The Unknown Enemy

By Mango

Well, Halloween is coming to the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario defeated Bowser again, Luigi fears for his life because of King Boo, and there is peace in all lands.

Mario: Well, it sure is another nice day in the MK! I just ate some pasta (again) and Iím ready to relax!

Peach: Well, thatís all you do this time of year! At least Luigiís a little more on his feet! By the way, where is Luigi?

Mario: Probably at E.Gaddís place getting some Mini-Poltergusts for around the house. You know how he gets around Halloween. Heís so afraid that King Boo will kidnap him and try to use him to get to me, yadayadayada, and he could get turned intoÖ OH! Hey Luigi! Where were you?

Luigi: Just went to E.Gaddís place to talk about installing new mini-gusts he made! Well, if you guys need me, Iíll be going for a little walk. Iíll be back for the baseball game!

Peach: Okay, but you just be careful. I know this got old, but donít go near the forest to Dark Land, donít trip, try to come back a little early, and donít get in any trouble with anyone.

Luigi: Yes Mom!

So Luigi left for his walk and didnít come back for baseball. Mario, Peach, and Daisy (who arrived for the game) all started getting worried. This was not like Luigi. He never went anywhere he knew would cause him harm, and he certainly never went to places that he wasnít familiar with. Something was wrong. So the three started a search party to go find him. They started looking near the trails and woods and any place Luigi usually went jogging

Daisy: LUIGI! WHERE ARE YOU?! THIS ISNíT FUNNY! Geez! Weíve been searching for 4 hours now! Itís getting dark. I think we might need to call it a night and file a missing persons report with the Toadsville Police Department. (Yes, Luigi lives in Toadsville, very close to the castle.) We can start another search tomorrow.

Mario: This is horrible luck for him! He just got his new house too! Wait... Whatís that shadowy figure I see over there? Letís go check it out!

Peach: Mario! I think thatís Luigi! Whatís he doing out here?! Luigi! LUIGI!

Luigi: Ugh! I can hear you perfectly, Peach! I can explain! Can we just get out of here? I think Iím getting a major poison ivy rash!

Well, they got back to the castle after finding Luigi. The medical Koopas treated all the wounds he got and they all sat down and listened to his story.

Mario: (upset) So Luigi, where in the world were you?! You think you can just get lost, worry us to death, and then just magically come back from being lost?! You worried your (older) brother sick!

Daisy: Calm down, Mister ďbig brother who thinks he can control his brotherís lifeĒ! We all want to hear his story.

Peach: Yeah!

Luigi: Well, I was about to turn around and come back when I tripped over a root and hit my head on a rock. I know the thin odds for that to happen, but they did happen. When I woke up, I was completely disoriented. So I went the wrong way! When I fully came back to my senses, I realized that I was lost. So I just went in one direction, not knowing what would come. Then I wandered into a part of the woods where there was this little house with a nice Toad living there. He gave me directions to get back on the trail, but then other stuff happened.

Mario: What did you get yourself into this time?

Luigi: Hey! It was an accident!!

Daisy: Yeah Mario! Leave Luigi alone! Continue, Luigi.

Luigi: Ok. So I then met a couple of Boos on the way to the trail, and they ganged up on me. Since I didnít have my Poltergust or a flashlight with me, they decided that they would give me a huge scare for Halloween. So I ran away and I tripped again, but I didnít hit my head. Thatís where I got all the cuts. So I saw the land marker that the Toad told me about, and I walked north. Thatís when I barely heard Daisy calling for me. Then as I got closer... well, you know. I heard Peach and we were reunited. The End.

Peach: Oh, well Iím glad my voice got to you and we found you. We really got worried. We almost filed a missing persons. I donít think it was a good idea to move near your haunted mansion near this time of year with no one around.

Luigi: Donít worry. I moved near the outside of Toadsville because Toadette and a few good Toads live there. You guys donít need to worry. Just to please you guys, Iíll stay here at the castle tonight.

Mario: Good. We donít want anything bad happening to you. Now, take a shower and go to bed. You really smell bad. Just, be careful next time you decide to go on a walk near your haunted mansion. I donít want to be the only Mario Bro left.

Daisy: Hey guys! I just got a transmission from Rosalina!

