The Koopa Family

By Iggy Koopa

Morton is looking out the window. He watches as Ludwig and Karma leave for a date.
Morton: I wonder if Ludwig and Karma will get married…
Morton walks away and sees Larry and Wendy arguing.
Morton: I wonder if they will ever stop arguing with each other…
Morton continues and tries to get in his room, but his door is broken.
Morton: I wonder if this castle will ever be fixed.
He gets into his room and lies on his bed.
Morton: I wonder what the future is like.
Morton sighs as he rolls over and falls asleep.
???: Morton… Morton…
Morton: Huh…huh?
Morton notices he is no longer in bed. Now he is in…nothing. He is in the midst of nothingness.
Morton: Who…are you?
???: You can’t know yet… I have something to tell you…
Morton: Yes?
???: Your family needs your help…
Morton: What can I do?
???: Wait and see…
A big white flash appears as Morton is sent flying…
Morton wakes up in his bed again. But it’s different. His bed seems to be in a closet and torn up.
Morton: What’s going on here?
Morton crawls out of the closet to find himself in an old-looking Kastle Koopa. He enters the throne room to see Ludwig on the throne. Beside him, where Clawdia usually is, Karma is standing.
Morton: Huh?
A Koopatrol bows to Ludwig.
Koopatrol: Your Majesty…
Morton: What happened?!
Ludwig hears him.
Ludwig: Morton, why are you so young again? Did you use my machine?
Morton: …? Ludwig, what’s going on?
Ludwig: Morton, don’t you remember? I’m king of the Koopa Kingdom now. Dad died.
Morton: Poor King Dad…
Ludwig: King Dad? Ha! I haven’t heard Dad being called that in 50 years!
Morton: F-f-f-f-fifty years?! Ludwig, what year is this?!
Ludwig: 2061…
Morton: I…I…I was just in 2011…
Ludwig: …Excuse me?
Morton: I was in 2011, and now I’m in 2061!!!
Ludwig: …So you aren’t the same Morton as the Morton who lives in this day and time?
Morton: I guess not.
Karma: Ok then. Allow me to recap, so you will know what happened…
It zooms to around 2020. Bowser is coughing and wheezing, even though he is only 55.
Ludwig: King Dad, are you ok?
Kamek: Your father is very sick, Ludwig.
Bowser: Ludwig…I need…you to take…over the kingdom…
Bowser falls over and dies.
Kamek: Ludwig…you are the only one with a queen who is old enough to takeover. Please, we need you to rule over us.
Ludwig: I accept.
Ludwig informs his siblings and Karma.
Morton: So that’s why Ludwig is king now. But…is anyone else married?
Karma: Lemmy married Lizzy. Iggy moved away, Roy died a year ago in a horrible accident, and Wendy and Larry disappeared.
Morton: What about me?
Karma: You have gotten over your talking habits and are the host of the famous radio show Koopas and You.
Morton: Ooh! I love that radio show!
Karma: Want me to cancel it until you get back to the past?
Morton: Sure.
Karma informs the radio people of this.
Morton: Ludwig, where are Lemmy and Lizzy?
Ludwig: Currently on their honeymoon. They’ll be back next week.
Morton: Where did Iggy move?
Ludwig: He said he was heading to Sarasaland. Daisy quit ruling there so she could marry Luigi, after all.
Morton: Are Mario and Peach married?
Ludwig: No, Peach died in an accident with the castle last week.
Morton: Oh. Who’s ruling the Mushroom Kingdom?
Ludwig: They’re trying to decide between Daisy and Mario.
Morton: Oh. When did you last hear from Iggy?
Ludwig: Before he moved.
Morton: Wendy and Larry?
Ludwig: I heard them making plans to get away a year ago.
Morton: Oh.
Ludwig: You can stay in the guest room for now.
Morton: Ok.
Morton begins to walk off, but then…
Morton: What about Susan, Nick, Jon, and Wart? Oh yeah, and Kamek?
Ludwig: Susan ran away when she heard Larry had disappeared, Nick is now ruling over Sub-con, Jon’s spending his life playing video games, and Wart died.
Morton: And Kamek…?
Ludwig: Kamek went with Iggy.
Morton: Oh.
Morton goes to the guest room and falls asleep.
???: Morton…Morton…
Morton: Stop bothering me!!!
???: You need to go to Sarasaland…
Morton: Why?!
???: It’s for your future…
Morton sighs…

