The Amazing Race MK III

By Giga Bowser NS

Episode 13
Title: Oh right, you’re frozen.

Phil: Previously on the Amazing Race MK:

Phil (replay): GO!!

Phil: Twelve teams embarked on a spectacular race across the Mushroom Kingdom!

Raz: Come on!

Doopliss: Yo!!

Bombette: Ugghh…

Hammer: Hahaaa!!!

Phil: From the beginning, things were shocking!

All: *Screaming as they’re sucked into Bowser’s mouth*

Phil: Teams faced wild spills…

Monsieur: LOOK OUT!!

Phil: …shocking twists…

All: *shocked faces*

Phil: …raging arguments…




Phil: …and even medical injury.

Boomerang: …broken his arm…

Phil: Nine teams were eliminated!

Phil (replays): Dr. Mario & Nurse Toadstool? Baby Yoshi & Yoshi Jr? Brighton & Twila? Kroop & Dour? Big Boo & Big Blue Boo? Chanterelle & Toadofsky? Flurrie & Doopliss? Hammer Bro. & Boomerang Bro? Bombette & Bruce? I’m sorry to tell you that you’ve been eliminated from the race

Bombette: I don’t want to go…

Phil: Separated Couple Broque Monsieur & Broque Madame began the race in the hopes that they’d rekindle their love for each other. Throughout the race, their efforts have resulted in success.

Monsieur: Bon travail!!

Phil: And despite a few fumbles along the way-

Phil (replay): You’re the last team to arrive…

Phil: -they overcame their obstacles and made it to the final three! Partners and Best Friends Birdo & Mouser may have set the record for most argumentative team, which mostly stemmed from arguments over Birdo’s gender.

Birdo: I’M A GIRL!!!

Phil: Despite their differences and a last place finish on a non-elimination leg, the two remained strong, growing closer as friends in the final few legs-

Phil (replay): Team number two!!

Phil: -and secured a spot in the final three teams. Newlyweds Raz & Raini flew through the race at the front of the pack. Their constant enthusiasm and zeal for success allowed them to win first place on five legs of the race!

Raz: Wooo!!

Phil: Despite their outward friendly appearance, these two had a competitive streak…

Raz: Let’s use it on Mouser.

Phil: …using the U-turn to get themselves ahead. After winning three consecutive legs, the married couple are now among the final three. Tonight: One of these three teams will win the 1 million coin prize… and The Amazing Race!

The opening plays with a new Red “X” over Bombette & Bruce.

Phil: This is Flipside!....*Camera Shift* And this is Flopside! Two towns dimensionally next door, residing in a strange universe with a hidden third dimension. It almost boggles the mind just thinking about it. This was also the eleventh and final Pit Stop… in a race around the MK! Teams arrived here for a mandatory rest period! The final leg is about to begin. Everyone is on edge and preparing to do their best… Raz & Raini… who were the first to arrive at 3:48 PM… will depart at 3:48 AM.


Raz: There is a red pipe in town that will take you back to Flipside…

Phil: Teams must now find this pipe built by famous pipe-designer Welderburg and take it to Flipside. From there, they will have to find their way to the top of the Flipside Tower, and enter this flagged doorway *Shot of the Purple Door* to find their next clue!

Raini: Let’s goooo!!!

Raz: Wooo!!!!

***Raz: This really is it! There’s only three teams left, and one of them’s going to win!

***Raini: We really truly believe that it will be us. We will win this race!

They exit an elevator.

Raz: Over there?

Raini: I don’t see one…

Raz: Wait! I do! It’s over there! It’s red!

Raini: Cool! Let’s go!

They run over to the pipe and enter.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends

Birdo: I’m so excited!!

Mouser: I know, man! It’s amazing that we were able to come so far!!

Birdo: What did you call me?

Mouser: Sorry, figure of speech!

***Mouser: I think we can definitely win as long as we don’t self-destruct!

Mouser: There’s the pipe!

Birdo: Hurry! Get in it!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: And we’re back here!

Raini: Still looks positively flat!

Raz: Well let’s go! Hey sir! How do we get to the top of the tower?

Resident: Take that elevator up, then go left and find another elevator!

Raz: Thanks!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Off we go!

Madame: We’re in zee finals!

Monsieur: I know! Eet’s spectacular!!

***Monsieur: What a wonderful feeling to be in zee finals!

***Madame: Eet’s almost so amazing zat we’d be ‘appy if we got zird place!

***Monsieur: But we’d prefer first!

Monsieur: Okay, so where ees zee pipe?

Madame: Over zere!

Monsieur: Ah! Bon! I see eet!

Madame: Let’s get going! We can win!!

Monsieur: Oh… Anozer pipe… Zese zings are so weird!

They enter the pipe.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Woo! Here we are!

Birdo: We have to get way up there to the tower!

Mouser: Just look for elevators that go up!

Birdo: There’s one over there! C’mon!


Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Wait… I think we missed the elevator.

Raini: Huh?

Raz: This is a dead end. Go back.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: I think we need one more elevator to go all the way up!

Birdo: How about that big one?

Mouser: Aha!!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: That must be it! The big one!

Raini: Birdo & Mouser!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: C’mon, get in!

They all step in and the doors close.

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: ‘Ere we are back in Flipside!

Madame: Now look! Zere’s zee tower!

Monsieur: Right! We need to get up zere!

Madame: Okay! Look for zee big elevator!


Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Okay, the marked door, right?

Raini: Right.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Let’s see, we’ve got red, orange, yellow, green, blue, more blue… ah! Purple!

Mouser: I wonder what’s on the other side?

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: We’re not gonna find out here! Let’s go!

The door slowly creeks open.

Raz: Off we go!!

*Shiny effects and whatnot*

***Raz: And we were off!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Okay, we’re furzer up, but not ‘igh enough. Look for anozer elevator!

Madame: I sure ‘ope we can catch up!

***Monsieur: We were starting zee most important leg of zee race in last… Zat wasn’t too good.

Monsieur: Oh! ‘Ere’s zee big elevator!

***Monsieur: But we worked really really ‘ard!

***Madame: We weren’t going to give up!


Monsieur: Going up!

The screen fades to black and mysterious music plays.

The scene appears… a desolate location underground with dank colors. A purple door appears and opens slowly.

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
All: *Expressions of awe*
All: Whoooaaaa….

Raz: Craazzyyyy…

Raini: Where are we… Where ARE we?!

Birdo: Wh…

Mouser: I know where we are…

Birdo: Where?

Mouser: We’re in… the Underwhere!

All: *gasp*

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
***Raz: That threw us for a huge loop… We were… dead… basically!

***Raini: The race takes us to crazy places, that’s for sure!

Raz: Enough gawking! There’s a clue!

Raini: Eww… I don’t like this place… It’s so creepy…

*Riiiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiip*

Raz: Make your way to the River Twygz…

Phil: Teams must now cross the barren Underwhere and find this place: The River Twygz. This ethereal river is filled with the tears of evildoers and contains strange creatures that make swimming in its waters very dangerous. Teams must find their clue… in the depths of the river.

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Oh my gosh eeewwwww…

Raz: C’mon girl! Let’s just get it done!

Raini: Ugghh… Sick…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Oh wow…

Mouser: This… is insane…

***Mouser: So we were off… We saw some strange black and grey creatures… a weird orange fountain…

Birdo: *Worried looks*

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
***Raz: What a dreadful feeling that place gave us

Raini: Uuuugghh….

Raz: Come on! Let’s not dawdle! The Broques are behind us!

