Amazing Race: Plit

By Fred the Mole

Leg:  1
Bob the Panther:  Greetings!  And welcome to the Amazing Race.
Random Toad:  Wait… who ARE you?
Fred the Mole:  I randomly made him up for this certain story
Bob the Panther:  Yes, indeed.  Right now, I am in Rogueport, where 12 teams are about to embark on a race around Plit.  Here come those teams now!
11 boats pull up to the dock.  Lakilester and Lakilulu float out on their clouds, looking excited
Bob:  Lakilester and Lakilulu.  Married Lakitus from Flower Fields.
Lakilester:  I have adventured with Mario during the events of Paper Mario.  When I came back, I and Lakilulu decided to get married!
Lakilulu:  It was just perfect.  Since Lakilester-
Lakilester:  Spike!
Lakilulu (rolls eyes): Since Spike has traveled with Mario; we got a really good wedding deal down in Toad Town
They’re relaxing in Flower Fields
Lakilulu:  I am sure that we can win this race.  We completely have the chemistry. To win
They’re floating around Toad Town
Lakilester:  Since I’ve traveled with Mario, I have a lot of background knowledge about the Mushroom Kingdom
Henry and Orville float out.
Bob:  Henry and Orville; ghostly brothers from Luigi’s Mansion
Henry:  We’ve met Luigi before, which just reminded us about the world outside the mansion.
Orville:  We decided that we would join the amazing race to get out a little bit.
They’re driving in their favorite vehicles
 Henry:  Even though we do not know much about the world-
Orville:  Our cooperation and strength is enough to get us through.
They’re playing hide-and-seek
Henry:  Our time has come
Orville:  To prove that we are not hermits hiding inside a mansion
IL Piantissimo and Koopa the Quick race out; looking eager to start
Phil:  IL Piantissimo and Koopa the Quick.  Racers and best friends
Piantissimo:  We were once in a race at Yo’ster Island
Koopa the Quick:  We tied for first place, so we became instant friends.
They’re seen racing to the top of tall tall mountain
Quick:  We are both very speedy so this race should be a cinch.
Piantissimo:  I think speed is on our side
They’re seen drinking juice at Podley’s place in Rogueport
Quick:  We have traveled to many places over the years
Piantissimo:  Many races we have competed in.
Quick:  We have enough experience to win this
General Guy and Anti Guy walk in, looking calm and confident
Bob:  General guy and Anti Guy.  One’s head of the shy guys and the other is his most trusted servant
General guy:  I am the leader of a very strong army of shy guys.  Anti Guy over here is my second in command
Anti Guy:  I do believe that we have the strength and skill to win
They’re seen sitting at a table, plotting against Mario
General:  I’m aware that we lost to Mario before, but now we are stronger
Anti:  And ready to compete
They’re seen riding on the toy box express
General:  We are here to prove that Shy Guys aren’t just silly pranksters
Anti:  Yeah, we can be strong competitors, too.
Grunty and Klungo come out, looking fierce
Bob:  Grunty and Klungo.  Evil friends from banjo kazooie
Grunty:  It’s so great to be on this show.  What will happen?  I don’t know?
Klungo:  I rejoined Missssssstress after Nutssssss and Boltssssss.  She offered me a pay Raisssssssse.
Grunty:  What I realized within my heart, was that without Klungo, I fell apart!
They’re seen at the top of Grunty’s Lair
Grunty:  Even though I have been beat, that didn’t ensure my defeat.  I know that I am just a head, but the truth is that I’m far from dead
Klungo:  yeah, what she sssssssaid.
They’re seen in the HAG1
Grunty:  We aren’t just here for fun and games; we really want the cash and fame!
Kutlass and Kloak come out.  Kutlass looks very excited and… You really can’t tell what Kloak is feeling.
Bob:  Kutlass and Kloak:  Best Friends
Kutlass:  WOO!  AMAZING RACE!!!
