Mario and Luigi: Quest for the Scepter

By SuperLuigi46

Chapter 2: Bad News

The hospital was very quiet... except for some yelling, running, crying; you know the drill. Mario was sitting in the waiting room, um, waiting, as Prof. E. Gadd walked in.

E. Gadd: Mario, I need you.

Mario gloomily got up and walked to E. Gadd.

Mario: Yes?

E. Gad walked into a quiet room, Mario following.

E. Gadd: Mario, I have bad news.

Mario: I know, I know. It was going to happen sooner or later, though, right?

E. Gadd: What do you mean? I was going to say she was in a coma.

Mario: Oh, OH! Sorry, I- I thought you were going to say she died.

E. Gadd: Oh no, no! Far from it, but she is going to be out for a while.

Mario: Why?

E. Gadd: You see, Fawful's "Brain Nummer" is actually a rare disease called "Knock-Out". Itís a powerful virus that, like Fawful said, disconnects most of the brain signals, making you nearly brain dead.

Mario: Is it contagious?

E. Gadd: Luckily no. You see, the only way to get "Knock-Out" is to touch the "Poison Branch".

Mario: Hmm, nice names.

E. Gadd: Sorry about them. Anyway, it died out when the leaf was discovered, and there is now no Poison outside containment anymore.

Mario: Good. Now I have to ask, is there a cure?

E. Gadd: Well there's only ONE cure. And that's to wait until the disease wears off.

Mario: Oh, that's good. So, um how long does it take?

E. Gadd: Uh, about maybe (very quietly) 6 or 7 years-

Mario: WHAT?!

E. Gadd: Well, it takes time for the-

Mario: Iíve got kids, dude! They ARE going to notice that she's gone!

E. Gadd: I'm sorry, Mario, but that's all weíve got.

E. Gadd left the room and Mario followed. E. Gadd turned to him.

E. Gadd: I'm sorry, Mario, I am. But we have tried and tried to find another cure, and have found nothing!

Just then Luigi burst in with a book.

Luigi: I FOUND A CURE!!!

E. Gadd: Until today!

Chapter 3: Oh look, thereís a cure!

Luigi nearly fell as Mario caught him.

Luigi: I-I-I found a cure!

Mario: Ok ok ok! Just tell us the cure!

Later, in the quiet room againÖ

Luigi: Ok, I learned about the golden scepter!

Mario: The what?

Luigi: Itís a scepter that will cure every single disease in the universe!

Mario and E. Gadd just stood there.

E. Gadd: Wow. And itís a wonder how no one knew this.

Luigi: Well the book was hidden in a hole in the local library. I had to smash it open with a hammer-

Mario: Where'd you get the hammer?

Luigi: Um-

Mario: Did you get MY hammer?

Luigi: Well-


E. Gadd: QUIET! Anyway, where is it located?

Luigi: In the Beanbean Kingdom.

Mario: Beanbean? Talk about Deja Vu.

E. Gadd: Well, there's one more thing Iíve gotta ask. How did Fawful give her the poison? Thereís no known source anymore.

Mario: I don't know. WAIT! I DID remember Fawful taking an oddly shaped chocolate.

E. Gadd: Of course! He must've injected it in the chocolate! But, how did he get the poison in the first place?

Mario: Hey, remember that laboratory break-in a couple months ago?

E. Gadd: Of course again! Everything was so carefully calculated we didn't even know it was gone. Though that also would explain why we got the leaf back a couple days later.

Luigi: You said it was gillyweed.

E. Gadd: Please, that's not even a real plant!

Mario: Ok, ok, let's get ready, Luigi.

Luigi: Wait, whoa, whoa, WHOA! Who said I was going?

Mario: Well you gave me the info, making me assume you wanted to go.

Luigi: Yeah uh, Iíve got something to do-

Mario: Youíre coming with me.

Luigi: COME ON!

E. Gadd: Uh, you mean US!

Mario: Come on, you have a job to do here, man. Besides, we can do it ourselves.

E. Gadd: Ok, well you should say goodbye to your kids, Mario. And Luigi, you should do the same-

Luigi: Ok, you keep mentioning US when you should be mentioning HIM! *points as Mario* HE'S going! NOT ME!

Mario: Pleeeeeease?

Luigi: Ok, I'll go!

Mario: (whispering to Gadd) He's easy to persuade. (normally) Ok, well, we should get going. In the meantime, Professor, tell the world to stop eating chocolate and tell the chocolate factories to stop production until this thing is resolved, ok?

E. Gadd: O-

Just then a doctor came in.

Doctor: Professor, we have a problem!

E. Gadd: What?

Doctor: We just got 3 patients in the room with an unknown disease!

E. Gadd: (half-heartedly) Oh? What are the symptoms?

Doctor: Just lots of groans and no other movement!

The hearts of Mario, Luigi, and E. Gadd sank miserably.

Mario: Oh boy.

