Survivor 2: The REAL Deal

By Tenacious B

Terrible Powers Day 28

Petey, Funeral Director: I came this close to losing yesterday. Thankfully Koops must've not been popular in the beginning of the game... well it's just me and the other six now.

Terrible Powers begin waking up.

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: I hate Petey and Rawk Hawk forever. They clipped up my hair! Now I can't blow people up!

Parakarry starts drawing Rosalina's face in the sand. He sighs with happiness.

Parakarry, Mailman: Let me tell you, I am going to win this game! No way am I going to lose this game! Rosalina is mine! And I'll be the first flying thing to win a Survivor game! Ah, life can't get better.

Birdo looks at Parakarry in disgust.

Birdo, Egg Seller: Boys... they'll do anything if a girl's involved.

Birdo walks around the island.

Birdo: Rawk Hawk?... Rawk Hawk!

Rawk Hawk is seen sitting in a tree eating the last burger. He comes running over to Birdo.

Rawk Hawk: What?!

Birdo: First of all! Hand me that cheeseburger!

Rawk Hawk tries to resist, but he decides to let Birdo have it. She stinks it up.

Birdo: Anyway, I think we should really think about eliminating Bombette today. I know we voted for Petey yesterday, but that didn't work.

Rawk Hawk: Yeah, my tribe is dropping like flies.

Birdo: So Bombette is next?

Rawk Hawk: Are you kidding? We can take her out later! I say we go for Petey again! Koops won't interfere this time!

Birdo: Look, I'm going by an alphabet strategy. The only reason I voted for Petey is because I thought he had to go instead of Bombette. I also made the alphabet strategy to make sure we're in the final two.

Rawk Hawk: Let's compromise... we'll take out Lakitu. After you he comes next in the Alphabet and he's on the tribe I'm trying to cut down to one member... that's you of course.

Birdo:... Deal.

Birdo and Rawk Hawk shake hands.

Meanwhile Lakitu is in Forever Forest trying to find some food.

Lakitu: You know what would taste great right now?... Pizza!

Michael Tarver: Mmmm. Pizza.

Lakitu: YIPES! Where did you come from?

Michael Tarver: I'm searching for things to eat.

Lakitu: Me too, but you don't have to scare me.

Michael Tarver: Sorry.

Michael Tarver and Lakitu start looking for food, until they come across a steak.

Lakitu: Is that me or is that a steak in front of us?

Michael Tarver: Smells like the real deal!

They go up to the steak, but then Tubba Blubba comes out.

Tubba Blubba: Look who's here!

Lakitu and Michael Tarver get scared of his appearance and run away.

Tubba Blubba: Guess they didn't want the steak.

He takes the steak and goes back to Gusty Gulch.

Lakitu and Michael Tarver run back to camp, Michael Tarver trips over Bombette.

Michael Tarver: Move it, baldy!

Bombette:... WAAAAAAAAAAH!

Michael Tarver, Professional Wrestler: Okay, I'm glad that Bombette actually has some personality... but does it have to be an annoying one?

Bombette runs off, she runs right into the airmail.

Bombette: What's this?

Bombette tries to open the Airmail but can't.

Bombette: ... I have no hair... I have no arms... I have no nothing!... *sniff, sniff*.

Birdo notices this and walks over.

Birdo: Hey, what's wrong?

Bombette: I'm as useless as a Goomba!

Meanwhile at Tenacious B studios…

Badyoyo, Birby, and ETFROXX (their newest member) are writing the story. Birby notices what ETFROXX wrote.

Birby: HEY!

Badyoyo makes slashing motions across his throat.


ETFROXX erases that dialogue, instead rewriting…

Bombette: I'm as useless as boy!

Badyoyo and Birby: HEY!

Back on the island…

Birdo: There now, you're not useless. You're lovely. You're cute. You're powerful.

Bombette: I am not powerful! Watch!

Bombette runs into Rawk Hawk leg.

Rawk Hawk: YOUCH!

Bombette: ... You may have a point there, Birdo.

