Operation 13

By Jalvo the Slime

5 Years prior to Operation 13

“Welcome to Yoshi’s Island.” A sign meant to be read by tourists. Underneath that same sign it read: “Mario first defeated Bowser here.” All was peaceful on this small island.

Yosh, a regular green Yoshi, was doing his regular routine of collecting watermelons to help keep the clan’s food supply high. Yosh continued his way on the path. He stopped to gaze at the remnants of an old castle. This castle was special to Yosh: it was the first castle that Baby Mario helped destroy while riding on Yosh’s dad.

“Wow. If only I could go back in time to see this… If only you were still here, Dad…” A few tears fell down Yosh’s cheek. He looked down. “I-I won’t cry…”

Yosh started to shake his head, and looked up. He noticed orange goop on one of the castle’s bricks. “I don’t recall that Salvo was orange...” Still puzzled, he muttered a few words.  “He was… WHITE!” Yosh jumped back in astonishment.

The orange goop started shaking and was forming something. A little orange slime creature appeared, no taller than three feet. It started to form into an orange sphere with two little legs. Yosh became curious and poked the creature. The creature opened up its little beady eyes.  “What are you?” Yosh wondered.

The slime ran into the pile of debris and came out 8 feet tall. Yosh stopped and stared at this thing. He noticed something odd about it. Yosh noticed that this slime creature had the letters “J S” on its side.  “Who- Who are you?”

A loud roar erupted from this thing. “WHERE IS SALVO?”

“I-I don’t know! Who are you?!”


Jalvo began thrashing the forest. Jalvo was kicking anything in his path. He was coming closer to Yosh. “HELLLLLLP!” Yosh ran screaming at the top of his lungs.

The trees were rustling. In a quick flash, an army of Yoshis came up right behind Yosh.

“HOW DARE YOU BRING HELP?!” Jalvo raised his leg back. In a flash, his leg fell and kicked Yosh.

Yosh began flying. He was over the trees, filled with hope of falling in a safe place. He fell into the ocean. Only a few feet away from shore, Yosh swam to land. He saw a chili pepper and ate it. He became red and starting running at 150mph.

“There is only one person who can save us. That man is Mario…” Yosh muttered under his breath.

Yosh ran on the water. In less than ten minutes he was on land once more. In another minute he was in the Mushroom Kingdom.  He saw the castle and ran to it. There he found Mario.

“Mario, Yoshi’s Island is under attack!”

Mario looked back. “Really? That place hasn’t been attacked in over 25 years. Why now?”

“I don’t know why. I was just walking and saw this orange sludge creature. It called itself Jalvo.”

“Ok. You’ve got my attention. Let me grab my Super Scope and we will be on our way.

Back on the Island…

“HOW DARE YOU ATTACK ME?” Jalvo yelled as he started kicking more Yoshis. A blue Yoshi ate a watermelon and started spitting seeds at it. Jalvo began engulfing the seeds and shot them back at him.

“This makes no sense whatsoever. Salvo died by being hit. That should have done it,” a Yoshi elder yelled.

Just then Yosh, with Mario on his back, dashed back into the action. All the Yoshis were shocked to see Mario. Mario pulled out his Super Scope and readied to shoot it. “Mario, shooting it won’t kill it,” the Yoshi elder warned him.

“I wasn’t-a planning on doing that.” He flipped a switch on the Super Scope to Freeze. “I plan on doing this!” Mario shot the creature, freezing it instantly. “C’mon, help me move him; I know where to bring him.”

Chapter 1:

At Professor Elvin Gadd’s lab, we see the professor working on something in front of a giant tank.

“It was only five years ago that Mario came here with this sludge. That was when I was forced into making a giant freezer. Let’s hope this test goes well.” He poured a purple liquid into a pipe that connected to the freezer.

A knocking sound was heard in the background. The small professor moved to his door. “Hello?’

Mario was seen outside the lab. “Hello Professor. Have you heard the news?”

“What news is that?”

“Well the princess has finally had it with Bowser. She passed a new Operation.”

“What is this new operation?”

“It’s called Operation 13. The whole point is to rid of Bowser once and for all.”

“Is that all?” E. Gadd asked.

“No… I wanted to see that creature again. Is it possible that I could see him?”

“Well, maybe… He is in the middle of an experiment. “

“What are you doing to him?”

“Making it human.”

As E. Gadd said this, the freezer door opened to show a 5’9” human. It began to walk through the cold fog. It collapsed right as he took a step. It was wearing an orange shirt, orange shorts, and orange shoes. Mario noticed right away that the “J S” was still on his sleeve. Mario helped it up. The thing opened its eyes. The eyes were only to be seen as pitch black, with no white or iris in them.

