward them and raises his scythe, about to deliver the finishing blow. He slams his scythe down, but Ying quickly jumps up.

“Ninja skill #11... SHIELD OF LIGHT!” A bright shield is formed around the heroes. Ultimate Assassin strikes the shield, but the shield gives off a powerful burst of light that blinds Ultimate Assassin. The shield disappears, and Ying turns to Yang.

“The shield of light. How could I have forgotten about that skill? That would’ve come in handy a couple of times.”

“Come on, let’s try to get to the Power Gem!” Ying rushes toward the blinded Ultimate Assassin. Yang quickly gets up and follows. Blue and Yoesh quickly jumps up, and charge after them. Booser and Marceline fly into the air and start sending lightning orbs, fireballs, and soundwaves at Ultimate Assassin. Ying, Yang, Blue, and Yoesh physically attack him, but nothing seems to work. Ultimate Assassin becomes able to see again. He roars, and the hat begins lifting up. Out come seven cards with elements on them. The card with a crack in the ground is absorbed by Ultimate Assassin. He slams his tail on the ground, causing an earthquake. This causes Ying, Yang, Blue, and Yoesh to fall over. Then the ground begins opening, and the heroes plummet toward death. But Booser and Marceline dive down and catch the others. The six of them fly back up, and see Ultimate Assassin launching bomb after bomb. Booser uses his power to turn everyone invisible, avoiding the explosions. But when they reappear, Ultimate Assassin slashes them with his scythe and sends them into the wall. Everyone is severely hurt, but they get back up.

“It’s no use. Nothing is working!” cries Yang. “We need more power if we want to reveal that Power Gem!”

“If it’s more power you need, then I’m the girl you’re looking for.”

Everyone turns to Marceline. “Marceline... what are you talking about?” asks Booser.

“I’m saying that I have the power to pry that monster open. And I’ll show you...” She then begins undergoing a transformation. She grows to the same size as Ultimate Assassin as she turns into her bat monster form from when she battled Shroobiorra.

Everyone is awestruck at the sight of her. Booser flies up to her face. “Marceline? Is that you?”

“Booser, of course it is. I might look different, but it’s still me on the inside. In this form I have great power, probably more than enough to pry that thing open,” says Marceline. Booser smiles, and tries to hug her, but due to her size, he really can’t. Marceline lowers her hand, and Ying, Yang, Blue, and Yoesh step on. She raises them up onto her shoulder. She then turns to Ultimate Assassin, who hisses at her. She hisses back, and charges at him. Ultimate Assassin sends wand blasts and bombs at her, but Ying, Yang, and Booser manage to destroy them before they hit. Marceline then slashes Ultimate Assassin’s chest. Ultimate Assassin roars in pain, and a big slash mark is seen. The light from the gem also grows brighter. He growls, and summons the seven cards again. The card with a big tree on it is absorbed, and Ultimate Assassin summons large vines that wrap around Marceline, but she just grins. “You’ll have to do better than that!”

She uses her vampire strength and breaks out, slashing Ultimate Assassin again. But he quickly takes his scythe and blocks the strike. Marceline flinches a little, and takes a step back. Ultimate Assassin then launches more explosives. Marceline blocks them with her arm. She hisses, and tries to slash him again, but he shoots a quickly blast from his wand. This causes Marceline to get flung back, but she catches herself by using her thin bat wings. She then flies at Ultimate Assassin, teeth bared. Ultimate Assassin takes his tail and goes to stab her, but Ying and Yang throw two exploding shuriken at the tail and cause Ultimate Assassin to recoil. Marceline slashes him, and he roars louder than before. His skin tears apart, and the assassins gasp. “NO!” cries Assassin Guy.

Ying, Yang, Blue, and Yoesh jump off Marceline and start attacking the Power Gem. Booser dives down and throws lightning orbs and fireballs. Ultimate Assassin roars in pain as the heroes keep beating on the Power Gem, which slowly begins cracking. However, Ultimate Assassin begins to slowly point his wand at the heroes. He then blasts a powerful spell at them, sending them flying. Marceline catches them. Ultimate Assassin then roars, and repairs his skin, covering up the Power Gem. He then points his wand at Marceline and shoots a blue spell at her. She is not injured, but she begins transforming back into her regular form. She tries to transform back, but cannot. “He disabled my transformation ability!” cries Marceline.

