True Love Has No Limits

By Angel E. Koopa

Chapter 2: The Runaways

When Ludwig woke the next morning, he gingerly moved the sleeping Karma off of his lap and onto the grass beside of him. Then he got up and brushed the leaves and grass off of his shell, and left to find something for him and his lover to eat.

During his search all Ludwig came across to eat was a TINY Dry Bones, which he knew better than to eat, and a large Cheep Cheep, which he killed and brought back with him to Karma.

Meanwhile, Karma had just awoken and wondered if the previous night had actually taken place. She had a faint memory of what happened, of Bowser and Ludwig getting into a fight about something… then of her and Ludwig running away, which in her mind was too good to be true…

Five minutes later, while Karma still sat there thinking, Ludwig returned with a large Cheep Cheep in his hands.  He asked her, “Sleep good last night?”

Karma looked up, startled, but when she saw who it was she calmed down and said, “Yeah. You?”

“Sorta. Anyway, are you hungry?” came the reply, as he smugly held up the rather fat Cheep. She stared wide-eyed at the fish, nodding yes. He smiled at her as he toasted the fish.

They sat there for about 10 minutes, eating, when Karma heard the sound of stomping in the distance. She shrunk back slightly, easily recognizing the stomps as King Koopa’s.

“Karma, what’s wrong?” Ludwig asked her, laying his hand on her shell, concerned.

“Your father’s coming. Don’t you hear the stomps?” she whispered.

Ludwig cocked his head slightly, listening carefully for the sound of stomps somewhere in the distance.

A few minutes later, Bowser appeared out of the forest with an angry expression on his face. Upon seeing his father, Ludwig shot bolt upright and stood in front of Karma, ready to protect her with his life…

“What are you doing here?!” he snarled at Bowser.

“I’m here to execute a traitorous child and his girlfriend!” Bowser yelled at him, forming a fireball in his throat.

“Run, Karma, run!” Ludwig yelled at Karma, standing behind him.

“I’m not leaving you!” she told him, moving beside her Met to help him deal with his father.

“How cute…” Bowser muttered through clenched fangs.

“Shut up!” Ludwig growled, turning his father into a living fire. He turned to Karma. “Run, now!”

“You’re not going anywhere, you YOSHI SCUM!!!” Bowser yelled, turning to Karma and getting ready to burn her.

“NO, DON’T TOUCH HER!!!” Ludwig yelled, combining his love for Karma and his anger at his father and burning his father with the strongest flame he had ever formed in his life.

“RUN!!! QUICKLY!!! WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!” Ludwig yelled, picking up Karma and taking off deep into the forest, running straight to Pipe Land…

To Be Continued...

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