Kloak” …woo…
They’re seen wading in Krem Quay
Kloak:  Yeah!  It’ll be fun!
They’re seen flying in the flying Crock
Kloak:  I think we’ll be strong enough to win
Bullet Bill and Bombshell Bill fly out, looking, um, I dunno…
Bob:  Bullet Bill and Bombshell Bill.  Brothers from Bowser’s Castle
Bullet Bill:  We’re ready to win!
They’re seen racing through Bowser’s Castle
Bullet Bill:  I and my brother are strong competitors.  We really want to win
Bombshell Bill:  We’re super fast and strong!
They’re seen Relaxing on keelhaul Key
Bullet Bill:  We’re also here because we want to build on our relationship as brothers
Bombshell Bill:  yeah, we’ve spent a lot of our lives apart.  Bowser put him in Koopa Bros. Fortress and kept me at his own castle
Bullet:  Just recently, he assigned us both to his castle, so we’ve been spending a lot more time together.
9-volt and 18-volt come out, both with handhelds
Bob:  9-volt and 18-volt.  Best friends from Diamond City
9-volt:  18-volt!  Were finally on the amazing race!
They’re seen playing the Nintendo 64.
9-volt:  We’ve always been fans of the amazing race.
18-volt:  Yeah.  We have all of the video games
They’re seen skateboarding on a slanted road
9-volt:  Just because we’re game nerds, doesn’t mean that we don’t have any physical skill.
18:  Yeah.  We could win with two hands tied behind our backs!
9:  We are definitely capable
Kamek and Kammy Koopa come out.
Bob:  Kamek and Kammy:  Married servants to Bowser
Kammy:  eehehehehee!
They’re seen shooting spells at cardboard cutouts
Kamek:  We are Bowser’s two most trusted magikoopas
Kammy:  We are very skilled with magic.
They’re seen on a picnic in Petalburg
Kammy:  We’re ready to show the other teams who’s boss
Kamek:  We’re extremely clever.  WE have the wits to win.
Gold-bob and General White walk out, looking happy
Bob:  Gold-bob and General White.  Bob-ombs from Fahr Outpost
Gold-Bob:  I say, it’s great to be here!
General White:  After we got the cannon up and running again, we decided we HAD to go on the amazing race
They’re seen walking through Toad Town
General White:  I just love to travel.  I’ve been to many places.  I hope this helps me
They’re seen sitting beside Gold-Bob’s Pool
Gold-Bob:  I don’t travel that much.  That’s why I’m glad to be on the Amazing Race
E. Gadd and Toadsworth walk out
Bob:  E. Gadd and Toadsworth.  Friends.
They’re seen walking on a sidewalk
E. Gadd:  We became friends at some party held by Mario and Luigi
Toadsworth:  We became friends almost instantly.
They’re seen swimming in a lake
Toadsworth:  We may look old, but we are fit.
E. Gadd:  I always got quite the work-out keeping the ghosts out of that Haunted Mansion
Bob:  All teams ready?  Ok, here are the rules.  Each team must find clues that lead to different places, while also completing challenges.  At the end of each leg of the race, there will be a pit stop.  The last team to check in here, may be eliminate from the race.  On go, you must all race to the 11 clues set out and take one.  It will tell you where to go next.  On your mark.  Get set.  GO!
All teams race to the clues
Bob:  Teams must now find this train:  The Excess Express.  Once about this train, teams will find there next clue
Gold bob/General White (1st)
Gold-bob:  I know where that is!  It leads to my home-town!
General White:  Let’s go!
Kutlass/Kloak (2nd)
Grunty/Klungo (3rd)
Grunty:  Come on Klungo, we mustn’t waste.  Let’s find that train station with haste!
Klungo:  Yessss Missstresss
Bullet Bill and Bombshell Bill (4th)
Bullet:  How many teams do you think are ahead of us?
Bombshell:  I think about 4, maybe five
Bullet:  All right, let’s move ahead
Henry and Orville:  (5th)
Henry:  Where do you think the train is, Orville?