Birdo: Is this the Air Mail?

Bombette: Uh-huh.

Birdo opens it.

Birdo: Gather roundm everyone! It's time to read the new Air Mail!

Terrible Powers gather around.

Birdo: Survivor 2 has a new host!
She wants quality in the most!
In this forest a monster does haunt!
Survive the challenge and you'll get what Lakitu did want!

Petey: A new host?

Birdo: Apparently.

Petey, Funeral Director: This is my chance, all I need to do is lie and I'll gain her respect... I hope.

Parakarry: I hope N. Gin joins her. I loved that little freak.

Reward Challenge

Terrible Powers come to a random part of the forest. N. Gin, Ella, and Blueytroopa are there.

Ella: Nice to see you slaves again!

Blueytroopa: Ella, they are contestants, not slaves.

Ella: I don't care! I call them slaves!

N. Gin: You guys might be wondering who is hosting with us. Bring her out!

Jolene appears with a whip in her hands.

Jolene: Did I say you were still allowed on my show?! NO! OUT!

Jolene lashes his whip at the former hosts.

Jolene: OUT!

Jolene does it again.

Jolene: OUT!

The former hosts run away.

Jolene: Now, with the bad quality out of the way. I'm your new host!

Rawk Hawk: Hey! If you're here, then who's tending to the Glitz Pit?

Jolene: Oh, I fixed that problem.

At the Glitz Pit...

Macho Grubba: HOO BOY! And we have a big match under my old management. Here's that Tenacious B announcer goomba guy!

Random Rock Music plays as Birby enters with Badyoyo hobbling on one leg. ETFROXX is helping Badyoyo stand.

Eyeless Goomba: Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the men that were cheated last week! TENACIOUSSSSSSSS B!

Birby gets in the ring, Badyoyo hangs out in his corner.

Macho Grubba: And those guys people want to see in Roy Sports Hall! Bowser Memory M and Mr. L!

Bowser Memory M marches into the ring, and Mr. L posing for his fans.

Jolene: Anyway, here's the challenge, it's the obstacle course from previous episodes. I added some improvements.

The camera pans the course.

Jolene: Go through the forest!

The Cameraman runs through the forest.

Jolene: Swim across the river!

The lake seems to be filled with bombs.

Jolene: Go under the hurdles!

The hurdles appear the same.

Jolene: Go through the spikes!

The spikes seem to be sharper than ever.

Jolene: Go over the wall!

The wall seems to be covered in some liquid.

Jolene: And run across that sand!

The sand run is normal.

Jolene: You are playing for a phone call to a loved one and... a piece of Pizza!

The contestants cheer.

Jolene: GO!

The contestants are startled then run into the forest.

The contestants each dash through the forest. Rawk Hawk gets ahead of the pack due to him working out, and Michael Tarver is behind him. Parakarry doesn't have to run, so he flies low (He doesn't want to cheat) Bombette and Birdo get lost in the forest, and Lakitu and Petey were fighting while running.

Rawk Hawk: This is too easy!

He then comes across some drumsticks on the ground.

Rawk Hawk: Yay, fresh meat!

He goes up to the meat and Tubba Blubba comes out.

Tubba Blubba: Hello!

Rawk Hawk gets scared and accidentally runs into a tree, knocking himself out.

Tubba Blubba: Why do they always run?

He takes the drumstcks and goes away. Everyone else but Bombette and Birdo pass him.

Michael Tarver slides into the river, however all the bombs go straight to him.

Michael Tarver: Oh man!


Michael Tarver: This is getting Tediousssssssss!

Michael Tarver goes flying off.

Thanks to all the bombs being destroyed, the others make it through safely, even Bombette and Birdo make it out of the forest. They come to their next obstacle, the old hurdles.

Petey: SUIT OFF!

Petey turns into Female Lakitu.

Jolene: No cheating. You cannot change form.

Female Lakitu: What?!

Jolene: Put the suit back on and watch the others with me!

Female Lakitu:... Suit on.

The Suit comes back on.

