Fatman in: The Heart of the Crime

By Tenacious B

The camera zooms up to Diamond City Jail. An almost inescapable location for criminals. All rooms are observed via security camera, fifty foot high Amp (SM64) filled fences keep the prisoners in the buildings of absolute steel and concrete. Guards protect any cell from being escaped from. Those who go have better behavior enjoy the benefits of sports, and Television ( All one channel of it. Which is just the Diamond City News network.) Those who stay bitter and break the rules get smaller and more protected solitary cells. Those who can't keep their cool in solitary will be sent to "Lava Asylum" in Dark Land.
We close up to the courtyard. Here the well-behaved prisoners are playing Basketball. It's Cell Block A-Team Heart ( The King of Hearts, The Green Shy Guy from the Shy Guy Gang, and a Sledge Brother ) Vs. Cell Block-H Team Thief ( Bandit from Wario's Apprentice, Popple, and Croco) It's 93 to 0 in favor of Team Heart.
The King of Hearts ( A man with a kingly-looking face, combed beard, and perfectly combed hair and sideburns) throws a perfect three throw. A score keeper changes the "3" on "93" to "6".
Bandit: Time out!
Both teams huddle.
The King Of Hearts: Okay, Shy Guy, do you have the "Ball"?
Green Shy Guy ( With a new york accent.......like his entire gang, ANOTHER thing we should've mentioned in Episode 1): Sure do Boss! I got da "Ball"!
The King Of Hearts: Good, everyone know the plan?
Sledge Brother: Yep.
Green Shy Guy: Yeah, I got it!
The King Of Hearts: Break!
The game continues, The Green Shy Guy passes the King of Hearts the "Ball". The "Ball" is secretly a basketball painted bob-omb. The King of Hearts tosses the "Ball" at the wall. It explodes and Team Heart run out. The guards try to fire, but the Sledge Bro uses his shell to block the bullets.
We cut to the mayor's office, the mayor is talking on the phone.
Mayor: ESCAPED?!.......KING OF HEARTS?!..........Oh NO! NO!
The Mayor hangs up the regular telephone and frantically picks up a green telephone.
In Wario's House
Jimmy T's cell-phone starts buzzing, he answers it.
Jimmy T: I'll get him.
Wario's having a cup of sugar ( With a dash of coffee) in his lounge. Waluigi is playing the overworld theme of Super Mario Bros. on the piano. He's also singing it......horribly.
Waluigi: DO DO DO DODO DO!
Wario: Can't you sing something else?
Waluigi nods and changes the tune.
Waluigi: It's a small world after all-
Wario throws his sugar mug at Waluigi.
Wario: Tell me, did DAD create you just to annoy me?
Jimmy T. runs in.
Jimmy T: The mayor needs you dawg.
Wario: Finally! He calls at a good time! Let's go loser!
Wario and Waluigi run into Wario's Office, Wario picks up the phone.
Wario: What is it?
Mayor: The King of Hearts-
Wario doesn't need to hear anymore.
Wario: We'll be there!
Wario hangs up
Wario: It's The King Of Hearts, Waluigi, no time to mess around! Into the safe!
Wario opens the safe, Waluigi grabs some flashlights and the two jump into the safe, and close the door, after navigating through the piles of coins and passageway full of Jelly. They make their way to....The Fat cave! Intro plays.
Fatman and Skinny jump into the Fat Mobile, Skinny turns on the invisible power, Fatman gets out the mushroom, Skinny opens the garage door, Fatman throws the mushroom in the engine. The cars
goes speeding off, reappearing at the mayor's office, they bust down the door.
Fatman: What's Kingy done now?
The mayor shows a picture of the destroyed wall.
Mayor: Blew it up and escaped.
Fatman: Did you losers find anything?!
Officer Nok: Nothing........
Fatman: Alright......where would King most likely strike?
Skinny: Let's see.....he wants to be royal....and wants to be perfect.
Fatman: This will be harder than Puzzler and Ostrich, that's for sure.
Skinny:......Royalty..........How about the Royal Hall at Diamond City Art Museum?
Fatman: No loser, he's tried that before.
Skinny: But did we catch him?
Skinny: He's probably going to trick us, by going to the place we've never caught him.
Fatman:......Fair enough loser. We'll search there first!
Fatman and Skinny drive up to the museum. Fatman sees he's parking next to a "No
Parking" Sign. He pulls it out of the ground and throws it up in the air, it soon is out of sight.
