Iggy’s Grand Adventure

By Iggy Koopa

PROLOGUE: The Kidnap

It was a sunny day in Giant Land. Iggy had once again taken it over. However, he did not care about the sunnyness or the fact that he ruled the land. He had heard that there was something wrong in Ice Land. Since Lemmy was his twin, Iggy decided to see what was going on.

Iggy: I think I’m going to see what’s going on.

I just said that.

Iggy: Boo you!

Iggy dashed off to Ice Land, to see Bowser and Clawdia sobbing.

Iggy: Um… What happened?

Bowser: *sob* Lemmy was…

Clawdia: *sob* …kidnapped!

Lemmy and Iggy: Hey! That’s our gig!

Lemmy, you should be in the lair of the bad guy.

Lemmy: Oops!

Lemmy dashes away.

Iggy: So you’re saying I need to rescue him?

Bowser: Probably.

Clawdia: Basically.

Both: Yup.

Iggy: All right. Bye!

Kamek: Wait! Let me come with you.

Iggy: Why?

Kamek: Cuz this is the first time I’ve appeared in something Iggy Koopa wrote.

Iggy: Makes sense. All right.

KAMEK JOINED! In battle, Kamek can use Wand and Clone!

Iggy: C’mon!

Iggy and Kamek are about to leave, but they realize something.

Iggy: Hey! Where are we supposed to go?!

Bowser: Oh yeah. The villain left a letter.

Dear Koopalings,
I have kidnapped your brother, as you have seen. To get him, you must use the 7 Magijewels. Since I’m feeling nice, I’ll tell you where the first one is. Go look in Magic Town.
Your enemy.

Iggy: All right, we’re ready!

They leave.

CHAPTER 1: Mysteries in Magic Town

Iggy and Kamek jump out of the pipe to Magic Town from Ice Land, and see that the town has is in twilit.

Kamek: What happened here?

Iggy: Why do you care?

Kamek: I was born here.

Iggy: Oh.

Kamek goes over to the mayor, who is 500,000 years old. Kamek is 50,000 years old.

Kamek: Mayor, what’s wrong with the town?

The mayor has his back to Kamek and is wearing a hood. He turns around and is seen to be a horribly ugly monster! Kamek screams like a little girl.


Iggy: 10/10 HP, 5/5 FP
Kamek: 10/10 HP
The Mayor: 15/15 HP

Attack Type: Jump
Attack: Jump
Target: The Mayor
Effect: 3 Damage to The Mayor!

Attack Type: Regular
Attack: Clone
Target: The Mayor
Effect: There are five Kameks! Iggy lost 1 FP!

The Mayor
Attack: Shadow Storm
Target: All
Effect: 5 Damage to Iggy and Kamek! Kamek’s clones are destroyed!

Iggy: 5/10 HP Danger!, 4/5 FP
Kamek: 5/10 HP Danger!
The Mayor: 12/15 HP

Attack Type: Spin
Attack: Spin
Target: The Mayor
Effect: 5 Damage to The Mayor!

Attack Type: Tactics
Attack: Defend
Target: Kamek
Effect: Kamek is defending!

The Mayor
Attack: Shadow
Target: The Mayor
Effect: A Shadow version of The Mayor appears!

Shadow flies away.

Iggy: 5/10 HP Danger!, 4/5 FP
Kamek: 5/10 HP Danger!
The Mayor: 7/15 HP

Attack Type: Tactics
Attack: Defend
Target: Iggy
Effect: Iggy is defending!

Attack Type: Regular
Attack: Wand
Target: The Mayor
Effect: 7 Damage to The Mayor! The Mayor has been killed!

Iggy gained 5 EXP!
Kamek gained 2 EXP!
You got a Thunder Storm!
You got a Mushroom!
Iggy’s HP was refilled!
Kamek’s HP was refilled!


The Mayor falls to the ground and becomes a regular Magikoopa. He wakes up.

The Mayor: Waa?

Kamek: You were twilit.

The Mayor: Oh.

Iggy: Hey, where’s that Shadow?

The Shadow floats in.


Kamek: I think this will be a running gag for the rest of the story…


The Mayor: Aaaanyway, I think you’re here to get the Magijewel. If so, it’s in that huge castle on that tiny hill.

They see a cottage on top of a Mt. Everest-sized mountain.

Iggy and Kamek: O_O

Iggy: Oh well. Let’s go.

They continue through the town, passing by Magitwilits (the twilit Magikoopas) on their way. They finally reach the gate, to see a Magikoopa who somehow didn’t become a Magitwilit.

Magikoopa: Sorry, you cannot enter.

Iggy: Even for 100 coins?

Magikoopa: No.

Iggy: 1,000?

Magikoopa: No.

Iggy: 10,000?

Magikoopa: No.

Iggy: 100,000?

Magikoopa: 1,000,000 and it’s a deal.

Iggy: Ok.

Iggy uses his wand to make 1,000,000 coins appear. The Magikoopa picks them up, but he only has 100 coins.

