Survivor: Delfino Isle

By abcd

Last time, on Survivor:  Delfino Isle:

The day began in a strange way.  Instead of a reward challenge, Shy Guy offered the tribes the ability to change the game.  The tribes competed amongst themselves, and the winners of each tribe picked someone from their own tribe to be sent to the other tribe.  After Bumpty won the challenge for Phantamanta, he sent Iggy, someone he feared was too powerful, to the other tribe.  Ludwig, after winning the challenge for Petey, sent Morton, his own brother, to the other tribe.  The tribes later found out that there would be no immunity challenge later in the day—instead, both tribes would attend tribal council.  At tribal council, Phantamanta voted out Goomba, the weakest link.  Bumpty also received two votes,and Peach received two votes, each for being too powerful.  At Petey’s tribal council, Ludwig tried to rally support to eliminate Bob-omb, one of Waluigi’s most trusted companions.  However, Waluigi had other ideas, and instead rallied the votes of DK and Buzzy Beetle, giving him four of the eight votes.  Luigi became Ludwig’s undoing by voting for Waluigi instead of Bob-omb.  Petey still has one extra person.  Will that one become two?  Or dwindle to zero?  Who’s in control of Phantamanta?  And can Waluigi keep control of Petey?

*Petey, night 4*

Iggy (to Luigi):  What just happened?  I thought Ludwig had control?

Luigi:  Apparently not.  I voted for Waluigi, you voted for Bob-omb…someone switched.

Iggy:  I know.  We’ve got to stick together, and get someone to vote with us.

Luigi:  DK’s dumb as a brick.  And I think I can get him to vote Waluigi out.

Iggy:  Wait.  Hold up.  Why Waluigi?

Luigi:  It’s logical.  He’s gonna take us out.  A little tribe instability is worth saving ourselves.

Iggy:  Ok.  What about Grodus and Buzzy?

Luigi:  It’s spy time.

Iggy:  How are we gonna spy on Waluigi?

Luigi:  Through DK.  This might work, but we’ll do it tomorrow, right before the voting.  It’s too scary today.

Iggy:  Or… how about I go to Waluigi?

Luigi:  Wha?

Iggy:  I’m going to go to him as an ally, and ask him for advice.  I’ll be on “his side”.

Luigi:  That’s better than my plan.  Let’s do it.

*Phantamanta, day 5*

Yoshi:  Yoshi say time get up!

Bumpty:  Stupid dinosaur!  It’s really early!

Peach:  Uh…no it’s not.  It’s about 10:30.

Bumpty:  How would you know?

Peach:  I happened to be wearing a watch when we came here, set to Delfino standard time.

Yoshi:  Yoshi go get tree mail!

Bumpty:  Grr…fine.

Bumpty (private interview):  Yoshi’s been getting on my nerves.  But is getting rid of him really worth it?  What happens next?

*Petey, day 5*

Grodus:  Beep…Beep…Beep…Beep…Beep…

Luigi:  Grodus, shut up!

Grodus:  Beep…Beep…Beep…

Waluigi:  I-a told Grodus to set an alarm.  It’s 11:00.

Iggy (private interview):  I’m getting suspicious of Grodus.  Talking to Waluigi about an alarm?  Sounds like they’re in cahoots!

Waluigi:  I say it’s Iggy’s turn to get tree mail!  And I want someone to start making breakfast!  We’re starvin’ out here!  Grodus!  Go!

Iggy:  Fine…

Grodus:  Anything you wish, Waluigi!


Tap-Tap:  What does treemail say?

Yoshi:  Treemail says go center of island.  Now.


Iggy:  The treemail says we should go to the center of the island!

*West Beach*

Shy Guy:  Phantamanta, get your first look at the new Petey tribe.  Ludwig was voted out at the last tribal council.  And Petey, get your first look at the new Phantamanta tribe.  Goomba was voted out at the last tribal council. I’m pleased to inform you that today will be a standard reward day.  Winning tribe gets one hundred dollars’ worth of fruits from Pianta Village.  Here’s how you’ll earn it.  One member from each tribe will catapult a baseball over a field, where the rest of you will be standing.  If you catch the baseball, your team gets a point.  The other tribe will be able to catch the baseballs your team throws, so be careful.  First team to five wins.  Petey, you have one extra member.  Who are you going to sit out?