In Space
A giant spaceship is seen moving towards Plit.
Grodus: General Crump! Prepare the attack on Plit! Activate the Death Ray!
General Crump: ( He got promoted from Lord Crump) Yes sir!
A giant cannon opens up and prepares a giant ray of light, but the "No Parking" sign hits the cannon's core, blowing up the entire ship.
Back on Plit
Fatman and Skinny enter the Museum.
Fatman: Alright King of Hearts! Where are ya?!
Skinny: Fatman look!
Skinny points to a giant portrait of the King of Hearts.
Fatman:....Hm....That wasn't here the last time we fought the King.
Skinny finds a dropped map, he begins looking through it.
Skinny:.....Something's not right, this portrait isn't on the map!
Fatman: Let's go find the head of the place! See if there was anything suspicious happening today!
Fatman and Skinny leave. Suddenly a sword pops out of the King of Hearts portrait, it makes a heart shaped hole. The King of Hearts jumps out of the hole( He's now wearing his kingly robes and garments......which are covered in Hearts), as does the Green Shy Guy, The Sledge Bro, and two red and white Koopatrols.
The King Of Hearts: PERFECT!....As always! I still am glad, I still have my two loyal workers.
Red and White Koopatrols: Working for you is a perfect job your majesty!
The King Of Hearts: Ok, you all know the plan! Snatch up the paintings!
The King Of Hearts and his minions start grabbing the paintings.
Meanwhile Fatman and Skinny can't find the director's office.
Fatman: Are you SURE it's on the second floor?
Skinny: I'm sure Fatman!
Fatman: Give me that!
Fatman snatches the map, he notices something.
Fatman: This is a fake map! Look! There's no statue of "The Great Wario" on it! That's one of the first exhibits ever put into this place!
Skinny: Dang it! We're tricked again!
Fatman: Not yet, loser! Follow me!
Meanwhile The King Of Hearts are getting ready to leave through the same hole they went into.
The King Of Hearts: Perfect as always gentlemen! With that fake map Green Shy Guy left, Fatman and Skinny will never find the administrative office!
Fatman: STOP! In the name of food!
Fatman and Skinny charge into the Sledge Bro and The King of Hearts, making them drop their paintings.
The King Of Hearts: Hmmph! I figured you'd find us! That's why I brought my old boys back!
The Red and White Koopatrols grab Fatman and Skinny and hold their hands behind their back. Skinny gets a plan.
Skinny: Look Fatman! A coin!
Fatman: Where?!
Fatman bends down, his brute strength makes the Red and White Koopatrol fly over. Skinny bends down, so the other Red and White Koopatrol gets hit in the head by his buddy.
Skinny: Two down! Two to go!
The Sledge Bro hits Skinny in the leg with his hammer. Skinny falls to the ground. Fatman stomps on the Sledge Bro's face knocking the Sledge Bro out.
Green Shy Guy: EH! What about me?!
The Green Shy Guy puts Fatman in a sleeper hold, but Fatman falls on his back, and on the Green Shy Guy. The King of Hearts stands over Fatman with his sword at his throat.
The King of Hearts: Time for the Fatman to die the perfect death.
Skinny grabs The King of Heart's robe and pulls him down. Fatman jumps up, The King of  Hearts, gets up and jumps through a window into a forest. Fatman and Skinny go to the window.
Fatman: Drat! He got away! We'll never find him in there!
Skinny: Well, at least we have his henchmen!
The two Red and White Koopatrols wake up, jump off Fatman and Skinny's head and dive into the forest.
Fatman: *Rubbing Head* Now I know what a Goomba feels like.
Fatman and Skinny turn around, the Sledge Bro and Green Shy Guy are still out cold.
Fatman: Well, we have two at least.
Meanwhile the camera cuts to Wario World. ( An amusement park made by Wario). In the closed off area of it, we see a bouncy castle. Inside is a bouncy throne room with hearts painted everywhere. The King of Hearts is sitting and bouncing at his throne. Inside the throne room are Vanessa ( From Warioware Touched) who's currently dating The King of Hearts and the two Red and White Koopatrols. However, they don't have their pointy shoes or shells on since they’d burst the bouncy castle.
The King of Hearts: Well boys, we lost two of our men. However, I have a plan to no longer be defeated by those idiots!
The King of Hearts jumps down from his throne.
The King of Hearts: ( Phew, I love doing that, it makes me feel like Mario.) You three may have noticed I left my royal sword outside the castle.....that's because I have found something better than my sword!
