Metroid Mario

By Gloomtail08

Mario awakes to mostly silence, although he can hear thunder in the distance.
Mario: Figures I’d wake up to just in time for another storm.
He looks around the cave, not seeing much more than what he saw the night before, except with the addition of one spiky creature clinging to the ceiling.
Mario: Hmmm…
He tries throwing a fireball; the creature flashes white, presumably indicating damage.
Mario: Gotcha!
He throws another fireball; a small explosion engulfs the creature, leaving behind a small purple sphere. Mario’s Plumber’s Log falls out of his pocket.
Mario: Oops!
He picks it up, seeing a picture of the sphere.
Mario: Huh?
Name: Small Energy
Desc: Purple sphere of energy that restores 20 HP.
Mario: Wha?
He touches the Small Energy, and it dissipates, leaving Mario felling refreshed.
Mario: Ahh… That felt good…
He exits the cave, and starts towards the Temple…
With Luigi…
Luigi hops up a floating stairway and sees a small drop. He jumps down and arrives at the source of the glowing, seeing a red and blue sphere. There is writing on it.
Luigi: “Morphing Ball”. Hmm… I wonder what it does.
He touches it and feels power surge through his body as the sphere dissipates.
Luigi: What?
He turns around and finds that he can no longer reach the top of the stairs, his only way out a small hole under the stairs, just one meter in diameter.
Luigi: Hmm…

He remembers seeing something else written on the ball.

Luigi: Hmm… What did that say? Mario? No… Ah! Maru Mari!
Green energy surrounds him as he turns into a ball.
Luigi (as a ball): Hey! What happened? Oh, I get it… Maru Mari is a keyword to activate the power of the Morphing Ball…
He rolls through the hole, finding that he fits perfectly.
Luigi: Cool! Oh, wait, Maru Mari!
He reverts to his human form and stretches.
Luigi: Ahh, that feels good!
Luigi continues down the passage into darkness…
With Peach…
Peach has been walking along for what seems like hours. She is getting tired, and her high heels don’t make matters any better. She walks ahead a little more, then a hole opens up under her and she falls. When she looked around her there os nothing but blackness, until…
Peach: OOF!
She hits the ground with a thud. She looks around and sees a tunnel that continues deep into the blackness. She follows the tunnel, seeing a strange, bird-shaped statue holding a ball. She pokes the ball and it splits open, revealing some boots with wings on the heels.
Peach: Aha! Just what I needed to replace these old high heels.
She slips the boots on, and they glow. Peach feels extreme power flowing into her feet, and she shoots into the air, going higher than she had ever jumped before. Peach heads back to where she fell and jumps back up the shaft, moving on into the darkness.

A small, eye-shaped camera witnessed the entire thing…
Meanwhile with Bowser…
Bowser has been watching Peach through the camera. He now knows that Mario, Luigi, Peach, and himself are stranded on the planet. He also knows that the planet’s name is Zebes, and he is in a place called Tourian, a mechanical fortress submerged deep within the planet. Peach is in Norfair, a fiery cavern near the planet’s core; Luigi is in Brinstar, home of 60% of the planet’s wildlife; and Mario is in Crateria, the surface of the planet, constantly bombarded by acid rains.

Bowser has near limitless resources at his hands, and willing troops, called Space Pirates, to follow his every command. Already he has begun research on some odd creatures that could sap the life right out of their foes. What he doesn’t know is the danger that these creatures pose to his own team…
Mario has conducted some exploration, and finds himself in a crumbling courtyard area of the temple. He begins to try to cross the courtyard, when the entire thing crumbles under his weight. He plummets to the bottom, where he finds a totem. It is too short for him to climb, though, so he looks at a wall. After some exploration he finds a secret passage to a room with a large statue holding a glowing orb. Mario touches it and his gloves glow green and pads appear on them. He finds this allows him to cling to ledges better. He returns to the previous room, finding that the totem has risen out of the ground.
Mario: Yes! Now I can climb that thing!
He makes some tedious leaps from platform to platform on the totem, glad that his gloves can grip onto the ledges…

To Be Continued...

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