Raini: Right!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Keep your eyes open… I don’t like the feel of this place…

They enter a door.

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Pipes… Spikes, pits… Gotta be careful here…

Raini: Whoa! Piranha Plants!

Raz: This place is awful!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Whoa…

Birdo: Careful! Come on!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Over here! Don’t fall!

***Raini: We had to flip to the third dimension sometimes because pipes were in our way…

***Raz: Yeah, we were still in the strange flip dimension thing…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Can’t go this way… there’s spikes…

Birdo: Over there! Get to the door!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Let’s go!

Raini: The sooner we’re done in here, the better!

They all enter the door.

All: …


Raz: There’s the river! Look! It’s purple!

Raini: Uuggghhh….

Raz: I guess we dive down!

Raini: This is so ugh!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: …

Mouser: C’mon! The sooner we get it done, the sooner we’ll be gone!

Birdo: Uugghhh…

The purple door opens.
Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Both: Whooaa…

Monsieur: Where are we?

Madame: We’re… somewhere bad…

Monsieur: Oh mon dieu… Let’s ‘urry! I don’t like zis place!


Madame: Swim in… where?

Monsieur: Zee River Twygz… Doesn’t sound pleasant. C’mon!

Madame: I just ‘ope we can catch up… I also ‘ope we don’t spend too much time in zis place!

*Splash* *Splash*
Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
***Raz: So we jumped into that putrid purple water stuff… it felt gross…

***Raini: There were like these skeleton hand things in the water! Eewww!!

They swim around searching.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
***Birdo: It was kinda hard to see… hard to move…

***Mouser: Those skeleton things looked like they were trying to grab us…

Birdo carefully swims around an Underhand.

***Birdo: Creepy…

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Zis way! Zrough zee door!

Madame: I’m following you!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz quickly comes up for breath, then dives down again.

***Raz: We knew we had to find it quickly, because the Broques were somewhere behind us!

***Raini: I think I was too focused on the skeletons…

Raz: ??

***Raz: Luckily, I spotted it!

Raz swims over to some clues attached to the wall.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
***Birdo: I saw him grab it… just barely.

Birdo also swims over and grabs a clue. Both teams surface.

Mouser: C’mon! Let’s get out of this water!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Watch out for zee spikes!

Madame: Uh oh… We can’t get past ‘ere!

Monsieur: We ‘ave to flip… Remember, we can flip in zis place!

Madame: Oh right! Look! We’re almost to zee door!

Monsieur: Oui! Come on! Let’s catch up!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Bleaughh… That was disgusting!

*Riiiiiiiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiip*
Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Make your way to the Underwhere Road…

Phil: Teams must now continue through this barren land to find Queen Jaydes’s Palace. There, they will find a door leading to the dark and dangerous Underwhere Road. It is in this place that they will find their next clue!

Birdo: Let’s go! I see the palace over there!

Mouser: Cool!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Stay ahead! Don’t let ‘em pass!

Raini: I know!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Both: …

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: This place is really creepy… but it’s also kinda neat…

Raini: NEAT?!

Raz: Yeah… Look at those weird symbols in the distance…

Raini: CREEPY symbols!

Raz: And the neat color on these rocks…

Raini: CREEPY rocks!

Raz: *sigh* Whatever…

*Door opens*
Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Oh! Zere ees zee river!

Madame: Ees anyone around?

Monsieur: No… I zink zey’re both done already…

Madame: Aww….


Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Here we are… Nice palace!

Raini: CREEPY palace!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: This must be the door… Come in here, everyone!


Mouser: Whoaaa… It’s DARK in here…

Birdo: I can hardly see…

Mouser: Where’s the clue?

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Right here!


Raz: Detour!

Phil: In this Detour, teams will have to choose one of two ways to ascend this long, dark passageway. They may choose Hard Way Up or Quick Way Up. In Hard Way Up, teams will traverse these platforms, maneuvering through the darkness and avoiding enemies to reach the top. It’s a difficult journey, but teams with perseverance will succeed. In Quick Way Up, teams may take this elevator to reach the top. However, once at the summit, teams will encounter Dorguy. He will then present the teams with a difficult mental quiz. If they can succeed at this quiz, they will receive their next clue!

Raz: Hmm…

Raini: Raz, I REALLY don’t like this place… It’s so dark… Let’s just go do the quiz!

Raz: I suppose so. We’re smart, right?

Raini: Yeah! Nothing we can’t handle!

Raz: All right! We choose Quick Way Up!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: We can handle the Hard Way Up, right?

Birdo: Yeah! Let’s do it!

Mouser: Woo!!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
They step over to a nearby elevator.

Raz: Up we go! *Presses a button*


Raini: Oh my gosh… Look at those platforms! They might fall off in the dark!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Okay! It’s really dark, so watch your step!

Birdo: I got it!

***Mouser: We just began hopping up the platforms… It wasn’t anything particularly special…

Mouser: Woo!! All right!

Birdo: Oh wow… Where’s the edges? Careful where you jump!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Okay… Where’s this door person?

Raini: It’s brighter up here…

Dorguy: YO!

Both: AHH!

Dorguy: Oops… Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. Anyway, I AM DORGUY! Prepare to take my AWESOME quiz!

Both: …

Dorguy: Please turn your attention to this screen!

***Raz: The quiz involved moving shapes, and colors… We had to memorize some stuff… It was very interesting…

Dorguy: Which shape appeared most often?

Raz: The square, right?

Raini: Yup! Square!!

***Raz: It wasn’t too difficult

Raz: Okay!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Ahhh!!

Mouser: What? What?

Birdo: Look out! Some kinda skeleton thing!

Mouser: Whoa! Hey! Watch it, buddy!

Skellobit: Rawr!

Mouser: Watch it! *throws a bomb*

Birdo: Ugh… He almost knocked me off…

Mouser: Well let’s hurry up and get to the top!

Birdo: Yeah…

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Did you catch that one?

Raini: Yeah… It was yellow…

Raz: ‘Kay…

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: We got eet…

Madame: Uggh… Oh mon dieu…. ough...

Monsieur: I know… Eet’s disgusting!

Madame: Zat water was putrid!


Monsieur: We ‘ave to go over zere!

Madame: Over zere?

Monsieur: Oui…

***Monsieur: We ran for so long on our own… with no ozer teams in sight…

Both: …

***Monsieur: But we never stopped!

Dorguy: Sorry, that’s incorrect!

Raz: URGH!

***Raz: We were only allowed to get two questions wrong. Three strikes and we were out…

Raz: Okay! Focus!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: We’re getting closer! I can hear the Toads!

Birdo: Great! Can’t wait to get out of this dark place!

Mouser: Yeah….

Birdo: Yeah…

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: How many questions are left?

Raini: I think just five… We’re gonna do it!

Raz: Yeah… Just concentrate. Okay, look at the screen!

Raini: Right!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: We’re almost there! Look! Raz & Raini are up there!

Birdo: Just watch out for *smack* Ahh!!

Mouser: Birdo!!

***Birdo: A Skello-thing smacked me in the face and I fell off the platform… I fell down, like, 5 of them…

Birdo: Owww…

Mouser: Okay, you’re okay! Just come back! I’ll wait here!

Birdo: Urgh… Got it…

Mouser: *turns to Skellobit* You’re a jerk! *bombs*

Birdo: Heh…

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Yellow?

Raini: No! Orange!

Raz: Okay….

***Raz: We were both working hard on our task… We wanted to stay ahead!

***Raini: We answered the questions, making sure we didn’t get any wrong…

Raz: Almost done!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: C’mon, girl! You’re almost there!