Red and White Koopatrols: What is it boss?
The King of Hearts: To keep up with modern times, I have created........The guns of hearts!
The King of Hearts pulls out two guns from their holsters.
The King of Hearts: These babies work telepathically, so they'll fire whatever I need when I pull their triggers. However they need 30 seconds to respawn after every shot. These babies are just like me.......Perfect.
The King of Hearts looks proud, then sighs.
The King of Hearts: Oh what's the use? This city isn't made for a ruler like me, it's an urban jungle of absolute messes and major companies. I shouldn't be wasting my time trying to rule this place I should be ruling.......Sarasaland! Yes! The place is still pretty much in its weakest times! I could rule that place with Daisy! I'm sure she'd let me! After all, I AM her uncle's, father's, son's, nephew's, cousin......Twice removed........but first.......I need to get out of this toilet of a city!......But how!.....Vanessa darling, bring me a newspaper.
Vanessa jumps out of the throne room, and jumps back in with a newspaper, she tosses it to The King of Hearts. He perfectly catches it.
The King of Hearts: Hmm......Paper boy calls it quits..........Wanted Criminal: Dan McNeely, Serial Killer, Large Reward......Here we are......S.S. Diamond set course for three week cruise this Friday! This is our ticket out of this dump!
Red and White Koopatrols: Wait! Won't Fatman try to stop us?!
The King of Hearts: Yes, but we'll stop him this time! With my guns!.......and my guns!
The King of Hearts shows off his muscles.
The King of Hearts: Koopatrols! Get your clothes on! We're going to make a message!
Meanwhile in an office, The Mayor is talking to Wario and Waluigi.
Mayor: Mister Wario, and Waluigi, since you had a hand in creating this vessel. I think we should ask your permission to let Fatman and Skinny send the ship off.
Wario:...Uh....sure. It's this Friday right?
Mayor: Yes.
Wario: Let me check my planner.
Wario pulls out his planner, he has nothing planned for Friday.
Wario:...Oh too bad! Me and Step-Bro Waluigi have plans to go hunting that day! Looks like we won't be there. Tell that stupid looking loser Fatman I said. " Hello, Loser".
Suddenly a heart shaped bob-omb is thrown through the window.
Wario: Oh man!
Wario quickly grabs the bob-omb and eats it.
Wario: *Burp* I hate people doing that.
Waluigi: Wario look!
Wario sees a Heart shaped hole in the window.
Wario: It's that stupid idiot, King of Hearts! I hate that guy! One day I want to teach him a lesson!
Mayor: Don't worry Wario, we'll get Fatman's help on this.
The mayor picks up the Green Telephone, Jimmy T's cell-phone starts ringing.
Jimmy T: He's not here.
Jimmy T. hangs up.
Mayor: DRAT!
Wario: Typical loser fashion! Guy doesn't help when you guys need it! Now if you excuse us! Me and Waluigi here are late for a piano recital......
Wario glares at Waluigi
Wario: I hope you learn from this, you idiot!
Later in the Fat Cave, Dr. Crygor is analyzing pieces of the bob-omb.
Fatman: I'm glad I was able to cough some up.
Skinny: Are bob-ombs good for your health?
Fatman: No Skinny, not at all.
Dr. Crygor: Nope.....nothing but perfectly made pieces of a bob-omb.
Fatman: DRAT! What is Kingy planning?
Skinny:.............Is there any kind of heart we're not thinking of?
Fatman:.......That's it! Diamond City TV Studio! It's showing a new live episode of "The Hearts of a Princess." Let's go Skinny!
The scene cuts to Diamond City TV Studio to a live showing of the actress pretending to play Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina. A prince comes in.
Prince: Now ladies, I guess I have to choose one of you...........I pick........
???: We have you now Kingy!
Fatman and Skinny pop out of the audience and jump onto the prince, they rip his make-up off to reveal it The King of Hearts.
Fatman: You're under arrest for-
The King of Hearts pulls out his guns, it shoots out fire onto Fatman's face.
Fatman: WAAAH! My face!
He jumps and throws Skinny to Fatman, he bumps into Fatman. Skinny's face catches on fire.
Fatman and Skinny: WAAAAAH! Our faces!
Fatman: ( At least our masks are fire-proof)
Suddenly a police car drives in, The Sledge Bro and Green Shy Guy hop out.

Sledge Bro: Sorry we're late boss!
Green Shy Guy: I had to make us another bob-omb!
