Attack of the Zombie Koopas

By Spikeman

In Bowser's Kingdom, Kamek was working on another of his potions to make the Koopa Army invincible to the Marios’ jumping.

Kamek: Yes, it’s finished! Now the entire Koopa Army will be invincible to the Mario Bros’ blasted jumping and I will be known as the one who replaces those Koopa Bros. an- Uh oh, I'm late for my iced prunes.

As soon as he leaves the Koopa Bros. sneak in.

Red: Wow! Dudes, I guess Kamek didn't know to keep his big mouth, beak, whatever shut.

Yellow: Dude?

Red: Yeah?

Yellow: What's Iced Prunes?

Red: Just some old food that gives you indigestion.

Yellow: Ok.


Green: Everybody hide!

They hide under the table the experiment is on top of. Kamek comes in and places his prunes next to his potion.

Black: I'm gonna sneeze.

Green covers his nose.

Green: Phew! ACHOOO!

Kamek: Huh?! Who's there?

Yellow: Nobody. dude.

The rest look at Yellow, thinking Kamek is too smart to fall for that, when...

Kamek: Okay.

The four Koopa Bros’ jaws drop hard. Hard enough for the iced prunes to fall in the potion. It causes an explosion that Kamek gets caught in. Then he falls on the floor seemingly dead.

Green: Dudes? Look, Kamek's dead!

Black: Oh man, what are we gonna do!

Red: I know. We'll leave Dark Land and move to Mexico. Who's in, dudes?

All (except for Kamek and Red): We're in.

Kamek gets up. Though he isn't the same. His body is grey and eyes are now blank.

Red: Hey look, he is alive.

Black: But he looks different.

Yellow: Hey, maybe he got a haircut!

The other Koopa Bros. look at him

Red: Anyways, lets sneak by him, maybe he won't notice.

The sneak by until Kamek grabs Green’s arm.

Green: HE'S GOT ME.

The rest try to pry Green from Kamek but it's no use.

Red: Great. For an old geezer he sure has a iron gr- no!

Kamek just bit Green. Quickly the Koopa Bro turns into a zombie like Kamek. The 3 remaining Koopa Bros. try to run, but only Yellow and Red make it as the door closes on Black. They only hear screams and chomping from the room behind them.

Yellow: Don't worry, Black will come out any second now.

5 min. later…

Yellow: Any second now.

10 minutes later…


4 hours later…

Yellow: Who am I kidding, let’s save our bud from those zombie dudes.

Red and Yellow burst in to see Zombie Kamek and Koopa Bros.


Red: Wait, let’s fight. They’re only Zombies, we can take em.

The fight and easily take them down with chops.

Red: Told ya they’d be easy. And because of m-

Yellow: Red?

Red: Not now. Anyway, like I was sayi-

Yellow: Red?!

Red: I said not now! What’s so important that it’s worth interrupting my speech?

Yellow points to the Zombies behind them. Red turns around and sees them and freezes.

Red: Yellow, run. Warn the others befo-

Too late as the Zombies bite him and he also turns into one.


Yellow screams as he is being chased by the four Zombies…

We meet the Koopalings in their Koopa Lounge playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl. That's when Yellow comes.

Yellow: Help! There are zombies trying to eat us.

The Koopalings pause, then burst out laughing.

Larry: Yeah right.

Yellow: But I'm serious.

Iggy: Like you said last time and super glued us together.

Yellow: But this time is different.

Morton: Yeah right. You can trick, deceive, fool the Koopalings, the Koopa Kids, Bowser's children, the eig-

He gets bonked over the head with a mallet by Roy.

Yellow: What proof do you guys need?!

Jr.: We'll believe you never. Like what. a random Koopa will run past this window being chased by a zombie? Pfft, like that'll happen.

Just then a Koopa is screaming while being chased by a random zombified Koopa.


Ludwig: We need to escape this place before we too become part of the undead.

Lemmy: We know! Come on, let’s get out of here before-

Wendy: WAIT! We have to get King Daddy!

Yellow: Don't worry. Dudes. I warned him before coming here. He's leaving until this blows over.

