Monday's Child

By Josh Fitzgerald

It was a gorgeous day in the month of Katol, or August, as it would be known on Earth. The year was 2018 in Earth terms. Roy, Ludwig, Larry, and Morton were outside playing baseball. Bowser was pacing back and forth on the patio, nervously waiting. Clawdia was about to have another Koopaling, and the Koopas knew it could be any time soon. Bowser suddenly heard a yell and jumped 7 feet in the air. It was Larry, who had tripped and bruised his ankle. "Thanks a lot!" Larry yelled to Morton.

"Hey! What did I do?" Morton screamed back.

They began to fight. "That's enough!" Bowser yelled back. "I want you all to be good role models for the new baby."

Wendy stepped outside on to the patio. "Dad, Mom said she's ready." The other Koopalings cheered, but Bowser suddenly got a cold chill. He kept reassuring himself that this was their eighth child and that he had been through this many times before, but for some reason, it didn't help. Bowser was staring into space, ignoring Clawdia's screams of pain. "Hurry Dad!" Wendy said. Bowser was frozen. Then he realized something horrifing: it was Tyolinday, or Sunday on Earth, and the hospital was closed. He would have to deliver the baby at home.

"Come on Clawdia!  Keep it up!" Bowser yelled. The seven Koopalings could hear the screaming from outside. It had been 2 hours and the baby still hadn't been born. It was a tense moment for all of them. Even Morton was silent. Then they heard- "It's a Girl!" They ran into the house and into the master bedroom. When they got there, they saw a creature with three horns, big claws, and a teeny weenie shell. It was the new Koopaling. They gathered around it and began to play with it. "Wendy, this is your playmate," Clawdia smiled.

Wendy smiled happily, knowing she finally had a sister.

"What's her name?" Lemmy asked.

"Heidi," Clawdia answered. "Heidi Koopa." It was a great day for everyone. Probably the happiest Katol 27th ever.

By Jitol (March) of 2019, Heidi had began to mix well with the family. She could run and jump, and even beat up Iggy. She enjoyed her first New Years and was looking forward to the spring festival. One day, Bowser was taking her to the playground. His doomship stopped suddenly. "Did the battery run out?" Bowser wondered. He got out and went to check the battery. When he got there, there was a bright flash of light. Bowser disappeared. Heidi began to scream. She suddenly dissapeared intp the light as well.

Bowser woke up, nearly surrounded in pitch darkness. He slowly stood up. "HEIDI?!" he called. "HEIDI? ARE YOU HERE?" Bowser looked around. He could faintly hear the sound of a crying baby. "IS THAT YOU HEIDI?" He walked towards the noise. He walked inside the room and saw Heidi in a crib, crying. "Come here, Heidi," Bowser comforted.

He was walking towards the crib when a strange yellow beam prevented him from going any further. "NO!" a deep voice said. "You must not go any further!"

"What do you mean?" Bowser demanded. "She's my daughter; I have a right to see her!"

"NO!" the voice boomed. A red lazer hit Bowser. He fell unconcious onto the floor. A dark, cloaked figure walked into the room. "Heidi is now mine!" the figure said. He walked up to crib. He took Heidi out of the crib, and, with a flash of light, dissappeared.

3 hours later, Bowser woke up. He was very groggy and could hardly open his eyes. He remembered taking Heidi to the playground, but that was all. He stumbled out of the room. He reached the doorway through which he had entered, but before he could reach the door, a flash of light appeared. He found himself back in his castle. Everything was the same except one thing: no Heidi. He didn't know where Heidi was or what happened to her. He was frightened.

Clawdia came up to him carrying catsup, mustard, and relish. "Hi, dear! Why don't you bring Heidi outside for the cook-out?" Clawdia asked.

"Uhhhhhhhhh. Okay," uttered Bowser.

"Great!" exclaimed Clawdia. She walked outside.

Bowser was clueless. He didn't know what to do. He slowly walked outside, hoping that he would find Heidi.


