The Journey to Brotherhood

By Tenacious B

When we last left off, Ignacio was being chased by King Boo with The Shroob King monitoring the one-sided battle. The Shroob King is currently listening to music.

The Shroob King: HA!  This is hilarious to watch when you’re listening to Benny Hill!

Suddenly a bruised Purple T. comes up to The Shroob King.

Purple T: Here you go, Boss!

Purple T hands the Shroob King the Sapphire Heart.

The Shroob King: Thank you. Now, could you stand right there for me?

Purple T: Yes sir.

The Shroob King pulls out his gun (the same one Princess Shroob used to blow up her ships). He pulls the trigger and Purple T explodes. King Boo and Ignacio stop.

Ignacio: Why did you do that?!

King Boo: The Shroob King didn’t tell you?

The Shroob King: Oh, you didn’t hear? Once I settle my army on Plit and turn the Koopa Troop into an entire army of Shroob-like enemies, I’m going to blow up my entire armada. These idiots couldn’t stop you from collecting the six other Sapphire Charms! So the Old Generation of Shroobs will be killed. While me, King Boo, Dr. Smith, Man of Fat, and Pride will bring forth a much bigger, stronger, and overall better army! So we can take over every galaxy in the Mario Galaxy games. Then… you know the rest.

King Boo: Capture Earth, then Venus, then Mercury, then the Sun, then the Milky Way. Then the rest of the Universe will become ours!

The Shroob King: But first… your death.

King Boo continues to chase Ignacio. Eventually Ignacio trips.

The Shroob King: Ooh, here’s the good part.

Ignacio starts reaching into his shell, looking for ANYTHING with which to defeat King Boo.

King Boo: YAH!

Suddenly Ignacio pulls out the camera he got from Isle Delfino. He takes a picture of King Boo.


Suddenly King Boo turns into a spirit and goes right into the camera. Ignacio’s and The Shroob King’s jaws drop.

The Shroob King: … WHAT?!... You have that strange camera from the Fatal Frame series! You just captured one of my best men!... Whatever! You just got lucky! But here’s the way out.

The Shroob King shines a light on a door.

Ignacio: (Ok, yes it’s a trap. But it’s pretty much my only way of stopping him.)

Ignacio puts the camera down and walks to the door.

Meanwhile upstairs…

Intercom: Dr. Smith! Move to your station!

Dr. Smith: Aw man! I didn’t think Ignacio would get past King Boo!

The Team cheers!

Man of Fat: SHUT UP!

Man of Fat slaps the entire team with a whip made of fat. This angers Jenny. Dr. Smith runs away.


Jenny conjures her strength and breaks out of her restraints.

Man of Fat: PRIDE! Get her!

Pride and Jenny lock up, but Jenny throws Pride into a wall, knocking him out. She begins to slash Man of Fat. However, her slashing has no effect on him.

Man of Fat: HA! Slashing does nothing to my blubbering fatness!

Jenny then remembers Purple T’s announcement of Man of Fat. She rams her bleeding shoulder into Man of Fat. Her blue blood begins dissolving Man of Fat.

Man of Fat: Oh DAD no! The pain! The pain!

Jenny begins slobbering on him. Soon he dissolves into nothing.

Jenny: All right… Where’s Dr. Smith?!

Jenny goes down the hallway Dr. Smith went down.

Meanwhile with Ignacio…

Ignacio is walking down a hallway filled with paintings of The Shroob King and other villains in history. The villains are Bowser, The Joker, Hitler, Sephiroth, Evil EB, Wario, Waluigi, Rowdy Roddy Piper, M. Bison, N. Cortex, The Beast from Amnesia, Darkseid, Pitch The Devil, Dr. Smith, Jafar, Mike Tyson, Wind Crystal, Panser, Al Capone, The Iceberg that sunk the Titanic, Lord Voldemort, The Rival Bat in Pong, Clyde from Pac-man, Godzilla, The Wicked Witch of The West, The Headless Horseman, Judge Doom, Oscar The Grouch, Carmen Sandiego, Harley Quinn, Elmer Fudd, Billy The Kid, Jesse James, Scar, Cruella De Vil, Shere Khan, Professor Ratigan, Ursula, Gaston, Lady Tremaine, The Grinch, Mother Brain, King Hippo, Dracula, The Blackadder, Darth Vader, That Book from the Care Bears Movie, Captain Hook, Bill Sykes, T-1000, HAL 9000, GlaDos, Hannibal Lecter, Alex, Norman Bates, The Gemini Kiler, Anton Chigurh, Regan MacNeil, Ramses, The Green Goblin, Bella Swan, JAWS, Malachite, and Daffy Duck.

