Peach and Luigi's Adventure to Save Mario

By Quirky Quipster

When we last left Peach and Luigi, they were fighting the king of Pipe Land to get the last wand. The battle was, as you could say, more than meets the eye, with transforming castles and airships.  After all the shenanigans, our heroes managed to get into the castle, stage a fight with “Ludwig,” and get the king's wand. At last, they are heading to Dark Land, the last place of their adventure. Will they succeed in their quest to rescue Mario, or be trapped in Dark Land as slaves of Bowser?

When they came out of the pipe that led to Dark Land, Peach and Luigi looked around. It was a terrifying sight: fire, lava, and bones were everywhere! There was no light, other than the glow of the fire and lava, it was obviously Dark Land!

Luigi: Bowser just-a couldn't decide to-a live in a nice-a flower field, could he?

Peach: Hey, we're talking about an evil king here!

Luigi: Yeah, but-a flower fields could-a be evil too!

Peach: Yeah, if you have an army of evil bees!

Just then, a Dry Bones walked up to Peach and Luigi.

Dry Bones: Clankity clank clank!

Luigi: Excuse-a me, what was that?

Dry Bones: Clankity clank clank!

Luigi: Could you-a repeat that?


Luigi: Sorry, I-a don't speak Dry Bones!

The Dry Bones face palmed himself, causing himself to collapse into a pile of bones.

Luigi: Ha ha! Loser!

Just then, the Dry Bones reassembled itself.

Dry Bones (in a raspy voice): You dare mess with Dry Bones?!

Luigi: Hey-a, I thought you were-a dead!

Dry Bones (raspy still): Fool, you cannot kill what is already dead!

Luigi: I-a knew that!

The Dry Bones stood up on a platform above a massive acre of bone piles.

Dry Bones: Clankity clank clank! Clank clank clank clankity!

The bone piles jumped up and formed into other dry creatures.

Dry Bones: Clank clank clankity clanky clank clank!

The other dry creatures jumped up and clanked as well.

Dry Bones: Clank! (Points to Luigi)

Dry Creatures: CLANK!

Luigi (whispering to Peach): What do you-a think they're-a saying?

Peach: I don't know, but I'm sure it's not good!

Just then, a thundering sound was heard; the army of dry creatures was after them!

In the midst of Peach and Luigi's misfortune, Ludwig had been watching it all happen through his telescope. Ludwig, being too “fat and lazy” to run directly to Bowser with the news, told it to Lemmy.

Ludwig: Luigi is in viewing distance, pass it on!

Lemmy walked over to Roy, since he was also too lazy to tell Bowser.

Lemmy: Luigi has been spotted, pass it on!

Roy walked over to Iggy, since he was going to beat him up anyway. Roy punched Iggy in the face.

Roy: Luigi has spots, pass it on!

Iggy limped over to Wendy.

Iggy: Luigi has chickenpox and he's rabid, pass it on!

Wendy ran to Morton.

Wendy: Luigi is a big chicken and a rabbit, pass it on!

Morton came over to Larry.

Morton: Luigi's wearing a chicken suit, smells like rabbits, and he's gross! Luigi's heading this way, I know he is! He'll contaminate us, give us cooties, make us sick, make us smell like bunnies... Pass it on!

Larry, full of fear, ran over to Bowser Junior.

Larry: Luigi's coming, he's all sick and gross! He's going to give us cooties, he's going to make us smell like rabbits, and he's wearing a chicken suit! We're all gonna die, we're all gonna die! Pass it on.

Bowser Junior started crying and ran over to his father.

Bowser: What's wrong, Son?

Bowser Junior: It's terrible, I heard Luigi's coming here from the hospital, he's got cooties, smells like rabbits, and is wearing a chicken suit! He's going to come over here and choke us to death with his rabbit fumes! (Continues crying)

Bowser: Now, just where did you hear a silly thing like that?

Bowser Junior: Larry told me!

Bowser: LARRY!

Larry ran into the room.

Bowser: Did you just try to scare Junior?

Larry: I wish! Unfortunately, it's true; Morton told me!

Bowser called for Morton, who said it was Wendy who told him. The same process went on until it got to Ludwig.

Bowser: Ludwig von Koopa, are you trying to scare your siblings again?!

Ludwig: No, I was just telling them that I saw Luigi through my telescope, he's heading this way!

Bowser: How do you know he smells like rabbits?

