The Amazing Race MK III

By Giga Bowser NS

Episode 5
Title: Why do I have the nagging feeling that this is gonna be embarrassing?

Phil: Previously on: The Amazing Race MK…

Phil: 8 teams set off from the scorching desert of the Beanbean Kingdom and flew all the way to Diamond City. From the beginning, Hammer Bro. and Boomerang Bro. had money problems.

***Hammer: So we started…walking to the airport.

Phil: Which continued throughout the leg. While most teams had fun playing some of the world-famous WarioWare games, some teams chose the slightly more difficult Detour.

Flurrie: No!!!

Phil: At the headquarters of WarioWare, Inc. teams created their own microgames using WarioWare DIY. Troubles continued to brew for the Brothers, who ran out of money yet again…

Hammer: Don’t touch me, Bro!

Phil: …and got in an argument with a taxi driver. They arrived in last place, but were saved by the first non-elimination leg.

Phil (replay): …you will encounter a Speed Bump…

Phil: But with a Speed Bump looming in the next leg, as well as being almost an hour behind, will they survive, or be eliminated? Eight teams remain. Who will be eliminated…next?

The opening plays with no new Red X’s…

Phil: This is Club Sugar! Nestled in the vibrant Diamond City, it stands out as one of the most popular places to have a good time. This was also the fourth Pit Stop…in a race around the MK. Teams arrived here for a mandatory rest period. During the Pit Stop, in lieu of resting and eating, Hammer Bro. & Boomerang Bro. spent most of the evening begging for money.

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: And anything you could give us would be helpful.

Boomerang: Thank you so much, this really helps us.

***Hammer: We were exhausted. After running the whole leg, we still walked around the block and begged from these people.

***Boomerang: It was an ordeal, but I think it finally ended our money issues…

Phil: The eight teams waiting here have no idea what’s in store for them….Broque Monsieur & Broque Madame, who were the first to arrive at 4:59am…will depart…at 4:59 PM.


Monsieur: Fly to Toad Town and make your way inside zee Castle of Preencess Peach…

Phil: Teams must now fly to Toad Town and make their way inside Princess Peach’s Castle. Once inside, they must find this opening on the third floor, which will warp them high in the sky to the place simply known as Rainbow Ride. Once there, they must traverse a few platforms to find these four spinning platforms to find their next clue.

*Camera shows the Speed Bump on the last platform before the rotating ones, and the clue box spinning around on the first one*

Monsieur: Let’s go!!

Madame: Oú est we going?! (Where are we going?!)

Monsieur: Cèst un beau place in zee sky! Zere are platforms and an ‘ouse and a trés belle ship! (…very beautiful ship)

Madame: Wow!

***Monsieur: We took a cab to zee airport and looked for zee flights to zee Toad Town.

***Madame: Eet felt good to be in first!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds - 5:02 PM
Raz: Cooooolll!! Rainbow Ride!

Raini: Isn’t that place like way high up? Oooh, scary!

Raz: C’mon! TAXI!!

***Raz: We’re running at the head of the pack right now, and it’s simply spectacular.

***Raini: Not only that, but we’re having a great time too!!

*Taxi drives off*

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: ‘Allo?

Agent: Good evening, Sir and Madam. How may I assist you?

Madame: We need to fly to Toad Town as fast as we can.

Monsieur: Zee quickest flight!

Agent: Our soonest flight leaves at 8:00 PM and arrives in Toad Town at 1 PM.

Madame: Can vous check zee ozer airlines?

Agent: Yes, of course…………It looks like the fastest flight in this entire airport is with Peachy Air, departing at 6:10 PM, connecting through Ice Land and arriving in Toad Town at Noon.

Monsieur: Bon, merci! (Good, thank you!)

Madame: So, eizer way, everyone will be on zis flight?

Monsieur: Oui…

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating - 5:10 PM
Bombette: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I’ve always wanted to go there!

Bruce: Rainbow Cruise? Yeah, I heard it’s nice.

Bombette: No, no. It’s Rainbow RIDE. I don’t know why people keep getting that wrong.

Bruce: C’mon!

***Bruce: We’re doing well! We’re keeping with the pack, doing our best, and surviving! That’s all that’s asked of us, and it’s all we’re doing! But don’t worry, when the going gets tough, we’re really pull out all the stops.

Bruce: Go fast please!

***Bombette: Although he can be a bit of a hothead sometimes…

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: This is the fastest flight?

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Oui, we are all going to be on zis flight.

Raini: Wait, no we’re not. The Bros. arrived at 6:05. They’re not going to make it here in time.

Madame: Oh, zat ees right! We forgot about zat!

Monsieur: Hahaha! Zey will be an hour be’ind! Haha!

Everyone: Hahaha!

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer - 5:28 PM
Chanterelle: Fly to-

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends - 5:29 PM
Mouser: -Rainbow Ride and find-

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor - 5:30 PM
Flurrie: -the spinning platforms to find your clue.

Doopliss: Cool. C’mon.

***Doopliss: A bunch of us checked out at nearly the same time.

***Flurrie: We’re on pretty much even footing with some of these competitors.

*Overhead shots of the taxis*

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: When we get to the airport, no messing around, right?