Orville:  I don’t know, let’s ask someone
Henry walks up to a Pianta
Henry:  Excuse me sir, but do you know where the train is?
Pianta:  It’s over ‘dere, bub
Henry:  Um… thanks.
E. Gadd/Toadsworth (6th)
Toadsworth:  I think I’ve seen the train last time I was here
Gadd:  Where?  Let’s get out of this heat!
Koopa the Quick/Il Piantissimo (7th)
They’re in Podley’s place, laughing
***Quick:  We’re so speedy, and we already know where the train is, we decided to unwind for a second
***Piantissimo:  We, um, kind of lost track of the time
Lakilester and Lakilulu (8th)
Lakilester:  Argh!  Where is the train station?
They’re on the east side
Lakilulu:  Do you think we should go check the west side?
Lakilester:  probably
General Guy and Anti Guy (9th)
General:  Anti Guy!  We’re losing ground!  Where is that %&!@ train station!
Anti:  I don’t know, but we’re bound to find it eventually
9-volt and 18-volt (10th)
They’re on Zess T’s roof.
9-volt:  18-volt!  Where are we?
18-volt:  I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s the train station!
Kamek and Kammy (Last place)
They’re searching the port for a train
***Kamek:  We didn’t get off to a good start
***Kammy:  We knew we would be at the back of the pack
Gold Bob and General White (1st)
Gold:  Here we are!  The excess Express, looking as dashing as ever!
Gold bob and General White get on the train.
White:  The clue box!
Gold:  Detour!
Bob:  A detour is a choice between two possible challenges that teams will have to complete.  The express is known for the mysteries that Mario once solved upon it.  Teams will now solve one of those mysteries.  The choices:  Birthday gift or Dinner Pot.  In birthday gift, teams must find room 008, where they will meet L’il Bub.  They must then deduce that he wants the engineer’s autograph for his birthday.  After bringing this to him, he will give them their next clue.  In Dinner pot, teams need to go to the kitchen and talk to Chef Shimi.  He will inform you that his dinner pot has been stolen.  Teams must figure out that it was Heff T who took it.  Heff T will then give them their next clue.
Gold:  L’il bub is my son!  He wants a, um…
White:  come on, let’s go to 006
Bullet Bill and Bombshell bill (2nd)
Bullet:  I think we passed a couple teams!
Bombshell:  C’mon!  Let’s board the train!
Bullet and bombshell board the train
Bullet:  Let’s do Dinner Pot, it sounds easier
Bullet and Bombshell run to the kitchen
Kutlass and Kloak (3rd)
Kloak:  I dunno.  Catch up, I guess
Kutlass:  DETOOOOOOOOOUR!!!!!!!
Kloak:  Let’s do Birthday gift
Kutlass:  OKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!
Gold bob and General White (1st)
They enter 006
L’il Bub:  DAD!
Gold:  SON!  Can you tell me, um, what you want for your birthday?
L’il Bub:  Let me remind you.  Au-to-graph
Gold:  OH YEAH!  C’mon General, let’s go get the train conductors autograph
White:  OK!
Gold and White start running to the other side of the train
Kamek and Kammy (10th)
They’re in the Pianta parlor
Kammy:  ARRGH!
Kamek:  We shan’t lose time!  We must find the train!
9-volt and 18-volt (last)
They’re in Rogueport Sewers
***9-volt:  We just couldn’t find the train
***18-volt:  Well it was your idea to search underground
Koopa the Quick and IL Piantissimo (9th)
They’re sitting in Podley’s
Quick:  (GASP!)  Look at the time!
Piantissimo:  Yikes!
***Quick:  We knew that we had to run
Grunty and Klungo:  (4th)
Grunty:  Finally, we found the train.  Now let’s hurry so money we gain!
Klungo:  Detour…
Grunty:  If you want to have some fun, we should do the birthday one
Klungo:  Agreed.  Letsssss go
Bullet Bill and Bombshell Bill (2nd)
They run up to Chef Shimi
Shimi:  You two!  Please find my pot of soup.  Peas!  I mean please!