Ludwig: WHAT?! I didn't say that! Lemmy!

Lemmy: Don't look at me, Roy did it!

Roy: WHAT?! I did not, I bet it was Iggy!

Iggy: No, I said he was rabid!

Bowser: I see what's going on here, you were playing a little game of Koopa Kid Telephone! Regardless, we must prepare for battle, they will be knocking on our doors at any moment!

Back with the princess and plumber, dry creatures by the dozens were chasing them down a road. Peach and Luigi tried attacking them, but they just kept reassembling themselves.

Peach: What can we do, no matter how many times we hit them, they just get right back up and chase after us!

Luigi: I-a say we hide and hope they-a don't find us!

Peach: Luigi, you are such a wimp!

Luigi: Did I-a say “and-a hope they don't-a find us,” I-a meant “and-a make up a plan-a as to how we are-a to defeat them!”

Peach: But first, we must knock them out for a few seconds so they don't know where we are!

Peach and Luigi jumped on the heads of all the dry creatures. For a few moments, they were piles of bones. Peach and Luigi took advantage of this opportunity to hide behind a ledge. When the dry creatures got back up, they couldn't find them, so they turned back into bone piles and rested. Before Peach and Luigi could make any plans, they realized they were not alone, but with that annoying, reoccurring character, the Hyper Koopa!

Peach: What are you doing here?

Koopa: Just hanging around!

Just then, Peach realized he was hanging like a monkey from a tree.

Luigi: Can you-a help us?

Koopa: What do you guyses want from me, a car, pasta, cheese, flying monkeys, advice?

Luigi: I just-a want to know, how do you-a defeat Dry Bones?

Koopa: Use his weakness against him!

Peach: What weakness, these things are invincible!

Koopa: You'd say that, but everything has a weakness, even those who have died! Don't you remember Super Mario World?

Luigi thought for a while. He remembered how he went through fortresses with Dry Bones and how fire couldn't defeat them, but whacking them with a cape would.

Luigi: I've got it!

Luigi put on a cape.

Koopa: That's more like it! Now go out there and whack those guyses to death! Wait, my bad, they're already dead! Er, whack them to afterlife!

Luigi jumped out from behind the ledge.

Luigi: Hey, dork bones, come and-a get me!

Just then all the dry creatures jumped up and dove at Luigi. Luigi took advantage of this by whacking them all with his cape, causing them to fly far, far away. Peach eventually got out of her “hiding spot” and came over to Luigi.

Peach: The Dry Bones are gone, now we just need to find a way to get to Bowser's castle!

The Hyper Koopa jumped out from behind the ledge.

Koopa: I can help you guyses!

Peach: Really, how?

Koopa: I've got a giant Paratroopa that can fly us there, he's my best friend!

Luigi: Would you-a do that for us?

Koopa: Of course, what are annoying reoccurring characters for?

With that, they took off for Bowser's castle.

Even though he had to prepare for battle, Larry was watering plants.

Larry: I can't believe Dad never hired a gardener in this place! Am I the only one who likes a well-decorated castle?

Just then, a Dry Bones landed on one of Larry's plants.

Larry: Hey, dead guy, get offa my plant!

The Dry Bones reassembled itself and came up to Larry.

Dry Bones: CLANK! Clankity clank clank click clank clickity clankity click clank!

Larry: WHAT?! Did you just say Luigi's heading this way with a cape?!

Dry Bones: Clank! Clank!

Larry: What about the dry army, didn't they take care of it?!

Dry Bones: Clank! Clack clack clack clankity clackity click!

Larry: The cape is your weakness?! Man, this is terrible, I have to call the Super Koopa army!

Larry ran into the halls of the castle, calling all the Super Koopas inhabiting them.

Larry: Calling all Super Koopas, calling all Super Koopas; this is a super emergency, I repeat, calling all Super Koopas!

The Super Koopas came up to Larry. Larry told them about the defeat of the Dry Bones. After that, a random Super Koopa came up to Larry.

Super Koopa: Don't worry, Master Larry, we're professionals with capes! We'll have Luigi out of the sky in no time!

With that, the Super Koopas took flight and soared out of the castle.

Peach, Luigi, and the Hyper Koopa were enjoying a nice, peaceful cruise on the shell of the giant Paratroopa. Every now and then, Luigi would get off and fly alongside the Paratroopa, having conversations with him. (Who wants to be stuck having conversations with the Hyper Koopa?!) It didn't take long until the sky grew darker and they heard airplane noises.