Jolene: That's better

Parakarry, Lakitu and Birdo begin crawling under the hurdles.

Parakarry: This is a lot harder without Marilyn.

Birdo pops out first, then Parakarry, then Lakitu.

Bombette: No fair! I don't have arms!

Jolene: Too bad!

Jolene cracks her whip at Bombette.

Jolene: Eat the dirt!

Jolene cracks her whip again, Bombette begins eating the dirt.

Parakarry, Birdo, and Lakitu then come to the spikes. Parakarry and Lakitu seem unaffected, but Birdo is feeling pain while crossing.

Meanwhile, Michael Tarver lands on the knocked out Rawk Hawk.

Rawk Hawk: YEOWCH!

Michael Tarver: Sorry!

Rawk Hawk: I just had a crazy dream where a monster showed up with a bucket of drumsticks.

Tubba Blubba: You weren't dreaming.

Michael Tarver and Rawk Hawk run away out of fear.

Tubba Blubba: Dang it, not again!

However, Rawk Hawk and Michael Tarver were catching up to Bombette, who was still eating dirt.

Michael Tarver is able to crawl under, but Rawk Hawk is WAY too big to fit under that.

Rawk Hawk: This is RAWKing unfair!

Petey: You're telling me!

Jolene cracks her whip at Petey.

Jolene: Shut up!

Bombette: (I hate this game, I hate this game)

Lakitu and Parakarry get through the spikes. Jolene uses her whip to rip off Lakitu's Cloud and Parakarry's wings.

Parakarry: YOWCH!

Lakitu: Hey!

Jolene: You'll get these back when you're eliminated. Right now, they're just a way for you to cheat. Now climb the wall!

Parakarry tries climbing up the wall, but the liquid makes him slide off it. Lakitu uses his claws to cut into the wood, he begins climbing up the wall.

Birdo however, has made it through the spikes panting, she sees Lakitu half way up the wall and climbing over. She launches herself onto the wall and begins climbing it.

Jolene: I don't think so.

Jolene presses a button


The Wall falls on Birdo and Parakarry, Lakitu is waddling over to the finish line.

Lakitu: Heh, idiots.


Lakitu steps on a hidden land mine, the wall comes back up and Lakitu hits it.

Lakitu: YOWCH!

Bombette finally finishes eating the dirt, and heads over to climb the wall.

Meanwhile, Rawk Hawk is still stuck under his hurdle.

Rawk Hawk: This RAWWWWKING stinks!

Tubba Blubba then comes up to him

Tubba Blubba: Hey dude, you forgot your belt.

Rawk Hawk scrambles out of the hurdle out of fear, and scurries to the wall. Tubba Blubba starts fuming.

Tubba Blubba: That's it, I'm tired of everyone running away scared! NOBODY WILL BE SCARED OF ME ANYMORE!

He goes away to think of a plan to make himself less scary.

Michael Tarver made it through the spikes and used Birdo and Parakarry as step ladders to get over the wall. Lakitu came to and started running toward the finish line. Michael Tarver was much faster however.

Michael Tarver: HA! That pizza is mine loser!

Michael Tarver steps on another land mine, causing him to fall down, Lakitu gops over Michael Tarver and crosses the finish line.

Jolene: Not bad... Not bad... You win Lakitu.

Lakitu: YES! Now gimme that pizza!

Jolene: Wait, but first you need to call a loved one... oh wait. No one loves you! HA! So no love OR pizza!... I can't let a good pizza go to waste though...

Jolene opens the pizza box, Lakitu drools just at the sight and smell of it. Jolene takes it and begins eating it. Lakitu's heart sinks, he tried so hard for the pizza. He found it unfair that he got nothing out of it. Lakitu also was heartbroken at what Jolene had said.

Jolene: You all can go to your stupid place now.

Terrible Powers leave, rather upset with their new host.

Terrible Powers

Everyone gets to camp.

Bombette: Well this stinks having a new host.

Koops: Tell me about it.

Tubba Blubba: Do I look less scary now?

