Larryís Adventure 3: Brotherhood

By P.T. Piranha

Chapter 12: The Great Cosmic Search

Everyone reappeared on the Shake Schooner. Shake King (and his beard) were not pleased and took them prisoner. Luckily, Syrup and her crew came to bust them out with a (bogus) treasure-hostage trade. Shake King sent Large Fry after them for revenge, but the Karate Duo beat him in a snap. Now itís up to the party to go into space to stop Giga Lakitu. Syrup has dropped the heroes off at Rogueport, what awaits them now?

<Opening: Hologram, by Nico Touches the Walls>

At Fahr Outpost...

P.T.: Where are those other guys?

Rudy: The Karate Duo is in hiding, theyíll appear when they feel like it. I think they took Goomba hostage.

Violet: Excuse me, sir. Can we use your cannon?

Mayor: We do not-

Bobbery: Nonsense! Old bean, I know you have one!

Mayor: *sigh* Admiral, stop ruining this for me! Da we have a cannon, but you may not use it!

Larry: Why not? And why is your Russian accent so outrageously fake?

Mayor: Because last time, the world was almost endangered!

Bobbery: But we were saving the world!

Mayor: Too bad. Nyet. Cannon privileges go to nobody.

Boshi: Can I bribe you?

Mayor: No. My will is strong.

Boshi: Even if I sing?

Mayor: That just lowered your chances.

Larry: Okay everyone, letís huddle.

Everyone goes off to the side and huddles up.

Larry: This jerkís not letting us use the cannon, what do we do?

P.T.: We should totally kill him!

Violet: 0_0

Rudy: o_O

Boshi: ...

Bobbery: ...

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Larry: ... No.

Pyro Guy: *muffled*?

Larry: Too obvious.

Violet: We could use a Launch Star.

Rudy: But we donít have Star Chips.

Mayor: I can hear all of you talking. Look, youíre scaring away other tourists. If we let you use the cannon, will you never return?

Boshi: Sold!

And so they prepare the cannon and head into space.


*Sky Station Galaxy*
ďMission 1: Peewee Piranhaís Temper TantrumĒ
(Mission Selected)

Larry and Violet wake up on the house planet of the Sky Station Galaxy.

Larry: Uhhh... What?

Violet: This is a Galaxy in World 1, so I guess this is the closest we could get.

Larry: Great, now letís hurry before Giga Lakitu gets to World 2! I mean, he canít go much further past World S, but Iím NOT walking all that way!

Violet: Where are the others?

Larry: I think theyíre on that planet with the egg on it. I guess we should catch up to them.

Larry and Violet head through the galaxy and make it to the egg. Of course they crash into the egg and wake it up.


Larry: Crud!

Violet: Oh no!

Pyro Guy: *muffled*?

Larry: How should I know what it is?!

Boshi: Kill it with fire!

Violet: But itís... cute!

Rudy: Hey guys, calm down, maybe this monster is-

It eats Rudy.

Everyone: !

P.T.: ... Kill it with fire?

Larry: Kill it with fire.

The party backs off while Peewee Piranha starts rampaging. Pyro Guy starts running after him, spitting fireballs.


This goes on for a few more minutes.

Boshi: ... For the love of cheese, IíLL do it!

Boshi starts running at the dinosaur, but gets hit by a stray fireball.


Boshi starts rolling around and Peewee Piranha trips over him, landing on P.T. and Larry.

P.T.: OW!

Larry: Dang it! This boss is handing our shells to us!

Violet: ... Thatís enough!

Violet takes her axe and slashes at the eggy bottom of the dinosaur.


He starts running around some more while Violet keeps chasing and smacking him. The egg breaks and Pyro Guy finally gets in a fireball..


His egg reforms itself.

Larry: That doesnít even begin to make sen-

Peewee stomps on Larry.

Larry: Owie.

Violet does the same thing again, once more breaking the eggshell.

P.T.: Super Fist: Larry Koopa Magnum!

P.T. punches Larry into the bossí behind.


The beast explodes, leaving behind a Power Star. Rudy is dizzy, sitting underneath it.