The King of Hearts: Grab them!
The Red and White Koopatrols hold Fatman and Skinny's hands behind their back, this time the Sledge bro holds their hands too. Some cops come up to the stage. King of Hearts tosses a gun to the Green Shy Guy, the cops stop.
The King of Hearts: If any cops come running up to us think of a giant bob-omb and pull the trigger, Shy Guy!
Green Shy Guy: Got it boss!
The King of Hearts: Now Diamond City, the moment you've all been waiting for...the unmasking of Fatman and Skinny!
The King of Hearts moves towards them.
Fatman: WAFT!
Fatman lets out a Wario Waft and flies out of the hands of The King of Heart's minions. He's seen on top of the set.
Fatman: Have a rotten day!
Fatman pulls out the Fart Cannon, he farts into it, it blows all over the minions and The King of Hearts. Skinny breaks free, and runs out of the studio.
The King of Hearts: Fools! None shall fart on The King of Hearts!.....RETREAT!
The King of Hearts and his minions jump into the police car and drive off.

Fatman, Skinny, and Dr. Crygor are watching TV in the Fat Cave.
TV: More News on the Jail Break of Clyde Heart.......or the King of Hearts, since his jailbreak he's created two guns that can somehow create objects out of thin air. Could our heroes Fatman and Skinny not be enough for The King? The Mayor had this to say......
Mayor: I say that Fatman and Robin have definitely met their match. I can't see how they can defeat two guns that can create anything.
News Announcer Guy who gets no name: If even our mayor doesn't believe that The King of Hearts can be stopped.........god help us all.
Suddenly The King of Hearts pops out of nowhere and shoots the News Announcer Guy who gets no name with bullets. He drops to the ground dead. His minions take control of the camera.
The King of Hearts: Well......let's play a game of Chuck Quizmo, shall we Fatman?............What is the most expensive jewel in the ocean?
Green Shy Guy:' Ey Boss! The cops are coming!
The King of Hearts and his minions run away with some cops chasing after them, an explosion is heard off screen.
Fatman:......What's the most expensive jewel in the ocean?
Skinny: A pearl!
Fatman: Pearl.......Pearly Whites the dentist office?
Skinny: Could be, it'd be the perfect crime! The King of Hearts would make us think he was somewhere else.
Fatman: And The King of Hearts wants to do everything perfectly!
Fatman and Skinny jump into the Fat Mobile, turn invisible and drive off to Pearly Whites Dentistry.
Fatman: Get me my hardhat!
Skinny gives Fatman the Mario Themed Hard Hat.
Fatman: My Butt Blaster!
Fatman puts on a jetpack.
Fatman: Firing in three.....two......one!
Fatman flies through the window of the dentistry, he sees The King of Hearts and his minions going through storage.
The King of Hearts: Minions! GET HIM!
The minions going charging to him, he throws a Red and White Koopatrol out the window. Skinny begins climbing up the wall with a grappling hook.
Fatman: Heh.
The other Red and White Koopatrol tackles Fatman, but Fatman catches him and tosses him out the window too. Skinny jumps in. However the Sledge Bro gives a powerful punch to Fatman's Jaw.
Skinny: Thorn whip of skinniness!
Skinny lashes out his thorn whip and launches the Sledge Bro into the window.
The King of Hearts: Retreat!
The King of Hearts and Green Shy Guy run out, The Sledge Bro gets his breath back and pushes Skinny to the ground and leaves.
Skinny: Dang! I don't know what's worse! Those guns, or his minions!
The next day in the Fat Cave Skinny's reading the paper while Mona's healing Fatman's jaw.
Skinny: " The King of Hearts pulls off perfect battle with Fatman and Skinny without use of guns"
Skinny throws the newspaper to the ground.
Skinny: DANG! How are we supposed to defeat this guy?!
Fatman: You tell me! I got nothing! OW My jaw!
Mona: Don't talk, it'll only make it worse.
Skinny:........Nothing!......He can't be beat! I can't figure out what the big thing he's planning is!
Fatman writes something on a piece of paper and hands it to Mona.
Mona: *Reading Paper* He may NOT be planning something, he could just be doing the smaller crimes to rebuild his name.
Skinny:........So we just keep trying to stop him.
Mona: *Reading Paper* That's right Bruiser!
Fatman facepalms, takes the paper, erases something and writes something.
Mona: *Reading Paper* Oh, "Loser"! * Stop Reading* Your handwriting is terrible!
