By Princesspixiekitty1234567890

Lemmy: Come on, Iggy! Just tighten this bolt, and the invention will almost be done!

Iggy: This robot will collect the last ingredient for our time bomb!

Lemmy: And then deliver the bomb to the Mario Brothers door!


The robot wakes up and starts beeping.

Lemmy: Command sequence- Retrieve lotusium, finish bomb, bring bomb to Mario Brothers‘ door, activate bomb: ACTIVATION!

The robot slowly walks out the door. Ludwig comes in.

Ludwig: Vat are you doing?!

Iggy: Our robot is going to blow up the Mario Brothers.

Ludwig: Did you tell it to retrieve lotusium?!

Lemmy: Yes, why?

Ludwig: You idiots! Lotusium causes robots to go haywire! You must stop it! It vill go into attack mode!

Iggy and Lemmy glance at each other.

Lemmy: How do we stop it?

Ludwig: You must open ze panel of its head and carefully disable ze wires!

Iggy: But if we don’t get the lotusium, our bomb will destroy the whole world! Lotusium is the only thing that fixes the tiny bug in the bomb!

Ludwig: You gave it a bomb?! Vat’s wrong vith ze bomb?!

Lemmy: If we don’t give it lotusium, it will blow up the whole universe.

Ludwig: Vat is NOT a tiny bug. Come now, ve must tell King Dad we are going to die.

Lemmy: Why? We will just disable the wires!

Ludwig: Because only the touch of a human can disable the wires.

Lemmy: We must find a willing human!

Iggy: Come on, who would help us?

Lemmy: The Mario Brothers! They will help us!


Lemmy: But it’s our only hope! Besides, they fight to save the world! This qualifies!

Iggy: It’s not going to be easy, but you are right. It’s our only hope. Let’s go!

Ludwig: I must come too! I have much knowledge!

At the Marios’ house:


Lemmy: Please please help or we are all going to die please we need you!!!

Luigi: What? Why are you here? Did you take the princess again?

Iggy: No, but the princess won’t matter if you don’t help us.

Luigi: You should come inside.

Ludwig, Lemmy, Iggy, Mario, and Luigi are sitting at a table.

Mario: Why should we help you, if you were going to blow us up?

Lemmy: Perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned that…

Ludwig: Ve have about eight hours. Can you help us or not?

Luigi: We don’t have much of a choice.

Mario: Come on, let’s go!

Iggy: Lotusium is located in Desert Land, it comes from a flower in a rare pond.

Lemmy: We have to avoid Morton’s minions. Me and Morton are at war right now.

Mario: Why?

Lemmy: I wanted the TV remote.

Ludwig, Mario, Luigi, and Iggy: …

An hour later…

Lemmy: Ok, we are in Desert Land!

Goomba: Lemmy=Bad! CHARGE!

Mario jumps on the Goomba, killing it.

Mario: So much for him.

Luigi: So where is the robot?

Ludwig: It’s trying to find ze lotusium, so if ve can get zere first, ve can vait for the robot to come, zen disable it.

Mario: Seems easy enough.

Ludwig: But it vill go into attack mode, and vill go to any means necessary to kill us.

Iggy: Guys, I think we have trouble…

An army is approaching from the distance

Luigi: Mamamia! Thwomps, Bullet Bills, Boomerang Bros, and Goombas!

Lemmy prepares his Freeze Gun and Mario prepares to attack.

Iggy: No way! We are wayyyy top out-numbered!

Luigi: Let’s run. We can jump over them, squishing the ones we land on.

Lemmy: Newsflash: me and Iggy and Ludwig are Koopas. We can’t jump like you.

Mario: You did fine when you were attacking us.

Iggy: We ingest helium. Why do you think our voices are so high?

Luigi: …

Mario: If you are gonna be like that, then me and Luigi can leave you here!


Mario: FINE!

Luigi: Come on! We need to cooperate! If we don’t the whole world will die!

Iggy: I guess…

Mario: Fine…

Lemmy: I will jump with my ball! Than I can get across!

Ludwig: Vhat are me and Iggy supposed to do?!

Mario: Hold on, we will carry you.

Iggy: What?! If you drop us, we could die! I don’t trust you!

Ludwig: Ve have no choice.

Mario: Jump on, Ludwig! Luigi, you grab Iggy!

Soon our crew is jumping over the army, which is trying to shoot them down and kill them. Ludwig is breathing fire and Lemmy is shooting his Freeze Gun. Suddenly a boomerang comes up and whacks Iggy. He tumbles down into the army.

Iggy: HELP! Please!

The others are on the other side.

Lemmy: Iggy! NOOOO!!!

Iggy is just about done for, when in jumps Mario.

Mario: Don’t worry, Iggy! Jump on, we will make it!

Boomerang Bro: I don’t think so!

A boomerang whacks Mario. He falls into the army, but at the last second he throws Iggy to safety.

Mario: Tell Peach I love her!

He winces as a billion enemies  rush up to kill him.

Luigi: No…

Mario disappears under a crowd of enemies.

Luigi: Mario…. No…. I will always remember you, Brother.

A breath of fire blows away a wave of enemies.

Luigi: Ludwig?!

Ludwig: Run, Mario! My fire breath is strong! It vill hold zose idiots off!

Mario scrambles to safety, while Ludwig blows fire and Lemmy freezes everyone else.

Lemmy: RUNNN!!!

Our heroes flee the army, just barely escaping. They end up next to a tree.

Ludwig: I zink ve lost them…

Iggy: Hey, um, Mario?

Mario: Yes?

Iggy: It was really brave of you to come back for me. Without you I would have died.

Mario: You…you’re welcome.

Ludwig: Come on! Ve don’t have much time! Let’s hurry it up!

