Dinosaur War

By Lemmy's Campfire Tales

"Daisy!" Luigi was rather surprised.

"You aren't going to believe this..." Daisy started.

"I do," Mario picked up his tool belt and strapped it on.

"You do?" Luigi looked at his brother.

"I believe."

"You take good care of yourself Mario!" Danielle worried.

Mario gave Danielle a kiss. "I'll make it a priority."


"They stopped Koopa? Grrr... Slave!"

"Yes, my Master?"

"Get me my strongest fighter... Get me a brainless Goomba!"

"Sir, that's not your best fighter."

"Oh yeah. then...


Some weirdo geneticist mixed a turtle and a dinosaur, creating the first of the race bound to follow the lead of the old King Koopa, lovingly entitled the Koopa. This new leader was named Bowser. He spawned a new breed of horror, known as the Koopa Kids. Their only TRUE rivals were Princess Daisy, Mario Mario, Luigi Mario, and Ignatius and Spikasaurus Koopa. Little did they know that in this time Spike and Iggy had married and had children of their own, creating the race of good Koopas known as the Koopa Cousins. Iggy's oldest daughter was a strong leader with an iron will. She was also second in command of the new army. Her name was Samantha Jessica Koopa, and she was set against the rules of  King Koopa.


Bound within chambers of the genicist's labs was a race of good people, their creation owed also to him. Their leader was as strong willed as the second of the Koopa Cousins. Unfortunately, they were kept in frozen tubes at least seven feet tall apiece. Their leader was very unpredictable, being only of the age 13. He hadn't been able to fight off the genicist's guards so they could live a peaceful life.

At this very moment, he was fighting the cold of the tube that tried to keep him sadated. A golden beam glowed around him for just a second, and he pulled his fist back, punching the glass out. He let out a gasp as he was finally able to breath fresh air. "Geno! I gotta get him out first!" The boy looked for his advisor. He found the right tube, and with the last of his energy, blew the glass into shards.

The older man with the bright red hair that curled under his cap walked out and patted the boy on the back. "I knew you could do it Tim! Tim? What's the matter?" Geno looked worriedly at the boy.

"We've gotta get outta here! My power, it's gone!"

"Your psychic powers are GONE? They couldn't just disappear! We've got to leave in that case!"

"I've only got my power that tells me direction, it'll lead us out."


The leaders of many rival countries were meeting, now that Koopa the Conquerer was dead. One of them walked out. "Darn fools! They all want to be king!" Smash growled.

"My lord?" a servant inquired.

"Politics take too much time in choosing a sucessor. I have more right to rule than those fools."

"There will be dark days ahead..."

"If it's to be war, than so be it! Come, we have work to do."

Smash gazed upon the huge desert that covered the area.


In a far away part of the desert, the boy leader collapsed, his power completely exhausted.

"Tim?! You okay?" Geno shook the boy, who's breath stirred the dust gently. He hefted the boy up and carried him.

"Halt! Who do you hail?" a feminine voice called.

"I hail to the leader of my race. He's currently exhausted to the point where I must carry him. We
can do you no harm, we are a pacifist people."

Samantha let down her guard, and looked the boy over. "It looks as if he's drained of all energy... Strange... I've never seen anyone like him... Is that a natural hair color? That shade of blond? It looks strange for a human..."

"We aren't human. We were born of chemicals and raised in tubes. It was a horrible life. He
exhausted himself by making our way to escape."

"And how, may I incquire, did he do this?"

"We didn't hurt anyone! He broke the test tubes with his mind, as he's always tried to! His was
too thick though, so he had to use force, he had to punch it out... Then he used his clairvoiance sense to lead us out...."

She looked at him strangely, then gently pushed the boy's yellow bangs out of his face to look at
his face. "He looks rather harmless..." She stopped as her hand was grabbed and the deep blue eyes opened.

"Please.... Help... Us... Trapped... All... Of... Them..." The blue eyes pleaded with her.

In those eyes, she saw his dreams dancing, dreams of a happy life, of an actually family. "I will," she replied.

"I know you will, and I'll marry you for it." The blue eyes closed.

"What did he say last? He'll marry me? He's to young for me! How would he know I'd accept anyways?" Samantha smiled.

"Oh, believe him, it will happen. He tells the future correctly. He told us he would escape with me and get help to rescue the others when we were put in the tubes, and he's done that. I admit, I didn't believe him, he was only five years old when he said it..."

Samantha looked at the man strangely once again, then grinned.


Tim was refreshed and stood to be introduce to Samantha's father and uncle, the leaders of the Koopa Cousin Desert Movement to protect the kingdom from harm."I'd like you to meet my 'Future Husband'," Samantha laughed.

Tim smiled, it did sound silly, didn't it?


Smash had found his way out of the desert and into his castle, where he prepared for war.


Luigi was playing with some wooden blocks for no reason. He built a
0485903150894567055048594 light year high tower.

"What is THAT?" Tim asked, pointing to the block tower.

"Hm... According to my Father and my Uncle, that is the kind of construct a human would build..." Samantha said.

"Humans?" Tim looked like he was concentrating hard, but in fact, he was reading Samantha's
mind, getting information on Humans. "Ah... Humans... The mammals from the other dimension that have evolved from chimpanzees." He nodded his head.