Roy: Wait, isn't there a cure for this zombie thing?

Yellow: I bet Kamek has a cure in his lab. Anyways, we have to get out of here before the zomb-

Unfortunately the Zombie Koopa Bros. break a giant hole in the door and enter.

Yellow: I'll hold them off. Leave before they bite you.

At that moment Yellow is overwhelmed and bitten, becoming a zombie as well.  The Koopalings leave with the four Zombie Koopa Bros. chasing them.

Ludwig: Quick, let’s head to the throne room.

The children run in to see Bowser sitting on the throne coldly.

Ludwig: Kind Dad, we have to leave before... NO!

At that moment a shining light reveals Bowser has turned into King Zombie Koopa.

King Zombie: Yes! I too have been infected. and you shall be as well. MUHAHAHA!

After his sentence two Zombiefied Hammer Bros. walk in, preparing to turn the Koopalings into Zombies.

Roy: Oh no you don't!

Roy uses a Magic Blast to quickly turn the 2 Hammer Bros. into zombie Goombas that Roy proceeds to squash.

Jr: Let's get out of here!!!

They run out before the Zombie King gets a chance to bite them. They run until they see a nearby fortress. They run to the door and try to enter but instead it's locked.

Lemmy: Let us in! We're not Zombies.

Then a voice is heard from behind the door.

Voice: Yeah right! You guys are Zombies and are sent here by the King Zombie to bite us.

Larry: Everybody knows Zombies can't talk except the King.

Voice: Fine!!! But be warned, if you try to do anything Zombie-like you're toast.

The Koopalings enter to see the voice was just a Goomba. After entering they find the 'survivors' to only be  just 10 Koopas, 4 Goombas, 6 Hammer Bros and their leader, a Boom Boom.

Boom Boom: Hello your majesties, I am the leader of the survivors. What have you come here for?

Morton: You see, General, we, Bowser's Kids, The Koopalings, Koopa Kids, are asking, requesting, offering your assistance so we, us can cure, stop, treat King Zombie, and his henchman, minions, under-

Roy bonks him over the head with the mallet.

Roy: We need you and your troops to help us get to Kamek's lab.

Boom Boom: No can do. You realize if we go out their now will turn into zombies too.

Iggy: Yeah but all we need is to get to Kamek's lab for the cure!

Boom Boom: No!

Jr.: You'll get a raise.

Boom Boom: NO!

Ludwig: You'll get a promotion.

Boom Boom:NOO!


Boom Boom:NO! No matter what you'll do to me the answer is No.

Lemmy: I'll make you watch the Barney and Teletubbies Marathon Crossover.

Boom Boom: Who's ready to kick some Zombie Butt!

His troops: WE ARE!

Boom Boom: Let's get them!

The army charges and, not surprisingly, only lose their Goombas; the rest manage to get to Kamek's lab.

Ludwig: All right here's the plan: us Koopalings and General Boom Boom will go into Kamek's lab, the rest of you guard the outside in case of a Zombie attack.

The army obeys and the Koopalings (with Boom Boom) enter to see a potion. Ludwig picks it up and scans it.

Ludwig: I see whoever caused this must've have put Iced Prunes in it. And everybody knows that Iced Prunes led to a Zombie war that Grandfather fought and won when he was a kid. Ahhh! Such a great memory.

Jr.: What are Iced Prunes?

Iggy: Iced Prunes come from Ice Land, however, they also had undead chemicals that'll turn you into zombies and give you bad indigestion.

That's when a battered Hammer Bro comes in.

Boom Boom: What is it? And where's the others?

Hammer Bro: Huff...Huff...Zombies...ugh.

The soldier falls down and quickly he too turns into a zombie.


Boom Boom: I'll hold him off! Quickly, make the cure!

Ludwig adds in some chemicals and finally...

Ludwig: I'm done with the cure.  I also added these water-guns and also I poured the cure in each gun. There, all we need to do is spray this stuff on the reanimated corpses and they'll turn back into fully capable Koopas.

He give the weapons to all his siblings, and almost hands one to Boom Boom but sees the general has too succumbed to the disease and nearly bites Ludwig, who blasts him with the cure. Boom Boom gets cured and is finally given his weapon.