Bowser sat up in bed, sweating, and almost in tears. It was all a dream, that playground fiasco. Bowser got out of bed and walked toward Heidi's crib. She was crying very loudly. He took her out and started rocking her. "It's okay, Heidi," Bowser comforted, but she was still almost screaming. Clawdia got up and took Heidi from Bowser, but she was still crying. Bowser was still shaken from the dream he had had. Bowser couldn't stand the thought of losing any of his Koopalings. He knew that the first seven would soon be full grown Koopas and leave for a life of their own. At least he knew he still had Heidi. But only for so long.

Kirathday (Thursday) afternoon, Bowser took all eight Koopalings to Vuath Lake for a family picnic. It was Katol 27th, Heidi's first birthday. Heidi knew that it was her birthday, and she was having a great time. They went for a swim, ate great food, and sang songs. That was when a shocking thing happened: Ludwig and Iggy were down by the lake, fighting each other. Iggy had just shoved Ludwig onto the ground when his shell came off. As Ludwig was lying helpless on the ground, Iggy, Bowser, and Clawdia came to his aid. Then Ludwig stood up and brushed of the dirt. "I'm fine," he said. There was a haunting silence; not even Morton or Heidi made a noise. Ludwig was fine without his shell, which only meant one thing: he was a grown-up Koopa.

The silence continued back at the castle that night. Barely the only words spoken were 'Good Night'. Ludwig couldn't get to sleep that night. All he could think of was what he would make of his life. Was he the only one? He couldn't stop thinking about what he was going to do. He got up out of bed and started to walk around his bedroom. He heard a knock on his door. He wondered who it could be at this time at night. It was 1:30 AM. He walked to the door and opened it. It was Lemmy. "What are you doing up at this hour?" asked Ludwig.

"I couldn't get to sleep." said Lemmy ironicly.

"Oh really?" replied Ludwig. "I guess this means we're on the same brainwave. Why are you visiting me?"

Lemmy was hesitant. "I just want to say goodbye," he said,  quietly.

Ludwig laughed. "You're all taking this too far. I mean, we all knew this was going to happen some time."

Lemmy wasn't convinced. "We just didn't know it would be so soon." Lemmy was crying. "Ludwig, it's happened to me too!"

"Now, there's no reason to cry over it," Ludwig comforted.

"I don't want to grow up, Ludwig. I don't want to move away. What if I never see any of you again? We only knew Heidi for 1 year!" Lemmy was very upset by now.

"You're making a big deal out of nothing, Lemmy," Ludwig said. "You're just overtired."

"NO!" Lemmy shouted. "I just wasn't made to be a grown-up Koopa! I can't bear being wihout my family!"

Ludwig was shocked "Calm down, Lemmy! Stop it!"

They heard another cry. It was Heidi from upstairs. Lemmy ran out of the room. "LEMMY! COME BACK! PLEASE!" Ludwig called, frantically.

Lemmy ran out of the door of the castle. "Leave me alone, Ludwig! If you're wondering where I'm going, I'm going to Grandma and Grandpa Koopa's fortress, and I'm going to stay there until I'm 273 years old!" He stepped into Bowser's doomship.

Ludwig was still calling him back. "Lemmy, come back! This is absolutely ridiculous!" But it was too late. Lemmy had already left.

By daybreak, Lemmy was halfway there. He did a good job controlling the ship for his first time. He soon saw something through the radar. It was another doomship coming at lightning speed. "Why is that guy going so fast?" Lemmy wondered. It was going 134 MPH, and coming right towards Lemmy. Lemmy turned the wheel hard to the left. The persuer was still coming at him. Lemmy was beginning to worry. Before he could do anything else, the doomship came up to him and BANG!!!!!

The accident went so fast that he couldn't describe what happened to him. The doomship was badly damaged and uncontrollable. He was falling. He saw a hill coming and started to brace himself. The ship hit the hill and started to roll down it. It was steep hill with a river at the bottom. There was a branch sticking out of one part of the hill. Lemmy was almost unconcious. His ball had already popped. The doomship hit the branch and stopped. Lemmy didn't stop. He was bruised and battered and ready for his fate when he fell into the river below.