Mouser: Mmmmhmmm…..

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Chanterelle: This is so exciting!

***Toadofsky: Our motivation for trying so hard is that we want to be around to experience the race.

***Chanterelle: Quite frankly, we don’t want to miss out on anything! Haha!

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts - 5:39 PM
Blue Boo: Let’s get going then.

Big Boo: Cool.

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds

Raz: There they are!

Raini: Hey!

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Big Boo: Hi…

Blue Boo: Everyone’s on this flight?

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Toadofsky: We’re all here…

Chanterelle: But one team’s not gonna make it….

Blue Boo: Hmm…

*Tickets Printed*

*High Speed Shots of the Airport*

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Come on! We are leaving!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: We’re off!!

First Flight -- Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame, Bombette/Bruce, Chanterelle/Toadofsky, Flurrie/Doopliss, Raz/Raini, Birdo/Mouser, Big Boo/Big Blue Boo

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners - 6:05 PM
Hammer: And we’re off!

Boomerang: Off to fight another battle!


***Hammer: It’s…so weird being in last place. It feels dirty…it doesn’t feel right.

***Boomerang: We’ll have to try our hardest to get back into the game, or we’ll be eliminated for sure.

Hammer: 8:00? Direct Flight?

Agent: Yes, that’s correct.

Hammer: All right, cool. We’ll buy the tickets.

Boomerang: I guess everyone else got on another flight.

Hammer: And we’re left behind…

Both: …….

Second Flight -- Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro.

First Flight
Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Brrr…Cold…

Raini: If the race ever came here, it’d be interesting…

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: Quite a storm brewing out there…

Bombette: Yeah…

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Where ees zee flight?

Madame: To zis gate.

Attendant: Whoa, whoa, hold up there. We can’t takeoff now.

Monsieur: What?

Attendant: Look out the window!

*Shot outside the window - VERY THICK BLIZZARD*

Madame: Mon dieu! (My gosh!) Where did zat come from?

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: What’s going on?

Raini: Augh! Look at the storm!

All the teams gather at the window.

*Blizzard sounds*

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: It’s gonna be delayed.

Bombette: Ya think?!

Attendant: Well folks, we’re not leaving right now…Delays for at least an hour, I’d say.

Everyone: …….

Doopliss: That stinks…

*Fade out*

Second Flight - 1:00 PM
Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Well, lookie here. We’re here.

Boomerang: Ugghhh….Jst imagine how far behind we are.

Hammer: Look! Te’s the castle!

They approach the front doors. The camera pans up to a balcony.

Peach: Hellooo! Welcome!

Hammer: Haha! Hi! Sorry we kept you waiting so long.

Boomerang: Doesn’t it feel weird to be in her castle…and not kidnapping her?

Hammer: Sure…Third floor?

Boomerang: Right…

They head up the stairs.

Hammer: I see the flag!

Boomerang: Up there? C’mon! Let’s go!

They hop up and jump into the portal.

Hammer: Here we goooo…….

Bah bah bah, bah bah BAH!

Mario’s Voice: Let’s-a go!

Hammer: Wooooww…we’re up high!

Boomerang: Ooohhh…nice. Where’s the clue s’posed to be?

Hammer: Uhh…the rotating platforms…There. I see them up there…

Boomerang: How do we get there?

Hammer: C’mere! Magic Carpets!

They step on.

Hammer: Wahh…Careful.

Boomerang: Watch out for the fire.

Hammer: Let’s get in our shells.

They pass around the first platform and go through the fire.

Hammer: Here we are.

Boomerang: Here’s the Speed Bump.

Phil: Having been spared elimination at the end of the last round, Hammer Bro. & Boomerang Bro. have now hit a Speed Bump…an extra task that only they must complete. In this Speed Bump, Hammer Bro. & Boomerang Bro. must traverse the platforms of Rainbow Ride to get to this area to the south. Here, they must collect two Power Stars. One can be obtained by going past these swinging platforms. The other can be reached with the assistance of timed triangle-shaped blocks. Once both Stars have been collected, they may return to the race with the hope of making up this valuable lost time.


Hammer: Jump onto the spinning platforms and head to the left. Collect the two Power Stars…

Boomerang: I think I see them shining…

Hammer: Wow…looks tough. C’mon, let’s go.

Boomerang: Waugh! These things spin fast!

First Flight - 1:30
Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: Go!

Flurrie: I’m going!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: C’mon! Let’s go!

Raini: I wonder if the Bros. made it here.

Raz: They might’ve.

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Ah, don’t worry. Zey still have zee Speed Bump.

Raini: Right…

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: C’mon!

Bombette: I’m coming!

***Bombette: It was quite a rush from the airport to get to the castle.

Peach: Welcome to my castle!!

Everyone rushes through the door.

Peach: ………Well that was rude.

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
***Raz: It was pandemonium inside the halls of the castle. We were crowded and rushing and it was just a mess.

***Raini: Only one team knew where to go…

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: This way!

Bruce: Wait for me!

***Bombette: I was the only one in the room who’d been inside this castle before.


***Bombette: I was there for the party after my adventure with Mario.
Bruce: Hurry up! They’re all following us!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Careful!