Waluigi:  I-a choose Bob-omb!

Shy Guy:  And your shooter?

Waluigi:  Buzzy!

Shy Guy:  Phantamanta, who will be tossing the baseballs?

Yoshi:  That’s a tough choice…Peach!

Shy Guy:  Ok.  Teams, get in the field.  First up is Buzzy!  We’ll take turns.

Buzzy shoots a baseball, headed straight for the long arms of Waluigi...until Tap-Tap charges in to Waluigi from behind, knocking him down.

Waluigi:  I call cheating!

Shy Guy:  It’s fair.

Peach shoots a line drive straight into Yoshi’s outstretched tongue while Petey is arguing.

Shy Guy:  It’s a point for Phantamanta!

Buzzy then fires a very high shot, which Yoshi flutter jumps to intercept, until DK picks up Tap-Tap and tosses him at Yoshi, knocking Yoshi out of the air.

Peach quickly launches a baseball to the back of the field, where Waluigi dives…and misses it!

Buzzy shoots a shot which is going right towards the running Iggy…who makes the catch!

Peach fires a shot intended for Wario, but the shot is short.  Wario’s about to get the shot when DK leaps over him and catches it!

Shy Guy:  2-1, Petey!

Buzzy lobs one over all the players’ heads.

Peach shoots a baseball which looks like it’s heading for DK of the other team until Morton slams into him with his shell, knocking DK over.

Buzzy takes a shot right near Grodus, who attempts to grab it, only to have the ball clang off of his metallic hands.

Peach takes a shot which a sliding Bumpty is able to catch.  The challenge is tied at 2!

Buzzy gets a shot which the speedy Luigi is able to run in and catch.  3-2, Petey!

Peach fires a baseball towards Tap-Tap, who can’t catch it because of a lack of arms.  However, the ball bounces off of Tap-Tap and into the arms of Iggy.

Shy Guy:  One more shot clinches this for Petey!

Buzzy fires a shot which Yoshi flutter jumps to intercept.  4-3!

Peach gets a quick shot to Wario in the front of the field.  He catches it.

Shy Guy:  It’s all down to one shot!

Buzzy fires a shot.  Then madness ensues.  The baseball goes really high up in the air, and everyone goes to where they think it will land.  At the end, there’s a pile of people, and a baseball lying on top.  Iggy grabs the baseball.

Shy Guy:  Iggy wins reward for Petey!

Petey tribe begins to celebrate.  Then Shy Guy interrupts the celebration.

Shy Guy:  Come on, help me get this fruit all to your camp!


Waluigi:  Ahh…that’s enough food for today!

Bob-omb:  But you’ve only eaten one banana!

Waluigi:  I have to stay thin!

DK:  (snarf snarf snarf)

Iggy (private interview):  This is exactly what we needed.  DK’s making a fool of himself eating way too much fruit!  This is going to be too easy!

Waluigi:  Iggy, can I-a talk to you?  Over there (motions to the ocean)

Iggy:  Sure.  Actually, I’ve been meaning to talk to you…

Waluigi:  Me first.  Look, I know Ludwig probably spoon-fed you some story about how I forcefully took control of this tribe from him.  That’s not true.  We all took a vote on who should be the leader, and I won.  He then tried to impeach me, so I voted him out.  Tonight, you could be a swing vote.  I’ve led this tribe pretty well.  If we stay together, then we could get rid of someone tonight.  Like Luigi.  He hasn’t been all that much of a team player, has he?

Iggy:  How about DK?  He’s a glutton, and hasn’t been dominant in challenges.  We don’t have anyone who would be weak, except for Buzzy of course.  And Bob-omb.

