The Power Shards

By Blade Guy

Chapter 3: Enter Assassins

Booser and Yang are seen gathering items from the mansion for the journey that they are about to take on. They finish packing, lock up the mansion, and head out for Nimbus Land. Unfortunately, to get to Nimbus Land, they must travel through Boo Woods and take a plane from the Mushroom Kingdom to Nimbus Land. They enter Boo Woods and ignore the Boos flying by. Some Piranha Plants and Forest Fuzzies try to stop them too, but they manage to fend them off. But as they are trying to navigate through the woods, two Boos are seen behind them.

"Dude, are you sure those are them?" asks one Boo.

"Of course I am, man. I'd recognize our traitor of a brother from anywhere," says the other.

"Yeah, but whoís that Duplighost with him?"

"I don't know. But, it doesn't make a difference. We'll STILL beat the tar out of Booser."

The Boos chuckle evilly, and turn invisible. Booser and Yang begin to hear some chuckling. They stop and observe their surroundings. Then, Booser hears more chuckling. He closes his eyes, and waits. Then, he lashes out his tongue and begins spinning, and hits the two Boos from before. Booser knocks them to the ground and realizes who the Boos are.

"Booful and Tamboo. Thought you were trapped in paintings," says Booser.

"Well, after King Boo's big attempt to takeover the Mushroom Kingdom, Boolossus was kind enough to steal us from E. Gadd's painting hall and use his magic to bring us out of that awful painting," explains Tamboo. Booser and Yang are awestruck at the knowledge they have on the Mushboo Kingdom incident.

"Boolossus told us everything. With that aside, time to get our revenge on you, Booser!" exclaims Booful.

Booser begins to back up as Booful and Tamboo approach him, evil grins on their faces. They charge full speed at him. Booser then exhales a stream of fire, which surprises Booful and Tamboo. They are sent to the ground, burned. They get up, scorch marks on them. They growl at him and charge at him again. Booser turns invisible and Booful and Tamboo charge right through him and continue charging at Yang. Yang pulls out two fiery shuriken and a fiery explosion occurs, causing Booful and Tamboo to hit the ground, knocked out.

"Thanks for helping, Yang."

"No problem. Those brothers of yours are real jerks."

"Well, they weren't when I was part of King Boo's Army. In fact, they would protect me. But since I joined up with Luigi, they hate me now. But, that's all in the past. Let's get a move on."

Yang nods and they continue towards the Mushroom Kingdom Airport, leaving Booful and Tamboo knocked out.


At the entrance to Bean Valley, a portal opens up. A robed figure steps out of the portal. He looks at his surroundings, and realizes that he didn't make it to Nimbus Land.

"*sigh* This isn't Nimbus Land. In fact... this place is familiar. But what?"

He starts advancing. He goes through pipe after pipe, but notices knocked out Bees (the enemies that you face in Bean Valley).

"How strange."

He then makes it to an area with five warp pipes. The robed figure looks around, and finds nothing. He advances forward, but a fireball is launched at him. He jumps out of the way. He looks around, and sees a Piranha Plant pop out of one of the pipes. Then, four more appear from the other four pipes. They start shooting fireballs at the figure. Hhe does a series of jumps and flips to avoid them. He then pulls out his weapon: a scythe. He starts slashing the Piranha Plants, cutting their heads off. He finishes, and advances. But just as he gets to the next area, he is taken aback by what he sees.

A giant Piranha Plant head with two smaller ones as buds faces him. This is Megasmilex. And three other figures are seen. The first one is a black-robed Magikoopa with a wand in his right hand. The next one is a Boo with a witch's hat on, and the third one is a Cobrat with robotic arms and a tail that looks like the tail of the Pokemon Seviper. These three seem to be having trouble dealing with the Megasmilex. The robed figure looks up and sees Shy Away, continuing to water the Megasmilex, which only causes him to grow to a larger size. The robed figure sighs.

"Incompetent fools!"

The robed figure makes a mad dash toward Megasmilex. Then he jumps high into the air and stands on air infront of Shy Away, who is scared to see a mysterious floating figure.

"How... are you that?"