The next morning he wakes up and gets on an airship and flies to Sarasaland. But on his way, he sees a crashed airship. He lands on the water and looks at the ruins.
Morton: No…It’s…
It’s what?
Morton: (sniffle) Iggy’s airship.
Morton dives under and looks inside. He sees a dead crew, including Iggy and Kamek.
Morton: No…
???: You can prevent this…
Morton: How?
Morton finds himself in the ocean by Sarasaland, but this time Iggy’s airship is still in the sky.
Morton: Ok. Now what?
Morton notices Moltz flying through the sky. Moltz is going to hit the airship! Morton uses his wand and teleports Moltz past the airship.
???: Very good…
Morton is now in his bed again. He hears Ludwig on the phone.
Ludwig: Glad to know you made it safely, Bro... I’ll inform Lemmy ASAP. All right, keep in contact. K. Bye.
Morton: Who was that?
Ludwig: Iggy. He just arrived in Sarasaland.
Morton: Oh.
???: Now…head to Mushroom Castle.
Morton: ?
???: *sigh* Peach’s Castle.
Morton: Oh.
Morton jumps in his airship the next morning and flies to Toad Town. He sees the castle is being rebuilt.
Morton: What happened here?
???: Look down below.
Morton sees pieces of an airship.
Morton: Huh…
He flies down and looks at it.
Morton: It’s Lemmy’s…Lemmy and Lizzy must be dead.
???: That is correct…
Morton: Can I prevent this?
Morton finds himself on Lemmy’s airship. He notices the gas gauge is low.
Morton: Lemmy, we’d better land. The gas gauge is low.
Lemmy: Oh, thank you, Goomba.
Morton cringes at being called a Goomba.
Lemmy: We might’ve crashed if you hadn’t informed me.
Lemmy lands the ship.
???: Good…
Morton is at the castle again. Ludwig is once again on the phone.
Morton: Who is it now?
Ludwig: Lemmy and Lizzy. Lemmy was informing me that one of his Goombas saved his life.
Morton nods happily, then goes back to sleep.
???: Now…
Morton finds himself on a mountaintop. He notices a strand of blue hair.
Morton: Blue…hair?
Suddenly, a DNA tester appears in his hands. He tests the blue hair.
Morton: Why must all my siblings die? It’s Larry’s.
???: Exactly.
Morton: Now what?
Morton finds himself standing next to Larry. Larry is sobbing and is about to jump off the cliff.
Morton: Larry! No!!!
Larry jumps and a rope appears around his waist. Morton grabs this rope and almost falls off as well, but catches Larry just in time.
Morton: Larry!!!
Larry: …Morton?
Morton: What’s wrong with you?! Jumping off a cliff?! You know better than that, it’s crazy to…
Hours later…
You know, that’s the first time Morton was talkative. Anyway…
Morton: …and that’s how the classic sneaker was invented.
???: …How did he get from jumping off a cliff to how the sneaker was invented?
Larry: Don’t ask. Anyway, Morton, pull me up?
Morton: Oh. Right.
Morton pulls Larry up.
Larry: Wait…How are you young again?
Morton: Um…um… Time machine.
Larry: Oh.
Morton: Anyway, why did you jump off the cliff?
Larry: It’s a long story…
Bowser is on his throne. Larry enters.
Larry: Dad, since Roy is dead, shouldn’t I become king?
Bowser: WHAT?! I don’t want a weak son as ruler of my kingdom! And besides, why do I need a replacement?! I’m invincible! I’LL NEVER DIE!!!
Larry: But…weak?!
Bowser: You heard me! You’re weaker than Iggy! Now get out of my throne room!
Larry runs away sobbing.
End Flashback
Morton: But…where’s Wendy?
Larry: Well…
Larry and Wendy are talking.
Wendy: Called you weaker then Iggy? (snicker)
Larry: Hey!
Wendy: Sorry, sorry. Anyway, he wouldn’t give me 500,000,000,000 dollars to buy a new pair of shoes!!!
Wendy begins sobbing. Ludwig peeks around a corner.
Larry: …500,000,000,000 dollars?!
Wendy: That’s not the point. Anyway, I wanna run too!
Larry: All right. Tomorrow, we’ll get on my airship and leave.
Larry hears Ludwig running and whirls around.
Larry: Um…Let’s wait awhile longer.
Wendy: ?
Different Flashback
Larry and Wendy are on Larry’s airship. Wendy is looking over the side.
Wendy: Are we there yet?
Larry: No…
They hit some turbulence. Wendy is still looking over the side.
Larry: Sis, watch ou-
The airship bumps and Wendy falls over. She grabs onto the side.
Larry: Sis!!!
Larry runs to help her, but before he gets there they bump again and Wendy falls.
Larry: No!!!
Larry cries.
End Flashback
Morton: So…Wendy’s dead?
Larry: Yes…
Morton: Well, I’ll take you back to the castle. I’m sure Ludwig will let you be at least vice-king.
Larry: Thanks, Bro.
Morton and Larry walk over to the other side of the mountain and ??? makes Morton’s airship appear. The two fly back to the castle. Ludwig comes out to meet them.
Ludwig: Hi, Morton! Hi… LARRY?!
Larry: Yeah, it’s me.
Ludwig: Where have you been?! You know better than to…
Hours later…
Ludwig: …and that’s why you shouldn’t jump off cliffs.
???: At least his made sense.
Morton: (grumble)
Ludwig: Anyway, where’s Wendy?
Larry: Um…That’s the thing.
One explanation later…
Ludwig: …Oh.
Ludwig and Larry go inside. Morton’s airship disappears again.
Morton: How can I save Wendy?
???: Wait and see…
Morton is teleported to Soda Lake. Up above he sees several clouds and can barely see Larry’s airship.
Morton: She’s about to fall! Um…um…
He sees a Blooper and grabs it, using it as a sheet. Wendy falls and lands on the Blooper.
Wendy: EW! What is this?!
Blooper: BLOO! Bloop bloo bloop?! (OW! What was that?!)
Morton: Um…
Wendy: Morton? Why are you young?
Morton: Long story. Come on, I…uh…invented a teleporter!
??? warps Morton and Wendy to the castle. Ludwig and Larry come out to meet them.
Ludwig and Larry: WENDY?!
Morton warps away.
Wendy: Yeah.
Larry: But…you fell off the airship!
Wendy: I landed on a Blooper and Mort-
Wendy notices Morton is nowhere in sight.
Wendy: …Maybe I was imagining Morton.
Morton finds himself in the nothingness. This time, however, he can see the silhouette of ???. He looks like this:

Morton: Wait, what about Roy?
???: Rescuing Roy will ruin your family, not save it, due to the fact that Roy will murder Ludwig and steal the throne.
Morton: Oh. Now, can I see who you are?
???: Of course.
??? appears. He is…
Morton: *gasp*

To Be Continued...

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