Everyone turns around, and notices Tubba Blubba has a tuxedo on. Still, everyone gets scared and runs away from him.

Tubba Blubba: Darn it!

Tubba Blubba goes away, dropping a some drumsticks in the process.

Suddenly. Jolene ties up Tubba Blubba.

Jolene: Don't worry, I'm not afraid of you.

Tubba Blubba: Oh good. I was starting to think nobody liked me.

Jolene: Come with me, I have an offer you can't refuse.

Tubba Blubba: Cool!

Jolene lets Tubba Blubba go and the two walk off.

Terrible Powers: AHHHHHH!

Terrible Powers are seen running into Bow's Mansion.

Bow: AGAIN?! Seize them!

Birdo notices something in the Boo Mansion.

Birdo: (The Golden Lumaris Trophy!)

Birdo pulls out Bandit's invisibility cloak and covers herself with it. The other Boos toss the other six out.

Birdo: (Yes!)

Birdo takes the Golden Lumaris Trophy which was on a table in the middle of the room.

Birdo: (Immunity, here I come.)

Birdo opens the doors, but one of the Boos notices the Golden Lumaris Trophy is gone.

Boo: INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! Search the grounds! The Trophy is gone!

The Boos all go crazy trying to find that trophy. Birdo however sneaks into the forest, and finds her way back to camp.

Birdo: (I need to keep you in a safe place.)

Birdo looks at the sand, she starts digging a hole. She places the Golden Lumaris Trophy in the hole. She covers it up and places an X over the hole.

Birdo: (There.)

Birdo heads back to camp, seeing the others are sleeping. She just noticed it was night time. She decided to head to bed.

Next morning...

???: WAKE UP!

Every one of the survivors wakes up, to see Tubba Blubba in an army uniform.

Bombette: What the ...

Parakarry: What are you doing here Tubba Blubba?

Tubba Blubba: Jolene allowed me to be her lackey, and I get a cookie crumb every 3 days as my payc!

Rawk Hawk: That's terrible pay.

Tubba Blubba: It was either be her lackey or be locked in an unbreakable closet for the rest of my life. Now, she said she wanted you guys to do 500 push-ups, and I must throw myself in a pit of acid.

Tubba Blubba forces everyone on their backs.

Tubba Blubba: Also, Jolene has cameras around the whole camp, so don't even think about escaping.

Tubba Blubba goes away to throw himself in a pit of acid.

Everyone starts doing push ups, except for Bombette, who has no arms.

Bombette: Can't... do... it.

Jolene appears and walks to Bombette.

Jolene: You're going to do those push ups! Or things are going to get nasty!

Jolene slashes her whip at Bombette.

Bombette: Ow...

Jolene snaps it again.

Bombette: Ow...

Jolene: Do them!

Bombette: I c-can't.

Jolene: Well, I didn't want to do this. But you're obviously too weak for the immunity challenge! I'm cutting you from it!

Bombette: W-what?!

Jolene: Yep... you all  continue doing push ups!

Jolene takes a letter out of her shirt pocket and throws it Bombette.

Bombette: Can somebody open it?

Parakarry: Sorry, *Grunt* I have to keep doing these.

Rawk Hawk: I'm done!

Rawk Hawk finishes his 500th push up and reads the air mail.

Rawk Hawk: * Reading Airmail* Fire Immunity Challenge. Tomorrow, you want to win this one. Anyone who's cut from this challenge fails at life. No one loves them, and are ugly bald freaks.

Bombette sobs up at the letter's words.

A few hours later, everyone else finishes their push ups.

Birdo, Egg Seller: Okay, there's cruel... and then there's this.

Birdo: That is totally unfair!

Lakitu: Well it's useless now. She's the host.

Petey: Don't say that! We can still do something!

Everyone is silent, and rather sad.

Michael Tarver, Professional Wrestler:... Remind me, why should I care about this?

Night falls on Terrible Tribe.

Terrible Powers, Day 29

They all wake up to see a large way of trees cut down. Bow appears on the road.