Birdo: I don’t wanna fall again!

Mouser: You won’t! C’monnn!!!

Birdo: All right, all right!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Aha! I saw it! It was a blue square!! Okay!!!

Dorguy: ……..

Both: ….

Dorguy: Congratulations! You are successful!

Raz: Woo!! Thanks!

Dorguy opens, revealing a clue box behind him.

Raini: Grab it!


Phil: Teams must now climb up this passageway to reach Dorguy the Second. Once they have reached him, he will reveal to teams their next challenge.

Raz: Okay! Let’s go!

Raini: Oh look! It’s brighter in this room!

Raz: Yeah, but the platforms are skinnier, so be careful!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Wow, nice palace…

Madame: Come on! I see zee door! Zis way!

Monsieur: I’m coming!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Okay! I’m back! Let’s go!

Mouser: Great! The Toads just finished! Let’s catch them!

They jump up a bunch of platforms.

Mouser: Hoo… That was annoying.

Birdo: Think we should’ve done the quiz?

Mouser: Eh heh heh heh… No

Dorguy: Great job! *Opens*

Mouser: There’s the clue!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Oh mon dieu… So dark…


Monsieur: Detour!!

Madame: Oh, zee quiz, definitely. We can finish zee quiz!

Monsieur: I agree! Allons-y!  (Let's go!)

Madame: Okay!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Oh great, more climbing…

Mouser: Eh, it’s okay! Look! I see the Toads!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Oh man, there they are! C’mon!

Raini: We’re like halfway to the door!

Raz: Good!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: They’ve got a lead! They always have a lead!

Birdo: Well come ON then!

Mouser: Yeah, yeah, I’m going!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
*Bzzzzz* *Bing*

Monsieur: Allo Monsieur Door! We ‘ave a quiz to do now?

Madame: Oui?

Dorguy: Turn your attention to the screen!

Monsieur: Oh boy, put on your thinking cap, ma cherí!

***Monsieur: We worked as ‘ard as we could!

***Madame: We knew zat zere was no reason to give up until we ‘ad crossed zee finish line!

***Monsieur: Oui!

Monsieur: Vert!

Dorguy: What?

Monsieur: Er… Green!

Dorguy: Oh… CORRECT!

Monsieur: Bon!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Okay, here we are! Hello!

Dorguy: HELLO!

Raz: Hi

Dorguy: Are you ready for your challenge?

Raini: Yeah! Hurry! Birdo & Mouser are coming!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Are they up there?

Mouser: Yeah! They’ve reached the door dude! C’mon!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Okay! Challenge!

Dorguy: Very well!

*8-bit music as the screen fades to black*

Raz: Whoa! Wh-

*Shot of three differently-colored Chain Chomps, completely stationary, surrounded by menus. 8-bit battle music plays

Raz: What the… What is this?

Dorguy: This is the Underchomp! Defeat them!

Raz: Oh okay, well we… Hey! I can’t move!

Dorguy: Yes, you must fight him in a very unusual manner. Use that menu in front of you to choose a command… and then you’ll do that command!

Raz: What… um… attack, item…defend… What is this, a video game?

Dorguy: Eh, kinda…

Raz: SWEET! Let’s do this!

Raini: Um, Razzie?

Raz: Don’t worry! Just follow my lead!
    RAZ   à  Attack  à  Jump  à  Blue Underchomp… BAM… 3 Damage

Raini: Whoa, you moved!

Raz: Yeah! I moved by myself! You try it! Choose an attack!

Raini: Okay…
      RAINI  à Attack  à Punch  à Red Underchomp… SMACK… 1 Damage

Raini: Whoa.

Raz: Probably shouldn’t punch them, they’ve got hard shells

    RED UNDERCHOMP  à  Bite  à Raz  à 4 Damage

Raz: Yeow!

Raini: Watch out!

Raz: Oh, you asked for it now!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: … What are they doing up there?

Mouser: Dunno, but it sounds crazy! C’mon! We’re almost there

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Oh, désolé  (sorry), I got zat wrong.

Madame: Eet’s okay! We’re doing quite well!

Monsieur: Oui!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
      RAZ  à  Attack  à Super Jump  à Blue Underchomp…Bam Bam BAM!...8 Damage

      RAINI  à  Attack  à Charge  à  Blue Underchomp…SMACK…2 Damage
      The Blue Underchomp was defeated!

Raz: Great job!

Raini: Thanks!

***Raz: That was really interesting, to say the least!

The Underchomps take their attacks in the background.

***Raini: I was scared, but… yeah! It was fun!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: We’re here! Whoa! What in the world is goin’ on here?

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
      YELLOW UNDERCHOMP  à  Putrid Breath  à  Raini  à 6 Damage

Raini: Oww!!

Raz: Watch out! Here!
      RAZ  à  Item  à  Mushroom  à  Raini…*shimmer*…Healed 10 HP

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Dorguy: Oh, hello! Are you ready?

Birdo: Wh-?

*8-bit music, fade to battle*

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Hey guys! It’s like an RPG game! Just pick from the menu!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Oh, whoa…

Mouser: Haha! I get it!

***Mouser: After all the stuff we’ve been through, both in our lives and in this race…the battle thing didn’t even phase us
      MOUSER  à  Attack  à  Bomb  à  Red Underchomp…BOOM…3 Damage!

      BIRDO  à  Attack  à  Egg Spit  à  Blue Underchomp…SPLAT…2 Damage!

Both: *high five*

      RED UNDERCHOMP  à  Bite  à  Birdo  à  2 Damage
      BLUE UNDERCHOMP  à  Bite  à  Birdo  à  2 Damage
      YELLOW UNDERCHOMP  à  Bite  à  Birdo  à  2 Damage

Birdo: … Seriously?!

Mouser: Ouch…

Birdo: Gimme an item

Mouser: Nah, you’re fine! Let’s kill it quickly!

Birdo: DUDE!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
      RAINI  à  Attack  à  Headbutt  à  Red Underchomp…BAM…5 Damage!
      The Red Underchomp was defeated!

Raini: Awesome!!

      YELLOW UNDERCHOMP  à  Tackle  à  Raini  à  CRITICAL HIT…10 Damage

Raini: *Danger* Oh ouch! *Danger* That hurt! *Danger* Did that say cr-*Danger*-itical hit? *Danger*

Raz: Yeah it did.

Raini: *Danger* I see, well *Danger* SHUT UP!! *Danger* That sound is really *Danger* Annoying!!

Raz: I can see…

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Wait… Eet was rouge, n’est pas?  (…Red, wasn't it?)

Madame: Non! Non, I saw eet! Jeune!   (Yellow!)

Monsieur: Jeune?! But I… Are you sure?

Madame: Oui… Yellow?

Dorguy: … Correct!

Monsieur: … I ‘ave to trust you more!

Madame: *sly smile*

Monsieur: Okay! Just a few more questions!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
    RAZ  à  Item  à  Super Shroom  à  Raini…*shimmer*…Healed 20 HP

Raini: Thanks!

Raz: No problem! Now let’s take this last guy down!!

Raini: Yeah!!
      RAINI  à  Attack  à  Jump Kick  à  Yellow Underchomp… SMACK… CRITICAL HIT! 15 Damage!!

Raini: Woo!!!

Raz: I think he’s almost done!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
      BIRDO  à  Attack  à  Multi-Egg  à  Red Underchomp…BAM BAM BAM…6 Damage!
      The Red Underchomp has been defeated!

