Iggy and the Ultimate Stars

By Hop

At Ice Castle...

Hop: Hey, Lemmy!

Lemmy: Hi.

Hop: Did you accept Iggy and the Ultimate Stars?

Lemmy: Yeah, I have some feedback right here.

Hop: Cool!

Feedback says: This story stinks! Delete it!... Hate it...Nice?...What does this gotta do with burgers? IíM HUNGRY!!!...Lame....


Lemmy: Yeah...

Hop: Well, they wonít say that once they read PART 2 of my story!

Lemmy: Well, the updateís going to happen in 10 minutes. I need time to look over part 2.

Hop: CRUD!!!

Lemmy: Well, youíll have to wait Ďtil next update.



Somewhere deep in Teehee Valley, a lone figure is in a dark, damp cave.

????: Haha! I have found it!!!

The unknown figure puts down his pickaxe and removes a glowing object from the hole he made.

????: Heeheeheehee. With this, I HAVE FURY ONCE MORE!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!


At Kastle Koopa...

The Shroobs have split up down three hallways. Iggy and Larry stop to catch their breath.

Iggy: Wow, theyíre fast!

Larry: And weíre already used to running every day, but we were being chased by Roy, not chasing Shroobs!

Right after Larry says this, Roy crashes into him.

Roy: Force of habit.

Iggy: Sure...

The other Koopalings catch up to them.

Larry: They all split up...

Ludwig: Well, which way did Princess Shroob go?

Iggy: That way.

Iggy points down the hallway on the right.

Ludwig: Then letís go that way!

They all run down the hallway until they reach a big, flashy door.

Wendy: They went in King Dadís room!

Roy: No duh.

Ludwig pushes on the door.

Ludwig: Itís being held shut!

Roy: Watch and weep, losers.

Roy bodyslams the door. It breaks down.

Roy: (Ah, my arm!) Howís that?

Morton: Didnít do much because-

Lemmy puts his hand over Mortonís mouth.

Lemmy: Thank you.

Roy turns and sees that thereís another door to his fatherís room. Roy faints. ggy goes up to the door and pushes it. It surprisingly opens.

Iggy: Sissy.

They run in to see Bowser on the ground unconscious and wearing a marker mustache. Princess Shroob comes out of the closet with some glowing object.

Princess Shroob: %#*%& %#& ! &(!$&!!! (Take that, SUCKERS!!!)

She holds it up and the Koopalings see that itís a Starman, but itís silver in some places instead of being just gold.

Larry: Whatís that?!

But the Shroobs donít answer. They jump out the window. The Koopas hear her as she falls all the way down.

Princess Shroob: %&#%&(&^^(-$*&!!! (HA HA HA HA- OOF!!!)

Lemmy: What was that she was stealing?

Larry: No clue.

Roy, meanwhile, comes to.

Roy: Ugh... What did I miss?

Wendy: Simple, the Shroobs stole some cool-looking Starman from King Dadís closet. HOW COME I DONíT GET A COOL STARMAN THINGY?! KING DAD, GET ME ONE RIGHT NOW!!!

At this, Wendy starts kicking Bowser in the face, but he doesnít stir.

Roy: The closet...? Hey Larry, isnít that where I locked you up yesterday?

Larry: Oh yeah, but I donít remember what happened in there.

Ludwig: Hmmm, this is all very strange.

Bowser comes to.

Bowser: Huh? Whatís going on?

Morton: Some Shroobs came and stole-

Bowser: Can someone ELSE tell me what happened?

Iggy: Some Shroobs stole a cool-looking Starman from your closet, King Dad.

Bowser: WHAT?! That starman was VERY VALUABLE!!!

Larry: It was? Hmm... $$$

Bowser: It was one of 5 special Stars.

Bowser Jr: SPECIAL Stars?

Bowser: Yes, they were called The Ultimate Stars. The Shroobs could takeover our kingdom with just HALF the power of one!

Roy: Then why didnít YOU use it?

Bowser: There is too MUCH power! It wouldíve DESTROYED the Mushroom Kingdom! THEN what would I conquer?

Roy: Good point.

Larry: King Dad, I remember a vague image of opening a chest in your closet. A bright light came out, then my memory blinks.

Bowser: WHAT?! Something mustíve happened.

Lemmy: Something Big.

Iggy: Something Mysterious.

Bowser Jr: Something Scary.

Roy: Something SHUT UP.

Bowser: Well, Iím sending one of you (plus Larry) to get that Ultimate Star back!


Bowser: I never said anything about Iggy, but now Iggyís going.

Roy: WHAT? WHY?!

Bowser: Does it upset you?

Roy: Yeah!

Bowser: Thatís why. Iggy, Larry, get my Ultimate Star back!

Iggy: Meh, fine.

Larry: Letís go pack for the trip!

They hurry off to pack, Roy complaining behind them.


Lemmy: And thatís all?

Hop: Until I write part 3.

Lemmy: Well, you made it in time for the update!

Hop: YAY!!!

To Be Continued...

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