Waluigi:  Buzzy can go later.  Bob-omb’s never leaving.

Iggy:  Ok then.

Waluigi:  Tonight, we take out Luigi.  We’ll go from there.  Go tell Bob-omb.  If he asks for a password, tell him it’s “Waluigi number one!”

Iggy:  Can do!

*Iggy conversing with Bob-omb*
Iggy:  Waluigi said to vote for DK tonight.

Bob-omb:  What’s the password?

Iggy:  Waluigi number one.

Bob-omb:  Good.  But why DK?

Iggy:  See how much fruit he’s eaten?  That’s a ton!  And where’s the challenge production?  Not there…

Bob-omb:  Got it.

*Waluigi’s conversation with Buzzy*
Waluigi:  What’s up, Buzzy?

Buzzy:  Who’s going tonight?

Waluigi:  Luigi.  He’s conspiring against me.  He goes.  Got it?

Buzzy:  Got it.

*Conversation between Bob-omb and Waluigi*
Bob-omb:  Boss, you know I support you, but I don’t agree with the decision on DK.

Waluigi:  DK?  You want to get rid of him?

Bob-omb:  No, I don’t.  You do.

Waluigi:  No I- Iggy!  Drat!  He’s a spy!  IT’S A TRAP!

Bob-omb:  What?

Waluigi:  I sent Iggy to tell you to vote out Luigi.  He told you DK.  Iggy’s going home tonight.  Tell Buzzy.

Bob-omb:  You got it, Boss!

Tap-Tap:  That was an especially, um, demoralizing loss.  I got, um, tossed by DK!  I’m, um, sorry about that, Yoshi.

Yoshi:  Yoshi say fine.

Peach:  We’re gonna win the immunity challenge today, ok?

Wario:  We don’t stand a chance.  We’ve just been demoralized, and they’ve been energized.  Let’s start figuring out who’s leaving.

Bumpty:  With that attitude, it’ll be you going!

Wario:  Ha!  Stupid Penguin!  The Great-a Wario will stay.  Your secret coalition with Goomba’s done!  You’ve got nobody left!

Bumpty:  I’ll be able to get more people than you!

Morton:  Chill, cool it, calm down, shut up, BE QUIET!

Peach (private interview):  Did Morton just tell someone to be quiet?

Tap-Tap:  This bickering’s going to, um, get us nowhere!  Let’s, um, cool down!

Wario:  Fine.  But I’m gunning for you, Penguin!

Bumpty:  We’ll see about that, fatty!

*Conversation between Yoshi, Peach, and Tap-Tap*
Tap-Tap:  I think you guys, um, might need me tonight.

Yoshi:  Why Yoshi Peach need Tap-Tap?

Tap-Tap:  If we, um, go to tribal council, there are, um, six of us.  You two, me, Wario, Bumpty, and, um, Morton.  Morton’s too new.  If you guys, um, stick with him, you could get burned, um, after the merge.  I, um, don’t think you want to stick with, um, Bumpty or, um, Wario.  They’re too, um, disagreeable.  If, um, the three of us, um, vote together, then, um, Wario and Bumpty won’t, um, vote with each other.  And we’ll be able to, um, vote out who we want.

Peach:  I still don’t see why you’re necessary.  If Wario and Bumpty vote against each other, then what’s the problem?

Tap-Tap:  Well, um, one of them must have, um, voted for you, um, last time.  I think it was, um, Bumpty.  I, um, don’t think he voted for Goomba or, um, himself.

Yoshi:  Yoshi like logic.

Peach:  Fine.  You’re in.

Peach (private interview):  Tap-Tap’s probably going to stay awhile.  Bumpty has done well in the challenges, but he’s targeting me after Wario…Do I choose security, or strength?  Tough call.  But after Wario or Bumpty, it’ll have to be Morton.  I’m worried he’ll defect at the merge…

*Conversation between Wario and Morton*
Wario:  On this tribe, you and me are the ones on the outs.  If we lose tonight, we’ll have to unite to get rid of Bumpty.  He’s too much of a threat.  Got it?

