Mario Claus

By Iggy Koopa

December 25, 2010

‘Twas the week before Christmas,
And all through the shop,
There was no movement,
Not even a hop.

The elves had disappeared,
With Santa and his sleigh
And Mrs. Claus worried
Every single day.

Christmas was coming!
What could she do?
There were no elf hats,
Not yellow or blue!

What she needed
Was a hero, you know.
A plumber, a Mushroom
And a dino.

And she knew right where to find them.

Mario is taking a walk when suddenly a flying sleigh lands behind him.

Mario: Yikes!

He spins around and sees Mrs. Claus in Santa’s sleigh with one reindeer.

Mrs. Claus: Hello, Mario.

Mario: M-M-Mrs. Claus?!

Mrs. Claus: Yes.

Mario faints. He wakes up in his house with Mrs. Claus, Yoshi and Toad standing over him.

Yoshi: Yoshi need inform Mario. Mario see, Santa and elves disappear. Mrs. Claus need Mario, Yoshi, and Toad help to save Christmas.

Mario: So, you’re saying that you need a new Santa, new reindeer, and new elves?

Mrs. Claus nods.

Mario: Ok, let’s get to the North Pole!

Mario, Mrs. Claus, Yoshi, and as many Toads as can fit get onto the sleigh and 7 Yoshis help the single reindeer fly them back to the North Pole. They soon arrive.

Mario: Toads, get to work on the toys. Yoshis, I’m sure Mrs. Claus has some fruit for you. I’ll put on a fake beard, dye my hair white, and get a Santa suit.

Mrs. Claus: Good, Mario. Come along, Yoshis.

Meanwhile, at Bowser’s Castle, Bowser is up to some mischief.

Bowser: Bwahahaha! Koopalings! Bring my prisoners to me!

The seven Koopalings drag in a large cage full of elves, reindeer, and Santa.

Bowser: So, YOU’RE Santa, eh?

Santa: Release me and my team, vile Koopa!

Bowser: Wendy! Sock, please!

Wendy stuffs the sock she usually uses on Morton into Santa’s mouth.


Elves: Y-y-y-y-yes sir!

Ludwig: King Dad, I see on the scanner I stole from Santa that Mario and his gang are replacing Santa!

Bowser: WHAT?! We can’t let them bring toys to the boys and girls! There will be too much joy! Lemmy! Get to the North Pole on one of the reindeer and stop Mario!

Lemmy: Yes, sir, King Dad!

Lemmy grabs onto a reindeer and flies away.

Koopa: Sir, one of the reindeer is missing. I think he’s still at the North Pole.

Bowser: Grah! Oh well. Let Mario keep him. I don’t need all eight anyway!

Back with Mario, they are almost finished and it is the day before Christmas Eve.

Mario: Toad, you done with those toys?

Toad: There are 1,000 toys left, Mario!

Mario: Good! Mrs. Claus, are the Yoshis ready to fly?

Mrs. Claus: Yes, Mario.

Yoshis: We ready! We ready!

Mario: Good!

The next morning…

Mario: Uh oh! Lemmy Koopa’s riding in on a reindeer! Yoshis! Get hooked up to the sleigh! I need to get Lemmy…

He stuffs his toy bag full of Bob-ombs.

Mario: Let’s go!

He jumps onto the sleigh and begins flying towards Lemmy.

Lemmy: Hey, Mario! Think you can beat me with my balls and my Freeze Gun?! Haha!

He throws a ball towards Mario, but Mario dodges. Mario quickly grabs onto a Bob-omb and hurls it towards Lemmy.

Lemmy: Yowch! Hey! That’s not fair! Take this!

He shoots a freeze beam at Mario, but Mario once again dodges. Mario hurls another Bob-omb.

Lemmy: Owwww!!! Cheater!

He hurls one more ball, which hits Mario. Mario is about to fall off the sleigh but he grabs on to the side of the sleigh.

Lemmy: Hahahahahaha!

Mario: Grah!

He pulls a Fire Flower from his pocket and eats it. He then throws a fireball at Lemmy.


He jumps off of the reindeer and lands in the snow, unconscious. The reindeer is about to come to Mario, but it gets zapped by its collar and flies back to Bowser.

Mario: Phooey. Oh well. Gotta get back to work.

He flies back to Santa’s Workshop.

With Bowser…

Bowser: Grah! Lemmy failed me… WENDY!

Wendy runs in.

Bowser: I need you to attack Mario and stop him in Greenland.

Wendy: Yessir, King Dad!

She gets on a reindeer and rides to Greenland.

Bowser: Roy!

Roy runs in.

Bowser: I need you to stop Mario in China, in case Wendy doesn’t defeat him.

Roy: All right, Dad!

He gets on a reindeer and rides to China.

Bowser: Iggy!

Iggy runs in.

Bowser: You go to the USA.

Iggy: Got it, Pops!

He gets on a reindeer and rides to the USA.

Bowser: Morton!

Morton comes.

Bowser: You get the Sahara.

Morton: Aye aye, Dad, Pops, Father, Man of the house!

He gets on a reindeer and rides to the Sahara.

Bowser: Larry!

Larry dashes up.

Bowser: You get Australia.

Larry: Ok, Dad!

He gets on a reindeer and rides to Australia.

Bowser: Ludwig!

Ludwig comes in.

Bowser: Go to Russia. If everyone else fails, you must be waiting. I know that at least you can do it, Son.

Ludwig: Thanks, Dad.

He gets on the last reindeer and rides to Russia.

Bowser: I wonder what I should do if Ludwig does fail… Hm…

Meanwhile, it’s 11:50! Mario and his gang are getting ready to takeoff.

Mario: Yoshis, ya ready?