Then Luigi tripped and knocked over the tower, sending it crashing down on well, ALMOST crashing
on Tim and Samantha. But at the last moment, it came back up by a strange force. Tim's eyes were
glowing a golden color as this happened.

"That was strange..." Samantha frowned.


Luigi got up and got hit in the head because the tower was coming back up, but as it did the
blocks were being taken apart and made into a small castle. He heard the strange laughter of a
boy, but looking around, didn't see anything.


"What's so funny?" Samantha asked Tim, who was laughing at something.

"Look!" He pointed at where the tower had once stood, now replaced by a BIG castle. That's when
a sign made of clouds floated onto it. The sign read 'Now serving complaints from the Koopa
Cousin Organization'.

Samantha couldn't surpress a giggle and was soon laughing like a maniac.Then a thought came to her mind and she stopped. "Tim, did you do that?"

"Yeah, it's no big deal. I'm feeling up to using my powers again now." He began to sprint towards the strange castle of bricks. Before he was more than ten feet away he jumped into the air, his arms spread out, and he began to fly!

Samantha was amazed. "Is he always this energetic?" she asked Geno.

"Yes, that's why he's the leader," Geno smiled and nodded his head.

Samantha gave a sweet sounding whistle and a strange dinosaur appeared. It was about as big as the Earth animal called a horse and had similar features. It had four long legs which it ran on and a green saddle. "Good boy, Sayo, good boy!"

Samantha hopped on, donning riding gloves from within her pockets. "Follow that boy!" Then she added, "I've always wanted to say something like that." She grinned and Sayo, her land runner, took off.

Geno had to admit, Sayo was fast, but Tim was faster.Tim looked back and saw a challenge. Grinning, he sped of like a rocket, landing on a ledge that had formed as a runway for him, jutting out of the castle's roof. "That was fun." He took a long leap to the ground, landing on his feet.

Sayo soon caught up, but before he did, Tim could hear Samantha laughing at the trick he had pulled. "You disguised your speed!" she accused.

"Yeah, I did," he admitted.

"Let's go inside," Tim suggested.

Samatha tried to open the door but it wouldn't open. "What the?!" Then the door blew up. They got caught in the explosion and were blown to a castle.

"Get out of my war room!" Smash sceamed.


Luigi is rebuilding his tower, crying. Then he took a block and threw it at Tim's head.WHAM! Tim's head broke open. Then Luigi got stepped on.

Tim closed his eyes as his head began to heal itself. "It's no fun being me," Tim sighed.

"Most people would kill for powers like yours..." Samantha said.

Smash, who had previously been quite angry at the intrusion, began to think. 'If this boy can be convinced I'm the good guy, his talents could be a great benefit.' He smirked evilly.

Samantha turned around to apologize for busting through the castle's walls and gasped. In the dead center of the wall hung a tapestry with the insignia of Smash Enterprises, the company that funded the genecist's work. "Tim, I think we'd better leave..." She began to back up, her arms firmly on the boy's shoulders.

"Why?" he asked. As he said that, he let his arm fall to the side, showing the same symbol emblazed on his wrist.

'Well, it's a small world after all,' Smash thought. 'This is the missing boy from my labs in the Koopahara Desert.' He smiled wickedly. "You must be awfully thirsty after a trip in the desert, why not sit down and have a drink of water?"

"How do you know we were in the desert?" Samantha backed up farther.

"Why, it seems you have found, what can loosely be called, my son," Smash smiled.

Tim turned at that, seeing the tapestry. A memory flashed before his face, the strange birthmark on his wrist. He lifted it, holding it so he could see it. He then slammed his wrist onto Smash's head, grabbed Samatha and ran for it. "Never again!" he shouted on his way out.

"Come back! I'll hunt you down, and you won't ever escape again!" Smash threatened.

"Hold on," Tim warned Samantha. He once again jumped up, spreading his arms to fly on the gentle breeze, but they began to get lower as Tim was flooded with memories. Brief instants where Smash had come to over see his project, to see him, the only success. Smash had scowled when he had found that Tim was to kind-hearted to ever make a biological weapon. He was even more upset when Tim told him that he'd be overthrown by the very boy he came to see, followed by a people descended from the dinosaurs and a group whose ancestors were chimpanzees, all before Tim was 14. As the boy had grown older, Smash had noticed his powers strengthening and had the genecist lock them all up, saying they were a threat to all kind.

"Tim, what's the matter?" Samantha asked as they both fell to the ground, Tim in tears.

"I'm a weapon," he sobbed.

"No, you're not. I just met you, but I feel like I've known you forever, you wouldn't hurt a soul if you didn't have to."

A voice floated back on the breeze. "You were not... You were altered..."


"Some people... They don't know what I'm trying to do... I'm trying to unite the land, like under Koopa, only a kinder rule..." Smash sighed. Then he got a psychic message. "NOT AGAIN!"

He ran out to see his castle under siege by his enemy, one who was trying to conquer the Lands, one who would enslave all...