Boshi: Ow... Hey nice of you to help out, Bobbery!

Bobbery: Zzzzzz... Wot-wot? PIRATES! ... What happened?

Boshi: ...

Larry grabs the Power Star.

ďVous avez trouve une etoile!Ē

Larry: Wahoo!

Suddenly everyone appears on a planetoid shaped like Marioís head.

Everyone: ...

Bobbery: I say, this resembles my old chum Mario!

Larry: Eww, plumber planet!

Lubba: Hey whatís everyone doing on this faceship?

Rudy: Who are you?

Lubba: Iím Lubba. I take care of these little Lumas! Also thereís a Penguin, a Whittle, a Bob-omb Buddy, a Jibberjay, two Gearmos having tea, and a Bumblebee.

(A/N: Yet no Pianta?!)

Boshi: Cool story, bro. Have you seen a fat Lakitu?

Lubba: Well there have been a few sightings...

Violet: A few?

Lubba: Heís been spotted in a few different Galaxies, all past World 1.

Boshi: Great... Which ones?

Lubba: The... Letís see...

He pulls out a list.

Lubba: Hightail Falls Galaxy, Boulder Bowl Galaxy, Tall Trunk Galaxy, Freezy Flake Galaxy, Sweet Mystery Galaxy, Chompworks Galaxy, Boo Moon Galaxy, Fleet Glide Galaxy, or Battle Belt Galaxy.

Larry: WHAT?!

Lubba: He gets around.

Rudy: We canít search ALL of those places!

Lubba: Well if you want to find Giga Lakitu...

Larry: *sigh*... Fine. Will you take us?

Lubba: Sure, why not? Full speed ahead, Captain!

*Hightail Falls*

Boshiís looking around the platforms for Giga Lakitu. Unfortunately for him...

Boshi: A pepper? Cool.

He eats it.

Boshi: HOT!

He starts running up walls.


Rudy is sitting on a rock sticking out of the gargantuan waterfall.

Rudy: Yeah, Iím not having much luck either.

*Boulder Bowl*

Bobbery eats a Rock Mushroom.

Bobbery: Strong texture. ĎEllo, whatís this?

Heís become Rock Bobbery.

P.T.: All right! Now I can practice my moves!

Captain Falcon: Show your moves!

P.T.: Yes, Captain!

P.T. picks up Bobbery and throws him at the Pinheads.


P.T. gets a strike. On top of that, Bobbery explodes, sending bits of rock everywhere.

P.T.: My face!

Heís run over by Rollodillo.

P.T.: My body!

*Tall Trunk*

Larry: Hrrr! Must... climb... tree!

Whittle: That wonít work.

Larry: I know... Gosh, if only Boshi were here, he could eat that puffy fruit thing and get us up there! Hey Pyro Guy, howís your search?

Pyro Guy is going down the slide.

Pyro Guy: *muffled, but it sounds like whee*!

Unfortunately, he sneezes and sets a part of the slide on fire, which then spreads.

Larry: Oh no.

*Freezy Flake Galaxy*

Violet: What a pleasant galaxy!

She walks around for a while, progressing through the galaxy until she gets to the snowstorm area.

Violet: Aaah! This isnít pleasant at all! ... Oh, a Launch Star!

She takes the Launch Star out of the storm and lands on a big planet.

Violet: ... Now where am I?

Sorbetti: GET OFF MY FACE!

Violet: WAH!

*Sweet Mystery*

Rudy: Where are we, again?

Boshi: I really donít know, but itís making me hungry.

Paragoomba: Man, I could go for some grass, dirt, and rocks around now.

Boshi: What?

Rudy: I guess food and scenery have reversed roles in this Galaxy.

Paragoomba: Huh? No, Iím just a weirdo.

Boshi/Rudy: ...

Boshi: Hey, whatís that?

Boshi eats a Bulb Berry and starts glowing.

Boshi: What?!

Rudy: This chocolate platform is actually a graham cracker!


P.T.: Boing, boing, boing, boing-

Bobbery: We need to stop eating the weird Mushrooms we come across.