The robed figure doesn't answer, and points his hand at him. "Cero," the robed figure mutters. Then a black and green blast is sent from his hand at Shy Away. Shy Away is the blasted up to Nimbus Land. The robed figure looks down and sees that the Magikoopa, Boo, and Cobrat are still struggling with Megasmilex. He dives down toward Megasmilex and lands on his head. Megasmilex stops attacking the Magikoopa, Boo, and Cobrat, and starts attacking the robed figure, who jumps off his head. He then pulls out his scythe. He charges at him and starts slashing away the roots that connect Megasmilex to the ground. Megasmilex screams in pain as his roots are being cut away. He then falls over and withers into nothing. The robed figure puts his scythe away, and turns to the three that were battling Megasmilex. The Boo speaks up.

"Umm... thanks... I guess..." he says, not knowing what else to say.

"We could've handled it oursssssssselvessssssssssss without your help!" exclaims the Cobrat.

"Oh shut up, Cobra! Let's face it, we were doomed right from the start," says the Magikoopa. Cobra, the Cobrat, turns to him.

"The only reassssssssssson we losssssssssssst wasssssssssss becausssssssssse you two can't do anything right!" hisses Cobra.

"That's not true!" cries the Boo.

"Oh yesssssss it isssssssss, Taboo!"

Taboo, the Boo, tries to get some backup. "Me and Kemak were doing fine! It's YOU who kept messing up!"

"Yeah!" exclaims the Magikoopa, Kemak. "You were only aiming for one spot the whole time! He probably didn't even feel a thing after the fifth time you attacked one of his buds!"

"Watch your mouth, or I'll inject poissssssssssssson into your blood ssssssssssssssssstream!"

As Kemak and Cobra continue to fight, the figure just cannot believe what he is seeing. Then, Taboo pipes up.

"I miss Assassin Guy."

The two stop fighting, realizing what Taboo said. Then, glum looks appear on their faces.

"You know, we never got into a fight when Assassin Guy was around," says Kemak.

"Yeah, he alwayssssssss prevented usssssssssssssss from fighting each other, and made sure that we kept out eyesssssssssssssss on the prize," says Cobra.

The figure, still listening to them, feels a little... touched by this scene. Then, Cobra turns to him.

"Sssssssssssorry you had to seeeeeeee that. Itíssssssssssss jusssssssssst... we losssssssssssssst our leader and one of our cohortsssssssssssssssssss a few yearssssssssssssssssssssssss ago, and we're still broken up about it. Anyway, thankssssssssssssssssssssss for saving ussssssssssssssssssss. Come on guysssssssssssssssss, we have a misssssssssssssssssssssssssssion to do!"

The three of them leave. Then the figure gives off a chuckle.

"Oh Cobra... you have no idea how much that means to me. But don't worry... just keep doing your job... assassins."

The figure continues off toward the beanstalk that leads to Nimbus Land.

Booser and Yang arrive in Nimbus Land. They jump off the plane and head from the airport to Nimbus Land. They head into the castle and try to find Mallow. They search for what seems like hours, but finally manage to find him... in the Hot Springs. They go and see him relaxing. Mallow turns to them and is excited to see them.

"Yang. Booser. I haven't seen you guys since we stopped King Boo," says Mallow with some excitement in his voice.

"It's nice to see you too, Mallow," says Booser. "But we didn't come here to see you."


"You see, after my battle with Booster, he gave me a piece of an object called the Power Gem," starts Yang. Mallow looks at him with a confused look.

"The Power Gem is a gem that gives you extreme power. But, it also has another power, and that is to suck the soul of someone and obtain their power. And unfortunately, my sister's soul was taken. Booster is the fiend who stole it so he could obtain my sister's power. But, I managed to break it so he couldn't obtain it. It shattered into eight pieces, and Booster HAD one of them, until he gave it to me. Which means seven are left out there. Mallow, do you have a shard in the shape of a mini diamond?"

Mallow thinks for a second, then he looks up. "Yeah. My parents gave me a small diamond-shaped gem for my last birthday. I have it in my room. Come on, I'll show you," he says, drying himself off. Mallow then leads them to his room, where the second gem awaits. But, trouble is brewing.


From the front of the castle, Cobra, Taboo, and Kemak are seen approaching the entrance. Cobra looks at his cohorts.

"Okay men. Let'sssssssssssss review. What isssssssssssssss the misssssssssssssssssssssion again?"

"To assassinate Prince Mallow!" cries Taboo.


"Because Valentina wants a bigger castle so she, Booster, and his Snifits can have a better place to live!" cries Kemak.