Samantha soothed Tim and told him to rest. He soon fell asleep.

~~~ Tim's Dream~~~

Tim was a small boy, only about a half a year, but he had developed at an astonishing rate, his motor skills like that of a two year old.

"Tim! Come here!" It was a woman who seemed quite familiar. She had a light sun bleached shade of blonde hair and deep blue eyes, her skin was a fair white color. She was sitting on a swing and Smash was pushing her. The swing stopped as he neared. The woman and Smash came closer to him, he could smell the spring breeze in the woman's hair, the way it had always smelled. Soon the acrid smell of smoke filled the air and he lost sight of the woman, he was carried away by Smash.

"Gill? Gill! NO!" He heard Smash cry. That was when he realized he, too was blubbering over the woman. "I'll make sure no one every has to go through this again," Smash vowed, "No one!"

Tim awoke from his dream, realizing it wasn't a dream. He finally realized what had happened. Smash was his father, and the woman with the bleached hair was his mother. He had been sent to the genecist, weak from radiation poisoning, with no hope of living, unless he was altered. The alteration made him dangerously unstable, he had to be contained for several years, and it tore Smash up, deep inside. He hid it, he hid the truth, so Tim wouldn't know.

"Samantha, I'm ready for this war, are you? I've only got one thing to lose, my father," Tim stood up.

"Your Father?" She looked puzzled.

"I've spent all but a half a year of my life in a freezing tube because of that no account Koopa, it's not happening to anyone else!"

"What are you talking about?"

"He killed my Mother and almost killed me! I remember now. I was in that tube to save my life until I became stable enough to escape! Smash WANTED me to escape! My last visit with my father was when I was five, when he found out how unstable I was, along with the other survivors of the war that had been radiation poisoned! We were genetically altered so that we could live, without memory of what had happened. My whole life is a lie, cleverly made to keep me from the fact that my Mother was killed and the man who was my Father was destroyed! He lives for one thing, to stop those tyrant Koopas, created by the same man who saved me! He was trying to recreate YOU, the species he admired, the kinder arm of the Koopa family, but failed horribly, and now, if I don't do something, he'll die!" Tim was near tears, "So, are you with me, or not?" Then he broke down, sobbing.

Samantha cradled his head in her arms. "It's going to be all right. I'm with you, don't worry."

Tim wept, releasing his inner demons. Then he lifted his head. "Then let's go tell Smash that we're going to help!"


Smash was in dire straits. This army was larger than any before. The troops of his Home Guard were fighting valiantly, but they were far outnumbered. Smash called fire to his hands and sent it shreaking at the enemy. A handful of demons screamed as they withered and died, but many more sprung up to take their place. Smash sunk to his knees. Magic always demanded a price, and he was paying it terribly.

Dasiy had led Luigi and Mario, finally, to the Koopa Cousin's fort by the time Samantha got there.

"Who goes to save a man?" Samantha's call rang through the hall.

Daisy and Mario stepped forward, dragging Luigi.

"Who's this?" Daisy looked at the boy.

"A friend," Samantha reassured.

"I think we should leave him here, he could get hurt," Luigi snickered.

Tim gave him an angry look and Luigi's pants slipped down, revealing boxers with little bunnies all over them! Luigi turned beet red and pulled his pants up. "Heh, heh..." Luigi glared at Tim.

"Don't blame me! You were the one that doubted me!"


Luigi was hung upside down. "Okay! I surrender!"

"That's better."

Everyone but Tim grabbed a weapon. "Where's yours?" Mario questioned.

"Right here," Tim pointed to his head. "I've got enough power in my head to whoop some serious butt. Now Let's get going!" They marched out in great spirits.

But with Smash, things were going much worse. Again and again, he called the fire, but he slowly got weaker and weaker...

Tim was ahead of everyone, being the fastest, above, below, or on, ground. He gasped at the sight of the army attacking the once proud castle. "Now I'm MAD!" Tim growled, "Psychic energy, guide my rage with lightning and thunder, Psychic Shock!"

Thunder crackled in the air as lightning began to hit the ground, diminishing a lot of the army.

"This one, he's more powerful! Get HIM!" The leader called.

Tim gave a good laugh before he started off and called back, "Run as fast as you can, but you shan't catch me! Samantha! Find my father and get him outta here! I'll be ok!"

Samantha rushed in, finding Smash lying on the floor, almost totally drained. "No! You can't have me! You took my wife and almost killed my son! You won't have me!" Smash stood up.

"It's ok Smash, I'm a friend of Tim. I'm one of the good guys," Samantha soothed.

"Tim? You've gotta get him out of here! It isn't safe! They'll see the family birthmark and kill him!"

"I've brought an army. You see this?" She thrust her arm forward for him to see the symbol of the KCAFU (Koopa Cousin Armed Forces Unit). "I'm Second Commander Samantha Koopa, daughter of Ignatius Koopa. The Operation's codename is Kat Fu, Koopa Accelerated Termination Force Unit."

"Still as rigid as ever, hm?" Smash forced out a chuckle.


"HAHAHA! You won't catch me!" Tim was leading them on a merry chase.

"GET HIMMMMM!!! Get that dirty little traitor! I want his head!"

"What's the matter? Isn't your own head good enough? No, I suppose it's not. Ugly thing, aren't you?" Tim muttered under his breath, 'What the heck is taking them so long? I can't run forever!'