The Shroob King Intercom: Do you like the Hall of Villainy? Every single person in this hallway (with the exception of you of course) has inspired me to become what I am today.  These things have worked their entire lives just to make life miserable for others! Or to become rich! Or to become ruler of something! So I figure, why not do all three? Some of them turned their back on the devil and joined the side of good, and even those who stayed evil have failed in their conquest. Except for one painting of a villain, mine! Once I kill you and your friends, then the Old Shroob Colony, there will be nothing left standing in my way of Universal Conquest! And I know you’re going to try to stop me! Well I know how to stop you!

Ignacio: Yeah? How are you going to do it?

The Shroob King Intercom: Like this!

Suddenly Jenny is seen in the background of the Dr. Smith painting. She tackles him.

Dr. Smith: OoF! YOU AGAIN!

Ignacio: You!

Dr. Smith: You’re always a pain in my side! Let me finish him! That was the plan!... YOU NINNY!

Ignacio: (I was wondering when he was going to say that.)

Jenny: …Ninny… It’s you!


We see the Zonemancers on Mimosa Delta being attacked by The Shroob Armada. Jenny is caught in a tractor beam while the Shroob Ships start firing giant Bullet Bills at the planet until it turns into a pile of space rubble. When she arrives on the ship, she’s tranquillized by the Shroobs.

Dr. Smith: That was a simple nine-minute fight, men! Good work!

Then Jenny blacks out…

Jenny wakes up in a stadium with some other Zonemancers. Some are her best friends, the only Zonemancers that don’t mock her for not using clothes as weapons.
Dr. Smith: All right, NINNYS! Here’s the thing! We want you all to battle to the death! Last Zonemancer standing will join the Shroobs in our Universal Conquest!

Jenny and the other Zonemancers are wearing PTOSs so they can understand what Dr. Smith is saying. A Shroob rings a bell. Soon the Zonemancers start fighting, however, none of them have their clothes weapons, so they’re not nearly as strong as Jenny and she massacres most of them. It’s soon down to she and Sabrina Hair, her best friend. They lock up, but Jenny easily overcomes her and pins her. Tears appear in Jenny’s eyes as she raises her claw.

Jenny: …I’m sorry.

Jenny slashes her claws into Sabrina’s throat, killing her. Dr. Smith starts clapping.

Dr. Smith: Brilliantly done! Looks like we have a strong one on our hands, gentlemen! Send in a Shroob to give her the Shroob Deodorant!

A Shroob walks into the arena and offers her the Shroob Deodorant. However in anger and despair at killing her best friend, she cuts the Shroob in half. Another Shroob shoots her with a tranquilizer.
She then wakes up in some giant room, crying over what she’s done and realizing she’s alone for what she thinks will be forever. She looks at the Shroob deodorant, but vows to herself never to join their horrid kind.

*End Flashback*

Jenny: It was you! YOU DID ALL THAT!

Jenny tries slashing Dr. Smith’s face, but he crawls under her and runs away. Jenny gives chase.

The Shroob King Intercom: Well uh… Plan B!

Suddenly Bowser blinks and steps out of his painting.

The Shroob King Intercom: It’s amazing what you can do with a creative cannon.

Meanwhile with Jenny and Dr. Smith…

Dr. Smith runs into an Underground Cavern. (The Shroob Armada has a lot of different rooms on their ships.) He hits a dead end and Jenny catches up.

Dr. Smith: JENNY! That’s your name! JENNY! STOP! I can help you! Look, this entire armada is going to blow up once Ignacio and his friends are taken care of. But if you join us, I’ll let you be one of the six who will go to Plit and set up the New Generation of Shroobs! Here!
Dr. Smith reaches into his cloak and pulls out Shroob Deodorant.

Dr. Smith: Just take it, and you’ll become a member of the strongest army in the history of… everything!

Dr. Smith tosses the Shroob Deodorant to Jenny. She looks at it, then tosses it into the passage they came from.