The heroes turn to Ultimate Assassin, and notice that he is beginning to weaken. The assassins notice this too. “Assassin Guy... he’s weakening,” points out Kemak.

“What do we do?” asks Taboo.

Assassin Guy stares at the heroes and back at Ultimate Assassin. He then pulls out his scythe. “We’re going to ATTACK!” He charges at the heroes. The other assassins charge after him.

The heroes see them coming, and gulp. The assassins stop, and surround the heroes. “Thissssssssssssssssss issssssssssssssssssss the end heroesssssssssssssssssssss!” hisses Cobra.

“We simply cannot allow you to destroy Ultimate Assassin, so we’ll be taking you on,” states Assassin Guy.

Yang turns to the others. “Guys, some of us have to take care of the assassins, while the rest of us deal with Ultimate Assassin. I’ll take on Ultimate Assassin.”

“I’ll help you, Yang,” says Ying.

“Me too,” chimes in Booser.

“Good. Marceline, Blue, and Yoesh, you hold off the assassins.”

“You got it, Yang,” says Marceline. She then turns to the assassins and launches a powerful soundwave from her ax base. This sends the assassins back, and Marceline, Blue, and Yoesh charge at them.

Meanwhile, Yang, Booser, and Ying charge at Ultimate Assassin. Ultimate Assassin roars, and starts firing powerful magical blasts and explosives while also sending tree roots at them. Ying and Yang perform a series of jumps to avoid the attacks, while Booser turns invisible and continues charging. They reach him and begin attacking him with everything they’ve got. But Ultimate Assassin grabs them with his tail and tosses them up into the air, readying a powerful blast of magic. He fires, but Ying and Yang use one of the few combo skills they know.

“YING-YANG SHIELD!” both Duplighosts yell. A shield that looks like the symbol for Ying and Yang form, protecting the three heroes. The blast of magic hits the shield and bounces back at Ultimate Assassin, and he roars in pain. Booser notices.

“Guys, there is another way we can hurt him.”


“If we reflect his own attacks back at him. Can you perform that shield thing again?”

“No, we have to wait awhile before we can use it again. But until then, we’ll try everything we’ve got!” exclaims Yang. Ying and Booser nod, and the three of them charge down on Ultimate Assassin.


Explosivo quickly throws a grenade at the three heroes. Blue charges at the grenade, grabs it, and throws it back. Taboo uses his power to turn all the assassins invisible to avoid the explosion. They quickly reappear, and Cobra lunges at Yoesh, tail extended. Yoesh forms an egg and begins rolling around. Cobra gets confused by Yoesh’s strategy, and ends up getting hit by him in the face. Cobra is sent into the wall, but quickly recovers and points one of his robotic arms at Yoesh. It extends, grabs him, and pulls him back to Cobra, who grins evilly.

“Time to end thisssssssssssss!” He opens his mouth and bares his fangs. He goes to bite down on him, but is then smacked behind the head. He looks and sees Marceline holding her ax base. Cobra then takes his tail and goes to wrap it around her, but Blue comes in and knocks the tail away. Cobra gets angry, lets go of Yoesh, and lunges at Blue. Yoesh takes his tongue and wraps it around Cobra. He flings him back toward the other assassins. Kemak points his wand at Cobra and stops him from hitting everyone. He lands safely.

Taboo and Kemak then charge at them. Yoesh and Marceline launch eggs and soundwaves at them, but Kemak puts up a shield while Taboo summons his seven cards and absorbs the card with a water drop on it. He then turns into water and shoots a gush of water at the heroes. Marceline launches soundwave after soundwave to stop the water, but her power isn’t enough and the water destroys the soundwaves and hits her, Blue, and Yoesh. They hit the wall, but quickly get up, though soaking wet. Taboo then absorbs the card with a lightning bolt on it, and static begins coming off his body. He launches a zap of lightning at the heroes and they get a powerful zap due to the water. They hit the ground, very weak.