"Surrender now, minions of my fiendish relatives, or prepare for a fate much worse than death," Samantha's voice boomed at the army chasing Tim.

"What took you so long?" He turned.And came face to face with the army commander. The commander grabbed him in a crushing grip. Tim felt suddenly weak.

"Release the boy!" It was Samantha, supporting a weakened Smash.It was then that Tim struck. With the commander's distraction, he used his power. The commander was hurtled back on the ground. Tim landed on his feet. Tim became surrounded with the golden column of light again, blinding all momentarily. When Samantha and Smash opened there eyes, the army was gone as well as what should have been Tim. In his place stood a frail five year old boy with blond hair and blue eyes that shone with happiness. The boy laughed and swirled in the meadow of flowers that had once been a barren battlefield. He stopped and looked at Samantha thoughtfully. He picked a beautiful white flower, but in his touch, it became a golden color. He gently handed it to her. He then cupped his hands around the flower in her palms. Upon opening them, it released a golden dove.She hugged the boy, now knowing who it was. She dissolved into tears.

"The boy is still unstable! I don't believe this!" Smash sighed. "I wonder if he'll ever return to his actual age..."

The boy still hadn't spoken, but he slipped away behind a tree from Samantha's grasp. The man who came out on the other side looked like the boy, but he was closer to Samantha's age. He gently brushed away the tears and kissed her. Before Smash's eyes, the man fluxed ages again, into the 13 year old boy who had destroyed the army. He continued fluxing, from age 5 up to age 19.

"This isn't good," Smash shook his head.

Samantha stopped kissing him after he fluxed back to 19 years of age. "Tim, what's happening?" she asked.

"I overpowered myself, but it doesn't matter. Eventually my body will choose an age to stay at, whether younger, older, or the same. It's already narrowed it down to the range of 5-19..." Tim

Soon the age fluxs were between 2, 5 and 19. "Age fluxuation! What next?!" Smash shook his head, pacing back and forth.

Soon they stopped all together. "Well, now your not too young for me, so the only thing left is, what will I say? Yes... or No.. or... Yes?" Samantha smiled.

"What are you talking about?" Smash turned to look at her. He noted Tim's age flux had stopped at 19.

Tim held Samantha close to him and kissed her. "Is that a question or an answer?" he asked her after they had parted.

"A definite answer," Samantha looked him in the eyes. He was still frail and to thin for his height, but she didn't mind. "We're going to have to get some muscle on you! You look like you've been sick for a long time! You're just skin and bones!"

"I've always been sick since the day I met you. Love sick," he smiled.

"Hey! That's my job!" Luigi barged in. "I get to kiss the girl! I'm the hero of this story! Who is this guy anyway? And where's that pile of bones kid?"

Tim looked at Luigi strangely. Once again, Luigi turned beet red because everyone could see his boxers, which now were smiley faced!

"You wanna try this number again?" Tim asked.

"AGAIN? I just met you!" Luigi laughed.

"I do we believe we met a while back, Luigi Mario."


"WAHHHH!!!" Luigi was crying again.

"May I take over? You need to get re-aquainted." Samantha said.


"So, my son, you are alive..." Smash mused.

"Yes, I am."

"I never thought I'd see you again."

Meanwhile, Luigi was being hung upside down by his pant legs.

Smash held up his wrist. The same symbol that was emblazoned on Tim's wrist was there too. Tim held up his wrist. Both symbols were glowing with a pale blue light. The light slowly began to engulf them. Smash moved over and held Tim in his arms. That contact recreated their psychic link and showed them both each other's pasts...

'/I don't remember much about my past.../'

'/I remember your past... I remember everything.../'

'/Tell me.../'

'/You were born in the spring on the fringes of a city, just when Koopa began to gain power... Your mother and I were overjoyed.... We'd tried so hard for a child to carry on our name... As you grew, your psychic powers became greater than mine... but at age six and a half, you were forced to stress your limits against an army invading our peaceful little village in the desert... The results devestated us, you were reduced to a child of six months... You've only now returned to the age you should be, 13 years later... Your Mother died one week later in a bomb explosion that radiation poisoned you... I sent you to the genecist to have you altered so the radiation wouldn't kill you... Unfortunately, it made you eratically unstable... I denied being your father, sheltering you from the rigid truth, and soon your memories were lost.../'

'/Why can't you let her go?/'


'/Your obsessed with avenging Mother's death.../'

The two broke contact, leaving that question unanswered. As the glow faded, Smash sighed and tugged his sleeve back over the birthmark.

Luigi crawled up and tapped Tim on the shoulder. He then tapped Tim's shoulder again. Tim turned as Luigi's fist came towards him, but the fist stopped halfway there, Tim's eyes glowing gold and Luigi's face drenched in sweat from strain. Luigi managed to barely touch Tim's face. Then he fell over. Samantha started tying him up.

Crispin, captain of Smash's Home Guard, stepped up. "Intellegence reports that Bowser's main army is on the retreat! They just stopped and turned!"

"Ahh! The perfect time to attack!" Smash punched his left hand with his right fist, emphasizing his point.

Daisy ran up to them, out of breath, "He got to be too much of a nuisance?" she grinned.

"Yep," Samantha smiled back.

"Unfortunately, I've gotta marry him. Yuck!"