Dr. Smith: Very well… We’ll do it your way! If I can’t talk you into working for us, maybe I can FORCE you! We’ll fight!

Jenny starts charging toward Dr. Smith, but Dr. Smith dodges her and begins punching her in the face. However she pushes him away and kicks him right in the head.

Jenny: I’d kill you now, but I think torturing you first will be better.

Jenny grabs Dr. Smith’s arms and begins pulling drastically. She runs up the wall and backflips off it, causing great pain to Dr. Smith’s arm.

Dr. Smith: AUUUUUGH!

However Smith retaliates by kicking Jenny in the leg, making her fall on her knees. She begins clawing his face and hoists him back up to his feet. But this time Dr. Smith grabs her arm and begins twisting it. He then does a dropkick on her, knocking her back, however Dr. Smith lands on solid rock.

Dr. Smith: Ouch! Note to self: Don’t do that.

Dr. Smith gets up and starts stomping on Jenny’s ankle. Jenny pokes him in the eye and begins punching Dr. Smith in the head. However Dr. Smith dodges by grabbing her and pushing her into a wall, making the room shake.

Jenny: OOF! You’re stronger than I thought!

Jenny whips around Dr. Smith and pushes him face-first into the same wall. Dr. Smith falls on his back and Jenny digs her foot claws in his chest.

Jenny: When do you want me to stop and finally end your life?

Dr. Smith grabs Jenny’s leg and throws her head-first into the wall. He crawls away from Jenny and grabs the Shroob Deodorant. However Jenny comes to again and punches the Shroob deodorant out of his hands. Then it turns into a boxing match, each person exchanging blows and neither going down.

Dr. Smith: All we need is Mario as the referee, and the Punch-Out experience will be complete.

Jenny throws a hook and Dr. Smith ducks and begins punching her upper body and stomach. Then he whips behind her and puts her in an ankle lock, then a figure four leglock.

Jenny: YAAGH!

Dr. Smith: Oh, have I actually found a weak spot in this Zonemancer?

Jenny: NO!

Jenny uses her legs to throw Dr. Smith into another wall head-first. She charges into him, but he dodges and she runs into the wall. He then grabs her and suplexes her into the ground.

Dr. Smith: Now for you to accept my offer.

Dr. Smith finds and grabs the Shroob Deodorant. However when he hovers over Jenny to spray, she grabs his arm with her claw and throws him away. She gets back onto her feet. But Dr. Shroob has disappeared.

Jenny: Where’d you go?

Dr. Smith: Up here!

Dr. Smith rips off his cloak and uses his spider legs to reach onto the top of the ceiling. He jumps onto Jenny. who grabs him and tosses him to the ground. She picks him up again only to have him knee her in the head and drop him again. After so many blows to head, she falls over. Dr. Smith is just barely moving after all the repeated shots he’s taken too. Eventually both of them get up onto their feet.

Dr. Smith: Wait… With my six extra legs… I can catch myself when I drop-kick her!

Dr. Smith starts charging toward her, but Jenny grabs him right before he attempts another drop kick and throws his body into the wall. She picks up the Shroob Deodorant, covers her mouth, and crushes it in her hands. Then she quickly blows it away. Dr. Smith comes to and sees what she’s done.

Dr. Smith: I see… It’s a shame we couldn’t have you join us. But I can destroy you without remorse now!

Dr. Smith grabs Jenny’s leg and pulls them out from under her. He jumps onto the ceiling and jumps right onto her back. To make sure he hurts her, he does it again.

Dr. Smith: Do you give up?

Jenny: …

Dr. Smith: DO YOU GIVE UP?!

Jenny: NO!

Jenny stands up, knocking Dr. Smith over. He tries to get up, but Jenny grabs his throat and Chokeslams him. His back hits the ground hard. She picks him up again and this time flips him upside down, jumps up, and pile drives his head into the ground.

Jenny: There…

Jenny limps to the tunnel they entered, thinking she’s finished off Dr. Smith for good.

Dr. Smith: imnotdone.

Jenny: What?

Dr. Smith: I’m… not… done.

Jenny turns around to see Dr. Smith still getting up after all the torture and pain he went through.

Dr. Smith: All my life, I’ve wanted SOMEONE to respect me. But no one on this ship has. Sure I’ve made some great inventions that everyone in this armada uses. But no one actually respects me, they just scoff (maybe say thanks) and go use it.