From the sidelines, Assassin Guy and Explosivo laugh evilly. “Finish the job!” cries Assassin Guy. Taboo and Kemak nod and quickly send a powerful lightning bolt and magical blast at the heroes. Yoesh slowly gets up and notices the attacks coming at them. He jumps up and begins forming a large egg to protect the three of them. The blasts hits the egg and leaves a little dent. Assassin Guy growls. “Keep firing! Once we break the egg, it ends for them!” Taboo and Kemak launch powerful blasts of lightning and magic at the egg, which begins to crack. From the inside, Blue and Marceline slowly get up, and see Yoesh panicking.

“We’ve gotta think of something, guys! I can’t keep this egg shield up for much longer!”

“Maybe Marceline could transform into that monster bat thing again,” suggests Blue.

“That monster the others are fighting put a spell on me that prevents me from transforming, remember?”

“Oh, right.”

The egg begins cracking more, and time is running out. Then, Yoesh gets an idea. He turns to Blue. “I think it’s time we used it.”

“Dude, we haven’t had enough practice!”

“It’s either that, or we die!”

Blue sighs. “All right.” He then tucks into his shell, and Yoesh goes over and picks up the shell, and turns to Marceline.

“When they manage to break through the egg, I want you to whack me with your ax base to give us more power.” Marceline nods, and Yoesh transforms into an egg, Blue sitting on top of it.

From outside, Taboo and Kemak continue launching attacks. Eventually they make a hole in the egg. Marceline then whacks Yoesh with everything she’s got, and he goes rocketing through the hole that Taboo and Kemak made. They gasp at the sight of an egg and shell. Yoesh hits them, and he and Blue go up into the air. Yoesh breaks out of the egg and eats Blue’s shell. He then spits it out at great speed toward Taboo and Kemak. Blue hits them and sends them to the ground. Yoesh then comes crashing down to the floor and ground pounds, sending shockwaves at Taboo and Kemak. They are launched into the air. Blue pops out of his shell and lands next to Yoesh. Taboo and Kemak hit the ground hard, and are knocked out. Assassin Guy and Explosivo slowly approach them, pick them up, and put them down next to Cobra, also knocked out. They then turn back to the heroes.

“This is the end!” cries Assassin Guy. He takes his scythe and charges at them, as Explosivo begins chucking bombs. Yoesh and Blue are launched into the air by Assassin Guy and the bombs explode on them, launching them back at Marceline. They land with a thud in front of her, very weak. Marceline turns to Assassin Guy and Explosivo. “Two on one seem unfair, but since when do we ever care about fairness?” asks Assassin Guy. He then fires a cero at her. Marceline quickly takes to the sky, and avoids the cero. She starts launching soundwaves at them, but Explosivo destroys them with his bombs. He then launches a chain bomb at Marceline. It explodes, and chains lash out at her. But she quickly chops them to pieces. Assassin Guy then jumps into the air and spins himself into Marceline, scythe extended. She quickly blocks the attack with her ax base, but Assassin Guy continues his attack. She is being pushed back slowly. She then pushes back onto Assassin Guy and sends him back. Assassin Guy growls and slashes his scythe, sending slashes of energy. Marceline summons her loudspeaker to make her soundwaves much more powerful. They collide and explode.

Assassin Guy waits for Marceline’s next move. Nothing happens. Then he feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns around and sees Marceline. She hisses at him and makes a scary face. Assassin Guy jumps, and she smacks him down to the ground. He gets stuck, and struggles to free himself. Explosivo starts chucking bomb after bomb, but Marceline dives down on him, and smacks him in the face, sending him to the ground as well. “Had enough?” she asks. Assassin Guy gets himself out, and turns to her.

“I’m not finished yet, vampire!” Explosivo then gets up, and quickly chucks mines. Yes, mines. He throws them up into the air and they float, not moving an inch. Marceline finds herself trapped within a mine field. From below, Explosivo chuckles, and Assassin Guy grins. From above, Marceline struggles to move.

“This would be SO much easier if I could transform into a small bat,” she says to herself.

From below, Blue and Yoesh begin getting up. “Man, that was some fast movement,” says Yoesh.

“Yeah, that Assassin Guy really knows how to move,” says Blue. He then looks up, and sees Marceline in the mine field. He gasps. “Yoesh, look!”

Yoesh looks up, and gasps as well. He then turns to Assassin Guy and Explosivo, who are just laughing. “We’ve gotta help her! Come on!” Yoesh charges at the Shyster and Koopa amd kicks them to the ground. Assassin Guy gets up.