Morton:  I point out, suggest, put forth another view.  Peach is in control, leading, calling the shots around here.  If we unite, join, form a coalition with Tap-Tap, then I suggest that maybe we can take out, eliminate, and cancel out the Bumpty factor later.

Wario:  And what of Yoshi?

Morton:  Yoshi’s useless, unthreatening, benign.  We’ll take him out later.

Wario:  Sounds like a plan.

*Conversation between Morton and Tap-Tap*
Morton:  Tap-Tap, tribemate, friend, amigo, I have a plan, strategy, and tactic to use in this game.

Tap-Tap:  What, um, is it?

Morton:  You and I unite, ally ourselves.

Tap-Tap:  What’s, um, your justification?

Morton:  If we, the two of us, this duo, unites to form a coalition, we can meet up with, rendezvous, and get back together with Iggy at the merge if he’s still left.  We could take control of this game!  Tonight, we can side with either Peach and Yoshi, Wario, or Bumpty.  It’s our choice.  At some point, though, Peach might figure out, deduce, and make it known that we’re in a coalition.  If not tonight, she must be eliminated, factored out, and voted off as soon as possible.

Tap-Tap:  I agree.  Let’s, um, do this.

Tap-Tap (private interview):  Wow…I, um, don’t know what to, um, do.  Should I, um, vote with, um, Morton and hope to, um, get rid of Peach or, um, stay put?

*Conversation between Bumpty and Morton*
Morton:  Ah!  Bumpty, let’s chat, talk, converse, and exchange words.  You’ll need help tonight in taking out Peach.

Bumpty:  Taking out Peach?  Finally!  But I think Wario’s the better move tonight.

Morton:  False, not true, certainly not!  Wario is dumb, thickheaded, and skull-brained.  Peach, however, is a true threat.  We’ll vote for her tonight!

Bumpty:  Sounds like a plan, nay, an alliance.

Morton:  Sure, definitely, absolutely, positively!

*Back at Phantamanta Camp*
Yoshi:  Yoshi cook good lunch for team!  Then Yoshi go get treemail!  I need assistant!  Who wants to go get food for Yoshi to cook!

Nobody moves.

Yoshi:  Ok then!  Yoshi go get food by self!

Yoshi dashes off. Fifteen minutes later…

Yoshi:  Ok, Yoshi couldn’t find anything you guys could eat so Yoshi eat it all and make Yoshi eggs!  Scrambled eggs for lunch!

Peach:  I’m sorry, I can’t eat Yoshi eggs.  I’ll go find some berries.

Yoshi:  Ok then!

Wario (private interview):  While Yoshi has been annoying, he’s also been a workhorse.  Or a workYoshi.  I might keep him around camp for a while.  It’ll be me, the Great Wario, Yoshi, and Morton!  And Wario!  In the final three!  Lock it up!

Yoshi (off in distance):  Treemail!  Go to West Beach!  Immunity challenge!  Lunch is done!

*West Beach*

Shy Guy:  Immunity is back up for grabs today!  After a 1-day hiatus, you have another immunity challenge.  Petey, Bob-omb must participate in this challenge.  Today, you’ll participate in an archery contest.  Each team may have one person who won’t shoot and who will instead try to annoy the archer of the other team.  The only limitation of this extra person is that they must use a ball.

Shy Guy holds up two balls that are very similar to Lemmy’s but have the tribe colors and names on them.

Shy Guy: Whichever team makes more of their shots wins.  Petey, who are you sitting out?

Waluigi:  I-a choose…Buzzy Beetle!  Bob-omb, you’ll annoy the other team.

Shy Guy:  And Phantamanta?  Who will be the annoyer?

Yoshi:  Yoshi pick Tap-Tap!

Shy Guy:  Good choice, what with the lack of hands and such.  We’ll take turns, and each team may choose who shoots in what order for them.