Rosalina: Hello! I just wanted to let you know that the universe is safe. Iíll be by your galaxy soon, so Iíll drop by just in case! Bye! Oh wait, watch out! The level of paranormal activity is really high in your area. Especially near the castle. Iíll drop by to see if you need my help with anything. Daisy, keep in touch.

Daisy: Okay. Guys, we really need to investigate this paranormal level thing. Obviously, King Boo might be behind this. Letís all go rest up! Night!

Everyone Else: Night!

Outside the castle at night... (Spooky!)

??: Master, Iím setting up ďthemĒ now. Just as you said.

Master: Donít do too much harm to the people. You know this is just a warning. I saw what that star princess said! Now hurry!

??:  Yes, Master.

The next morning, there was a little mess outside the castle! Who exactly were those people from last night?

Mario: Mamamia! Whatís with this mess?! Luigi, do you know anything about this?

Peach: Mario, heís still sleeping. I told him to come down and see the mess, but he just said that he wanted to sleep. So I let him. No harm done.

Mario: Thatís strange, he usually isnít the last one up. And usually heís the one who makes me breakfast when Iím around. Really good breakfast. No offense.

Peach: Yeah. Youíre in luck. I donít have my umbrella with me right now. Whereís Daisy?

Mario: She went to Sarasaland for a bit. She said that sheíd call later. Oh! Look whoís finally up!

Luigi: Ugh. Stop shouting. And stop being mad at me. Geez. Youíre too overprotective and you act WAY too much like Mom. Woah! Look at the mess we have here. The clean-up crew will have a lot to clean up. Well, itís way too bright out here so Iím going inside. And Iím not going to make breakfast today because I have work. Deal with it.

Mario: Geez. I already ate breakfast. And youíre a little emotional today. Plus, itís not even that bright outside.

Peach: Mario!

Luigi: Well Mario, it may not be bright to a person who woke up a 3+ hours ago. Donít bother me today.

Mario: Whatever. Just lose the attitude. Bye.

Peach: Well, that was an unusual event. Iíve never seen you guys argue. Letís go practice for baseball. I want to get ready for the big game against Daisy and Luigiís team. Címon!

Well, Mario and Peach go and practice for the big game. But, in Dark Land, thereís another problem. Bowserís Castle had a little unknown visitor too! And things really donít look great at his place.

Larry: King Dad! How is he, Ludwig?

Ludwig: Well, King Dad did suffer major burns from being directly hit with the bomb. He said that the person who threw the bomb said that he didnít mean for King Dad to get hit. He said the voice was familiar, but at the same time different. So weíve been asked to go find out who it was that hurt Dad. But... thereís a catch.

Lemmy (who came bouncing on his ball): Whatís the catch, Ludwig?

Ludwig: Well...

Later that day, the doorbell at the castle rings and Daisy answers it only to see an unexpected guest.

Daisy: Lemmy Koopa! What are you doing here?!

Lemmy: Well tootz, if you must know, just like how this castle was bombed so were we. But, King Dad was caught in the blast and he asked me to ask you guys if youíd... help us... find... OUT WHO DID THIS?!

Daisy: Well, let me ask Peach. Címon in. Iíll get Luigi to show you around. LUIGI!

Luigi: WHAT?!




Luigi: Why is he here now?

Daisy: Luigi, you act like something happened.

Luigi: No. Iím sorry. Itís just that weíre usually enemies, and seeing him here kinda shocked me. Iíll show him around...

Well, Luigi went and showed Lemmy (who almost broke a lot of stuff with his ball) around. And Daisy, Mario, and Peach talked about Lemmy. They came to a decision.

Mario: Well, Lemmy, we believe you and will help you. You and your siblings can even stay here. But, I have to ask a personal question. Are you the youngest Koopaling?


Mario: Wow. Okay. Get your siblings.

Lemmy left.

Mario: Luigi, can I talk to you?

Luigi: Yeah?

Mario: Why havenít you been doing your work for your detective agency? I got a call from Toadette and she said that you havenít even called her today! Sheís worried sick about you! Whatís up with you?! Getting a little tude with me, getting angry quickly, sleeping late, not doing your work, and being rude to everyone! Seriously!


Mario: Okay. gínight.

Luigi leaves.

Mario: Well, that was odd.