Peach: What's that sound, it's not like any planes would be flying over Dark Land!

Luigi: It's a bird!

Peach: It's a plane!

Koopa: No, it's the Super Koopa Brigade!

Suddenly, Super Koopas flying in a “V” formation came out of the clouds, making airplane noises. Luigi laughed.

Luigi: Ha, we can take on these Super Koopas, they're no threat to us!

Luigi went over to them. Right when he was ready to attack, lasers came out of their eyes!


Super Koopa: Yes! Say hello to the new and improved SUPER KOOPA!!!

Just then the Super Koopa showed off another one of its powers, meat vision! A giant sausage landed on Luigi, dropping him from the sky!

Peach: Luigi!

The Super Koopas high-foured themselves and went back to Bowser's castle. Peach was forced to travel there alone, with an annoying Hyper Koopa.

Bowser congratulated his Super Koopa army by throwing them a meat feast (which they “visioned” themselves up).

Bowser: Now that Luigi's gone, Peach will surely be mine!

Everyone cheered.

Bowser: What better way to celebrate than by having a meat feast and telling our lovely dinner guest what I plan to do with the Mushroom Kingdom!

Super Koopa: Who's our guest?

Bowser: I'm so glad you asked! Roy!

Roy came into the room, carrying Mario, who was tied up.

Bowser: Mario, Mario, please, have a seat!

Roy threw Mario into a chair.

Mario: What do you-a want with me?

Bowser: I just wanted to discuss my wonderful plans with you! After all, what kind of nemesis would I be if I didn't tell you about what I wanted to do with the Mushroom Kingdom!

Mario: You're-a so confident, aren't you?

Bowser: Why yes, yes I am, and do you know why?

Mario: You're-a just like-a Ludwig and full of-a ego?

Bowser: Yes, but that's not the reason!

Mario: You-a do not have-a confidence issues?

Bowser: Yes, but that is also not the reason!

Mario: I-a give up, what is it?

Bowser: My superb Super Koopas have defeated Luigi!

Mario: WHAT?! What did-a Luigi ever do?!

Bowser: Oh, what hasn't he done, the headache!

Mario: I-a don't-a understand!

Bowser: Surely you knew about his plan to rescue you!

Mario: WOW, he-a was going to do that?! I-a can't believe he got-a out of the box on his own!

Bowser: Yes, amazing, isn't it? Anyway, my Super Koopas have defeated him, there is now no threat whatsoever!

Mario: What about the-a princess?

Bowser: HA, the second she comes into my castle, she'll fall into one of my many traps in my intricate trap system!

Mario: And just-a what do you plan on doing with-a her once you have her?

Bowser: Hmm, good question! Usually, I just trap her in a cage! I have no idea what to do with her! Maybe, I'll sell her on eBay to make a few more coins; maybe marry her, I don't know!

Mario: You-a fiend, I was-a going to sell her on eBay! Pasta isn't cheap-a, you know!

Bowser: Bwahahaha! Anyway, what I'm going to do to the kingdom is not bad, no, I'm improving it, actually.

Mario: How?

Bowser: First of all, no lousy plumbers allowed! Second, no Toads allowed, they give me headaches with their annoying “OKAY!” Third, NO FACIAL HAIR!!!

Mario: You-a fiend, facial hair is awesome!

Bowser: Too bad, no one's going to have it in my kingdom!

Mario: I-a can't let you do this!

Bowser: You don't have to let me do it, I'm doing it anyway! By six o' clock tomorrow evening, the Mushroom Kingdom will be mine!

After Luigi had fallen from the sky, things seemed pretty hopeless for Peach. When Luigi had fallen, she thought for sure he had perished. Fortunately, this was not the case. Luigi was lucky enough that he fell into a body of water, and not into a volcano. Flailing in the water, he was spotted by a ship. Suddenly he heard voices.

Voice: Avast thee, scallywag, it be a landlubber!

Voice Two: Who're ye callin' a scallywag; fer that, you'll walk the plank!

Voice Three: Shut up, you two, and give me a life saver!

Voice: Aye, fruity or minty?

Voice Three: Rubber, you fool!

Voice Two: Aye, matey, but there be no rubber Life Savers!

Voice Three: Ugh!

Just then, someone jumped into the water and rescued Luigi. When they got onto the ship, Luigi saw who it was, a Toad pirate.