"I thought royalty married royalty..."

"He is, he just doesn't know it. See, he told me he was abandoned. Well, he was, and for the same reason I was. You see, Luigi is a distant cousin to Yoshi's race..."

"Woah! You're trying to tell me that Luigi evolved from the dinosaur race Yoshi belongs to?"

"Not only that, but he's their prince! To make sure peace is between our two races, I'm to marry him. That's one of two reasons I came for him."

"Evolution, heh? My family is the most complex form of an already complex species." Smash laid
his hand on Tim's shoulder. "Especially, my son."

Samantha's eyes brightened, "You evolved from that telepathic species, didn't you? The strange mammals..."


"If I know Smash, that false retreat will have him nipping at my heels. I'll lead him into the heart of my territory, then I'll tear his throat out!"

Bowser and Ludwig shared an evil laugh.

"And I shall defeat his son for you!" Ludwig added.

"And we'll rule this world, together, Father and Son, like it should be!"

They both laughed again.


Tim had settled into the a part of the desert, long deserted, for his deep meditation.He sat with his legs hugged tightly in front of him, his eyes closed, and his strange blond hair spread out behind him, a tangle. Things he hadn't remembered flashed before him. A wild species, long ago destroyed for it's 'dangerous' threat to Dinosaur kind. He remembered watching them, one by one, killed through a glass window. He remembered Smash's tightening grip of anger on his shoulder. Those were his ancestors being destroyed, Smash had told him. He felt tears streaming down his face and the light sweep of a female hand across it. Gillian Sumashi, his mother, was trying to calm him. "Don't cry Tim, there's nothing to be done," she had comforted. He had seen the tears behind those eyes though, and hugged his mother. "Don't worry Mommy, one day I'll stop 'em." The shock of the promise jolted him out of his meditation. He realized finally why Smash couldn't let her go. He saw her, every time he looked at Tim. He had the same bleach blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. His facial features also resembled his mother's, a small rounded nose, a little mouth, and those eyes that made you FEEL something. Tim was the closest thing Smash had to Gillian, and he couldn't let her go because of him.He seemed to hear his mother say, 'Save him for me, Little One. Help him on his quest.'He remembered his mother's fond nickname for him, 'Little One'.

Smash was also deep in meditation. Only this was more focused. He was reaching out to get a glimpse of the future. It was a risky process, but he needed to see what it held. It could also be inaccurate. The visions were usually blurred too.He first fixed a scene in his head. It was his wife's face the day she was claimed by the explosion. The day he had sworn to have revenge. Chiseled in his memories. Whenever he thought about it he was fueled into a deep and deadly rage. He focused that energy and opened himself up.He was suddenly surrounded by a blurry fog. Images zoomed in front of him. There was Bowser and him locked in mortal combat. Tim and Ludwig in the same position. Bowser holding a limp Tim. They zoomed by until he saw one vision that jolted him out of his meditation. It was Gillian's face, sneering in hatred.

Smash was also jolted out of meditation. "NO!" He cried.


"I'm going with you!" Tim said.

"You're staying here!" Smash continued to walk away, fully armed for battle.

"I can help! I'm strong!"

Smash turned to his son and grabbed him by the shoulders, "Listen to me! You'll get killed! I'm going alone, and that's final."

While Smash walked of into the horizon, Tim turned to Samantha and asked, "Is there any armor and weapons left?"

Samantha smiled and shook her head. "Disobeying orders from a superior officer?"

Tim smiled, too and gave her a sad look.

"Oh, alright! There's more in the sub storage room!" She turned around. "You go to the regular storage room, underneath a crate of blankets is a hidden door that lead to the sub storage room." She pointed to the castle, emphasizing her point.

Tim snuck down to the storage room. However, he didn't see the crate. But then he took a bad step and stumbled into a crate that moved aside to reveal the trap door.

Meanwhile, Smash was walking off to attack Bowser's castle. A bird flew over and deposited an envelope in his hands. Smash opened it. It read, "You are ugly, and stupid, and you smell bad. Everyone thinks so."


.Tim hurriedly pulled on the armor and grabbed a blade.


"I told you not to come!" Smash was thoroughly angry at Tim.

"And long ago I made a promise, and I'm going to keep it!" Tim stood firm.

'He's my son alright,' Smash shook his head, 'just as persistant as I am.'

The immense black castle stood before them. As they looked on, the draw bridge came down. Clink,
clink, clink, the chains clicked it into place. They both strode in and were met by Bowser and Ludwig.

"So, you are the unworthy son of my father's  great nemisis? You're too frail to be a great challenge!" Ludwig laughed.

Tim looked at himself. His hair was a tangled mess, his skin a pale color, and he was indeed  frail. He couldn't take much of a beating. He ground his teeth in pain when he realized that  Ludwig had taken this advantage to charge him. He stood up, painfully. His armor hadn't protected him. Where Ludwig's claws had landed in his side was a huge gash of missing flesh. He couldn't take on Ludwig like this! His mind was already fogging with pain when the second blow came. This time Ludwig's claws struck metal, ripping it away like a sharp knife through butter. Tim fell to the ground, and got up one last time. The third time Ludwig hit him square in the chest, where the metal had been ripped away.