The year was 2222. The month was Jebnolt (October). All the Koopalings except Heidi were all grown up. Lemmy had been presumed dead years ago. Heidi was 4 years old. She could talk and could do practically anything. The first Koopa World War had been in full swing since 2220. Ludwig, Larry, Iggy, Morton, and Roy were away fighting Mario's army. Bowser's castle had nearly been destroyed in an attack. They had to find sanctuary temporarily.

On a Rufgilday (Saturday), the battlefield seemed silent. Not a lazergun shot could be heard anywhere. The ruins seemed even more frightening and destructive than ever. Bowser, Clawdia, and Heidi were walking around slowly within the destruction.

"What a horrible shame!" Clawdia replied. "Turning this beautiful land into nothing!"

"It's the war that was waiting to happen for years," said a slightly optimistic Bowser. "Clawdia, if we win this war, we'll never have to put up with Mario again!"

Clawdia was still upset. "Bowser, I've already lost one Koopaling, I don't want to lose another!" Clawdia was very sad. She didn't believe in the war. She had the feeling that something was going to happen. Something terrible.

In the distance, a electric cannon could be heard. A Koopa Troop passed by, carrying many weapons. Soon, the effect was startling. Lazer guns and cannons were everywhere. Bowser, Clawdia, and Heidi ran for their lives. They eventually made it to their cabin.

"Close call, wasn't it Heidi?" Bowser said. There was no answer. "Where's Heidi?" asked Bowser.

Clawdia gasped. "HEIDI!" she screamed.

"NO NO NO!!" They screamed.

The attack was louder. Bowser and Clawdia were too shocked to make a move.

"NO!!" Clawdia screamed again.

Bowser and Clawdia broke into tears. They embraced and tried to make things seem better. Their faces were covered with dirt from the ruins.Their tears cleaned it off. Bowser moved away from Clawdia. He walked towards the door. He was going to find Heidi.

"No, Bowser, you can't!! You'll be killed!!"

Bowser hesitated. "I'm willing to give up my life for her life," he said softly, and walked out the door.

Bowser almost couldn't move anymore. The attack had been a brutal one. He still found no trace of Heidi and he was ready to give up hope. Suddenly he heard something. It was a high pitched voice.

"Is that you Heidi?" he called.

He tried to run towards the voice, but his run was nothing more than a fast walk. He could understand the words being said. "Daddy, Daddy. please help me!" it cried. Bowser then saw something. He slowly walked towards it. It was Heidi. She was terribly bruised and beaten. She had streaks of blood across certain spots of her face. She couldn't move an inch.

Bowser said gently, "Heidi, it's me Daddy. It's me. I won't let anything happen to you."

They reached their hands out towards each other. All of sudden was an explosion. It cut off everything. The smoke was thick for a few seconds. When it cleared away, Heidi was dead.

Bowser screamed, "NOOOO! PLEASE NO!"

He fell on the ground in a pool of tears. He felt his life was over. He lost Heidi and Lemmy, and his other Koopalings off to fight in the war. He had no reason to stay alive.

"Dad, Dad!" a deep voice said. "Can you hear me?"

Bowser looked up. There stood Lemmy. He looked weak and tired. Bowser looked worse. That meant nothing to Lemmy. "I'm alive," he muttered.

Bowser couldn't stand up. "Come here, son." Bowser said.

Lemmy was carrying clothing. He threw down the clothes, and ran to his dad in a warm embrace.

"Oh Lemmy, thank Dad you're here!" Bowser replied.

Their tears said everything. This was the best of times and the worst of times. Bowser had lost something, but gained something in return. And this time, it was no dream.

The war lasted until 2227. Mario had won a bloody victory and chased the Koopa Troops out of their area. Bowser and Clawdia moved into a new castle and Iggy was expecting a baby Koopa in Unithria (February). The family seemed to be happier than ever. Except something was missing: Heidi. Bowser and Clawdia lived by themselves for the rest of their lives. They were happy, and were prepared for their life ahead, but the memories of Monday's child would remain in the family forever.

Artwork by Fried Rooster

The End

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