Bullet:  Look!  A trail of soup!
Bombshell:  Let’s follow it!
***Bullet:  It was really fun working with my brother

Toadsworth and E. Gadd (5th)
Toadsworth:  Here’s the train!
E. Gadd:  Let’s do Birthday Gift
Toadsworth:  OK
Koopa the Quick and IL Piantissimo (6th)
Quick:  Here’s the clue
***Quick:  We, um, really lost time
Quick:  Detour
Piantissimo:  Let’s do Dinner Pot
Lakilester and Lakilulu (7th)
Lakilulu:  here we are!
Lakilester:  Detour
Lakilulu:  Let’s do Dinner pot
Gold Bob and General White (1st)
They’re running back to room 008.  The door opens
Gold:  Son!  Here is your autograph!
L’il bub: Thanks dad, here’s the clue!
White:  Go to the storage room
Bob:  Teams must now find the storage room.  It is there where they’ll find their next clue
White:  Let’s go!
Henry and Orville (8th)
Henry:  here’s the train!
Orville:  Let’s do Dinner Pot
Kutlass and Kloak (3rd)
They enter 008
L’il Bub:  no, sorry, but I’ll give you a hint.  It starts with an A

Bub:  Autograph.
Kloak:  Er… Lets ask someone close to the room
General guy and Anti guy (9th)
Anti:  We have finally reached the train
General:  No time to celebrate.  Detour!
Anti:  let’s do dinner pot.  I’m hungry
General:  Good enough for me
Kamek and Kammy (10th)
Kamek:  (huff…huff…) Here’s the train.  Let’s board
Kammy:  Let’s do birthday gift
Kamek:  OK
Bullet bill and Bombshell Bill (2nd)
They enter Heff T’s room
Bullet:  The trail leads into here
Bombshell:  Hmm.  Excuse me, mister, but have you seen a stew pot?
Heff T:  Um, I don’t know what you’re talking about…
Bullet:  OK, he’s clean
Bombshell:  Wait!  Let’s search the room
Heff T:  Do you have a warrant?
Bullet:  Um, yes?
Heff T:  Fine.  But you won’t find anything
Bullet Bill lifts up a matt and finds a stew pot
Heff T:  I have NO clue how that got there!
Bombshell:  Can we have our clue?
Heff T:  Fine (grumble grumble)
Heff T hands them the clue
Bullet:  Go to the storage room
9-volt and 18 volt (last)
9-volt:  FINALLY!  Here’s the train!
As 9-volt and 18-volt get on the train, it starts to move
9-volt:  Let’s do Dinner pot
18-volt:  OK
Gold Bob and General White
White:  I think the train is moving!
Gold:  Good!  We’ll get to Poshley faster.
White:  here’s the clue.
Gold:  Roadblock
Bob:  A Roadblock is a task that only one team-member can complete.  In this a team-member must find one of 11 diaries hidden in the Storage room.  Once found, they must go to room 004 and give the Diary to Ghost T, who will then give them their next clue.  The contestants not participating in the challenge will wait in Ghost T’s room.
White:  Who can find a needle in a haystack?
Gold:  I’ll do it
White:  Fine with me.
Grunty and Klungo (4th)
They walk into room 008
Grunty:  Hello, little bomb, we want to know, what do you want for your birthday, yo?
 L’il bub:  It starts with an A.
Klungo:  Can you tell usssss ssssomething elssse?
L’il bub.  A certain person’s autograph.  Now no more hints!
Grunty:  OK, let’s go find out more info!
Toadsworth and E Gadd (5th)
They walk into room 008 just as Grunty and Klungo leave
Toadsworth:  I say!  Little Bob-omb!  What do you want for your birthday?