"Good. Now, let'ssssssssssssssssss move..."

Cobra looks up at the top of the castle and see the same robed figure that they encountered in Bean Valley.

"What is it, Cobra?" asks Taboo.

Cobra points to the top, and Taboo and Kemak notice the robed figure too. The robed figure looks down and notices them too. He jumps off and lands with ease in front of them.

"Well, well, well. Looks like we meet again," says the robed figure.

"Something's not right about you," says Kemak.

"What are you talking about?" asks the robed figure, a hint of sarcasms in his voice.

"You save us from that giant Piranha Plant, and then we meet again, very quickly I might add!" exclaims Taboo.

"I don't know what youíre talking about," says the robed figure. "Now, if you don't mind, I have a job."

He walks off, but Cobra uses the tip of his tail to grab the robed figureís robe. "Not sssssssssssssssssso fassssssssssssssssssst! Letísssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssssssssssee who you really are!" hisses Cobra. He manages to rip the robe off, and what Taboo, Cobra, and Kemak see shocks them to no end. They see a black Shy Guy.


"Assassin Guy! It's really you!" cries Taboo.

Assassin Guy chuckles. "No, my friends, I am not Assassin Guy for the time being. I am called Senshi Guy, rank four of the Ten Senshi."

"Friend, what happened to Explosivo?" asks Kemak.

"He is still with me. He's rank five. But, he was punished severely for an action he is not very proud of. So he has been banished for sometime. He has been replaced. However, that punishment shall end very soon," says Senshi Guy, giving off an evil grin.

Cobra looks at Senshi Guy. "Masssssssssssssssster, you have to come back and be the leader of our group. We can't do thissssssssssssssss job without you!" cries Cobra.

"Alas, I wish I could. But Master Booshido chose me and Explosivo as rank four and five Senshi for a reason. So until I have served my purpose, farewell... assassins."

He walks off into the castle, leaving the three assassins sad, but Taboo pipes up.
"Come on guys. You heard him. You know, he might be back before we know it!"

"You're right," says Kemak.

"Yeah. Letíssssssssssssssss finish thisssssssssss missssssssssssssssssssion!"

They then rush into the castle. Uh oh.


Mallow, Yang, and Booser make it to Mallow's room, and he grabs a small box. He opens it, and a small diamond sits there.

"Yes. This is the one. Thank you, Mallow," says Yang as he takes it.

"No problem. Anything to help out a friend."

"Well, I wish we could stay, but we have a mission. So, wish us luck," says Booser.

Mallow takes them to the exit, but a black Shy Guy appears to block the way. He pulls out a large scythe and points it at Yang.

"I believe you have something that belongs to US!" cries Senshi Guy.

Yang and Booser get into fighting position. "Who are you?" asks Booser.

"I am many things. I am a Shy Guy. At one time, I was an assassin. Now, I'm of higher ranks. But, you may refer to me as... Senshi Guy."

"I knew you looked familiar! You're... oh."

"Yup. I'm rank FOUR of the Senshi! Yang, prepare to meet your MAKER!"

Senshi Guy makes the first move by slashing his scythe in the air and sending a blast of energy that comes off the scythe. Mallow jumps in and destroys the attack by using thunderbolt. Before Mallow can make his next move, Cobra jumps down from above and wraps himself around Mallow. Than, Taboo and Kemak come in and surround Mallow. The Cloud Prince manages to break free, and runs off.

"MALLOW!" cries Booser.

"I'll be all right. You guys worry about your own problems!"

"AFTER HIM!" yells Cobra.

They chase after him, leaving Senshi Guy with Booser and Yang.

BOSS BATTLE: Senshi Guy/Assassins

Senshi Guy charges at Yang and Booser, and slashes his scythe at them. But Yang pulls out a shuriken and manages to block the hit. He then jumps back and throws it at Senshi Guy. Senshi Guy blocks the hit, but the shuriken turns out to be fiery. This causes the scythe to be engulfed within flames. Senshi Guy laughs as Yang gets an anime sweatdrop. Senshi Guy then charges at them again, but this time, does a spin attack. He knocks both of them into the wall. He laughs, and Booser jumps up and charges at him, giving him a big lick. Senshi Guy feels a chill but is not paralyzed.

"Fool! I'm rank four of the Senshi! I feel nothing!"