Peach: Yes. That really was strange. Whatís come over him? A secret? Something heís worried about?

Mario: No, if he was worried about something or if he was keeping a secret, he would be sweating and stuttering all the time. This is different. Itís like somethingís possessed him or heís just really changed. Iím worried. I think we need a report from Rosalina. DAISY! GET ROSALINA ONLINE!

Daisy: Already did. Hey Rosalina!

Rosalina: Hello! The levels of paranormal activity in your area has increased greatly since this morning. Iím coming near your planet. But Iíll need somebody to come get me tomorrow! Iíll land around the castle. Tell everyone whoís not here that I said hi! Goodbye!

Mario: Well, Daisy. I think you shou-

Peach: No! Let me! I still owe her a thank you for helping you save the universe.

Daisy and Mario: Okay.

Daisy: Now... we need to go to bed. Gínight!

Mario and Peach: Gínight!

Another night is coming, but our mystery villains are also coming.

Master: Now, get a littler closer to the princess, but still donít harm her. We donít want another incident like last night, do we?

??: No, Master. I am sorry for my mistake. I will not fail you this time.

Master: Good. Do you need me to take you over so you donít fail?

??: No, Master. It is not time for you to do that yet. Wait for tomorrow night, Hallowís Eve. I will go now.

Master: Good, be careful. Iím leaving.

??: Goodbye, Master. Well, now I need to climb up that castle, but that wonít be easy. Here we go! Keep balance, balance, almost there! The last roc-! NO! Oh no! One innocent! NO! Must drop the bomb and GO!



Mario: Wha? Peach? Whatís-


Mario: Oh no! LUIGI!

Luigi was then wheeled off to the local hospital with major burn injuries, like Bowser. He was put in the burn section of the hospital. Mario and Daisy stayed the rest of the night. Peach had to wait for Rosalina. Even the Koopalings were there.

Morton: Well, itís so bad, terrible, horrible, completely shocking, dreadful, awful, ghastly, gruesome, appal-

He got a sock stuffed in his mouth by Roy.

Roy: All you gotta say is Ďat it was bad! Geez! We all feel sírry for you!

Wendy: Terrible. Just like King Dad. I actually feel bad for him, and heís our enemy.

Iggy: Yeah. I now feel bad for all the times I sent an enemy (especially Chain Chomps!) at him with the intent to kill him. Man.

Daisy: Well, thank you all for your wishes, but we need to get back to the castle. Plus, I need to give you guys rooms.

Mario: Luigi, will you be okay here by yourself?

Luigi: Yeah. Iíll be fine. Just sleeping. See you tomorrow.

Mario: Yeah. Get better.

Mango (narrator): Well, the next morning came and Mario, Peach, and the Koopalings all went to Luigiís room where all they found was a note.

Mario: Oh no! LUIGI! Whatís this note?

Dear Mario,

I have taken your brother and am holding him hostage.

If you want him back, then you must come to ďhisĒ mansion.
-King Boo

Daisy: Oh God. An adventure on Halloween. This doesn't sound good. Iíve been investigating a little into this, and it doesnít seem like this is all coincidence.

Mario: Whatís a coincidence?

Daisy: Oh, Iíll explain later.

So, Mario and Daisy went to Gaddís place and got some equipment for the night and got communicators to Peach in case Rosalina came in time for the adventure.

Mario: You ready guys?

Wendy, Ludwig, Lemmy, Iggy, and Larry: Yup. Letís kick King Booís butt!

Morton: Yeah! Letís go and win the battle. Conquer the field! Beat the bad guy! Save Luigi! Show off our pride as Koopali-!

Roy: Shaddap! Letís go do this for King Dad and Luigi!

Daisy: Yup! Iím ready to get Luigi back! To the mansion!

It started getting dark outside. The gang needed to turn on their flashlights to see. They finally got to the mansion after hours of Lemmy and Larry complaining about how long it would be until they got to the mansion and Mortonís nonstop talk about the best food ever. They finally got to the mansion.

Mario: Morton, Iím not trying to be mean, so, take it, Roy.

Roy: Shaddap!

Morton: Okay.

Daisy: Anyway... I have a map of the mansion that E.Gadd gave me. So now we can direct ourselves around the mansion. He said that King Boo was in the bottom cellar.