“Look who’s here, Explosivo. Some new victims!”

“What about the vampire?”

“Let Marceline be. She’ll never get out of there!” says Assassin Guy, who grins. He grabs Yoesh and throws him at Blue, who quickly catches him. Blue then tucks into his shell and charges at Assassin Guy and Explosivo. Assassin Guy takes his scythe and puts it in the position of a golf club. “Four!” He smacks Blue like a golf ball, and he goes charging back at Yoesh. Yoesh lashes his tongue out and grabs Blue, stopping him. Yoesh then throws him back at them, but Explosivo throws a bomb and sends Blue into the air. He hits one of the mines, and it causes a chain reaction as the mines start exploding. Assassin Guy turns to Explosivo. “YOU FOOL!”

Explosivo develops an anime sweat drop. “... Sorry?”

Marceline finds a path, and begins flying back toward the ground. She finds Blue and grabs him. The two of them make it back to the ground. Then blue energy comes off of Marceline, and disappears. Assassin Guy gulps. “Oh no...”

Marceline grins, and transforms halfway into her bat form. She charges at Explosivo and sends him into the air. She charges up, then smacks him with her ax base. Explosivo hits the ground, and is knocked out. Assassin Guy turns to Marceline, who hisses and dives down on him. Assassin Guy blocks her with his scythe. “I’m not going down without a fight!” He then pushes her back and begins firing ceros. She swiftly dodges them and launches soundwaves. Assassin Guy launches slashes from his scythe. Each attack collides and explodes. Assassin Guy then jumps up and slashes Marceline to the ground. Blue and Yoesh charge at Assassin Guy and begin attacking. Assassin Guy charges down on them, scythe extended. Blue tucks into his shell and charges up at Assassin Guy, knocking the scythe out of his hands.

“He did the same thing against my clone.” Assassin Guy then punches Blue back to the ground. He waves his arm, and his scythe comes back to him. He grins, and charges down on to the heroes. Marceline quickly gets up and blocks the strike. Blue and Yoesh tuck into their shell and egg, and hit Assassin Guy into the air. Marceline then summons her loudspeaker and launches a powerful soundwave. Assassin Guy is hit and sent to the ground. He hits Explosivo and the two of them bounce into the other assassins, forming a pile of knocked out assassins. Marceline reverts back to her regular form, and she, Blue, and Yoesh head over to the pile to make sure the supposedly downed assassins don’t try anything funny.


Ying throws three types of shuriken. These are different from Yang’s: hers are nature, water, and poison. They hit Ultimate Assassin, and vines begin forming around him. The water helps the vines become stronger, and the poison begins coursing through his veins. But Ultimate Assassin begins controlling his wand with his mind, and zaps the vines away, then bites himself. He begins sucking the poison out of his veins. He roars, and shoots the poison he sucked out at the heroes. Booser flies in and turns everyone invisible. Once the attack is finished they reappear, and Ultimate Assassin slashes his scythe down on them. They quickly dodge, and jump into the air. Ultimate Assassin lashes his tail at them, trying to poison them. Ying spins around and knocks the tail away. Yang then throws many exploding shuriken. Ultimate Assassin is hit, but feels nothing. Booser flies around the robotic arms, and gets an idea. “I think I can make this work...”

He forms a lightning orb and launches it at the arms. They give off static, and drop the wand and scythe. They begin to malfunction, and slap Booser away. He hits the wall. “It was worth it.” Ying and Yang notice this, and give the thumbs up sign to Booser. However, Ultimate Assassin controls his wand with his mind and shoots a blast of magic at the arms. They return to normal, and he grabs his scythe. He roars, and slashes Ying and Yang, dealing great damage. They are knocked to the ground. Booser comes to their aid. Then, Ying and Yang let off a black and white glow.

“Ying, I think we can perform another combo.”

“Let’s make this count.” Ultimate Assassin throws explosives, and wand blasts. Ying and Yang jump into the air. “YING-YANG SHIELD!” The shield that looks like the symbol for Ying-Yang appears again, and the attacks bounce off and hit Ultimate Assassin. He roars in pain again and his chest bursts open, revealing the somewhat weakened Power Gem. Ying, Yang, and Booser begin attacking the Power Gem with everything they’ve got. They begin chipping away even more of it. Ultimate Assassin roars loudly. Then the Power Gem begins glowing and shaking. Ying, Yang, and Booser stop attacking. The Power Gem lets off a bright light, blinding the three of them.