Yoshis: We ready! We ready!

Mario: Toads, are the toys loaded?

Toads: Yes, Mario!

Mario: Mrs. Claus, is the sleigh ready?

Mrs. Claus: Yes, it is!

Mario: All right! One minute ‘til takeoff! Hurry, guys!

The Yoshis quickly tie themselves to the sleigh as Mario climbs into it.

Mario: 3… 2… 1…

The clock strikes midnight and they takeoff. They fly to Greenland, where Wendy is waiting.

Wendy: Haha! Mario! You have come, as expected! Take this!

She tosses a big blob of water at Mario, but one of the Yoshis eat it.

Wendy: Wah?! Gr…How about THIS?!

She throws a large Cheep Cheep at Mario. Mario grabs a Bob-omb he was keeping just in case and throws it at Wendy.

Wendy: Ow! Grrrrrrrr… TAKE THIS!

She throws a large water bomb (from SM64) at Mario. Mario, however, dodges.

Wendy: Gr!!!

Mario throws another Bob-omb.

Wendy: Ow! Take this, then!

She catapults a few water balloons and bombs at Mario. Mario’s hit by a couple balloons but survives, as he dodges the bombs. Mario then throws one more Bob-omb and it hits Wendy.

She tumbles off and the reindeer is zapped and flies back to Bowser.

Mario: Two Koopalings down, 5 to go…

Yoshi: Mario, Yoshi worry. Yoshi think other Koopaling have better attack!

Mario: Maybe. But we can take them.

Mario arrives in China to find Roy.

Roy: Haha! I’ll get you instead, Mario! Haha!

He tosses a metal ball towards Mario.

Mario: Yikes!

Mario quickly ducks. The metal ball flies close by him.

Mario: Phew…

Roy: Haha! Take this! Haha!

He releases a Chain Chomp that begins chomping in midair as it heads towards Mario!

Mario: Bob-omb!

He tosses a Bob-omb at the Chain Chomp. It pulls the Chain Chomp into Roy and then explodes.

Roy: UH!

He falls off the reindeer, which flies back to Bowser.

Mario: His attacks were strong, but his health was cheap.

Yoshi: Yoshi agree.

They fly to the USA to find Iggy.

Iggy: You may have defeated my siblings, but you’ll never defeat me!

He tosses a Bob-omb at Mario.

Mario: Yikes! Hey, that’s my attack!

Iggy: Exactly! HAHAHAHAHA!

While Iggy is laughing, Mario hurls a Bob-omb into his mouth.


Yoshi: Mario! That Iggy weak point!

Mario: You’re right, Yoshi!

Iggy throws another Bob-omb, which Mario dodges.

Iggy: Grrrrr…

He throws a giant Koopa shell at Mario and Mario lets it hit him.)


Mario throws a bomb into Iggy’s mouth.

Iggy: Hey!

He throws an explosive giant shell at Mario. Mario allows himself to be caught by the edge of the explosion.

Iggy: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Mario throws the last bomb required.

Iggy: NO!!!

He tumbles down below as the reindeer flies back to Bowser.

Mario: There goes a fourth!

They fly to the Sahara, where Morton is.

Mario: Uh oh!

Morton: Prepare to be defeated, murdered, mauled, knocked unconscious, killed by Morton Koopa- MMPH!

Mario has thrown a sock into Morton’s mouth. Morton begins struggling and tumbles into the sand below.

Mario: O_O That was easy.

The reindeer flies back to Bowser.

Mario: Two more Koopalings… All right!

They fly to Australia to find Larry.

Larry: So, Mario, you defeated my siblings, eh? You’ll never get me! Watch this!

He drinks a potion and turns invisible. The reindeer and Larry’s wand do, too.

Larry: So now what will you do? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Mario: Oh boy! Now what?!

Larry begins firing magical beams at Mario. But they aren’t invisible.

Mario: Aha! I’ll use his beams as a guide.

He tosses Bob-ombs in the direction of Larry’s beams, and hits Larry.

Larry: Owwwww!!!

He tumbles off and lands down below. The reindeer flies off.

Mario: Now to find Ludwig…

They go to Russia, where Ludwig is.

Ludwig: So you did defeat the others? I can stop you here. Haha!

Ludwig can do everything the other Koopalings do, as well as breathe fire. He breathes some fire at Mario and Mario tosses a Bob-omb.

Ludwig: Ow! Take this, Mario!

He throws a Bob-omb at Mario, but Mario throws one back. Both hit each other.

Both: OUCH!

Mario throws one last bomb at Ludwig, and it hits.


Ludwig tumbles down and the reindeer flies back.

Mario: Only one stop left.

Yoshi: Where?

Mario: The Mushroom Kingdom.

Yoshi: Yoshi no thinky this good!

Back with Bowser…

Bowser: GAH! Mario defeated all of my children!

He sees Santa’s sleigh and the 7 reindeer.

Bowser: Hm… Maybe I could use those and defeat Mario myself while he’s here… BWAHAHA!!!

He flies over the Mushroom Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Mario is arriving at the kingdom.

Mario: Here we are. the Mushroom Kingdom.

Yoshi: Mario! Look out! Bowser!

Bowser swoops in and almost hits Mario.

Mario: Watch out!

Bowser: BWAHAHA!

Bowser is about to toast Mario when Mario passes him a present.

Bowser: F-f-for me?

Mario nods and Bowser rips it open.

Bowser: Shell polisher! I just ran out! How did you know, Mario?

Mario: Santa knows everything.

Mario salutes Bowser and flies off to make his last deliveries.

In the end, Mario finished his trip, Santa and the elves were returned, and Bowser learned that joy is good sometimes.

The End!

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