Mario: Yeah. I remember. It was not fun being a painting. Itís the second time Luigi saved me. But, now I have to save him in the place where he saved me. It kinda ruins the place.

Daisy: Itís okay, Mario,  itís okay.

Mario: Well, we need to split up. Daisy, you go with Wendy, Roy, Iggy, and Larry. Iíll take Ludwig, Lemmy, and Morton. Iíll take my group downstairs and Daisy, you take your group upstairs. Letís go! For Luigi!

All: Yeah!

With Marioís group, they were in for a ride.

Morton: Letís take the long journey, the incredible trek, the impossible road to where Luigi, the sidekick, the plumber in green, Marioís younger brother is!

Lemmy: Morton, Iím gonna act like Roy now. SHADDAP!

Morton: Fine.

Mario: Thatís why I wanted Lemmy with me if I had Morton. So, Ludwig, does your invention sense any paranormal activity?

Ludwig: Itís sensing something very strange down there in the basement level. But, itís sensing a huge amount of paranormal activity upstairs too!

Mario: Should we head upstairs?

Ludwig: No, Daisy and her group can handle the action up there. What we need to be worried about is the level of paranormal activity downstairs.

Mario: Okay. Letís go team.

Meanwhile, upstairsÖ

Daisy: Címon, guys! We can do this!

Wendy: I know I can! Iím the best at everything I do!

Roy: SHADDAP Wendy! Youíre turning into a slightly better version of Morton! Just fight the Boos!

Daisy: Remember, you need to shine a light on them for them to become solid matter! Larry! Youíre the fastest! Either put the lights on or put the flashlights somewhere!

Larry: Okay

Larry turned on the hall lights.

Larry: I did it, Daisy! Letís fight! Yahoo!

Iggy: Yes! Take that and stick it in your dreamcatcher!

Daisy: Not funny.

Iggy: Sorry.

Well, the Boos did turn into solid matter. So Larry was running in circles to distract the Boos, and he mightíve gotten a little dizzy from that. Wendy used her high-heels and destroyed the Boos with every high-kick she did. Roy just used his fists and smashed all the Boos in sight. He was dodging and hitting. Iggy and Daisy did a sort of tag team. Iggy would go in his shell and Daisy would throw him at the Boos. They even used ectoplasm.. It was a pretty huge fight.

Wendy: I think thatís all of them! Yup! It is!

Larry: Cool! Fastest time in a while!

Roy: I got my hourly dose of smashing and bashing in.

Iggy: I just got 1 more hour of no bruises! Yay!

Daisy: We should just check the rest of the floor just to make sure we werenít messing with the distraction.

Larry: Yup. That would be kinda sad.

Roy:  Well, you guys should be happy. I got my hourly dose of smashing, which couldíve been used on you.

Iggy: Heís right. But Daisyís also right, we need to check the rest of this floor.

Beep! Buzz! Beep! Buzz!

Daisy: Hello? Yeah, itís me. Sheís here, great. Come to the mansion as fast as you can! Okay. Bye!

Iggy: Who was that?

Daisy: A friend.

So, now that their little fight was done and Daisyís call was finished, the group checked the rest of the upper floor. And it was surprisingly okay. The group couldnít find Luigi, but they found a diary.

Daisy:  Well, this looks bad.

Roy: What does it say, Daisy?

Daisy: Well, itís talking about the ďKingísĒ new plot and he needs... Oh no. We need to find Mario!

Roy: Whatís in the diary?

Daisy: Iíll have to explain on the way down, Iím going to need to talk to Mario on the communicators.

She turned the communicator on.

Daisy: Mario! Can you read me?

Mario: Yes! Did you find anything good? Did you find Luigi?

Daisy: No, but he is downstairs. I got a call from Peach! Rosalinaís here and she and Peach are coming! And I found something about King Boo. This whole kidnapping of Luigi has been premeditated for a long time.

Mario: Whatís he gonna do to Luigi?

Daisy: Heís going to------!!!

The transmission was disconnected. Daisy was furious. So she told her group that they still had to head downstairs, but they had to be careful because something was happening, and Daisy knew exactly what.

Meanwhile, in Marioís groupÖ

Mario: Daisy said to keep going downstairs. Do you guys agree?