Toad Pirate: Welcome aboard the SS Toadstool, I'm Captain Toadie and this is my idiot crew, Toadster and Toadinator.

Toadster: Cap'n, ye never did tell me, do ye want me Live Savers or not?

Toadie: Hush up, fool, I don't want your Life Savers, I have rescued the fellow I needed to and they are useless to me now!

Toadinator: Are ye sure he wants no Life Savers? (Points to Luigi)

Luigi: Sure, I'll-a take one!

Luigi took a Life Saver and turned to the captain of the ship.

Luigi: So, what-a brings you to-a Dark Land, you're-a Toads!

Toadie: Our love of sailing to open seas.

Toadster: Aye, the beautiful open seas!

Toadie: Unfortunately, the seas are not as open as they used to be. The Koopas are building all sorts of floating sea fortresses! No one can go beyond them due to how they block the entire horizon. If you do manage to find a gap between the fortresses, you will be taken prisoner by the Hammer Brothers in these forts! We've decided to come here to Dark Land and complain to the Koopa King himself!

Luigi: Wow, you've got a lot of-a nerve doing that!

Toadinator: We be pirates, that we be! Nerve be the least of it!

Toadie: Yes, so I hope you don't mind us stopping at the Koopa King's castle for a while.

Luigi: Mind-a?! That's-a exactly what I-a needed, I was-a heading that way too!

Toadie: Why you?

Luigi: Bowser kidnapped my-a brother!

Toadster: Yer brother be kidnapped by a dog?

Luigi: No, Bowser is-a the name of-a the king!

Toadster: The king be a dog?

Luigi: Some may-a say, but no, he is a Koopa.

Toadie: Drop anchor soon, Toadinator, we'll be arriving to the Koopa King's castle in a few moments!

Toadinator: Aye, aye, Cap'n!

Peach, the Hyper Koopa, and the giant Paratroopa stood at the gates of the castle, staring at a river of lava that was next to a river of water.

Peach: It seems awfully odd to have two completely different rivers right next to each other.

Hyper Koopa: Not really, this is how he built his castle, he took some containers of lava, put them in the river, and turned them into bricks! Yeah, yeah!

Peach: Speaking of these bricks, how do we get over them and into the castle?

Hyper Koopa: Well, we can't fly, then they'd spot us!

Peach: What's the matter with that, you're Koopas!

Hyper Koopa: Yeah, yeah, but we're traitor Koopas! If we are spotted, those guyses will kill us!

Peach: Is that why you were helping us?

Hyper Koopa: Yeah, yeah, that's a reason!

Peach: Well, how do we get through this gate, any ideas?

Koopa: Well, if you just give me your wands, I can think of something!

Peach, being the keeper of all seven wands in this story, foolishly handed the wands over to him.

Koopa: Ha ha, now that I have the wands, I can-

Just then, a pirate ship arrived. Toad pirates and Luigi came out of the ship. Peach was insanely happy to see this, but someone else was not.

Ludwig, who had been smart enough to continue looking in his telescope, saw the pirate ship. He didn't even bother playing another game of “Telephone”, he went straight to Bowser himself!

Ludwig: Father, I have terrible news!

Bowser: What, don't tell me Iggy invented a device that turned Lemmy into a frog again!

Ludwig: No, it's worse than that, Luigi has not been defeated like you thought! (And yes, Iggy did turn Lemmy into a frog, but that's for another time...)

Bowser: What are you talking about?

Ludwig: I saw him coming out of a pirate ship, he's at our front gate right now!

Bowser: A pirate ship?! Ludwig, are you sure you don't need that telescope of yours looked at; better yet, your head?

Ludwig: See for yourself!

Ludwig brought Bowser up to his room and made him look through the telescope.

Bowser: Well, what do you know, there's a pirate ship outside our castle!

Ludwig: What are we going to do?

Bowser: The only thing we can do, let them in for a “cup of tea”, BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

The group outside the castle was growing restless, they had just seen the gates of the castle open. The pirates were so outraged, they stormed into the castle without second thought. Luigi and Peach ran after them. When they entered the castle, Peach and Luigi noticed a trapdoor where a pirate had fallen in. Another pirate was spotted in a cage just beyond that. Peach and Luigi carefully walked to the cage.

Luigi: What happened?

Pirate: It be terrible, the hall be filled with traps! Abandon all hope! Aye!