P.T. flips in the air and lands on his face.

P.T.: My face!

Heís run over by a Chomp.

P.T.: My body!

*Boo Moon*

Larry: This is a really weird moon.

Pyro: *muffled*?

Larry: No, we canít have it fall in three days.

*Fleet Glide*

Violet: AAAAAAH!

Fluzzard: Braaaaaaak!

Brock: Huh?

Violet: Thatís not what he meant.

Obama: Huh?

Violet: No, not you either!

A Swooper hits Violet in the face.

Violet: Ow! ... WHOA!

She barely manages to get Fluzzard to fly out of the path of a Banzai Bill.

Violet: The exitís closing! Hurry!

*Starship Mario*

Lubba: So howíd it go?

Boshi: Spicy. Shiny.

Rudy: Tasty.

P.T.: Painful.

Bobbery: Weird.

Larry: Disastrous.

Pyro Guy: *muffled*.

Violet: Unpleasant. Hectic.

Lubba: Did you at least find your man?

Larry: Nope. So that just leaves the Battle Belt Galaxy!

Lubba: You said it! Iíll fire up the ship now!

And off they go to World 6.

Chapter 13: Spiny Control

Hot after Giga Lakitu, the gang heads into space in order to capture him. But one named Lubba informs them that heís been spotted in many galaxies. So the search began, and eventually they narrowed it down to the Battle Belt Galaxy. With a battle ahead, the partyís will is strong as they try to finish this battle once and for all.

Lubba: Well, thereís the first planet over there.

Larry: Okay, letís see... There are seven of us, and eight planets, not counting Fire Gobblegutís planet, so we can all-

Boshi: Or we could just fly the ship around these planetoids and look.

Larry: Oh fine...

Larry flies the Starship Mario around the planets.

Violet: All the enemies have been replaced with Spinies. Thatís weird.

Rudy: Maybe we have to defeat all of them?

On the first planet, Bobbery explodes on a Spiny, defeating it. On the fire planet, Rudy just kicks them into the lava. On the Fire Flower planet, P.T. hits them with his hammer. On the beach planet, Boshi just eats them and spits them into the vacuum of space.

Boshi: Ow, pointy!

On the pumpkin planet, Pyro Guy takes them all into the core of the planet, breathes fire into the water to make it hot, and throws the Spinies in. Brutal. On the ice planet, Larry blasts them with fireballs. On the mole planet, Violet has some trouble.

Violet: Hmm... My axe wonít work... Ha!

She kicks one over and jumps on its belly. They all meet on the Silver Chomp planet.

Bobbery: That wasnít so bad!

Giga Lakitu: What are you all doing?!

Everyone: Giga Lakitu!

Giga Lakitu: Yeah. Itís me.

Rudy: Hey, why are you all the way in World 6 if you mean to takeover Plit!

Giga Lakitu: *sigh* Worst plan ever... Do you really think I care about that planet? Please. I just said all that to lure you guys to come after me. Then I could warp you all to an alternate dimension so youíd be out of the way.

Solid Snake: Out of the way?

Giga Lakitu: Yes, for my masterís plan.

Solid Snake: Your masterís plan?

Giga Lakitu: Stop repeating!

Solid Snake: Repeating?

Giga Lakitu: ... Anyway... My real goal was to ready the world for my master! He promised me a portion of it, provided I do it right. When you were gone, I was gonna come here and release him... Oh, and here he is!

A black, foggy warp pipe rises out of the ground. A hand reaches out. The new monster is... some freaky black thing with red eyes with swirls, and he has a big grin.

Larry: No...

Rudy: Donít tell me...

P.T.: Him?


Boshi: No freaking way! Didnít he die?!

Giga Lakitu: Yeah, and with this wand I was able to bring him back from the Underwhere.

Violet: Howíd he contact you?

Giga Lakitu: We had a chat and struck a deal during a near-death experience I had after I faced Mario in Galaxy 2.

Party: ...


Giga Lakitu: Me? Seriously?

Fawful: YES...