Bow: MY FOREST! She destroyed it!

Bombette: I know, we hate her too.

Bow: For once I agree with...

Bow looks at Bombette and laughs.

Bow: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What happened to you, Bombette? Or should I say... Baldette? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Bombette cries again.

Parakarry: Hey, lay off!

Rawk Hawk: Yeah, she's RAWKed up enough!

Petey: Look, we share a common enemy. We need to work together to make sure we survive this.

Lakitu: For once, Petey's right.

Bow: Haven't you losers looked at the title? It says " Survivor", you're supposed to survive! Besides, I'm still mad at you all for stealing my stuff!

Terrible Powers look at each not understanding what Bow's saying.

Birdo:... Doesn't matter! Either way we need to do something before she destroys the whole forest!

Michael Tarver: Sure, why not?... But first we have an immunity challenge to go to.

Parakarry: Can you think of anything OTHER than that money?

Michael Tarver: I show compassion... at times.

Rawk Hawked: Whatever, let's go.

Immunity Challenge

Everyone appears before Jolene and Tubba Blubba. Tubba Blubba has many burns on him from jumping in a pit of acid.


The survivors sigh.

Jolene: Since Baldy the Bob-omb is cut from this challenge, I have special treatment for her. Baldy, go in that tent over there!

She points to a nearby tent, and forces Bombette to go in. Inside is a projector, a screen, and a chair. Tubba Blubba then comes in and straps her to the chair.

Bombette: What's going on?

Tubba Blubba: You'll see...

He turns on the projector. Black and white swirls appear on the screen, and Bombette suddenly finds herself falling asleep.

Bombette: What's... happening?

Tubba Blubba: You're falling under the terms of hypnosis. Don't worry, this will all be over soon, and you'll soon become a slave of Jolene.

Bombette: Noooo... ooo... ooo...

Bombette blacks out.

Tubba Blubba: Good, now that that's over with, Mistress Jolene wanted me to jump off a 50 foot cliff. All I need to do is find a cliff!

He goes out of the tent to find a 50 foot cliff.

Back with the others...

Jolene: Okay losers, time for your challenge! See the lava pool behind me? All you must do is go through it. The one that's still alive wins immunity!

Rawk Hawk: Won't we all be dead by then?


The contestants sigh and go over to the lava pool. However it's bounce lava, so they fly out of it and off the cliff Tubba Blubba threw himself off of, landing on a bunch of rocks.

Parakarry: OW!

Rawk Hawk: YOUCH!


Birdo: OOF!

Lakitu: OOW!

Petey: YARGH!

Jolene is at the bottom of the cliff laughing at the six.

Jolene: You didn't think I was actually going to put you into lava, did you? What do I look like? A power hungry dictator?

Parakarry: Wellll-

Jolene: Don't answer that! Anyway here's your immunity challenge. There are six stands on the beach, each stand has your face on the table.

The contestants look at the stands. They're rocks, with a steel trapeze holder on each end. Around the stands are wood.

Jolene: There's a rope being held between the steel, first one to burn the rope away, wins immunity. GO!

Parakarry goes to his stand takes a few sticks and begins spinning his shell around the sticks, he's pretty unsuccessful.

Rawk Hawk: What an idiot.

Rawk Hawk gathers his sticks, takes a couple of rocks, and begins to shake them together.

Rawk Hawk: Please somehow make fire, please somehow make fire!

While Rawk Hawk is praying,  Petey is trying to pick up things, but his leaves make him drop everything.

Petey: For the love of... SUIT-

Jolene: You'll be disqualified if you change your suit.

Petey:... *sigh*...

Jolene: Good.

Birdo tries using the heat to make a fire, she makes eggs and cracks them open to create hot yolks on beds of sticks... it's not successful, but makes a bit of smoke.

Lakitu: Hmmmm.

Lakitu looks at the situation and thinks.

Lakitu: I got it!

Lakitu puts a bunch of sticks together, takes off his glasses, and tries to shine it on the sticks, it surprisingly works, a small fire is made. He starts blowing on it.

