The Mushroom Kingdom at War

By myBand

The guard turns around and leaves, but not before Bowser, who was not affected by the tranquil, snatches his keys and waits for night to come. He opens his door and notices a guard patrolling the area. He stabs the guard with the tranquil dart he was shot with, knocking him out, and takes his hand cannon. He frees the prisoners on the floor (the fifth floor) and goes to the fourth.

Bowser: Come on.

He fires a cannonball at the guard patrolling the fourth floor. He picks up the cannon, but then someone takes it from him.

Bowser: Whaa?

Prisoner: I'll do whatever you tell me to do. I am under your command.

Bowser: Ok, order 1. GIMME THAT BACK!

A guard comes up the stairs, alarmed by the cannon shot, and radios for backup.

Bowser: Here, take it!

Prisoner: Thank you.

Bowser blasts the guard, and he and the prisoner take the ammo from them.

Prisoner: This way. I know my way around this building.

Bowser: Say, you look familiar.

Prisoner: Coming?

Bowser: Oh yes. Sorry.

Bowser hands Kamek the keys to unlock the door to the next floor, while he and the prisoner clear the fourth floor.

Kamek: Fourth floor clear! Me and the prisoner will hold them off, get the armory open!

Bowser busts open the door to the armory like it was nothing, and the prisoners grab many variations of weapons.

Bowser: Let's go!

They clear the next 2 floors, and make their way out to the yard.

Prisoner: I have to get inside and turn the fence off; cover the building.

Bowser, Kamek, the prisoner, and a handful of other prisoners go in the building, while the others fight outside and get ready for waves of enemies.

Bowser: Kamek! Go set up motion sensor bombs outside, we'll cover you. I have to help clear the building of any stragglers. Go!

Loudspeaker: Attention prisoners, you are ordered to stop what you are doing. If you do not follow these orders, we will have no choice but to use lethal force.

Bowser grabs the guards that are in the building and forces them in the corner. The prisoners have got the building ready to defend. Kamek runs in.

Kamek: I've set up the charges, but there’s a chance they might see them!

Bowser: Ok, help defend the building!

Loudspeaker: Your choice.

Waves of guards assault the building, but the prisoners push them back.

Bowser: How's the fence work going?

Prisoner: I'm done.

Kamek: Out the back!

The prisoners leave out the back. They commandeer nearby vehicles and drive away.

Prisoner: Now we take, the Mushroom Kingdom!

At Peach’s castle...

Toadsworth: Well Mario, you will be eligible to receive the medal of honor, if you would just sign this paper.

The toad general busts open the door.

Toad General: Sir, the prison Bowser was transferred to has had a riot, and many prisoners escaped, including Bowser! He has teamed up with the prolific criminal Popple, known for his many robberies.

Toadsworth: If we don't nab him soon, we could be sent to war again! Where is he?

Toad General: Luckily, we have his position. He is southbound, headed for Boo Woods, to Luigi's mansion.

Toadsworth: Send a team to check it out.

Toad General: On it.

At Boo Woods...

Toad Operative: Target is beneath us. I'm rappelling; watch for movement, and cover me.

The Operative rappels from the helicopter and jumps on the hood of the car. He checks through the window and sees a frantic civilian Koopa driving very fast.

Toad Operative: Stop!

Koopa: I can't!

The Operative shoots out the tires, beats out the window, and enters the car.

Toad Operative: Hands up!

Koopa: I can't, look!

There is a string attached to the gas and brake pedals and going to the gear stick, and from there to the trigger of a handgun in an open glove compartment, pointed directly at the Koopa's head. The Operative cuts the string with a knife and picks up the gun.

Koopa: There was a dragon, a wizard, and a Bean, in prison drabs; all just entered my car and told me to get out. The dragon held me down while the Bean set this trap, and then I was forced back in. The trap made it so I couldn't stop pressing the gas or I'd get shot! If I braked or changed gears, I'd get shot! He snapped off the keys so I couldn't take them off, and I couldn't reach the gun, and I was scared if I fiddled with the string, I'd get shot!

Toad Operative: So no Bowser?

Koopa: I'm afraid not, sir.

Toad Operative: Score one for military intelligence. All right Vinson, he's not here, pick me up.

Vinson: Roger.

The helicopter flies in and picks up the operative. The Koopa pops open his trunk, and Bowser, Kamek, and Popple emerge.

Bowser: Ahh, good work, minion.

Koopa: Hey, anything for you! You broke me out of that horrid place!

Bowser: Ok, our new HQ will be this abandoned mansion, sweet!

They drive up to it and see a small shack near the entrance. They enter it.

Kamek: Hellooo?

Popple: Knock knock?

E. Gadd: Hello?

Bowser: Uh, hi. We own this place now. TIE HIM UP!

They jump the professor and tie him up.

E. Gadd: Oh my!

He is thrown in a broom closet. Bowser takes King Boo's portrait and throws it in the back end of the portrificationizer. King Boo comes out the front.

King Boo: Must... keep... posture... Huh?

Bowser: King Boo. It's been a while.

King Boo: Bowser? The last time I saw you was Delfino! It HAS been a while! What's new?