Giga Lakitu: *sigh* Fine...

Fawful turns into a black ball and flies up over the pipe as it disappears. The ball floats out of reach so Fawful can return to normal.

Violet: Larry, now what?!

Larry: We canít let Fawful reform, he could go back to normal or worse! He could still be Dark Fawful and have all that kind of power! But this fat idiot-

Giga Lakitu: Excuse me!

Larry: -is gonna stall us.

Giga Lakitu: More like ďdefeatĒ.

Larry: Whatevers.


???: OHHHHHH!!!

The Karate Duo comes out of nowhere and starts beating up Giga Lakitu.

Giga Lakitu: Ow! Hey! Ow! Whatís going- Ow! - on?!

Duo 1: We will take care of this one.

Duo 2: You had better remember to pay us.

Goomba: Prince Larry, what do we do?


The formless blob starts spitting shadow balls at the party, with some balls circling around the blob itself.

Larry: Itís just like that one attack.

Larry picks up Goomba.

Goomba: Uhhhh-

Captain Falcon: Show your moves!

Larry: Larry PAUNCH!

He punches Goomba toward Fawful. He gets a direct hit, but Goomba goes right through the baddie and lands on the ground.

Goomba: Ow...

Captain Falcon: YESZ!

Rudy: Whose side are you on?!

Boshi: Well, Goomba took a little piece of Fawful with him, Iíd say it worked.

Larry: Hmm... Hey! You! Do that thing you did with Peewee Piranha!

Pyro Guy: *muffled*?

Larry: Yes!

Pyro Guy spits a fireball at Fawful. Itís absorbed.

Larry: ... Now the other guy!

P.T.: Okay.

P.T. starts laying on the ground.

P.T.: Ow. Iím being stomped on. Ow. It hurts. The pain.

Larry: No, the other thing!

P.T. punches Larry into Fawfulís blob form, taking most of it out.

Boshi: Nobodyís heard of just throwing people anymore?!

Giga Lakitu: Master- Ow! - no! Ow! This is too much for me! Ow!

Giga Lakitu shakes the Karate Duo off of him and disappears in a purple puff of smoke.

Duo 1: You will not get away.

The other Zeus Guy plays a Warp Whistle and the two disappear.

Bobbery: Well... That was interesting.

Violet: Larry, are you okay?

Larry: *muffled* Meh.

Goomba: ........

Rudy: Is that guy gonna be all right?

Violet: I hope so, he was helpful.

P.T.: So... did we win?

Boshi: Looks like it! We beat Fawful and Giga Lakitu, it canít get any better for us!

A Grand Star appears.

Boshi: Spoke to soon.

Boshi runs over to get the Grand Star, but-

Captain Falcon: Falcon Kick!

Captain Falcon kicks Boshi out of the way and takes the Grand Star.


Captain Falcon: YESZ!

P.T.: Spotlight hog.

He gets punched.

P.T.: My face!

Lubba: Well I guess heís the real star in the end! Har-har!

Boshi: Not funny.

Violet: Well, weíre out in the farther reaches of the universe, with no way to get back to Plit. Thatís not good. We need to get medical attention for Larry and Goomba.

Goomba: Oh, donít worry about me.

Everyone looks.

Bobbery: Why, youíve recovered! Capital!

Pyro Guy: *muffled*!

Lubba: Hey, uh, were his eyes always so red?

Rudy: No.

Goomba: Heh-heh... Iíll have to thank Larry for that. Now Iíve absorbed some of Dark Fawful! The Beanish in him is no good, but the Dark Starís energy is fine by me!

Rudy: I suppose thatíll be helpful for assisting Larry in ruling and stuff.

Goomba: Oh no, itís not... Imagine a regular Goomba like me being at the reins of the Koopa Klan! Or any superpower on Plit! Why... itís a dream come true!

Lubba: More like a nightmare come true, am I right, guys? Har-har!

Goomba: Silence, Patrick! I only have a third of Dark Fawfulís energy... so I assume his spirit wonít try to possess me.

Violet: You mean...