Ludwig: Our  main objective is to get to the throne room. Let's go!

They run and strangely, no zombies are there until... they reach the throne room. After entering Boom Boom is quickly bitten again and turned into a zombie. They all circle around them, while the Koopalings prepare.

Roy: All right, let's do this!

Morton: Yes, let’s defeat, slaughter,beat-up,destroy,cure,zap-

He gets bonked on the head with a mallet.

Wendy:Alright, nnow let's do this!

The Koopalings fought and cured many zombies, though some were bitten again, some died due to a chemical reaction, while other succumbed to the bad indigestion. Eventually the Koopalings were down to a fraction of the cure. Ludwig realizes the situation and he with his siblings gathered in a corner.

Larry:Alright. how many zombies did we cure?

Lemmy:Let's see, nine..ten…40...80...none.

All,except Lemmy:WHAT?!

Ludwig: I get it the zombies must've have bitten them again.

Iggy:What do we do now?

All of them think until Lemmy gets an idea.

Lemmy: I know!

All: What?!

Lemmy: I say we move to Switerzland as natives and open a convenience store.

At that moment Wendy ran and in half a second came back with loads of suitcases.

Wendy: Alright, let's go!

Jr.: I have a better idea! Why don't we make a Bon-omb that has all our cures mixed together, and when it explodes it will release the cure into the air, curing everybody.

The rest of the Koopalings: Fine.

They leave before the slow-moving Zombies catch them. They reach Ludwi’g lab. Now I didn't want to see them work in a lab so I'll just cut to the chase. After making a giant Bob-omb that's big enough to contain an explosion that'll destroy the Mushroom Kingdom, the Koopalings then start to panic because they know they can't lift a Bob-omb that size. Luckily Ludwig pulls out his Shrink Ray.

Ludwig: All right siblings, I'm going to shrink the Bob-omb to a size that'll fit into my backpack.

It shrink nearly to the size of a regular Bob-omb. Roy puts the bomb into Ludwig's backpack.

Larry:All right, let's get to the airship.


Larry:Because, we need to get above the kingdom.

That's when a beeping is heard coming from Ludwig's backpack.

Ludwig:It's my Zombie scanner! It say's there is a horde of Zombies at the Airship. I guess the only way to get to the ship is to fight back!

They silently sneak to the outside where, like Ludwig said, they find Zombie Koopas.

The Koopalings: ATTACK!!!

The Koopalings charge and fight the horde. Though beaten up, they manage to get to the Airship, unaware that one Zombie Goomba has snuck aboard. They go to the cockpit to see Lemmy balancing on his ball.

Larry: How did you get here before us! !

Lemmy: I snuck around your fight and got onboard.

Jr.: And you couldn't get us>!

Lemmy:You seemed busy at the moment.

Roy:Wait ‘til get my hands on yo-

Ludwig:Roy, he isn't worth it! You can beat him up later, right now we have more urgent stuff to deal with!

Roy grumbles as Ludwig ge's infront of his siblings.

Ludwig:Alright, me and Larry will pilot the ship, the rest you an go below deck to wait. I estimate it won't be long until we cure all of our kingdom.

Larry and Ludwig a pilot the ship while the other wait in the Air Lounge, and unfortunately the others are bored.

Morton: I'm going to go to the Bathroom, be right back.

Morton wasn't going to the Bathroom (like anybody cared), he was going to the cargo hold, where he had hidden cake.

Morton:Yes! Finally, the last of my hidden cake stash! Nothing, I repeat, nothing is going to stop me from enjoying this!

When he opened his cargo with the cake he found the Zombie Goomba eating it. Morton wasted no time running and screaming, while being chased by the Zombie. He made it just when Ludwig got back.

Ludwig:Alright my sibs, we are ao-


Ludwig:Not now, Morton. Now as I wa-


Ludwig:Morton, please, we don't have enough time for your bab-


Everybody froze in fear, knowing that they put all of their cures into the Bob-omb! Right then the Zombie Goomba appears. All the Koopalings look at the Zombie, then at Morton.