Mouser: Great job, Birdo!

Birdo: Watch out!
      BLUE UNDERCHOMP  à  Freezing Breath  à  Mouser…SHHHH…8 Damage! FROZEN!!

Mouser: *shocked expression*

Birdo: Oh no! Ohhh no! That’s not good!

***Mouser: I… was frozen… Wow…

      YELLOW UNDERCHOMP  à  Bite  à  Mouser…SMACK…6 Damage!

Birdo: Hey! Leave him alone!

Mouser: …..

Birdo: See?! You made him mad!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Okay! I see this button here, I’m gonna try it out!

Raini: I hope it works!
      RAZ  à  Combo Attack  à  Double Jump  à
Raini: Whoa! I’m moving too!
      Yellow Underchomp….BAM! BAM!!!  20 Damage
      The Yellow Underchomp has been defeated
      You won!! Got 40 experience points!

Raz: Woo! We can move again!

Raini: Hey, what’re experience points?

Dorguy: Uhh, ignore that. Here you go.


Raz: “Enter through the door and search for Merlon. Be prepared for a surprise!”

Raini: Let’s go!!

Raz: Oh boy!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: C’mon! Let’s finish these guys off!
      BIRDO  à  Attack  à  Inhale-Punch  à  Blue Underchomp….Vssss SMACK! 9 Damage

      The Blue Underchomp has been defeated!

Birdo: Yeah!!

Mouser: ….

Birdo: Oh right, you’re frozen.

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Bon!

Dorguy: Very good!


Monsieur: Okay! Let’s go to zee next Dorguy challenge!

Madame: Okay! Let’s go!

They step through the door and get on the elevator.

Monsieur: Up we go!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
      MOUSER  à  Unfrozen

Mouser: Ugh… FINALLY! Why didn’t you use an item?

Birdo: I could handle it myself! Now c’mon! Let’s use this combo attack thing to finish the last guy off!

Mouser: With pleasure!
      MOUSER  à  Combo Attack  à  Egg Bomb  à  Yellow Underchomp… BOOM! 18 Damage

Mouser: Ugh! It’s still standing!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple

Madame: AND BIRDO!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Hey hey hey! Look who finally showed up! We haven’t seen you all day!

Birdo: I got him!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Allo! Are we doing zee challenge now?

Dorguy: Oui… I mean yes… ENTER BATTLE!

*8-bit music and fade*

Monsieur: Oh… What ees eet, a video game?

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends

Mouser: Sorta…

Birdo: Hey!
      BIRDO  à  Attack  à  Egg  à  Yellow Underchomp…SPLAT…3 Damage
      The Yellow Underchomp has been defeated

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Oh! I see ma cherí! Look, you just choose what you want to do. Watch!
      MONSIEUR  à  Attack  à  Charge  à Red Underchomp…SMACK! 3 Damage

Madame: Oh wow! Neat!

***Madame: I was a little nervous…I don’t really fight very much…But I tried it!
      MADAME  à  Attack  à Body Slam à Red Underchomp…BAM! 4 Damage!

Monsieur: Nice!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
*Winning music*

Mouser: Okay! That was fun! Next clue please!


Mouser: Let’s go! Hurry! We want to catch Raz!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Oh, there you are, Merlon! Hello!

Merlon: Greetings. Ready for your next adventure?

Raz: Ready as ever!

Merlon: Okay. Hold still while I teleport you. *Speaks in odd language*

***Raz: Something was going to happen and, wherever we ended up, we would be that much closer to the finish line! You’d better bet we were excited!

***Raini: The end of the race was near!

White boxes appear around them.

Raz: And we’re off!!!

They disappear.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Oh! Over there! Go!

*Black screen*
Raz: Wha…?

Crowd: WOOOOOO!!!

Both: O.O

*Shot of the surrounding landscape*


Both stare in awe.

Crowd: RAZ! RAZ! RA-I-NI!!! RAZ! RAZ! RA-I-NI!!

Raz: Where… are we?

Raini: We’re not in the other dimension any more, that’s for sure!

Suddenly Peach’s voice booms over the loudspeakers.

Peach: Welcome back to the Mushroom Kingdom! You’re in Sports Land!

Raz: Oh!! OH! Sports Land! That’s north of Peach’s Castle! It’s where all of the sports fields are located, like this stadium, all the golf courses, the tennis courts!

Raini: Is this our final destination?

Peach: Stop looking around! Get going!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Right! There’s no clue boxes here…

Raini: Let’s scan the crowd!

Raz: Let’s go! We’re off to the finish line and we’re in first!!

Raini: YAY!!

They begin to look around as the crowd continues to go wild.

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
      MONSIEUR à Attack à Retro Mushroom à Red Underchomp…*8-bit growing sound* BAM…12 Damage (Critical Hit!)
      The Red Underchomp has been defeated!

      MADAME à Attack à Mega Punch à Blue Underchomp…SMACK! 17 Damage! (Critical Hit!)

***Monsieur: We were quite lucky in our battle! We got a few critical ‘its!

***Madame: Oui, eet went really well!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: There he is over there! Let’s not let the Toads get too far ahead!

Mouser: Right! We can still beat them!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
      MONSIEUR à Combo Attack à Double Barrage à Blue Underchomp….SHA-BAM! 16 Damage!
      The Blue Underchomp has been defeated!

Monsieur: All right, bon! Just one more!

Madame: Zee yellow one!

Monsieur: Let’s take ‘im down!

***Monsieur: We still ‘eld on to zee ‘ope zat we could catch zee ozer teams!

Madame attacks in the background.

***Monsieur: Eet was zat ‘ope zat drove us forward!

Monsieur: D’accord! I zink eet’s almost done for!

      YELLOW UNDERCHOMP à Putrid Breath à Madame BLUGH! 5 Damage! (Poisoned!)

Madame: Ugh! On non! I am… green!

Monsieur: Oh! You are poisoned! ‘old on!

      MONSIEUR à Item à Tasty Tonic à Madame… Yum! Poison Healed!

Madame: Merci beaucoup!  (Thanks a lot!)

Monsieur: De rien!  (You're welcome!)

***Monsieur: Not only zat, but we were an excellent team!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Aha!! Over there! A bunch of dudes are holding signs with red and yellow!

Raini: Is that it?

Raz: Must be! Let’s go!

They run off and enter the crowd.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Hey!

Merlon: Ah, greetings. Are you ready to teleport?

Birdo: Gogogo!!

Merlon: All right, hold on. *chants*

Mouser: Hurry up!

*White box* *Poof*

Mouser: Okay where are w- WHOA!

Crowd: WOOO!!!

Birdo: Oh my gosh!!!

Crowd: Bir-do! Mou-ser!! Bir-do!! Mou-ser!!

Mouser: We’re back in the Kingdom!!

Birdo: Oh! I simply feel like a star! *poses* Oh! Hello everyone!!

Mouser: Stop being a diva already! We gotta move!

Peach: Welcome!

Mouser: Shaddup! Where’s our clue?!

Peach: …

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
They’ve entered the stands.

Crowd: Wooo!!

Raz: Haha! Hey everyone!

Raini: Hi! Hi! How are you!

*High fives, hand shakes*

Raz: Look! Everyone here’s got Red & Yellow! Where’s our clue?

Raini: There! There’s a clue box sitting in one of the seats! Haha!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Oh! Up there! Raz!

Birdo: Yeah! There’s Red & Yellow up there! C’mon!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Exit this stadium and travel to the Golf Courts on Peach’s Castle Grounds!