Jenny and Dr. Smith walk up to each other.

Dr. Smith: It’s not like you and your friends have much help either. Even in combat I haven’t seen you respect me. And I just beat you in New Shroob City. So I’ll tell you right now why you should respect me! Because I’m brave enough to do this!

Dr. Smith slaps Jenny, infuriating her.

Dr. Smith: RESPECT ME!

Jenny grabs Dr. Smith in her claw and with all her might throws him in the wall so hard that he sailes through about five feet of rock. Jenny inspects Dr. Smith, seeing he’s not moving at all.

Jenny: Hey Dr. Smith, if you’re conscious (or alive) I just wanted to let you know that I respect you. That was one of the toughest battles I’ve ever had in my life, and best of all, it was against an opponent who fought pretty fair, unlike Waluigi Sykes… Thank you.

Jenny limps out of the cave. Meanwhile, Dr. Smith’s hand slowly forms into a thumbs up.

Meanwhile upstairs…

Bowser: Let’s see if you can defeat your old man, Ignacio! You’ve shown a lot of wit against the members of The Shroob Armada! But you’ll need more than that to defeat me!

Ignacio charges right into Bowser and sinks his claws in Bowser’s arm.


Bowser tosses Ignacio off his arm. He then begins breathing fire. Ignacio gets an idea, it’s risky though.

Ignacio: Well, here goes.

Ignacio goes into his shell and begins spinning right through Bowser’s fire and right up to Bowser. Ignacio grabs Bowser’s arm and pulls it into Bowser’s fire.

Bowser: AUUUGGH!

Bowser stops breathing and grabs his arm.

Ignacio: Roy Sports Hall, Season 1, Round 1, Battle 11! Bowser vs. Reznor! Reznor 4 defeated Bowser by shooting a fireball at Bowser’s open wound!

Bowser: Hmph… You’ve shown some courage, my son.

Bowser shakes the flames off his arm. Jenny limps in, Ignacio notices her.

Ignacio: Jenny! Attack him!

Jenny jumps on Bowser, but Bowser throws her off.

Bowser: (sarcastically) Gee, great leadership skills, Son, you got a giant cat to attack me. *stops* Why don’t you stop depending on others? Like your father! Father and Son! One on One!

Ignacio: … All right, let’s do this!

Ignacio and Bowser start charging toward each other, but Bowser stops are breathes fire on Ignacio.

Ignacio: YAAAGH!

Ignacio jumps backward, spinning around and trying to shake the fire off.

Bowser: GRAH AH AH! You don’t seem to have learned to CHEAT like a Koopa! Which is why you’ll always get the weak castles! Even Morton knows how to breathe fire at least! You’ll never be competent at anything!

Ignacio becomes angry; his head turns bright red and smoke comes out of his ears.

Ignacio: I am competent!

Ignacio breaths a giant fireball, hitting Bowser.


Bowser now jumps back.

Bowser: The Flamepipe Gene! ... You did get it!

Ignacio: I did? ... I DID!

Bowser: Impressive, my son. But even fire breath won’t defeat me!

Bowser breathes a giant stream of fire, as does Ignacio. They keep pushing the other fire breath back. However, Ignacio notices that one of the floorboards is loose. He pulls it up, making Bowser fall down on his shell.

Ignacio: Maybe I CAN cheat like a Koopa!

Bowser tries to get up, but he’s stuck on his shell. Ignacio grabs his tail.

Ignacio: Déjà vu, huh, King Dad?

Ignacio starts spinning Bowser around multiple times until he lets go and Bowser goes through the wall.

Ignacio: So long, Le Bowser!

Bowser lands in some kind of coliseum. Ignacio goes in through the hole he made. Bowser seems knocked out. Ignacio walks to him.

Bowser : My son… The Shroob King set a trap for you… I’m laying on a landmine.

Jenny finds some leaves in a potted plant in the hallway. She patches a few wounds and walks up behind Iggy.

Bowser: This entire arena is filled with them. Once this blows, they blow up and the Shroob Armada blows up.

Bowser points to a bomb with a giant purple skull on it. It’s hanging above the arena.

Bowser: Once I leave this spot, this place goes up in smoke… unless someone can remove that bomb.