Magikoopa: WHA?!

Iggy: Oh yeah! You can only hold up to 100 coins, even if you collect more!


Iggy and Kamek dash through the gate and arrive on Castle Hill. Magitwilits are all over.






Kamek: And sometimes…


Iggy: Uuugh.

He spins quickly through them all, killing them. Kamek follows. Iggy continues spinning and killing Magitwilits, and they soon reach the summit.

Kamek: Aren’t you dizzy?

Iggy: Nope!

They enter the cottage and see Shadow Mario. However, he has purple skin and black eyes, as well as green hair.

Kamek: He looks like a Shroob.

Shroodow Maroob: Stdoyer! (gibberish)


Iggy: 10/10 HP, 4/5 FP
Kamek: 10/10 HP
Shroodow Maroob: 20/20 HP

Attack Type: Spin
Attack: Spin
Target: Shroodow Maroob
Effect: 2 Damage to Shroodow Maroob!

Attack Type: Item
Attack: Thunder Storm
Target: All
Effect: 10 Damage to All Enemies!

Shroodow Maroob
Attack: Paint
Target: Iggy
Effect: 9 Damage to Iggy!

Iggy: 1/10 HP Peril!, 4/5 FP
Kamek: 10/10 HP
SM: 10/20 HP

Attack Type: Item
Attack: Mushroom
Target: Iggy
Effect: Iggy regains 10 HP!

Attack Type: Regular
Attack: Wand
Target: SM
Effect: 7 Damage to SM!

Attack: Graffiti Portal
Target: All
Effect: Iggy dodges with a spin! 2 Damage to SM! 5 Damage to Kamek! 1 Damage to Iggy!

Iggy: 9/10 HP, 4/5 FP
Kamek: 5/10 HP
SM: 1/20 HP Peril!

Attack Type: Jump
Attack: Jump
Target: SM
Effect: SM loses 2 HP! SM is dead!

Iggy got 10 EXP!
Kamek got 5 EXP!
Iggy leveled up!
Iggy can now use Power Jump!
Iggy has 15 HP!
You got 5 Mushrooms!

SM: Uuuugh…

SM turns into a purple-and-green Bowser Jr. BJ soon wakes up, and is normal.

BJ: Wha-what happened? Last thing I remember, I was given this strange jewel shaped like a wand… Then I was turned into Shadow Mario.

Iggy: You were turned into a Shroob.

Kamek: The wand-shaped jewel… that must be the Magijewel of Magic Town! I remember…  It’s the Crystal Wand.

Iggy: Where is it?

BJ: I… uh… I… can’t remember.

Kamek: BJ, you’d better come with us. I think you’ll be helpful.

BJ: All right. Let’s go!

BJ JOINED! In battle, BJ can use Paint or Shadow Mario! As Shadow Mario, he can use Hammer or BJ!

BJ: Ok, let’s go.

They go back down the mountain. Well, actually BJ just painted a portal that takes them down the mountain. They see that the town is normal again and that the Crystal Wand is with The Mayor.

BJ: Hey Mayor! Could we have that Crystal Wand?

The Mayor: Hm… Sure!

The Mayor is about to hand the wand to Iggy, but he drops it. It shatters.



BJ: He’s a running gag, isn’t he?

Iggy and Kamek: Yup.

The pieces of the wand begin glowing, and form into a map.

BJ: A map…  It says to go to Magijewel Mountain.

The pieces go back to normal. BJ paints a portal and they arrive on the mountain. Somehow the pieces come with them. Iggy lays the pieces on a pedestal with a picture of the Crystal Wand. The pieces reform and Iggy gains a new power.

Iggy can now use Special Attacks! Iggy can now use Magi-Creator!


The screen goes over to Lemmy, who is in a mysterious dungeon.

Lemmy: This is a mysterious dungeon… It doesn’t even have cells. I’d better look in this room.

Lemmy goes over to the next room and sees… nothing. At all. Just blackness.

Lemmy: Odd…

He steps forward, and his ball pops on something. He jumps backwards.

Lemmy: Yipes!

Lemmy dashes back to his cell, to see a new ball.

Lemmy: Odd… I’d better go back later.

We come back to Iggy, Kamek and BJ. They’ve gone back to Ice Land to see where the next area on the map is.

Bowser: That is the town of Iceream. The Diamond Cone should be there.

BJ: Ice Cream?

Bowser: No, Ice-ream. Iceream.

BJ: Oh.

The gang dash off to find Iceream and the Diamond Cone.

Who is the villain? What are the Magijewels? When will they save Lemmy? Where is Lemmy?! Why am I asking these questions? How much of these are you listening to? Find out next time on Iggy’s Grand Adventure!

Sneak Peek!

Peanut: Hey BAM you! You’re a BAM Koopaling, aren’t BAM you?

Iggy: Uh… No?

Peanut: Liar BAM! Prepare to BAM die!

Luigi: Even if I’m helping them?

Peanut: Oh… BAM… Never BAM mind then BAM. I’ll BAM help too!

Read on!

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