Boomerang: Wahhh….

Hammer: Just jump over here when it reaches the top of its swing…

Boomerang: …Ugh! Made it!

Hammer: Okay, jump up here!

Boomerang: Got it!

***Hammer: We moved swiftly through the Speed Bump. We didn’t mess up once.

Hammer: …and then jump off this swing…and we got it!

Boomerang: One Star! Cool! Shiny!

Hammer: Yeah, yeah, c’mon! The other one is over there!

Boomerang: Gotcha!

***Boomerang: It was pretty easy…

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: Now where?

Bombette: Umm…I dunno!!

***Bombette: The third floor was closed off during the party. They were fixing the window…

Bombette: Umm…Maybe we go up there?

Bruce: What does the clue say?

*Clamour as the other teams squeeze through the door*

Everyone: *talking at once*

Bombette: All right, Shut up! SHUT UP!! I’m finding it!!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Where do we go?

Monsieur: Zis castle est ‘uge!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: I don’t understand this…

Doopliss: Ugghh…

Bombette: Find the…”portal” on the third floor…What portal?

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raini: Didn’t there used to be a clock there or something?

Raz: That got moved to Paintbrush City along with the portal paintings…

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: Maybe we should just look around…

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: What about this?

Boomerang: *slides off a triangle* Hm?

***Hammer: We got a liiiitle stuck on the second Star.

Hammer: Here, I’ll press it.

He steps on the switch. The triangles invert and turn into platforms.

Hammer: Oh! There! Go!

Boomerang: I’m goin’!

Hammer: Hurry! I hear it ticking!

Boomerang: Hup! Hup! Hup! Aaaaaanddd….there! Got it!!

Hammer: Bring it down! We can go back and get the clue now!

Boomerang: Have you seen anyone?

Hammer: No. Maybe they flew somewhere or something…on a magic carpet…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Oh, HERE! I FOUND IT!

***Birdo: Mouser…yelled where the thing was.

***Mouser: I could’ve kept it secret, but Birdo was all the way on the other side of the room. They would’ve seen it anyway.

Birdo: I’m comin’!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Up zere!

Madame: Go!

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Toadofsky: Come on! We’re going up there!

Everyone squeezes into the hole.

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Back up here! We got the two Stars!!!

Boomerang: Speed Bump is done. Where’s the normal clue?

Hammer: Ahaha! There it is! On the spinning platform!

Boomerang: Awugh…

*A bunch of poofs*
Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Here we are! Wow! Look at this place!

Mouser: Look at all the magic carpets! I think we have to take one!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: C’mon! Get on the carpet!

Raini: So cool!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: C’mon!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: You hear something?

Boomerang: It’s just that idiot. *points up*

Lakitu: Teeeheheheheheheee…


Hammer: Read…it…quick…I’m…getting…dizzy…

Boomerang: Detour…

Phil: A Detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. In this Detour, teams will be collecting coins…They must choose between Gold and Red. In Gold, teams will remain on these spinning platforms, and must try to catch 30 coins that are being dropped by this Lakitu. The coins will more than likely bounce off, and teams may get dizzy. But if they can complete this simple task, they will receive their next clue. In Red, teams make their way a short distance to this stone maze. In this strange structure that once housed the 8 Red Coins that Mario needed to retrieve, teams must complete an obstacle course. They will run, jump, climb, clamber, avoid fire, and slide. If they can finish this physical task, they will get their next clue.

Hammer: Let’s just do Red. We can run through that house.

Boomerang: Whatever, let’s just get off these things.

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Ack! Zese carpets are so petit! I am afraid I will fall off!

Madame: Just be careful!

Monsieur: Oy…

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: We have to get up there, right?

Doopliss: Watch out for the fire!

Flurrie: Augh!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Is that someone up there?

Raini: Probably just a Bob-omb or something.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Detour…

Mouser: Let’s do the Red Coins thing.

Birdo: You think?

Mouser: Sure!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Heh heh…Speed Bump!

Raini: Look at those two dorks!


Raz: Let’s try catching them…

Raini: You sure?

Raz: Yeah…We’re a little too short for that obstacle course, don’tcha think?

Raini: Yeah…you’re right.

*Riiiiip* *Riiiiip* *Riiiiiip*
Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: Detour..

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Oh, zee obstacle course sounds fun! Let’s do eet!

Madame: Okay…if you say so…

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Blue Boo: Obstacle course. Definitely.

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: Umm…Eh, let’s do the obstacle course.

Flurrie: It’ll be easy for me, but what about you?

Doopliss: Simple! *transforms into Flurrie* I’ll float through like you!

Flurrie: Eh….That’s kinda creepy.

*Riiiiiip* *Riiiiiip*
Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: We can’t do an obstacle course…

Bombette: You’re right. Gold it is.

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Chanterelle: I think we should catch some coins…

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: What’s all the commotion?

Boomerang: Look! Look at them all!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Who’s that up there? I thought we were in first!

Mouser: OH, WHAT?! It’s the Bros.!!

Birdo: What?

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Zee ‘ammer and Boomerang? Mon dieu! (My gosh!)

Madame: Oh, non!