Bowser caught the boy and sneered, "Are you ready for who I've assigned to finish your boy off? Commander Gillian, step forward!"

Gill stepped forward, her blond hair and beautiful face easily recognized. Gill simply looked at Tim and the body slumped, lifeless, her evil grin seeming to mock the boy.

Smash looked bewildered. Gillian had killed their own child! "Gill! Don't you remember? If not me, then at least our son! Remember how I always called him Tiny Tim, like that famous Earth book? How you always called him Little One? All the games you played? That little rhyme you two shared? Remember? I love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby You'll be? And the I''m Already Taken Game?"

"Foolish man! What do you take me for? An idiot? That's not my son!" She pointed to the lifeless body. "It's yours. I've never been yours, I've never seen you before! I just know what you did to my family! You killed them all!"

"NO! We ARE your family!"

"Oh, Smash, by the way, did your little boy have a girlfriend by any chance? I don't think he does anymore!" Ludwig laughed as Samantha was brought in.

"TIM!" Samantha cried as Bowser let the limp body drop to the ground to be mourned. "How could you, you insensitive worm!" she looked to Ludwig.

"You're mine now. You'll do as I tell you," he roughly grabbed her.

"You'll only have my body, and only for a week at the most."

"And why is that?"

"I'll be dead! I didn't just fall in love, I MET (Read 'Love is Acceptance') him!" She began to weep. "I'm already feeling sick to my stomache!"

"You WILL be mine!" Ludwig forced her to kiss him.

'No! This isn't right! Tim!' Samantha wailed in her own mind.

"Enough romance!" Gillian, for some strange reason, pushed Ludwig away from the girl. 'What's come over me?' she thought. 'It's that boy! His death is clouding my mind!'

While Gillian was puzzling over the latest events, Smash was staring. It had all happened so fast. In an instant, he had lost his wife, his son, and one of his closest friends. He suddenly felt a deadly rage come over him. He no longer was Smash Sumashi. He no longer wanted to be. His mind and body were focused on one thing. Revenge against the murders. His birthmark seared itself into the arm of his robe. A cry tore its way from his throat. An intense cry, one that stopped everything. Ludwig looked up from staring lustily at Samantha. Gillian stared at him. And the one who he had focused his rage on. The one who caused all this, Bowser. "NOOOOOOO!!!"

Smash hit Bowser like a lightning bolt. Casting aside his weapons, he barreled Bowser over. Smash tucked over and rolled, ending up on Bowser's chest. Bowser called up reserves from his enormous strength. He hooked a claw around Smash's throat. Smash began to gasp, but all he saw was the hated form of Bowser. "Help me! Kill him!" Bowser screamed. Ludwig ran to his father's aid, but Smash was too enraged. Ludwig clawed him, and Smash's power engulfed him. Smash took a flaming hand and fastened it on Bowser's face. Bowser gasped as the flame burned into him. Smash tore his hand down and Bowser screamed in pain.

Gillian was watching. She couldn't even see Smash now. There was suddenly a blast of light. When it faded, Smash was clutching a mangled form. Ludwig was on the ground beside him, still alive. Smash looked up and slowly walked over to Tim's dead body. He sank to his knees and wept bitterly.

Luigi burst in. He yelled, "Here we come to save the day!"

Daisy slapped him. "Too late, you idiot!"

Luigi glared back. "Well, I have to have SOME catch phrase!"

(The song 'Don't Wanna Close My Eyes' from Armageddon plays)

It was Gillian's turn to be bewildered. She wasn't sure of anything anymore! Bowser had always reassured her his was the truth! But the girl, she was so wrapped up in her love for the boy she had killed. The man seemed rather harmless now, shedding tears over the boy. Could it have been wrong, to kill that boy? She caught a quick glimpse in the mirror and something flashed before her eyes. It was her sitting on the edge of a bed with a blond three year old boy. After a quick glance over to see that she looked ok, she glanced back at the boy. He had bleach blond hair, a small rounded nose, and a little mouth. That was all she could tell, for he had his eyes closed. She recognized some of those features as her own. Had the man been telling the truth? This was her son? There was only one way left to tell. She leaned beside the boy and gently pushed the eyelids open. The eyes were a bright blue, just like her's. She closed them again, and began to weep herself. This WAS her son!

Smash held her in his arms, comforting her.

Samantha took one last look at Tim. 'Anytime now, I'll be with you,' she thought as the pain in her stomache increased.

"This isn't the way it was suppose to be!" Ludwig sobbed. He was, after all, only slightly older than Tim, corrupted by the ways of his father. Then he struck on something. Samantha may not love him, but he could love her, and if he truly did he could comfort her for now, and then leave her be.

Samantha looked up as Ludwig's hand settled on her shoulder, reassuring her that it was okay. "I'm already taken," she smiled.

Gillian felt a flood of memories. That phrase... A game she played with Tim! 'Mommy, will you marry me?' he'd asked playfully. 'I'm Already Taken, You spoke up too late, I love somebody else, You'll just have to wait,' she smiled back. They had so many of those silly phrases that they played games with, but that had always been Tim's favorite. "I'm Already Taken, You spoke up too late, I love somebody else, You'll just have to wait," she whispered to herself, resting her hand on Tim's. That game always reminded her of her wedding day. The last dance she had done was to the song she'd gotten the lines from. A country song called 'I'm Already Taken' about a blond haired girl who couldn't love this boy because she was already