“Who- Who are you?” the Human asked.

“My name’s Mario.”

“Elvin Gadd.”

“Who are you?” Mario asked.

“Jalvo the Slime...” Jalvo noticed that he wasn’t the slime being he used to be, only now realizing he had skin and bones. “Are my slime abilities gone?”

“Only neutralized,” E. Gadd mentioned.

“Wait, will he be able to access those powers soon?” Mario asked.

“Yes, the slime will be back in a matter of days.” E. Gadd turned his back to them to continue finishing the final touches on his report about the human experiment.

Great, Mario thought to him self. He could be a lot of help in this operation. “Come with me, Jalvo, you’re helping me.”

“You can’t do that. You never know if his old conscience will come back. He may even become a threat!” E. Gadd yelled.

“People change. Plus it is only a risk. So will you?”

“Y-Yes, I will help,” Jalvo replied.

“Great.” Mario went to the door and opened it. “YOSH, COME HERE” Mario yelled out the door. Soon a green Yoshi came. “Hop on,” Mario told Jalvo.

Chapter 2

Mario and Jalvo were riding Yosh as they continued towards their destination.

“So this is the guy that made sent me forty feet into the air,” Yosh whispered to Mario. Jalvo was staring at Yosh. Yosh stared back and whispered again, “What’s with this guy?” Again Jalvo stared, trying to make out what he was saying.

“Well, yes to your first question, and I don’t know. Maybe he still remembers you,” Mario answered.

“I would be surprised if he did. I mean, that slimeball had no brain-“ Yosh got punched in the face by Jalvo. Yosh bucked Jalvo off his back.

Mario jumped off and stepped in between the two of them. “Stop it, you two.” Mario shoved them both aside.

“Why is he needed for this operation, anyway?”

Mario began to walk with Yosh to speak with him privately. “Well you see, I learned that Jalvo is still himself. His slime ability has just been neutralized.”

“Meaning what?”

“That he will be useful in helping us to bring down Bowser.”

Jalvo walked up to Yosh and Mario. They just glared at him. “So wh-where are we going?” Jalvo tried to say. He was still slow of speech and only managed to stutter a few words that were not understandable.

“Well Jalvo, we are going to the Mushroom Kingdom castle to speak with Princess Toadstool. We need to speak with her about the plans for the operation.” Mario tried to speak slowly and more fluently so Jalvo could understand.

“So why am I needed?”

“Well, you still are considered a monster. You still have the chance to become one again. I want to help tame your powers, so that you can help us bring down Bowser. Now come on, the castle is only thirty minutes away.

30 minutes went quick. Soon enough they were inside the castle. Jalvo could not believe what he was seeing. The gold statues, the tapestry, the guards; it was like he’d experienced this before.

“HALT!” A guard Toad stopped the trio. The Toad’s name was Mar T. “What business do you- Oh, I am sorry, Master Mario; the princess is just back that way.”

“Thank you, Mar T.”

The trio moved in. A giant, gold throne stood in front of them. They saw a little princess in a pink dress sitting in the throne. Mario and Yosh bowed. Jalvo just stared until Mario pushed him down.

“You may rise.” Princess Peach got up and walked down. Mario, Yosh, and Jalvo got up. “Who might this be?” Peach lay her hand on Jalvo.

“That is Jalvo, Princess,” Mario said. “I have Jalvo here with me for a reason. He possesses a slime’s power. With it, we might be able keep Bowser down for the count once and for all. Any updates from the spy Toads?”

“They say Bowser is still inside, plotting. They say that he might be building something. That is all I know.”

“When were you planning the invasion?”

“We are invading in one week.”

“Nice, there is enough time to train ol’ Jalvo there. Plus, this gives him time to get his sludge back as well.”

“Ok, Master Mario. That is all I need right now. You may leave.” Princess Peach turned her back and walked towards her throne. Mario and his gang turned as well to leave.

Chapter 3

We are now at the Marios’ home. It is a nice house with a pipe on the top to warp. Another house is seen but it is smaller. Next to the trio is a training ground.

The trio walked up to the house and saw Luigi through the window. Luigi saw them as well and rushed to Mario.

“Brother, how was your recent outing?” Before Mario could answer he quickly asked another question. “So who’s the new guy?”

Jalvo walked closer to Luigi. “I am Jalvo the Slime.”

Luigi stopped and stared. “How are you slime?”

“Luigi, it is a long story. We need to train him, make him stronger, make him good rather than evil.” Mario started his way toward the training grounds.

“Wait, evil? You mean, we are training an old baddie?”

“Yes, we are.”

“Slimes are weak though. How is he going to help with the operation?”