L’il Bub:  An autograph
E. Gadd:  Hmmm…
Toadsworth:  Let’s look into this…
Bullet Bill and Bombshell Bill (2nd)
They enter the storage room
Bullet:  Road Block
Bombshell:  You do it.  I’m practically blind
Bullet:  OK
***Bullet:  Competing with him was a bit challenging at first.  We didn’t really know each other that well
Kutlass and Kloak (3rd)
They walk up to the train conductor
Conductor:  He’s always talking about trains
Kloak:  Or maybe the engineer’s.
Kutlass:  OK LETS DO THAT!
Koopa the Quick and IL Piantissimo (5th)
Quick:  Mr. Chef?  Do you need help?
Shimi:  My stew has been swollen!  Ack, Stolen!
Piantissimo:  We’ll find it!  Now.  Is there any kind of clue around here?
Quick:  Well, there’s this mysterious pattern on the rug.
Piantissimo:  That’s soup!  Follow it!
Henry and Orville (7th)
They run into the kitchen
Henry:  Hello, Mr. Cheep Cheep
Orville:  Let’s look for evidence
Henry:  Soup prints!  Right here on the rug!
Lakilester and Lakilulu (8th)
They enter the Kitchen
Lakilulu:  There go the ghosts
Lakilester:  Where do you think they’re going?
Lakilulu:  No Idea
Shimi:  SOUP!
Lakilester:  Oh yeah
Lakilulu:  Let’s follow that trail
9-volt and 18-volt (9th)
9-volt and 18-volt float up to Chef Shimi
Shimi:  MY SOUP POT!
18-volt:  We’re on it.
9-volt:  I bet it’s in the storage room.
9-volt and 18-volt leave the room without noticing the trail of soup
Gold Bob and General White (1st)
Bullet Bill and Bombshell Bill (2nd)
Gold Bob is searching through a stack of boxes.  Bullet Bill is doing the same on the other side of the room.  All of a sudden…
Gold Bob:  FOUND IT!
He quickly darts from the room.  A couple seconds later…
Bullet Bill:  I have it too!
Kutlass and Kloak (3rd)
They walk into the control… place.
Kloak:  Excuse me, sir, but can I have your autograph?
Engineer:  Why sure!  You’re the second person to ask me that today!
***Kloak:  It was hectic.  We didn’t know where any of the other teams were.
Kamek and Kammy (9th)
They enter room 008
Bub:  Autograph
Kamek:  Is that our hint?
Bub:  Yup.
Kammy:  Thanks!
Grunty and Klungo (4th)
Grunty walks up to the conductor
Klungo:  Exssssscussssse me sssir, but isss there any famoussss people on thisss train?
Conductor:  Yeah, Zip Toad is in cabin 001
Grunty:  Then it is there that we shall go, let’s make haste and not be slow!
They run off
Kutlass and Kloak (3rd)
They enter the storage room
Kloak:  Who can find a needle in a haystack?
Kloak:  Um, actually, I think I’ll do it
9-volt and 18-volt (last)
They enter the storage room and see Kutlass and Kloak
9-volt:  Look!  There’s the clue!
18-volt:  It’s a roadblock
9-volt:  Man, all those years of video games have made my eyes pretty bad.  You do it.
18-volt:  Why not.
Gold Bob and General White (1st)
They rush into Ghost T’s room
Ghost T:  Do you have my Diary?
Gold Bob:  Yes.  Here you go.
Ghost:  Thank you.  Here’s your clue
White:  Make your way to the Pitstop!
Bob:  Teams must now depart from the Excess Express, which has just stationed in Poshley Heights.  Once off the train, Teams need to find Poshley Sanctum.  This Gigantic building, a holder of one of the crystal stars, is the Pitstop for this leg of the race
White:  COME ON!  LET’S GO!
They start running
Bullet Bill and Bombshell Bill (2nd)
They enter the room just as Gold Bob and General White leave
Bullet:  We have the diary
Ghost T:  Great.  Here is your next clue
Bombshell:  PITSTOP!
They rush out the door.