Bowser: Ehh, not much.

King Boo: Who are these guys?

Kamek: I'm Kamek, nice to meet you.

Popple: And I'm... Popple!

King Boo: All right. So what brings you here?

Bowser: I wish to reside here. My castle and my safehouse have been destroyed, and I need a place to crash, along with my rebel army of wanted criminals and international fugitives.

King Boo: If you help reanimate my friends, I'd be more then happy!

Bowser: You two! Get to work.

Popple: Geez.

Kamek: Yes sir!

2 hours later...

King Boo: And Orange Ghost number 12, check! Thanks, just bring your men here when you’re good.

A convoy of Bowser’s ex-prisoners drive in, eager to claim rooms.

Bowser: King Boo, I have a proposition. Will you team up with me to take the Mushroom Kingdom?

King Boo: Yes!

Bowser: Excellent.

At Peach’s castle...

Toad General: Team six came back, reported that Bowser was nowhere in sight.

Toadsworth: Argghhh! Who knows what scheme he's cooking up now?

Luigi: The prison found this in Bowser’s cell.

Luigi places on the table a drawing of the prison, with a line drawn from his cell to the exit, circles in various places, and some steps and notes in the top corner which say “go to Rogueport”, as well as a shiv and the keys that Bowser didn't use to free the prisoners.

Luigi: His drawing may just be a decoy, to throw us off the track.

Toadsworth: Yes, but we can't take the risk. Fortunately, Rogueport is under Mushroom Kingdom rule, so another war will not be caused.

Toadsworth pulls open a file cabinet and takes a file, labeled "Operation Shadow". He places it beside the drawings, in front of the general. The general opens it up, and reads it.

Toad General: This could destroy Rogueport!

Toadsworth: Take no risks, suffer no defeats. Take no risks, win no victories.

Toad General: At least notify the leader of Rogueport!

Toadsworth: I will go do that personally.

Peach: I will get you a boat to do so, and I will set up a press conference with the mayor there.

3 days later, in an outside public press conference.

Toadsworth: ...And that's why we need to operate the plan! So do we have permission?

Toad General: You could help us capture Bowser, and be heroes.

Mayor: You have my blessing.

Toadsworth: Thank you. I must go tell Peach.


Mayor: Get your heads down! No! Your general is down!

Security Guard: Sir, get in the limo.

Mayor: Toadsworth, you must come too!

The Mayor and Toadsworth drive away in a limo. The shooting continues.

Mayor: What do I do?

Toadsworth: Get your police force to find the snipers!

Mayor: Security guard, get on that! What else?

Toadsworth: Get me to my boat.

Mayor: Yes sir.

Toadsworth gets off at the Castle Port, and goes to the Castle's war room.

Toadsworth: The general has been killed! We are out of options! The Royal Mushroom Kingdom's army has been diminished too far! We cannot combat Bowser’s army if he gets his men from Dinosaur Land. Execute "Operation Shadows"!

Luigi: But-

Toadsworth: DO IT!

Mario, Luigi, and Peach leave in a helicopter to Rogueport. They get dropped off in front of the pipe that leads underground.

Mario: Luigi, stay up here, so you can tell the allying forces to fall back when the time is right.

Luigi: Got it.

Mario and Peach go in the pipe, while Luigi takes cover behind a wall. Mario and Peach travel to the front of the Thousand-Year Door.

Mario: Ready?

Peach: Ready.

They enter, and are greeted by the Shadow Queen.

Shadow Queen: YOUUU!!!

The Shadow Queen swings at Mario.

Peach: Ok, here I go.

Peach sacrifices herself to the beast.

Mario: I hope this works. *over radio* Ok Luigi, we're good.

Luigi: Clear it out, go!!!

Bowser: They're retreating, keep hitting them!

The Rogueport police fall back to the port, and leave in boats. The rebels move in to attack them. The Shadow Queen bursts through the very ground, and sets Rogueport on fire. She attacks everything, and completely wipes out the rebels, including Bowser, Kamek, and Popple, while practically destroying Rogueport. Luigi regroups with Mario to battle the Shadow Queen.

Mario: Bowser is down!

Luigi: Mario! Fire at the crown!

Mario and Luigi concentrate fire at the crown, and manage to set it ablaze. The Shadow Queen does not notice this, and it spreads very fast. Before she notices, she is burned alive, and falls to nothing. Luckily, Peach makes it out, and she walks over to Mario.

Peach: Let's... go home.

Luigi raises the anchor of a ship, and sets sail to the Castle's port.

1 day later, Peach sets up a public conference.

Peach: We have completely wiped out the rebel army, including Bowser and his lieutenants, and there are many to thank, including Mario, Luigi, Toadsworth, the Rogueport Police Force, the Mushroom Kingdom Royal Army, and many, many others. But this has not come without a cost. Rogueport is destroyed, with many people having their game ended and many more becoming homeless. The government will not stand by while Rogueport is destroyed and people are suffering. I plan to get a group of volunteers, and...

A silhouette casually approaches the conference.

Peach: ...with this plan, Rogueport will be fixed up.

The silhouette makes his way to the very center.

Peach: Because of this, I-


To Be Continued...

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