Mario and Luigi: The Koopa Alliance

By Yoshi7

Prologue: Shunned

It is another day within Dark Land. Bowser, the King of the Koopas, is in his throne room and very angry.

Bowser: Nothing ever WORKS!

Just then Bowser Jr. enters the room.

Bowser Jr: Whats wrong this time Dad?

Bowser: What do you think? It's those darn PLUMBERS!

Bowser Jr: What about them this time?

Bowser: It's just whenever I launch an evil scheme, they show up and ruin everything! No matter how hard I try! Even when you and the Koopalings help!

Bowser Jr: Then get rid of them. They never bother listening anyway.

Bowser: Hmmm. You’re right, but I can't do that to your brothers and sister.

Bowser Jr: But when was the last time they did something right? I mean, after all, I actually did capture Princess Peach.

Bowser: You know what? You have a great point! I'm gonna banish them until they learn how to actually be evil!

Bowser Jr: And what about your next evil plan?

Bowser: I already thought of one. I'm gonna get some of Mario and Luigi's greatest enemies to join me.

Bowser Jr: That... might actually work.


Larry: Uh oh. King Dad must be furious.

Lemmy: Quickly! To the throne room before he blows!

The seven Koopalings quickly dash towards the throne room, finding an angry Bowser.

Koopalings: Y-Y-Yes King Dad?

Bowser: I am just ashamed.

Iggy: W-w-why?

Bowser: BECAUSE, you guys can never get anything done right! And I've had enough!

Ludwig: What do you mean by that?

Bowser: Like you don't know. You guys never could kidnap Peach or defeat the Mario Bros.

Morton: It's not our fault it's just that they always jump right through our forces and then they take our fortresses and then they jump on us all the time it hurts so much I cringe just thinking about it and- Mmmmppphhh!

Bowser Jr. interrupted Morton by stuffing a sock in his mouth.

Bowser Jr: Try shutting up for once, why don't you?

Bowser: What I'm trying to say is... YOU’RE BANISHED!!!

Koopalings: WHAT?!

Bowser: You heard me! OUT!!!

Roy: But what about my Sports Hall?

Lemmy: Or Lemmy's Land?

Bowser Jr: I took the liberty of destroying both of them.

Lemmy and Roy: YOU CRUEL MONSTER!!!

Iggy: I agree.

Roy: Don't start that, Iggy!

Wendy: Daaaaddym you can't banish me! I'm your only daughter.

Bowser: Who whines a lot!

Ludwig: This isn't right! At least let us prove ourselves.

Bowser: Ok. If you seven can beat me in a fight, you stay. Lose and vamoose.

Koopalings: You’re on!


Bowser: This is gonna be fun and quick. You can attack first.

Larry tries to scratch Bowser but causes no damage.

Bowser: I'm sorry, did you start yet?

Morton gets mad and tries to punch Bowser and hits, however Morton's hand is the only thing damaged.

Bowser: That's right, I never taught you guys to fight.

Wendy tries throwing a giant ring at Bowser, but no effect.

Bowser: What, you guys want to leave?

Iggy, feeling angry, tries to scratch Bowser as well, but fails.

Bowser: This would be great to see at the Sports Hall.

Roy gets furious and tries to punch Bowser as hard as he can, but Bowser dodges.

Bowser: A shame this isn't in Lemmy's Land

Lemmy jumps and kicks his circus ball at Bowser, but he catches it and throws it back, hitting Lemmy.

Bowser: This is too easy.

Ludwig: How dare you mock us?!

Ludwig jumps over Bowser and attempts to ground pound him, but lands on Bowser's horns.

Ludwig: YEOUCH!

Bowser: And you’re the gem? All right, this ends now. SUPER FLAME BREATH!

Bowser releases a giant blast of fire, knocking out all the Koopalings.


Ludwig: No… All our efforts... in vain.

Bowser: Now that we’ve settled that. You have five minutes to gather your stuff and leave!

The Koopalings get their burned butts up and quickly pack what they can. A few minutes later the Koopalings are at the front door to the castle.

