Paper Iggy and Lemmy

By KGuy1

Chapter 3a: Some Weird Town Full of Good/Evil Toads

Last time, Iggy and Lemmy started their adventure, people talked, and Susan decided to do something.

Me: Good recap.

The Koopas (disguised as Toads) reach Toad Town.

Iggy: The sign says “Some Weird Town Full of Good/Evil Toads”,

Red Toad: Why are there green things on the ground?

Me: Not those kinds of toads!

Iggy: Uh. We’re here I guess. Where do we go?

One walkthrough guide later…

Iggy: To Merlin! We should keep this.

You got the walkthrough guide! In battle, it can tell you weak spots of the enemies. In the field, it can tell you what do next.

Me: It could be worse.


One switch later they reach Merlin’s house.

Lemmy:  Let’s go inside.

Door: You won’t get past me!

Lemmy: A talking door?

Door: That’s right.

Lemmy: Face my freeze ray!

He freezes the door, which makes it brittle.

Door: No! Not yet!

RPG Battle
Iggy 10/10
Lemmy 10/10
Door 5/5 (Frozen)

Iggy uses Claw. 4.99 damage.

Lemmy uses Claw. 1 damage.

The Koopas win! Level UP! They each gain 5 HP and 5 FP!

Me: What about BP?

Who needs BP? Anyways, they barge in.

Merlon: Whoeth thoueth disturbeth the wizardeth?

Lemmy: Me and Iggy.

Merlon: Iteth iseth Iggyeth andeth Ieth sireth.

Lemmy: We need to see Merlon!

Marylin: Ieth ameth himeth, buteth Ieth ameth noteth aeth girleth! Girlseth stinketh!

Peach, Daisy, Birdo, Tiny Kong, Dixie Kong, Karma, Susan, Wendy, Baby Peach, Baby Daisy, Toadette, Bombette, Sushie, Bow, Goombella, Flurrie, Vivian, Ms. Mowz, and everyone else I forgot beat Merlon up.

Merlon: OWETH! Goeth toeth theeth Goombaeth Brotherseth Fortresseth.

(Get rid of the eths if you couldn’t read that.)

Four Toads stop them.

Red Toad: Don’t go.

Blue Toad: Stay here.

Yellow Toad: No goodbyes.

Green Toad: Live here.

Everyone except Green Toad: 0_0

First Real Boss Fight!
Iggy 15/15 FP 5/5
Lemmy 15/15 FP 5/5
Walkthrough Guide (WG) 10/10
Red Toad (RT)
Blue Toad (BT)
Yellow Toad (YT)
Green Toad (GT)

Iggy: Huh? No HP?

Me: You have to use the WG’s Tattle.

Iggy: Why didn’t we have to use it before?

Me: Lazy writing.

WG uses Tattle.
WG: RT and BT have 10 HP. YT and GT have 5 HP.

Iggy uses Claw on RT. 4 damage.

Lemmy uses Freeze Ray on BT. 2 FP, 6 damage, and it freezes him.

RT does nothing
BT does nothing
YT does nothing
GT uses Multibounce, which does 4 damage to everyone. BT has been defeated.

Everyone except BT and GT: 0_0

Iggy 15/15 FP 5/5
Lemmy 15/15 FP 3/5
WG 10/10
RT 2/10
BT 0/10
YT 1/5
GT 1/5

Me: How can you do damage to yourself? Question mark!

Who knows? Question mark! New paragraph created. What am I saying?

During the shouting match, Iggy, Lemmy, and WG defeated the Toads.

Battle Won! They level up!

Lemmy: Where did the experience come from?

Iggy: Deleted scenes.

Lemmy: Oh great, that’s starting.

WG: No sarcasm!

RT: We’ll be back!

Me: Trust me; they’re like the Jr. Troopa of this story.

The “heroes” continue on.

Chapter 3b: How do we know this?

Mario: So the Toads failed miserably.

Luigi: They’re saying that it was all Green Toad’s fault. Wait! How do we know this?

Mario: Who knows? I didn’t hire them.

?????: I did though.

Luigi: Princess Peach! What are you doing here?

Peach: This is my castle.

Luigi: Oh, right.

Peach: <_> Anyway, good job on capturing the Koopas, Mario. How are they doing?

Mario: I don’t know.

Peach: *sigh* Sometimes I wonder.

In the dungeon…

Wendy: “Insert complaint here”X505050505050

Larry: Kill me now, instead of my plants!