taken, and in the end, the blond girl married the boy who had taken her and had a blond haired boy, and as she tucked him in, he had asked, 'Mommy, will you marry me?' and she had replied 'I'm already taken, You spoke up too late, I love somebody else, You'll just have to wait,' as she had done before. Tim had loved that song, and in turn, loved the game. "I guess... this is the end..."

"Not the end," Smash sighed, "Only the beginning, but first..."

Smash lapsed into deep meditation. His eyes suddenly snapped open. "Join hands with me," he ordered.Gillian did so. Samantha, still weakening, staggered over. Smash glared at Ludwig. "You too." Ludwig sighed and shambled over. Smash moved the circle to surround the boy. "Think any thought about him."

Smash began to glow white. His thought was of the day when Tim was born.

Gillian was glowing green. Her thought was of the day when all humans were slaughtered.

Samantha glowed red. She was thinking of the day they had first met.

Ludwig glowed (if you can say that) black. The only thing he remembered about Tim was as an enemy. Slowly the light spiraled in to infuse Tim's corpse, and when it faded, it revealed a small boy, not very old at all. Sadness filled Samantha. She could never truly be with him.

The little boy reached his hand out for hers. She took it. Golden light pulsated from her body, blinding all in the room momentarily. When they could see again, a little girl with green hair was standing by the little blond haired boy, holding his hand.

Ludwig was astonished. This little girl was Samantha, the beautiful lady of the green black hair?

"Ludwig? Could you take me home?" The little girl asked, "I'm really tired." Her hand slid from the little boy's grip to Ludwig's now extended hand.

"Maybe you should go with Tim...." Ludwig suggested.

Samantha beckoned for him to lean down, so he did. She gave him a peck on the cheek. "You'll always be my friend," she assured, "But Tim will always be my first and only love."

Daisy and Luigi stared, shocked. The rebilious second in command was now a cute little girl? Her strong lover reduced to a cute little boy?

"Don't even think that about me," Tim warned, " Luigi knows what happens when I don't like what your thinking."

In demonstartion, Luigi's pants went down, revealing Pikachu covered boxers!

"Ah!" Luigi quickly pulled his pants back up. "I shoulda worn the plain white ones!" he griped.

"Mm hm..." Smash chuckled. But suddenly...


"What was that?" Ludwig looked around.


"Uh oh..." Smash glanced at the blasted part of the room. Bowser was rising out of the dust, his eyes an evil red. "No!" The spectral claw pointed at Ludwig. "You traitor..." Ludwig was thrown against the back wall.

Tim raised his hand in defiance of Bowser's attack on Ludwig, "Let the dead stay dead and live those who will." As he said this his eyes glowed the strange gold color.

Bowser laughed, "Foolish child! I'm already dead! You can't kill me with your magician's tricks!"

A tear trailed down Ludwig's face, "You'd stand up for me? After all I did to you?"

"Yes, I would," Tim replied.

Smash moved to stand beside his son. "You are not evil. You were misled."

Gillian stood and stood on the other side of her son. "Misled by this evil one."

Daisy stood next to Smash. "But his evil..."

Luigi stood next to Gillian. He finally got the point of this war. "...shall be his own demise!"

There they stood, a human wall, protecting Ludwig from the evil of his father.

"If you want to get to Ludwig, you're coming through us!" Samantha stood in front of Tim, mocking her evil uncle's follower.

"Samantha, stand back. I should be the conductor. Who knows what could happen to you?" Tim laid his hand on her shoulder.

"This is for my Father!" She gritted her teeth, "This is for Uncle Spike!" She stood her ground. "And most of all, this is for Tim and me! The future of the Koopa Cousin race!"

Tim's hand began to glow, everyone within the line was glowing, but Tim and Samantha were the brightest. Samantha cupped her hands in front of her, palms facing Bowser, and screamed, "For the Koopa Cousins and the Sumashis!" She let loose a ball of light that could be considered the greenest hue of green you've ever seen, or the whitest. It was very strange.

Bowser was blown back in violent disarray, but he soon reformed. "Is that the best you can do?" he mocked. He sped, almost soundlessly, towards Smash. He whirled about him, obscuring his vision."You remember that day... you carried your son off... but you left your wife... you left her to die..."

"No... No..." Smash stuttered. He screamed and staggered, his mental shield failing.

Gillian too was being taunted by the Evil Bowser. "You killed your own son! What kind of Mother are you?"

"NO! It's not true! You made me!" she screamed.

Bowser finally struck on Tim's weakness. "You don't really think you could handle this girl, do you? You say you love her, yet her spirit is more free willed than your own! You're not strong enough! You're weak! Weak, weak, weak!"

"I'm strong enough! I'll show you!" Tim opened his eyes and the emotion of anger danced in them.

"Father! NO! I won't let you destroy them!" Ludwig was restrained behind the Sumashi family, who were litterally destroying themselves from the inside out.

"You want to destroy Tim? Well, come on! I've not all day! You want Tim to collapse from the inside
out? Kill me!" Samantha glared angrily at Bowser.

Bowser began to pile insult open insult on her, but still she didn't respond."You don't know my real weakness, do you? Your a failure, Bowser Koopa! Just as my uncle, President Koopa, was! Failure! Failure!" Samantha taunted Bowser.