Jenny starts climbing around the arena. Then she pounces on it, making sure she can’t hit the landmines, which are marked with little purple skull-and-crossbones in the ground.

Bowser: … I must say, Son… you really have a lot of strength in you. That’s for sure, I haven’t been thrown like that in years!… Ignacio… Go. Get out of this arena! And get your friend out too.

Ignacio: No! I won’t leave you, King Dad! There must be some way the three of us can get out.

Bowser: Ignacio, I’m not your real father… I’m just a painting brought to life by the Shroob King. Your real father is back home, doing some kingly stuff. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stand up to him. Show the true Ignacio, stand up for yourself. And when this is all over, show the Real King Koopa who’s boss… Go. My time has come.

Ignacio: … *sniff*… All right.

Jenny and Ignacio climb up to the hole they came from. Ignacio gets one last look at his fake dad, who waves goodbye. Bowser then gets up, setting off the landmine, which sets off all the other landmines, making almost the entire Arena blow up. There is no sign of King Koopa.

Ignacio: *sniff*… Never before have I ever felt so much love toward a painting.

Ignacio hugs Jenny, who pushes him off. Why? Because she sees something come down from the ceiling. It’s none other than The Shroob King, using Dr. Smith’s hover chair.

Shroob King: Well, isn’t this a touching moment?... It’s also a frustrating moment! You guys have beaten the living stuffing out of Dr. Smith! So now I’m using his hover chair! And now you’ve disarmed my bomb!... No matter, Dr. Smith will heal. And I always can make another bomb. But first… to dispose of you two!

The Shroob King shoots the footing of Ignacio and Jenny. They fall down into the giant pit the landmines made.

Shroob King: Now… to finish them off!

The Shroob King hovers down.

Meanwhile, as we look down the hole, we see a room like another underground cavern Jenny was just in. Only this cavern is half lava, half rock. Ignacio was able to hide in his shell to break the landing.  But Jenny seems to have been knocked out from the fall. The Shroob King hovers in, bewildered at what he sees.

Shroob King: CAN NOTHING KILL YOU?!... Actually, don’t answer that. I know the answer. I’ve played Super Mario World. I know lava can easily finish you have. So HERE, in my boiler room, is where you die, Ignacio Koopa! I must say I am impressed, you managed to show Luck, Wit, Courage, Independence, Leadership, and Strength. But there’s something you’ll never have! Which is why you’re such a weak villain!

The Shroob King points to his crown. The Sapphire Heart is in it.

Shroob King: Passion! The thing that all great villains have! Something that always motivates them to do horrible deeds! This is something I have, Ignacio! And now I will show I can earn those other six charms! ... PRIDE! Come forth!

A portal opens and Pride comes through it.

Ignacio: Hey wait a minute! If you say you deserve these things, then you shouldn’t need Pride to help you out! You should only need to depend on yourself… You and me, Shroob King! No Pride! No hover chairs! Just you! Me! And this room!

Shroob King: …HA! Beating you will be easy! Pride! You’re dismissed.

Pride looks up at Shroob King, then leaves. The Shroob King jumps off his hover chair.

Shroob King: You, me… and a bazooka I’ve hidden in my giant crown!

The Shroob King reaches into his crown and shoots a giant Bullet Bill at Ignacio, who dodges. The Bullet Bill hits a wall and some boulders fall down from the ceiling.

Ignacio: If that’s the way you want to play it…

Ignacio kicks a boulder at The Shroob King, knocking the bazooka out of his hands. The bazooka gets knocked into the lava. Suddenly a large amount of Bullet Bills come flying out of the lava. They head toward Ignacio and The Shroob King. They manage to dodge every single bullet, but the Bullets hit the cave wall. A giant amount of boulders fall on the Shroob King.

Ignacio: … *puff*…*puff*… A little anti-climactic. But, I’ll take the victory.


Ignacio: Huh?


Suddenly a giant, muscle-built version of The Shroob King comes out from under the rocks.

Shroob King: FOOL! Did you really think that I didn’t think that would happen?! That’s why I hid a Mega Mushroom with me! Now! To finish you!

The Shroob King slaps Ignacio with his gigantic hand, sending him into the wall. Then he tries to throw a giant punch into the wall. But Ignacio ducks and stabs the wrist with his claws.


The Shroob King pulls his hand back. Ignacio then charges toward the Shroob King and uses his claws to stab the shins of The Shroob King. He falls down to his knees.