Poshley Sanctum
Bob is standing on the Amazing race mat.  The door opens and…
Gold Bob:  We’re here!
Pennington:  Welcome to Poshley Heights
Bob:  Gold Bob and General White… You’re team number ONE!
White:  YEAH!
Gold:  I knew we’d win.  I had the home field advantage!
Bob:  As winners of this leg of the race, you win a 5 night trip to Poshley Heights!  You’ll be staying at the 5 star hotel and getting free pasta
Gold:  Well that’s just great.  I LIVE here
White:  It’s good for me!  YAY!!!
Bullet Bill and Bombshell Bill fly in
Bob:  Bullet Bill and Bombshell Bill… You’re team number two
Bullet Bill:  I’ll take that!
Bombshell Bill:  yeah, next time we’ll get first.
Koopa the Quick and IL Piantissimo (4th)
Quick:  Well, the footprints lead here…
Piantissimo:  You!  You’re pudgy and overweight!  Did you take the soup?
Heff T:  Well!  I guess you’re not gonna find out, Mr. Namecaller
Koopa the Quick looks at the rug
Quick:  Whats this big lump in the rug?
Heff T:  Um… termites?
IL Piantissimo lifts up the rug
Heff T:  Fine, you caught me.  Here’s your clue.
Quick:  Go to the storage room!
They dash off
Kamek and Kammy (10th)
They talk to the conductor
Kamek:  Excuse me, sir, but do you know anything about Bub in room 008
Conductor:  Yeah, he LOVES trains.  I think he wants to be an engineer someday.
Kamek:  Hmmm…
Kammy:  I bet he wants the engineer’s autograph!
Kamek:  Great idea.  Let’s go!
9-volt and 18-volt (last)
18-volt:  I found one!
He departs from the room and soon enters Ghost T’s room.
18-volt:  Here’s your diary
Ghost T:  Here’s your clue
9-volt:  Travel to the Pitstop
Kutlass and Kloak (3rd)
***Kloak:  The challenge was harder than I thought.  The diaries were pretty
hidden.  I just had to keep looking
Kloak:  Ugh!  I can’t find it!
Grunty and Klungo (5th)
They walk into Zip Toad’s room
Zip Toad:  Whoa, ugly hag and weird green thing, get out of my room!
Grunty:  Wait young man, please don’t laugh, but may I have your autograph
Zip Toad:  Sure, I guess…
Zip Toad signs a piece of paper with his name on it.
Klungo:  OK, letsssssssss go
They start heading back to room 008
E. Gadd and Toadsworth (8th)
They walk into the engine room?  Hmmm, what did I call it earlier… oh yeah.  The control place.
Toadsworth:  Excuse me, good sir, but can I have your autograph?
Engineer:  Why sure!  Boy, am I popular today.
The Engineer signs a piece of paper
E. Gadd:  Let’s hurry!
They start running
Koopa the Quick and IL Piantissimo (4th)
They run into the storage room
Quick:  Road Block
IL Piantissimo:  Which of us has fast eyes?
Quick:  I’m thinking you
Piantissimo:  Me it is, then
Henry and Orville (7th)
They walk into Heff T’s room
Henry:  OK the-
Henry lifts up the rug
Heff T:  Darn
Henry:  Go to the storage room
Orville:  Without haste!
Lakilester and Lakilulu (8th)
Lakilester and Lakilulu enter Heff T’s Room
Heff T: Saaaay, you two don’t happen to know a train-obsessed Lakitu, do you?
Lakilester:  um… no?
Heff T:  OK.  Now, why are you here?
Lakilulu lifts up the rug
Heff T:  Darn.  Here’s your clue
Lakilulu:  Go to the storage room.
Kamek and Kammy (9th)
Kamek:  Hello, can I have your autograph?
Engineer:  Why sure!
Kammy:  Great!  Let’s go!
They run off
Kutlass and Kloak (3rd)
Kloak is searching
Kloak:  FOUND IT!
He runs off
Grunty and Klungo
They come back to room 008.