“We will need to make him stronger. Maybe he can be made more powerful if we give him a metal box or something.”

“Fine, I see your point. Let’s see if you’re right.”

The four moved into the training grounds, where they walked into a ring, a giant circle with a line at the top of and one on the bottom. Luigi walked to the top line.

“Jalvo,” Luigi began yelling, “go to the bottom. I want to see what you are made of.”

Jalvo walked to the line. He stared, wondering what was going to happen to him.

“I don’t have my powers! They are neutralized!” Jalvo yelled back.

“Doesn’t mean you can’t fight with your fists,” Luigi yelled back at Jalvo.

Luigi started running at him. He crouched and slid as he was crouching. “GREEN MISSILE!” Luigi shot himself sideways, picking up speed. Jalvo began to duck but was too late. Jalvo got hit. He fell and hit the ground, splattering.

“Jalvo? Um... Guys, I think his powers are back…” Luigi stepped back. Sludge was all over in a pile. It begins to form and rebuild Jalvo.

“Well that was sooner than I thought.” Mario started getting closer to Jalvo.

“Woah… I didn’t know I could do that…”

“Now Jalvo, we have some new techniques for you to learn. For one, when you get hit, instead of breaking into pieces, you need to make a hole in your body for the hit. By doing that, you will have enough time to counterattack. Another move idea is to use your arm like a missile. Make a fist and do an air punch, then let go of your arm and have it shoot at an enemy. Then quickly regenerate an arm.” When Mario finished he moved to the top of the ring.

“Sounds complicated. Do we still have enough time to teach me?” Jalvo asked.

“We do,” Yosh answered.

“Can we call it a day?” Jalvo asked once more.

“No, it has just begun!” Mario yelled as he started running at Jalvo and shot a few fireballs. Yosh threw an egg at Jalvo. Luigi used the Green Missile once more.  Jalvo attempted to make holes for all of the attacks but ended up being mauled.

“This will take longer than I thought…” Mario said.

Chapter 4

Six days later, we come to a cliff that is less than 50 feet away from Bowser’s castle. A team of four Toads, known as Team Elemental, sat on it, waiting for something.

“See anything yet, Ice E?” a green Toad asked.

A blue Toad looked at the green Toad. “Not yet, Wood E. How about you, Bree Z?”

A white Toad looked back at Ice E. and responded, “Not yet, but why are you asking me? You should be asking the one with binoculars. Fire E, see anything?”

A red Toad put down his binoculars. “Not yet, Bree Z. All I see is Bowser still working on something.”

Inside Bowser’s castle…

“King Dad! Those Toads are still staring at us.”

“Not to worry, Larry. My newest concoction is a hologram of me working.”

“Why?” Larry asks.

“Well, if we are being spied on, the best thing to do is make a hologram so it looks like we are up to nothing. Now Larry, call out your brothers and sister. We will be making a visit to our favorite house guest.” Bowser started moving into a “living room”. Larry ran to do as told. In a matter of seconds, the 7 Koopalings were gathered.

“What do ya want, Pops?” Roy asked.

“Yeah, why?” Iggy asked.

“This is inventing time, King Dad!” Ludwig said.

“I could be practicing my clown act!” Lemmy complained.

“This is nonsense!” Morton shouted.

“I was changing my bow! “ Wendy complained.

“QUIET!!!” Bowser yelled

“Yeah. King Dad says quiet!” Larry added.

“Kids, I called you here so that we can make a visit.”

“To Grandma?” Iggy asks.

“NO! We are going to visit and kidnap our favorite princess.”





“Oh…” all the Koopalings said at once.

“Now get into the Clown Van immediately!”

“What happened to the Clown Copter?” Morton asked, hoping not to get yelled at.

“I HAVE SEVEN KIDS! IT FITS MORE! Now, once we get into the Clown Van, we need to take out that team of Toads so they don’t ruin the surprise.”

All the Koopalings ran into another room. Bowser threw a small cube as he also left. The cube activated, showing a holographic Bowser working.

Back at the cliff…

“So is he still working, Fire E?”

“Yes, he still is.”

In the sky, the Clown Van emerged. “WHAT THE-“ Wood E. was shot with a net. Ice E. started to pick up the walkie talkie. When he bent over to reach for it he was shot with a net as well. Bree Z. attempted to jump on the Clown Van, getting a running start and jumping. But the Van pulled back and Bree Z. fell. Fire E. began to cower and was shot by a net. The Koopa Van picked up the netted Toads and flew away, but left Bree Z. at the bottom of the cliff after his fall.

“Ow… Need to get up. I need to report this…” Bree Z. attempted to stand, but collapsed and was forced to rest.

To Be Continued...

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