Phil: Teams must now travel through Sports Land and find the most expansive golf course on Peach’s Castle Grounds! Once there, they will hop in a golf cart and, following the clues on the steering wheel, must travel to the seventh hole. This is where they will find their next clue. However, the eighth hole is marked with a red & yellow flag, despite there being no clue located there. So teams will have to trust their instincts.

Raz: Okay!! We gotta go to the golf courses! Where’s the exit?

Raini: Over there!

Crowd: WOOO!!!

Raz: Haha, thanks everyone!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: This is the way into the crowd!

Birdo: Find the clue!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
      The Yellow Underchomp has been defeated!

Monsieur: Bon travail! (Good job!) We did eet!

Madame: Zat was certainly an experience!

Dorguy: Here you go! Good luck!


Monsieur: Ah! We get to see Merlon again! Let’s go!

Madame: ‘e ees zrough zis door! Let’s ‘urry!

Monsieur: Oui! We ‘aven’t even done zee Roadblock yet! Zis race ees far from over!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Hello everyone!

Birdo: Oh, I feel like a STAR!

Mouser: Hi! Yes, hi! Where’s the clue?

Birdo: Right there! That seat!


Mouser: To the golf courses!

Birdo: I know where those are!

Mouser: You do?

Birdo: Yeah! I’ve played golf here before, duh! C’mon!

Mouser: Awesome! That might be a little advantage!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds

Raz: These are more baseball fields.

Raini: Yeah…

Raz: Where are the golf courses?

Raini: I think I see them off in the distance! Way up there!

Raz: Well let’s jet!

Raini: Phew! That’s a ways to run!

Raz: We get golf carts soon, so don’t worry!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
They’ve exited the stadium.

Mouser: Hoo-wee! You ready for this?

Birdo: What?

Mouser: Looks like a long run!

Birdo: Oh shaddup, I can handle it!

Mouser: All right! Lead the way!

*White box*
Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Ah! Wh-

Crowd: WOOO!!!

Madame: Oh mon dieu!! (Oh my gosh!)

Monsieur: What ees zis?!

Crowd: Broque Monsieur! Broque Madame! Broque Monsieur! Broque Madame!

Monsieur: Wow! We are in a stadium!

Peach: Hello! Welcome to Sports Land! You’re late! You’d better hurry up!

Monsieur: Ah, she ees right! We are still be’ind, so let’s go!

Madame: Go where?

Monsieur: Just look for red & yellow… Aha! I see eet!

Madame: Oh! Up zere!

Monsieur: Come on! Let’s not keep zee crowd waiting!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Okay! Here, Golf Carts!

Raini: Cool! You drive!

Raz: Got it!

They hop in.

Raz: Okay, what’s this say then? “Travel to the hole with the same number as the leg wherein you competed in Picross.”

Raini: Ugh… The Picross…

Raz: Right. Which leg was that?

Raini: Well, Leg 4 was when the Bros. came in last, wasn’t it?

Raz: Yeah, and then two legs later we won the Fast Forward.

Raini: And that was on Tiny-Huge Island…

Raz: So… Didn’t we go to space then?

Raini: No no, we went to Northern Mario Land first, remember?

Raz: Right…

Raini: So I guess it’s seven then?

Raz: Let’s go try!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: I see the golf course! Up there!

Birdo: Cool!

Mouser: I think a golf cart is driving off! They’re there!

Birdo: Well let’s hurry then!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Crowd: Wooo!!!

Monsieur: ‘Allo!

Madame: Oh my goodness! All zese people came out to see zee finalists!

Monsieur: Well we’d better not disappoint! Look, zere ees zee clue!

Madame: Oh!


Monsieur: Ooh! To zee golf course! I ‘ave spent some time on zee links!

Madame: Where ees eet?

Monsieur: I zink eet’s over zat way! Let’s go! We still ‘ave a ways to go!

Madame: I’m right be’ind you!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Okay, where are we now?

Raini: What does that flag say?

Raz: #17…We’re on the wrong side.

Raini: Okay. That way!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Here we are!

Birdo: I’m driving.

Mouser: You are?

Birdo: Yeah… I can drive a whole lot better than you!

Mouser: *grumbles* Fine…What’s the clue say?

Birdo: Which leg did I do the Picross in?

Mouser: Why? Is that the clue?

Birdo: Yeah.

Mouser: That was in Mario Land… so *counts on fingers* Seven!

Birdo: Seven? Wasn’t it earlier than that?

Mouser: Nope, I’m sure! Let’s go!


Mouser: Careful! This is a golf cart, not a race car!

Birdo: Yeah, yeah!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds

Raz: Okay, here… This is hole #9, we’re on the right track!

Raini: Start looking for flags!

Raz: Right… To the seventh hole.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Once we get over there, look for flags!

Mouser: Why?

Birdo: To make sure we’re in the right place, duh!

Mouser: We don’t need flags! We have the clue and we know where we’re going!

Birdo: …

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Okay… Here’s the eighth hole- OH! Look!

Raz: What? What?

Raini: There’s a race flag on the pin!

Raz: There is?

Raini: Yeah, see?

Raz: You’re right… But that… Wait…

Raini: C’mon! Get us over there!

Raz: But that’s not right! It’s the seventh one, I’m sure of it!

Raini: Well I trust the flags! Come on!

Raz: All right…

***Raz: I was so confused. I wasn’t sure whether to trust my memory or the flag

***Raini: I immediately went for the flag. That’s what flags are for, they’re to guide you to the correct location!

They drive to the 8th hole.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends

Birdo: Okay, lessee… Which hole is that?

Mouser: The… 14th.

Birdo: We entered on the end of the course, we gotta drive down to the seventh.

Mouser: Right! Well, step on it!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Oh! I see zee couse up zere!

Madame: Eet’s a long walk!

Monsieur: Don’t worry! We’ll ‘ave zee golf carts soon!

Madame: I can finally rest my feet!

Monsieur: Oui… Eet’s been a long journey!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: There’s the flag on the pole… On the pin…

Raini: The clue must be hidden! Let’s search!

Raz: Raini…

Raini: Look in the hole!

Raz: … Nope, the hole is empty.

Raini: Let’s go look along the rest of this then! Along the fairway!

Raz: Okay, but let’s hurry! Just in case this is wrong!

Raini: It isn’t wrong! The flag was there!

Raz: I hope so…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: #10!

Mouser: Excellent!

Birdo: I hate that hole… I flubbed up an Eagle while I was there…

Mouser: Ouch… Haha! I should join the next tournament.

Birdo: You should, yes! The more, the merrier!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Ah… d’accord! ‘Ere we are!

Madame: Oh, zee carts. Will vous drive?

Monsieur: I got eet.

They step in.

Monsieur: And ‘ere’s our clue… Which leg of zee race did zee Picross ‘appen?

Madame: Zee Picross? ‘old on.

***Madame: In preparation for zee final leg, I’ve been keeping a little diary of our race… Zee last leg usually ‘as some kind of memory task, so I was writing down everyzing!

Madame: *flips through pages* Zat would be leg seven!

Monsieur: Bon! We’re off to ‘ole #7!

Madame: Allons-y!! (Let's go!!)

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: R’ini…

Raini: Come on!! Look behind the trees! Up the trees! Look in the sand traps!

Raz: Raini, I’m POSITIVE the Picross was on leg seven!

Raini: But the flag…

Raz: Forget the flag!

Raini: Raz!!!

Raz: Hon, I’m certain!