Grunty:  Hey now, bomb, we heard your clue, now here is an autograph just for you
Bub looks at the autograph
Bub:  Sorry, but this isn’t the correct autograph.
Klungo:  Uh-oh.  Maybe we ssshould asssk sssomeone about Bub
Grunty:  A fine decision, you just made, now let’s hurry so we can get paid!
Koopa the Quick and IL Piantissimo (4th)
Piantissimo is searching through boxes
Piantissimo:  Here’s one!
He runs off
9-volt and 18-volt
They walk onto the mat in poshley Sanctum
Bob:  9-volt and 18-volt?  You’re team number three
9-volt:  Yay!
Bob:  However.  You skipped a challenge…
9-volt:  What?!
18-volt:  No way!
Bob:  You will endure an hour penalty
18-vot:  This CANT be happening
Kamek and Kammy (8th)
They walk into 008
Kamek:  here’s the autograph
Bub:  Thank-you!
Kamek:  Go to the storage room!
Kutlass and Kloak (3rd)
They walk into Ghost T’s room
Kloak:  Here it is, Mr. Ghost
Ghost T:  Thank-you!
Kloak:  C’mon!  Lets go!
General Guy and Anti Guy (9th)
They walk into Heff T’s room
General:  Hmm, you remind me of a friend of mine… never mind.  Do you have a
soup pot?
Heff T:  Nooooooooooooooo…?
Wind from the window lifts up the rug and reveals the soup pot
Heff T:  (sigh)  here’s your clue
E. Gadd and Toadsworth
They enter room 008
E. Gadd:  Here is the autograph you desired!
Bub:  Thanks!  Here’s your clue!
9-volt and 18-volt time remaining:  50 min
***9-volt:  Time seemed to be going backward
Henry and Orville
They’re in the storage room
Henry:  Roadblock
Orville:  Well, which of us is better at hide-n-seek
Both:  me!
Orville:  I guess you can do it.
Henry:  Thank-you very much!
Koopa the Quick and IL Piantissimo
Piantissimo:  Mr. Ghost, here is your diary
Ghost T:  Thanks a bundle!
Quick:  Go to the pitstop!
9-volt and 18-volt.  45 minutes left
18-volt:  Ugh.  Why is our penalty so long?
9-volt:  A team is coming!
Kutlass and Kloak
They go onto the mat
Bob:  Kutlass and Kloak.  You’re the fourth team to arrive, but, since 9-volt and 18
volt are penalized, you’re the third team to arrive.
Kutlass:  YAAAAAAAAAY!!!
Kloak:  It’s nice to know we’re near the top.
Koopa the Quick and IL Piantissimo
Quick: We’re here Bob!
They step onto the mat
Bob:  Koopa the Quick and IL Piantissimo?  You’re team number 4!
Quick:  What?  Why aren’t we higher up?
Piantissimo:  remember?  Podley’s?
Quick:  Oh yeah.
General guy and Anti Guy
They enter the storage room
Anti:  Roadblock
General:  I’ll do it!
Henry and Orville
Henry:  I found one!
He rushes off into Ghost T’s room
Ghost T:  Ah, another ghost.  Do you have my diary?
Henry:  Right here
Ghost T:  All right, here’s your clue!
Henry:  To the pitstop!
Orville:  Lets go!
Grunty and Klungo
They’re talking to the engineer
Klungo:  Ah!  Ssso he wantsss the conductorsss autograph!
Grunty:  Then it’s the conductor that we will see.  Let us hurry or gone we’ll be!
They run the the controll… place.
Klungo:  Can we have your-
Engineer:  I know, I know.  Man, does EVERYONE want my autograph?
He signs a piece of paper
Klungo:  Thanksss
Kamek and Kammy
They enter the storage room
Kamek:  Roadblock
Kammy:  I think I should do it.
Kamek:  That’s fine by me.
9-volt and 18-volt.  Time left:  30 min
9-volt:  This is so stressful!