Ludwig: Yes. I do think that staying in the basement will find us Luigi and whoever harmed King Dad.

Lemmy: Yup! Iíll be careful on my ball so no one hears me!

Morton: Why would you even bring such a horribly loud thing to this place? Weíre trying to be quiet, sneaking, spy-like, like Larry, like Mush Bondsroom! Why would yo-

All: Shut up!

Ludwig: Mario! Iím getting lots of paranormal activity levels in that room at the end of the hall! We must check it out!

Mario: Okay. Wait! Thatís the same room I think I was trapped in when Luigi saved me! Heís a painting now! Wait, I shouldnít jump to conclusions, but yeah. Morton, I need for you to go back upstairs and wait for Peach and Rosalina!

Morton: Why?

Mario: They might be helpful! Just go!

Morton: Okay! The Great Morton can even do that!

Morton ran upstairs.

Mario: Ludwig, Lemmy, are you two ready for a god fight?

Ludwig: Yup. I concur that with this level of paranormal activity and with our combined strength, including Daisyís group, we can win this fight and rescue Luigi.

Lemmy: Letís beat up King Boo for hurting King Dad!

Mario: Yup. Letís-a go!

The three ran in after Ludwig smashed the door down. And they found a surprise in the room.

Mario: Luigi! What are you doing in here?

Luigi: Mario! I escaped King Boo and got lost. So I somehow found myself in here!

Ludwig: Mario! You might want to see this! My scanner doesnít go crazy until I point it this way.

Mario: No! You canít mean... Luigi! Whatís with this? Are you a ghost or is it just because youíve been around too many ghosts at once?

Luigi: Thatís it, Mario! Iíve just been around a lot of Boos!

Daisy: No! Mario, I know you donít wanna hear this, but I found a diary describing why King Boo wanted Luigi! Thatís not Luigi!

Mario: No... Luigi...

Luigi(?): Well, Flower Princess... it looks like you figured me out.

Luigi started to glow like a ghost would. He floated into the air and started turning paler. His eyes were black instead of white. He had black cracks coming from his eyes. The group knew it wasnít Luigi talking anymore, it was King Boo.

King Boo: Haha! Now the transformation is complete! Before you perish, do you want to know what happened? Well, Iím going to tell you anyway. So, I had been preparing for this event since January. I was still weak, so I needed time before I could control him fully. Then, I could go out into the light and control the world! So, when Luigi moved out here 3 weeks ago, I kidnapped him and started to take control of him. Though, since I was still weak, I controlled him like a puppet, but only his mind. I slowly got stronger, and my control got stronger too. He was losing his will. And right around 3 days ago, I almost had full strength and control. So I needed him to ďget lostĒ again. This time I made it so I got full control of his mind. He put up a fight, but we easily overpowered him. So, I got him to bomb the castles, and here we are now.

Mario: Why did you injure him?

King Boo: That was an accident. But now itís time to destroy all of you with my new body!

So the fight started. King Boo used some of Luigiís green fireballs, but they were bigger and faster. King Boo also summoned a bunch of Boos from nowhere. Lemmy, Iggy, Larry, and Roy actually teamed up and attacked the Boos, but they were just too strong.

Roy: Yo Larry! Do you got any more flashlights?

Larry: No! I used them all last time!

Iggy: Lemmy, I donít think our tag team move will work!

Lemmy: Youíre right! We canít do anything but stall the inevitable! Agh!

The Boos started to overpower the foursome. They even started to overpower Roy! And Mario, Daisy, Wendy, and Ludwig werenít making any progress either.

Wendy: Mario! King Boo is just too powerful! I think heís using Luigiís powers times 9! Heís just too powerful! Watch out! Donít you dare kick me! I am Wendy O. Koopa! Donít ever kick me agai~!!!

King Boo had punched Wendy with extra dark power to help him KO her. Ludwig wasnít having better luck. He was dodging, but barely. King Boo was throwing ghostly fireballs at Ludwig with great speed.

King Boo: Hahaha! Foolish Koopaling! Do you actually think you all can beat me? Come on, Mario. Come at me with full force. Or is it my face that makes you unable to do anything? And Daisy! I dare you to hit me! Take this! And this! HAHAHAHA!!!!!