Raini: Come on! Just help me look! It has to be here somewhere!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Okay, this is #8….

Mouser: Oh look! There’s a flag on the pin!

Birdo: There is?

Mouser: … Yeah…

Birdo: But you said…

Mouser: Never mind what I said, come on!

They step out.

Birdo: Heh heh… Were you wrong?

Mouser: I was SURE I was right…

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Birdo & Mouser are here…

Raini: See? They stopped here too, now c’mon! This clue is hiding from us!

Raz: R’ini, we’ve looked almost everywhere on this hole… there’s nothing!

Raini: Check the bunkers again! It might be under the sand!

Raz: …

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: There’s Raz over there…

Birdo: Really? What’s he doing?

Mouser: Looks like they’re looking for the clue

Birdo: Still?!

Mouser: … Something’s not right here, Birdo. Give me the clue we got at the stadium.

Birdo hands it over.

Mouser: *reads* It just says “to find your next clue”… Nothing about searching…

Birdo: …

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: D’accord! ‘Ere ees ‘ole numéro 12… We’re getting zere!

Madame: Step on eet!

Monsieur: Eet’s just a golf cart! Eet doesn’t go very fast!

Madame: Step on eet anyway!

Monsieur: Haha! Okay!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Raini!! Come on!

Raini: What?

Raz: Let’s go look at the seventh hole!

Raini: No! Why would there be a flag here if there’s no clue here?!

Raz: Because… I don’t know! I’m just sure it’s at the seventh!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: You’re positive that Picross was on the seventh?

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
They drive past hole #10.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Yeah. 1 was Bowser, 2 was Airship, 3 was Beanbean, 4 was Diamond, 5 was Rainbow, 6 was Tiny-Huge, and 7 was Mario Land.

Birdo: You’re right… but then why is there a flag here?

Mouser: I don’t know, but look… they obviously haven’t found anything.

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
They drive past hole #9.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: So what do you want to do?

Mouser: I really think we should go to the seventh one… This clearly isn’t right. I think it’s a trap.

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
They drive past hole #8.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: So let’s just go, I’m positive- *huge gasp* Look!

Birdo: What? What?

Mouser: There’s the Broques!!

Birdo: Ahh! Hurry! Get in the car! C’mon!

Mouser: *hops in* I’m in, I’m in! C’mon!

Birdo: Let’s go!

***Mouser: We were shocked to see the Broques…we thought they were FAR behind us…

***Birdo: We weren’t wasting THAT much time, were we?

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Zere are Birdo & Mouser!

Madame: Oui! Looks like zey are ‘eading to zee seventh ‘ole!

Monsieur: Let’s go… We’re still in zird, but we’re caught up!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds

Raini: What?!

Raz: Birdo & Mouser just left…

Raini: So what? They’re idiots!

Raz: …and they were being followed by the Broques!!

Raini: Wh…what?

Raz: Come on, Raini! I’m serious, we need to leave!

Raini: Yeah… Okay, you’re right! Come on!

Raz: We’re in last now!

***Raz: It hurt me physically to say that… We had spent the whole leg in first place, and now we had fallen to last place.

***Raini: I felt awful… I felt like I had cost us the whole race…

They get in the golf cart.

Raz: It’s okay… We still have a Roadblock!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: They still behind us?

Birdo: Yup… Oh! There’s the seventh hole!

Mouser: There’s no race flag on the pin… oh, but there’s the clue… those sneaky idiots…

Birdo: Great! Go grab it!

They step out and grab the clue.


Birdo: Near the tee of this hole is a special warp pipe. Take it to find your next clue.

Mouser: Got it! Let’s go!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Okay! I see zee clue! ‘ole seven, just like I said!

Madame: I zought I saw someone be’ind us…

Monsieur: I’m pretty sure we’re in last…


Monsieur: Okay! Go follow zem! We ‘ave to take a warp pipe!

Madame: Got eet!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Hurry!

Raz: I’m going!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Okay! Warp pipe! I found it!

Birdo: Get in then!

*Warp Pipe Sound*

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Zere zey go! Suivez-les! (Follow them!)

Madame: Oui!!

*Warp Pipe sound*

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: This is hole seven… Just like I said… there’s the clue.

Raini: I’m sorry, honey!

Raz: Don’t worry about it! Let’s just hurry!


*Warp Pipe Sound*
Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Whoa! Hello!

Birdo: We’re in the Peach Dome!!


Crowd: *Cheering*

Birdo: Another wonderful crowd!

Mouser: Clue! Come on!


Mouser: Roadblock!!!!

Phil: A Roadblock is a task that only one person may perform, and no one can do more than six on the entire race! In this final Roadblock, teams will put their memories and their intelligence to the test! Set up in this massive Tennis Dome are three workstations. At each station there is a large chest full of knickknacks. Teams must search through these objects to find one object for each of the 11 Roadblocks teams have faced so far, as well as an object from the Nove Tundra, which did not have a Roadblock. Each of these objects has a number attached to it. Once teams have gathered their 12 items, they must take these items up to a group of spectators. Then, after returning to the tennis court below, the audience will unfold these squares, revealing pictures of teams from the race. If team members have chosen the correct 12 objects, then the crowd will be showing which teams came in last on each of the 11 legs and the midpoint of the double leg. It is up to teams to decide if this order is correct. If it is, they will receive their next clue. If not, they will receive a time penalty and must then start over.

Birdo: The last Roadblock? Are you ready?

Mouser: I was born ready!

He reads the clue, then runs off.

*Warp Pipe Sound*
Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Whooaa!! Anozer cheering crowd!

Madame: Get zee clue! ‘urry!


Monsieur: Roadblock!

Madame: I ‘ave to do eet!

Monsieur: Bon chance! You will do superb!

Madame: Merci!

The two team members run to their stations.

Crowd: *cheers*

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Okay, what’s all this junk?

***Mouser: There was this huge box of nearly everything! It looked like something you’d find in a hoarder’s house.

Mouser: Mushroom… shovel… bowtie… Heh, cool…

***Mouser: This was gonna be a doozy…

Mouser: Okay, let’s start with the first leg… That was Inside of Bowser’s Body… *shudder* Ughh… I remember that Roadblock… sorting the gross stuff…

He digs through the box.

Mouser: Aha! Overalls! That’s gear! *Ding*

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Okay… let’s start from zee most recent leg, because I remember eet… So, in Flopside, we shared Couple’s Cakes with people…

***Madame: Zere was so much trash in zat box…

Madame: What am I looking for? A cake…

***Madame: LOTS of trash…but I didn’t zink zere would be a cake in zere…

Madame: Wha… Oh look…

***Madame: Zen I found a RECEPIE for Couple’s Cake… Clever…

Madame: D’accord! *Ding*

Monsieur: Eet’s zee end, eh?

Birdo: I think the finish line is right after this…

Monsieur: Oh?

Birdo: Yeah, there’s a long path of flags just outside the dome

Monsieur: Hmm…

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Here’s the pipe! Let’s go!!!

Raini: Come on honey! We can do it!

*Warp pipe sound*

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Second leg… driving the Airship… I doubt they’d hide an airship in here, and if they did, I’d be very impressed.

He shuffles through the box.

Mouser: Here’s a plank of wood… The airship was made out of wood, so that might be it… Eh, I’ll keep looking.

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Before zat was zee Nove Tundra… but zere wasn’t a Roadblock on zat leg… ’old on.

She reads the clue.

Madame: Oh okay, I just need to find somezing zat represents zee Tundra…

She digs through the box.