Other teams come in and say more shocking exclamations.

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
***Doopliss: When we saw the Bros at the task, it was a huge shock. Not only had they already completed their Speed Bump, but they were almost done with the Detour.

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: We’re in first! Dude!! DUDE!! We’re in First!!

Boomerang: C’mon! Let’s not lose it! Go! Jump over that!

Hammer: This course is a cinch!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Well, c’mon! Enough gawking! Let’s catch up to them!

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
***Big Boo: After the initial shock wore off, we focused on CATCHING THEM!

Blue Boo: Go!

Big Boo: Haha! Whee…

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: They’re all yelling at something over at the…thing. Can you see anything?

Raini: Wahh…spinning…….

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: Oh, I see! It’s the Bros.! They’re over there doing the Detour!

Raz: What?! They can’t be here already…

Raini: Well they are, hon. C’mon, let’s catch come coins!

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Chanterelle: The Bros. are over there…oog…I hate this spinning…

Toadofsky: Don’t worry! I’ve already got some coins. We’ll be done soon!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Get the coins!

Raini: I got ‘em…but I’m dizzy…

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: We’re almost done! Jump down there!

Boomerang: Watch out for the fire!!

Hammer: Gah! There’s fire all over this place!

Boomerang: Go! The other teams are hot on our tails!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Oof…Eet ees ‘ard to climb…

Madame: Tiring…

***Monsieur: We can run pretty fast, but our climbing skills are not so good…

Madame: Hoo….Go!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Dude! Go!

Birdo: You’re a *bleep*

Mouser: Shut up and go!

Birdo: Whatever, jerk…

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Big Boo: Will you come on?!

Blue Boo: Just…a second…

***Big Boo: We thought the course would be really easy, since we could float…

***Blue Boo: But they don’t call us the BIG Boo and BIG Blue Boo for nothing…

Blue Boo: I’m stuck…

Big Boo: Ughh…

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: S’cuse me!!

Doopliss (as Flurrie): Coming through!

***Doopliss: Aw, the course was beyond easy! We just floated through!

***Flurrie: It’s good to be me! Hahahaha!!

***Doopliss: We finished the course maybe a minute after the Bros.

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: We’re in first, dude! C’mon!

***Hammer: Once we knew we were back in first, we had renewed vigour! We wanted to win, win, win!!

Boomerang: Ride the carpet…

Phil: Teams must now return to the spinning platforms and take this Magic Carpet. It will take them higher in the sky to this place: The Big House. It is here that teams will find their next clue.

Hammer: Caution! U-TURN AHEAD!!!!!!

Phil: This is the first of only two U-Turns on the race. Teams may use the power of the U-Turn to slow down a team behind them by forcing them to backtrack and complete the other side of the Detour they didn’t previously complete.

Hammer: C’mon!! Wahaaaa!!!

Boomerang: Bros. rule!!! WOOOO!!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Ugh, they’re so arrogant.

Mouser: JUMP!

Birdo: Hold your horses! I’m coming!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: Another magic carpet ride? How magical!

Doopliss: *transforms back* Yeah. Let’s go!! U-Turn, right?

Flurrie: That was easy! But look! The other teams are really fighting!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Go!

Raini: I got it!

Raz: Hahaa!! We’re so awesome! We make a great team!

Raini: I’m just rushing ‘cus I want to get off this SPINNY THING!

Raz: I think we have 30! Lemme check…

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: We’re done! Hurry!

Bruce: Let’s go!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Yeah, we got it! C’mon, we’re falling behind!

*Riiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiip*

Raini: Ooh, that big house up there?

Raz: Yeah, c’mon! We’re all close together again and there’s a U-Turn! Hahaaa!! This is intense!! We don’t wanna be U-Turned, so let’s hurry!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: …….

***Hammer: The carpets moved at a fixed speed, so you couldn’t get ahead or fall behind while riding on them…

Hammer: This is nice…

Boomerang: Yeah…It’s nice to just sit back and relax, eh?

***Hammer: We sat and enjoyed the breeze….

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: WOULD YOU **** HURRY UP?!


Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Desolé!! (Sorry!) Zis passageway ees Trés Petit!!!  (…very small!)

Madame: You zink ees small pour vous?! I am not fat, just big…but zis is ‘ard!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Ugh…It’s like being stuck behind a tanker in traffic.

Monsieur: Silence! You are being very rude!

Birdo: Grrrrrrrr…………

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Big Boo: C’mon, bud! Squeeze through!

Blue Boo: This maze was designed by mice, I swear…


Blue Boo: There we go!


Big Boo: All right, c’mon! We’re getting ahead of people!

Blue Boo: A U-Turn! Ughh, no!

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Chanterelle: ‘sky, this is really making me dizzy.

Toadofsky: Don’t worry, I’ve got a lot of coins over here. Just grab those ones before they drop!!

Chanterelle: Oh…oh, dear, so many coins….Okay, I have them.

Toadofsky: I think that’s enough! Yup!


Chanterelle: Oh, good…I can get rid of my dizziness on the carpet ride!

Toadofsky: Right this way, m’lady!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Here we are! The Floating House!

Boomerang: How…?