Bowser: There's no other way, I can't stand your many failures anymore.

The seven Koopalings sadly walk out their home, some with tears in their eyes (Wendy, Iggy, and Morton).

Larry: Now what do we do?

Ludwig: By my calculations, in order for us to survive it may be best to stay together.

Iggy: I *sniff* agree.

Roy: I told you not to start that! ... Oh who am I kidding, I'm nothing without my amazing Sports Hall. *begins to cry*

Larry: *to Iggy* I never thought Roy could ever cry.

Iggy: *to Larry* Me neither.

Lemmy: We have to find a home somewhere, right?

Wendy: Lemmy's right. Why not a beach?

Ludwig: Heavens NO!

Iggy: Wait, I know. Since Dad abandoned us, doesn't that make us orphans?

Ludwig: Great observation. Just one flaw. Who would take us in as orphans?

Iggy: Well, Princess Peach might, being one of the kindest people in the world.

Roy (no longer crying): That's a terrible idea.

Ludwig: But maybe the only idea.

Larry: Well, Dad said we’re terrible at evil, so why not try good?

Morton: That actually sounds great, stupendous, amazing... Wait, what about the Mario Bros?

Ludwig: We could become their allies.

Lemmy: Then we can get a new home!

Ludwig: All in favor of joining the good guys?!

Everyone: I!

Ludwig: Then it's settled.

As the Koopalings head towards Toad Town, nine other figures travel to Bowser's Castle…

Chapter 1: Frenemies

The Koopalings head towards Toad Town. Once there many Toads are shocked to see them.

Toad1: Wait, those are the Koopalings! Someone call Mario!

Toad2: Bowser's up to something, all right.

Toad3: Yeah, but what is he up to?

The Toads just watch as the Koopalings approach the castle gate.

Guard1: Halt! No minions of Bowser may go past this point.

Guard2: Leave now or suffer whatever wrath we may have. Hiiiiyaaaa!

Guard1: Yeah… He's new.  Anyway, state your business!

Ludwig: We only wish to speak with your beloved princess.

Larry: Please, we beg you! We’re turning from our ways of evil and joining your side!

The guards look at each other, then back at the Koopalings.

Guard1: I'll call Toadsworth

The guard gets out a cell phone and begins talking to Toadsworth.

Guard1: Uh huh. Uh huh. Uh huh. Ok.

The guard hangs up.

Guard1: All right, the princess will at least hear you out, but no funny business. Rookie, escort them to the throne room.

Guard2: Yes sir!

The guard then escorts the Koopalings to the throne room, where Peach is waiting.

Peach: I don't know if I can trust you, so if you do anything suspicious I'll send a messenger Toad for Mario. You may begin.

Ludwig: Where do I start? Well... our King Dad banished us from Dark Land.

Peach: Huh?

Larry: You see, Dad thought we were the reason his evil plans fell apart.

Peach: I see. Did he mention any new plans?

Iggy: Not that we’re aware of.

Peach: Besides the banishment, what else did he do?

Lemmy: He destroyed Lemmy's Land.

Roy: And my Sports Hall.

Peach: How vile!

Lemmy: His cruelty knows no bounds.

Wendy: Daddy let us fight him to stay, but he was to powerful.

Morton: Please we beg of you your Highness that you let us become your allies and allow us to live in the Mushroom Kingdom as civilians.

Toadsworth: Umm… Your Highness, should we trust them?

Peach: I'll need other opinions. Go get Mario and Luigi.

Messenger Toad: I'm on it.

Meanwhile at Bowser's Castle…

Kamek: Sir, the guests have arrived.

Bowser: Excellent! Double check to see who arrived.

Kamek: Yes sir!

Kamek then goes to check their guests.

Kamek: All right, let’s see: King Boo, check; Grodus and Crump, check; Bowyer? Check,

Bowyer: Nyaa

Kamek ignores him and continues.

Kamek: Huff N Puff, check. Cackletta and Fawful, check. Goomba King?! Uh, check. (muttering) This is the best we can get? King Boo has the best chance… (aloud) And wait, who are you?