Madame: Hmm… Aha! Penguin Suit! *Ding*

*Pipe Sound*
Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Ah!

Crowd: *Cheers*

Raini: The Peach Dome… They’re both here, Raz

Raz: It’s fine! Grab the clue!


Raz: Roadblock… Who’s in Reruns?

Raini: I guess I’ll do it then!

Raz: Good luck, hon! We can still win this thing!! Wooo!!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: They’re here… Gotta find the Airship thing… but I don’t see…. Wait… what’s this? Haha, is this a miniature airship steering wheel? Haha, that’s funny! *Ding* Next… Beanbean…

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Okay, let’s see…

***Raini: There was a big box with a lot of junk in it…All the other teams were sorting through it, putting things in neat little piles.

Raini: I don’t even know where to start! I guess the first leg…

***Raini: I hadn’t done that Roadblock, Raz had… but I still remembered it.

Raini: No… no… none of this stuff is what I need… Where is it?

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Ma cheri!! ‘ow are you doing?

Madame: I ‘ave four of zee items… Looking for zee one in… Cosmic Cove…

Monsieur: Okay! Keep up zee good work!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Mouser? You have four?

Mouser: Yeah I have four! Don’t worry!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Okay… What’s zis?

***Madame: I was looking for somezing from our dive zrough zee ice… I still remember ‘ow cold eet was, and so when I found zat blanket, I remembered ‘ow I needed to warm up

Madame: Zis could be eet… Zere’s not much else. Okay! Zis ees eet! *Buzzer* D’accord…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Aha! A hook! I can tell that this is from the harness used on Tiny-Huge Island! *Ding* I’m on a roll!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
***Raini: I had two already, I was looking for the one from Beanbean Kingdom

Raini: Oh gosh, what am I looking for here? Something to do with taxi cabs… Maybe money? Ugh, I don’t know

She tosses aside a designer shirt.

Raini: There’s nothing to do with cabs in here…

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Aha! I found eet!!

She pulls out a chisel.

Madame: Picross! *Ding* Superb!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Man… Where’s the Picross thing…?

He shuffles through the junk.

Mouser: Ow… Oh, I found it!

***Mouser: The chisel nicked me. It hurt!

Mouser: Okay!! That’s seven! *Ding* I’ve got seven, Birdo!!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Okay! Seven!!! I am past ‘alfway!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Ahh! Seven already?! They’re getting ahead!

She quickly shuffles through the box.

Raini: Diamond City…Aha! Game Boy Advance! This is it! *Buzzer* All right… now from Rainbow Ride… The blimp thing…

***Raini: I really began to rush…

Raini: What’s this, a balloon? We were balloons! This has to be it! *Buzzer*

***Raini: I was panicking…

Raini: Next! Next!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: …

***Mouser: I was actually having trouble remembering what the Roadblock was in the first Galaxy leg.

Mouser: Wasn’t it swimming in that tower thing? ... Oh no, that was the Speed Bump… Ugh! What was it?

He shuffles through the box.

Mouser: Wait… Oh! Right, the diving! The ice diving! Haha, Birdo got cold!

He pulls out a snorkel.

Mouser: Could this be it? I don’t think so…

*More shuffling*

Mouser: Or maybe it is… *Buzzer*

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Okay! Almost done, just zree left…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Three more…

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Ummm…

***Madame: My memory was getting stressed… I couldn’t quite remember zat far back!

Madame: Leg zree was, um… zee Beanbean Kingdom…

*More shuffling*

Madame: Cab fare… a picture of a taxi? I don’t see anyzing like zat…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Aha!! Aha! I see! It!

He pulls out a packet of sand.

Mouser: Just like the sand on the slide! *Ding*

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Oh!! I see! I found eet!

She pulls out a designer shirt.

Madame: Zis ees eet! I am sure!! *Ding* D’accord!!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Oh man, oh man…

Raz: Come on, Raini!!!

Raini: Okay! I got it! A little mini version of the ball we rolled on! Haha! *Ding* I think I’m doing well! I hope I’m doing well!

***Raini: I was hoping… praying that we would finish this task first…

Raini: Come on, brain… Think faster…

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Oui!! A ship’s wheel! Zat ees eet! *Ding* Just one more!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Now the Nove Tundra… No Roadblock… So just something from the leg…

He moves one object.

Mouser: Oh, hey! Penguin Suit! Haha, that was easy! *Ding* Almost done!!!!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Uugghh… What am I looking for?!

*Frantic shuffling*

Raini: I don’t even know what this is!! Some kinda yoyo?

***Raini: I was really beginning to get frustrated… The others were almost done… I felt like we were going to lose the race

Raini: Oh my goshhh….

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Okay! I’ve got my items! Now to the crowd! Let’s go!

***Mouser: I really felt confident in my items!

Mouser: There they are! Everyone get ready!

***Mouser: So I walked up to these dudes in the crowd and handed each one of them an item from my awesome collection!

Mouser: Here you go! And this is for you!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: D’accord! Okay! Let’s give zee crowd zee items!

***Madame: I was all finished, so I gave my items to zee crowd

Madame: Okay… And zis to you…

***Madame: I was positive zat I was successful!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini looks up at the two team members in the stands.

Raini: Oh no….

***Raini: I had this sinking feeling… that was it… It was over…

Raini: No…….. No….. Please, be wrong…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends

Mouser: For you… aaaand… for you! Okay!

***Mouser: Then I ran back down to the bottom so I could see everyone

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Okay! You all ‘ave my items!

Monsieur (distant): Bon chance!! (Good luck!!)

Madame: Okay… Just a minute!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: All right! Let’s take a look!

The crowd holds up signs with teams on them: Baby Yoshi & Yoshi Jr., Brighton & Twila, Kroop & Dour, Hammer Bro. & Boomerang Bro., Big Boo & Big Blue Boo, Chanterelle & Toadofsky, Birdo & Mouser, Flurrie & Doopliss, Flurrie & Doopliss, Hammer Bro. & Boomerang Bro., Broque Monsieur & Broque Madame, Bombette & Bruce.

Mouser: Okay, let’s see….

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Oui! Show zem!!!

The crowd holds up signs with the same teams as Mouser’s.

Madame: Hmm… Zat looks almost right…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Where’s the Doc & Nurse? I guess they don’t count…

Mouser: They’re right… they’re right….

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Most of zese are right… Zere was zee Yoshis, zen Brighton & Twila… Zen zee old people…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: I don’t want to say this is right if it isn’t right… We’ll get a penalty.

Birdo: Mouser! Are you done?

Mouser: I’m not sure yet….

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Zee one I’m worried about is zee midpoint of zee Galaxy leg… I’m not sure who was last zere… Birdo & Mouser were in last before it and ‘ad to do a Speed Bump… but did zey pass Flurrie & Doopliss?

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Something is wrong… Something…

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Okay… Penguin Suit! Obviously from Nove Tundra… Got it… And from Flipside let’s find… Oh! A recipe! Haha! Awesome!

Raz: Are you done?!

Raini: I hope!!

***Raini: I had high hopes…

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: I am not confident with zat… I seem to remember Birdo talking about coming in last twice… I’m going to go change zat…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Oh… oh DUH!! We came in last there, not Doopliss! Ahh! C’mere!

Both teams rush up and take back the objects from the eighth person.

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: So eet wasn’t zis blanket… What could eet be zen?!

Monsieur: What’s wrong?!

Madame: No problem! One little mistake!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Okay… Not a snorkel…

Birdo: Mouser!!