"No! I've succeeded! I've destroyed the once proud Sumashi family!" Bowser began to back away from the girl.

"No you haven't! I'm to be considered a married in part of the family, and I still stand! I am Samantha Sumashi, betroved of Tim Sumashi! You must defeat me to win."

Tim stood up, realizing the barrage of insults was no longer directed at him, that Bowser was backing away."I stand by my betroved!" he added.

"I stand by my son, whom I LOVE very much!" Gillian stood also.

"And I stand by my wife, whom I have grieved for the past 12 and 1/2 years, believing her to be killed by you!" Smash was quickly by Gillian's side.

"We are the Sumashi family, proud descendants of the races with the highest empathy ratings!" Samantha stared him down.

"The Narins, a race of chimpanzee-like creatures," Tim stepped forward.

"And the Koopa Cousins, evolved from the Dinosaur species!" Samantha took a step forward also.

Bowser shrunk back from their fury.

"Is that the best YOU can do?" Gillian imitated Bowser.

Bowser soon happened upon a new attack. He charged into the wall, and though he passed through it, the castle shook. The seven were showered with loose stone and mortar, and a heavy stone fell right behind Smash.

"NO!" the three true Sumashis simultanuosly cried as a piece fell on Samantha, crushing her.

Tim and Ludwig soon dissolved into tears. But then Luigi thought that if Tim was sad, he would be even more humilated, so he ran head-on into the boulder. THWACK! Luigi fell dazed to the floor, but the boulder rolled away, revealing a little trap door in the floor, which Samantha must have fallen into, but it was a steep chute down.

"I'll go get her!" Tim and Ludwig said simulteanously. They looked at each other and nodded. "We'll go get her!"

"Go ahead," Smash chuckled. Tim saw that glint in his eyes that he got when he had a good idea.

Tim and Ludwig went down one at a time. Tim went first, for his eyes worked just as well in dark as light. He saw Samantha, who looked as if she were in the middle of a descision that could change her life. "Samantha?" Tim questioned. She looked up, biting her lip gently.

"Tim, do you have the power to clone people?" She looked at him.

"Ah!" Tim focused his eyes on her, forming two Samanthas, one an older version, one a younger.
The younger Samantha was soon in his arms, the older in Ludwig's.

"The only way I could decide," both whispered.

Ludwig could feel tears sliding down his face. She'd chosen to be split instead of leaving one
of the two. She loved him, too!

"I wonder if it's possible to MEET two people..." she sighed.


Bowser zoomed into the room once more. He saw Smash sitting next to a bolder, crying. Under the bolder was the form of Gillian. Bowser floated to Smash with the intention of killing him.Smash was watching Bowser. His plan was working perfectly. He winked at Gillian, who was trying to mantain her death-pose while bubbling over with laughter. Smash let out a big imitation sob as he focused a little light in his hand. It was very small, but it took most of his power to create.


Tim, Ludwig, and the two Samanthas were working their way up the ramp. Ludwig stabbed a handful of claws into it and pulled the rest up behind him, where they found some hand and foot holds which Ludwig scrambled up again. They finally managed to make it up to the door, and Tim mentally heaved it open. They scrambled out to see Bowser sneeking up on Smash.

"Dad! Watch out!" Tim screamed.

Smash didn't move. Bowser smiled evilly at him as he raised his claw to strike. It never came. Smash whirled and slammed his glowing hand into Bowser. "Surprise," he all but whispered.

His hand passed through Bowser, but as it entered him, Bowser halted. He looked down at himself as he began to fade away. "NOOO!" he screamed, but too late. His spirit disappeared from the inside out. Then all went white.

Tim was floating in a white light. Smash floated up to him and took Tim's hands in his own. "Dad? I- I... what's happening?"

"My time is done. Bowser has been defeated. Never more will his evil plauge the lands. I regret to say though, that the cost was my life."

"But... where will we go without you? What will we do?"

Smash looked lovingly at his son. "Just think of me and I'll be there. Whenever my name is remembered, I'll be there. Whenever good is warring aganist evil, I'll be there." Tim began to cry. "Don't cry, Tim. My rest is a peaceful one. I only wish that it didn't take so much death and destruction to set things right." Smash's eyes got a faraway look to them, "And so my time comes to a close..." Smash slowly faded from sight. His last words were... "Remember me..."

Tim awoke in the ruins of Bowser's Castle. Smash was laying on the stone floor, eyes dulled over in death, a peaceful expression on his face. Tim and Gillian buried him on a quiet little cliff that overlooked the desert that had once been their home. Gillian left Tim to be alone. Tim kneeled on the cliff, facing his father's grave. "As long as I live, you shall live on in my memory, this I swear. My children shall hear the tale of their heroic Grandfather, and how he once took his own life to save a kingdom."

Tim stood and walked away. But he walked with his head held a little higher, and his march a little prouder.

Tim and Samantha 1 eventually got married. Ludwig and Samantha 2 did the same. Gillian took care of the four until then. Luigi married Daisy, and got what he deserved from Tim. Bowser's old castle was remade into a memorial sight for the Sumashi family.

The End

Credit goes to, Smash, Mewd, The Mario Surfer, and me for writing, editing, suggesting, or in any way enhancing this story.

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