Shroob King: I refuse to be defeated by such a weak Koopaling!

The Shroob King grabs Ignacio’s hair and throws him into the lava.

Ignacio: NO!

Ignacio digs his claws into the wall to keep himself from falling in, then he launches himself off the wall and onto The Shroob King’s back.

Shroob King: What the?!

Ignacio starts clawing at the Shroob’s King back.

Shroob King: AAAAAAAH!

Shroob King tosses Ignacio off his back. Ignacio lands on his feet. However The Shroob King grabs a boulder and throws it at Ignacio. But Ignacio grabs it and tosses it back at The Shroob King, making him stumble.

Shroob King: ENOUGH!

The Shroob King jumps in the air and lands on Ignacio.

Shroob King: DIE! DIE! DIE!

The Shroob King continues to stomp on Ignacio.

Shroob King: STAY DOWN!

He checks on Ignacio, who’s not moving.

Shroob King: STAY DEAD!

He notices Jenny.

Shroob King: And YOU have been a horrible little Zonemancer! I will finish you off now!

The Shroob King walks over to the defenseless Jenny.

Ignacio: … This… pain.

Shroob King: NOW WHAT?!

Ignacio: … I feel it.

Shroob King: YOU BETTER!

Ignacio gets back on his feet.

Ignacio: I feel it coming…

Shroob King: SHUT UP!

The Shroob King tries to land a punch on Ignacio. But Ignacio grabs his fist mid-swing.

Ignacio: … I feel the adrenaline I’ve saved for so many years… YES!

Ignacio grows to a large height, the same as the Shroob King. He’s still holding the fist of the Shroob King.

Ignacio: YAAH!

Ignacio pulls The Shroob King in and punches him in the face.

Ignacio: You kidnapped my brother!

Ignacio gives a jab to the Shroob King’s face.

Ignacio: You’ve tortured him! Along with Roy! And Kamek! As well as all my friends!

Ignacio hits The Shroob King with a hook.

Ignacio: AND my enemies! You’ve ruined the lives of millions in the Mushroom Kingdom!

Ignacio kicks The Shroob King down to the ground, and continues to go all out on his face. The Shroob King tries to throw him off, but Ignacio is too big and strong.


Ignacio stops, the Shroob King beginning to cough up purple blood.

Shroob King: … What are you?… A demon that was sent to make me pay for my transactions?

Ignacio: I am…

Ignacio raises his hand.

Ignacio: IGNACIO!

Ignacio’s claws come out of his hand.

Ignacio: HOPPER!

Ignacio digs his claws into the Shroob King’s chest.

Ignacio: KOOPA!

Ignacio and the now-dead Shroob King shrink down to normal size.

Ignacio: … It’s over… It’s finally over.

Suddenly some spiders come down from the ceiling and crawl over to the Shroob King. Ignacio tries to pick one up, but they’re too cold to touch. The spiders cover the Shroob King in webbing and drag him through a hole in the ground that another spider made. The only thing they leave behind, is his crown. Ignacio walks over to it, taking out the Sapphire Heart.

Ignacio: My journey has ended.

Ignacio walks over to Jenny.

Ignacio: We did it, Jenny, we did it.

Ignacio takes out all the Sapphire Charms, which form into a necklace. He puts it on his neck and grabs Jenny’s claw.

Ignacio: Sapphire Charms, please… take us to where I most desire… to be with my friend Clam T… and my family… Roy… Kamek… and most of all… Lemmy.

The Charms shine. Ignacio and Jenny are teleported out of the cavern and into the torture room where all of his friends are. The Charms then shine again and break off to seven new locations.

Kamek: Ignacio!

Roy: Four Eyes!

Clam T: Jenny!

Jenny: *cough, cough*… We did it.

Ignacio: Yes… We did it.

???: $&*#&$*(^#$&#$^&!

Some Shroobs run in with ray guns. Jenny pulls out The Shroob King’s crown.

Shroobs: %($&$*$&*$&(!

The Shroobs bow down.

Ignacio: … What?

Jenny: You killed their king, you’re their new leader.

Ignacio: … Jenny, tell them to let these people go.

Jenny: $%*$%&*$%^$*&!

The Shroobs get up and let everyone free.

Mario: YAY-a!

Peach: Finally!