Hammer: Don’t….ask how….ever…Look! Here’s the U-Turn!

Boomerang: Should we use it?

Hammer: Ummm…….Uh……..

Boomerang: Look, we’re in first right now. We should save it so we can use the other one if we need it.

Hammer: ……Hm…..yeah, I guess you’re right. We choose not to U-Turn!

Boomerang: Then people won’t hate us. Ah, whatever, they hate us anyway.


Boomerang: Roadblock!

Phil (standing on the roof of the house): A Roadblock is a task that only one person may perform, and no person may do more than 6 on the entire race. In this Roadblock, one team member must make their way to the top of the house, where their next clue awaits. They must grab a Power Flower from this ? Block. Then they will float up to the top and through this hole in the roof. However, their partner must also make the journey by holding onto the ballooned partner.

Hammer: Who’s all hot air? Ahahahahaaa!!

Boomerang: Shut up! Want me to do it?

Hammer: Well, you fit the question! Hahaha!

Boomerang: Whatever. *reads* Hm….Um….This doesn’t make sense.

Hammer: What does it say?

Boomerang: Grab a “Power Flower” and get to the roof. Your partner must come with you.

Hammer: Um…weird. Let’s go get one and figure this out.

Boomerang: Why do I have the nagging feeling that this is gonna be embarrassing?

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Flurrie: There’s the Bros.! C’mon, let’s hurry!

Doopliss: Oh, look Flurrie! There’s the U-Turn! Let’s use it! Let’s use it! Let’s use it!

Flurrie: Why?

Doopliss: *dteps off* Why not? It’s fun!!

***Doopliss: I knew that no matter WHO we U-Turned it would give us an advantage.

***Flurrie: I wasn’t exactly sure if I wanted to do it. It was kinda mean…

Doopliss: C’mon! Let’s do it! It’ll give us such an advantage!

Flurrie: Oh…..oh, all right. Fine. Who shall we U-Turn?

Doopliss: Hmm…..*Shots of the teams as he mentions them* The singer and composer, the bombs and Mouser and that guy…those teams are all weak and will lose eventually.

Flurrie: I agree. And the Broques are in second to last right now. We don’t need to worry about them.

Doopliss: How about the Boos? They’re kinda strong, and they’re on a carpet. I can see them down there.

Flurrie: All right.

They take out Big Boo and Big Blue Boo’s photo and put it up, as well as the Courtesy of Flurrie & Doopliss sticker.

Flurrie: Okay…that’s done.

Doopliss: C’mon then! *Riiiiiip*

Flurrie: Roadblock…I’m full of air anyway. I’ll do it.

Doopliss: Haaahahahahaha!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Oh, mon dieu!   (Oh my gosh!) Finally!

Madame: We should ‘ave collected zee Gold coins…

Monsieur: Come. We will ‘urry and win!


Monsieur: Let’s go!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: Ugh, finally!


Mouser: We’re in last now.

Birdo: And look! Almost all of the carpets have reached the house!

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: That was so nice! We should come back here on a date sometime!

Bombette: Heh heh, yeah sure.

Bruce: Look! The Boos have been U-Turned!

Bombette: Aww…Why would they do that?


Bombette: Uhhh…me! I’ll do it!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Oh my gosh!

***Raini: When we saw that Flurrie & Doopliss had U-Turned the Boos…we were…

***Raz: You could say we were disappointed. It was completely unnecessary.

Raz: Roadblock…

Raini: I’ll do it!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: So….I still don’t get this task. What do we do? How do we get up there?

Boomerang: Here’s the block! *BAM* Here’s the flower.

Hammer: You have to grab it.


Boomerang: Whaaaoooouuuuu!!!

***Hammer: You cannot describe the surprise I experienced when I saw him balloon up like that. I was like *stupefied gasping*

***Boomerang: It felt sooooooo weird. I couldn’t talk, and I felt…all rubbery.

Hammer: Oh….my gosh…

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor

Doopliss: What’s goin’ on here? WHOA! AHAHAHAHAHAAA!! You have to do THAT, Flurrie!

Flurrie: Oh gosh!!

The scene changes as the music gets tense…
Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Big Boo: *sigh* Well, here we are…

Blue Boo: I still don’t see why we had to take the carpets….We could’ve just floated here.

Big Boo: Oh well. Look, there’s the U-Turn!

Blue Boo: What the…? Nooo!!! We’ve been U-Turned!

Big Boo: What?

Blue Boo: By…Doopliss and Flurrie.

Big Boo: Why would they do that?! Ugh!! Why not the Broques or Raz and Raini?!

Blue Boo: C’mon…

***Big Boo: The U-Turn made no sense. Now we had to go back and do the other Detour…

***Blue Boo: It was so pointless. I think everyone’s gonna hate them now…

Big Boo: It says here we can use this teleport to get back to the Detour, but to get back here, we gotta take the carpet again.

Blue Boo: Well, let’s go.

They float to a spot and fizzle out of existence.

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bombette: What do I have to do in- Oh gosh!

***Bombette: It was so funny. I walk into the house to find Boomerang Bro. and Flurrie all ballooned up. Their partners were trying to balance on top of them…

Bruce: Whoa…..Um….whoa…

Bombette: Well c’mon! Here! I got a flower! *Poooooof*

Bruce: Wow…um, how am I gonna get up there?