Peach and Luigi went on anyway. After a while, they were in a large area of the hallway with a high ceiling and balcony over it. A net containing the captain was hanging from the balcony.

Toadie: Turn back now, before it's too late!

But it was too late, from the balcony came a mighty net thrown by Morton and Roy. Peach and Luigi were trapped underneath the net. A few moments later, Lemmy (who was no longer a frog), Larry, and Wendy came and threw sleeping gas grenades at Peach and Luigi, causing them to fall asleep. The last thing they saw was three pairs of hands reaching for them…

Bowser pat his children on the head.

Bowser: Good job, Koopalings, you've captured the annoying princess and plumber!

Larry: It was nothing!

Lemmy: Seriously, all we did was throw sleeping gas grenades at them!

Iggy: That I made!

Ludwig walked over to the sleeping pair.

Ludwig: Fools, no one can defeat the Koopa Klan, no one!

Bowser walked over to Ludwig.

Bowser: Ludwig, bring Mario in, I want him to see me tie up his only hope of rescue!

Ludwig brought Mario into the room.

Mario: What are you-a doing?!

Bowser: I'm going to put on a little show for you, a show you'll never forget!

Mario: Oh no, don't-a tell me you're-a gonna make Ludwig perform another symphony!

Bowser: No, worse than that!


Bowser: No, of course not, there are so many things worse than them, due to the fact that they're wonderful! (Especially when it comes to torturing people!)

Ludwig: That's what I thought you said!

Bowser: Anyway, Mario, are you ready to see something truly horrifying?

Mario: I'm-a not looking through those-a pictures of you from-a the seventies!

Bowser: Hey, I was stylish back then!

Bowser pulled out a picture of himself with an afro, big  round glasses, a white  V-neck shirt, bell-bottom pants, platform shoes, and an anti-peace sign, in which he is seen disco dancing with Kammy, who has a big afro. Bowser's children fainted.

Mario: Why did-a you really bring-a me here?

Bowser: To watch you squirm when you look at THIS!

Bowser pointed to Peach and Luigi. Mario gasped.

Mario: What did you-a do to-a them?!

Bowser: Let's just say, I let them take a little nap!


Just then Peach and Luigi woke up and lifted the net off of themselves.

Luigi: Bowser, how dare-a you trap us and-a make us sleep!

Peach: We have all seven wands and we are prepared to fight!

Luigi: Any-a last words?

Just then, a voice was heard.


Everyone turned around. It was the Hyper Koopa. Instead of having seven wands, he had fourteen!

Koopa: Remember me?

Luigi: Yeah, but-a why do you have-a fourteen wands, and-a just where are-a ours?!

Koopa: Thanks to your idiot friend, I was able to fulfill my mission!

Peach: Your mission?!

Koopa: Yes, my mission to take all of the kings' wands and takeover the world! You fools went right along with my plan! It was so simple! I thought it was going to be hard, but it was easy, thanks to you! Remember when you saw me standing on the path to Grass Land's castle?

Peach: Yes.

Koopa: I was heading there to take the king's wand!

Larry and Lemmy recovered from the horrifying sight of Bowser's picture.

Koopa: You two!

Larry: Who, us?

Koopa: Yeah, you! Remember when I teamed up with you two?

Larry: I'd rather not!

Koopa: I was using you to get to Desert Land's wand quicker! Remember when Larry's airship blew up? I did that!

Larry: YOU!!!

Koopa: Bowser, remember hearing about Iggy's airship exploding?

Bowser: Yes.

Koopa: I got my lovely, oversized Paratroopa friend to blow up that ship! Lemmy, remember seeing me in Ice Land with that wand?

Lemmy: Yes.

Koopa: YOU came and stopped me from fulfilling my mission there! I was so sad, I had to fly over to Pipe Land and try to steal that wand! Unfortunately, Luigi stole it before I could do a thing! I was so distraught, what was I to do? I went to Dark Land, hoping you fools would show up with your wands! Boy, was I happy when you did that exact thing! I took advantage of this moment to pretend to help you and make you give me the wands! When you did that, I used them to teleport into the castle, where I stole the Koopalings’ wands right out of their bedrooms! Now I'm here to finish you off, all the beings that could threaten my plan of WORLD DOMINATION; any last words?

Bowser: Yes, actually, THWOMP!!!