Kamek: Yes!

Roy: Not bad, Four Eyes!

???: Hold on.

Princess Shroob comes in. She in a wheelchair and speaking with a PTOS.

Princess Shroob: Hello, my name is Princess Shroob.

Ignacio: Okay.

Princess Shroob: You killed my father.

Ignacio: (Oh god, please don’t be a bad joke.)

Princess Shroob: … Thank you.

Ignacio: Huh?

Princess Shroob: … Since you have killed my father, that makes you the new king.

Ignacio thinks about this.

Ignacio: … No. I cannot accept this. All I want… is my brother.

Ignacio hugs Lemmy.

Ignacio: So, it is my duty to make YOU, the Shroob Queen.

Ignacio puts the crown on Princess Shroob’s head.

Princess Shroob: While the offer is very nice, I’m afraid I cannot take this. Because I would require a king.

???: I would like that honor, if I may.

Dr. Smith comes in carrying a cane.

Dr. Smith: I have been working with the Shroobs for years, I know how they all work. I’d even consider myself smarter than the Shroob King himself.  So I would like the privilege to try ruling these Shroobs.

Princess Shroob: Well that would be good… but you’re not a Shroob. Only a Shroob or the King’s Assassin may become King… Look, I’ve been trying to get rid of that law for some time now. But it’s impossible to get it through Shroob Parliament.

Ignacio: … I have an idea.

Ignacio takes out the Shroob Deodorant he got from Jenny a couple chapters ago.

Ignacio: Open your mouth.

Dr. Smith does so, and Ignacio sprays the Shroob Deodorant in his mouth. He begins to mutate into a Shroob. His figure is the same, except he now looks like a tall Shroob with spider legs.

Dr. Smith: … $%$&*%&*$($*(!

Princess Shroob: He says “Thank you, Ignacio”.

So Dr. Smith and Princess Shroob are sworn in as the new Shroob King and Queen. They give Ignacio and his pals a trip back home.

After a long-overdue confrontation, Ignacio makes his father sign a peace treaty between the Shroobs and Plit.

Clam T. finally shakes off his fear of Princess Peach and begins confronting her as well. (Because hey, Peach is not at all scarier than Jenny is.) He is promoted to Head of Security throughout all the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario, Luigi, the Toads, Peach, and Ignacio’s Team work together to rebuild the Mushroom Kingdom to what it once was.

Lemmy continues to update his site.

Chauncey is freed from the giant moon, and now lives in the Guest House behind Luigi’s Mansion, where he is treated maturely as an adult ghost.

King Boo is let out of the camera only to be thrown into an ectoplasmic prison for still wishing to follow the Old Shroob King. Boolossus is named Leader of the Boos. (King Boo will be let out so he can fight against Yoob in Roy Sports Hall, though.)

E. Gadd heals the wounds Jenny, Princess Shroob, and Dr. Smith suffered during this story.

Dr. Smith creates some new weapons for the Koopa Kingdom. Now he’s respected by not only the Shroobs, but the Koopa Kingdom as well.

Jenny is now running the “Zonemancer, Zone Clearer” destruction company she founded, where she can destroy all the things she wants and get paid for it.

Roy continues to run his Sports Hall the way he likes.

Lydia explains to New King and Queen Shroob that The Old Ones were actually fake, so Dr. Smith and Princess Shroob banish the “Shroob Queen” from their kingdom.

All the ghosts captured by King Boo are set free.

FLUDD is never needed again.

The Pianta Hotel was setup to be open for business just a few days after King Boo and Dr. Smith were expelled from Isle Delfino

The Ghost of 575 the Cataquack decides to room with Chauncey in his guest cottage.

Tutankoopa survived the crash and healed himself to get ready for his match in Season 10 of Roy Sports Hall.

Killer Koopa and Pride will probably never be mentioned in another Fun Fiction ever again.

And they all lived happily ever… What’s That? What ever happened to the random Giant Goomba that attacked Ignacio’s castle at the beginning of the story?
In Giant Land…

Giant Goomba: CHAAAAAARGE!

The Giant Goomba charges up to Ignacio’s castle, but this time a giant Ignacio jumps out from behind it.

Ignacio: Looking for me?

Giant Goomba: … Uh… No?


Ignacio looks at the camera, winks, and gives a thumbs up.

The End

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