Daisy: Mario, I donít think we can take more damage. Wendy, Larry, and Iggy are unconscious. Ludwig, Lemmy, and Roy are almost about to join their siblings. You and I are tired and injured. We canít do this anymore. We need a miracle!

Mario: Wait! I think I have a miracle! The mini-gusts have an ectoplasm setting. If we canít suck King Boo out of Luigi, then we use the only things Boos are naturally weak to! Ludwig, Lemmy, Roy! Set your mini-gusts to ectoplasm mode!

Ludwig, Lemmy, Roy: íK!

The Koopalings set their mini-gusts to ectoplasm mode and the group (what was left of it) and Marioís team started seeing hope. But that didnít last too long.

Luigi: Mario, Daisy, the pain... Please! Iím back! Think of the pain youíre putting me through right now! Agh!

Mario: LUIGI! NO! I CANíT!


Mario: (crying) Daisy, I canít hurt him anymore! Heís my brother!

Daisy: Mario! Watch out!




King Boo: No! What are you doing?!

Daisy and Mario: Rosalina! Peach!

Peach: Mario! We got here just in time!

Daisy: Mario! Koopalings! We still need to keep firing! Címon!

Rosalina: King Boo, I will drive you out of Luigi with the trick I learned from the Ancients!

King Boo: No! How did you find the Ancients?!

Rosalina: My observatory went right past their galaxy and they sent me a letter saying they needed to see me about future events!


Rosalina: Yes. Now I need you guys to keep firing ectoplasm at him! Iíll deal the final blow!

Mario, Daisy, Lemmy, Ludwig, and Roy: Okay! Címon!

Rosalina: Imperium Lucis! Imperium Astrorum! IMPERIUM VITAE! (Power of Light, Power of the Stars, POWER OF LIFE!)

King Boo: NO!!! (on the ground) Let me... just say..... one last thing... Since I had control over him for so long... I passed an extremely rare disease to him... and itís incurable. And, when I took full control of his mind and body, his soul shattered. So, heís gone... and Iíll be back!

King Boo disappeared.

Peach: NO! LUIGI!


Mario: Luigi. Why didnít you tell us that things were happening?

Mario grabbed hold of his brother and started to cry.

Ludwig: I do actually miss the green plumber. He was fun to hang around and punch.

Lemmy: Smushing him with my ball was always fun. But he was a good person.

Roy: Yeah. Using him as a punching bag was cool. He even helped us get better when we were sick.

Peach: Luigi...

Rosalina: I think I can help.

All: You can?!

Rosalina: Yes. While visiting the Ancients, I learned how to fix oneís soul after it shatters. And I could cure him.

Mario: Thank you so much.

Rosalina: Here we go! Imperium vitae! Imperium curatiis! IMPERIUM SERVANTIS! (Power of Life! Power of Healing! POWER OF SAVING!)

Luigiís eyes started to glow white, and his body rose a little into the air. Then he suddenly fell into Marioís arms.

Mario: Luigi? Are you alive?

Luigi: Ugh... Wha? Mario, Daisy, Peach, Rosalina, Koopalings? Where am I? Is this where I think it is? The basement of my mansion?

Daisy: King Boo took control of you and Rosalina saved you!

Luigi: Well, thanks Rosalina!

Rosalina: No problem!

Mario: Iím hungry! So letís go home! Iíll cook breakfast for all of us!

Luigi: No, Mario! No!

Rosalina: Let me cook! Itís the least I can do for you guys!

Peach: Okay!

The next morning, Mario came downstairs to see Rosalina finally finished with... uhhh...

Mario: Rosalina, what is that? Itís gray.

Rosalina: Itís a delicacy to the Lumas and in some galaxies! Try it! Itís very delicious!

Peach: Yeah, Mario! I was skeptical about the food at first, but it was actually good.

Mario: Oh no! Iím not eating gray goop!

Peach: Yes you are!

Mario: No Iím not!

Peach: Eat it!

She threw some of the goop at Mario but he dodged.)

Luigi: Hey gu~!!! Ah! What is this stuff!? It tastes so good! Mario, I expected worse from you!

Mario: What are you saying? This isnít even mine! Do you not like the breakfast I cook for you?!




Rosalina: Should we stop them?

Peach: No. Just let them go.

The End

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