Goomba: Yep, Iím afraid Larry might soon become The Artist Formerly Known As Larry. Or just Fawful. Whichever. Meanwhile Iíve got a hot date with power!

Goomba disappears in a miniature black hole. Larry wakes up.

Larry: Ow, my head... What happened?

P.T.: Uh, you absorbed most of Fawfulís dark energy and stuff, he may try to possess you.

Larry points at P.T.

Larry: Thatís absurd.

A shadow ball comes from his hand and hits P.T.

P.T.: My face!

Larry: Or not... How do I deal with it?

Bobbery: Well... how do you feel?

Larry: Pretty good. Maybe I should check inside.

Inside Larry... in his soul or whatever...

Larry: ... Hello?

Dark Fawful: I have fury! How could this be happening?

Larry: So... Whatís going on, exactly?

Dark Fawful: Fawful has been absorbed by you! Two thirds of Fawful, actually. Now most of Fawful is taking residence inside the body of you!

Larry: What?! I donít want to be possessed by you!

Dark Fawful: Fawful is not being crazy about this idea either. But Fawful will be having the making of do!

Larry: ... What?

Dark Fawful: The best of this situation will be made! This situation would be the pickles on Fawfulís burger of power! Fawful must be just dealing with it!

Larry: What are you going to do?

Dark Fawful: Fawful will be taking over your body for the ruling of Grass Land, then perhaps the Game Over of King Ludwig and have the becoming of king of Pipe Land and Dark Land!

Larry: Ludwig doesnít rule Pipe Land anymore, he gave that place up. He owns Sky Land now- Díoh! Why did I say that? And how do you know so much if youíve been dead for years?

Dark Fawful: Your memories.

Larry: Blast. I wonít let you get away with this!

Dark Fawful: But Fawful has the controlling of your body from time to time! The first step is to be doing the locating of Midbus, who is Fawfulís bestest pupil!

Larry: Shoot.

In reality...

Pyro Guy: *muffled*?

Larry: Iíve absorbed Fawful and he can now possess me from time to time and now he wants to kill Ludwig so I can be the ruler of Grass Land, Sky Land, and Dark Land. And by I, I mean he.

Larryís eyes turn completely red.

Larry: Aah!

Fawful takes over.

Larry with Fawfulís voice: I HAVE PRESENCE!

P.T.: Presents? For all of us?

Fawful: No. Fawfulís power is having a seeping effect. Once this Koopa who is stupid turns completely dark, Fawful will be having the complete taking over of the body! Now to be finding Midbus!

Fawful/Larry warps away in a black hole.

Everyone: ...

Lubba: Whew. That Goomba guy, this circus act, and the fact that Giga Lakitu isnít finished off, youíve got a lot on your plate!

Violet: Could you... take us back to Plit?

Lubba: Sure.

What will our heroes do about this development? Will they be too late? What will become of Larry and Goomba?

<Ending: Let It Out by Fukuhara Miho>

Chapter 14: The Interlude Blues

The Battle Belt Galaxy, one of the furthest galaxies from Plit. Everyone took part in drawing out Giga Lakitu, but he revealed that he was but a pawn to the true mastermind, Fawful. Larry and Goomba accidentally absorbed some of Dark Fawfulís power and are now off on their own, with their own plans in store to cause chaos. Worst of all, Fawful can possess Larry for periods of time. Will Fawful succeed? Will Larry prevail? What of Giga Lakitu, Goomba, and the party? Find out.

<New Opening: Golden Time Lover, by Sukima Switch>

Victor: What do you mean you want my help?!

???: Hey itís just that youíre a strong person and I need a strong person.

Victor: I donít work for anyone.

???: Not even for a reward?

Victor: Like what?

???: Um... I donít know, I was hoping I wouldnít need to bribe you... Iíve got a Golden Mushroom.

Victor: ... Fine, Iíll do it.

???: All right, weíll head to Rainbow Ride.

Victor: Who are you?

???: Iím Shade the Shy Guy.

Shamaylan: What a tweest!

Tweester: Huh?