Booser then retaliates and shoots his fire breath. But Senshi Guy uses his scythe to take the hit, giving it more fire power. Booser gets an anime sweatdrop as well. Senshi Guy charges at them and slashes them again, causing more pain. Senshi Guy approaches the wounded warriors.

"I suggest you give me the power shard. If you do, I won't kill you."


Mallow stops running and pulls out his Sonic Symbols. He sends a shockwave at the assassins, which causes them to plug their ears. Mallow then uses Shocker on them, giving them a good shock. But that doesn't stop them. Taboo pulls out a card with a tree on it. He absorbs it, and gives off a green aura. Then he lifts his stubs and tree roots come out of the ground and start slapping Mallow. He tries to block them, but is knocked into a wall. Kemak then sends a blast that surrounds Mallow, preventing him from leaving the spot he is in. Cobra then approaches him.

"Any lasssssssssssssst requesssssssssssssstssssssssssssss?"

Mallow smiles. "Yeah. Right behind you."

Cobra is confused, and the assassins look behind. They see an angry Shy Away charging at them. He flutters above them and begins to pour water on them. But not just any water: acid rain. Don't ask how he managed to obtain that. The assassins begin to feel a burning sensation, and are cringing in pain. Shy Away manages to free Mallow, and he performs Star Rain. Shooting stars fall down onto the assassins, causing much more pain and knocking them out. Mallow and Shy Away high five.


Senshi Guy continues to point his scythe at Yang, waiting for his response. Yang then sighs. He begins to pull out the power shard, but then disappears. This surprises Senshi Guy. Yang then reappears behind him.

"Flash step. Oldest trick in the book. Now, ninja technique #31! Blast from the PAST!"

A portal opens, and a fiery scythe pops out and slashes Senshi Guy, who gets up and is angry.

"I cannot believe I fell for that!"

He looks at Booser, and grabs him. "Give me the power shard, or your friend gets it!"

Yang gets a worried look on his face, then sighs. He pulls out the power shard and hands it over to Senshi Guy, who lets go of Booser and grabs the power shard.

"AHAHAHAHA! Yes! Booshido will be SO pleased! 'Til we meet again, Yang!"

He opens a portal, jumps in, and closes it. Yang then hangs his head.

Booser approaches Yang and tries to comfort him. "Hey, it's okay. Yang, you gave up that power shard just to save me. If that were me in that predicament, I'd do the same thing."

Yang looks up. "Thanks, Booser. I really needed that."

Mallow and Shy Away come in, carrying the knocked out bodies of the assassins. Shy Away flies toward a window and throws them out.

"You guys okay?" asks Mallow.

Yang and Booser begin to explain the battle and how Yang had to give up the power shard to save Booser.

"Sorry about that, guys. Listen, I know you guys are on a mission, so let me help you."

Mallow performs HP Rain, and Booser and Yang are healed. They say their goodbyes and part ways.


Senshi Guy arrives back and shows everyone the power shard, and they all cheer. Booshido approaches Senshi Guy.

"Well done, Senshi Guy. I always expect great things from you. Now then, you may rest up."

"Thank you, Master."

Senshi Guy rushes off for a rest, even though he hardly broke a sweat. He turns to the Senshi, but not all are seen. Only the X-Naut, the Lakitu, and the Blooper are present.

"Well, since you three are the only ones here... what do you suggest we do?" asks Booshido.

The Blooper speaks first. "You could send one of us."

"No, they already delt with Senshi Guy, Bloopshi. We need to surprise them with something that they would never see coming."

The X-Naut pipes up. "How about a robot?"

"No, too original, Senshi X."

The Lakitu pipes up. "How about... her."

"Yes. Very good, Senshitu! I've been meaning to try her out ever since I kidnapped her from that distant land!"

He claps his... stubs, and the floor between Booshido and Bloopshi, Senshi X, and Senshitu opens up, and a large wall with chains holding a teenage girl is seen. She is knocked out. Booshido pulls out a remote and pushes a button. Then the teenage girl lifts her head, and her eyes are seen glowing blue.

"Good. Now, go out and find the next power shard! Which is located at..."

Booshido begins to meditate, and an image of a forest appears.

"Ah, Forever Forest. Perfect. Find the power shard, and if you locate Yang and his friend, KILL them!"

She nods, and flies off. Booshido and the three Senshi begin to laugh evilly.

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