Bombette: …………!!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds

Raz: Haha, okay…let’s see…Start floating up! I’ll hold onto your hands.

***Raini: He grabbed onto my hands. I didn’t even really feel it…

***Raz: But I slipped off.

Raz: Augh…No, this isn’t gonna work…


Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Toadofsky: Can you do this one?

Chanterelle: Yes, I’ll do it!

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: Okay…wait…I think I got it. I’m gonna flip you over.

***Hammer: I was trying to balance on his shell, but I kept slipping off. Then I flipped him over and rode on his stomach. It worked like a charm.

Hammer: Here we go! Up through the roof!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: Augh, they’re getting away! Okay, I’m balanced! C’mon! Go!

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Chanterelle: ……………Oh my…

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Big Boo: Okay, we’re back. Get the Detour clue out.

Blue Boo: Umm….lessee…We have to catch 30 coins…that are thrown by the Lakitu.

Lakitu: Hee hee hee…

Big Boo: Yeah, shut up and start throwing.

***Big Boo: Y’know, it was actually kinda easy. We just floated above the spinning platforms. We didn’t spin with them.

Blue Boo: Lookit the coins! Get the coins!!

Big Boo: I got ‘em! I got ‘em!

Blue Boo: This shouldn’t take too long, and then we’ll be back in the game!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Yeah! I got it! I got it! Okay, I’m gonna ride you up!

***Raz: Yeah…That task was…hilarious…

Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: I got it! I got it…..just gonna lean you over this way….And…up through the hole!

***Hammer: We made it up through the roof first. We finished the Roadblock first. It’s pretty crazy that we were in last place, and even had to do a Speed Bump, but we were coming out on top.

***Boomerang: We didn’t want to sound cocky, but…


Boomerang: Psssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhh…..Ugh….I did not enjoy that…

Hammer: Hahaha…Here’s the clue!


Hammer: Fly to your next Pit Stop…

Phil: Teams must now strike this ? Block and grab a Feather. Using their new wings, they must fight against high winds and land here…the Rainbow Cruise Ship. This is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race! The last team to check in here……may be eliminated!

Hammer: Cool let’s go!

Boomerang: Ugghh…I feel swishy…

Hammer: Oh, you’re fine. C’mon! We get to fly!

They strike the block, grab the Feather, and get wings on their shells.

Hammer: A triple jump, and we’re off!!! Hahaaaa!

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: C’mon! We’re almost there!! Yeaahhh…We did it!

Flurrie: Pssssssssssshhhh….That was certainly a weird experience…

Doopliss: Haaahahahaha. You looked funny.


Dooplisss: FLY to the Pit Stop! Awesome!

They hit the block and get wings on their backs.

Flurrie: I fly all the time, but this is more fun! Wheee!!

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: All right! We got this!

***Bruce: We were in third. Two teams had gotten up to the roof no problem.

Bruce: We’re off center…gotta move…

***Bruce: But I tried to steer Bombette…and I slipped off…

Bruce: Waugh…Ahhhhhh!! *smack* Oww…

Bombette slowly floats back down with a worried look.

Bruce: Ouch….Mannn…Okay, I’m gonna have to line you up.

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Toadofsky: Keep it together, Chanty! Here we go!!!

***Chanterelle: I will never do anything like that ever again…

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Big Boo: Grab that one before it falls off!!!

Blue Boo: Aughh…I got it!

Big Boo: That’s it…that’s 30! C’mon, let’s get back on track.

***Big Boo: And so we got back on the carpets…again…and headed to the Roadblock.

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Roadblock…

Madame: Umm…I guess I will do zis one.

Monsieur: Very well.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Roadblock…

Birdo: Me, right?

Mouser: Yeah, you’re totally full of hot air! Haha!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Haha, yeah! This is great!

***Raz: After I saw Bruce fall down, I kept my balance better.

Raz: Just…a little to the right….yeah! We’re on our way!

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Toadofsky: Okay, here we go!

Chanterelle: :S

***Chanterelle: Oh my goodness, that was an awful experience. I felt completely bloated

Toadofsky: We passed the bombs!

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: Okay, c’mon…Let’s do this right this time!

Bombette: *whine*

Bruce: I know honey, I’m hurrying!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
***Madame: So I went and grabbed zee flower and pooooof! Eet felt so étrange! (…strange!)

Monsieur: Oh my…Well, I guess I should get on top of vous.

***Monsieur: Eet worked out well for me because she ‘as a flat back. Eet made steering easy.

Monsieur: ‘ere we go!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Birdo: This flower? WAH-*pooooof*


Hammer Bro./Boomerang Bro. -- Partners
Hammer: C’mon man…Get through this headwind! I see the boat!

Boomerang: Wow, cool boat! Looks like an airship, but less manly!

Hammer: Sure!

***Hammer: The headwinds were tough, but we’re tougher. We just dove through it and landed right on the deck of the boat.

Hammer: Haha!! Here we are!

Boomerang: Get on the mat!

Phil: ………..