At Rainbow Ride...

Victor: Now what?!

A blue Bandit is riding Poochy the dog.

Shade: Fin!

Fin: O hai Shade.

Shade: Letís ignore the fact that weíve got someone named Fin and a dog, avoiding the obvious joke.

Fin: Why did you want to meet me here?

Shade: Because we need something from this big house of Rainbow Ride, and youíre a bandit, so I figured you could take it. Whatís with the dog though?

Fin: I stole him. Or at least I think itís a him. I donít know.

Shade: So will you get the thing for us or not?

Fin: What is it?

Shade: You need to ride the magic carpet all the way to the top of the castle and steal the Power Star while we wait on the flying ship.

Fin: How is that stealing when itís right there? And why me?

Shade: Okay I lied, I just wanted someone to do it for me, and no way Victorís doing it. Youíre the only person I adventured with three years ago who was willing to help.

Fin: What?!

Shade: Well Purpleís game is over, Yux isnít allowed back in this trilogy, I heard that P.T. went into space for something, Rufus said no, Luigiís off sleeping somewhere, E. Gadd is busy, and anyone else I couldnít find.

Fin: Awww, but I dislike work!

Shade: Whatever, just get to it and meet us on the ship.

Fin: Why do you even want the Star?

Shade: Iíll tell you when you get to us inside the ship.

Fin: .... Fine! But take Poochy with you.

Fin hops off of Poochy and onto a magic carpet, and rides off to the big house. He goes through the complicated paths and whatnot until he finally makes it to the top. He grabs the Power Star and heads to the flying ship. Inside...

Fin: Luigiís Engine Room?

Toad: So here are the current standings!

Wario - 2 Stars, 35 Coins (First Place)
Donkey Kong - 0 Stars, 102 Coins (Fourth Place)
Shade - 2 Stars, 9 Coins (Second Place)
Petey Piranha - 1 Star, 87 Coins (Third Place)

Toad: And the winner by vote of most Stars goes toooooo....

Shade: Hey Fin, can I have that Star now?

Fin: Oh sure, here.

He gives the Power Star to Shade.

Shade - 3 Stars, 9 Coins (First Place)

Toad: Shade! Shade is the Party Superstar!



Wario and Donkey Kong leave, sulking.

Shade: Itís not just about playing Mario Party! I made a bet!

Fin: Ooh, gambling. Iím okay with it then.

Shade: I bet Petey here that if I could beat him at Mario Party, he had to join my party like you and Victor. And I guess Poochy.

Fin: But... Why?

Shade: Well, like I said, I canít find a lot of people from the old gang, so I had to get someone strong, and Victor seems-

Fin: No, I mean why do you want a party?

Shade: Weíve got to save the world!

Petey: Yeah, why is that again?

Shade: Itís a long story.

Petey: Iíve got time.

Fin: Me too.

Poochy: Arf!

Victor: Tell us before I regret this.

Shade: *sigh* Okay, fine. Long story short, the Dark Star was never fully destroyed.

Victor: I know that, I worked for it for about a few hours a while back.

Petey: Yeah, then it blew up in the Koopaseum, it was on my Twitter.

Fin pops a streamer thing and blows into a noisemaker thing.

Fin: All right! We joined the herd of sheep and made a Twitter joke! How low will we sink next?

Shade: ANYWAY, even then it wasnít destroyed, because half of its power still existed in the air as particles or something. I mean, did you see the way Fawful blew himself up? One resurrection and his half of the Dark Star Power is back.

Poochy: Arf!

Fin: So?

Shade: Well, wasnít that Giga Lakitu guy-

Victor: Also worked for him for a while.

Shade: Wasnít he going to revive Fawful?

Everyone Else: ... Oh no.

Shade: Exactly! So we have to stop him or something!

A Blooper appears.

Fin: Here comes a new challenger!

Blooper: Bloop. Bloop!

Victor: Speak normally or get out.

Blooper: ... Fine. Hey Shade, I got your Twi-

Fin: A-hem.

Blooper: ... Online update message thingy. You wanted to see me?