The bright light goes away, and the three heroes notice they are back on the ground. Booser points at Ultimate Assassin, and they gasp. Ultimate Assassin is now bigger and a larger wand, scythe, and robotic arms as well as the seven cards are surrounding him. These all merge with inside him and he gives off a rainbow glow. He roars, and attacks by firing a beam at the heroes. They jump to avoid the beam. “I think that was an elemental beam,” says Yang.

“It has to be. Those cards give him elemental powers. But the Power Gem has combined all the cards and Ultimate Assassin together, which gives him the ability to shoot a powerful elemental beam. Yang, we’ve got to end this. And I think I know how.”

“You don’t mean...” She nods. This confuses Booser.

“Can someone explain to me what you’re talking about?”

“She means that we use the Ying-Yang Blast. With our combined power, we can fire a power blast that might be enough to weaken Ultimate Assassin and give us a chance to destroy the Power Gem. Booser, can you distract him while we charge up?”

“I’d be risking my dead life! But... I’ll do anything to save the world...” He turns away and flies up toward Ultimate Assassin. “…and be with Marceline.” He goes up in front of Ultimate Assassin’s and makes a silly face, taunting him. Ultimate Assassin forms another elemental beam. Booser dodges the attack and begins trying to counter. He launches fireballs and lightning orbs one after another. Ultimate Assassin takes his wand and fires magical blasts and bombs at Booser. Booser quickly avoids the attacks and starts firing attacks from a distance. Ultimate Assassin extends his scythe and starts trying to slash at Booser. He begins avoiding the slashes, but is hit at the last second. He is launched to the ground, and Ultimate Assassin readies another elemental beam. But before he can release it, a black and white glow is seen emitting from Ying and Yang. They jump into the air.

“YING-YANG BLAST!” They fire a powerful blast that looks like the symbol for Ying-Yang, as Ultimate Assassin fires his elemental beam. It collides with the Ying-Yang Blast, and they begin pushing each other. The elemental beam seems to be pushing the Ying-Yang Blast, which gets Ying and Yang worried. They charge at the Ying-Yang Blast and use their power to push it, causing it to break through the elemental beam. It hits Ultimate Assassin and he roars with great pain. His chest bursts open, and Ying, Yang, and Booser quickly attack the Power Gem. Finally they finish it with two exploding shuriken and a fireball fused with a lightning orb. The Power Gem is completely cracked by their attacks, and bursts into nothing. Five chunks of the Power Shard are seen holding the DNA samples of Assassin Guy, Explosivo, Cobra, Taboo, and Kemak. They burst into nothing, and Ultimate Assassin begins disappearing. He roars loudly, and is eventually completely gone.

Marceline, Blue, and Yoesh cheer for Ying, Yang, and Booser, and run at them.

The assassins begin waking up, and notice that the heroes have won. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We were SO close to world domination!” cries Assassin Guy. He then turns to Explosivo. “Explosivo, it’s time to finish them. Ultimate Assassin wasn’t able to get the job done.”

Explosivo nods, and pulls out a trigger. He pushes a button, and loud ticking is heard. The heroes hear this, and turn to the assassins.

“Explosivo has planted a large time bomb under this room. You don’t have much time to escape, so I hope you enjoyed your lives!” He opens a portal, and the other assassins step in. Assassin Guy jumps in after them, but turns back to the heroes. “If you make it out alive, may we see each other again,” he says with an evil grin on his face. He closes the portal, and leaves the heroes.

They begin panicking, but Yang notices the ceiling above them is cracked from when Ultimate Assassin used the earth card. Yang takes out an exploding shuriken and throws it up. It explodes, creating a hole in the ceiling. Yang motions for the others, and Booser quickly grabs Ying and Yang while Marceline quickly grabs Yoesh and Blue. They fly out through the hole. As they do, the time bomb explodes. This forces Marceline and Booser to fly at a faster speed as fire rages after them. They make it far away and watch as Booshido’s Castle blows up.

Yang smiles, and turns to Ying. “You ready to get out of here, Sis?”