Hammer: Haha, there’s that look again…

Phil: …Hammer Bro. & Boomerang Bro.? You’re…TEAM NUMBER ONE!!!

Hammer: Yeaaaahhhh!!! Woooo!!!

Boomerang: Speed Bump, nothin’! HAHAAAA!!! We’re back on top again!!! WOOOO!!!

Hammer: Who da best? WHO DA BEST?! Aw, yeah! We da best!! HAHAAA!!

Phil: Well, guys, I have some good news for you. As the winners of this leg of the race, you will be taking a cruise on this very ship across the wondrous land known as Rainbow Cruise.

Hammer: What, isn’t that here?

Boomerang: No, this is Rainbow RIDE.

Phil: Last place…hours behind…no money…and a Speed Bump. Now here you are in first again.

Hammer: Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be! We’re unstoppable!


Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: There we go…there we go…

***Bruce: We got passed by two teams…

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Toadofsky: Okay! Here we go! This is easy!

***Toadofsky: We passed by the Bob-ombs. Bruce was having some trouble steering his….girlfriend…

Toadofsky: Yeah…there we go…This is a cinch!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Ahhh…there! We’re through! Okay, R’ini, you can let out the air now!

Raini: Psssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhh………..Blughh….I think I’m gonna puke…

Raz: Don’t worry, it’s just all the air.

Raini: Please don’t make me do anything like that again.


Raini: Oh, boy! We get to fly!

Raz: I thought you weren’t feeling well!

Raini: Forget that! FLYING! Yay!!

They grab a Feather and get wings on their heads and takeoff.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Wahhh…You’re not flat! This is hard!

***Mouser: Obviously I need to work on my balancing skills…

Mouser: Grr….We gotta get going!

***Mouser: I was worried. The only team that was behind us was the Boos because they were doing the U-Turn. I knew that balance wasn’t gonna be an issue with them. They’d do the Roadblock in no time flat…

Mouser: Grr…

Flurrie/Doopliss -- Actress/Actor
Doopliss: There it is! Dive! Dive!

Flurrie: Wheee!!!! This was fun!

They land and head for the mat.

Doopliss: Phil! Look how far in front we are! Haha!

Phil: …Flurrie & Doopliss…You’re team number two!

Doopliss: All riiiight!!!

Flurrie: That’s fantastic.

Doopliss: And next time we’ll be first!

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Toadofsky: Okay! We’re through the roof! C’mon!

Chanterelle: Hoooooooo….That was unpleasant. No more Roadblocks for me…

Toafosky: Aw, it’s okay! You did so well!


Chanterelle: Oh, we get to fly? Oh…I don’t know if I can…

***Chanterelle: There have been times on this race that I’ve been very nervous…but Toadofsky is always there to encourage me and give me confidence. I don’t think I could’ve done this race with anyone else.

They have wings on their heads.

Toadofsky: You ready! Then let’s flyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Chanterelle: Wahhh!! Oh my!!! Wow!! This is fantastic!!! Hahaaa!!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
***Mouser: So the people still doing the Roadblock were the Bob-ombs…

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: Ohhh….this is taking so long…But we gotta do it like this, otherwise we’ll fall…

Bombette: >.<

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
***Mouser: …the Broques…

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: We are catching up to zee Bombs!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
***Mouser: …and ourselves…

Mouser: Oh, man…This is harder than it looks…

Birdo: Mnnnnnnnnnn…

Mouser: We gotta move…

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Oui! Oui!! ‘ere we go!! Ah, non…

***Monsieur: We were doing zee Roadblock fast and were about to pass zee bombs, but zen sey went zrough zee ‘ole and zere was no room to pass zem…

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Bruce: Hahaa!! HAHAAA!! We did it! We’re done!

Bombette: Blllllluuuuuuughhhhh…..I’m…dizzy…..

Bruce: I’m soooo sorry, hon. That took a really long time, I know. But we’re done now!


Bombette: Oh boy! Flying to the Pit Stop! C’mon! Let’s go!!!

Bruce: This’ll be awesome!

Raz/Raini -- Newlyweds
Raz: Woohooo!!!! Dive down!!!

Raini: We’re there!! Wooooo!!!

Raz: Wow, what a beautiful ship!!

Phil: …Raz & Raini?

Raz: Yeah, Phil?!

Phil: …You’re team number three!

Raz: All right! That’s pretty good!

Raini: Haha, what a blast! I can’t believe the Bros. made it like that! Did they check in already?

Phil: Yes. They were team number one.

Raz: Aw, mannnn!! Those guys are tough!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Ugh, not this again…

***Mouser: Because Broque Madame is so FAT she plugged up the opening to the roof. They were trying to squeeze through, and I just had to sit there, balancing on Birdo.

Mouser: Grrr…

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts

Big Boo: Roadblock…Who’s full of hot air?

Blue Boo: I guess I’ll do it.

Big Boo: Okay. We gotta make up time from the U-Turn…

Chanterelle/Toadofsky -- Singer/Composer
Phil: Chanterelle & Toadofsky? You’re team number four!!

Toadofsky: Yeaahhh!!!

Phil: The race getting tough?