Henry and Orville
They walk into Poshley Sanctum and step onto the mat
Bob:  Henry and Orville?  You’re team number 5
Henry:  I’ll take that.  It’s not that bad.
Orville:  Yeah, we’ll do better next time.
E. Gadd and Toadsworth
They enter the storage room
E. Gadd:  Roadblock.  You should do it.  My eyes were obviously taken to old age
Toadsworth:  I guess I’ll do it.
Lakilester and Lakilulu
They float into the storage room
Lakilester:  Roadblock
Lakilulu:  My eyes are perfect!  Let me do it.
Lakilester:  Fine by me.
Grunty and Klungo
Grunty:  Here, bomb, are you happy now?  You made me sweat just like a cow!
Bub:  Yup.  This is what I want.  Here’s your clue
Klungo:  Go to the ssstorage room
General Guy and Anti Guy
General Guy:  I found one!
He runs out of the room
9-volt and 18-volt time left 25 minutes
18-volt:  …
Kamek and Kammy
Kammy:  here’s one!
Lakilester and Lakilulu
Lakilulu:  Got one!
General Guy and Anti Guy
They run into Poshley sanctum and stop on the mat
Bob:  General guy and Anti Guy?  You’re team number 6
General Guy:  That’s pretty good considering we messed up at the beginning of the leg
Kamek and Kammy
Lakilester and Lakilulu
Kamek and Kammy burst into the sanctum, literally two seconds before Lakilester and Lakilulu.  The same happens with the mat
Bob:  Kamek and Kammy?  Lakilester and Lakilulu?  You’re teams 7 and 8.
Kamek:  Good enough for me!
Lakilulu:  I’ll take it, I’ll take it
9-volt and 18-volt.  Time remaining:  15 min
9-volt:  So cloooose!
Grunty and Klungo
They run into the storage room
Grunty:  Roadblock
Klungo:  Let klungo do thisss for missstressss
Grunty:  OK
E. Gadd and Toadsworth
Toadsworth:  Hi Ho!  Here it is!
He runs off
Grunty and Klungo
Klungo:  No!  I’m in lassst!
9-volt and 18-volt.  Time left:  10 minutes
9-volt puts his head down
E. Gadd and Toadsworth
They run into the sanctum and step onto the mat
Bob:  E. Gadd and Toadsworth?  You’re team number 9
Toadsworth:  (Phew) we made it, old bean!
Grunty and Klungo
Klungo:  I found it
9-volt and 18-volt.  Time left:  6 minutes
18-volt is pacing the floor
Grunty and Klungo
Klungo:  Here’sss your diary, Mr. Ghossst
Ghost T:  here’s your clue!
9-volt and 18-volt.  Time left:  4 minutes

Grunty and Klungo
They’re running through poshley heights
9-volt and 18-volt.  Time left:  2 minutes
The doors to Poshley Sanctum burst open.
Grunty and Klungo
Grunty and Klungo run onto the mat
Bob:  Grunty and Klungo?  You’re the last team to arrive…
Grunty sighs
Bob:  However, 9-volt and 18-volt have endured a penalty.  So you are team number 10!
Grunty:  I knew that we could win this game.  Now I don’t feel any shame!
9-volt and 18-volt time left:  0 minutes
Bob:  Your time penalty is up.  You can step on the mat now.
9-volt and 18-volt slowly come on the mat
Bob:  9-volt and 18-volt?  You’re the last team to arrive… I’m sorry to tell you you’ve been eliminated from the race
18-volt:  @#$%!!!
9-volt:  This isn’t how I wanted to go out, enduring a time penalty
Bob:  What does it feel like to be the first team eliminated?
18-volt:  its horrible!
9-volt:  It’s a shame.  Traveling on the Excess Express was nice, though
***9-volt:  We’re disappointed to be the first team eliminated.  I thought we could’ve done better
***18-volt:  Oh well, one team has to go first, right?  To bad it had to be us.
The credits run

To Be Continued...

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