Time passes…

Shy Guy:  All right!  For Phantamanta, it will first be Peach, then Yoshi, Wario, Morton, and Bumpty.  Petey will lead with Grodus, then Waluigi, followed by Luigi, DK, and then Iggy.  Because Petey sat out a member, Phantamanta may go first.

Peach fires an arrow that goes way over.  Bob-omb kicks the ball, but it doesn’t matter.

Grodus calculates the ideal position, and, after faking a countdown, fires just seconds after Tap-Tap kicks the ball.  It’s a bulls-eye! *1-0 Petey*

Yoshi shoots an arrow through the ball that Bob-omb kicks, knocking the arrow to the ground.  The ball, however, is popped.

Waluigi fires an arrow, but Tap-Tap kicks the ball just so that it grazes the bottom of the arrow.  The ball is not popped, and the arrow misses. *1-0 Petey*

Wario lines up his bow-and-arrow, and fires a shot right at the bulls-eye that is uncontested.

Luigi lines up a shot, but it sails just wide left of the target, missing the ball. *1-1*

Morton tries to be the hero for his team, and shoots an arrow that barely hits the bottom of the target.  It sticks though.

Shy Guy:  It counts!

DK fires a rocket of a shot—that pops the ball and falls to the ground. *2-1 Phantamanta*

Shy Guy:  If Bumpty makes this shot, Phantamanta wins.  If not, then Petey gets a shot to send this into overtime.

Bumpty tries to line up a shot, but it is far wide of the target.

Iggy steps up to the line.  He lines up the shot, and then… BAM! Iggy lets go of the arrow in surprise as Tap-Tap kicked the arrow at him.  The arrow sticks…in the dirt!

Shy Guy:  What Tap-Tap did is…legal!  Phantamanta wins the challenge!  Sorry Petey, but things will be even after tonight.


Waluigi:  That was a stupid challenge!  What’s with the ball getting in the way of my shots?

Bob-omb:  At least I had a use…There’s no way I could fire a bow and arrow.

Waluigi:  That’s-a true.  But argh!!!

DK:  DK did not like challenge.

Luigi:  Hey DK, can I talk to you?

DK:  DK see no problem.

Luigi (walking with DK away from tribe):  I think we’ve got to band together.  Waluigi’s just too strong.  He’s got Bob-omb.  You’re at the very best his second option.  I know for a fact he’s got someone else on his side too because someone must have voted Ludwig out.  It’s either Buzzy or Grodus.

DK:  DK not know who extra person is.  I don’t wanna be second option!

Luigi:  Right.  I can make you my first option in a new alliance.  Iggy came begging to me to form an alliance, and I wanted to make sure that I have someone to turn to in the alliance.

DK:  DK think sounds like a plan.

Luigi:  It is a plan.  Tonight we overthrow Waluigi.  This tribe’s ours, DK!

DK:  Awesome!

*Conversation between Luigi and Iggy*
Luigi:  I got DK in our alliance.  So, now we’ll try to get the Grodus/Buzzy final member.

Iggy:  Why do we need it?

Luigi:  ‘Cause if we don’t get it, then they might vote with Waluigi.

Iggy:  Got it.

Luigi:  I’ll talk to Grodus, you take Buzzy.

Iggy:  No, I’ll take Grodus.  He knew Ludwig well.  I think I can get something out of him if he’s hiding something.

Luigi:  Ok.

*Conversation between Waluigi and Grodus*
Waluigi:  Hey Grodus!

Grodus:  Automated response…What is up, Waluigi?

Waluigi:  I think I need your vote tonight.  If you vote with us to take out Iggy, we’ll have the majority at four!

Grodus:  Why would I switch sides?

Waluigi:  It makes sense.  You can either be the next to go outside of our alliance, or in the top four of our tribe in the alliance.

Grodus:  Your opinion…makes sense.

Iggy (from bushes):  Well now I know for sure…

*Conversation between Luigi and Buzzy*
Luigi:  Hey Buzzy.  Who are you voting for tonight?

Buzzy:  My vote’s going towards Bob-omb.  Waaaay too much of a threat.