Skinny: By the way Fatman, don't forget that we have to set off the S.S. Diamond tomorrow.
Mona: *Reading Paper* Yeah, I know.
Meanwhile in the Bouncey Castle, The King of Hearts and his minions are reading the paper.
The King of Hearts: " The King of Hearts win perfect battle!"......."Ostrich. Industries reaching all time high"........" Krazy Feline In Need of Buy Out". Perfect Headlines for a front page!.....As always!......What?.....Ew! "Fatman and Skinny launch S.S. Diamond?!".........It takes one rotten apple to spoil the bunch! This is horrible!.......But, we're going to have to deal with it. If we want to get to Sarasaland at least.
Green Shy Guy: I thought this might be happenin’ boss! Which is why I made this!
The Green Shy Guy shows The King of Hearts a miniature bob-omb, and a makeshift champagne bottle. He replaces the cork with the bob-omb, and puts that gold foil over the bob-omb.
Green Shy Guy: Once Fatman hits the boat with this the bomb will explode in his face, then we get jump onto the boat without him having time to stop us! Then we takeover! Kill everyone on the ship! Ride off to Sarasaland! Then BOOM! We're the new administrators!
The King of Hearts: That's........perfect!
The next day Fatman and Skinny are seen at the docks of Diamond City, in front of them is a giant boat. The S.S. Diamond.
Mayor: Introducing, the men who will launch this ship. The heroes of Diamond City.....Fatman....and Skinny.
Some people applaud, but one Koopa gets up.
Koopa: Hey! Why are you wasting your time while you should be getting beaten up by The King of Hearts some more.
Fatman:.......Come on the stage so I can tell it straight to your face.
The Koopa walks up onto the stage. Fatman punches him in the jaw.
Mayor:........Sorry about that disruption.....where's the champagne?
Vanessa hands the mayor the "Champagne"
Mayor: Thank you.....here you go Fatman.
Fatman takes the "Champagne"
Fatman:....Excuse me for a moment.
Fatman goes down to the bottom of the dock.
Fatman: Now for my favorite part of the show........drinking the champagne before anything happens.
Fatman unhooks the golden foil.
Fatman: Huh? It doesn't open THAT easy.......What's this?
Fatman notices the small bob-omb.
Fatman: Either this is one psycho mayor, or The King of Hearts did this.........I'm guessing Kingy did it.
Fatman takes the bob-omb and tosses it in the ocean, he uncorks the bottle and drinks the champagne in one gulp. He then puts the bottle in the ocean to make it look like it's full.
What Fatman didn't see is that the miniature bob-omb flowed back into the bottle while he was refilling it. Fatman walks back up to the docks. He whispers something to Skinny.
Fatman: Hey idiot! Take some Super Garlic in case the smell of the sea ends up spreading.
Skinny: *Whispering* You drank the bottle again?!
Fatman: * Whispering* Yeah.
Fatman passes some Super Garlic to Waluigi.
Fatman: Now to launch this baby!
Fatman smashes the bottle against the ship, the bob-omb explodes. Glass flies everywhere. Out of the corner of his eye Fatman can see The King of Hearts and his minions running across the docks.
Fatman takes the Super Garlic, as does Skinny, the messed up Starman theme plays as they mega jump ahead of The King of Hearts and his minions.
The King of Hearts: Shy Guy! You told me this would distract him!
Green Shy Guy: 'EY! I didn't expect him to use that magic garlic stuff okay?!
The boat sets off.
The King of Hearts:......NO! My one chance out of this Urban Jungle!......GONE!
Fatman: Let's go Kingy, off to jail!
The King of Hearts pulls out his guns, and aims them at Fatman and Skinny.
The King of Hearts: Nope! I still have my guns! And I think I'll kill you two with some bullets!
The King of Hearts fires his guns, Fatman falls on his back, Skinny manages to dodge and punch the King of Hearts square in the jaw, he staggers backwards into the hands of Vanessa.
Skinny: Fatman! NO!
Skinny kneels down next to Fatman, and begins to cry.....the moment is interrupted by the Sledge Bro whacking Skinny in the back, Skinny falls down on his belly. The King of Hearts and his minions begin laughing.
Skinny: .........You killed Fatman......Skinny will kill you!
Skinny jumps to his feet and kicks the guns out of The King of Hearts's hands, they fall in the ocean.
The King of Hearts: NO!......I may have lost my guns!.......But I still have my minions! ATTACK!