Morton: Everyone desist, be quiet, shut up-

Roy: You SHUT UP!!!

Ludwig: “Insert genius comment here”

Bowser: I hate my life.

Chapter 3c: The Next 3 Days

Susan is back at Kastle Koopa for some reason.

Claudia: Do you want some French toast?

Susan: Uh, no.

Bagels: Nice to see you, Susan!

Susan: When did people start liking me?

Bagels: We can help you save the Koopas!

Susan: How?

Playful: You must be knocked out the next 3 days.

Susan: No.

She knocks Bagels and Playful out. Then she runs away.

Chapter 4a: Unpleasant Path

Iggy is walking down Pleasant Path. What he doesn’t know is that something bad is about to happen. Pleasant Path blows up.

Me: That’s lazy writing!

Iggy: This is an Unpleasant Path!

The twins and WG are blown to Yoyo Village.

Ya: Welcome to Yoyo Village!

Yo: There is some weirdo named Yooper here.

Iggy: How is that weird?

Yo: It just is! Now go recruit him!

Iggy: Uh, okay.

Yooper: I will join you!

Yooper joined the party! In the field, he can hit objects and then return. In battle, he can be thrown at enemies and then return.

Iggy: I’m Iggy.

Ya and Yo: A Koopaling? Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

RPG Battle
Iggy 15/15 FP 5/5
Lemmy 20/20 FP 5/5
Yooper 10/10
Ya 10/10
Yo 20/20

Me: Why would Yo have 20 HP?

Who cares anymore?

Iggy uses Giant Chomp. It does 5 damage.

Lemmy uses Balls. It does absolutely nothing!
Lemmy: >_<

Yooper uses Yoyo Attack. It does 3 damage.

Ya uses Die. She dies.

Yo uses Easier. He does 15 damage to himself.

Everyone except Yo: 0_0

Lemmy: These enemies stink.

Iggy uses Broken Attack. Yo dies.

Twins and Co. win!

Chapter 4b: Quarantine

Mario: Oh no! Nuclear waste!

Health Board: This castle must be closed down for the next 2 chapters. It will be quarantined!

Mario: Shoot.

In the dungeon…

Wendy: We’re going to be left like this?

Larry: Is nuclear waste good for plants?

Morton: Yes, absolutely, certainly; No, absolutely not, uncertainly.

Roy punches the wall.

Ludwig: I am smart.

Bowser: We are dead.

Chapter 4c: Susan Stinks

Susan is finally starting her “journey.”

Susan: Nothing can go wrong!

Susan falls down a hole.

Random Kid: Susan stinks!

Susan: I will climb out!

Me: Good luck with that.

Chapter 5a: Fortress

The party has finally made it to Goomba Bros. Fortress.

Lemmy: Finally. *pant, pant…*

They enter and fall down a hole.

Goomba 1: Yay!

Logistico: I am Logistico. I can break walls with my word power.

Lemmy: How does that work?

Logistico: The walls are fourth walls.

Lemmy: Oh.

Logistico joined the party. In the field, he can blow up walls with words. In battle, he can confuse enemies and use his BOOM Attack.

They make it to the final corridor.

Goomba Bros: Bullet Bill, I choose you! Use your Bullet attack!

Twins and Co. dodge and make it to the boss room.

Boss Battle!
Iggy 15/15 FP 5/5
Lemmy 20/20 FP 5/5
Logistico 15/15
Goomba 1 20/20
Goomba 2 20/20
Goomba 3 15/15
Goomba 4 15/15

Iggy: 0_0! They look tough.

Logistico uses BOOM Attack! 5 damage to all enemies.

Everyone except Logistico: 0_0! He’s tough!

Iggy uses Cliché Move! He activates a cheat code that does 5 damage to all enemies.

Lemmy uses Fast Forward.

Iggy 1/15 FP 5/5
Lemmy 3/20 FP 5/5
Logistico 15/15
Goomba 1 3/20
Goomba 2 2/20
Goomba 3 X
Goomba 4 X

Iggy used DIE! Everyone except him DIE!

Eldstar: You gain power. Now DIE!

They get blown to the entrance of the fortress.

Chapter 5b: Moving Up

Susan: I have gotten out of the pit. I have also moved up in story positions.

Me: Actually, the castle was quarantined.

Susan: Kastle Koopa?

Me: No-

Susan: I’ll save you, Larry’s plants!

What an idiot.

Game saved.

To Be Continued...

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