What the Hyper Koopa didn't know was that he had been standing underneath a Thwomp. When Bowser shouted, the Thwomp slammed down on the Koopa, flattening him into a pancake and crushing every wand.

Koopa: OW!

By that time, the rest of Bowser's children had gotten over the ghastly disco picture of their father. They had seen what happened to all of the wands and weren't really sure what to do next.

Iggy: Uh, what do we do now?

Roy: I say we punch those lousy intruders!

Other Koopalings: YEAH!!!

Right when the Koopalings were about ready to attack, Bowser stopped them.

Bowser: I'm tired of trying to fight these people, surely there's a better way to resolve this conflict!

Bowser Junior: You're not telling me you want to sign a peace treaty with them, are you?!

Bowser: No, Junior, something much better! (Turns to Peach and Luigi) How about a game?

Peach: What kind of game?

Bowser: A nice, safe card game! No gimmicks! If you win, I'll free you and your friends; but if I win, you'll be trapped here as my prisoners and slaves forever!

Luigi: Ha, you're-a on, Bowser! Just to-a warn you-a though, I am-a the best card player there-a is!

Bowser: We'll see about that! Koopalings, set up the card table!
The Koopalings set up the card table while Bowser turned around and put on a robe.

Peach: What's with the robe?

Bowser looked a little uneasy.

Bowser (suspiciously): It's the, uh, ceremonial, uh, card playing robe! It's a, uh, tradition in this kingdom for the Koopa King to, uh, wear this during a game of cards, heh, yeah!

Peach: Yeah, whatever, let's just start this game!

Luigi sat down in the seat opposite of Bowser.

Bowser: Today, we're going to play the most complicated card game ever made, Go Fish! Whoever has the most books of four wins.

Luigi: I think I'll-a count the-a cards to see if we-a have enough-

Bowser: NO, DON'T!!!

Luigi eyed him suspiciously.

Bowser: Er, I mean, don't do that, Roy already counted them!

Roy whispered to Lemmy.

Roy: There are eleventy-twelve cards in there!

Lemmy face-palmed himself.

Luigi: Okay, if you-a say so!

Bowser dealt the cards and went first.

Bowser: Luigi, do you have any threes?

Luigi: Yes, I have one!

Bowser: Hand it over!

Bowser grabbed Luigi's three and put out four threes.

Luigi: Wow, that was-a pretty quick! Go-a again, Bowser!

Bowser: Do you have any fours?

Luigi: No-a, go fish!

Bowser yanked a four out of the pond and placed them all down in front of him. The game continued for a while, with Bowser getting every book of four there was to get. Surprisingly, there were still cards left over. Bowser obviously won.

Luigi: Okay, you-a won fair and-a square, you may-a take us-a prisoner!

With that, the Koopalings came, grabbed Mario, Peach, and Luigi, and were about to take them away, when suddenly, a notepad fell out of Mario's pocket. Wendy picked it up.

Wendy: What's this, a notepad?

Wendy flipped through it and saw a message.

Wendy: Bowser cheats at cards?

Bowser jumped up.

Bowser (points): THAT'S NOT TRUE!!!

Suddenly decks of cards fell out of Bowser's sleeve. Everyone gasped.

Peach: Bowser cheated!

Koopalings: That can only mean one thing!

Luigi: Bowser is-a disqualified and I'm-a the winner by-a default!

Bowser's children angrily came up to him.

Lemmy: You cheater!

Larry: You jerk!

Roy: You liar!

Bowser: Kids, kids, kids, just because I played poker with you and took all of your allowance money because of this doesn't mean you have to be name-calling!

Morton: Yes it does!

Roy: Let's get him!

Bowser's children tackled him. Meanwhile, Peach and Luigi were untying Mario.

Mario: Peach, I-a knew you'd-a come and save me, you-a really love me!

Peach: Mario, there's something I've always wanted to tell you, I love you! Well, that's what I wanted to say before, but not anymore, I love Luigi now!

Mario and Luigi: WHAT?!

With that, Peach grabbed Luigi and walked out of Bowser's castle, with Mario on her heals.

The End... No, not quite...

Toadie (still trapped in hanging net): Um, hello, is anyone going to get me out of here?

All of a sudden, he saw a giant Paratroopa carrying a pancake.

Pancake: I shall have my revenge on you all! If not in the next story, then the one after that, or the one after that, or the one after, or after, or after, or af-

Vexed with the annoying reoccurring character, the author decides to end the story here...

The End

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