Luigi:  Would you care to switch it to Waluigi?

Buzzy:  Sure thing.  You got it!

Luigi:  Ok.  Thanks.  See you later!

Buzzy (private interview):  Does Luigi think I’m stupid?

*Conversation between Iggy and Grodus*
Iggy:  Grodus…man, you gotta vote for Waluigi!

Grodus:  …Input reason.

Iggy:  He’s been a terrible leader.  You’re on the outside.  Luigi and I have DK on our side.  If you switch, we’ll have four and the majority.  DK’s more of a physical threat for you, so you’ll be chosen over him to stay after the merge.  And Luigi’s been way too strong of a player for me to keep at the end.  You, me, final two!

Grodus:  Calculating…I will decide later.

*Conversation between Waluigi, Buzzy Beetle, and DK*
Waluigi:  Guys, I need your votes tonight to get rid of Iggy.  He’ll be a threat after the merge!  If we can eliminate him, it’s like voting off someone from the other tribe like Peach.

DK:  DK like Waluigi logic!

Buzzy:  Makes sense.  BTW, Luigi wants to get rid of you.

Waluigi:  Not surprised.  He’s apparently trying to convince Iggy too!  It’ll be me, Bob-omb, you two, and maybe Grodus against the two of them.  They don’t stand a chance!  We’ve-a got this!

Iggy (off in the distance):  Come on, guys!  It’s time for tribal council!

*Tribal Council*

Shy Guy:  Bob-omb, what’s it like having to deal with a new competitor like Iggy on your tribe?  Are you worried?

Bob-omb:  Of course we’re worried.

Shy Guy:  Who’s we?

Bob-omb points to everyone on the tribe.

Shy Guy:  I see.  Iggy, what do you think?

Iggy:  It doesn’t make much sense to me.  By the time the merge occurs, my friends on the other tribe, whose numbers are dwindling, will be gone.  I’ll stay loyal.

Shy Guy:  Looks like it’s an interesting debate to be had.  Let’s vote.

Everyone goes to vote.

Shy Guy:  First vote…Waluigi.

Waluigi doesn’t care.

Shy Guy:  Second vote…Waluigi.

Waluigi remains nonchalant.

Shy Guy:  Third vote…Iggy.

Iggy seems a bit more worried.

Shy Guy:  Fourth vote…Iggy.

Iggy’s reaction is slightly more worried than before.

Shy Guy:  Fifth vote…Iggy.

Iggy’s biting his claws with his eyes wide.

Shy Guy:  Sixth vote…Waluigi.

Waluigi still isn’t very surprised.

Shy Guy:  Seventh vote, and sixth person voted out of Survivor:  Delfino Isle…Waluigi.

Waluigi:  …What?  Who did this?

Nobody moves a muscle.

Waluigi:  Well now you have no leader.  I’d like to see you crumble.  Hah!

Shy Guy:  Waluigi, it’s time to go.

Waluigi:  Hmph.

Shy Guy:  Well, we’ll see Waluigi’s final statement after we look at the votes.

Waluigi:  Iggy (worried about flipping to Phantamanta, didn’t side with him, lied to him)
DK:  Waluigi (wanted to be in the center of an alliance instead of on the outside)
Luigi:  Waluigi (alliance with Iggy, Waluigi didn’t trust him in first immunity challenge loss)
Iggy:  Waluigi (alliance with Luigi, just trying to stay alive)
Bob-omb:  Iggy (alliance with Waluigi)
Buzzy:  Iggy (secret alliance with Waluigi)
Grodus:  Waluigi (thought he would have a better place in Luigi and Iggy’s alliance)

Waluigi’s last words:  I don’t know where I went wrong… I probably shouldn’t have made enemies with Luigi, and I don’t know which two of the four of Grodus, Bob-omb, DK, and Buzzy voted with me.  I’m fairly sure of Bob-omb, but Grodus, DK, and Buzzy were probably all talked to by Luigi.  I lost to my nemesis!  Ahh!

To Be Continued...

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