Luigi: Hey, guys?

Lemmy: Yes?

Luigi: I found it…

Luigi pushes away a group of leaves, revealing a waterfall. It’s dotted with flowers

Ludwig: Ok, zis is a delicate job. You must disable ze blue wire by crossing it over ze red one.

Mario: Ok.

Ludwig: And if you touch any other wire, you vill blow up.

Luigi: That’s not good.

Lemmy: Maybe I can freeze it!

Ludwig: No, you built it to overcome all temperature changes so it couldn’t be blasted with fire flowers or ice.

Lemmy: Darn.

*Cling Clang Cling Clang*

Iggy: That’s the sound of the robot!

Ludwig: Stop it! Before it touches the lotusium!


Ludwig: GO!!!

Robot: Mario Brothers detected: Must Kill: ACTIVATE!

Ludwig: 70/70
Lemmy: 60/60
Iggy: 50/50
Mario:  150/150
Luigi 140/140
Robot: 200/200

Lemmy throws an ice bomb.
The robot deflects it with a firebomb.

Robot throws a fire bomb at Lemmy. It knocks him unconscious
Lemmy: 00/60

Ludwig uses fire breath.
The robot counterattacks with water
Ludwig: 40/70
Robot: 160/200

Mario: Luigi! Distract it!

Luigi jumps on the robot, piggy-back style

Robot: Security breach! Defense mode!

Ludwig: Luigi! Open the panel! Quickly!

Luigi: Blue over red? Red over green? Purple over yellow?


Robot: Firebomb: ACTIVATE!
Luigi is blasted off the robot’s back with a fire bomb
Luigi: Ouch.
Luigi: 000/140

The robot runs toward the waterfall

Ludwig: No! Ve are too late!

The robot retrieves the flower.

Robot: Retri-ret-re-re-retrieve…


The robot emits a weird purple light. It burns through plants and burns our heroes
Ludwig: 01/70
Lemmy: 00/60
Iggy: 01/50
Mario:  001/150
Luigi: 000/140
Robot: 160/200

Robot: MUH HAHA! Inferior! Artificial intelligence!!! ACTIVATE!!!

Ludwig: Must… stop… Going to… destroy!

Robot: Quiet!
Robot blasts a fire bomb at Ludwig
Ludwig: 00/70

Iggy: Mario… Blue… over… red!

Mario staggers to his feet.

Robot: No point in trying, fool! This lotusium makes me invincible!

Mario: Every..one… must have… a weak point…

Mario’s world is going black. He is aware that Iggy has fallen unconscious. The robot was charging up for another blast.  It’s the end.

Mario: Must… not… die…

He looks over at Luigi, Ludwig, Lemmy, and Iggy, all unconscious. He remembers the whole world is counting on him. He thinks about how Ludwig saved him. Mario stands tall. He is not going to fail.

Robot: Huh?

Mario: You are not going to kill us.

Robot: Fool! Of course I am! It’s not a game this time, Mario! You have one HP! You will never defeat me!

Mario: Never… say… never!

Mario: 1/1
Robot: 160/160

Mario unleashes a fire blast. It doesn’t affect the robot

Robot: Fool! I am INVINCIBLE!

Robot throws an ice bomb and Mario deflects with fire. Mario jump attacks. The robot is still unharmed. The robot blasts with fire. Mario jumps up, over the top of the blast.

Robot: Give up! I am superior! Now DIE!

Robot throws a boulder at Mario. Mario jumps out of the way and lands piggy-back on the robot.

Mario: Blue over red!

He yanks the wires out and crosses them.

Robot: Whaa?! Blackness… coming… Farewell… Defeated… Going out with a bang!

Mario feels the robot going limp. It falls to the ground, a lifeless pile of metal.

Mario: Yes! I won!

His friends begin to wake up

Lemmy: Ugh… What happened?

Mario: The robot knocked you all out, I beat it and you recovered

Ludwig: Umm... I hate to be ze bearer of bad news, but ze robot appears to have activated ze bomb.

*Thirty seconds to doom*


Lemmy: It… It was designed to be impossible to stop… We have no chance…


Ludwig runs over to it and desperately opens the control panel.


Iggy: It was nice fighting with you guys.

Mario: Ditto.


Lemmy: I just want to say, I… I am sorry… We could have been friends…

Luigi: Yes, we work great together….

Iggy: We could have been the best of friends.

Mario: Farewell… friends…






Lemmy: Are… Are we dead?

Luigi: I don’t know. I feel pain, but not dead.

Mario: Where is Ludwig?

Iggy: He, he, he…

Lemmy: What happened, Iggy? Did you see him?

Iggy: He poured lotusium into the bomb and… and when that didn’t work he, he, he…

Luigi: He what?

Iggy: He pushed it into the water, but in order to do that he had to jump in with it.

Mario: He sacrificed himself to save us…

Everyone puts their heads down to remember Ludwig.


Luigi: What was that?

Iggy: Could it be…? No, there’s no way he could have survived…

Mario runs over to the pond.

Mario: LUDWIG!!!

Sure enough, Ludwig is laying there on the ground. His hair is fried, and there is ash all over his face.

Ludwig: *cough, cough…*

After about 10 minutes, Ludwig regains consciousness.

Ludwig: Eh… Vhat… did I miss?

Mario, Iggy, Luigi, and Lemmy: LUDWIG! HOORAYY!!!

And so, our story comes to a close. Ludwig recovered within a month. Iggy stole some medical supplies to treat Mario and Luigi. To this day, Mario and Luigi, Ludwig and Lemmy and Iggy don’t attack each other as hard as before. And Lemmy won the war with Morton and got control over the remote. That is, until Wendy came and screamed at the top of her lungs until she got it.


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