Kamek sees a hooded figure.

???: My name is Shinon, and I have valuable knowledge so Bowser may conquer the world.

Kamek: Good enough for me.

A few minutes later…

Bowser: Welcome, fellow villains! We share one thing, and that is our hatred over the Mario Bros! So I ask that you would help join me in destroying them.

Everyone but Shinon: YEAH!!!

Bowser: Excellent! Wait, who are you?!

Shinon: I am Shinon. I have come to help you conquer the world by joining you.

Bowser: Then welcome aboard.

Shinon: Allow me to show you how.

Shinon takes off his hooded robe to reveal a strange-looking Koopa. He has a black shell with spikes, black boots, dark skin, and is holding a sparkling wand.

Shinon: This is a Crystal Rod, a wand with extraordinary powers. It is said with all seven you can release a demon that will obey your every command.

Bowser: Are you sure that will work?

Shinon: I have never been more sure. However, I only have the one rod. They can track each other, but only with a maiden pure of heart.

King Boo: That sounds exactly like Princess Peach.

Bowyer: Nyaa. Right you are.

Goomba King: Then we must capture her.

Grodus: My sensors predict we have a 90% chance of succeeding.

Cackletta: Eeya ha ha ha ha. Then let’s go.

Huff N Puff: Finally, justice will be served.

Bowser: Everyone to the doomship! We invade now!

Chapter 2: Protect the Princess.

Mario and Luigi are enjoying a nice dinner of pasta until...

Messenger Toad: Mario, Luigi! The princess needs you.

Mario: You heard him, Luigi. Let’s-a go!

Luigi: Here we go again.

At the castle…

Peach: Any minute now…

Mario and Luigi are dashing through the halls of the castle to the throne room, where they see the Koopalings.

Mario: Aha! Bowser must be up to something!

Luigi: Let's do it, Bro!

BOSS BATTLE: The Koopalings.

Larry: Wait, what's going on?!

Mario jumps on Larry, knocking him out.

Mario: One down!

Luigi grabs his hammer and whacks Morton, knocking him out.

Wendy: We aren't here to fight, you know! Oh forget it…

Wendy throws a giant ring at Mario, but misses. Iggy tries to scratch Luigi but gets whacked by his hammer. Roy tries to charge a punch at Mario but gets whacked by Mario's hammer. Lemmy jumps up and kicks his circus ball towards Mario and misses. Ludwig jumps over Luigi and tries to ground pound him, but at the last moment Luigi dodges.

Mario: Let's finish it.

Mario jumps on Wendy, knocking her out. Luigi jumps on Lemmy, knocking him out.

Ludwig: W-wait! We never came to do evil, but to join your side.

Peach: It's true, Mario.

Mario: Ohhh.


One explanation later…

Mario: Really?

Ludwig: Yes. We have nowhere else to go. So will you please allow us to stay and become allies?

Luigi: Well, Princess?

Peach: ... Yes, you guys can stay.

Koopalings: Yes! Thank you!


Bowser: Son, how much longer?

Bowser Jr: One minute until we begin the invasion.

Bowser: Good. Now, when we arrive, you prepare the cannons. Bowyer, when we go down there, you fire your arrows to stun everyone. Everyone else, help me steal Peach.

Everyone Else: Right.

Shinon: One quick thing. Somewhere in the throne room there is a Crystal Rod.

Bowser: Wow! That makes this even easier!

Bowser Jr: We’re here.

Bowser: Great! Positions, everyone!

Back at the throne room…

Luigi: Does anyone else hear that?

Mario: Hear what, Lui-

BOOM BOOM BOOM!!! The ceiling is blasted open.

Everyone: WHAT THE?!

Suddenly Bowser, King Boo, Grodus, Crump, Cackletta, Fawful, Huff N Puff, Bowyer, Goomba King, and Shinon jump down into the throne room.

Peach: OH NO! BOWSER!!!

Mario and Luigi: Not to mention some of our old enemies!

Peach: You Koopalings tricked us!

Koopalings: No we didn't! Honest!

Luigi: Then prove it by helping us!