Chanterelle: Oh, please don’t get me started…ugh…

Toadofsky: Heh heh heh…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: Oh, no! They’re here!

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Blue Boo: There’s two teams up there! Good! We can catch up! What do I do?

Big Boo: Just touch the flower, I guess.


Big Boo: Whoa…You’re huge….And all I have to do is balance on you? Ha! Easy for a Boo.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends

***Mouser: I even started pushing Madame…Eventually she popped through.

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Psssssssshhhhh…..

Monsieur: Ah, we are done…Grab zee clue!


Madame: Flying to zee Pit Stop…Oh, bon!!

Monsieur: Grab a Feazer! We get zee wings!!

They get wings on their backs.

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: You guys seriously need to lose some weight! Jeez!!


Birdo: Oooh, flyiinnggg!! Fun!! C’mon! Let’s hurry!

Both teams triple jump and takeoff.

Bombette/Bruce -- Newly Dating
Phil: Bombette & Bruce…? You’re team number five!

Bombette: Yaaayyy!! Yay yay yay!

Bruce: Oh, we were gonna be like third, but I fell.

Bombette: It’s okay! As long as we’re still in the race!

Bruce: Yeah…

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: C’mon! We gotta get to the Pit Stop now!

Birdo: The Boos are already through the roof!

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Big Boo: That was pathetically easy…


Blue Boo: Blugh….Fly to the Pit Stop.

Big Boo: “Fly”? Oh, we gotta grab a Feather or something, right?

Blue Boo: Yup.

Big Boo: Ugh…

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Ma cherí!! Zis ees tough!!

Monsieur: I know! Just try to stay ‘igh and go around zee winds!

***Monsieur: Because we were so big, eet was difficult to fly…

Monsieur: We will make eet!!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: They’re flying!!!

Birdo: The ship is right down there! Ack…

Mouser: Careful!

Birdo: There’s so much wind!

Mouser: Just dive towards the ship! C’mon! We’ll make it!

Birdo: Gaaahhh…

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Big Boo: C’mon, ya big lug! I see two teams up there! We can catch up!

Blue Boo: Shut up and go!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: I am afraid of zee falling!

Monsieur: Do not worry! Just ‘ead for zee ship!!

Birdo/Mouser -- Partners/Best Friends
Mouser: And we’re there!!

Birdo: Hahaaa!!!! Wooooo!!!

Mouser: We made it! We totally made it!

Phil: Birdo & Mouser? You’re team number…um…

Mouser: Aw, c’mon already!!

Phil: Six!!

Birdo: Wahoooo!!!

Mouser: Yeah, and there’s two strong teams behind us. One of them’s…goin’ home!

Birdo: Haha, yeah!!

***Birdo: We’re doing so well! So great! Everything’s fantastic!

***Mouser: We’re slowly moving up, staying with the pack. We just gotta keep knocking off these other teams!

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Madame: Monsieur!! I cannot beat zee wind! Eet ees too strong!

Monsieur: Come over zis way! We will try to go around eet!

Madame: Augh!!

***Monsieur: Getting to zee Pit Stop was much ‘arder zan we zought!

***Madame: Zee wind was a gale force!

Monsieur: Ugh…

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Blue Boo: C’mon! Don’t fall behind!

Big Boo: I’m coming!

Blue Boo: To the Pit Stop…

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Now move zis way and dive to zee ship!

Madame: I am coming!

Monsieur: Do not give up!

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Big Boo: We’ll make it!! C’monnn!!!

Blue Boo: Go! Go! Go!!

Phil: …………..

*Shot of the Pit Stop Mat*


*Loud impact as someone lands*

Broque Monsieur/Broque Madame -- Separated Couple
Monsieur: Come on! Right ‘ere!

Madame: Yay!!!

Phil: Broque Monsieur & Broque Madame? You’re team number…seven!

Monsieur: We are still in zee race! Oh, bon!

Madame: Zat was too close!

***Monsieur: Eet was really shocking to come in second-to-last! Very scary!

***Madame: We were almost eliminated…We need to step up our game.

***Monsieur: Oui…We can’t do zis again.

Big Boo/Big Blue Boo -- Ghosts
Big Boo: Here we are! Down here! On the boat!

Blue Boo: Yeah, yeah, I’m coming.

Big Boo: Well, we’re here, Phil…

Phil: Big Boo & Big Blue Boo….

Both: ….

Phil: You’re the last team to arrive.

Big Boo: I can’t…

Phil: ….I’m sorry to tell you that you’re both been eliminated from the race.

Blue Boo: It was the U-Turn

Big Boo: Completely the U-Turn.

Blue Boo: If we hadn’t been U-Turned…we’d still be in the race…

Big Boo: Unbelievable…

***Big Boo: Our race ended…It ended much, much sooner than it should have.

***Blue Boo: Flurrie & Doopliss…I still have no idea why they U-Turned us…

***Big Boo: It just didn’t make any sense…

***Blue Boo: Well, karma is a *bleep* and it will come back and bite them.

***Big Boo: But despite all that, we still had a good time.

***Blue Boo: Yeah… A great time…

They float off.

Big Boo: We’re sorry, Your Highness…

The Credits Roll…

To Be Continued...

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