Lakitu: (Come on, Come on)

Michael Tarver: I don't think so.

Michael Tarver takes out the lighter and burns the rope.

Jolene: Michael Tarver wins immunity!

Michael Tarver:  YEAH!

Jolene hands the immunity necklace to Michael Tarver, who puts it on.

Jolene: Tomorrow is Tribal Council, remember that. Where Michael Tarver here will not be eliminated. Remember that.

Jolene presses a button and sends Terrible Powers flying off, they land on the sand, since they have no shelter.

Terrible Powers Day 30

The Terrible Powers wake up... bored.

Bombette: *Yawn*... Well... today's the day.

Bombette, Demolitions Expert: I've come to know all these people, and I can't really part with them... ok, that's a lie. I'd love to see Petey or Rawk Hawk gone.

Parakarry wakes up in the branches of Perry Pine.

Parakarry: Thanks for letting me sleep on you tonight, Pine.

Perry Pine: You're welcome, thank you for arguing to keep me alive while they put their road down.

Parakarry: Hey, no prob.

Parakarry, Mailman: Trees will believe anything you tell them.

Rawk Hawk: So our plan's set, right?

Birdo: Right!

Rawk Hawk, Professional Wrestler: I think it's a fair deal. I don't really like Lakitu anyway.

Birdo, Egg Seller: Hopefully when me and Rawk Hawk end up in the finals, they'll vote for me... what am I saying? I'll win anyway. I'm joining the human in the final six.

Birdo goes over to her "X" and digs out the Golden Lumaris Miniature.

Birdo, Egg Seller: You can count me in for the final six.

Michael Tarver, Professional Wrestler: Look at this lovely necklace, it's my one way ticket to stardom. I survive tonight, I cash in my Golden Lumaris Miniature so I can make it to the final five... Me, Michael Tarver, is a sure winner.

Lakitu, Gravedigger: Petey, your funeral is tonight!

Petey, Funeral Director: I don't know who to vote for tonight... nope, I have no idea who I'm going to go with.

The pipe comes out and Terrible Powers enters it.

Tribal Council

Terrible Powers enter, Jolene and Tubba Blubba are standing there.

Jolene: So, I don't care about you all. So let's get this over with! I have a TV Show I want to watch!

Tubba Blubba: As you know, the winner will receive 1 million coins, a new car, and... a date with Rosalina.

Rosalina: NO! I'm not coming out!

Jolene: You're going to come out! Or you automatically lose your position and get replaced by Penny!

Rosalina comes out wearing an outfit that should've gone out in the 40's. And when I mean 40's I mean 1440's. Jolene smirks at Rosalina.

Jolene: Also, to make sure of absolutely positive results, today's the only day to cash in your Golden Lumaris Miniatures... so hand them over!

Rawk Hawk, Michael Tarver, and Birdo grudgingly hand over their miniatures.

Jolene: Anyway, go vote.

Tubba Blubba plays some funny music while Rawk Hawk goes to vote. While he goes to vote, Jolene whispers into Bombette's ear. She becomes hypnotized again.

Rawk Hawk: I swear to DAD, I will RAWK that radio, AND the host when I'm done with this game!

Petey goes to vote.

Petey: Well I'm not voting for myself, I'm not going to vote for Lakitu. I can't vote for Birdo, Rawk Hawk, or The human... I guess I have to go with this vote.

Parakarry goes to vote.

Parakarry: Well it's a close vote, but I think you're just the most useless out of the four.

Michael Tarver goes to vote, Lakitu goes to vote.

Lakitu: No way am I teaming with you Petey.

Birdo goes to vote, Bombette goes to vote.

Jolene: I'll tally the votes.

Jolene leaves with the votes and comes back.

Jolene: First vote... Lakitu

Lakitu glares at Petey

Jolene: Second vote... Lakitu

Lakitu is surprised.

Jolene: Third vote... Petey.

Lakitu grins as Petey looks frightened.

Jolene: Fourth vote... Bombette

Bombette is nonchalant.