BOSS BATTLE: Bowser, King Boo, Grodus, Crump, Cackletta, Fawful, Huff N Puff, Bowyer, Goomba King, and Shinon

Bowser: Everyone! Get rid of Mario and Luigi first.

Shinon: I have no interest in them. Invisibility!

Shinon turns invisible and wanders off.

Mario and Luigi both jump on Bowser but only cause minor damage.

Bowser: ATTACK!!!

Goomba King comes charging at Luigi until Roy grabs him and tosses him all over the room.

Goomba King: No fair!

Goomba King hits a wall, bounces into Fawful and knocks him out, and ends up landing behind the throne, where he sees something.

Goomba King: Oooo. Shiny.

Wendy throws a ring at Cackletta, but she ducks and it misses. The ring returns and hits Cackletta in the back of her head.

Bowyer: Nyaa! Stun you all I shall.

Bowyer fires arrows everywhere. The arrows hit several Toads, Toadsworth, Crump, and even Huff N Puff.

Bowser: Whose side are you on?!

Lemmy kicks his circus ball and hits Bowser in the head.

Bowser: Who did that?! Wait, my kids are here?! Fighting with MARIO and LUIGI?!

Ludwig gets out a flashlight and shines it in King Boo's eyes.

King Boo: AHHHH! I can't see!

Shinon (who is till invisible) sneaks over to Peach with his Rod. When he is close enough an image appeared on his Rod.

Shinon: So I was right about that Rod.

Shinon quickly goes to Bowser, telling him to retreat for now.

Bowser: I can't believe I'm doing this. RETREAT!!!

All the enemies quickly board the doomship and leave, except for Goomba King, who is still behind the throne.


Goomba King: Must get shiny thing…

Goomba King grabs the object (somehow, even though he has no hands). The shiny object is really a Crystal Rod.

Goomba King: The power…. THE PPPPOOOOWWWWEEEERRRR!!!

Everyone notices Goomba King after he screamed.

Mario: What the?

Luigi: What's that he's holding?

Goomba King: This is a Craystal Rod! It gives the user many powers! Now I shall defeat you, Mario!

Mario: Come on, everyone! Let’s-a go!

Goomba King: No fair, nine against one! I say just the Mario Bros. and one Koopa. Hmmmm YOU!

Larry: Me?

Goomba King: Yeah, you! Now we’re ready to FIGHT!

BOSS BATTLE: Goomba King

Goomba King: HA HA! I’m ready for you, Mario!

Mario starts by jumping on Goomba King. Luigi whacks him with a hammer. Larry scratches him.

Goomba King: Take this!

Goomba King does a ground pound, causing a small earthquake that hurts Larry.

Mario and Luigi jump on Goomba King together. Larry once again scratches Goomba King.

Goomba King: ENOUGH of this folly! Max POWER!

Goomba King grows to three times his size.

Everyone: *gasp* He's huge!

Larry: Can we take him?

Mario: Let’s find out.

BOSS BATTLE: Super Goomba King.

Goomba quickly jumps real high and ground pounds with all his strength. The three are severely damaged.

Luigi: Here, guys.

Luigi gives Mario and Larry nuts to heal all three fighters.

Mario: We have to think of something to beat him.

Luigi: Hey look! The Goomba King looks like he hurt himself with that attack. We might win this.

Larry: I have an idea!

Larry then whispers to Mario and Luigi.

Larry: ... Got it?

Mario and Luigi: Yeah!

Goomba King: What are you up to?!

Mario then holds Luigi on his shoulders while Luigi holds Larry on his shoulders. Mario jumps and the three spin like a small tornado and head straight for the top of Goomba King's head. With careful aim they land directly on the Goomba King's head with massive force.


Goomba King is then knocked out. He drops the Rod and reverts to his normal size.


Larry: Wow! We did it!

Ludwig: Amazing move, I must say. What do you call it?

Larry: Triple Tornado. Anyways, I'll take this.

Larry takes the Crystal Rod that Goomba King had.


Larry: Wow! I can feel power from this thing.

To Be Continued...

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