Iggy’s Grand Adventure

By Iggy Koopa

Last time…

Iggy is lying on the ground. There’s nothing his partners can do… What will happen?


Iggy wakes up strapped to a machine. In front of him, he sees…

Iggy: No!

???: Yes, Iggy. It’s me.

Who is this?

Iggy: It’s…it’s…

???: Wario.

Iggy: So you’re the villain!

Wario: Of course I am! I’m surprised you didn’t put the clues together!

Iggy: What do you want with Lemmy?!

Wario: I want to be rich on Lemmy’s Land, of course! I’ll be famous!

Doopliss: The story’s simple, Slick…


Doopliss (present time): You see, I thought of this really awesome plan, Slick. But I needed help. I found Wario and thought he would be perfect. See, I wanted to kidnap Lemmy. Wario told me that if I wanted Lemmy, he got the Koopaling Votes. So I agreed. We sent Tatanga to kidnap Wendy as a distraction…

Tatanga (flashback): You want me to kidnap Wendy? … Fine. I know just who to call…

Tatanga goes and finds Susan.

Tatanga: I need your help. Take Wendy to the Forest of Illusion.

Susan: Why?

Tatanga: Oh, no reason.

Doopliss (present time): Susan got Wart to sneak into Koopa Kastle, while she and Wendy were in the Forest. When Susan saw Wendy get kidnapped, she realized what she had done and searched for you and your siblings, but got lost. Anyway, we didn’t expect Lemmy to go rescue Wendy. So instead of kidnapping him then and there, we sent our troops, the Shroobs, to hide in Ice Land to get him when he was back. Tatanga was killed, so Wario had me copy him.

Iggy (present time): So we never saw Tatanga during this?

Doopliss (present time): Nope. That was me. Anyway, when Lemmy got back, the Shroobs froze him and brought him here. Then your brother arrived…

Morton (flashback): Hey! Let go of me, release me, stop holding me or I’ll scream, yell very loudly, make a really loud sound!

Doopliss (flashback): Quiet, Slick.

Morton: How insulting! I can’t believe you would tell me, a Kooptacular Koopa with interesting things to say, to be quiet! Hmph!

Doopliss: I said, quiet!

Doopliss (present time): Well, that’s really all you have to know.


Iggy: …So, where’s Lemmy?

Doopliss: Well, Slick, he’s-


Doopliss: Sorry!


BJ: Hey, let me go!

Peanut: Release BAM us!

Waluigi: Quiet, or I’ll toss ya in the Lava Pits!

Waluigi flings Iggy’s partners in the same cell Lemmy is in.

Duple: Ow!

Lemmy: Who are you?

BJ: These are a few of our friends. They helped Iggy and I try to save you.

Kamek: Hey, I joined before you did!

Bow: Just be quiet, you two.

Morton: At least I wasn’t told to be quiet this time…

Bow: You too.

Morton: How insulting! I can’t believe you would tell me, a Kooptacular Koopa with interesting things to say, to be quiet! Hmph!

Twink: We’ve learned to ignore him.

Luigi: So how do we get out?

Lemmy: Follow me.

Lemmy, Twink, and Morton lead Iggy’s partners to TEC-2’s room.

Lemmy: T-2, we need help.


Lemmy: We need to get out of here to find Iggy.


TEC-2 begins fiddling around, and soon they notice that the next door is unlocked.

Lemmy: Thanks, T-2. You’re the best.

Lemmy and Iggy’s partners begin to leave. Morton and Twink follow.

Lemmy: No, you two stay with T-2.

Twink: Got it, Lemmy.

Lemmy and Iggy’s partners leave.

Meanwhile, back with Iggy, Wario, and Doopliss…

Waluigi comes in.

Waluigi: I got rid of his partners, Bro..

Wario: Good. Now…let’s take care of him.

Doopliss snickers and activates the machine. Iggy screams in pain. Then, Lemmy and Co. run in.

Lemmy: Let go of my brother!

Lemmy kicks Doopliss over and turns off the machine. He then releases Iggy.

Iggy: All right, you ready?

Lemmy: Sure am.