“You bet, Bro,” replies Ying. The two grab each other’s hands and begin chanting a spell. Then a Ying-Yang symbol appears in front of the heroes and turns into a portal. Booser and Marceline fly in, and the six heroes end up back at Luigi’s Mansion.

Epilogue: End of an Adventure

The heroes are seen outside Luigi’s Mansion celebrating their victory over Booshido, the Senshi, and the assassins. Booser is seen grilling burgers. Blue and Yoesh are relaxing in the sunlight. Yang is telling Ying about his adventure when he and Booser went up against King Boo with Mario and Luigi. And Marceline is seen laying on a lawn chair under an umbrella while sucking the red out of some strawberries.

Booser finishes the burgers. Everyone grabs one and enjoys it. After feasting on Booser’s burgers, the heroes spend the rest of the day relaxing and hanging out. When nightfall comes around, Blue and Yoesh turn to Yang.

“Well Yang, it was great meeting you, Booser, Ying, and Marceline. But me and Yoesh have got to get going. Tomorrow, we start rebuilding our house,” says Blue.

“But where will you go?” asks Yang.

“I’ve got a friend in Koopa Village. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if me and Yoesh stay until our house is rebuilt.”

“We’ll, it was nice to meet you too,” says Yang. “Hope our paths will cross again sometime.”

“Right back at ya,” says Yoesh. The two buddies then head off toward Koopa Village.

Booser and Marceline are seen staring up at the night sky. “Marceline, I’m glad I met you. And I’m glad that we fell in love,” says Booser.

“Me too, Booser. But...”

“But what?”

“Well, if you remember, I’m not from here. Booshido kidnapped me from a different land. So...”

Booser frowns. “I had a feeling this would come. Marceline, I don’t want you to leave.”

“Believe me Booser, I don’t want to leave either. But all my friends are probably worried about me. I can’t stay here and leave them.”

“I understand,” says Booser, frowning a little. Marceline turns to him.

“Booser, I promise that I will never forget you. I will never forget the day we met. I’ll never forget the day you saved me from Explosivo.”

“And I hope you don’t forget this.” He approaches her and kisses her for a long time. They slowly pull away, and Marceline smiles.

“I’ll never forget that either.”

“And I’ll never forget you, Marceline.”

“Hopefully we’ll see each other again.” They smile at each other, and she begins taking off. She then rises high into the skies, and flies toward the South. Booser looks up, and a tear forms in his eye.

“I’ll never forget you Marceline...” He then lowers his head, and begins crying a little. Ying approaches him, and tries to comfort him.

“It’ll be all right Booser. You’ll see her again,” says Ying.

Booser looks up. “Maybe you’re right, Ying. Maybe you’re right.”

Yang then approaches the two of them. “Well, it’s getting late. We should head in.” Booser and Ying agree. They head in, and Yang helps Ying settle in. The three of them eventually drift off into dream world, and have a good night’s sleep.


Three weeks later Booser, Ying, and Yang are seen on a boat to Lavalava Island. They make it, and are greeted by the Yoshi Elder.

“Ah, Booser, glad to see you,” says the Yoshi Elder.

“You too, Elder.”

“And who do we have here?” asks the Yoshi Elder, obviously talking about Ying.

“I’m Ying, sister of Yang.”

“Glad to meet you. This is Lavalava Island. Hope you enjoy your stay.”

“Thank you. And thank you, Booser, for inviting us.”

“Hey, what are friends for?” asks Booser.

“You got that right,” says Yang. “Now come on, let’s have a relaxing vacation!”

Booser and Ying agree, and they go and check into the hotel, and enjoy their stay on Lavalava Island.


Blade Guy

Lemmy Koopa

Music Choice Locations
Lemmy’s Land &

Main Characters(my characters)

Borrowed Characters
(thanks goes to BlueKoopaBro for letting me use his characters)

Borrowed Character from TV Show
(thanks goes to the creator of the hit TV show “Adventure Time” for creating this character)
Marceline the Vampire Queen

Main Villains
Senshi/Assassin Guy

Senshi X

Minor Villains
Samurghost (former Senshi)
Lava Piranha

Special Thanks To
Lemmy: For publishing this FF
Changling: For giving me ideas
And you for reading this!

Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, please send some feedback. Well, until next time...


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