The Sledge Bro attacks Waluigi, but Skinny whacks him straight in the face, the Sledge Bro staggers back to recuperate. Meanwhile The Green Shy Guy jumps onto Skinny's face. He begins beating him up.
The King of Hearts: ........Give me your helmet!
Red and White Koopatrol: Huh?
The King of Hearts: GIVE ME YOUR HELMET!
The King of Hearts snatches the Red and White Koopatrol's helmet. He walks over to Skinny.
The King of Hearts: Looks like this is the end Skinny. One stab to the heart with his helmet, and you're going to be dead just like your-
The King of Hearts: What the?
The Bullet pops out of Fatman, the bullet hole appears to have only hit the top of Fatman's blubber, it soon popped out.
The King of Hearts: NO! I may not have killed you! But I'll kill-
Fatman kicks The King of Hearts in the face, he staggers up and backwards into the Sledge Bro. Fatman then grabs the Green Shy Guy and tosses him into the Ocean.
Green Shy Guy: 'EY! Not cool!
Fatman helps Skinny up.
Fatman: Let's take these losers out!
Red and White Koopatrols: HEART ATTACK!
The Red and White Koopatrols charge up to Fatman, who grabs their necks and smashes their heads together.
Remaining Red and White Koopatrol: AAAH! NO!
Skinny kicks the living Red and White Koopatrol in the neck, knocking him out. Vanessa puts Fatman in a sleeper hold. But Fatman throws her over his shoulder.
Sledge Bro: CHARGE!
The Sledge Bro tackles Fatman, and they both fall over the edge into the Ocean.
Both Fatman and Sledge Bro's head pop out of the water. Fatman burps in the Sledge Bro's face, he faints and sinks to the bottom of the sea.
Back on the dock, Vanessa holds Skinny's hands behind his back. The King of Hearts picks up the helmet of the now deceased Koopatrol.
The King of Hearts: It's time you felt a Hearty Stab!
Skinny: Seriously? That's the best you can come up with?......That's not perfect at all!
The King of Hearts gets really angry, noticing that what he said indeed wasn't perfect.
The King of Hearts:.....SHUT UP!
The King of Hearts lunges the Spike helmet to Skinny, but Skinny dodges and it hits Vanessa in the chest, she drops limp to the floor. The King of Hearts sees what he did.
The King of Hearts:..........NO!
The King of Hearts kneels down to his dead girlfriend, and cries. However this moment is also interrupted with Skinny kicking The King of Hearts in the head, knocking him out. A wet Fatman walks up to Skinny and whacks him on the shoulder.
Fatman: Not bad, Loser!
The police arrive.
Fatman: Alright cops! Send Kingy, that Red and White Koopatrol, and that Green Shy Guy to jail! The rest go to the morgue!......And I expect my million coin appearance fee for launching that ship!
Later, Wario and Waluigi are watching TV. Wario's also counting the coins he earned.
Wario: Ah, I love the smell of money!
Waluigi: SHH! The news is on!
TV: I'm Tom Info! New announcer for my deceased partner! Earlier today Fatman and Skinny had a large battle on the docks on Diamond City against Clyde Heart, and his criminal gang. Mr. Heart attempted to kill our heroes with two guns that could create anything, but Skinny kicked them into the ocean. After defeating each criminal one by one, they finally defeated Clyde Heart. Two lives were claimed, and one body was found missing. Of those dead was Nick Koopa, a Koopatrol who worked for Clyde Heart, and Pop-Singer Vanessa, who was dating Clyde Heart. The body lost was of Ernie Rubble. A Sledge Bro who was also a member of Clyde Heart's Basketball team, who escaped with him out of prison...........Three criminals were convicted, Clyde Heart, Stanley Koopa, and an Edward Shy Guy. After a Mental test, it couldn't have be proven that Clyde Heart and Stanley Koopa were mentally stable during their crime wave. However Edward Shy Guy was mentally stable, and was given the death penalty. Clyde Heart and Stanley Koopa are now behind bars in maximum security with no hope of parole.
Wario: Turn it off!
Jimmy T. turns off the TV.
Waluigi: Well.......job well done.
Wario: For once you're right.
Waluigi: You know.......even though we just restored our names and saved an entire Ocean Liner, Waluigi still thinks there's something wrong.
Wario: Don't be an idiot, idiot! What could possibly go wrong?!
The camera cuts to a rock, in the ocean, Ernie's hand pops out and grabs it, he's holding one of the guns. The screen fades to black.

The End

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