Shade: Everyone, this is my pen pal, Blooper. You may recognize him from Mario Party 8 or Mario Super Sluggers.

Petey: He looks like a normal Blooper.

Shade: So letís do this! Me, Victor, Fin, Petey, Poochy, and Blooper are gonna save the world!

Blooper: I didnít agree to that!

Shade: Too bad. I need all the help I can get!

Petey: Do we get a team name? How about, "The Runaway Guys"!

Victor: Never.

Fin: "Team Three Star"!

Victor: Not only are there more than three of us, but NO.

Blooper: How about-

Victor: How about we stop this and just go find the freaking Lakitu already?!

Blooper: But I didnít even get to-

Victor: Or else Iíll help myself to some calamari!

Blooper: ... Youíre a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

Meanwhile in the ocean...

Green: Captain, do you think those guys made it into space all right?

Syrup: Yarr, I donít care! As long as nobody took the booty from Pyramid Park, our next target, Iím dandy!

Grak: When does my contract expire again?

They keep sailing for a while.

Grak: ... No seriously, when?

Voice: ENEMY!

Green: Itís the Shake Schooner!

Syrup: Tartar Sauce!

On the Schooner...


Bandinero: Chortlebot, HOOOOOOO!!!

They catapult the Chortlebot way into the sky.

Bandinero: ...


Bandinero: It wasnít my fault!

On Rainbow Ride...

Shade: It sure is nice up here.

Fin/Blooper: Yep.

Victor: Whatever.

Petey: Zzzz....

Poochy: Arf!

Chortlebot flies up into the air and lands on the deck of ďtheirĒ ship.

Everyone: ....

Chortlebot: Chortlebot online... Preparing to take you offline. HEE. HEE. HEE.

Shade: Uhhh... What?

Victor pulls out his sword and tries to ram Chortlebot, but the machine bops him with a spiky nose, knocking him out.

Petey: Aw crud. Victor carries this team, and the robot one-shots him!

Blooper: ... This is our first battle, how would you know if heís the strongest?!

Petey: Well no way I can beat a sword, Fin is a klutz, Poochy doesnít do anything, Shade is tiny, and you? ... Yeeeeah....

Blooper: Nice. Real nice.

Fin: I am NOT a kl-

He falls on his face.

Fin: Aw man...

Shade: Uhh... Poochy, use Tackle Attack!

Poochy is busy licking Fin.

Shade: ...

He pulls out a ball and throws it past Chortlebot. Poochy runs after it, ramming into Chortlebot.

Chortlebot: OW.

Petey: BLARF!

Chortlebot: I am covered in goo!

Shade: And who says Poochy Ainít Stupid?

Petey: Worst joke in this chapter. By far.

Chortlebot starts firing a bunch of spiky noses at the party.


They all duck for cover, but Blooper floats up and torpedoes into him.

Blooper: Iím a torpedo!


Torpedo Ted: I sense a disturbance.


Blooper hits the top of Chortlebotís hat, causing the weak point on top to be revealed. Blooper hits it again.

Chortlebot: PAIN!

Blooper: Not so useless now, huh Petey?!

Victor: DIE!

Victor has gotten up, grabbed his sword, ran, and jabbed his blade through the entirety of Chortlebot.

Victor: No one, and I mean no one defeats me and lives!

Fin: Except P.T.

Victor: Oh, Iíll take care of him, donít worry.

Shade: I wonder if weíll randomly run into him and have him join the party. He has a thing for being in the right place for that for some reason.

On the high seas...

Bandinero: I donít think heís coming back down.


Goomba appears out of nowhere. Heís just as dark-powered as before, but now heís dressed as he was in Mario Party 4.

Shake King: WHO ARE YOU?

Goomba: I can give you guys all the power you want if you just take care of some people for me.


Goomba: ...


What will happen with Shade and his new party? What will happen with the Sugar Pirates? What will happen with Goomba and the Shake King? Not to mention, what happened with Larry, Fawful, and all the others? Find out next time!

<New Ending: Tsunaida Te, by LilíB>

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