Duple: Wait, I want my revenge on Doopliss. Let me battle him.

Lemmy: All right, I’ll take Waluigi.

Iggy: That leaves me with Wario.


Duple: 10/10 HP, 25/25 FP, 7/7 MP
Doopliss: 10/10 HP

Doopliss: You will perish, Slick!

Attack Type: Magic
Attack: Supernova
Target: All
Effect: 10 Damage to Doopliss! Doopliss died! Duple lost 6.5 MP!


Doopliss: Ungh…

Purple smoke appears, and all that’s left of Doopliss is a sheet.

Duple: Too easy.


Lemmy: 25/25 HP, 25/25 FP, 7/7 MP
Waluigi: 30/30 HP

Waluigi: Hey shrimp! Want summa this?

Attack Type: Magic
Attack: Supernova
Target: All
Effect: 10 Damage to Waluigi! Lemmy lost 6.5 MP!

Attack: Poison Bite
Target: Lemmy
Effect: 3 Damage to Lemmy!

Lemmy: 22/25 HP, 25/25 FP, 1/7 MP
Waluigi: 20/30 HP

Attack Type: Wand
Attack: Wand Blast
Target: Waluigi
Effect: 5 Damage to Waluigi!

Attack: Eggplant Toss
Target: Lemmy
Effect: 5 Damage to Lemmy!

Lemmy: 17/25 HP, 25/25 FP, 2.1/7 MP
Waluigi: 15/30 HP

Attack Type: Ball Spin
Attack: Tornado Ball
Target: All
Effect: 10 Damage to Waluigi! Lemmy lost 15 FP!

Attack: Bite
Target: Lemmy
Effect: 1 Damage to Lemmy!

Lemmy: 16/25 HP, 10/25 FP, 2.7/7 MP
Waluigi: 5/30 HP

Lemmy: I’m taking you down, Waluigi!

Waluigi: Nno…

Attack Type: Jump
Attack: Jump
Target: Waluigi
Effect: 5 Damage to Waluigi! Waluigi died!



Purple smoke appears and Waluigi turns into an eggplant.

Lemmy: Huh?

Wario: Uh… I actually stole Kamek’s wand long ago and made Waluigi out of an eggplant because I was lonely.

Kamek: So that’s where that went!

Iggy: Wario…you’re going down.

Iggy pounces on Wario, but Wario catches him and flings him out the window.


Iggy tumbles towards the ground. He’s fallen unconscious, so he can’t catch himself. What will he do?! Suddenly, a blur swings through on a vine.

Lemmy: Huh?! Who’s that?

Lizzy jumps through the window, holding Iggy.

Lemmy: Lizzy!

Lizzy: In the flesh and at your service!

Lemmy: What are you doing here?

Lizzy: I was swinging on that vine and saw Iggy falling, so I caught him.

Iggy wakes up and attacks Wario. The battle makes its way into the lava room. Wario notices this and grabs Iggy, then holds him over the lava.

Wario: Prepare to die, Iggy!

Iggy: No!!!

Wario begins to drop Iggy, but then…

Lizzy and Lemmy: SUPER KOOPA SLAM!

Lizzy and Lemmy cartwheel into Wario and quickly grab Iggy as Wario tumbles.

Lemmy: So… are we done?

Lizzy: I guess so.

Iggy: Wario’s dead… Waluigi’s dead… Tatanga’s dead… Doopliss’ dead…

???: But I’m not!

Iggy: No way!

Lord Crump jumps through the window.

Crump: Thanks for getting Wario outta the way! Now I can takeover!

Lemmy: I thought you were Space Police!

Crump: You fell for that? Ha! We sent Doopliss to get Wario to help us in our plan!

Iggy: What is your plan?

Crump: Uh… You know, I’m not sure yet. Could I have awhile?

Iggy: Maybe.

Suddenly Kamek zaps Crump with his wand. Crump hops forwards in pain and falls into the lava, burning up.

Lemmy: Now we’re done.

Everyone goes home and lives happily ever after!

Suddenly a burnt hand appears on the edge of the lava pit. It’s black, so you can’t tell who it belongs to. MWAHAHA!

The end!
Or is it?

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