Chapter 4: More Bad News

Mario: This is great!

E. Gadd: When did they come down with the disease?

Doctor: Today, why?

E. Gadd, Mario, and Luigi looked at each other. E. Gadd then faced the doctor.

E. Gadd: Put them each in a chamber that includes oxygen.

Mario looked at E. Gadd.

Mario: Isn't that a bit harsh?

E. Gadd: Well that's how we always did it with the victims.

Mario: But then- So you put my wife You-

E. Gadd: Not now, Mario! Anyway, you, *points at the doctor* go to the patients and check on them if you can! I've gotta run an errand.

Doctor: Ok.

The doctor ran to the left side of the hospital.

E. Gadd: I love yes men.

E. Gadd then turned to Mario and Luigi.

E. Gadd: Ok, guys, you know what to do.

E. Gadd then left the quiet room as Mario and Luigi left the room as well. A few seconds later they were out of the hospital.

Mario: Ok, let's get a ride.

Luigi: But how? All we've got is 15 coins, that can't even pay for a cab!

Mario: *sigh* I'm going to do something, Luigi. Something I'll regret.


Bowser: YES! I WIN!

Chapter 5: Even WORSE News!

Bowser: YES! I WIN! I told you I'd get 21! BWAH HA HA!

Bowser collected his Blackjack money and turned to face Mario and Luigi.

Bowser: So let me get this straight, you wanna borrow my cruiser to get to the Beanbean Kingdom again?

Mario gulped.

Mario: Yes.

Bowser: And uh, *bends down toward Mario's face* what's  in it for me?

Mario breathed heavilyÖ

Mario: Peach.

Bowser's jaw almost fell to the floor.

Bowser: Youíre kidding.

Mario: No I'm not.

Bowser: Y-y-y-y-you-youíre serious?!

Mario: Yep.

Bowser then looked at the nearby Koopa Troopas, whose jaws were also wide open. Bowser turned to face Mario.

Bowser: And uh, how long can I have her?

Mario: *sigh* 3 months.

Bowser: Th-th-th-th-THREE?!

Bowser turned around and began to do a little dance!

Bowser: YES! YES!

Bowser then quickly turned back around and gave Mario the keys. Then he resumed dancing.


Bowser then stopped, turned around, and swiped back the keys from Mario with a look of pure suspicion.

Bowser: What's the catch?!

Mario: Catch?

Bowser: Yeah, catch! There's no way you'd actually let me have the princess without a fight, and even if there WAS a fight you still wouldn't let me have her! What's up?!

Mario: Well uh, she has Knock-out-

Bowser: Well then no!

Mario: It's just a little disease-

Bowser: That, let me guess, makes you brain dead except that youíre conscious, right?

Mario: Darn! Well, why not?

Bowser: Because your end of the deal is useless! What can I do with the princess if all she can do is groan? That's just annoying! But, since I'm so great, I'll make a compromise. The reason you need a mode of transportation is because youíre obviously looking for a cure! So hereís the deal, I won't let you give her to me now, but when you find the cure, give it to her and THEN I'll have her!

Mario: NO! She has a life, you know! Don't even think for a second that she wants to spend it with you!

Bowser: Well then I guess we don't have a deal! LEAVE!

Mario and Luigi left the room as Bowser went back to his game.

Luigi: I can't believe that you would even THINK of trading her over-

Mario: I wasn't, I was just stalling him until I got these.

Mario showed Luigi the spare keys.

Luigi: But-

Mario: Yep, you didn't really think I'd hand Peach over, did you?

Luigi: Well no, but where'd you get them?

Mario: When Bowser bent over to face me, the keys dropped. I then picked them up when he did that weird dance.

Luigi: Oh. Wait, was that your ENTIRE plan?!

Mario: No, but the original plan was more complex, this one was easier.

Luigi: Oh.

Mario then sneaked down a long hallway as Luigi followed. After 4 minutes, the Bros. finally found the Cruiser. It had been neatly repaired with some upgraded touches. Mario went to the anchor that was strapped to a pillar and climbed up it.

Mario: Ah, just like the old days.

Luigi followed Mario onboard. They then went to the front of the main deck, where the steering wheel was. Mario put the key in the ignition and the cruiser roared to life.

Mario: Yes, it works like a charm!

Luigi: Yeah.

Luigi sat down on the deck, then looked at the lookout claw.

Luigi: "Sweet" memories.

Mario: Ah come on, Luigi, don't act like that. We're outta here! Nothing can possibly go-

Just then the doors burst open as Bowser and some Koopas came out.

Bowser: There they are!

Luigi looked at the entrance, then at Mario.

Luigi: Oh, I'm sorry, but by chance were you going to say "WRONG"?

Mario: Uh, at least it can't get wor-

Just then a grinding noise was heard. Mario looked down to see the anchor, which was still wrapped around a pillar.

To Be Continued...

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