Mouser: I got it now!!

*Frantic shuffling from both of them*

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: *Frown*

***Raini: I was like “That CAN’T be right”… Our faces were up there FOUR times… And we never came in last.

Raini: Uuuuuuuugghhhhh.

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: What else could eet be…? Not a blanket… I don’t see any ice… Can’t be zis snorkel, we didn’t use a snorkel…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Ugh! There’s nothing in here from there!!!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: I just ‘ave to zink… Zere ees no medical supplies in ‘ere… so eet’s somezing else… What else ‘ad to do with zat Roadblock?

*Quick, tense shots of the two searching*

Mouser: No… no…

Madame: Not zis… Definitely not zat….

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Oh!! Oh! This!!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Wait! Zis ees eet! Definitely!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Okay! Gotta hurry! Hurry!

He runs back up into the stands.

Mouser: Come on!! This has to be right!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Okay!! I got eet!

***Madame: I ran into zee stands faster zan I’ve ever run before!

Madame: ‘ere! Give me zat towel and take zis! Okay!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: All right! Should be right now!

He Hands over his item in exchange for the snorkel.

Mouser: … I hope!

Birdo: Mouser!!

Monsieur: Cherí!

Birdo & Monsieur: Is it right?!

*Split screen of the two sections of crowds*

Mouser: Come on… Come on…

Madame: Eet ‘as to be right!

*Shot of one of the crowds holding up the correct order of teams*

Guide: That is correct!!


Phil: Outside of the Peach Dome is the main plaza for Sports Land! From here, tourists can get to any of the fabulous sporting facilities located here. This is the Finish Line. The first team to arrive here… will win the 1 million coins… and The Amazing Race!

*Sound of someone rushing out of the stadium*

*Shot of the other crowd… The eighth person is still holding a sign with Flurrie & Doopliss*

*Shot of the Main Plaza*

*The Finish Line stands in the middle of the square with the eliminated teams lined up and cheering*

All: Wooo!!!

*Silhouette of someone exiting the Peach Dome*

All: Come on!! Come on!! Yeaaaahhh!!!

Phil: *Smiles and raises eyebrow*

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Come on! Come on!

All: Yeaaahhh!!! Wooo!!!

Madame: Oh mon dieu… Are we first?!

Monsieur: I don’t know! Just run!! Runnn!!!!

All: *Applauding wildly*

Monsieur: Ees anyone else zere?

Madame: …No!!

Monsieur: Get on zee mat!!

Hammer: Woo! Yeahh!!

Bombette: Come on!! Woo!!!

They step onto the mat, panting wildly.

Monsieur: Phil…

Phil: 4 Continents… 18 Countries… and more than 55,000 miles!!! Broque Monsieur… Broque Madame? You are… the official winners… of The Amazing Race MK! Congratulations!!

Monsieur: You… you are not serious!!

Madame: We won!! WE WON!!!!

Monsieur: OH MON DIEUUU!!!!!

Crowd: *Wild cheering*

Phil: And you have won… the 1 million coins!! Congratulations!!

Monsieur: We did eet!! I can’t believe we did eet!!

Madame: We did it, mon amour!  (…my love!)

Monsieur: Oh mon dieu… After all we’ve been zrough… We’ve suffered zee lowest of lows and enjoyed zee ‘ighest of ‘ighs!

Madame: And we wouldn’t be ‘ere wizout you people! Amazing competition! You drove us to try ‘arder and never give up!!

Phil: You must be proud of yourselves, congratulations. Has the race helped your relationship in any way?

Madame: *hugs Monsieur tightly* I love ‘im! I love you!

Monsieur: I love you too ma cherí!

Madame: After all of zis… we won!! I can’t even believe eet!! Woo!!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: There, I fixed it… I’m an idiot…

Birdo: Come on, Mouser!

They run out to the plaza.

All: Wooo!!! Yeeaahhh!!!

Mouser: Yeah, they won!

Birdo: It’s okay…

They step on the mat.

Phil: Birdo & Mouser? You’re team number two! Congratulations!

Birdo: Thanks Phil! Thank you!

Mouser: Man, what a blast…

Birdo: Amazing… Simply amazing!

Mouser: Congratulations, you two!

Birdo: Yeah! Great job!

Monsieur: Merci!! Merci!!

Birdo: It was a long race listening to your silly little French accents, but it was fun!

Madame: Hahaha!!

Mouser: I had a lot of fun on the race, I became much better friends with Birdo… and SHE was an amazing partner!

Birdo: Hahaha!

Mouser: The race was like one really long and really amazing journey. I can’t even believe it!

Birdo: Crazy! Just crazy! And second place is amazing! We really didn’t expect to get this far… It’s just wild!!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: …

Raini: Raz? I’m sorry…

Raz: It’s okay, hon. Don’t cry…

Raini: I’ve messed this whole thing up… It’s all my fault.

Raz: It’s not your fault, hon… Come on… I still love you…

Raini: *sniffle*

*Fade to them stepping on the mat*

All: Yaaayyy!!!

Both: *panting*

Phil: Raz & Raini… congratulations, you’re team number three.

Raz: Thanks Phil… thanks a lot!

Raini: *panting*

Raz: Hey… it’s okay, hon! We’re still third! That’s pretty dang good!

Raini: I messed up this whole thing…

Raz: You didn’t! It wasn’t your fault! Things like this are just part of the race…

Raini: *sniffle*

Birdo: You did really well! You won, how many legs? Five?

Mouser: Yeah! You should be proud!

Raz: Yeah! We are… It was amazing!

The other teams rush onto the mat, and hugs and words of congratulations are exchanged.

Boomerang: You did it! Congratulations!

Kroop: Sorry for your loss!

Monsieur: Uh… We won…

Doopliss: Nice job, yo!

Big Boo: Great!!

Monsieur: We won, cherí! Can you believe eet?

Madame: Not at all!

***Monsieur: What an amazing journey! We zought eet was all over when we were last in zee tundra… but we never gave up and never quit! We knew zat until we were eliminated, zere was always a chance zat we could win! Zat’s ‘ow you run zee race!

***Madame: An absolutely spectacular journey! Eet’s brought me so much closer to ‘im! I ‘ave definitely fallen in love with ‘im again. I can’t imagine why I ever let ‘im go… Merci, Amazing Race!

***Mouser: Wow… just wow. I can’t believe what we just went through. It truly was an Amazing Race. Every moment, I was thinking “Oh my gosh, this is impossible! We should just give up”, but we didn’t. We didn’t give up, and we made it to the end!

***Birdo: I couldn’t be more proud of my partner! Mouser is my best friend, and I think the race taught him how to treat me right. For the entire second half, he didn’t insult me at all! Now I think we’ll be much better friends!

***Raz: Third place is still fantastic! I’m so proud of myself and I’m extremely proud of Raini! I’ve never been more in love with her than I am right now. Without her, I never would’ve made it past the first leg…

***Raini: I’ll always have that nagging little feeling of guilt. It was my choice to stay at the wrong golf hole, and I totally panicked in the last Roadblock… but Raz is right. I should be proud of myself… We made it through the entire race, and we won five legs, more than anyone else… I’m so glad…

All: *cheering*

***Monsieur: We did eet!

***Madame: Oui! We did eet!

***Monsieur: I couldn’t be more proud of you! You were absolutely brilliant! Bon travail! We won zee race!

***Madame: Je t’adore!   (I love you!)

***Monsieur: Je t’adore, aussi!    (I love you, too!)

The credits roll.

The credits roll.

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