Iggy: This is the Zombie we're supposed to be running away from?

Roy bashes Morton in the head with his mallet.

Roy:Dude! You could have just taken it out! It's weaker than Iggy.

Morton:Alright, fine! I just get rid of it by throwing, tossing, pun-


Morton obeyed and tried to pick it up, though before he can he gets bitten. Angered, he kick it out the window.

Morton:Good! Problem solved.

Wendy:Problem not solved! What's that on your arm?!

Morton: Oh, this? It's just a mark where the Zombie bit me.

The rest were shocked as now Morton himself turned into a zombie and started approaching the rest of his not dead siblings. The rest ran up to the sky deck, where Ludwig was supposed to drop the bomb.

Larry: Me and Roy will handle Zombie Morton, the rest of you hurry! Before he gets you- OW!

Morton just grabbed Larry and bit him. He too turned into a Zombie. The two Zombielings then look at Roy.

Roy:Fine, I'll fight you. I'm lucky because now I'll get to beat up two dorks like you.

Zombie Larry: Who you callin’ a dork, idiot!

Zombie Morton:Yeah, chicken!

Roy is too angry to speak as he charges towards the Zombies. However, it was a trap as he charges into the wall and is too injured to protect himself from being bitten.

Jr.: NO!

Zombie Roy:YES!

Zombie Roy then bites Jr., who bites Iggy, who bites Lemmy.

Wendy: Ugh, Ludwig, now is the time for one of our plans because it looks like we’re next on their menu.

Ludwigg: You have to hold them off, I'm nearly done making a cannon that will send the Cure Bomb in the air and it will explode, curing the kingdom and our sibs. Oh NO!

The Zombielings make quick work of Wendy and prepare to do the same to Ludwig.

Ludwig: Don't worry, I jut finished putting in the bomb, all I need to do is put in the code to fire it.

Zombie Wendy: Good to know, fatty!

Ludwig is quickly surrounded by his Zombie ziblings. He is engulged and we hear his screams. After that all we see is Ludwig bitten up.

Zombie Jr.: Not so tough without your cure, eh, Ludwig?

Zombie Lemmy and Iggy: What a wimp!

Zomie Larry: I wonder how long it is before he to becomes a Zombie like us?

Zombie Wendy: Not long I guess.

Ludwig then starts to crawl to his cannon.

Ludwig: (The… pain… If... I… can... just... get.. cannon.. last... Bomb... losing... mind… ugh. )

Ludwig then turns into a Zombie and gets up evilly.

Zombie Morton: Now there's nobody to stop the Zombie Kingdom from ruling.

Zombie Roy: Hey, what's Ludwig doing.


Zombie Ludwig easily beats his siblings and reaches the cannon safely.
Luckily, Zombie Ludwig still has enough sense to fire the cannon and lock in the code. He is about to press fire when something stops him.

Zombie Ludwig: (Who's stop-p-p-ng m-me? Nobody… But the disease is taking over. I'm losing conttol over my body but I must fight it.

Zombie Ludwig then gets into a fight with himself vs the disease. Suddenly Zombie Ludwig presses fire and the bomb goes in the air and explodes, releasing a gas that turns everybody back into their normal selves.

After all the Koopalings have been cured they happily dance until Iggy cuts in.

Iggy: What do we do now?

Lemmy: I know. let's celebrate!

All of the former Zombies celebrate their victory (except Kamek, who is still recovering from bad indigestion), when Bowser angrily gets onstage with a mic.

Bowser:All right, I want to know who is responsible for causing this outbreak!

Kamek (through a telephone): It was the Koopa Bros!

Everybody looked at them until Yellow spoke up.

Yellow:It wasn't us, it was-um-um, that guy!

Yellow points to a random Goomba.

The rest of the Koopa Bros. look at Yellow, thinking Bowser is too smart to fall for a lie, when...

Bowser: Okay, for being honest you and the Koopalings get 1,000,000 coins. And the little troublemaker goes to the dungeon. Also Kamek for lieing.


Kamek and the Goomba are wrongfully escorted to the dungeon while the Koopalings and Koopa Bros. get their rewards.

The End

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