Jolene: Fifth vote... Parakarry

Parakarry nods, knowing he'd probably get one.

Jolene: Tenth Person voted out of Survivor 2: The REAL Deal and the third member of our jury... Lakitu. Three's enough, I'm not going to read the rest of the votes. (Since it's another Lakitu vote) Can't say I'm shocked, no one could possibly love you anyway. Hand me your torch.

Lakitu:... *Sniff*

Lakitu begins crying, without making noise

Jolene: Aw, is the big tough Lakitu crying? Well too bad! You live a horrible life! No one, not even your parents loved you! You weren't liked on Wario's Apprentice, and this vote tells that no one loves you now!

Lakitu stays in his seat crying.

Jolene: For the love of-

Jolene takes a random torch and buries in the sand.

Jolene: And I'll whack the person responsible for your loss for you.

Jolene takes a nice whack at Lakitu's head. He gets knocked out. The contestants and Rosalina gasp.

Jolene: Tubba, could you please put this guy in the cannon for me?

Tubba Blubba takes Lakitu and dumps him in the cannon.

Jolene: Lakitu, the tribe's spoken. I know he won't say anyway. No one cared for him, that's why he stinks at life, and that's why he's a grave robber. You're all dismissed.

Terrible Powers leave, but Bombette stays behind, still hypnotized.

Bombette: * In the most flat voice possible* Jolene, I wish to forfeit Survivor and have you take my place.

Jolene: *In a fake dramatic voice* Why Bombette, I don't think that's allowed. But I will think about i- * In normal voice* Sure I'll do it!

Bombette: I will now live in the forest forever, but first I will tell my biggest secrets.

Jolene takes out a notepad and pencil, she's glad her hypno-machine worked. It took a lot of stealing from Ludwig's lab (Thank you Tubba Blubba for scaring him) and she even used it to hack into someone's brain and reveal their most inner secrets.

Jolene: Ok.

Bombette: * Still in a flat voice* We Bob-ombs have metal skin because those are secretly our clothes. We are really puffy and soft underneath, and filed with gunpowder. And we wear underwear just like human males and Koopas do. Mine are purple and have tiny Boos all over them.

Jolene snickers at the last part.

Bombette: Also I am not a good guy, I was secretly working with the Koopa Bros, I was in charge of guarding the cell bob-ombs. I only rebelled against them because I thought they could defeat Mario.

Jolene: Oh... off you go.

Bombette runs into the forest.

 Who voted for who?
Birdo: Lakitu (Alphabet Strategy)
Bombette: Lakitu (Was told to by Jolene)
Lakitu: Petey (Still hates him)
Michael Tarver: Lakitu (Still going by his old plan with Ludwig)
Parakarry: Bombette (Was useless)
Petey: Parakarry (Thought he was spending too much time thinking about Rosalina)
Rawk Hawk: Lakitu (Alliance with Birdo)

Back at the Glitz Pit...

Bowser Memory M gains star power and starts charging at Badyoyo knocking him about, he punches Birby off the stage. ETFROXX goes to his aid. Meanwhile Bowser Memory M tags in Mr. L  who puts Badyoyo in an ankle lock. Badyoyo taps out.

Macho Grubba: Here's your winners! Bowser Memory M and Mr. L!
Bowser Memory M hops up and down while Mr. L poses. Macho Grubba helps Badyoyo up.

Macho Grubba: Hey kid don't feel bad, everyone loses. Besides I know what you should be sad about.

Badyoyo: What?

Macho Grubba: THIS!

Macho Grubba rips Badyoyo's robe in two, the Glitz Pit crowd starts laughing at his boxers that are covered in lip-stick marks. ETFROXX helps him down from the stage and leads them back to their locker room.

Macho Grubba: Tenacious B's humiliated! Mr. L wins another match! And I hear we're going to have a six man elimination battle for the Glitz Pit title after Rawk Hawk lost it! Yep today's been another EXCITING episode of Glitz Pit, see you next week everyone!

To Be Continued...

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